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"Your tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available.

  • Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Thats what I have gotten for the past 3 days. I filed the 7th and was accepted the 25th. I filed form 8863..still waiting. This is getting frustrating. I'm facing eviction and past due bills and loans. Come on government,anyone here in the same boat?
  • Tens of millions of people are. Nothing much you can do about it. There's no such thing as a guaranteed refund date.
    If you want the same or similar answer from IRS, you can call 1-800-829-1040 - which will only slow the system down for everyone.
  • i filed my federal refund on the 24th, i was emailed that they excepted it on the 30th......iv been getting this same mssgs (still processing)  until 3days ago it switched to (Your tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available) ,2day is now the 16th of feb , i called the 1800829 # xt.326.........she told me i have within 21 one days because my return was just excepted on th15th of feb!!!  B___H!!!!! IS YOU F____NG WITH ME OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS U SERIOUS!
  • Monroe relax it's very obvious the people they're supposed to answer your questions don't know what the hell is going on. You got a date that's all that matters you will get your return before 21 days it took mine only 2 weeks and that was for it to be mailed to me.
  • i filed on the 18 of january accepted on the 25 and still and my 2 sisters and cuzzen and friend did there after me and all of them got there money way before me this shit sucks
  • A lot of people that filed early are having the same problems. I know it doesn't help you now but in the future I would wait until the date they start accepting applications to file your return
  • Girl, feel u.  I also filed the education credit form 8863.  Until 2 days ago I was getting the red still processing message on WMR scroll bar. That all changed on Friday when the scroll bar went away and now I get the exact same message you get.
  • I don't know if you guys aren't reading the answers or what. Don't even bother with the Where's My Refund tool it is wrong. People with education credits unfortunately are probably going to wait a little bit longer. Turbotax is well aware of the issue and they're supposed to be being processed starting on the 15th. I also read that might have been extended to the first of March. My where's my refund is still saying being processed when I have already gotten my check so don't put any stock into what that says. You never know it might already be on its way.
  • At least someone gets it lol
  • I filed jan 15. accepted jan 24. Still nothing...and why can't you talk to a real person on the phone at the IRS....instead of 'where's my refund' it should be 'where the [Removed Profanity] is my refund!!!'
  • Dont wrry bout wheres my refund its not accurate! Mine still says being processions when I got my check a week ago! Contact. A moderator they will give you a TT number if you sress how long you have been waiting, look for a moderators reply and reply to the answer angrily they will email you!!
  • The processing dept will give u  a due date. I agree @ argghh wmr is not.accurate. i had a dd but they system is in beta
  • how do u contact the processing dept
  • i can't give you my code but 18008290582 is the number and ext 362. Act like you don't care when your refund is coming  and all you want to know if you have any errors. Ask them if you can be transferred to the processing department. They transferred me and I got an ext that I will not post on here because some people will abuse it. My average wait time is 3-5 min during busy hours. Get your own!
  • I would like to say thank you for leaving this post, however, the person I spoke to was quite rude to me. I acted like I just wanted to check to see if there were any errors with my return and she tried to give me the third degree and ask 20 questions as to why I thought there may be errors on my return. She advised me that my return was still processing and that she couldn't see any other information other than that...I was accepted on 1/30 and according to Turbo Tax should have received my refund before 2/19 (even with the new tax laws and IRS accepting education credits beginning on 2/14). I am very frustrated with Turbo Tax not being consistent with anything the government is stating. Turbo Tax should have not allowed anyone to file their returns prior to 1/30 - so that many of us would not have these issues. The person I spoke to today referred me to the IRS2go app and the WMR website...but those are not consistent with each other! Ugh - this is a mess...I am a law abiding citizen and tax payer...I deserve some decent answers - and a timely return. Why in the world did the IRS not have things in place prior to tax season!?!?!?
  • I filed February 1st and it was accept but I still haven't received my refund. It's been 21days.
  • Give it at least 28 days
  • IRS2Go is even worse then WMR I know it's frustrating but do not believe anything either of those tools say. There is something wrong with them and they're not accurate. I'm not sure if you had an education credits or not but if you do that is most likely the holdup. I love TurboTax but this year has been a hot mess for real! I know it's hard but just be patient and do not constantly check the refund tools because they do not work and it will just make you more upset. Like I stated in my previous answer look for a TurboTax moderator. If they cannot help you they will give you a phone number and a case number. I'm sorry but I can't give it out due to people abusing it
  • Just checked WMR, I'm stationed in California, and it sais that my refund is approved. DD day of 27 Feb. The system is all jacked up. TT still sais processing and Bank has nothing pending. But I guess there is either a light at the end of the tunnel or the fiscal cliff will hit us after we pay off some debt. I hope it all works out for all of us by the end of this month. What a roller coaster since 1/25 and TT sending jacked up e-mails yesterday.
  • i am..
  • I am screwed too! Exactly the same as you.I hate TURBO TAX! It has ruined my life. Facing eviction, can't buy a car, kids going to foster homes rather than being homeless. THANKS TURBOTAX!!
  • TT has nothing to do with this! It's the IRS!
  • Anyone with 4464c letter of review delay 60 days !! Email this high level rep for assistance everyone do it now !! [Personal Information Removed] ( she can help director ) she will have them escalate your refund !!
  • Anyone with 4464c letter of review delay 60 days !! Email this high level rep for assistance everyone do it now !! [Personal Information Removed] ( she can help director ) she will have them escalate your refund !!
  • Listen I got a call from a big wig there going get to the bottom email them now to move it along or its going sit there
  • Shontai who is that woman and how did you get info
  • Please email me shontai. I just emailed Jodi. My email is joeyysalamone@gmail.com
  • I have been waiting for ten days for both my Federal and State return, when I check them or call it says "BEING PROCESSED". So I understand the WMR tool doesn't work accurately, but If that's true then why haven't I received anything!! I havent gotten an email stating the status. I thought a state refund only takes 7 days?? Can someone pls provide me a better site or number to where I can get more info about my return??
  • I just talk to a really nice lady... miss fay. My 21 days was up today.. she told me that my return got put in some error department. (Cant remember the name)  and my 21 days started over on February 20th...  she said I should have it by march 13th. I hoping she's right. It was nothing I did it was the Irs fault. She even told me that ..
  • yeah... give it at least 38 days... make that 40... 52 days. Those of you being callous probably already have your money and/or dates and that's all well and good. But as for me, the last thing I heard was that I was rejected and my kids' SSNs were incorrect (which they were not) and not a peep until I called TT to find out that I wasn't accepted til2/14 though I filed in January. It would be nice to go to bed at night knowing whether or not my kids' SSNs have been used fraudulently. Refund or not, I'd like to hear SOMETHING and I feel that TT hung me out to dry here.
  • Hey sickofwaiting!! I'm in kind of the same situation.. I filed on the 14th of Feburary and since I got the education credit, I had to wait until after the 15th of Feburary (which is only one day) However, on WMR it has said "your return is being processed" since Monday. Does this mean I'll get mine on the 8th? Or what?
  • Anyone with the education credit get theirs yet? I was accepted Jan 22, then told I would have to wait up to 21 days after Feb.14...and now over 30 days later it is still being processed. I just want to know what's happening. Could they not issue a notice that some will take another 21 days? I'm just saying!
  • Yes, I filed 1/31 with Ed Credits, IRS accepted on 2/14 and just got my refund date on Saturday for direct deposit mid-week, and they are processing, so if you want to check when yours may be coming, do the Order My Transcript off the the IRS website;  when you are able to order for 2012, then that means your refund date is SOON behind that and then Where's My Refund - (WMR), should update to reflect that, plus another clue is when the Amount of your refund disappears from the WMR details on the left side of that screen. Hope that helps! :D
  • I filed on 2/23, and my return was accepted on 2/25. For about 6days before my refund date was set. WMR kept saying my return was being processed and a refund date would be set. I had to call 1800-829-1040 and then I got my refund date. (3/15,) My check was mailed on 3/15 and I got it on 3/16. I had 2 W-2'S, a Dependant and 2 1098 T-Forms.
  • Thanks
  • Were u able to order a return transcript before your money hit?
  • You can get return transcript here:
  • Can u email at ladiilove07@gmail.com with the high level assistance information?
DO NOT WORRY!! Same thing happened to me I was given a mail date of February 12th the next day if it went to your return is being processed. Well I just got my check on the 15th in the mail! Don't even bother looking up where's my refund they're all wrong and they're messed up!
  • The reason why our refunds are delayed isnt the 8863 or flags. Itsbthe child tax care credit. It puts a 4 week delay on your refund
     I talked two different irs agents and they gave me the same answer. So ita not 21 days, its 28, then u will see a due date. If u filed for the xhild tax care credit, then im talking to u. I was accepted on the 29th and i will receive my refund between the 29th and march 3rd
    Now http://www.itsmeheadboy.com
I was accepted 1/31. I'm getting a message saying "Your tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available.
Please read the following information related to your tax situation: Tax Topic 152, Refund Information". No orange and no DD yet! I have no education credits or any special credit on my return!
  • I am getting that exact message too, it changed to that on 2/23. I filed 2/4 and was accepted 2/5. No education credits, married jointly w/ 2 dependents. When I call they say that they just need additional time and to keep checking WMR. I would hope that if I was in review they would tell me. I hope it means I will be getting a DD date soon. But I still can't order transcripts :(
  • Same here, I can't order transcript but if we was under a review we would been got a letter in the mail. (Crossing my fingers). So, I guess just to play the waiting game.
  • I just called and a man told me that i was in the error resolution dept. with a status code of 221 and I should be getting a letter (which they have yet to mail out) he also said that I would have my refund 4 weeks from when they get the info they need and to call back on monday to see if they sent a letter out yet......???? WTH???  So maybe you have something wrong as well. This is ridiculous!!!
  • They have been people here that received letters and two days later they got there refund. I will call again to see what the next agent will say.
  • What number. Are you guys calln
  • I just called 1 800 829 1040 and kept pushing # until they transferred me.  The guy I spoke with was super nice and it was the most info I have gotten. (i have called 3 times prior) Everyone kept telling me there was nothing wrong they just needed additional time to process.
  • Let me know what you guys find out.This stinks!!!
  • I'm on hold now. Turbo Tax actually helps you fix any tax errors if there are any before submitting it to the IRS!! The child tax credit wait is a hoax, my friend filed with JH on 02/08 and received both STATE AND FED in a week!! She's a mom of seven!! If its still processing than more than likely something is wrong!! Its day ten and my refund is still on the first stage!! My state as well!! TT hasnt emailed me anything about my status their estimated date is tomorrow for me but I'm 100% sure that's inaccurate information!!
  • Okay so I spoke to someone with the IRS and they say that Turbo Tax didn't submit my return on 02/17/13 it was actually submitted and accepted on the 20th and to be expecting it no later than March 9th!! The reason my State is still processing is because its in review, I was told she couldn't tell me why she didn't have access to that information so I ask how can I find out why my STATE REFUND is in review???? I called a number in Madison WI no luck and the automated system is just that!! I need better answers!! I can't sleep at night wondering if something is wrong!! Well I was told my return looked good so no worries there but I need to know about my state!! Thanks in advance!!
  • Im confused.... are u saying that ur state is holding up your federal??? From the forum's topic we are talking about federal returns not state....
  • Could be very true..My state was accepted on the 12th amy my federal on 2/14.. I called today and IRS said that they didn't start processing my return until 2/18 (BS)...I called to see the hold up on my state and I was told I was in a income review (Bull S)..The state of MS is holding my refund until Federal release..that has to be the only reason why..Federal still showing processing and I was only able to order a Account Transcript on Friday.
  • @Disnugaswagg1 My question at the top was about STATE AND FEDERAL!! @Harts She says each state randomly picks someone from their system to review...... It doesn't mean your being audited, or anything such. She says if you didn't get anything via email or Mail yet then things are fine. But if in a week your state refund is being processed still she said to call in and ask why. I live in WI. So idk if its the same in MN???? YOUR STATE REFUND has absolutely nothing to do with your Federal return (so I was told by the Irs). Its two totally different things.
  • Yes, thats why I was intially confused.... that is correct the state does not have anything to do with the state. However, some states will not release the return if the federal is on hold or pending.
  • I heard that too before!! Is it a certain day of the week they deposit funds in your bank account?
  • I am having the same issue.  Tomorrow will be 22 days.  The website orange bar has went away and now it says you refund is being processed. A refund date will be provided when available .  How long now will it take? Please give me some good news.
  • It's hasn't been over 21 days for me.. However, it has been a while. I just got my state return in the mail. So, that means the federal should be around the corner... Some have said that they have recieved money even tho WMR has said "being processed".
  • Yes, that is true my brother, my co worker and wife has received there federal and it still says being processed.
  • "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available." is my message just shy of the 21 days from Feb14th, when  I got the message that IRS received mine. I called yesterday and they said March 7th is 21 days and if still by then, then I can call again, but they would not tell me anything. I have read many sites with different responses on this issue: some say it means a direct deposit (dd) date will show soon, perhaps a day or two or more, others say it means it has errors and you need to call; others say it was selected for review (perhaps randomly, perhaps not); others say they can make you wait until after April 15th.  Some report luck with calling and getting someone to say they see a dd date, even when WMR doesn't show it.  If anyone can say that they got this message, for how long and then what happened in their situation, I would sure appreciate it!  My boss indicates her return was similar to mine with Ed credits for our older kids and she got her money 2 weeks ago and filed after I had.  It is really scary for us all that are still in limbo. My best wishes to all and please POST here whatever may help. Thank yoU!
  • My return was accepted Jan. 25, and I was supposed to receive it on Feb. 19, but then they delayed it because of education credits (form 8863). So, I am guessing my refund will be figured from Feb. 14 when they started processing returns with education credits. That means tomorrow Mar. 7 is my due date. Still WMR does not show any indication of the processing being completed. I was able to order a transcript. I have heard others say if you can order a transcript, then your tax return has been processed????
  • how do you order a transcript?
  • you go to www.irs.gov and click on the tools link and the order a  request or account a transcript link.
  • Now, I'm receiving an error message. But, when I call it says it is still being processed.. However, when I put my information plus the date I filed... It says" We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement email that your was received by the IRS." It just start saying that today. What going on?
  • Darryl. When it does that it means their system has been over loaded.  I did get that out a IRS rep when I called them. You will have to check in the morning.
  • id didnt let me order a transcript so what does that mean?
  • I can't either.  So I am assuming I will not get it this week either.  This is BS.  I still can't get no clear answers.  Hello IRS it's been over 21 days.
  • tomorrow will be 21 days for me. Are you syre if you can order one that you arent ging to get it?
  • sorry if you cant order one does that mean that you arent getting it?
  • It changed.. Now it's back to "being processed" however, I will check in the morning.. Someone said that everyone who filed education credit with get theirs refund tomorrow (Mar 7th). But, that's only if you filed before Feb 15th.. I don't know how true that is.. I do know that I'm ready to get my bread.. Got bills to pay!
  • I don't have educational credits and i'm still waiting on mines. I was accepted 1/31 but there are rummer that there is going to be a big update tonight.
  • Just got off the phone with the IRS.  After waiting 32 minutes on hold @ 8 am this morning.  The rep tells me that there is nothing they can do for me today because I must wait for the Full 24 hours to pass.  With??? Today is the 21st day and ur website states the same message that was on there from Monday.  Tell me what is going to change?  You only do direct deposits on Wednesday and paper checks on Friday.  Sorry maim call back tomorrow and he hung up... I'm so mad right now that I could have reached through the phone and choked him.  If I call back tomorrow and they give me a run around I think I will lose it.  God help me !!!!  I have never had a problem with taxes.
  • im in the same boat you are in, and im not able to order a 2012 tax transcript neither. please let me know what happens with your return. this sucks
  • Ok. Filed my taxes electronically via HRB. Paid my fees from my bank account (did not have fees deducted from refund). I claimed an education credit and I was told via email that my return actually did not get submitted to IRS until 2/14/13. Since then, WMR had the orange bar indicating they received my refund. Around the 20th of February the orange bars went away and WMR says that my "refund is still being processed; a refund date will be displayed as soon as it becomes available". It is now the 11th of March (9:00 pm eastern time) and I do not have a refund, nor a date I can expect a refund. I cannot order a transcript for 2012. The IRS website says that it is not available. I called HRB, they said I should get my refund 6-8 weeks from Feb 14. Awesome. Not!
  • Same "Your tax return is still being processed" message, no "orange status" bars.
    No Education credits, just simple 1040-EZ.
    E-filed Feb 17, accepted Feb 18.
    This never happened before, never took more than 7-10 days.
    What is going on?
  • M2 still being processed i got accepted feb 4 I don't think we to get the money
  • I called IRS today.
    They told me "The tax return is being reviewed."
    I asked "why? this is just my son's simple 1040-EZ, no educational credits, is anything wrong with it? maybe it got lost when IRS had processing problems?"
    They said "We don't know why. We got it here and it looks like all doc-s we need are received, so just wait up to 3 weeks, keep checking online."
    ... so we'll keep checking.

    Good luck to everyone.
  • It kind of makes me nauseous to see people complaining about waiting 21-28 days. It is 2 days from May and I still do not have my refund. I had the EIC, Child Tax Credit & American Education Credit so I guess I have to wait 28 days for each one?? No one will tell me anything. Every time I call they tell me to call back a week or two later if I don't have it and they will definitely be able to tell me something. Yet, they "still cannot tell me anything." I don't understand. I filed Feb 5th & was accepted Feb 14th with a "no later than March 8th return date." Called in because i received a letter on March 7th & was told that I Would have my return in 4-6 weeks. On April 16th I was told "the person that did your verification did not hit complete. Therefore it will be April 23rd... Or 4-6 weeks from today. I called on the 23rd and was told they can't do anything until May 2nd. I called today just to see if they would tell me something different and was told " We cannot see anything until May 16th.  Call back then & we can help you." The only difference in my return from last year is my street address. Does anyone have any advice for me? ANYTHING AT ALL??!?
  • I'm waiting for 2.5 months. Called 3 times. They have no idea, just telling to call again....
    .... and we want the government to handle our healthcare too, right?
Okay for the last time do not pay attention to where is my refund! It is messed up I already answered this question 10 comments above so it's confusing to see people still talking about going from getting a date to your return is being processed!! Mine is still saying that and I have already gotten my refund so obviously there is something wrong with where's my refund. If anybody saw a date do not worry it is coming no matter what it says now. I am NOT talking to anybody with education or child tax credits because I have no idea about those. This answer is only for people who's status changed. Anybody with those issues needs to add those to the topics on their questions! There'll be more people with the same issues and more answers.
  • if it was broken, why would it be able to give a date.
  • I don't know all I know is that it said my refund was being processed when it was already in the mail. Maybe it's working now...
  • another thing for it to give me a date and then revert back to your return is being processed
  • Well I did my tax return 1/22 and I been accept and when I check my status it saying still processing date will be provide when available and today makes 30days what should I do  oh yeah I have no bar on mines when I check my status on my tax return
  • If it says 30 days I'd wait for 35 days, and if nothing is changed then I'd call.
    Usually if you call earlier than it says on your status message, the answer will be to "nothing we can do, call later"
I spoke to someone at the irs and they are not processing education credits until March 1-7, 2013
  • the IRS website says the Feb 14< oh my wonder who it ws told you that
  • Well consider me homeless because of the IRS
  • I know it sucks with all the different information given and I'm not sure about the education credits but they have been promising the 14th for a while now. The IRS person probably gave a later date just so people would not keep calling. I believe that they will be doing it on the 14th
  • You have to know what dep in the irs to call. I called processing. It dont matter what form u had, it is 4 weeks from when u were accepted. Tt is not at fault. Blame the fiscal cliff agreement. If u claimed the child care tax credit and u filed before 2nd. You are in "purgatory"
  • Sil337 brightest crayon in this box by far lol. Everybody's getting mad @ TurboTax for things they have nothing to do with!
  • Just got my taxes tonite at 10 dd, but my dd was 2/27. It worked out for the best! Actually from being accepted on the 14th to having my money today isnt bad, not bad at all!
  • headboymusik. so ur DD was for 2/27 and u got ur refund today..
  • Yes i did. I was an early filer and i got close to 10000 today
  • i was early filer too, have a DD 2/27. was hoping mine comes on this morning. real ned the money to get my van fix lol..
  • Did u get dd through a bank or tt card? Mine was on tt card. Straight from us treasury. If a bank, then you will get it wed because it has to get processed at the bank for 1-2 days
  • Does anyone know what time the Irs website up dates?
  • Check after 6am
  • Ok thanks.. ive had this message for 2 days now your return is still being processed. A date will be provided when available.   And people are saying different things. Like I'm under review.  I don't know but today is my 22nd day and still no money.
  • Did u file any ed credits. I had that message for 8 days then i had a dd yesterday, then 10pm yesterday i got my 10000 refund
  • Did you pay your fees up front
  • Nope no ed credits.. just hoh, eic,  and 2 dependents.  When I called they said I had no flags and everything look good that was on the 19th(I think) . So if nothing changes I will be calling in the am.
  • With tt free file is free, no fees are took out. Im turbo tax for life
  • The child care tax credit got u on hold. U will have youe refund before wed
  • Child tax credit what is that.. sorry but I really don't know much about taxes
  • Its the credit that gets your taxes delayed for an extra 14 days and a main topic of the fiscal cliff agreement that went in effect just before tax season
  • Well that bs!! Lol I hope your right about when I'll get it. I'm the only one working in my house and my poor car is on her last tire. Got over 198,000 . So need money to get a new car.
  • Any news
  • Nope. I was told that it wasn't accepted by the Irs till the 5th so my 21 is up tomorrow.  She said if I don't have a dds by tomorrow to call back. But tt and 2 other Irs agents told me it was accepted the 3rd. I don't know who to believe.
  • I'm getting a letter. Forget this I'm getting a tax advocate as we speak
  • ME TOO!
  • fhkh
I called [edited by social moderator] and the lady told me that they were having a problem in their system with processing my EIC and that it would take a little while longer. Maybe this is the reason for most of our returns being delayed. I will check back with them at the end of the week. Hopefully there is good news then.
  • I supposrdly and am receiving a letter   -  this is all so confusing.  I opened a case with a tax advocate
Anyone had there taxes modified with The State of Connecticut?
When I checked the DRS website for the State of Connecticut. It says my taxes has been modified, which is fine because I owe taxes. My question is, how long does it take to get the difference. I filled electronically. Any else had there taxes modified?
  • Yesterday I called and they said I will be getting some papers in the mail. And I have to verifiy somethings concerning my Education credits and after I have to send them back, then after they have to process it.... This is an complerte outrage.. Words cant even express how mad I ve become. Anyone with the same issuse????
  • My 21 days were up on Wednesday.  I too had the education credit.  I did my taxes on HR Block.  When I called on Thursday they transferred me to the refund department.  The agent looked up my information and told me that most tax companies upgraded their software in time but it they did not have 2 questions that needed to be answered.  SO it kicked everyone's taxes out and put them in error.  SHe said they have been doing them manually and it takes time because it is over a hundred thousand.  She said that most of them were complete on 2/22.  She also stated that most people should receive their return by 3/20.  I said what do you mean most people.  She told me that if you did not receive a code or a letter you should be fine.  They also can tell you if a letter was sent and when.  She also told me that when people call and they get temps their is not way for them to tell you much.  It is just the luck of the draw that I talked to a supervisor.  I am just going to see what happens.
  • I filed my taxes January 29th but it didn't get submitted to the IRS untill February 14th (I guess because of the education credit) It is the 13th and still no sign of my refund or due date and on WMR it's still stating that "it's being processed and a DDwill be given when available" I am crossing my fingers that I get it this week. I am beyond frustrated & anxious! Let my $$$$$$$$ go!
  • STILL NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been over a month and this crap is still saying that "it's being processed". WTF IS GOING ON??????????? I AM SO LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You may have done this already, but have you tried calling 1800-829-1040. I was able to get my refund date by calling them opposed to going on wmr/calling the hotline. Hope you get your refund soon!
  • Turns out that the reason why I haven't received my letter is because I was one of the people they sent out a 4883c letter to asking for more information. If you get this letter, DON"T PANIC like I did. It's just that they want to verify your identity because of all the identity theft that is going on.

    What sucks is that now I have to wait another 4-6 weeks to get my refund. This totally blows!!!!! My car lease is about to expire and I was counting on that money for my next car. Looks like I'll be without a car for about a month. I want to cry!
  • Federal tax.
    Same "Your tax return is still being processed" message, no "orange status" bars.
  • We are on the same page..
I'm getting my refund either this coming Saturday, or sometime next week. I had education credits (1098 T-Forms,) Super happy!
  • I also have a direct deposit for mon march 18th !!!!!
  • Please update when you actually get it. I've been waiting for a month and all I know is that my federal return was accepted. Since WMR doesn't work, I can't seem to get any other answers.
  • I just got my check today in the mail! (3/16) (I live in Denton,TX and it came from Austin,TX.)
  • I have my dd! :) it's March 20th!
  • FINALLY got A Direct Deposit Date of March 20th; filed 1/31. IRS accepted 2/14 and bars disappeared around March 5th and message said still processing and wait for refund date. I called IRS a few days ago and asked if I was part of HR Block glitch with Ed Credit forms and lady said yes and I asked if I may have missed a sent letter and she said no letter was sent and to just keep checking WMR. I noticed the amount disappeared from the details on the LEFT of WMR today and that yesterday morning I could still could not get my 2012 Transcript, but then last night I could and then this morning, I saw the change in WMR. Hope this helps; from FL. Best of luck to ALL!
I am going on 50 days today and STILL NO RETURN or updated info.  I filed EZ b/c my return is simple with $15,262 income, single and one kid. I don't understand why this is taking so long, bullshit!
  • Hmmm it's been way too long. If I were you I would call the IRS. I filed my taxes on january 29th and I still haven't received my refund either. I received a letter from the IRS this week asking me to call them because they needed more information. I called and it turns out that I was randomly selected for identity verification due to the high volume of identy theft frauds that are going on right now. I answered a few question and now my "income taxes are still being processed" and have to wait ANOTHER 4-6 WEEKS. This has been the most frustrating tax season ever! >:/
Mine was processed and I have ed credits. Accepted 28 refund date 2/12
    My status is the same (3days) called hrblock was told approved waiting on irs bank to transfer funds. Was advised to allow 3-5 days, whoever you filed your taxes through can see what your real status is.."Just call and tell rep, your status went from approved back to processing and the representative will go in check their logs for your approval code which should be c009 awaiting transfer of funds. I filed on feb 8!
    • Did you have education or no?
    • Yes i did. An 8863. The child tax care credit is what got us in ers dept in the first place and is why we receved the generic message before the 14th if u filed early like me
    • I don't have education credit and child credit. I was accepted 1/31 and getting message of "Your tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available".(No orange bars) This issue started yesterday but I was able to order account transcript last week.
    • Do you have dependents? If you do, then you have the child care tax credit. Give 5 weeks from when you were accepted.
    • 95% percent of all EIC receipents have a child care tax credit. And if you filed with tt or tax act, you might of accepted it and don't even know it. Check your return. 8863 don't have anything to do with the "purgatory" bestowed upon us.

    • I don't have dependents.
    • you need to call the irs tommorrow  18008290582  ext 362. avg wait time 17 min or less. You have an error or something.
    • ok so my status went to being processed and a dd will be availble ....  i have been checking from info on another website and as of this morning i can order my 2012 Tax Return Transcript so i am hoping that in the next few days the WMR will chnage and reflect that my tax return has been processed.  There was some one that said they had the same problem and they kept trying to order a transcript and a couple of days after the transcript was order the dd date come up.  So hopefully this is a good sign.    Before today my transcript was not available for 2012 now that it is leads me to think its processed.  GOOD LUCK i will let you know if mine changes
    • Thanks for the info. Keep us updated!
    • They sed my shit was up for review for identity theft is crazy now I have to send them whole bunch of papers
    • Does anyone know about how long it should take to get a refund if you are able to order your transcripts for 2012? I was able to order them today but do not have any update on wmr.
    • I am not 100% sure.  on the other site that i have been looking at said a couple of days after the transcript was eligible.  I hope it hurrys up and changes.  So maybe its just a couple of days now.  I HOPE!!  and the person that was saying this before said that the deposit ended up being like the next week.  So maybe we will have it deposited by next Friday.  i hope!
    • My sons babysitter got hers on tuesday and she had the school form. Well when she checked the wmr site it said it was still pending that morning and she got her refund an hour later and she never even got a ddd. I dont think they are updating it or it is so back logged it wont update.
    • mine was accepted january 26th and on the wheres my refund it says still being processed but this morning it says "we cant give you a status update please call us.." so i called this morning and they said its odd that the WMR tool didnt update but my refund was accepted and my DD is on February 26th!!!fingers crossed hope she is right
      * I had the education credit
    • Everything will work out, dont trust wmr they are a couple days behind
    • Congrats, gisellaflores!
    • My WMR updated last night... so if you able to order a transcript for 2012 it should be only a day or two.  :)  Good Luck everyone.  Its a little frustrating...
    • I just got off the phone with the IRS I was told there was an error but it was fixed on the 11th of February I should receive my refund within 6 weeks.
    • what transcript is everybody talking about
    • if you go to the irs website on the first page there is a spot to order tax receipt/transcript.  Its not that you really need it but if it allows you to order one then they have processed your tax return if not its not been processed yet.  Just gives you information a couple days earlier that its been process vs Pending.
    • OMG I don't know if people aren't reading my answer or they just don't believe it but where's my refund is broken! If you were given a date and then reverted back to your return has been accepted don't worry about it. It happened to everybody or most people anyway. Anybody that got a date your return is on its way no matter what WMR says. It's broken it doesn't wor it's not accurate it's completely useless what more do I need to say? I don't see how you didn't see my first answer and 22 comments later people are still talking about it. I don't understand why everyone keeps asking the same question when there's been answers posted but I'm not going to waste anymore my time worrying about it
    • Just to confirm that WMR is broken I received my refund over a week ago and it still says it's being processed. It's been saying that since January 30th. Quit looking for the bars to move they're not going to unless they somehow magically fix it. It's not even a few days behind it's just not working. For over 2 weeks almost everybody has had the same issue! I wouldn't even bother looking it up seriously. I'm sure there's other ways and I think someone above me posted a different way to check your status
    • So to clarify -- people with the status "Your refund is still bring processed - a refund date will be provided when available" ended up receiving their refund ?
    • Yes. I received a due date of the 27th today. I had 2 dependents, 8863, and travel expenses because i work in my neighbor state. So, if u were accepted on the 14th, u will get a dd, if u havent checked, wmr is working fine now.
    • Head -- but you had the status "still processing a refund date will be provided when available " prior to this ?
    • I was accepted the 14th but according to irs didn't start processing my batch until 2/18.
    • Yes i did, actually the refund cycle chart is the same as last year, plus 7 days
    • Head I will look that up. So, during the time it said "still processing" the status bar is gone correct ?  These IRS updates are confusing
    • Yes I repeat where's my refund does not work. If you saw a date and then it went away you are getting your refund no matter what WMR says
    • What of it said processing with one bar then said "still processing a refund date will be provided when available " no bars. Lol. A lot of people are getting this it seems and then get a refund date not long after
    • Maybe WMR is working now, I haven't checked lately. HEAD seems to be very informed so I would listen to him lol. I did not have any child dependents or education credits so my comments and answers do not apply 2 people with those because I know nothing about that.
    • I am headboy musik and sill337. The wmr is a couple of days behind. The good thing about the errors is less audits and reviews for special credits and early filers. Ask yourself would u rather wait an extra week or two or be audited, reviewed and wait a couple of weeks or months? That should calm spirits
    • Head mine still says "your return is still being processed.  A date will be provided when available ".  So I'm thinking  it hasn't updated yet or this is just another random status !  It only had the one bar for 4 days
    • Give it up to 10 days after that message for a ddd
    • Okay !  Will update as changes
    • Call the irs and ask them abt your return.Actually you will get a dd that will show up on wmr in a couple of days
    • Head boy - I still can't order return transcript though (only account transcript 2012). Not sure if that's anything to do with when they ate done processing.  .  Some say yes some no!  All very confusing. And the automated system has been down since yesterday
    • Joeyysalmone..same for me..before friday I couldnt order either but friday I could order account transcript....I hope its a good sign.

      Filed in 2-12-13
      Accepted in 2-14-13

      Status say pending will recieve in 21days...I had EIC tuition mortgage interest etc
    • Harts very confusing. My status just says "still processing a refund date will be provided when available "
    • @ Joeyysalamine : I read IRS to go is not up to date . But what if you call the IRS rep and she saids it was an error but has been corrected (allow up to 4weeks) I filed 2/2/13 accepted 2/4/13 was informed placed on hold for 11days due to an error. Today 2/26/13 no federal but received state 2/3/13 .  Tax rtn included mortgage and 1 dependent / business lost . IRS could not tell me the error code but it was corrected / still being processed . Is this normal or am I being audited ?
    • I recieved my state as well ... was told that it was corrected as well. As long as the system was able to correct the problem then you are not being audited... maybe your file is just going thru a manuel review such as myself so I would think that it is normal. When was the last time that spoke to someone and have you rec'd a letter?
    • I spokw with a rep early this morning: Was told to check back on line TUESDAY in the afternoon,(once) or call 1-800-829-1954 to check 24hrs a day. Was informed error was corrected by them/show no record of letter sent.
    • What department did you calk to find out this info?
    • If you filed with Turbo Tax there is another website to check about your refund!! In the ask any question box on their website, ask how long will it take for my refund to process and they'll give you a link to click!! It pretty much states more than the dumb ass WMR TOOL!! Oh and another thing, if you chose to have your filing fees deducted from your refund it'll take longer!!
    • Well that would be helpful if you told us the name of the website lol
    • I thought you already received your refund? For those who truly need it the name of the site is https://cisc.sbtpg.com/mb/index.aspx
    Okay the only reason I was given a phone number I believe was because I posted a question but really it was an angry rant totally dissing TurboTax and saying that I would tell everybody I know not to use them because I was so upset that I could not get access to a phone number and my phone would not let me chat. A moderator replied to that post and from there I replied to him and he quickly emailed me a phone number and a case number. After he did that I deleted my trash talk because he did reach out to me and I appreciate it. You guys need to think about how many millions of people are using TurboTax and all those millions of people want their money and they want it now! And most of those cases there's nothing TurboTax can tell them but there are plenty of situations that are different and they can help you and have answers for you. That is why they do not have their number blasted all over. They would be getting millions upon millions of phone calls that they wouldn't even be able to help. Just think about that before you get so angry, imagine that you work in 1 of their call centers and you get call after call all asking you something that you cannot answer! I'm sure it would drive you back s*** crazy lol
    • Updates are after 6 am eastern.
    • The wait will be worth it
    • I'm not waiting I already got my refund I'm just trying to let people know not to trust WMR and that their refund is likely on its way that's all
    • Argh what did your status say
    • Your refund has been received and is being processed. Then it went to a a mail date of February 12. The very next time I looked at it it was back to your refund has been received and is being processed. I was freaking out for like 3 days but my check came in the mail on the 15th. Even right now it is still telling me is being processed even though I have already gotten my refund
    • Thanks argh I will keep checking :-). Mine says "still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available "
    • I got the same message... my 21 days is up today... I just hope the new message is a good thing.
    • That's what funny is mine only started processing 2/14.  Unless they're counting it from date of file
    • I believe that there will not be a correct date for anyone, I believe it is because of fraud.
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