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Return accepted but not approved

I filed on 2/10/13, it was accepted on 2/14/13 but it still hasn't been approved. Does anybody know how long it takes on average after a return has been accepted to be approved?
This is what I see when i go to WMR
Refund Status Results

We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.

    Well that very generic answer was no help. A real answer is no one knows. Could be a week, could be 2... I've been waiting 18 days but i've seen the average to be about 15. There are so many new processes and procedures this year and it seems that the IRS is totally overwhelmed with all of it.

    Some things you can do....

    If you had your fees taken from your refund, you can also check status on the SBBT website. They are very good about updating AS SOON as they receive your refund. The site is

    Some people have said if you can order your RETURN transcripts for 2012, that means they are done processing and a direct deposit date is on its way. You do that by going to the IRS website and clicking "Order transcripts"
    But make sure it is the RETURN transcript, not ACCOUNT transcript.

    It seems as though the refund hotline is updated regularly and is more accurate than WMR. The hotline # is 800-829-1954

    And the other thing you can do is go to to see updates on people that filed the same date as you and you should be able to get a somewhat accurate estimate of when you will get your $ .

    Good luck! I hope you dont have to wait as long as some of us have. = )

      You can check the status of your efiled return at this link:



      On February 14th, the IRS began processing returns that include Form 8863 (Education Credits).


      A small percentage of taxpayers filing individual returns will need to wait a little longer to file their returns, if their returns include certain credits and deductions. In addition, business returns containing certain forms may also be delayed.


      Among the forms still delayed are Forms 4562, 5695, 8834, 8582, 8911 and 8936.


      You can find the latest information about IRS delays at this link: