Form 8863 Where my refund still no update..

had anyone got a date for DD yet
  • No date updated for me either.  Still saying that it has been accepted but that's as far as it goes.
  • You will atleast have to give them 10 days, until they have finished processing your return you will not see anything.
  • accepted 1/ of this morning 2/21, WMR says still being processed & a date will be given when available.
  • same thing as me so pissed.
  • Try ordering a transcript online. I have been trying that since the 14th and today it finally accepted it to mail me one. Called the IRS and they stated that I have a DDD of 2/26/13 but WMR is showing still pending.
  • I was also accepted on the 26th and cannot ordered a transcript and still the same processing would seem that the 24th and 25th individuals are being accepted now, so hopefully we are next. I am not sure if there is a patternor not....just being hopeful.
  • I am on hold now, since I was able to order my refund transcript this morning I am wondering if they can give me a DD over the phone...
  • And I got told there is too high of a call volume to the accounts department and to call later. Ugh.
  • Hi Everybody,  I called the IRS again yesterday.  And advised that all those accepted early are being processed and they should be sent for deposit within 10 days of the 15th.  That at that time you can call and find out your direct deposit date.  They have millions of filers who are in the process of getting their refund and unfortuntely they can not approve all of them daily.  They are working on getting as many approved daily as they can.  If it was originally accepted then you are fine and will receive your refund.  She said the IRS only updates the status of a refund once a day.  From the time it is sent for the deposit allow 3-5 days to see it deposited into your bank account.  I was also informed that the WMR website as well as the APP IRS2GO that is available on most phones is inaccurate a majority of the time due to the overwhelming amount of people checking the websites daily.  It is causing a lot of standard error issues because of network congestion.  She recommended one of two things.  First is to call the IRS and wait on hold and reach a live representative to see if they can provide you information on your approval or processing status.  Secondly go thru the automated system and enter in your information only once per day.  That there are numerous instances of people receiving their direct deposit when both those sites indicate still processing.  She did pull up my tax return (be patient if you call it takes a while to get in and then it takes an additional 15 minutes or so for the IRS agent to pull up your refund) and advised me that it had been accepted but was still processing.  That just means that mine has not been dispatched for the direct deposit.  She said mine as well as everyone elses should be dispatched no later than February 25th with direct deposits credited no later than March 8th.  She said there seemed to be no errors in my return and apologized to everyone that is having to wait.  I hope this will help ease some minds.  Be positive.  I have read numerous posts and looks like deposited are being direct deposited which is consistent with what I was told.
  • i/26 accept. call today because no DD. i spoke to a lady and she was nice to look up my info on the phone, she toldme they just started processing it on 2/20 ( education credits)  and mind was is the error department for being sent to early. no DD as of this morning, but she said it shouldnot be much longer..
  • Thank you easton81. Very helpful!
  • I just found out that my ddd is 2/26...light at the endof this very long tunnel! Keep the faith folks. I will update when I see it on wmr and/or get my refund which ever happens first lol!
  • I just woke up and checked wheres my refund and I have a deposit date of the 26th. I filed Jan 10 was accepted Jan 24 and was in the errors department for all of February due to form 8863, but now have a dd.
  • It  is absolutely TRUE that being able to order your transcripts is a sure way to know your refund is on the way!! I got my bars back 3/18 and order my refund transcripts for 2012 on 3/20 my due date showed 3/25 on 3/ its a matter of waiting...this time the waiting feels better than not knowing at I will feel complete when I see it. Today is 3/22....hopefully I can see it on 3/ I can spend saturday handling my affairs....GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL...Keep the faith....its coming..
I really get more frustrated when someone that was just transmitted on 2-14 chimes in.... I am happy for you, that your return was held until then, like it was supposed to be... but it really doesnt tell us that were accepted before the 14th what is happening with our returns.   For you to have been just transmitted on 2-14 you really cant expect a DD date already do you ? 
  • I feel the same way as you You know how many times i wanted to reach through the computer and smack them we been sitting here forever it seems and omg they been waiting what a total of 5 days and Im being nice counting the weekend and ooo they are so upset they dont have a dd date yet. They should be in our shoes and be waiting since the middle of jan.
  • So very true!
  • I hate to come across as a bitch but i really do not want to read the dilema of someone who filed on 2/4 that has not heard anything yet, i mean come on if u dont hear anything by the the 4th of march then u got a right to complain, but right now u should be sitting back and keeping there mouth shut
  • U shouldn't of even had your taxes accepted till the 30th, they stated they were not accepting any until then,.. I filed on the 28th,and they held it till the 30th,then told me there was a hold on returns like mine..... How exactly are people saying they were approved before the 30th?
  • Ours was sent early by turbo tax prior to the 28th annoucement that is how we got screwed
  • they were not approved they were accepted early BIG diffrence
  • They acccepted taxes early. For us who had education credits they should not have been. My brother was accepted the same day (jan 26) but he didnt have an education credit. They began processingon the Wed the 30th and his money was in the bank Friday Feb 1.  Why is it taking our so much longer?
  • because it is true. i filed with hr block and they said i was accepted on the 30th on there automated system but when i call the irs they said i was accepted on the 26th. alls i know they have had my return since the 26th and here it is the 18th and my status is still saying a refund date will be provided when available
  • But how we're u excepted early? I know people that filed way early in the month... And their returns were just put on hold till the 30th...So, you should just know there wouldn't be any activity till at LEAST then....... Just saying...
  • turbo tax texted us at least they did me and said your federal taxes were accepted but would not be filed until the 30th of jan.
  • cause they sent it the day i filed which was 24th and it was accepted until the 26th. the irs didnt announce the delay until the 28th and the returns that was already accepted before then were held at irs and processing could not go any further until the 14th. anyone that filed on or after the 28th was automatically rejected.
  • I just spoke with the irs and they said they never received my
  • Unfortunately @smellslikecake thousands if not more of us, were not put on a hold until the 30th.  We were accepted before the 30th and this caused our returns to be in limbo. I was accepted on the 25th according to TT.
  • Well, it seems several people were told they should see an update on thursday-Monday for those whom filed with education credits
  • I pray so.
  • Accepted and approved are two totally different things. Accepted just means there were no erors such as double filing, no duplicate ssn for taxpayer or dependents. The mesaage I received was something like your tax refund was accepted early but wil not be processed until after jan 30. I knew no activity would be done before that. I filed mine early because you can.  I thought that since it was in that I would get it back earlier than the ones who filed after the 30th. This was all before the Jan 28th announcement stating they would not be processsed until mid February.
  • @Wendy671 if that is the case can u file again? That is just crazy!
  • @Tullo-I don't is closed today..but trust me when I say they will hear from me in the morning!  Of course I may just call the irs again get a dif agent and see i I get a diff least they're answering the phone (after an hour wait)
  • I am going to call IRS again tomorrow and TT as well. Good luck!
  • thanks..I'm waiting for the taxpayer advocate to pick up..I wanna see if maybe the first one was mistaken
    :) good luck to you as well!
  • It's ridiculous for you say you want to smack someone for wanting their money.  I filed on the 11th, just because mine wasn't accepted early doesn't meaning I haven't been waiting just as long.  I'm so sick of hearing early filers say that.  On top of waiting we had to deal with others getting accepted early when we filed over a week earlier than them. This is ridiculous.
  • Not to mention they first told us they wouldn't take us until the 30th and then pushed it back to the 14th.  How do you think that makes us feel.  We have waited just as long if not longer than you, yet you feel that you should be made priority just because you were randomly selected to get pushed through early.  If you can whine and can we.  It's not our fault they made us wait until the 14th.
  • OK i was totally out of line by saying i wanted to smack someone and ill appologize but im fusterated just like everyone else, and to sit here and read people complaining they only filed there taxes on 2/11 and they havent heard anything gets annoying.
  • im calling the irs now just to see if i can get any information and ask about some of our status saying dd when available
  • I can totally understand that.  Just know that you have no idea what they are going through.  No one is used to waiting this long.  We are all used to having a date by now.
  • i know i normally have mine in less than a week this is the first year using 8863 and it has become a headache.
  • and Im in line to speak to a tt agent on chat as well
  • I understand and again im sorry sometimes i get on a roll and type and just comes out wrong I dont think i would be as stressed as i am now if it was only federal that i was not getting but it seems ny has no idea what the hell they are doing either
  • Last year they flagged me for review for reasons they never gave me.. Just said I had to wait 65 days.... So I waited 65 days for my return.. Because they found nothing... This is giving me flash backs.. Only reason I'm concerne...... It still says processing... But so does everyone else's I guess.
  • Im calling the tax advocate line to see if they can give a straight answer
  • IRS is closed today so they arent processing refunds! :(
  • I understand that accepted and approved are two different things...If it says accepted on TT should I worry about anything besides the obvious hold up because of the education credits....or if I was under review or flagged would it say something other than accepted?
  • That's not all true in reference to the people who filed before 01/28. My husband filed 01/10 and they kept him pending until 02/14...never was accepted early. I filed 01/27 and was also held until 02/14. That alone kind of leads me to think that it may have something to do with where you are. We are in Georgia.
  • They told us the same crap last week by the end of the week samething ppl sumthin aint rite see this pattern not giving real info step out the box and look around sumthing stinks here trust after all is said and done we will find out then im willing to bet ppl witout 8863 ,still waiting who knows wht goin on
  • I think its about time to fire our whole government n reelected all new officials even the pres. This way then they know that we won't tolerate getting shit on anymore. Time to take a stand
  • Idk if it helps, but I called the irs today for the first time ever.LOL and I spoke to a women who was nice enough to pull up my status and I told her that on wmr says its still processing and a refund date will be given when availble and she told me that if anyone is getting this message  is on hold but will be released on the 26th... I asked what do u mean by released and she said they will send it out to ur bank or a check u u mailed it in. But she told me it can always change she also said its possible to get a ddd at anytime this week. She was nice to me and asked me if i needed anything else. I was happy witj the service i got, she also mentioned that its better to check where's my refund in the evening and on weekends and if u keep checking it will lock u out. I filed my taxes on the 24th and got accepted the 26th  with form 8863.
  • This gives me hope. Thanx Lovely
  • I called the IRS for the first time today. I took the advice and reached the Individual Accounts department. .  It was not encouraging and have pretty much lost all hope.  I can't even describe the frustration.  I called.  Spoke with a representative.  She did not see any errors on my return and couldn't see any error messages on my return or tell me anything about my return.  I needed to call back in two weeks to see if anything has changed on my account. She indicated that the IRS received my return as of 1/26/13. She had no further information.  Well, reality has set in that I am in a bad spot right now, but I can't sit around waiting for something to happen. Best of luck to everyone and hopefully you will be in a much better position than I am.
  • Mamie...I understand you are frustrated...but it's been less than a month!  It's been barely three weeks, since they started processing returns, and less than a week since they started processing education credits.  I understand some people need the money, I get that...but I dont' understand why people are 'giving up all hope!'
  • actually I filed on the 30th..but by then the IRS had decided to stop accepting returns..sorry if you're having issues..but we're all waiting..its not my fault you got put into the error dept
  • @Wendy-the IRS didn't stop accepting returns after the 30th.  They didn't start processing ones with certain credits until the 7th and the 14th...but they never actively stopped accepting.
  • The frustration lies with not being able to at least get an update. It would have been nice to know that returns with 8863 will take an additional 3 weeks to process after the 14th. There was nothing communicated....that's the source of my frustration.
its Monday and still same ol WMR   accepted 1-25    and still waiting..

still processing, date will be provided when available. 
  • Same here...  ;-(
  • Idk what's wrong
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  • im calling
  • This is beyond sad they are just as bad as fema
  • lol
  • Took a chance this morning, no luck.  I wonder if it has something to do with what state you are in.  I'm not understanding people that got accepted on 1/25 and getting dates of 2/21 and 2/22, while others are still processing.  I was so called "accepted" on 1/26 and still processing, I live in Maryland and state is still procesing as well.
  • Iowa accepted processed and refund received...   Fed accepted 1-25  still processing, date provided when available...
  • mine was accepted 02/14, I got a DD date of no later than March 6th no sooner than 02/24. I checked it has been received still being processed. I"m assuming it should be in my account anytime between those 2 dates.
  • i live in PA accepted on 1/26 and still processing a date given when available.
  • i been on hold a hour i think
  • tooty112 so IRS WHERE MY REFUND didnt give u that date what did..cuz u said u check irs and it said still being processed.
  • I live in Maryland as well and mine keeps saying processing as well. My state was accepted on the 31st and I received it on the 5th of this month.
  • I just got off the phone with a rep. She said that my refund was suspended because it was accepted early. But she did some research and said by Thursdayif there's no update on wmr to call back.
  • I still think these reps see information on the screen that they are unsure of.. so they "wing it"

    but never the less.. thank you for that update.
  • really?...what does that mean...lets see what they said to me
  • What number did you call?
  • I read that it has something to do with returns accepted before jan 28. Mine was acceptes on the 26. They never should have been accepted early. Supposedly they were sent into something called "error resolution" kinda like they were lost. It is  something they are working on resolving. This is why people who filed after us are getting responses. I read this on a forum in here where somebody called and this is what they told them.
  • yes that is the case but alot of people that filed 23-25 has gotten ddd for this week
  • 1-800-829-1040
  • I got accepted on feb 14 but when I go to the IRS website it says still processing!! What's going on? I even called and told me the same thing. Should I be worried?
  • I am not sure if you should be worried, yet @ericac67. I think those of us that filed before the 30th are the ones that are concerned. If you just filed and were accepted on the 2/14 you should be ok (but I am by no means a tax guru), however if I were you I would keep checking. Some people have been receiving DD dates before others and such. It seems like IRS system is screwy.
  • I was accepted on the 24th of January according to turbo tax and IRS I keep getting processing. :/
  • I'm in MD too, got my sate in 5 days, federal still pending, filed and accepted on the 14th.
  • How do you check to see if you have offsets
  • 18003043107
  • I am in Vermont - Filed on 01/07/2013 was told by TT that they would hold until IRS was ready to accept.  They put me through on the 24th and I was accepted.  Still NO DD date and I cannot get a tax transcript.  I have already been approved and recieved my state refund.
  • Thank you
  • THEY GAVE ME A NUMBER TO CALL 800-304-3107
  • They won't even let you through.  Call volume too high.
  • Just called both numbers listed on this forum, the Treasury office says I have no offsets but the IRS # just gives me the same information WMR does, still processing and a date will be given when available. I was accepted 1/25 and had a form 8863 and am in Tennessee. Reading all of these posts just makes me worry more and more.  My fiance filed the day after me and was accepted on 1/28, he did not have an education credit and got his return Feb 6th! Of course the one year I actually need the money for something particular and important they are gonna pull this shit. UGH!
  • they have 21 days from feb 14 to get you your money if you call before then they will tell you that you have to wait 21 days
IM ON hold 30 min...will update if i learn anything...
  • ok thanks
  • still on hold.....
  • well at least we know they are open if your holding lol,
  • jay941, please post what they say. Sending you positive energy that you get a polite IRS rep and not a human robot. Thanks for holding!
  • What number are you calling?
  • 1800  829 1040   ..its open but yes in still on hold
  • please let us know what they say.
  • thx will post when off hold....there very
  • u should of called 1800-829-0582 ext 362 u get through quicker
  • I just tried that one, and its greater than 30 min.. so I hung up as had to get kiddos off to school.   I usually call that one too, as the 1040 number is so backed up
  • oh well i would call that # but i think im almost next now..since its been awhile 59 mins
  • Hang in there!  You have been this far :)
  • yeah dont lose your place in line
  • i am i am..thank you
  • Thanks for that info. How did you contact TT, is there a number, or something? I am going to do the same.
I saw in a forum earlier that someone recieved their refund and on the WMR website it was still processing. Some say their is a glitch in their system and you may get your refund before the status updates.
  • The whole 8863 issue is nothing but a bunch of hooey. We are to believe that one form, that did not even change from last year is holding up thousands of peoples tax returns? The IRS is up to something else, and we are suffering for it. I have been reading some unfortunate stories on here and other forums, people who just lost their jobs, others who are ill and need the money for stability and others who thought they could finally go on a vacation after not having one for TWENTY years. We all need the money for different reasons, good or bad, yet, we are made to suffer. It is ridiculous, the whole process of taxes should be INSTANTANEOUS! They already have our records, unless it is dealing complexity like receipts, gas, travel, and other factors, the people who have straight forward returns should be done on January 1st for heavens sakes. No, we must wait, and then be given bull-crap stories of hold ups because of a form "update" because of a "fiscal cliff" avoidance. We live in the year 2013, and we still have to wait for COMPUTERS to PROCESS data? are we processing alien DNA or are we processing MATH?
  • @American Alien -the IRS isn't up to something. Come on. Instantaneous? Really! So you are ok with huge mistakes as long as YOU get your money?
  • I called just a few min ago, and got a nice man on the phone *(yay) he looked up my account and all he could see is that it was processing, 21 days starts on the 14th. He said that is ALL that he could see on his screen and I was on the phone with him for quiet a while. So they dont even really know anything else, at least not the ones at the call center.. remember its a call center, they are like christmas staff... they work for the rush, then they move on... I filed on jan-28th, accepted (like everyone else with the 8863) on the 14th of this month. He said to give it the 21 days AFTER the 14th. so.. yeah I spoke to a real person... didnt help much.

    So the education credits do
  • I Filed 01/28..still nothing on ther WMR site, I just finished my sons return with H&R Block, immediatly was accepted, checked the shows a graph within 21 days...What has happened has to do with TurboTax Im afraid
  • @agrneyes69-what problems are you having?
  • @ Xina143..I would just like an updat on the Wheres My Refund IRS page..It says We cannot provide any information about your refund. Be sure to:

    verify your filing date;
    check with your tax preparer or tax software provider; or
    verify you received your electronically filed acknowledgement e-mail.

    If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. Processing may take longer under certain circumstances.
  • HOw many times have you checked today?
  • I have read on some posts that the WMR are not showing consistent information. That some do not update but that then the refund shows up in the bank. I have read some have received dd. I have read that the 8863 filers are in a queue. I have read that too many people calling too often and checking the WMR too often has caused the system to crash delaying additional production and updates. I have read that the IRS officially closed at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday (officially Monday) for the President's Day holiday (so there were no update on Monday at 12:01 a.m), and since they were closed on Monday there was no update at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday. Others said they worked and they were open.  Just like all of you, I began to wonder if anything would seem consistent to me again. There is a vast amount of different information out there. So,  I buckled and decided to call the IRS and wait on hold. TT shows me as part of the test batch (accepted 1/25). I did not mention this date to the IRS agent because based on what I read I have noticed they do not want to hear about early acceptance and it automatically puts them on the defense. I merely told them that I needed to get my refund transcript for school and that I was unable to order one (which is the truth), and I needed to get an estimated date on when I could order a refund transcript. The agent asked me for my social and verified my info. He then told me that, "the returns with 8863 forms have an official acceptance date of 2/14 despite the date you actually filed, and due dates will be available anywhere within ten dates from that date." So just to make sure I asked him to reiterated.  The agent said "Your return is still in processing and a dd will soon be available but based on my experience with the IRS and how things are unraveling this year, I feel confident in telling you that you will have a dd available within 10 days from the acceptance date of the 8863 which was 2/14. So if you do not see a change on your WMR by the 24th then you will need to call us back and see if there is an individual issue with your return."   I hope this information helps you guys out. There were no updates Sunday night. There were no updates on Monday. The IRS personnel returned to work today and there should be some type of updates for many of you (and hopefully me) after midnight tonight. If not you should have a dd before Feb. 24th.  Good luck to you all. I am still riding this boat with you! And I will update tomorrow if something changes.
  • Thanks Allondra...I think that thats the bottom line
  • Hi Allondra.... Thank you so much for this update. Actually, you are spot on when you say that there is a LOT of information going around right now and I know personally, this has caused a lot of confusion. What you are saying does make sense so I am with you in hoping that we here something or get a DD this week. Thanks!
  • Thank you that truly helps.
  • Thank you very much!  Appreciate your efforts and patience in getting some answers!
  • @Allondra Thank you for taking your time to give us that information!
  • @msshiver That is very true. WMR has not changed for me since the first day I logged on. A little before midnight yesterday, I checked to see if I could order a copy of my 2012 refund transcript and I could. I had read on these boards that it is an indication that your return has been processed. I talked my husband into calling the IRS (I had no luck lol) today, and it so happened that he was transferred to a very sweet and helpful agent that offered (didn't even have to ask) to look at our account. She did, and informed us that our returned had indeed been processed and refund approved. She also informed us that our refund will get deposited on 2/25. Whooooo hoooooo! I don't know what's up with WMR, but in my case it was and is not reflecting what is actually taking place.
  • I just talked to the IRS about my return which was accepted on 1/26. She said she saw a status date of 2/19 and that I should see my Direct Deposit date its in the final stages of processing....
  • That is wonderful news Brandon! Congrats! : )
  • WMR updated to show a DDD of 2/25!
  • Congrats!
  • I was finally able to order transcripts this morning. I hope I get my DDD soon...Congrats to those who got their DDD 2/25. Its been a long time coming. I am happy for you all. Hopefully since I can officially order transcripts as of this morning, I will be next to get a DDD.
  • has anyone that filed early got ddd
  • What number you called to order your transcripts
  • go to the and in the middle of the page there are some topics in orange and one says about ordering transcripts
  • I saw on one of these feeds where someone said they won't release your transcript until the IRS has indeed finished processing your return and has accepted it. WMR still says mine is processing however last night when I requested my transcript they said it could not be released and this morning when I checked they accepted my request for a transcript. So, hopeful this means mine has been accepted and WMR is just not working as well this year like some have said.
  • The number to order transcripts is 18009089946
Mine has not updated.
Filed JAN 10
"Accepted" JAN 24
WMR/phone/APP all say my return is processing and I will receive a DDD when it's complete.  I have had this message for about a week now vice the orange bar(s).  I have double checked my return for any other errors or use of delayed forms and I have none.  I don't have any changes from last year as far as address or household number or anything else that might flag something.  
I am also not going to worry about it until it has been a week to 10 days after FEB 14 since that amount of time is how long I normally have to wait from acceptance until $ in my bank.  :)
Good luck everyone!
  • I know this a dumb question but what does wmr mean
  • Wheres My Refund   Go to IRS.GOV  and click on Wheres my refund...
  • I filed 1/15, was accepted 1/24...status on wmr changed from received to your return is processing, a refund date will be provided when available on 2/12...nothing since then...can't order a return transcript...I'm becoming more and more disheartened as each day passes...I am trying to be patient, but my patience is beginning to wain
  • I know what you mean.  This is getting ridiculous.
  • Same here this is so uncalled for especially with the technology they have now
  • @miami I totally agree with that techno statement....The IRS is promoting the fastness and efficiency of their system...but it seems to me that it's not really up to par.  Granted, this is the first year this system has been used alone and there was a lot of mis-programing which caused all of these delays and I know they are working on it, BUT...enough already!  The system is automated, so what gives?  I'm with you guys!
  • I have a dd of 22nd!
  • congrats @jan249! :)
  • @jan, did it just change this morning?  congrats!
  • It changed yesterday morning.
  • Whats the number to call, that has the XT 362 ?   seems I lost it ...
  • @Jan24 did u have a education credit
  • What gets me they have been working on this since the 30th of jan and now its the 18th it honestly should not take as long as it is taking to fix a issue I have not broken down to call the irs because i know i wont be the nicest person on the phone and they will probally hang up on me and if they could block my number so i never can call again but this is way way out of control
  • Yes i had the credit
  • @fourkidstofeed the number is 800-829-0582 ext 362. No DD for me either and I was accepted on 1/26.  :-(
  • @fourkidstofeed the number is 18008290582, and I have been on hold for 25 minutes.
  • i got a lady shes looking it up
  • Ask her if all the Turbo Tax returns have been pulled out of the error queue!
  • Yes, lol  be our spokesperson !   ;)
  • A hour and the lady said they got it but its processing and should be a update on Wheres my refund Thusday-monday..i know BS...but thats what i got..plz share if you guys called what they say to you...i didnt know anything about the ERROR QUEUE
  • I tried the number and it said they're closed?
  • Well I am on hold, I will see what they tell me.
  • 1-800-829-1040  IS OPEN....
  • LOL I had to try the number again... it does indeed say they are closed... seems someone forgot to change the switchboard over for the holiday.... well at least they didnt lie, they are processing today.. but just not taking phone calls...
  • OMG the 1040 number actually says they are experiencing high volumes, to call back Wednesday or Thursday .... SMH

    However, the 1040 number IS open ...
  • im calling TT refund my  fee this is they did this...
  • I called and spoke with Ms.Allen id # 0730108, and I asked her whats was the actually day that I was accepted. She refused to look my information up, and told me to look at WMR. I told her that the system is not giving me the information that I needed so that I would stop calling. She then tells me that this is what she was advised to say, and I asked her "who advised to say this?" and she said her "supervisor." I then asked to speak to the supervisor, and she told me there was none available. Its a good thing I am off work, and don't have school until tomorrow, because I am back on hold, and I will do this until I get an answer. Sorry for the long message, I am just pissed at this point. I would prefer they say  we messed up and it going to be longer than expected than for them to play these games.
  • thats the response I just got too. This is insane. All of us early filers should have our refunds by that point!
  • Tthe irs said this to you...plz update us more thx
  • I spoke with the IRS.
  • The 800 number is nothing but a call center.  NOT trying to dash anyone's hopes or anything like that. But understand that the IRS hires seasonal employees, much like Target does for the Holiday rush.  They don't have much more information than WMR, and they are NOT processors, they are simply 'customer service' agents. I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in what they have to say.
  • @brandon.. what did you find out ?
  • Let me know what they say,cause they told me the samething. I can't get any answers, and I
    was accepted on jan 26 and mine has been saying still processing.
  • She told me they have begun processing the early returns in order of receipt and to look for an update this week. She acknowledged that WMR is not accurate and some are receiving refunds without it updating.
  • @jan249 when did u get accepted
  • I talked to the IRS this morning after waiting 45 minutes on the phone.  The man that I spoke with stated that I was still processing.  I requested that he look at file and see if there are any error's that could be holding me back from processing.  He put me on hold and reviewed the file. Stated that there was not any errors and to allow 24 to 48 hours for an update.  This person was very helpful and I believe what he said.  I think that we are just literally treading water where ever our tax returns are and we are at the mercy of the IRS and their processing time.
  • @skreis when we're u accepted
  • I called the 800# and spoke with a nice lady who said all the issues we have been reading about are true, all refunds approved in January were put in an error resolution queue and they have been working on resolving it since the 15th.  She advised me that all those who filed in January and are currently sitting in the resolution queue should be released from that queue no later than this Tuesday.  She stated it was not the IRS' intent for this to happen and you apologized profusely .  She said that we should expect to recieve our refunds within 21 days of the 15th of February not 21 days from that date it was originally accepted nor 21 days from the 14th.  She did advise me that there have been some filers who got released on the 15th but they were a test run to make sure they had fixed any issues in releasing those in the error queue and that should expect their refunds on the 22nd of this month.  And the remaining parties should expect to recieve theirs no later than March 7th.  I originally filed my taxes on the 10th of January and I too was accepted on the 24th of January.  She advised me also that once the returns have been released from the error queue to allow 24-72 hours to get a DDD from the IRS.  After reading all the posts for the past few weeks I had multiple question I needed answers too.  She did advise me that all filers originally accepted will not be re accepted because there would be no need too seeing how are returns were originally proceeded and accepted in the first place.  And that there should be no difference in your refund amount from what you were originally provided my the party you chose to file thru originally, such as turbotax, hr block and so on.  I hope this helps everyone.  I don't usually post to blogs but in this case I felt it my obligation to do so.  Thanks so much.  Have a good day, everyone.
  • Sorry for the grammatical errors I typed this from my iPhone.
  • :
  • @easton thank you for the information and everything that it looks like you were told would make perfect sense as to why some people are getting their DD dates and we are not.  There was truly no rhyme or reason to who was and why?  at least I can take a breather and know that around the 26th I should have a DD date and by the 7th I should have my funds.  I did check this morning and I still have the same message - refund processing still  - filed on the 7th of January - was accepted on the 24th.
  • I just got off the phone with a very nice lady from the IRS. I followed what you said @EASTON81. I asked her if "I was out of the Error que," She told me her system showed that "I have 0 days left in the error que." So, I asked her when should I receive my refund. She said "at the latest two weeks, however they will be back to processing my return in a day or so, so it very well be sooner than that." So that is pretty consistent to what @ EASTON81 was told. At least I have an answer this time from a lady who seemed willing to help. I will go with that, and pray that this is almost an end to all of our, our early filer form 8863 fiasco.
  • My question is how are y'all getting through to a live person? I have tried 2 different numbers and all I get is automated crap! I am so frustrated with this whole ordeal.
  • :
  • :
  • Thanks so much I will give this a try.
  • Thanks for the update Michigan.   I have called twice and the Rep has told me the same information as well - states that I am processing and that he cannot see any hold or errors on my tax return - said that I was not in an error department.  This would make sense as well because someone else was told that we would be moved from the error department today and to wait 24 to 7s hours after today to get a DD date.  Hopefully we should all see something this week!  Here is wishing everyone the best!
  • Well just talked to a very nice lady. She told me the same, that it was processing and not in any que and does not have any holds, errors, etc. but that it could take up to 3 weeks from the 14th. She said hopefully sooner but hasn't seen any ones with the 8863 go through as of yet. Sigh. Hurry up and wait I guess.
  • :
  • @michigan...thanks for sharing!  It seems that a lot of people who call get a reasonable answer like that with, what I believe is, truthful information.  I hope we all get DDDs soon! Everybody wants THEIR money back for whatever reason....I want to buy a new gadget....I've certainly learned some patience over the last few weeks!
  • Thanks for sharing. Some people on other forums on here laughed when I said what I was told by a Rep yesterday, which is very similar to you all, only that I have "0 days left in error queue (whatever that means)." I have no reason to lie to people about what I was told and get their hopes up. We are on here to get some kind of support, answers (best we can), and vent to one another. It just angers me when some of us get information that others do not get, and they more or less call you a liar.
So am I seeing correctly, so far no one has had any update this morning?   I am just skeptical anything was processed yesterday.  I know the IRS said they will be processing today... So I HOPE and PRAY to get a DD date by morning... I am just in tears... as If this keeps up, I dont know what we will do.. using electric heaters to stay warm and propane now out.  Electric bill will be due soon, and its been high all winter..   Yes I know budget, but I have been able to count on this every year to catch up.. this year should not be any different.  

They tell us "with in 21 days"  well that is about up... cant keep resetting the timer, or that statement is just as useless and the WMR site... 
  • im with you i have bills i broke my foot and took time off knowing i would have my refund to fall back on..well i guess getting worry
  • I would assume no processing on Sunday, so we will see what happens tonight when they update their systems. I am on hold, and going to make them look up my return to see if it's still in the error department or not.
  • Thank you !   We all look forward to your findings.
  • Im in the same boat hope things get better Ever since superstorm sandy it has been down hill here seems like nothing can go right, and then when i saw i was getting a decent return i thought things were gonna turn around for the better but it seems like im still in a tunnel that has no light at the end of it
  • The IRS was definitely open, but from the activity here and elsewhere, I also do not think they processed any changes last's to some updates tomorrow I guess...

    a few of my coworkers who early filed with 8863 got returns on feb 5th and 6th. Meaning it should only take the IRS about 5 days to's just sad to see that our returns are obviously not being given the same turnaround and priority treatment..
  • @Ron... that's because if your return was sent by TT and accepted prior to 1/28 they went into an error queue and the IRS is having to go in and remove all of those so they can be processed. I am currently on hold to see if they have removed my return from the error queue... will let you know what I hear.
  • center is open, NOT processing.  They take weekends, just like us.  So, no nothing was processed yesterday.

    I would also be careful...IF you were accepted early, say before hte might get flagged due to your w-2.  Employers do not have to have them in until the end of January.  You might get pulled for verification to make sure YOUR tax return matches what they were sent by your employer.
  • I can't stand when someone gets on these threads and act like know it alls! We are all in the same boat. Xina I talked to an agent from the irs Friday and she assured me that they would be processing today to help catch up due to the delays with the form 8863.
  • same thing i was told besides no one will get an update till tomorrow
  • @Hopeful....I'm sorry.  NOt trying to act like a know it all.  JUST like you, I'm going by what I was told, and what I have heard.  It's silly to say I'm acting like a know it all, when the reason you get upset is because I heard someting differeint.  Sadly, YOU might be right, I might be right..we all might be wrong.  WHO knows?  And isn't that the problem>

    I wasn't told they would be open today.  I was told the call center is open, but the processing center will NOT be open today, delay or not.  You were told something different.

    I just think it would be nice if every call center rep had the same information.  that being said...Someone asked if they were open SUNDAY.
  • They only update once a day and it is usually late so none of us will hear anything until tomorrow. Lets just hope that some of us start getting updates.
  • @xina, the IRS DID process Saturday, but not on Sunday.  They are also processing today.. that is per the IRS.
  • @FourKids-I don't believe I said anything about Saturday.  I said Sunday.  As for today...I was told that since today is a federal holiday they would not be processing.  You and others were told again, who knows?

    Going by last year, they didnt' start weekend processing until later in the season.  Year before that, I don't believe they did any weekend processing until after the filing again, who knows?

    I'm hoping YOU are right, and the person is spoke with was wrong.
  • Xina1234 you are very confrontaional, if you know everything why are you here?
  • @latonyia....I'm gracing you with my presence. Yes that's sarcasm.

    I haven't said anything for awhile.... you are the one calling me out. That isn't confrontational?
  • lol its a tax forum just be patient
  • Exactly.  People are annoyed, frustrated, tired, etc.  And since you can't read tone here, it's silly to accuse someone you don't know of anything.
  • K i got a question since it seems that it doesnt matter if u were accepted before the 28th of jan or not and everyones 21 day clock started over as of the 14th, why are there people that filed lets say 2/7 getting dd dates before people that filed lets say the 2nd week of jan. Same forms were filed had to wait until the 14th That is what is getting me pissed off. If everyone had a feb 14th start date wouldnt u start with the people that filed first and work yourself down the line
I waited an hour and a half for no information at all. The guy stated that all I can do is wait until my 21 days are up. He stated for the people filing the education credits that you go 21 days from the 30th or when you were accepted after the 30th. Your 21days are not started from the 14th. Good luck everyone. My 21 days are up tomorrow so I will be on hold for another 2 hours of my life.
  • I was told by an IRS rep that my 21 days DID start from the 14th because they didn't start working on it until the 14th...I wonder if I need ot call and make sure they have removed it form the error que?
  • The guy I spoke with would not even look that information up for me. I gave him all the information and he did say they received my refund and I should go 21 days from the 30th. I clarified with him that I don't go 21 days from the 14th. He said correct to call tomorrow because that is when my 21 days is up.
  • @Theresalk3 when were you accepted?
  • The 25th of Jan but the IRS representative stated that I had to go by the date of the 30th because that is when the IRS started accepting returns.
  • I just want either the dumb asses at tt or the idiots at the irs to answer one question It seems all us early filers are getting pushed further back in the line so the new filers can get done. what is going to happen say come march 1st when most of the population starts filing there taxes, are we going to be pushed even futher back or are they going to get there shit together and get us done before this happens. Its something that i think someone needs to answer before it happens
  • I was told the same thing this morning @joysbunch. It's a bunch of crap!
  • Filed: 1/10/13; Accepted 1/25/13; WMR states "still processing will provide a DD day"....presently on hold with IRS; after holding for 45 minutes the representative didnt ask me for any of my personal  information and  transferred me to another department..been on hold now for 18 minutes....will provide info when i finally talk to someone.....presently pissed off.
  • when you speak to somebody specifically ask about the error queue and all the early turbo tax returns going there.
  • Will do..... still holding
  • Spoke to a lady at the irs after waiting for forty mins and call last not even five mins. She said for all who had 8863 form will not receive their refund until on or before March 7th. 21 days after Feb. 14th. Hope this helps for anyone who is still waiting like myself.
  • ok.....they on now!!!!!! Just gave my info on hold again
  • ms Joan id #1827792
  • I have never had to wait this long for a rax return. I understand what is going on with the error but people who filed after me are already getting updates.  I am really depending on this because of unforseen circumstances. I also need to take a trip in March and cant purchase my tickets until my return comes.
  • Taryn....I don't know.  Someone on another thread said that they spoke to someone claiming to be a supervisor and said that even those with the education credits, should start seeing DD's here soon.  Honestly, I don't think anyone at the call center has reliable information.
  • @taryn_gilbert I know that to be false because some people whom filed the education credit already have a DD date of 2/22
  • I agree. It would be nice to get the same info from all but its so frustrating that everyone is getting different answers and no one is told what exactly is going on and going to happen. Smh
  • Yes, that is false and that what is so frustrating people that have been accepted on or before I did have gotten a DD date, for this week. It is so crazy that they would say that 21 days after the 14th for us all (that is what I was told by rep this morning), but people that were in same boat have dates. Something is not right.
  • Theresalk3...I'm assuming that would be considered "on or before".
  • okay....everyone after holding for nearly 1 hour and a half, I spoke to a IRS rep who said all early  8863 filers 21 days dont start til the 14th of February.  She said I can get it earlier than 21 days but 21 days is the max.  @brandon.barfield, she said the ones that were sent to the error department got letters and it was being corrected....I didnt get a letter so I didnt get sent there.
  • I didn't get a letter either. So were just waiting. Sounds like they have been working on some of the early ones so hopefully we will see something in the next few days.
  • i didnt get a letter either. i think some of us will see updates this week. once you can order transcripts then you know a couple days later or before should get a ddd
  • @3beautifuldaughters..I hope the information you got was accurate.
  • Me either. Praying we all see updates this week. Will be sure to post if I do.
  • I hope so.....I  praying it works out sooner than later......I was surprising my teenager with a car for her birthday with mine
  • Submitted on 14th. WMR has bar for accepted but still not in the  approved bar.
  • @33kerry mine also said that for about 2 weeks then the bar disappeared and it just said that it is processing and a dd date will be available soon. Its been like that since
  • @3beaytifuldaughters-
    You were lied to by the rep. I went to my local office Friday. Nicer people btw!
    She had trouble finding my return. I showed her the WMR status and I am to assume since what we all had in common was the code 152, that tipped her to where to look.
    Found in the errors dept. she told me everyone that stayed with the IRS dumped there. Could have began processing a long time ago, but "they lost us!".
    Posted details before so look up if interested.
    I was at the office for another reason, but checked ....
    I did not get any letter or email from the IRS or TT. She looked and saw no letters on there end. But I had been in the errors department.
    On the 15th, I was still there. Am assuming since my WMR changed Saturday to the receive DD soon, that means I broke out?
    But, point is : letter or not, all 8863 early accepts got lost in errors.
  • @ SGHANEM do we need to contact anyone to find out if we were put into the errors dept or not and is there any action I need to take for it?
  • How can u lose sumthing u pulled early so basically they picked up the returns and tossed them to the side the irs oh wow moving paper work around like we welfare ppl gtfoh they on sum bs if the computer say they got them u see they still processing with no attention at all the hand few of ppl that got ddd what one person doing them by hand spitting out one at a time everything still aint processing rite regardless if u filed early still look around we moved fast last yr and mine was a wk late feb 1st 2012 sum without 8863 after the 01/28 epic fail of 8863 and the irs stopn all transmittions with that form wht about ppl after that that is still processing no negativity just my rant
  • I have been reading the posts on here and I truly feel everyone's fristration, I jumped up this morning at 7am and called anyway to the 800-829-0852 ext 362, and got a nice agent, I said yes sit I wanted to know if my return was still in the error dept, (which they can tell you) and that I understand that they were still trying to get those out and processed as of the 14th, he looked it up for me and did not place me on hold, he said well let me check for you, so while he was checking, I said I just wanna know if it is out of that dept due to some early filers have a DD as of Friday and Sat and yesterday morning, he said ok I undertand, he said looks like your return is getting ready to come out of that dept, either today or tomorrw, he says not it has only been about 3 days as of today for the processign of those forms and that my 21st day will be fromt he 14th, although should not take that long to receive, he said to call back and check status tomorrow, if no change then by Friday the 22nd I should see a differetn status! I said ok thank you very much and I reinterated, so what happens once my return is out of that dept, he says then its just normal proccessing as far as a DD. I said again, ok thank you, so my guess is becasue it has been a couple of days that by this Friday will be a week and we should all start seeign more posts or DD ourselves by Friday!! Fingers Crossed!!
I honestly have come to the conclusion that no one knows that the hell is going on. The IRS gives a million and one different answers and i'll be honest its beyond sickening. I think they need to come to some type of agreement and tell everyone the same thing because it is causing alot of peoples tempers to flair. I read on numerous different posts that anyone that filed before the 26th of jan went to a error department, I never read those people received a letter stating that and then someone this morning posted that. I think everyone needs to calm down and breathe and stop taking it out on each other when its none of our faults.
    It  is absolutely TRUE that being able to order your transcripts is a sure way to know your refund is on the way!! I got my bars back 3/18 and order my refund transcripts for 2012 on 3/20 my due date showed 3/25 on 3/ its a matter of waiting...this time the waiting feels better than not knowing at I will feel complete when I see it. Today is 3/22....hopefully I can see it on 3/ I can spend saturday handling my affairs....GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL...Keep the faith....its coming..
      Be interesting to see if anyone got a DD date today.   I am still unsure if any processing happened yesterday. 
      • still same message for me dd provided when available
      • no date its getting old this year sucks..everyone without school is getting update in 24 hours but we are here 4 days later no DD date
      no change for me filed 1/29 accepted 2/14 still processing:(
      • I would not be worried if you were just accepted on 2-14.......   Try being like the rest of us, accepted before the 30th and still nothing.
      • yes i understand your frustrations....... but i need my money to lol
      • That's how I feel Kim...from what I have seen most people with simple filings  have received a dd within a week from when they were accepted..we shouldnt have to be forced into an extra long waiting period because of 8863..

        I understand the delay and all and
        I didn't expect any updates until after the 14th but the IRS and everyone here had made me feel that once the 14th came we would handled just like everyone else...I guess we were wrong there because I've been sitting in the accepted limbo without updates since the 14th and a lot of people without the 8863 have had ddd within the same timespan...
      • yes every year for the last 5 years i have a dd date with in 72 hours of being accepted. i guess its 8863
      • Exactly kim, So have I. Last year my ddd was posted literally the next day and deposited a week later..while I didn't expect to be processed before the 14th, I did expect a similar experience in processing time as last year and from what I have read about non8863 filers this year..I guess I was to optimistic about it..
      • agree ..just what a update
      • i dont know if its true or not but i have 2 friends who filed without 8863 and got there money in 6 days. they said the money hit there bank and wmr still says processing so i guess i will check my bank friday morning
      • I have heard that a lot on the web.. not any friends had that though.. but have heard the WMR being way behind...
      • The 14th was do realize processors don't work on the weekends, and today is a Federal HOliday.  The call center is open, but Processing is not.  It's been less than a week since the 14th, less than 2 business days...I would imagine we won't see anything until later this week, at the earliest.  IF you got your DD in a day, consider that a fluke.
      • i have always no matter the CIRCUMSTANCES had my ddd within 72 hours of being accepted and weekends never matter before
      • and processors are computers not
      • @Kim...No, processors are humans.  IF you get flagged, you sit in a little pile until a HUMAN, NOT a computer can look over your return.  IRS auditors and processors are didn't know that?

        And I still say you are lucky if you got your DD in 72 hours.  Maybe if you don't itemize?  I don't know...that is awfully fast.  I hope it works out for you and you hear something soon.
      • you are off your rocker if you think that humans process 1 millon tax returns everyday
      • it is a computer that processes returns not humans lol the only time someone looks over a return is paper or if it is flagged
      • thank you amanda at least someone thinks before they speak
      • @amanda-umm..isnt' that what I just said.  IF you get flagged....(just said that see above) a HUMAN will go over your return...NOT a computer.

        @Kim-perhaps you should read what I wrote before commenting.  There IS such a job as an IRS processors....yes, there are computer processors, but that is not what I was referring too.  Again, read or ask if you are confused.

        Sorry, if I wasn't clear...but I thought saying IF you get flagged, you sit in a pile until a human can go over your return was pretty clear.
      • @xina143 wrote "processors are human".......four posts up nobody said anything about being flagged
      • any way no need for fighting we are all in the same boat WE NEED OUR MONEY
      • @Kim...Excuse me?  I get you are frustrated, but really?  You want to quibble about wording.

        Ok...Here ya go.

        IF you get flagged, YOu will sit in a pile until a HUMAN PROCESSOR, not a COMPUTER PROGRAM can go over your return.  And just a few posts.  And yes, four posts ABOVE YOUR post above this one...I said this:

        @Kim-No Processors are humans. IF You get flagged...etc, etc. etc...Should I have added too?

        IF you filed very early.. I would guess around the 23rd or before...YOUR return might very well get flagged because the IRS is going to check to make sure that what you entered matches what your employer entered.  It's a simple verification, but from what others are saying it's happening to a number of people.

        Is that clear enough for you?
      • are right.  I'm not trying to be snippy.  Just surprised people don't realize that IRS has hundreds of HUMAN processors.  It isn't all done with computers.

        Sorry for the attitude
      • Can you both shut up? You're providing no useful information.
      • lol
      • @brandon...Umm...ok?  What useful information do you want?

        Seems like no one has any useful information (including you?) because everyone is saying something different!
      • I have just spoken with another rep from IRS, and if you have the education credit, our day of processing is actually the 14th of february. She was very helpful and looked my information up this time. She also stated that we should start seeing DDD dates late this week, but there is no gaurantee.
      • hey @ brandon i have seen you on here for the last 20 days and you have not provided any thin usefull so shutty
      • @orijan-that's what I's to hoping!

        @kim...see, now that's funny!  LOL
      • 20 days? Learn to count... but bickering all over this board isn't doing anyone any good.
      •;ve posted over 20 times and aren't saying a whole lot that is useful..

        Doing any good?  of course not, but it's letting off steam, and that's isn't a bad thing.  On the other hand, no one said you had to read anything posted here period.
      • Hey @brandon I have had [edited by social moderator]
      • I am not worried about the one that were "accepted early" because they were not processed until the 14th, no matter you choose to believe.
      • I used to be a processor for the comptrollers of treasury and yes we processed a million returns or more per day..
      I am in the same position on each and every one of you guys, this really suck.  Do anyone know if the 21 days calendar days, or business days?????  Cause if it is business days I am going to be even more pissed cause we will not be able to call until around 03/01/2013
      Thanks, so by the end of the week if there is no new information we can being calling.  Do you guys know of anyone that have received a DDD that filed form, 8863?
      • some people claim to have gotten ddd for 2/22
      • Some state that they have..those that were submitted on 1/25.
      • lots on here.. they posted Saturday of DD dates 21-22nd.... no one personally though.
      • I have seen 2 people on here that had filed 8863 and are getting dates for friday.
      • I filed on Jan 30 with form 8863, taxes were accepted by IRS & received notification of this from Turbo Tax via email  on Feb 15th. Email said refund to be received within 21 days - that is where it stands as of now... Hope this helps
      If your return was accepted by the IRS prior to 1/28, you should be asking Turbo Tax for a refund of any fees that they charged you. Their error in sending your returns early resulted in them falling into an error queue causing further delay. I got a refund on both fees by simply asking with no pushback. 
      • Yep, I did the same.. explained I was told they would hold on to it, and transmit on the 30th, but instead allowed it to transmit on the 24th causing a hold ...  so they refunded, no questions asked.
      • So if i contact turbo they will refund what they charged me
      • Yes. They absolutely should.
      • I am getting the run around by Jim who works for TT.
      • Who do I contact. I am on the online chat currently and 04_SherylR stated that it is not Turbo Tax's responsibility to do anything. I paid them just to file my taxes so now it is in the IRS's hand for my refund. They are not responsible for it is what she stated to me
      • They aren't responsible. It is the IRS taking forever. Tt just provides assistance while filling the taxes out.
      • That's the SAME thing they just told me!!
      • I was never even informed by any person that there was a delay. Which I am ok with but with no information and TT doing this to my sister also last year. I have used TT now for about 3 years and know now I will NEVER use them again and suggest that no other person ever does either. This is horrible. I just want the person I paid to keep me informed that there may be a delay. Its called customer service!
      Well I received a response that my taxes were accepted by the IRS on Jan. 26th, and I still don't have any new information. 
      • from who? irs or turbotax
      • At least you get a response of before the 30th.  Mine according to TT were transmitted on 1-24  however due to the lateness of the day, I call it 1-25... but the IRS wont acknowledge that fact when I call, they say the 30th is the earliest I could have been accepted
      • I was also accepted on 1/26 with form 8863 attached.  This is beyond frustrating.  All I want is credible information. Ok, IRS delayed processing till 2/14/13, ok understood, but I would think those that were accepted early would have better clarity as to "what happens now", are we now back to square one and the early accepted dates don't matter? Am I now waiting for the IRS to accept my return again? That's what it appears to be. I would have rathered them reject my return and let me re-file after 2/14, as it appears those are the ones who are receiving DDD. We pay our taxes, file our returns, and expect refunds accordingly, but now we are at the mercy of a processing error". I know things go wrong, but in the event they do, I think people can manage the situation better if they had good information.

        Yes, I am in a tough position right now but it would help a great deal if the IRS or TurboTax or whoever can provide good information.  My Turbo Tax refund tracker says "expect refund by 2/19" but do I believe that...not one bit! I can only empathize with all the others who just want good information so they can plan accordingly. Just like we plan around expecting our refunds in 21 days.   All previous tax years have gone without any major delays. I have truly lost faith with this situation and tax process.
      • I totally agree! They do this and give us no updates, or explanations. We are being treated like we did something wrong.
      A hour and the lady said they got it but its processing and should be a update on Wheres my refund Thusday-monday..i know BS...but thats what i got..plz share if you guys called what they say to you
      • Thank you.  We all do appreciate the information.  Sorry you got the robot lady too.. :)
      • thursday the 21rst??
      • lol..Robot lady..yes she was i try to joke with here saying nice things but..yea a robot.......and yes this thusday but she said thu monday that a week max...for a DD date
      • I called and spoke with Ms.Allen id # 0730108, and I asked her whats was the actually day that I was accepted. She refused to look my information up, and told me to look at WMR. I told her that the system is not giving me the information that I needed so that I would stop calling. She then tells me that this is what she was advised to say, and I asked her "who advised to say this?" and she said her "supervisor." I then asked to speak to the supervisor, and she told me there was none available. Its a good thing I am off work, and don't have school until tomorrow, because I am back on hold, and I will do this until I get an answer. Sorry for the long message, I am just pissed at this point. I would prefer they say  we messed up and it going to be longer than expected than for them to play these games.
      • OH! so sorry you got a robot rep! Jay941 as frustrating as this whole situation is for all of us. I think the fascinating aspect is who will find the IRS agent with a sense of compassion and understanding to even look at a computer to assist their fellow citizen. Thank you so much jay941 for trying and thanks for the update. God knows  I am trying not to call them because I am in no mood to pop a vein. I appreciate you attempt.
      • Hey guys, guess what? I was disconnected, and when I called right back the message is that they are closed for the holidays. LOL! WOW!
      • No way orijanl72... that is crazy. What is that all about? My frustration has gone from "really?" To "seriously?" to "wtf?"
      • NP ..its sad...maybe
        will have luck
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