My return has been pending for weeks is this normal

  • should I re file the federal or let is stay in the pending status.
  • @b_doohan don't re file. That will just put a red flag alot of people are getting reviewed. Mine had a slight error now everything is good but I have to wait an additonal 21 days. Call and see what's going on play stupid to get an answer. If the first agent don't help u try again. Trust me I call everyday and they have been pretty much on target but every time I call I get a little more I info.
  • who are you calling, IRS or TT? It takes me like ten minutes when I call IRS, do you have any advise about getting to a real person quickly?
  • when you call the IRS you have to push 1 for english and then just keep hitting 0 until you get through to someone also if you get the due to high call volume please call back message wait 10 minutes and try again took me a good 2 hours to finally get through yesterday but  I've been processing since the 30th. it's so frustrating.
  • Mommy2gemz your response was very helpful. THANKS!
  • I have been on pending for a month what is going on don't get it
  • When you say you have been pending for a month is that since January 21st?  Did you efile with the education credit or with the amoratization/depreciation form if you had your own business?  If so, this might be the hold up also their is a list of forms on the irs website to let people know what the hold up could be.
  • By the way, mine is still in pending also, I think it makes us all a little nervous when that happens.  This year has been really weird.  Even TT has been more difficult than usual, who knows?  I know if they needed their money they would not let us put them in a pending status. LOL
Mine too. I'm looking around to see what this means. I haven't found an answer here.
  • I know my federal was pending because of a school credit. It took a few weeks to be able to be accepted
  • me too
  • try calling this number 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 they should be able to tell you why.
  • this # is for the IRS - I am looking for answers surrounding the delay of my STATE refund. Thank you though for posting the 800 # I am sure others will be able to use the # posted.
  • when I'd u file ur state. There's no wait on state o u hve an offset 18003043107
  • I called that number 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 I was able to speak to someone after holding for twenty minutes, very friendly and helpful agent. Will recieve my refund next week. After waiting a month.
same here :/ I filed Feb. 9 and still pending BUT i have education credits and was reading ppl w/these credits were going to be accepted starting Feb. 14 but I'm STILL pending/waiting...
  • Me too! Same date, except no education credits. Childcare credit though...
  • Mine too, I have education credits and has been pending since Feb 6
  • No, repsonse from TT as to why we are still having to wait.  I have been pending since Jan. 31. Yes, I have education credits and tax credits but why the delay? Or no response.
  • Yes TT really needs to respond.  I've submitted questions two times and no answer.  I won't use them again if they don't respond and I've used them for years
  • I filed Jan 26 and still have not recieved my return. I also have education credits but my return says it is still processing. Been waiting almost a month for my return.
  • This is normal for 2013.  New Legislation is being passed and many returns are pending until middle of March or slightly longer.
  • I e-filed the morning of Jan 31st as well....shortly after, i received confirmation that both the IRS and State of CA have accepted my e-file....less than a week later I received via DD my refund from the IRS....still waiting on the FTB for my state refund. very frustrating...funny thing is, my taxes are very simple - nothing complicated at all, pretty much the same taxes that I have submitted for the last 5 years, only thing different on my W2's - slightly more wages earned as a result, slightly more tax refund.
  • I filed on 2/15 and still see the PENDING annotation, however I also had some deductions from school loans, so maybe that is why it's stuck in limbo. Strange thing is that I have never had to wait this long before in years past.
  • me either...if anything, I was expecting the IRS refunds to be late...not the STATE (at least not this long).
  • Me two wandering what is going on whit this
  • I just got off the phone with the IRS. I got bad news and good news. I filed on the 24th accepted on the 30th. There was a minor error on my return that I think had to do with my address. Now everything is good but I have to wait 21 days more from when it got out of the error section which was 02/20 wtf smh this is insane. Everything was the same except my address.
  • I filed on the last week of January, with school credits. My friend filed 2 weeks later with school credits AND has a business but already got his back.
  • Your friend must have a friend at the irs, LOL that is quite a turnaround.  I have used TT for over ten years and this is the first year it has ever been this bad, I was in a Chat on two occasions and was cut off for network issues after being on hold for over an hour and being number 148 in their que.  I have never ever been 148 in a hold status and my simple question was I filed my state after my federal, my federal had been accepted but my state was rejected twice, first time ever and never understood why, when I went back to tix and resend it looked as if TT was sending my federal over and over again but they assured they did not. But now who knows since oher's are getting their DD dates and mine is still in pending.  Anyone else had this happen?

Hope this helps......Sincerely, Another Tax Payer Waiting!!!  Thanks Congress!

  • THANK YOU for posting the link above...its about time someone from the media and gov address our concerns.
  • @Tammy-I'm surprised you didn't get an email from TT.  Most of us got one...they also released information on 1/28 that the education credit and a number of other deductions would be delayed.  It's been all over the forum, the news, etc.
  • no....never received it...WOW, I wonder if the email notice ended up getting filtered into my junk or spam mail...I will have to take a look. Thank you for saying something. ;)
  • Sure...I know a number of other people said the same.  I can give you my dates.  We filed on 1/28, just as rumblings about the delay started.  We filed, and right before we hit send something popped up saying...we might be delayed, but TT will just hold it and transmit when the forms become available for processing.  We decided to just get it over with.  On the 30th, I did indeed get a confirmation from tT saying the education credit would cause a delay, should be available mid-February , they will let me know.  ON 2/8 got an email from TT saying that the IRS released information saying it would start processing education credits on the 14th.  Hope that helps!  Good luck!
  • Mine was the same scenario.  Filed on the 26th or so, education credits delayed till 14th.  On the 14th, got confirmation from IRS it was accepted.  now waiting for the 21 days to get the return.  The education credit delay has been all over the news and forums since late January when the IRS released the info.  It is not TT's fault.  They even sent an email out about it in late january/early february.
I spoke to an IRS representative today on 800-829-1040 who said I am not late until the first week of March ends.  I filed on the 18th of January (w/ lifetime learning credit), it was received by the IRS on the 25th and have been pending every since.  Apparently until you reach 21 days from the actual activity begin date of Feb 14 (ironically Valentine Day) you should not expect any changes on WAMT.  I think we should all just embrace the last stage of grief and fall into acceptance that we ain't gettin' those refunds any time soon : (.  PS last year I was still pending on where is my refund when the money hit the bank.  I did take the survey on the IRS site and gave up a bunch of unsatisfieds!!!  Good Luck to all Higher Learners everywhere!
    did anyone get 'approved' through turbo tax to later find out there were errors in which delayed your return being processed?  I was approved via TT on the 26th and then like everyone else, delayed due to education credits.  I have been 'in process' since then but no one that I call can tell me if I was a part of the test batch, if I have any errors, if everything is ok.  I keep being told to check wmr.
    • me too i filed 1/26 then accepted until 1/30 and seen the that on TT and had to change the error smh then education credits i still have nothing its frustrating
    • I have education credit too and my return is still pending
    • so finally after almost an hour on the phone waiting I talked to someone.  They said that due to all of the delays, the IRS did not even receive my return until yesterday...even though turbo tax told me it was accepted.  My 21 days started yesterday apparently. She said it is being processed and if anything appears wrong or needs attention it'll be stated in the wmr.  This is the last time I use turbo tax and the last time I file early.  I will wait to make sure in the future that the IRS has released all it's forms and isn't going to pull another stunt like this.   They should not have 'test batches' nor should they let people file returns until they are 100% for sure they can process them all...these delays are ridiculous and in my opinion seriously makes our government look like unprepared fools.
    • there is hope!! I finally have a direct deposit date of the 28th..
    mine was to then i went back and had to do something with my pin and now im waiting on it to come in
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