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Why is it taking so long for the IRS to process my approved federal refund?

My federal refund was approved on Febuary 6, 2013. It is still processing and hasn't told me the date I should get it. My sister and her boyfriend filed 2 days before me and got both there state and federal returns already. SO, why is mine taking so long to process or at least tell me the day I am suppose to recieve my return? Because, none of the status information has changed since it was approved on the 6th.
  • Mine was approved on Jan 26th and they still saying your refund is being processed
  • Dont call turbo tax because they are (removed profanity)!! You figure they would have a little more detail since they prepared our taxes. Their app is worthless!!!!
  • me too
  • When paying for your state return did any of you use the "pay out of federal return" option? In a way that would kind of make it a third party type deal and could be the reason for delay.Just a thought.
  • Don't trust the Where's my refund site or the automated phone system I called the IRS today and was told their automated update system isn't working 100% correct yet. My refund was actually already deposited but it got put into my secondary bank account that I used last year. No thanks to turbo tax being over zealous with the auto complete(its my fault too for not catching it, but there should've been a re-confirmation about re-using my banking info from last year). also if you call just hit 0 after the initial language prompt and you'll be put through to an operator. The lady I talked to said to call during the mornings before 10am cst they have less call volume then and you can get to some faster. Oh and TURBO TAX you've lost my business because of this!
  • It is very handy for those of us who use the same bank account every year to have the account numbers automatically carried forward from the previous year. TurboTax does show you a screen to re-confirm your refund instructions (including your bank account information if you are using direct deposit) which you must agree to before submitting your tax return for filing.
  • This is why Many refund are being held if you received the housing credit in 2008 and 2009. if you skipped a year paying back then the IRS kicked your taxes out .  In addition to the education credit are keeping many held because of the way they setup the questioning. So they are going back to your 2011 taxes to compare to this year.They will complete processing 8 weeks from the date it was kicked out. You need to contact them or wait on the letter.

Accepted and approved are not the same thing.  The steps are these:

1.  Return is accepted for processing.

2.  Processing.

3.  Refund is approved.

4.  Deposit Date is set.

5.  Refund is issued.

  • You may want to read around... there are A LOT more repsonses on the WMR tool than that.. I am proof of that with the
    No bars as of 2-11
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
  • Both the original Poster and the commenter said their returns had been approved, and then were being processed.  Just wanted to clarify that Accepted (which WMR for some reason calls Received), does not mean Approved.  Also see this:
  • Has anyone received a dd date after the update last night? TurboTax still has my expected refund date before Feb 20th. Any thoughts??
  • Also most of my friends who didnt have education credits that filed and accepted before the Jan 30th processing date got there deposits on Feb 6th. I wonder if we will get the same time frame?
  • mine was.accepted jan.30 & it still says it's being processed.
  • Education credit was the answer given to me as the hold up.  Very frustrating and a perfect example of how no matter how big our government gets, they will still find a way to mess things up.  If this was a private business handling taxes, their would be lawsuits raining from the heavens.  Friends of mine who made most of their money "under the table" already got back a return of over 10k when they only paid 3k in taxes!  Makes this even more frustrating.  I know this isn't the fault of Turbo Tax, but I will not use them next year.
  • Remember to wait a few days after the opening of tax season next year to file as well.. never again will I file, and have a company tell me they will hold it, then later they transmit early, without first asking me if I would like that.
  • Just a thought.... did anyone use the pay out of return option for preparing their state return?? I used that option and still have not received a dd date.Filed 02/01/2013 and was accepted the same day.
  • My return was submitted around Jan 26 and accepted early by the IRS. Then on the 30th I get the message about the education credits delay. Okay, I can deal. On Feb 13 I find out on my own, thanks turbo tax, that processing will begin Feb 14. At this time, my federal tax return is still processing and they dont offer a expected date. Every one I know has already gotten their returns. It has nothing to due with paying for the state fees out of the federal refund, the refund has to be processed first before turbo tax can take their fees. The IRS is dragging their feet.
  • I know for fact, anyone with educational credits wasn't accepted until Feb 15th. My question long does it take for them to approve it?
    I was accepted on Feb 15th at 2:25am. I filed on Feb 8th.
  • Accepted on the 14th of Feb. Approved 2/20 with DD of 2/25
  • I hope my info helps
  • thank you . mine was accepted on the 14th as well, and I was worried cause it wasn't approved yet. did you have education credits on your return .
  • lol @ nic. A return can be accepted anytime after the irs accepts them, this year that was 1-30-13. In the case of the education credits processing date is what matters. Yes, the 2 are different. My return started showing accepted on the wmr prior to the 2-14 processing date. Your facts arent factual. :)
  • I had education credits on my return also...accepted on 14th...still processing...
  • @john Call 800-829-1040, option 2...i forgot the other string of options I hit to get around the automated system...but after waiting 30 mins I got a rep and a dd date of the 28th. Good Luck!
  • so what all did you have to do and go through when you called the 800-829-1040..?   shantabellamy..?
  • @shanta Thanks for the info!
  • @ role I called several times trying to get around the autmoated system. I remember I initially pressed option 2 but there were several other choices after that. sorry.
    @ john No problem! :)
  • A funny little coincidence happened...I tried yesterday to get my transcript and it wasnt showing for 2012. I just talked to the agent today got a dd and now my transcript is available. I'm not usually one for conspiracies (okay, sometimes I am) but I'm thinking there was something wrong with my return. Probably a small issue that was no fault of mine or turbo tax but with the irs programming. Im thinking she fixed it, said nothing and played it off like all was fine... it just wasnt my time yet. WMR isnt showing anything different...still processing ...but I bet if I check it tomorrow instead of the 28th like advised it will show a different status. hmm...
  • I was able to order both transcripts about 4 am this morning and called 800-829-0542 ext  362 and was told my DD is for 02-27-13. Wow!! I hope to God he wasnt lying.
  • what day was you accepted how long you stayed on is being process give a date when available
  • @shanta
  • @ power I was accepted before the 30th. WMR has been saying "still processing" since the 14th. Before that I had the bar and WMR said accepted. WMR still not showing date but rep said 28th
  • ok thanks i got accepted the 8th of feb i been on still processing since last friday how long you think that message will be there before a ddd thanks :)
  • @ POWER ...wish I could tell you. May be best if you try the #.
  • Yeah irs says nothing wrong with return but they didnt issue me a date
  • wow. Sorry to hear. As long as they say your return is ok, I wouldnt worry :)
  • spam, unless you can correct the number given above.
  • Now my WMR has the orange bar again! ddd of 2-27. :-)
  • Mine now shows dd on the 27th!
  • Thats good  what time did yours update how long you had still processing date given available message
  • Thank what time did yours update whats your time zone
  • I am sill processing and was told that I was accepted on 1/24
  • Dont know if your question was directed at me but...EST.  Showed still processing from the 14th to today.
  • @shant has anyone at the IRS told you anything?
  • It was :) & okay did it just show up on your card how did you find out your dd date
  • I asked them when did I actually start processing and they tell me they cant see a date. All they can see is that im processing
  • okay i see what you were saying it changed as of today?
  • i am having the same issue , education credits, accepted on 02/14 @ 4:30pm still only saying it has been received!!! no date nothing!!
  • @shanta whatever your name is.. i said i filed for educational credits. they were not processed until the 15th. i have an email stating NO ONE with education credits was accepted until the 15th. FACT. idk wth you're talking about not being factual.
    i asked a simple question and it wasn't so you could be a know it all. if you want to help, i suggest you figure out what you're replying too.
Its going on day 34 as of today and still no update or ddd I got told last week that I would have a ddd today still nothing
  • Going on Day 36 here and still no refund. I called IRS and they say that it's still processing and there isn't a problem with my taxes. I just don't get it.....
  • Well as of March 31st I am past the 45 days and still nothing
  • Have you gotten any news yet?
  • @SuchAtwit still no news and its going on day 65
  • @SuchAtwit still no news and its going on day 65
I have tried calling and after going through a ton of extensions I get "sorry but due to high call volume we are unable to take your call at this time please try again later"

I guess I just have to be patient and wait. Eventually they will get it sorted out I hope.
  • same thing for me. I tried for over an hour, and thought I was actually getting transferred to a living breathing irs person. Sad. It seems those of us who filed "early" for whatever reason, are being pushed to the bottom of the stack. Not only do I have a "still processing" status, I cannot even request a transcript due to "mismatched records." Hmm ..