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1/24 & 1/28 delayed returns***letter 5071C integrity & verification operations

I received that letter yesterday from the IRS. I first tried the secret website that they told me to go to and because I entered 1 incorrect question it totally blocked me.... so of course I'm going to call the number they gave me :-\
after setting on hold for 2 hours to speak to a representative I finally got ahold of this missus ratchet... not her real name just saying. I was grilled for about 30 minutes I had to have 3 previous tax return thank God for the computer hunh, I'm being asked questions that only I should know the whole point of the letter and I finally hear the words come out of her mouth. okay I'm going to release your return to be processed!
I feel comfortable that you are the person that file this return and you are the person in question of the account, keep in mind at this time I am elated until she says in case we have to get back to you what is your phone number I give her my cell phone number same number on the return and then in a sneaky voice she says let me put you on hold for a minute.... okay so then I'm crapping my pants not that I did anything wrong just that I am a widowed father of 2 and I really need my return. She bumps back in a couple times confirming the number with me and then tells me.... okay I'm going to release your return to be processed it'll be 4 to 6 weeks :'(

um I guess I just have to say yes thank you ma'am...
  • Also, which I did not mention... I ask the IRS agent why this happened.
    I hate to say it but she said TurboTax customers are being profiled extremely hard due to 70 percent of there fraudulent returns have come from Turbo tax , she told me my return was sent to that department simply because it was a file to TurboTax
  • Hi, i got a similar letter but i'm yet to call them can i ask what kind of questions are they asking ?? i mean regarding what information are they concerned ??
  • if I was you I would do the website, I tried the website I made 1 error my fault I enter the wrong  AGI ... they asked questions on where you lived at , where you grew up at, what type of car you had registered at your address also make sure you have last year's return 2011 or previous + 2012.  if you do call just be prepared to be on hold I was on hold for 2 hours before I spoke to a representative and then it took about 35 + minutes to do the review/ verification.
  • Great thanks.............  but they didnt give me a website in the letter can you tell me the website i'll try that asap
  • what type of letter did you receive?
  • It only says that i need to  call them back on a toll free no. for verification or send them a fax of my contact details so they can call me back and that  i have 30 days to contact them without which they cannot process my return further and its undersigned by integrity and verification operations manager ............. thats it
  • I'm sorry but i'm not able to get through with the website its not showing up even on the search
  • I can't find that website. I also received this letter. Did u ever call William.
  • I had the same problem, clear out your address bar completely and type

    nothing else just that

    sorry for the typo
  • Hey trish i got this letter today and i tried but they work m-f only
  • oh no sir they were working yesterday, the representative even comment about that they had so many of these to verify they had to work on the weekend. maybe they just gave them sunday off.
  • Ya Sir may be just sunday off .......... anyway also i'm trying this website you just gave and it says we cannot verify you online and then asks me to exit  .............. i guess i will have to call them thats the only way out
  • well it allowed me through several steps at first and it told me okay we're almost done on you need to do was enter your agi and I made the mistake by 1 digit and it told me to exit and I would not let me redo it :-(
  • Oh ok ....... anyway i'll call them tomorrow and keep you guys posted how it went may be these posts can help others too ......... thanks a lot sir i'm little relaxed with this conversation that i'm not the only one in the soup :)
  • yeah the lady said it's just a filter that was put on the new IRS computer system and that TurboTaxwas being highly scrutinized....
  • I filed with Hr block
  • I'm sorry, the IRS is closed tomorrow. Presidents Day wtf? Smh, not happy really not happy... 1 good thing is there computers work 7 days a week or at least it says:/
  • They will be open monday 2/18, call 800-829-1040, keep pushing #
  • @surety , i have a vehicle but it's not registered to my address that's on the return, what should i do and what other questions do they ask. how long does it take to receive your refund once you call
  • @ trish , i got letter to what questions and how did the call go
  • Surely Agent have you got a date yet its been about 2 weeks for you..any update?
  • Pinky I got a good person it was a 10 min call he asked abot my 2011 return so have one with you filing status one of my dependents name and birthday..about an amount on one of the lines in the return the job name my address that was it oh and a phone number. The first hold was 1 1/2  hr but talking to him took 10 mins he was very nice. Thank god I prayed for a good person to answer. They can be mean and take the questions too far.
  • @dflan, i prayed like you and got a nice person she was very quick and asked the same questions you got, she released funds said it'll take 4-6 weeks or sooner. Have you heard of anyone getting them sooner
  • I havent even heard of anyone that has got theirs at all.
  • So have you received your refund yet?
  • I have not even gotren a date
  • Ok I just did the verification about 4 days ago from the integrity and verification department. My WMR status went from your return is still being processed and a date will be given when just your refund is being processed the available part is gone.. Today I as able to order a transcript  was told if you can order a transcript your return is done processing hope this is true. If so it only took 5 days after I was verified. Fingers crossed.
  • I got a date woot March 6 im getting my money. Thank you Jesus..
  • Thats good....that means it dosent tkake 4to 6 weeks
  • @dflan, i'm soooo happy for you, and this gives us hope too., btw i'm scared to order my transcript, do you think i should too
  • @bigred, exactly so there is hope
  • I already in my second week nothing yet no transcriprt :? (
  • It only took 5 days and I have a dd date for March 6.
  • @big red true I believe its up to the person that answer the phone at irs to release.
  • @Pinky once it let u order the refund transcript from the irs site not the account transcript but the refund then you will get a date the next day it is true. Try it.
  • @dflan, i tried and i  will continue until i'm able to order it, you keep updating with us  if you don't mind
  • That is what i got in the mail the same letter i have to call them tomorrow i'm so madd.. i just really don't understand
  • Have you received your refund yet?
  • that what the website did to me i don' understand... STUPID
  • whats the website that i can go to
  • No u will get it same way you asked at first..mine is still going dd tomorrow.
  • Not true about the return transcripts and the DD date. I filed 1/17 accepted 1/25 ordered my transcripts on 2/16 got them 2/25and nothing changed WMR says still processing and still no DD date and were already in March! I even ordered them a second time hoping that would show a change but I was wrong, still nothing!
  • Same for my husband he filed and received a letter saying he. Was under review and there  Wasent anything he had to do and finally after almost a month he was able to order transcript last Thursday and he still don't have a dd it's crazy
  • Must have been account transcript that not the right one has to be refund transcript
  • @dflan did you get your deposit?  I was unpostable since Feb 3rd. I got the letter and had to call and verify and after that they told me 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Yes I got it..
  • Lucky u dfaln56 I hope I get mine soon!
  • I just hopped onto this thread because I got the same letter.   Called the IRS was on hold for 40 minutes, answered questions from my 2011 refund and was given 4-6 week turnaround time on refund.  dflan56, how long from the time you called to verify your identity did it take for your refund to deposit?  This whole situation is frustrating.  I am glad they are verifying people are who they say they are, but some of us have plans for our refunds like taking my kid on a much deserved vacation and paying off a few bills.
  • 5 days for dd date and 9 days for money
  • Awesome that gives me hope!  Thank you so much!
  • Your welcome...
  • man that realy make me fill better thank you so if i called just this monday about how long do you think i have i just rely need my money
  • so when did you call
  • I really dont know everyone was different but mine went really fast.
  • so you all ready got your refund .and do the wmr websight  give you a dd
  • Yes the wmr sire did give me a dd date
  • Do anyone know what letter they sending out asking for more info and you have 20 days to send it to them?
  • Hi i submit the efile refund with turbotax on january 29th everyday i check my status at Where is my refund? And always appears. We have received your refund and is being processed. Today i call to IRS and the agent told me that i need to send the physical copy of the return to IRS attention to IVO and wait until 6 pr 8 week she said my refund was received but "they dond find it in the system" that is why i need to send it again. Can you tell me if I need to be worried about? I do not have received any letter from IRS only I've been asked to send it again. Please help me
  • What's ?the number you are calling?
  • What's ?the number you are calling?
  • I need your help with this issue, PLEASE! I was not aware of this Turbo Tax issue until now. Really what's going on bwtween Turbo Tax and those letters. I filed on 1/31 it was accepted on 2/10, I got that letter on 3/4. I did the verification process online on 3/4 and I'm still waiting. How long is the waiting or release process?
  • I also verifed 3/4 and still waiting. I called back and they said I just have to wait.
  • Hello Everyone

    I called IRS on 3/18. The lady said 4-6 weeks to receive my refund, she also said that they verification was fine but when I check the website it still says its being processed. Does any one know how many days it takes for them to post the actual Deposit date?
  • Hello Everyone

    I called IRS on 3/18. The lady said 4-6 weeks to receive my refund, she also said that they verification was fine but when I check the website it still says its being processed. Does any one know how many days it takes for them to post the actual Deposit date?
  • "NOT" can see IRs has you a "HOT MESS" sorry for your luck but same happened to me and I called March 18yh and it still says "being processed" so I guess I got 2morre weeks to go...I filed January 11th!!!!! It now April 16trh and still nada, I need my refund too!! turbotax donr sent me a letter to pay them before March 31st because theyre not able to collect from my refund...well DUMD ASSES, it you alls fault! why they letting all these fauders on to collect other ppl's money!! Thry should have to pay those people who were frauded! Next year I am using TaxAct or something know if its simple. you can fill it out yourself and go to H&R Block and they will efile it for 35$, there we go....that way to go next year and all the years I'm here on this earth and able to work and
I just got a similar letter but it says they will contact me.or issue my refund within 60 days that they are not asking for any info at this time.WTH??? I filed with turbo tax :(
  • I received the same letter as you.  Doesn't ask for anything and says they may contact people to verify some information and not to call unless I don't hear from them in 60 days. This is ridiculous. I have one W2 and education credit.
  • Oh and I used H&R Block to file.
  • Niccigambill my friend had that letter last year. It is a review. It took her 7 months to get her money and she didnt have to send anything in.
any kind of update...i also received this dreaded i hope it doesnt take no dang 4-6 weeks!!
  • i know you're glad to have a dd
  • Im very glad. Spring break next week.
  • I called and they just tell me I have to wait. I'm going to go postal soon!
Pinky I got a good person it was a 10 min call he asked abot my 2011 return so have one with you filing status one of my dependents name and birthday..about an amount on one of the lines in the return the job name my address that was it oh and a phone number. The first hold was 1 1/2  hr but talking to him took 10 mins he was very nice. Thank god I prayed for a good person to answer. They can be mean and take the questions too far.
    i received the same letter Friday also.  Was on hold for over an the end I also was told something about 4-6 weeks too, but the guy did say it is usually sooner,,,,
    • Let us know if you get your refund sooner the same thing happened to me. I'm very mad because I'm a single m of two and was counting on my refund. Definitely wasn't counting on being profiled for being prepared and filing early or because I used turbo tax.
    • Let us know if you get your refund sooner the same thing happened to me. I'm very mad because I'm a single m of two and was counting on my refund. Definitely wasn't counting on being profiled for being prepared and filing early or because I used turbo tax.
    • Let us know if you get your refund sooner the same thing happened to me. I'm very mad because I'm a single m of two and was counting on my refund. Definitely wasn't counting on being profiled for being prepared and filing early or because I used turbo tax.
    • Let us know if you get your refund sooner the same thing happened to me. I'm very mad because I'm a single m of two and was counting on my refund. Definitely wasn't counting on being profiled for being prepared and filing early or because I used turbo tax.
    • Let us know if you get your refund sooner the same thing happened to me. I'm very mad because I'm a single m of two and was counting on my refund. Definitely wasn't counting on being profiled for being prepared and filing early or because I used turbo tax.
    • @dcollinsrn have you heard anything since its been almost 2 weeks for you? The ones that posted 11 days ago can you reply and give us an up date?
    • No, wmr still shows "still being processed" dd date and still unable to get transcripts
    • Wow thanks dcollinsrn I might as well stop checking. Doe it just say processing but doesnt say a date will be giving when available that part is gone on mine just say processing now
    • @flan56 i believe yours is processing
    • for payment
    • @Pinky I hope so I pray that we all get it soon.
    • @Pinky I got it a date March 6
    • Mine has not changed at all...called the tax advocate and she didn't even take my info...just said to wait the 4-6 weeks
    • I call today nothing new just wait :(this is my 2nd week
    • I called today to make sure I called the irs holds department to se if it was any hold on it fromm a school he said no u get the full amount March 6 so call this number act as if u want to se if its a hold on it and they will give u all the info rather its processing or you have a date 866-897-3315
    • Tell thwm its been pass 21 days
    • Dflan56 that 's was the #call they said i have to wait:(
    • Dont ask about the letter stuff next time just say its been over 21 days and its not showing anything on the website. You got a person that didnt care. I would call back I called 4 times before I got a nice person. That actually looked at my stuff
    • Ohhh i will call today and see i will let u know
    • I call and one lady tell me my return still in process :( she ask me who give me the number and i said is in google lol she so rude
    • Today check the wmr website is said we have received you tax return and it its being processed the part said when have a date available is gone someone happen the same please let me known thank you
    • This is an abomination!. I cannot get through to anyone using the phone# the IRS provided on letter 5071C. Waited more than 2hrs, which is ridiculous and criminal. Their website is a farce, it just keeps saying we cannot handle this online, you must call the 800#.  This is going now for 3 days!. If I don't get this matter resolved shortly, I am turning the whole thing over to my attorney, who is a tax specialist and knows how to deal with the IRS.
    • Just to add my recommendation, if anyone received a 5071C letter and is having the same problems getting in touch with the IRS reps, contact your legal counsel immediately!.  I believe everyone that is going through this horror show has a great chance at winning a lawsuit against the IRS.  We have to turn the heat on them full-blast!.
    • well, still no update...i tried some of the #'s you guys have put out there, which i appreciate very much. Ii was told last week that it would be 6-8 weeks from the 1/30 accepted date, and if I don't see anything changed to call back after 3/20/13...something about it not being posted yet...I'm running out of patience...return accepted 1/27, verified info re:4883C letter w/ irs rep 2/15/13, still can't order transcript...and to top it off, for the first time I decided to have my fees taken out of my refund and received an email from turbo tax tax last week stating they would be taking the money from my checking account because i wasn't getting a refund...found out that it was a "form letter" because my refund wasn't received yet, spoke w/ someone and received confirmation that my return was still processing and that the checking account debit was cancelled...received an email last night, stating "final notice before checking acct withdrawal"...guess it's another hour wait on the phone w/ them now...i've never had trouble with turbo tax before, but i will probably not ever use again...
    I revevied the letter 5071c 2hrs on hold 35 mins questions about 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012 returns.. and now 6to 8 weeks for get my refunds :(
    • same thing happened here....although they told me within  4-6 weeks before i received my refund!!!
    • I have the same letter,  filed at a tax preparers office not online with turbotax I was on hold for 1 1/2 hr and prayed I got a good person on the other end of the phone and I did thank god he just asked me about an amout from an empoyer on my 2011 taxes and to name one of my deoendants and the birthday my address and filing status and got off phone 2 mins came back asked a phone number for me and so ok your good to go we will process your return within 4 weeks the call was 10 mins.
    • same here, but didn't ask for a number
    • How long after your call did it come? Did you direct deposit or mailed out to you?@Morton83
    • i have it for direct deposit.but i still haven't received anything and it's been 2 weeks!
    • @morton you actually got a dd after you got the 4883 letter and called in and verify
    • no dd date yet..still says the same thing your return is being processed a refund date will be provided when available...
    • Well my just say processing now the whwn available part is gone so it did change and today I was able to order retur transcript so im done with the processing I should get a datw tomorrow pray for me. I have 2 kids im adopting in mid march plus 2 of my own and spring break is coming up I want rhem happy.
    • No ddd yet
    • Hopefully I get one soon if what they saying about the refund transcript is trueI was able to order it today.
    • @dflan56 I hope they give you a date soon. Im in the same situiation and i dont want to wait 4-6.
    • @big red I dont rhink anyone will be 4-6 weeks and Thnks I hope I do too.
    • I hope so
    • No ddd yet
    • I got a dd date Alondra for March 6
    • @alondra when did you call and verify your information?
    • 2/19 stiill in process
    • Dflan im so happy u already have u $
    • Oh god... if they ask me before 2010, I'm in trouble... not because I'm shady, but because I'm not that organized!
    • They ask about 2011 which is good because I'm not that organized either.
    • I have DDD march 13 yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
    • That's awesome! Was that on website or did you call?
    • What day did you verify your identity?
    • I get 2 letter 5071c date2/06/13 ..cp05 3/01/13. I did my id verify by phone 02/19.  DDD 23 days later 3/13/13.
    • File 1/19
       1st letter 5071C arrive 2/16
      I did id verify by phone 2/19
      2nd letter cp05 arrive 3/01
      DDD 3/13.
    • Oh that sucks. I just verified 3/04 and I've already waited over a month and can't wait another month. ugh
    • @alondrasarahi you order you return transcript
    • I got a DD for 3/13 !
    • Wtg Alondra happy for u
    • Anglharger I verified on a monaday and got a dd date that Saturday all is different. Got my m I ney in less than 10 days after verify.
    • @dflan56 how long take gave a date when you order a return transcript
    • Next day have to be refund transcript not the account transcript..
    • dflan56, do I just keeping checking online or call them and ask.
    • @dflan56 I order my yesterday
    • Which transcript
    • @dflan56 you known what time update wmr
    • Return transcript
    • After 6 am but sometimes a little earlier on the wmr site u can click the schedule time.
    • @dflan56 thank you
    • Whooo I got a date 3/13/2013
    • Lol good see I told ya after the ordering the refund transcript its guaranteed. If it dont let u order then its not done.
    • Thanks dflan56
    • verified 8 days ago and still no DD date and wmr still says processing and unable to order transcript. they are never giving me my money! ugh
    • I verified on March 4th and called them today to check on the progress and the man told me that if Wheres my refund didn't update by the 25 of march he said for me to call them back on the 25th and they will research it.
    • ok thank you
    • I verified march 4th and just called them. no DD date and say that I just have to wait. OMG I am going to lose it soon.
    • @ang,  I'm so tired of waiting,  verified 2/27 and still waiting
    • I hear ya. Let me know when you get yours and good luck.
    • Ok, will do
    • What's ?the number your calling?
    Has anyone gotten a date yet that has gotten this letter?
    • no date for me yet...they told me it would take 4-6 weeks from the day that i called which was on 2/16
    • Same thing here i called them on 2/18 no date or progress report
    • No date  yet i call  2/19
    • I havent gotten a date but I tried the wmr site and it is saying we have recived your refund and it is being processed. It dont have the part that said a date will be given when available so I'm thinking they working on it at least theres a change. Still no bars tho.
    • I will call next week and see if they have any update for me i will let us know
    • Thanks Alondra I'll do the same.. that my niece name too
    • Dflan56 really i love that name
    • did any of you guys have a topic 152 on the bottom because i haven't received a letter yet and i was accepted on the 8th this is really annoying. i was able to order transcripts two days ago lets hope this is a sign for me. i wasn't able to order them until the two days when i did
    • Tpatterson the account transcript means nothing its the return transcript that lwt u know your done processing.
    • Dflan56 how long it takes to receive a date of day to call the irs
    • @pitoracing It took me exactly 6 days after I talk to. Irs to get a dd date
    • @dflan56 I took 12 days and do not say anything that is being process and when have a date available I will let you known
    • @dflan56 you had good luck
    • I had that too 3 days after that it just said being processed without the available part then I was able to order refund transcript. The next day I had a dd date.
    • @dflan56 tell me how did you get your money as fast
    • @dflan56 how to order the transcript refund
    • click on order transcript not the account transcript ..but the refund transcript. If it let u then your done and will get dd date next day, if it wont let you then its still processing.
    • I dont know how I got it fast I think it depends on the person u get when u call about the letter.
    • @dflan56 that will make the internet do not send anything by mail and ask you to order the transcript
    I ggot this letter also verified info on 2/21through website has anyone gotten DD dates?
    • No DD yet
    • @ Atchleycalderon I got same letter getting DD tomorrow I'll let everyone know how it went.
    • I got my moneyyyyy to day woot
    • That's good way to go
    • Ty tax lady just called
    • That's gopd. I hope I get mine soon. I was unpostbale on Feb 3rd I got the letter to call and verify inoformation on monday march 4th and called them that day. The lady released my return but said it would be 4 to 6 weeks to get my refund. I hope not.
    • They told me 4-6weeks also but took eaxctly 5 days I called that Monday had a DD Date Saturday.
    • Who did u call dflan IRS?  All the info they give me is 4/6 weeks n I verified 2wks ago
    • I called the number in the letter dont know h I w it got done so fast but I can tell you the man was very very nice. I think it all depends in the person that answers at irs.
    • Dflan glad u got ur $$$..but was it business days or just 5 days PERIOD??
    • They give dsys 7 dsys a week now even the 21 days counts the week end.
    • I verified on monday and they told me 4-6 weeks. They said I could call back friday or monday to check on it. I hope its sooner than that because I have a trip in a few weeks.
    • Well, I'm a fool for not having checked my postal mail for so long, but I think this whole thing is outrageous and suspect. I got the letter six days ago, but my taxes were shown received on Feb. 4th, and the where's my refund has shown "received and still processing" for a month. I tried the website, and like most of you was quickly blocked (with my correct info, mind you). Too late to call today.
      There is absolutely no reason for me to suspect I'm the victim of identity theft, and I really doubt the IRS flag is anything other than random. I am a bit outraged that there are people whose money is being withheld, and that some of you have been treated rudely on top of it. Someone way back in the thread said he was a widowed single father, so I actually will just hush about the plane ticket I hoped to buy...

      I'm going to sound paranoid, I'm sure, but sure seems like a great way for a broke government to stall & earn a little more interest on/spend our money. Calling tomorrow & will do my best to stay calm & polite.
      Thanks for all the good info, folks.
    • The website didn't work for me either so I had to call. Good luck. I'm still waiting for my DD date.
    • Agree no DDD yet
    • Well, good luck to us! I hope it goes swiftly like it did for dflan66. If this is a legit sting, it seems like they could do a better job to avoid making life difficult for honest people. Financial institutions have it pretty much down. A few secret questions, etc., what does it take, really? Just because they've been so sloppy that people have been using dead people's ss#s to get refund money shouldn't mean they punish random honest people in the name of "tightening up" security. I'm sorry, but this is government at its worst. Gaaah! (venting again...)
    • Yes, good luck to us. I agree that really could have found an easier way to weed out the frauds and instead of making us all wait weeks. I'm a single mom due to my kid's dad passing away almost 2 years ago and have been waiting long enough to spoil them a little. I will call them back tomorrow or monday and see if they have a date yet.
    • Same issue here. My friend, myself, my daughter n law all used turbo to file & all got these letters. My daughter used TAXACT & had her refund in a week....wierd. We discussed what could have triggered the IRS to suspect identity theft from any of our returns. My Daughter n law had a new address and so did my friend. But I did not. So I just cannot make any logical sense of this except what the above poster stated about the government being broke & attempting to save a few million with the insane tactic. Social security has been attempting something very similar. My son n law who has crohns disease & has been on disability for 12 years was recently informed that he will no longer receive benefits because "HE IS CURED". Um....there is no cure for crohns & he is in worse shape than ever. Oh well....I guess they have us all by the "NONOs" & we can do nothing but sit & wait. Very sad
    • Went through the same same crap. Received a letter in the mail on the day I was supposed to receive my money. Letter stated they needed MORE information to process my tax return. Called the number on the letter and waited on hold over an hour just to get to speak with someone. After the royal pain of playing 21 questions with these people and trying to recall street addresses  from years ago long forgotten. I was told they were taking the hold off of my tax return and they would finally get it processed and it would be another 4 to 6 weeks before I would see a single penny of my money. I being the brat I am began grilling them with questions. After all do on to others as they do on to you. I asked them why they lied to me and told me 21 days to receive my refund? Why the letter they sent me was a lie. After all it stated they needed ADDITIONAL information and the only thing they did was verify information they already had on file for years. Why they waited till day 21 to get this letter to me ect... After about a dozen " well you have to understand" I finally ended the call by telling them the only thing I have to understand is that you owe me money and it's time to pay up. Yes I am still waiting the additional 4 to 6 weeks just like everyone else,but I must admit I did get a certain amount of satisfaction listening to the person on the other end of the line squirm trying to come up with  lies and excuses  as to why things are the way they are.
    • so i called in to verify my identity and failed, I once got a phone for my mom that lived in florida, and of course they had to ask me questions about that address and all that, now i have to wait for them to call me back
    • I went online and did my ID verify... it worked smoothly and am now waiting for the 4-6wks to see what happens...i didnt have to talk to anyone
    • I got the letter too and it says just to call them. As far as i know it is not 5071c letter and nothn has mentioned on letter. They have asked me to call them, so they can get enough information about my return and process it..  Me and my friend sharing the same bank account she hasnt received her yet and i think she might get letter to within this week. Other thing i have given my wire transfer as my routing number and my friend has given electronic transfer as a routing number but both has a same account i.e checking Bank of America..Do anyone have any ideas what might went wrong on my tax return.
    • What's ?the number your calling?
    • Hundreds of response , no one mentioned the PHONE number they called? I am sure that was not  IRS number.