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I filed through turbo tax 1/24/2013 Accepted early 1/24/2013 and recieved a leter 2/15/2013 saying cp05 reviewing my refund. what does this mean?

Wondering why I received this letter even though Turbo tax reviewed my taxes before e filing them cp05 holding my refund until we are finished reviewing it.
  • I got the same thing yesterday.  I beleive they may be pulling some returns by random and reviewing them manually.  These delays are very unfortunate.  

    The strange thing on my letter is that it indicates a date of 2/25/13 and also says important information about your Combat Zone Tax deferment.  Personally I am not or ever was active duty.

    Sounds like some systems issues they are having that are causing these delays.

    I did talk to a rep yesterday about the letter and she told me there was nothing she could see as to why it's under review.  She did indicate that this year the IRS is very sensitive to EIC claims.
  • Same here,Combat Zone? Notice date February 25 when I received it in the mail yesterday 2/16? Frustrating. I think Im done with Turbo tax ,they charged me $60 just for this and everyone else has theirs already. I always used TT and helped my cousin file hers with TT but no more.
  • I recieved this letter in the mail today and this is so not cool.  I thought turbo tax was suppose to check everything before efiling.
  • Waited 30 minutes on chat support just to have the rep for turbo tax tell me it was the irs side and thats all they could do. Never using turbo tax again!
  • Right drewc771.  TurborTax has no control after they let go of the return, to the IRS.
  • It's been a very frustrating Tax season so far.  All we can do is wait, apparently.
  • Yes Frustrating for some, I have family and friends who have gotten theirs already.This week and last week. Oh well just wait it out I guess hopefully it wont be too much longer.
  • Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Anybody get any new news on their refund?
  • Nothing. It says the same for mine. It sux
  • Finally received a ddd last night for March 13
  • Me too. Thank god
Go to this IRS link for information on a CP05 notice
  • Doesn't say anything about combat zone,I never served in the military.
  • I did mention the Combat zone indication on the letter, to the rep, yesterday.  She couldn't find anything in the system about that.  She basically said it was just an error during printing.  What a mess it is this year.
  • Got my CP05 letter today.. I was really hoping I wouldn't be picked for the "random selection" reviews the IRS does every year. Did some research on the CP05 notice from previous years.. It's not good at all. People who recieved the notice last year, it took months to get their refunds. Some never even got them or any explanation as to why, clear into August people were ranting over their CP05 review. This tax season has been horrible. I filed on the 25th, accepted on the 28th. Processing from the 31st until this morning. I already recieved my state refund last week. I had the message about combat zone tax too on my notice, I thought it was a typo as well. On the IRS site it says getting your refund can take up to 45 days after your notice date.. so look on your review letters. My notice date is (Feb. 25th, 2013)....and today is the 16th, what kind of crap is that. So I technically have to wait 45 days after the 25th to expect a refund. Urrrg!! Hopefully they can get everyones returns processed faster than that.                                                                                http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Understanding-Your-CP05-Notice
  • i got the same notice . combat zone crap. i never been in military EVER!!!!! IRS OWES ME $5743 i am extremely mad. randomly screwing up my taxes just because they want to. i think it is just a scam because the irs is running out of money and they are trying to stall or just not pay because they are pathetic and ran out of money. this is pathetic!!!!!
  • Ya a bunch of bs.Im still tracking wheres my refund and it says still processing.Unfortunately the IRS is closed until Tuesday because of presidents day so no answers at least until then.
  • I hope this is the case.I found this answer on another Website.

    There are several steps the review goes through.
    Acceptance, Simply means it wasn't rejected due to gross errors or duplicate SSN.
    Processing. Examination of the math and the information to determine it's all correct. IF it's not flagged for review or audit it goes to QC for check over and payment.
    - Review, It's a closer examination of all the forms. They do that to a random number
    - - Audit, This is anything from comparing your return to the past few years to hauling you in for a full-blown record check.

    As far as the messages you are getting, I wouldn't worry about it. They are just informing you that the review will slow it down by a day or so. It's usually nothing to worry about.
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