Where is my money?

Where is my money?I filed my taxes early because I needed my money as soon as possible. The date I filed was January 9th, and it was way before they were being accepted, but I figured they would come through by January 30th as was stated firstly. Then I am told I will have to wait until February 14th just to be processed which is over a month later, and two full weeks after the forms were to be processed. What time will these be processed and what is the soonest that I will have MY money. I need it now three or nine weeks from now. What is the hold up? This is ridiculous. People who are poor and going to college deserve their money before they people who have money. We wait on this all year to catch up on bills. This is absurd. The IRS really needs to get their crap together.
  • i agree cuz i did mine the 3rd of feb and i havent got mine yet
  • i dont think i will use turbotax again!
  • Me either... My friend used H&R Block and filed hers on 2/10 and has a deposit date of 2/19 and mine was filed on 1/14, accepted on 1/25 and still nothing available in the system yet.... I wish i could have refiled using another preparation company....
  • i filed January 22 and was accepted January 26 i received my state in the mail February 6th and i am still waiting on my Federal so yeah i'd say the IRS need to Get there crap together i need my money to get stuff fixed on my car and plus i have a baby due here sometime in June so yeah this is BS
its because their system wasnt programed to do educational credits on tax returns till the 14
  • so when will i get mine i filed the 3 rd of feb
  • because of the educational credits they started today, i would probably say here in the next couple weeks
  • This sucks.... I filed early because I needed the money otherwise, I could have waited.... Next time I will use H&R Block because they did a better job of keeping their clients posted on the processes....
  • filed mine on 1st of february and got an email on the 8th saying to check my account the next business day and its been 5 days since then and STILL no money.wtf? I will NEVER  use turbo tax AGAIN!!
  • I received an email from TurboTax back on 1/10 encouraging me to file and then i fild on 1/14 and received an email indicating the return was accepted on 1/24 and then on 1/30 got another email stating that forms were ready: CTC/EITC and then told that my return was not processed because of the F8863 then got anoher email on yesterday stating the retrn was processing but according to WMR no record of my return and no information. I would have liked the option to remove the F8863 and file without it and then amend it later but that was not an option and now i have waited 30 days with no information on when I might get my refund meanwhile a friend filed 2/10 and will get her direct deposit on 2/19... How about that for service? She used H&R Block....
  • the only thing with H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt is that the supposed almost instant refund is a loan that they give you that when your actual refund comes in gets deducted out of it, then you get the remaining balance
  • I know why it was but that still doesn't explain why we are still waiting. Turbotax has failed me greatly. I've used H&R Block faithfully until they discontinued the RAL checks then I switched to Jackson Hewitt last year, and was appalled by their services. I now know TurboTax isn't exactly the flashiest tool in the toolshed either. If I had known it was going to cost this much, be so ineffective, and so poor at communicating issues with the customers I would have simply used the IRS's new FREE e-file program on their website. I didn't pay for such failing practices. If so I would've opted for the corrupt FREE version of filing and still gotten the same amount money, for FREE and not had to pay anyone for a job they completely did not do successfully, nor satisfactorily. I cannot believe I STILL do not have my money. This is the last time I ever do business with TT.
  • use taxact, my fiance used it and they got their money a week after verifying who they were(new filers )
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