I have an update! All 8863 EARLY Acceptance Filers Before 1/28 PLEASE READ!


1/17 I filed, 1/24 accepted due to TT early batch idiot thing to do. WMR date 4 days now we have received your return and it is being processed , will give you a dd when available. I'm in Texas so no State file just FED.

Ok here's what I got, Called IRS LOCAL DALLAS ADVOCATES and they patched me through to an agent, not sure if it was regular IRS or Advocate IRS but he was extremely helpful.

Those of us that filed and got batched through early before 1/28 were thrown into the ERROR RESOLUTION department on accident. (Because TT batched them through early) He said they have been working diligently to get those out of that department and processed. He said TT should have not batched us through early that's what caused this whole mess. We essentially got lost in the system and stuck in error control. It was a while before they realized we were even stuck in there! My whole point all along.

The man was extremely nice even helped me and gave me the name of another tax preparer that the IRS approves to use next year. He gave me advice on my school, he said he went to the same school I did so I may have been speaking to the Dallas office.
He also said that my return (As well as everyone else that TT have haphazardly patched through early) was in the last step of the error resolution department which is the Correction part of system. He said not to expect anything this week. But he thinks by Monday or Tuesday they will have all of them fixed and on the way for a DD. They will be open Monday as they have most every year.  

The system is still working returns so it could be by Monday that we receive a DD. (they will be open Presidents day) He apologized for the wait and said he understood especially waiting for this to be done so I can file my FASFA for school. I said well if you could talk to the big guys up stairs and patch mine through I would appreciate it. I told him many of us have joined a support group in order to deal with this and we are all patiently waiting.

 He told me he does have some pull but not sure how that much but he will see what he can do. Very nice man, and at least I know now that nothing may not happen until at least Monday or Tuesday when they resolve the issue with us being stuck in error resolution. And maybe he will by the grace of GOD batch mine through. (And everyone else stuck with me))

 :) That would be so nice of him. :) So that's it folks. Everyone try to relax for the weekend and look for a change Monday or Tuesday. He did ask that we not check the WMR but once a day because it's clogging up the system and causing it to be delayed which is giving inaccurate information.

At night is when it is updated. HE said always check then. I know this is true because my status changed at 7pm central time last time.
  • So you are saying that we EARLIER FLIERS are excepted a DD date hopefully Monday?
  • He said they hoped to have us out by Monday or Tuesday but that we should see something next week. They are working very hard to get us out of the dungeon as someone else put it lol.
  • i talked to someone early this morning and she told me something like that but she said that i would have wait up to 30days......to get it corrected
  • That is the general turn around time, if you had to mail a return in, due to not accepting eFile. (had to do that the last two years due to ex incorrectly claiming kids)  And each year only took 4 weeks, and had a paper check.
  • Is this for those whom received an error message only? I filed my on TT site 1/27th and it was just in pending status, till I called TT making a fuse, then I saw it go into accepted on 2/15 later that day. So I am curious is your response due to what happen to you and a batch that the funds will be there no later than Tuesday?
  • Personally I think they will be there just as TT stated before 2/19 or 2/20 because I received that updated message on the 14th that they were processing us 8863 filers. I believe the man when he says next week. I even asked if we would have to wait another 21 days and he told me no! 21 days from date of acceptance and the only thing holding us up is getting us out of error resolution. 21 days from the 30th is 2/21. I expect they will have it fixed and have our refunds by then. One thing is for sure we probably won't know anything until Monday or Tuesday and it will be a shocker if anything happens tomorrow. so lets just sit back and relax and have fun this weekend. I figure it's too cold to go to Florida now anyway so it's not bothering me anymore now that I know what's going on. They will get us unstuck. And when they do. I will never use TT again!
  • It is impossible to have a DD on Monday. While the IRS may be open, banks are not, nor is the Federal Reserve. All money in transit MUST go through the Federal Reserve first. In order for us to get our DD on Friday the 22nd, for example, it will need to be processed and sent by Tuesday the 19th at the latest. I am an accountant, and I deal with this type of stuff all the time. It is the same methods for DD of payroll, ACH, and direct debit.
  • I understand what you are saying, but I know two people that got DD dates on Saturdays.  Most banks do not process then either.
    Your scenario sounds like it goes through a comptroller, which with what people have been getting this year, does not seem to be the case.

    I dunno, but I am finding it hard to believe they need a 4 day lead time to get a deposit in to my account.

    I am in payroll, and I can make a correction on someones paycheck, and have it ran by end of day if need be, via DD.
  • I just got off the phone in length with an IRS agent...she has no idea what an ERROR RESOLUTION DEPARTMENT is, however she said that by the end of this week many should have their return at least processed.  I am an early filer as well and she said it did not matter the date you filed, because no returns were going to be processed until the 14th.  She said there system updates standard around midnight and not to expect any changes until next week.
  • In other words....the story changes depending on which IRS again you speak with..... I would almost laugh if I didn't want to cry.
  • pretty much...but if you look all the other filers got processed pretty quick...so hop on the band wagon and pray that they process them quickly and we all receive our refunds next week...because evidently there is not one story they are all sticking too!
  • I have said it once, will say it again... you can call 10 times a day, and get 10 different answers...  Those reps are just call center reps.. they have limited knowledge.  I would take what an advocate had to say over their word anyday.
  • But we are in process. So that makes no sense. I believe the topic person who started this form is right it makes sense if the irs wasn't accepting anything until the 30th how did we get accept so early... So they messed up and dont wanna admit it..Also the irs agent could just be saving face.
  • So true...so true. Makes you wonder why they even take our phone calls..lol
  • I believe what the guy told me, it's not just me that I had been told this. it's all over the TT forum. I think you just got someone stupid because 90% of the IRS agents are stupid, rude and do not care. I'm not going to worry anymore, there's the info take it or continue to stress yourselves out some more. We will all find out who was telling the truth next and until then, I'm going to have a wonderful stress free weekend and I wish you all the same. :)
  • @lcochran3 so they can get paid haha lol. I wonder do the irs have there money?
  • agreed you all have a great weekend and may a BIG SURPRISE land in every persons account!
  • labella I hope so that would be wonderful! thank you.
  • well i live in orlando so disney says all yours dreams come true!!!  so hopefully that plays out for everyone on here...cuz its all a big mess~
  • Me too! I'm going with clbpro... Have a great weekend and hope to hear good news the first part of the week!
  • so do you think it's possible that I got a review letter because of getting put into the "error resolution" pile? I didn't get a message on wmr saying I was being reviewed, still says processing.  And my letter was very generic.  Anyone else get a letter?
  • No letter here, and dont want one.  Been through enough the last two years with the Ex incorrectly claiming dependents.
  • @clbpro thank you now it is being to make sense.  Hopefully we will all have a DD next week it will be a blessing, thank you again.
  • Yeah no letter here either! And same as above.... don't want one! I too have been through the whole ex claiming when he has NO RIGHT to ever claim my son! ugh.... very frustruating! I am just hoping the above thing is how it is and that's why we haven't gotten ours yet... Hoping all will be fine by this time next week... (actually even sooner would be awesome)! When did you file Jesseca1? When did you get the letter? Did it say to call them?
  • http://www.frbservices.org/holidayschedules/2013_presidents_day.html

    @Fourkidstofeed - I will call you a liar, since you claim that you can process payroll and have it ACH into someones account the same day. If you really work in payroll, then you know that is a lie. Oh and BTW, this is not my thread. You have very ignorantly shown your low intelligence by posting on my (1, only, single) thread...for this tax season, that you "posted on my other thread". I clearly did not start this one.
  • Wow rage much?   Go find other "internet offenses" to right...  as this is clearly one you are mistaken on.  You are speaking of cash and coin ordering, has nothing to do with ACH or DD transactions.  I know what I am talking about, I have done it.   

    So according to you, I should not be able to go to my local supermarket today use my check, which they run as an ACH and their is NO WAY it would show up same day?  

    Anyways, I never called you names, but seems that is how it is with your end of it.  Good Day.
  • Why does waiting on a refund being out the worst in some of us. Chill out and take it easy.  It will work out but meanwhile there is no need to call liars and all of that nonsense. It's not that serious.
  • laniduran get off my thread, no one wants your negativity here. Go start your own. Any more posts like that and I will flag them just like I have done yours. I don't make threads to start stupid internet fights. Go somewhere else. If anyone else wants to be negative and start fights you can leave also. I will not tolerate negativity on my threads. We are here to help each other not hurt.
  • Hmm, well I cant get either one of our SSN's to pull up anything on the WMR site.  I might try the phone line in a bit.
  • I filed 1/20, accepted 1/25. Letter dated 2/1. Doesn't say to call. Just says to call if I don't get a refund in 60 days.
  • The problem is when you speak to two different reps one being a temp and one a perm. employee.. makes all the difference in the world. You have temps throwing innocent returns and refunds into hold and under review because they don't know the answers and won't research the account at all.  So this is why so many people are getting different answers.
  • Jesseca1.... I filed on 1/17, accepted on 1/23 .... Have been watching the damn WMR site for a couple weeks now... I e-filed too! Now todays letter says that my return will be mailed to me within the next 3-4 weeks! WTH??? I called and got someone in Fresno. She didn't seem to know why I got that since I did  e-file, but said now that I have that and it is from them (iRS) then I will be getting a refund 4 weeks after the 25th of Feb?!? OMG... Ready to just throw in the towel... What a hot mess!!! I am soooo pissed I went with TT this time... I have always gone with them, but this year seems to be a total mess for all?!? Nvr again!  It now says on the TT site that my filing had been succeeded to state and federal???? Sooooo confused and sad! :(
  • I just read that a tax act 8863 customer was accepted 1/25 and received her DD yesterday. This may be a TT thing.
  • Well see below in this page, a transcript was able to be ordered... so we do have movement..  an end does appear to be in sight.
  • I see this is great news! See I knew that guy was telling me the truth! I feel even better now than I did earlier. BTW my cousin works for her Dad who is a CPA and herself works at the Federal Reserve told me that this whole situation was supposed to be fixed this past Tuesday with the forms and now they are saying they will all be cleared out by Next Tuesday and that the system is the one that processes our returns, not so much humans so the computers will continue to run!
  • Yep!  its all ones and zeros :)    automation at its finest...    I think we all can see the end is near in all of this.. I sure will rest even more once I can order a transcript or see a DD date soon.  I am holding off til at least Tuesday before I get antsy to call.
  • What's all ones and zeros?
  • In the computer world, everything is just ones and zeros.
  • Well there's not much anyone can do I know from talking to the via you can get 50 answers from 50 people and that's government so I won't be trying to talk to the IRS to get 60 more answers than you guys already got let's just keep our fingers eyes and legs crossed we know something early next week cuz it is quite annoying that people who got accepted before us are getting their did before us
  • And we have another post almost just like mine the link is here. I'm not the only one being told this. https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1676268-8863-filers-news?jump_to=comment_2951963

        42 minutes ago

    Went to local IRS office yesterday. Another bigger issue I needed to address.
    But....since I was there:
    Took her over ten ten minutes to find my taxes, all the while asking if I was sure I filed and they had them? I was scared! When I showed her the WMR status on my phone, there must be something there we don't know about, she looked at it, took the phone and looked closer, then stated "let me try something else." Then found forms, asked if it looked like mine after verifying my DL. She stated, "it's in the errors department,". Lectured a second about filing early. I didn't know we weren't supposed to? But said nothing. She said "the ones that filed early with this form were what started the hold!" Guess cause there was no system to process that form? She said we were all sent there, and then they lost us! Omg, seriously??? Explains the rude IRS rep stating the IRS doesn't have any of our returns last week. She said since the 14th they've been working 24 hours to expedite release dates on these.
    Tip I'll remember: she stated the returns that are received before opening are the ones that they review. This year, 8863 forms in early created a mass error that prompted them announcing a hold. Normally, at best, early filers will usually get their returns around the same time as people who waited. At worst, and usually, they'll be held up longer that if you waited.
    Best times to file are the first week of opening and the first week of march. Turnaround averages four days.
    Since I, like you, have been scouring the net for the last two weeks, I do remember that when first deposits started showing up on the blogs, they were a few days turnaround that first week.
    Saw another post yesterday from another that stated basically the same thing when he talked to his local IRS.
    Oh, one more thing. I didn't push the issue, but I'm pretty sure I know what this is: " she said I'm on day 13, and they have 32 days to complete. All early filers accept dates are the 29th or 30th regardless. 29 to yesterday isn't 13 days, and I've never heard 31?
    I'm sure that's the errors department window and day one is day I got there.
    Of course standard ....doesn't take the full time.... I'm not hiding my breath. At least not this year
  • I was told last called 9 days ago, that error resolutions has 35 days to complete what's needed to be done. Don't know what happens come day 36 though?
  • i was just on the phone with a douche bag from the irs and he told me supposably it was because of that stupid cliff that they had to push our 8863 date back...when i asked him why on his webpage it says it was a programming glitch he said he didnt know and i needed to check the WMR to find out where my refund was I logged into WMR to tell him exactly what it said and he hung up on me...so now im back on hold for another 30 minutes of my life that i'll never get back...ill let everyone know what i get
  • Do you believe that we are genuinely "lost" or are they trying buy more time? I want to believe, but this government and the people that run it are so corrupt, I hesitate to.
  • i dont know sabre whether we are lost or they're buying time all i do know is after this i think im going to advocate for a law against that many stupid people in one office
  • Thanks navy, I'm eager to get some answers but I've called so much with bs responses, I've about given up
  • Lol
  • she was really nice to me and she said they were never told there was testing she doesn't know about that, but that she cant pull my account up until its 21 days after my acceptance date which she said will be Tuesday. She said she hasn't heard anything about our refunds being in an error resolution center and hasnt heard anything about the refunds being halted...she said she doesnt know why we were accepted early, but because we were our acceptance date starts the 21 days...im going to see if i cant find a local irs branch and call them ill let you know
  • scratch that i will call monday all of them are closed saturday and sunday
  • shesh i just realized its been past 21 days my 21 day would have been yesterday....ugh think ill be back on the phone
  • Sounds like she playing nice and dumb. They have become like us all.. Lol.. Do anything to get us off phone just like we'll do anything to get answer.. Lol
  • I agree with you, I'm waiting until next week like you said, and try not to worry about  it, but I do thank you for the enlightfull information
  • I'm in hopes that this all becomes behind us after this week to come. As hard as it is, just have keep telling myself that we're almost through this...
  • well now i spoke to someone else and they once again hung up on me when i asked why people who filed after me were getting dds and i wasnt she said the 21 days didnt start until yesterday i was going to call back and speak with a supervisor but now theyre supposably closed go figure
  • We are not lost anymore. We were but now we are found.
  • ha yeah right im still freaking lost
  • What u mean clbpro? We back up and running in system?
  • oh TT decided to chime in. Bunch of lies for the early acceptance filers.     TurboTaxChristopherT, Tax Expert, Social Media Team
        21 minutes ago

    The problem was with the IRS, not TurboTax, and has been resolved.

    Please be aware that your return may remain in "Pending" status for another 24-72 hours after February 14, as the IRS works through the backlog of stockpiled returns. Also, if your federal return is being held, your state return may also be delayed. Some state tax authorities require that the federal return is accepted before they can start processing.

    More information is available at this link:

  • Hopefully... Mentally draining and beyond sick of irs and TT
  • Sabrescup I don't know if we are back up and running in the system, all I know is that we are in the correction part of the Error Resolution department. While they work 24-7 to fix the mistake caused by TT. I hope it's fixed soon.
  • LOL I see you saw the "hornets nest" I stirred asking TT to follow through and speak to us early accepted filers... he gave that canned response, and on one thread threatened to ban me... whatever..  its your business, going down the drain, even the IRS says most of their issues are with TT filers.

    UHHHG   this nightmare just never ends.
  • And if you read that link.. its contradicts itself, saying if you were accepted early, not to do anything, they will communicate when the transmit your return///////////  HUH?  which is it, accepted or held to be transmitted later..... how would WMR have my information if it still needed transmitted?
  • I just got off the phone with a TT representative and she said the same thing you posted she was a sweetheart and she said not to expect anything new until probably the 19th because of the weekend and holiday. She said she's not sure if they'll be working on the refunds during the holiday or the weekends but not to get your hopes up until the 19th.
  • Curious, did she seem knowledgeable of the early accepted 8863 form filers?  
    Thank you for the update and information.
  • Really? Did you pm you or said it on the thread? I would love for him to threaten to ban me from here, I've already taken screen shots for my lawsuit!
  • Isn't it Ironic that TT is blaming the IRS and the IRS is blaming them, and the people are blaming the Fiscal, TT, IRS, Obama, and yes I've even seen someone blame their mother. Ridiculous! IF they would just all tell the truth to begin with there would be less frustrated people!
  • Lol.. I've just bout blown up on every arrogant person looking to start crap and used bout every word in dictionary on here and not threatened be banned.. No sweat.. Lol..
  • Their mother?!?! Seriously... Lol
  • Yeah tensions are high but I already knew not expect anything until at least next week, it's kind of hard when I'm watching people complain about waiting 6 freaking days and here I am I've been sitting here for 25 days waiting and they are getting DD and I'm getting nothing. It's hard to not get upset and unleash your anger somewhere, I truly think that our anger should be directed at the those that are directly responsible for our returns and NOT EACH OTHER. Direct your anger at the proper authorities because lord knows we can't jump through the computer and choke each other, especially when we are all in the same boat.
  • Here here to that. I'm not religious person, but remember growing up and visiting my now late grandparents and reading his poem on wall, short and sweet but very much so applies to life.

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference.
  • My favorite saying of all time. I have it posted in my office.
  • She seemed like she knew what she was talking about. She was very nice and she did say she knew i was accepted on the 25th but because the irs [pushed the date back my federal got put on hold and released yesterday. She said the best she can do since she doesn't have access to the IRS database is to wait. She said that the irs is telling people that filed the 8863 that we need to wait 24-72 hours before we see any changes at all, but like she said she doesn't know if there will be a change on Sunday or Monday....Monday because of the holiday....So she said the best thing to do is to not get our hopes up until Tuesday that we will learn any new information. The system is about to update here in a few so I'm just going to cross my eye balls, legs, toes, fingers, and any other piece of my body that i can possibly cross that some time of information is available.
  • Thanks for sharing.  When does the system update?
  • Highly doubt tonight will be the night, but seeing that is a very long wmr update night, good luck and let's hope for the best!!!
  • Lol
  • if im not mistaken in a few mins i think its 8 my time which is eastern but im not 100% sure...im waiting though
  • @navywife, what are you waiting for
  • Is anyone from new jersey
  • for the wmr to update its actually 9 i guess im from ny
  • Thank you
  • IM in Ga and IM having same problem but I received my state just not federal....mine got accepted early bad well I was wondering what happened....
  • From what I have seen on this site, and in my own experience it all just depends on the state.  My Ohio return went through fine last month, but I am still waiting on the federal.
  • @clbpro Wow, thank you so much for this information I am in Florida and still waiting.  I wish I had the info you were giving so that next year I will be doing things very different again thanks.
  • Have you heard any new news yet about the DD date
  • there's still nothing they are saying anyone who filed before they opened the 8863 are in the errors resolution department and have to be overlooked by someone and be pushed out before they can process them
  • Nothing yet I think I'm going to walk in the local IRS Dallas office today. This is ridiculous! Just more lies. I know that's lots got DD on Sunday and Monday but a big bulk of us are still sitting waiting!
  • My sister was accepted on the 26th.. no DD...nothing on the WMR.. and noting on the refund transcript....
  • Did you get anything different saying when we could expect it?  I am in the same boat as you are, just checked this morning and got the same, being processed and they will let us know when to expect it when they get a date.....  I am so discourged.. need my refund
  • I'm back on the phone with the Advocates, 15 minute wait lol. Then I will get an idiot who I will have to force to transfer me to an actual person who hopefully will help me.
  • Ok So I called them back and this time I was not transferred to another agent, the lady looked me up and said that I have a code and it's Code "System Problem". "Unworkable Suspense" Found here >> http://www.irs.gov/irm/part3/irm_03-012-038r-cont01.html

    Didn't get a chance to read it all but basically I have been in Error Resolutions for 16 days! and yes I can get a tax advocate but in the end it will still take as long as YES 21 MORE DAYS FROM THE 14TH TO FIX. It was nothing we did  but because TT sent the return through early after saying they were going to hold them, and it's not just them she said a lot of tax preparers even independent preparers sent returns in early, She said in no way does the IRS ever pick up returns on a server, all returns are sent to them. PERIOD. So yes TT did send it through too early and never should have.

    She said what the other agent said that we were lost and now found sitting on someone's desk (Mine is at Joe Shit the Rag man's desk in Austin, TX) waiting to be pulled and fixed.

     Joe must be really overwhelmed or he takes a lot of breaks during the day to avoid dealing with my return. She said I do not need to provide any information and Additional Action is being taken.

    So I should have a return by 3/8 at the latest. So wonderful to hear. I could send in my disconnect electric bill but I think I will just woman up and pay my bill by other means and not get them involved at this point I do not think it will speed things up if anything it will probably piss Joe off and cause me to be put to the back of the file and Lord knows he probably already has so much work to do.

    Lastly she told me that the IRS updates the system once a week and that's why it shuts down Saturday and the update is posted to the system on Monday. Of course she could be saying that so we will stop flooding the irs web site crashing it, Lord knows they aren't using our tax dollars to prevent a domain crash.

    Joe could get off his ass any minute and process my return so I could get it today who knows but for now there is nothing I can do but NEVER EVER FILE EARLY and never ever use turbo tax.

    So that's it. I'm an avid Law of Attraction follower and it has done amazing things for me,the one thing they always tell you is that when you focus on and talk about what you do not want then you get just that. For weeks I have been negative, sometimes rude, and I have taken my anger out on others. I don't plan on doing that anymore. I could stay around here for another 4 weeks but talking about not getting my return is not going to get my return. I am going to focus on what I am going to do with the money and pretend it's already there and I don't need to touch the money and soon my return will come. Sooner than March for sure. I wish everyone luck and I hope that everyone gets an update soon! God Bless and try to stay positive!
  • That's really weird and ridiculous that you guys have to wait that long....so.... TT did not send my return ahead of time.  I filed on the 1/30 and they held it in their system until the 14th and the IRS accepted it on the 14th.  Does that mean that my return is in this same category or did it go thru correctly?  i hate to call and sit on hold for forever with these fruitcakes....uh...so frustrating. I wonder if those not sitting in the "error file" will be processed as normal?? Maybe I'll get my refund next week??? I hope....
    as far as the updates, I think they really are updated daily because last week Sunday my daughters return was pending and then Monday morning her DD date was posted and then Tuesday of that same week my parents DD date was posted.
  • What I wrote only applies to anyone who filed before 1/28 and was pushed through by TT or any other preparer. Joe could get off his @ss today and fix my return and so could any one else with an IRS agent who has been sitting in the pile. So anything could happen at this point. But one thing is for sure, you're return is probably safe. Ours wasn't and it was definitely sent in and accepted by the IRS in my case on 1/24. And Yes I believe that she was lying about the IRS updating only once a week. My daughter got her refund on a Monday two weeks ago, maybe she meant that's when they send funds? On Monday, didn't make sense because the site is supposed to be down every night at that time even Sunday.
  • Thank you... Seems my assume my ddd is 3/7 is gonna pay off. I've given up on calling and accelted that i cant help speed it up and Clbpro, thanks... I'm with you. I'm keep going as planned setting up n planning my trip n deal with anything further 2nd week of march if need be... GL.. We're around the corner.
  • Thanks for the great info were all in this for the long haul hopefully they start picking up the pace and have some closure for us starting from next week. I am just going to wait to receive a text from my bank that a deposit was made. You all have a been a great support system to all of us here!
  • I filed 2/8 and was accepted 2/14 with an education credit. Mine is still proccessing, but TT says the estimated DDD is By or Before March 7th, so hopefully that is still the case since I am planning for a trip on March 8th! I will keep everyone posted with what my bar says on wmr.
  • I filed on 1/30 and was accepted 2/14 with my education credit too.  Mine also says pending on WMR.  where on TT did you see an estimated DDD?  My front page says simply "accepted" and doesn't offer any other information.  Where would I see that?
  • I use the TT app on my iphone (they have it for andriod too) and it tells you that way. Or you can go to the VERY first email TT sent you saying that they received your tax return and they provide you with a link that way.
  • It is usually 21 days from the 14, so the 7th is when most 8863 education credit filers can expect to receive their refund. And according to TT 0% of educational credit filers have received their refund.
  • Just To Let U All Know I Finally Got Dd In The Bank Today It Only Took Iver A Monthg Good Luck To Everyone I Had Form 8863
  • Thank you for this answer. Best reply I have seen yet.  But sure am irritated with TT right about now...
Thank You so much for the info. I'm in the same boat! I filed on the 17th as well!!
  • cibpro.... you have NO IDEA how much better I can rest now... I too am in the same boat... TT said mine was accepted on 1/24 put still wouldn't begin processing until the 30th per IRS... I must be stuck in that same damn batch.... At least I can enjoy my long weekend ahead knowing that something may happen on MOnday or Tuesday of next week.... This has been sooooo stressful! I have been checking that WMR deal all the time... I will now refrain and try to step away from the damn mouse and enjoy my weekend ahead! lol... I just couldn't for the life of me figure out what was taking soooo long when other friends received theirs in like 8 days... (filing on the 30th or so)... Wouldn't ya know I would be stuck in the error pile... ugh~! Again.... THANK YOU!!!!!!
  • I know I feel so much better, at least I won't be on here every 5 minutes and I will enjoy some actual time doing constructive things. Everyone just try and enjoy your weekend. At least we know what happened now and that we are not still lost in the system. I'm grateful for that! That's all any of us really wanted anyway was answers.
  • I'd like to be normal again. But the logic in my brain wonders if all offices have figured this out yet?  Oh well, I will stick to my plan to not worry until Tuesday if nothing has changed then
  • I do wonder, those of us that had the WMR message change this week, if that was something to do with this ?
  • I suspect that is when they figured out we were stuck in Error resolution because he said it wasn't that long ago they figured out we were in there, and I heard earlier in the week on another thread they were in a meeting over us being thrown in there and they are aware of it. I ignored it because I didn't want to believe it. But straight from the horses mouth it's true.
  • @clbpro... I am also a student (grad school), and I was able to file my renewal fafsa on Jan 10th 2013. I know exactly why you are stressed, because if you don't get it filed in time, than you can lose grants, work study, loans, and scholarships. The only thing they required was for me to go back and put in my AJI.. My fafsa has already been processed. So, I would say it wouldn't hurt to try.

    Dear LANI,

    Congratulations, your FAFSA was processed successfully.

    Login to find out what you need to do:

    If you can't select the link, copy the entire link and paste it into the address or location line of your Web browser.  Make sure you copy and paste the entire link, as it may appear on multiple lines.

    Estimated 2012 Income
    You indicated you will file a 2012 tax return and provided estimated income information when you submitted your FAFSA.  After you file your 2012 taxes, return to www.fafsa.gov and update your income information to reflect the information on your tax return.  You may be eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer your tax return information into the FAFSA.

    Visit www.fafsa.gov and click the "Help" icon on the FAFSA home page.

    Thank You,

    U.S. Department of Education
    Federal Student Aid
  • I know I can add it in later but you don't know my school they are as messed up as the IRS. If you don't get your irs forms to them then you get lost and they don't do their job. I'm not gonna stress over it too much. I only have a semester left before I transfer to a University. Usually we end up waiting around forever and they hold our loan money and book money until sometimes weeks after class starts. It's a big nightmare.
  • Most junior and two-year schools are like that. Once you hit a University, you will get your money a week or two before the semester starts.
  • incorrect @ mrs.delux. I attend a VERY good university...Northwestern State University in Louisiana. We do NOT receive any funds BEFORE the semester. We ONLY get financial aid, loans, grants etc, AFTER the first couple weeks. This gives time for anyone looking to drop their classes, to drop, allowing time for their aid to be adjusted. You won't see your financial aid until a few days after the last day top drop classes per your schools schedule.
  • It really depends on the school. Every school I've ever attended or currently attend (undergrad, grad and law) sent money before the term started. Every school my spouse ever attended or currently attends processed it after the drop deadline. I could be wrong but it seems school specific - didn't matter if 2 or 4 year or grad program.
  • My wife and i get FA disbursements beginning and middle of semester. Stipends based on eligibility (passing grade, not behind in work) at weeks 7 and 14 of semester.
  • Krick is right... Our money comes the Friday before classes start and is dd into our account.  So yes this is entirely possible
  • Not for me, I've never had money before classes start not in my over 2 years of going to school. Our FA department is messed up worse than the IRS.
  • Finally woke up this morning and got a dd of the 27th
    Accepted 1/24
Lets hope this guy you spoke to, gets the information out to all the offices, so that they are all on the "same page" and gets us all out of the dungeon, and back into processing ! 

  • Agree!!!! I sure hope all offices have figured this out by now.... :(
Well I think we have all concluded that it will be Monday-Tuesday before we see any changes.  But it's depressing seeing that we all got our hopes up for the 15th.  An IRS women said and I quote " you will see a direct deposit day on the 15th, if you don't call us back by the 18th" lies lies lies.  I hope for their sakes money-Tuesday people see some changes or else they will be flooded with countless angry people lol
  • I don't care if its my cats number 2 she just put in her litter box's fault  I WANT MY MONEY!!!! End of story!  That is all we want!!!!!
  • Thanks @sweet I needed that laugh!!
  • I know right! All the time waisted on this forum!  My husband says he will be glad when I stop the OCD haha! Some of us just like to be in "the know" it looks crazy for sure... I am not usually this crazy about stuff
  • No reason anyone shouldn't be crazy about. We should know the status of something that belongs to us.
I am an 8863er and unless I hit the wrong year; I was able to order a transcript for 2012 a few minutes ago!

EDIT: I did hit the right year.

"A Tax Return Transcript for 2012 has already been ordered within the last two weeks. A transcript takes 5-10 days to be processed and delivered.

If you did not order this transcript, or you believe it has been more than 10 business days since you ordered it, please contact us at 800-829-1040.

If you need more than one copy of your transcript you are allowed to make copies for your personal records."

  • Were you an early filer, that was accepted before the 28th?
  • I filed on 1/7 and was accepted on 1/25.
  • That is awesome.   Had you called the IRS during all of this wait?    I am just curious as we filed 1-10 and were also accepted on the 24th
  • Never called once, I figured that reading all these threads on the matter would suffice.
  • I called once, when the WMR and phone line had no record of our filing, that was about a week ago.  But other than that, we have left it be....  Boy I sure hope we can order ours soon, or have a DD date soon... this is so good to hear !
  • I will say, for the record, that WMR is still down for me, and like a lot of others my refund amount disappeared this morning after I checked. So I can't give any DD or anything.
  • Ya, our WMR has been unavailable as well all afternoon and still.  The phone line though still says the same "return is still processing, date will be given when available"
  • This is great news! See guys something is happening. What State are you in? I just tried to order mine and no go :( I wonder if there is a certain why you are supposed to put a condo number in when doing the address?
  • And hey have you ever tried to order them before? How many times did you try today before you were able?
  • actually if you enter the address incorrectly it will alert you when you try to order.
  • I am in Ohio, and I had to order them middle of last year for FAFSA reasons. I had tried a few times the past three days to see if anything was going on, but was never successful.

    (Just because I know someone will ask: My State refund has been done, and deposited to me already.)
  • lol No state taxes here, did you ever try today at all or just yesterday? Sorry for all the questions. I am very happy for you, this is very good news! :)
  • I tried today once after I woke up, and then I tried a couple of times at work, and had nothing come up that I could order them.
  • Same for me though, Iowa taxes done , and refund already received.
  • So you tried 3 times today?
  • I think that's be about right, I don't have a solid number. Haha.
  • oh ok that's good news, I also have tried probably 4 times today lol. This is really good news! Did you check WMR to see if it had changed? Most of us have the generic we received your refund and will give you a dd when available. That changed for me 3 days ago or four almost now. Our bars disappeared also.
  • No change on WMR for me; I can't even access the WMR site and its been like that since this morning. (By not access I mean it's saying they can't find my tax return info)
  • I just got that message a few minutes ago, phone hotline says same ole message!
  • Anybody?
  • WMR just changed to the no bar message, with dd will be given when available
  • Mine did too...what does this mean
  • this is getting so frustrating, mine has been on the first orange status bar for weeks now, its completely gone and says this

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    IRS Privacy Policy

    AAAAH!!! going insane
  • Are you guys early filers? Mine has been saying that 4 days today. To me it means nothing lol I have had that message for a while.
  • Had that since Monday... Sucks
  • I'm just getting the education credit cause I'm disabled; My Glasses broke on me Thursday Morning and i need the refund to get a new pair; The IRS needs to get their Heads from up Obama's ass and get to work
  • Yep I'm an early filer. Accepted on the 26
  • yea I was accepted on the 26th so this is the first change since then....I am quite sure its there way of telling me that I will in fact NOT be getting my refund 21 days from the date the recieved my return!
  • Well past that 21 day mark
  • Ricky, I got two pairs of prescription glasses from this company for $16 dollars with shipping. Came with a case and cloth. They are very cheap, but very good glasses, better than any I have paid $200 for. You don't need your prescription (as in you don't have to turn it into them) but you will need it to enter the numbers for the strength.
    My Father spent over $400 bucks on some stupid bifocal trifocal bs glasses and he could have ordered them at this company for like $50 bucks.idk some people just like to waste money.

    Here's the link


    It took like 11 days to ship to me, the glasses them selves were $6 bucks each. Oh and make sure you have that thing for your eye width. You usually get that when you are fitted for glasses. GL.

    Jodie I am 1/24 and this is the 4th day for the message. Things will start to change Monday. We already have one who was able to get transcripts tonight.
  • @clbpro; I would do that but the problem is I don't have the funds; that is why I'm waiting on the refund plus I'm going to a place that has an instore Lab so i won't have to wait several days
  • this is the first time my status has changed   and it changed to
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    with tax topic  152       I was accepted 1/28
  • I was just able to order my transcript...is this good?
  • Just checked WMR and the same message is there, gosh I am so sick of this shit, had anyone who is an early flier with an education credit gotten  a DD yet.  OMG this is crazy!!!!!!
  • I just saw this on another forum...there is hope!

  • glimmer of hope a reall ddd was given in another 8863 forum and i checked my transcripts and i was able to order them the ddd date for the the lady was feb 21 she said she was accepted on the 23rd i was accepted on the 24th and today is the 1st day i can order transcripts so im hoping ddd for tomorrow
  • Nice. Please update us and let us know. :-)
  • I got accepted on the 25th and I got a DD for Feb. 19
    with for 8863, thanks and goodluck to all.. Ballin soon, finally.
  • I agree... We just have to keep trying to be positive even if its hard too.  And everyday is a new chance we may be a few grand richer lol
  • @southsideharpers did you just get a DDD? On another thread you didn't have a date. Congrats!!! Hope something happens here soon
  • Hey guys go on your Facebook and type in club 8863... Read some of the recent posts.  Sounds like now they are telling people who call in we should all have our money around the 20th and the WMr won't update until Sunday/Monday.  This is just more confirmation of what everyone has been posting today!
  • Hope all are right
  • its Monday and still same ol WMR   accepted 1-25    and still waiting..
  • you and me both im going to get my son ready for school and call them a lie my ass off saying i have a reference code so they pull my account up and give me some damn information
  • Me too no change! I am getting really kind of pissed. I have used TT for the last five years and I have never had a problem and so I believe that the problem lies with the Feds. I need this money for all of the bills that I have and I am trying not to get garnished. This is soooo totally messed up. If anyone sees a difference on their status please let us know. Are they working today>?
  • I am getting more and more frustrated, as well as pissed off about this whole mess.  Without this refund, things are going to get more than tight around here, and I really just dont know what to do.  I'd love to be able to call them up and say take that dam form off there...  or even to know we were actually processing and not just sitting error coded and have not been found yet.   I sure hope something happens by tomorrow morning as I already plan to call if no change, as come tomorrow, my 21 days are up.
  • Im with you guys! I am so frustrated I just want to yell! Just tell us something already!
  • I just wish they would get there crap together give one damn straight answer instead of a 100 different ones. I rather have them say its gonna be another month then throw this date out and another and im sorry im getting pissed that im seeing people who filed way after alot of us get dd dates before us I feel like ours where thrown out and will take forever to get to them. Sorry had to vent been a long month.
  • They are open today
  • thats what is pissing me off miami i just saw someone who filed yesterday get a dd date and i filed 1-25 and still have nothing not cool at all
  • Still same navy!! Sucks
  • look at the very bottom sabres i got some pretty good info
  • Damn! I was accepted on the 24th and I don't have a DD YET? It does say however from now till the 19th but that is not a fur sure thing.
  • its not its an estimate...most of us are stuck in the error resolution department so we have to get out of that line first then we can get processed
I agree!!!! The problem is we will never know who's fault it is.  And even if we did there is not a thing we can do about it.  Just like other things in this country, people do not have any consequences for their actions.
    I may have some good news...iI e-filed my taxes thru TT (EIC and 8863) on 1/18/13..accepted by irs 1/25/13, had nothing for about a week after that..first got the 21 day mssge., then orange bar saying accepted for about 2 days and since then "processing..will give DD wnen available..."  TT had my projected DD on or before 2/19. so i called irs today spoke with a very nice lady..told her I was past my 21 day window(I didn't mention 8863), she pulled me up and said my form had been in errorr dep but she couldn't say why. she said it just got out of error dep today and is back into processing! I asked if it was gonna be 21 days from today  until I recieve a refund..she said most likely not..but possible., she said to check WMR tomorrow and daily to see if I get a DDD.

    So people have Faith! Things maybe progressing yet.
    • Its coming...8853 and DD 2-27 . Saw that today on my Android app
    • Did you actually get your refund today???
      I just got off the phone with a dumbass at the IRS and she says that my return, that was accepted by them on 2/14, didn't begin processing until 2/18 because of a "random selection for review" and so now my refund is pushed back even further.....I swear, the IRS is the worst!!!!!  and this is just a taste of what's to come in future years with all these new stupid policies going into place....They're so easy to take, take, take but when it's their turn to give it back, they look for every excuse not to!!!!!! Give me my damn refund already!
    File 1/17
    Accepted on 1/25
    Finally able to Order Transcripts Yesterday 2/21

    And today:

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 26, 2013.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by March 3, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    • Thanks wkhan13!
    • That's awesome wkhan13!....I waited until 1/30/13 to file like they said and it wasn't accepted until 2/14....hopefully they are working on those now too.....seems like depositing more than twice a week now.  Someone else had a DDD of 2/25 and now 2/26 is opening up too....that's awesome...keep the money coming IRS....
    • i have the exact same situation. filed 1/23 accepted 1/26. was able to order transcripts just yesterday. woke up today and i have a ddd of 2/26. i did a friends taxes throught freetaxusa.com on the 10th of january, she was accepted the 24th, she now has a ddd of 2/26 also. we both have the 8863 formm :)
    • Faith!!
    • I was able to order my transcripts this morning and I have a DD of 2/27! Yay! They're processing 8863 filers pretty fast now!
    • I hope they start moving faster!!! LOL...and it looks like now they're depositing every day....there's people with the 25th, the 26th and now the 27th....that will move things along faster for sure!!! I hope they start working on those of us that filed on the 30th but not accepted until the 14th....
    • DD 2/26 this morning on WMR but I was already told yesterday by an agent.
    • Yeah how bout moving faster for those of us accepted before 1/30 .... I've been waiting since 1/24 ...still stating im processing
    • We have been waiting for so long! We're finally getting DD dates! It seems like they're getting us out of the way!
    • I filed on 1/18 and was accepted early (1/25). I had a 8863 and EIC. I was able to order transcripts on 2/21 (yesterday) and TODAY I HAVE A DDD OF 2/26!! My refund has been finally given a parole date!! Thanks for all who listened and shared their experiences. Venting does help. I hope you all get some  good news soon.
    • I was accepted before the 30th. It's alot of people who were accepted before the 30th and are getting DD dates. It's coming. It might be already processed :-)
    • yup, i was accepted 1/26, my friend was accepted 1/24, we both have ddd of 2/26 this morning. so lad i finally have a day to look forward to, to take care of business! this money is coming just in time to pay my insurance on the 28th!!
    • Now lets see how long they take to deposit it. I hear some have recieved theirs a day early and some have gotten theirs the day of the DDD given by the IRS! I hope mines comes early like sent today or tomorrow :)  I too have a DDD of 2/26!
    • I was accepted on Jan. 26th, I have the education credit (8863). I finally got to order transcripts on Feb. 22. Today I got a DD of Feb. 27th. I thought i should share the good news with everyone.. Finally some answers and a date to when i should get my money. I am hoping everyone would get theirs. I wish everyone the best of luck. I will keep ya'll updated when it's actually deposited into my account. I got my state on Feb. 12th.I thought it was really weird that i got that before the federal. Did anyone else have the same issue?
    • I did as well Erica
    • I'm just glad that we are finally getting some peace.. I'm hoping others are getting their dd's also. We all have been waiting and waiting. Congrats to u also. I can finally put a date on my twins birthday party. Yay. I will keep everyone updated when the money finally hits my back account.. Good luck to everyone. :)
    • Did you actually get your refund today???
    Is that nationwide or just texas? I know the education credit were process yesterday I'm included in that so is the education credit also in that batch of errors?
    • copied and pasted from the OP
    • I don't think it matters what State you're in, if you filed early through TT and got batched through before 2/28 then you're in this batch of Error Resolution. I just pray it's fixed like he said, most of us all received the notice on TT that we would receive our refund before 2/19 to 2/20, if they fix this on Monday then that makes sense. I pray it's next week for sure. AT least I can relax for a few days. I'm very blessed to have reached such a nice man. May God Bless him and his family for being honest and so helpful. Not everyone at the IRS is nasty. It really helps to be extremely nice and respectful when calling.
    • its for all those who filed and were accepted by the irs early (prior to 1/28)
    • I agree ^  I just want to talk to him, to talk to someone nice for a change... Thank you again for posting this.
    • Big if you are in the early acceptance 8863 (filed before 2/28 and used TT) you were not processed yesterday because you are stuck in error resolution.
    • I realize that, but they are working out of several different offices, and I know how trying to keep several locations on the same page can be at times.
    • I agree-i received the "should receive money by feb 19th, and I am also in TX) have been patient but this is still great to hear
    • gosh that is good to know..but many filed on 1/30-1/31 and still nothing either. wish i knew what happened to mine....its been 2 weeks and 2 days from filing and no status change no credits either.
    • I'm pretty sure they are all in the same batch no matter what state you are in. That's just my opinion based on him telling me we were all in there if you filed before 2/28. Hope this helps. I'm pretty sure since I called the Dallas, TX advocates that I was batched into the Dallas IRS line, especially since he told me that he went to the same College as I do which is located in Dallas.
    • Thanks clbpro for the info definitely calming there are a lot of people that were put on hold and hopefully we will have some sort of resolution next week!
    • Thank you so much for informing all of us. I can finally stop stalking the wmr and these tt forums. Hope we all find receive a dd soon. :)
    • I filed 1/3 got accept on the 24th but I know I've also done the school credit & I thought that was the hold up! But I hope we all get great news early next week!
    • I filed on 1/18 and accepted 1/28  no education credits   I read on other forums and Facebook  it pertains to early filers that were not in the test batch and was informed by TT that you were accepted early however processing does not start till 1/30   I believe that I  personally fit into  that category  I have had basically the same return for over 20 years   no  kids   never qualified for the EIC    All  I wanted was an explanation ... I hope this is it  I have driven my self nutty trolling the internet for a legit reason.
    • Finally woke up this morning and got a DD of feb. 27 my dad filed on the 14th with my sisters education credits and got DD for the 25th
    I filed on 2/2. They submitted to IRS yesterday or today (2/15), and the IRS acknowledged receipt today (return received). I've got the first bar on the WMR site, within the last hour or so. How long does it take the IRS to get it to the next state (refund approved)?
    • well it could be a while-I've bee on the 1st bar for 19 days now
    • I filed on the 23rd, was accepted on the 26th....
    • Thank you for this info
    • Just curious... He said we may receive and actual deposit of the money next week or just a date of when?
    • Anybody else have the bar in the beginning, and then now it's totally gone away???? I usually have a message that says it is still in process but once in awhile it will say it doesn't recognize the actual return... soooo damn frustruating! ugh
    • @crazy yea I have that too but when you call it says still process that's why I think the topic thread has truth to it. It makes sense
    • He said DD but that we would get a refund before 21 days from the 30th.
    • On the Igotmyrefund site an early accepted 8863er (1/23) posted a snapshot of the irs2go app showing a ddd of 2/21! There is hope for us yet guys! Lets stay positive and hope we start seeing some positive changes soon :)
    • @leelee I saw the same posting maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Lol
    I talked to a rep at IRS today and she said even though returns with 8863 were excepted they have to be excepted all over again and expect a refund with in 21 days from Feb 14th. Nobody at IRS or TT knows what is going on. This is the last year i will use TT. I was excepted early on Jan 25th.
    Yes very true.  And this is something we can not control.  So for the rest of the weekend I am going to try not to stress about all of this.  Unless the IRS pulls one more stupid stunt of course lol and then I can not be held responsible for any ignorance out of my mouth (j/k)
    • Lol
    • So it's 9 eastern, I'm central time so 8 for me?
    • Correct
    • im guessing because i locked my husbands ss out on purpose so i can see what time it will update but its still locked so they havent updated yet i know i usually check when my husband leaves which is 10 so maybe it is 9 my time
    • Ok cool. Thanks.  So when your locked out and they update it lets you back in? Interesting!
    • 9pm EST start, 7am EST. But they can and do start and end late or early.
    • im hoping not though im hoping its done when i check cuz i would really love to know if theres anything new very soon before i go postal on some irs people
    • The IRS people will be on anti anxiety medicine and sue for emotional trauma after all this is over Lol .... We are all sick of waiting
    • yeah theyre going to need some freaking xanax when im done with them if i dont get answers by thursday
    • dont bother anyone it still hasnt updated...*sigh* guess ill try again before i go to bed
    • I just tried to order transcripts. no go. How do you know when it updates?
    • @navy wife thanks not gonna waste my time. Ugh
    • Best bet is try and relax (which I can prob not do myself. Lol) and somehow wait til 8 am tomorrow n most likely have irs crush our hopes again.. Lol. I have no confidence in them at all.. Lol
    • well why would we...this is the second year they did this shit to me and last year i didnt even claim my education benefit
    • This my first year claiming it. Hr block didn't do mine right last year and didnt submit my 1098t, which after this all over with, have to amend to get that credit too.
    • Never would thought this would happened tho
    • I plan on using H&R Block next year cause of TT
    • Just saw on igotmyrefund.com that WMR is down from 9pmEST to 12amEST and again at 3amEST to 6amEST; Can we expect updates from these two updates; YEAH RIGHT
    • Just tried,it is down.
    • is  down at 12:38 am  EST
    • So is the IRS2go app and the hotline. A lot of people must be trying to access it
    • yes   I called the hotline at 11:29 pm  EST  and it was down too
    • I'm not going to check it again until i wake up in the morning;  For when I do get a DDD; It will be a miracle.  I got the Netspend Card so I'll know Via Txt message when its deposited to my account
    • Just checked and it was back up.....no change for me...anyone else?
    • Nada..
    • What date did you file
    • filed 1/24 accepted 1/26....turned to the no bar message yesterday....blah blah blah...sick of waiting!!
    • I filed 1/11. Still nothing
    • sux!
    • Filed 1/19 Accepted 1/25 Possible DDD: When Hell Freezes over; Wait a minute Hell has frozen over; Hell Michigan that is
    • It does!!!
    • still nada on this front *sigh* I feel like I'll be filling 2013 taxes when i get my money for 2012
    • I know..
    • well sabres when all this is said and done were gonna be best friends :P
    • Lol.. We're here til the end it appears..
    • I just wanna have a good night sleep again.. Haven't been able sleep. Worried something wrong and/or being reviewed, did something wrong.. Ugh
    • Hopefully can enjoy some sabres action this afternoon n forget bout life for 3 hours... Sooo bad that this even effects my passions n hobbies... Just want it to end.
    • i dont think we did anything wrong i think the irs did but not us...You should like the 'club 8863' on fb some people are actually getting DD dates BUT (here's the big but) It seems they filed after us and are getting it theres only a few that filed before us that are getting it
    • @sabrescup9286 I'm happy for the others that are getting dates. However, I filed 1/10, rcvd late afternoon 1/23. My status changed last Sunday to still processing, refund will be given blah blah. I just get different answers each time. It would just be nice to have all IRS agents on the same page. I really need this money for my treatments for my newly discovered bone cancer. If I don't get an update Tuesday, I will be calling the Tax advocate. :(
    • I'm sorry to hear synceere, I hope that you may get expedited even it means I or we wait.
      Navy.. I have been watching it, frustrating. I keep hoping but keep getting let down...
    • i think ill be doing the same this is crap and im so annoyed that i cant call the irs and have them pull up my account and talk to me about whats going on that is crap if you call they should pull your account up and tell you whats going on thats your f'in money monday morning they better hope they're not open cuz if they are im going postal ive waited almost a month they shouldnt have accepted us if they knew they werent even going to process refunds until the 30th
    • Thank you so for taking time out of your day to post this, I also filed on 01/17 and was accepted on 01/24. I've been looking for information online about the situation, I really appreciate you taking the time to upload this and it eases my mind that someone is in the same boat. I just want to make sure that my taxes are right. I don't blame TT for this because the IRS found the error in the software after they had accepted us early, but it has been concerning and it made me question if I was under review or if I filed something wrong on the form . Thanks again clbpro you are awesome for this :)
    • Ive called several times. Rudest people you'll meet. Not one has helped me, all refuse to
    • i called 3 times just yesterday but i plan on asking for a supervisor and telling him how i dont appreciate being hung up on twice when im asking a question especially since my tax money pays for these people to have a job and my husband defended their damn freedom next time we go to war we should throw the irs agents on the front line i bet they'll learn some respect
    • I hear that.. Them snooty people just have some smart comment if told them that. Agree fully
    • well im going to say that to the supervisor and let the cards fall how they may...im not an easy person to get rid of if they hang up on me ill call right back my son will be in school so i wont have him running around and my daughter is content if i turn caillou on so ill turn that on and take my cordless around to do housework...not to mention speaker phone...they wont get rid of me easy
    • I hope this gets done.. I got my state ddd of 2/20.. Doesn't help much as state is 1/4 what fed is.. Irs needs get moving... I decided I need take break, booked Wednesday flight to LAX with buddy. Maybe I can just forget bout all this.. Until then, hopefully we get good news.. So fed up with this
    • Navy mom your hillarous ... You sound like me. I said the same thing about being really annoying to the IRS until this gets done.  I really do think come Tuesday things will start picking up.  You know people grow really big balls when they are siting behind a phone.  That is why they feel they can get smart.  No consequences!!
    • yup if we all get on them theyll have to do something
    • Hi everyone, I have been reading everyones post and like a lot of you guys I was accepted on the 25th. My messaged changed last week to the still processing. I thought that the earlier you filed the better it would be but boy was I wrong. I have been checking the IRS website constantly and nothing changed. I just am becoming really teed off. Thanks for starting this thread I needed it! LOL
    • I filled 1-11 was rejected during th first test run for wrong AGI resent on 1-26 and was held til the 14th.... I have the first bar, I did taxes for others and I have several that were accepted on 1-25 and on 1-24 but not one of those have rec'd a DD just the generic message Your tax return is still being processed.

      A refund date will be provided when available.

      Please Note:
      For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    • yup thats me
    • Same since 2/11... No transcripts.. Accepted 1/25
    • Mine is exactly the same
    • i really hope this is true, i have been waiting since 1/23..ugh and i no longer have a  bar it just says processing....im never using turbo tax again.....
    • Its Monday and same old thing here.  I know they are telling people Tuesday but so far it's just been lies so why should we believe them? I was told by an IRS person by the 18th I WOULD see a change with a DD.  I don't even know what any of us can do about this
    • I was just told after hold for 31 mins that we still have to wait 21 days after the 14th Smh what has the it's done wrong or tt I know one thing IM never using turbo tax ever again
    • yeah i lied and said i had a 9001 code and she pulled up my account and just said it was because i put in my social and not my husbands since hes primary she transferred me way too quick before i could get a word out about my account :( back on hold and the hold is greater than 30 mins *sigh*
    • What does error code 9001 mean?
    • im not sure but I did speak with someone who was very nice ok i got it anyone that is filing with TT and is married there is a name problem like my husband's name is shane weed and im savannah pace well its all on the same line so his name is reading shane weed savannah pace instead of two separate lines so the system is kicking it out to the error resolution department...when you get that message a refund date will be provided when available that means you are in the error department she said she already spoke with an it because her refund is doing the same thing and they said once the error department corrects it and sends it back to the system you will have a processing bar but right now were stuck in the error department until they manually change it. She also said technically both people are right technically your 21 days does start when you are accepted (in my case, the 25th) but the system didnt take the 8863s until the 14th so your date also starts from there so were basically caught in the middle. she said i should be out of the resolution department by this week and if i see no change by the weekend to call back monday
    • what number did you call?! I just called the number with the 362 EXT and got a recording saying they are currently closed due to the Federal holiday...
    • 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 tell them you have a 9001 code (if your married) and if they ask if you put the primary first say no and that will get you around that fib
    • be right back about to scream at TT now
    • thats the number i called..it said they were closed for a federal holiday, but the 18008291040 # is working
    • on hold with the IRS now. the first lady i spoke to when she was dispatching me, told me that you can ONLY order transcripts once your return is finished processing. I was playing dumb like I needed info for my FASFA this year and I didn't know who I needed to be transferred to. So she said to order a transcript or check your refund are two different lines, but you can't order a transcript if your return hasn't been processed yet. My wait time is greater then 15 mins so we shall see what the "rep" tells me
    • good luck to you! I hope we get some type of answers because all that im clinging onto right now is the hope if i am in the error department to get me out by weds and at least have a dd date by friday but its hope cant do much with hope my hope isnt going to pay the stack of bills i have sitting in front of me right now
    • ok so after sitting on hold for over an hour total..i ended up hanging up on the lady in order to keep myself from cursing her out. she kept saying that there is nothing she can tell me. they started processing 8863 on the 14th, so whomever was told 21 days from the 30th was incorrect. It IS 21 days FROM the 14th!! Allow three weeks to process. She doesn't see any error or flag on my return as of this moment, she doesn't know anything about an error resolutions department with these 8863 forms because I have one and was accepted early on the 26th and she doesn't see any error on my paperwork. Then when I asked her why were others being told by IRS reps about this error resolution department and what it means when the orange bar disappears on WMR and she told me "it is best to concern yourself with your own return."
      ...WAIT WTF...don't you think thats WTF I AM doing! I'm in the same boat as these people so it relates to me too. She said if I do not have my return by March 7th to call back!! S.O.B.
    • call the tax advocates thats what im doing from what i understand theyre nicer just refuse to hang up unless you get some information 1-877-777-4778
    • someone was just able to have them tell her that hers was in the resolution department and she had 0 more days in there so they should start processing hers today so im going to find out how long mine will be in there
    • Im on hold with them right now should i just say i heard i was my return was sent to the resolution department because of the 8863
    • @NAVYWIFE thanks for the number. im on hold with them now too wait time greater then 15mins but been on hold 7mins already. I'm hopin they can tell me something. Anything would be great right now, just a date so I can plan accordingly. I'm just a full time student, I don't work, I have a 1 year old and his dad (my boyfriend) pays all of our bills. However, when I got my financial aid money I had to buy a vehicle in order to make it to classes and so forth, which included insurance. That's an extra $180 bucks a month we are not used to and I was looking forward to having this money to pay my 6 months insurance up front. Now my insurance is going to lapse already if it isn't paid by the 28th of february. My sons 2nd bday is March 4th, mine is March 12th..i'm just so disappointed that not only has it taken THIS long, but they STILL don't have any definite answers to give us. This isn't right. You can put me on hold for 5-7mins to look up my account but when you get back on the line there is nothing you can tell me? That doesn't sound right to me. I have NEVER had any issues with my taxes, this year has been a nightmare and has had me stressed to the point of being ill..literally. I do NOT deal well with stress.
    • im the same way my electric is close to being shut off and i was going to use this money to pay it up and then some so i dont have to wait i havent been able to pay my car in a good amount of months and i told them i would probably have it by this week and then i would pay them to catch it up havent seen diddly squat so i have no idea what to tell this bank now and my school still owes me and my husband almost 4 grand and now the irs owes us almost 6 grand im so not happy about these two people im gonna flip very soon
    • well let me know what they tell you..i am still on hold :|  29mins and 9 seconds and counting LOL. We got our school money in a timely manner. Matter fact I woke up the 30th of Jan with a huge 4grand deposit in my account, thinking it was from my taxes when in fact it was from my school. I purchased a used vehicle and used what was left to pay februarys bills and insurance and registration. I figured well if I don't get it til the middle at least I have some wiggle room by paying this month's bills for us...nope. No such luck :( Almost time to pay insurance again and I will feel horrible if I cannot do anything for my son's bday like I had planned to. I have been planning this trip for him to go see Yo Gabba Gabba live for months!!
    • I'm literally about to flip a frigin lid. I sat on hold that whole time for her to tell me there was nothing she could do. It was 21 days from the 15th NOT the 14th. I don't qualify for an advocate in 3 days so I have to wait for 7 day turnaround time etc etc., She was a nice lady but couldn't even tell me anything about the errors resolution department. Any and every rep I have spoken with has never even acknowledged this department. I am so sick of this crap.
    • yup been there done that i got the same o same o gotta wait 21 day blah blah blah cant tell you how long it will be in the error room....blah blah blah...they wont help unless you are past your 21 day mark and you have to have a foreclosure paper, eviction paper, or a utility shut off....she basically called me a liar when i told her i was approved the 25th how retarded i made her pull my account up but no info at all
    • how is it others get so lucky to get someone to help them?! she said to try to call the IRS again tmrw since today is a holiday tmrw would be a better day for an update. This is horse crap. Of course she blamed Congress for taking so long to get to an agreement which "set everyone else back". Like I told her, I get there was a DELAY. They announced the 8th they would start processing them the 14th. They had plenty days between the 8th and the 14th to get all those returns in order to start processing them, not to be overlooking returns because of an error THEY had. It's bull to say it is all of us "early filers" that caused this problem cause I believe had no one filed until the 30th, they would have gotten them all in at once and realized THAT day that there was a problem and the delay would have been even longer! Next year I will NOT be putting myself in this predicament. I WILL be filing without my education credit and then amend later. Screw this crap.
    • i hear ya on that one....i think the only thing we can do is wait it sucks but it is what it is....we said our peace let the cards fall as they may
    • right! i have exhausted all sources. i give up. all we can do is make peace & wait
    • I give up too. I am just over this....... for now. They have until March 7th (thats 21 days from the 14th) to have my money in my account before I go postal! Lol
    • That is unreal, unbelievable and crazy!  You should be concerned with your own refund?!   And our money says "In God We Trust!"
    • Though I don't need my refund to live on but I did promise my daughter a trip to Disney world for spring break which I was going to use my refund. We have plans to leave on the 8th so hopefully we all have I refunds before then but this has never happened to me before and when making plans I knew I would have my refund for sure by then. Now I don't know. I won't let the IRS make me break a promise to my child so I will do what I have to, to make it happen. However, if I don't have my refund by March 7th, 21 days from the 14th all HELL is gonna break loose!!
    • oh trust me it will on my side to its my money and i want it now....we need to start calling jg wentworth
    • Do Anybody know of anybody who got an update this week with a DD. that included the early filers & education credit.
    • @ navy I have been thinking the same thing

      @ bige If anyone has gotten one this week I don't think I have seen it.
    • I've given up and lost hope. Realized nobody is gonna help us. Like you stef, we are supposed to be going to Florida with our daughter 3/29-4/9. She stay with friends that moved there last year while me and my now wife went on honeymoon which is Caribbean cruise, then go Disney with her for couple days after cruise. Starting doubt that is gonna happen. Rescheduling for us is fine, but I can't ask our friend to keep her daughter out of school so the little best friends can see each other. Sucks
    • So much for both the kids spring break falling on same week being awesome coincidence.
    • If its true and most of our stuff process on the 14th maybe we have an update by Thursday which is a week from that day. Which is usually the wait time. I usually get my taxes in a week in a half after process.
    • @sabres that does suck. Hopefully something can be worked out
    • GL to us all. This like most of us, has consumed the past month almost of my life. One day we'll get it. Nothing further we can say or do can speed it up I guess. Lol
    • It kind of help to know ppl are in your situation & you can feed of each for information & maybe it can help speed up the process of the unknown
    • We all should know it's 21 days from the 14th because that is when it began processing :-(
    • @carmichael has to be nobody has gotten an update or DD this week so far.
    • Ikr :-(
    • I'm still the same but lots of people got DD Sunday and Monday. They are all over the forum. Today is 21 days from the 30th.
    • @carmichael @clbpro I hope we get something this week like a DD. do any of you know when the irs updates the site?
    • overnight
    • Eastern time! I'm in California. I check it everyday around 6am it suck when you see that message still processing.
    • I was told the IRS website updates after 7pm every evening and then another person told me after midnight...so, I check it in the mornings to be sure.  I filed with TT on 1/30/13 along with my two daughters and parents and they have all received their refunds.  I am still waiting because of this stupid form8863.  It was finally sent over to the IRS on the 14th and accepted that same day but it's still pending.  I hope it doesn't take 21 days from that date because we're getting over 10K back and I really want it NOW!  I too get a different story every time I call IRS and it sucks that they don't know what "speech" to give everyone!  I hope that we get some sort of update this week because this wait it just ridiculous!!!
    • They say overnight but I locked myself out last night at 6pm and was able to get back in at 10pm central time so the IRS may update at night but we won't see a change until 10pm central time I guess. So any changes made today during the day I wouldn't think we would know about until 10pm that night.
    • Thanks! So I am checking on time. @mbfss who sent you the status saying they process your refund on the 14th? Was it the TT email your referring too. It's weird tho cuz ppl have gotten there dd last Friday & Saturday & the have that 8863 form but I notice a pattern it is but the (longest) like mostly ppl who got accept before the 24th most of them have a DD Date. Luckies! So jealous. I hope we get it b4 march. ;)
    • absolutely no change in my status, no update or DD.  I am so over this
    • I had planned on this money refund to help offset costs for my daughter who is in europe this semester abroad.  just sucks, and I NEED a date that it will be refunded, like now!
    • i guess the irs blocking calls cause the line said due to heavy call volume ur call can not be accepted at this time im  like really they knew we were gonna call cause u told ppl 21 days thats up next lie irs
    • Hey guys so I spoke with a woman yesterday from the Santa Barbara Bank this is where the money gets sent, im assuming from the IRS to the TURBO tax customers. She told me that direct deposits get sent in once a week on WEDS, she told me that if I did not get a DD this weds to call on Thursday and see what they can do...not sure if this helps but this bank was open yesterday. The number is 877-908-7228... hope this helps a little. Im going on vacation 2/22 and that money would really be nice. Its very frustrating...
    • I just don't see how anyone that filed with form 8863 was accepted before the 14th if the IRS wasn't accepting those returns until then???  The person I spoke to at the IRS said that all returns with form 8863 were held, none of them were processed before the 14th because of the tax laws that had to take place first.  BE TRUTHFUL people...... has anyone received an "approved" status for their refund and if so, have you been refunded yet?  The IRS is claiming they have not refunded ANYONE with the form 8863 yet because they are still being processed.  They also said that it's not based on who filed before the 14th, it's based on the SS#.  for these returns filed with these special forms, they are processing them in order of SS# to make it fair because they know some people filed earlier than others and they were not accepting before the 14th.  I'm just anxious to get mine already....if their systems are ready to start processing, what is taking so long?????
    • @kristyromo33 - the only way your money goes through Santa Barbara Bank is if you choose to have your fees deducted from your return.  If you pay the fee up front (I paid with my CC), your refund comes directly from the IRS and the IRS is doing direct deposits twice a week.  My daughter received her refund on 2/13 and my parents received theirs on 2/15.  Weird, but true.
    • That's not true my daughter was pending then all of the sudden she got a dd and her money was there a day early on a Monday. It's not just Wed that they deposit at SBBT.
    • We were accepted early and then the form crap came out and the IRS agent told me that we got tossed into the error department because we shouldn't have been pushed through early. It was a while before they realized that some of us were sitting in the error department. Most people only go there if there are issues with the return but we all got tossed in no matter what. Now they say they are working to get us out of there. So the people that were pushed through EARLY and unknowingly and accepted early do not have a similar situation to anyone who filed after 1/28. I've even heard that those that didn't have the 8863 form but were accepted early are also stuck there with us. If I were you I'd start another thread about the SSI numbers. That very well may be true but I doubt it. I don't believe anything anymore. Everyone has a unique number to the state they live in. I think NY used to start with 000. In Texas they start with 4 through 6.
    • NY starts with 1 and so does NJ.  my husband was born and raised in NY and I was born and raised in NJ and we both start with 1.  But my little brother who was also born in NJ starts with 5 as well as my children that were born in FL.  My youngest daughter was born in FL and hers begins with 9.  the SS #'s are all over the place now.  uh...I hate this....
    • Mines start with a 1 I was boring in Philly. They messed up & are now giving us the runaround. It's rude I haven't seen anybody who has actually go there money yet who used a form 8863 ppl just said there status changed. But there are some ppl who went from having a DD than it saying your refund is being process which can be very frustrating.
    • yeah, mine has been pending since the 14th.  Not too long of wait considering I filed on 1/30 and the IRS didn't accept until the 14th.  I just hope they are working quickly to get these done and over with so I can get my money....
    • Well i had my fees taken right from the return
    • @kristyromo33, your return will go thru the 3rd party bank, could take an extra day but shouldn't take longer than that because once they receive confirmation that your refund was approved and funds will be disbursed, they go ahead and issue you refund.  I've used them before but I found that it wasn't worth paying the extra $40 just for them to get it to me when in fact I got it faster when coming directly from the IRS.
    • So i just got my state refund back NJ here...is that a good sign that federal will be on its way??
    • U normally get your federal first, i got my state refund this past saturday, but no luck for Federal yet
    • My sister is an early filer, accepted on the 01/25, and filed with 8863, she got a ddd of 02/22
    • The bs about SSN is not true my sister begin with 3 and shes getting her money Friday
    • She's one of the lucky ones
    • I know right
    • i think i am witht he rest of us, i give up. my friend was accept on 2/14 with education  credit she  has refund date all ready . omg!!! you talking about upset right now..
    • Ya I am seeing that on here as well.... what kind of BS is that???
    • I was accepted on the 14th also with form 8863 but mine is still pending...this sucks!....
    • OMG I have been on hold for 31 minutes already with the IRS tax advocate.....this BS....I've heard of several people already that were accepted on the 14th with form 8863 and they have a DD date for this friday the 22nd.....WTH IRS!! get with it.....they're so eager to take our money but to give it back is like pulling teeth!!!!  Has anyone else received a DD date that filed form8863?
    • i files the 14th of jan accepted the 24th got my ddd on feb 15 for friday the 22nd
    • wow, that was fast for you! I filed on 1/30, got accepted on 2/14 and I'm still pending...this sucks...
    • good luck i hope everyone who is waiting gets there ddd soon :) its so unfair this year
    • It is...my taxes is still pending too! This sucks
    • They need to come up with a new system
    • For those of u with ddd of 2/22 did u pay for your taxes out of your refund directly?
    • I didn't....I used my debit card to pay the $19 and I'm not getting mine back.  My return is still in processing.  I don't like using the 3rd party bank, first because they take like $40 just to process it for you and second, it doesn't get to you any faster, it comes to you the same day that the IRS would give it to you.
    • very true and i was told today that it could be 21 days from 2/14!! uggggghh
    • just checked android app ..DUE DATE 2-27 woohoo  !!!!!!
    correction..she said" possibly 21 days until refund but not likely"
    • Rastaleefunk, i called the irs too and they told me the same thing that my return had a error but they fixed it and it is back in process
    • @ latonyia...oh really..?  I  hope it's because things are really progressing and not that they're just giving us a "generic answer"... but @ least it's an answer huh?
    • Right!!!! I hope they are telling the truth, im hopeful just hope it will be soon.
    • ..and that "error" they keep referring to is probably the 8863 form itself!? lol
    • I was finally just able to order a transcript
    • I was able to order my transcript today, the rep i talked to yesterday told me the only way i can get one if my return was completed, so im thinnking tommorow i will have my date and i will see my money on the 25 or 26. Hopefully
    • The only way it ended up in the error dept is if there was actually a error. If you didn't receive an error message and numbers to call there was no errors
    • yeah I was able to order my transcripys this morning also..maybe getting a DDD soon
    • Well there's got to be some error considering ive been waiting since and acceptance date since  1/24
    • Acceptance date 1/25 still in processing as of 2/22 and i could order my transcripts Monday and still no change..
    • acceptance date 1/26  but on hold for education credit until 2/14. called irs on 2/2 @ 7am told me they just started processing as off 2/20 because of education credit. order transcripts  2/22 @ 3am. was not able to order them in the pass few days.. so maybe finally getting somewhere. But irs site still said processing with 152 message..
    • I filed on 1/21 accepted on 1/26 I filed with form 8863... This morning I had the refund will be provided when available and tax topic 152...and refund amount was gone...5 mins ago I was just able to order my return transcripts...I'm praying that these are steps to finally receiving my refund..I've been so happy seeing other early filers like myself getting ddd...
    • is been  along road jovann76, i hope i hear more good news later from other early filers..
    • I finally got my deposit date for the 26th i was excepted on 1/24, was able to order transcript on 2/21 and got my deposit date 2/22. So progress is being made everybody hang in therere.
    • Filed 21st, accepted 25th, got up this morning and checked wmr  about 430am eastern time, and I have the Bars agian and it says APPROVED!!! DDD Feb 26th...but prior to that i had topic 152.... But b4 I found out...I called yesterday and they told me i was approved, CALL THIS NUMBER 1-866-897-3315 and they will tell you whats the deal on your you return. My wait time was like 4 mins......
    • I was able to order my transcript just a few minutes ago. Does that mean I should see a dss in a day or two?
    • DDD, dang spell check!!
    • i have a ddd for february 26th!!!! finally!!
    • I filed on 1/18 and was accepted early (1/25). I had a 8863 and EIC. I was able to order transcripts on 2/21 (yesterday) and TODAY I HAVE A DDD OF 2/26!! My refund has been finally given a parole date!! Thanks for all who listened and shared their experiences. Venting does help. I hope you all get some  good news soon.
    • @mmaria1003 yes it has but a change is coming..we just gotta have faith..good luck!!
    • It's so good waking up to a flood of emails from ttcommunity with good news...I'm so happy for everyone..those of us still waiting, our turn is coming soon!
    • I was only able to order my account transcript but not my return transcript is that a bad or good sign?
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