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how can I get a copy of my 2012 return ?

I already filed my taxes for this year but have lost my copy. How do I get a copy to send to health insurance company?
    I would recommend following the steps listed in the article provided below. I know that it says for 2011, but the process is the same for checking for alternate accounts. If you have any trouble, please let me know and I will research your information and assist you as best I can in locating a copy of your return!
      If you used the online version 2012 is still the current year return.  It won't be put into the past year section until efiling shuts down in October.  Log in and Continue.  

      You have to log in with the exact same user name and password.  If you can't log in or find your return maybe you forgot your password or have multiple accounts….

      To print or save as a pdf file to your computer…..

        By "lost my copy", do oyou mean the hard copy? If thats what you mean, and you are using the desktop version of TT, then open your 2012 taxes in TT2012, go to the file and print tab, and print another copy. If you're using the on-line version, then post back, and I'll get someone familiar with the on-line version of TT2012 to see if they can help. I'm not familiar with the on-line version myself.
        • Carl- I was using the on line version of TT. Printed a copy for myself before e-filing, lost this copy. Went back to TT on line, but can't seem to find a way to print another copy.