Has anyone refund been rejected by the bank and sent back to the IRS?

My friend refund was rejected from the bank in the 6th of Jan, it went back to the IRS and now WMF is saying processing....she's unable to speak with anyone at the IRS and now she has no idea of a time frame for her refund....
    Yes. that will happen if the deposit account number, SSN and NAME on the account does not match the information sent from the IRS. When the IRS gets it back, they will issue a paper check and mail it to the address on the tax return.
    • Do you know how long it takes before they mail it?
    • I honestly have no idea. I would expect 6 weeks, give or take a week maybe?
    • are you kidding me!!!!!!!!! I really do not like the sound of this!!!!!!! I really hope that this does not happen to me
    • Wow, that's horrible....
    • Thats our government hard at work! Embarassing.
    • well swhite it just happened to me! GRR GRRR GRRR GRRR why does it freaking matter to the IRS where "MY" money is going. half the damn time we don't know where the Government spends our money!!!!!!!!!!!.
    • i called my bank when i got it and they told me i was able to use it. Come to find out they sent the whole refund back leaving me $4300 in the hole. Now i have about a month to get the debt paid or it goes to collections...FML
    • Say what??  you had your refund, and then didnt ?
    • steele.elect: would you prefer that if you typed an incorrect routing or bank account number they just let your refund go a somebody else?  This process is in place to protect against errors like that and also certain types of fraud.
    • basically. come to find out for the last 4 yrs i've been filing it all the same to the same account. The only reason my bank claims it was rejected is because i filed married-jointly and it didn't get deposited into a joint account. never had this problem before
    • well Bob.....when filling your taxes, you are  asked  to overlook the information that  is submitted. So.....if you do that  then there should n't  errors.
    • It happened to me last year, only took 2 weeks from bank rejection to get check in mail.
    • bah this stinks. but i guess it is what it is. I have things that need to be paid like right now. but then again who doesnt have bills that need to be paid right now!
    • Mine was rejected today! Praying for it to come via mail within two weeks!
    • Did you call the irs? Is that what they told you? Mine too was rejected today and I was really counting on it.
    • I've been reading other's post! It looks like it just takes two weeks but we are dealing with IRS. I spoke with them & they said allow 5 weeks.
    • Please keep us updated if you get a date for check to be mailed or anything!
    • Mine was rejected on Feb 7th because chase closed my savings account (due to 60 days inactivity) I had no idea.. Where's my refund website says processing of my return once again.. I really really hope the irs sends me a check soon :(
    • Hoping it really only takes 2 weeks.
    • I tried to call them but couldn't get anyone on the phone. How did you get to speak to someone?
    • 18008291040...then Press 1...then 3...then ###
    • 2 not 3
    • How long does it take the bank to reject it? I put the wrong routing number and when I checked the IRS it said it deposited on the 10th :(
    • Depends on your bank. Mine says 24hrs....I'm wondering how long it takes for paper check by mail after rejection?
    • I hear 2 weeks?
    • Hope it's two weeks as well! Does wmr update when IRS receives the money back?
    • I'm not sure. I keep checking mine but it hasn't been updated. Can you let me know if yours updates,??
    • I sure will!
    • I'm guessing mine got deposited into someone else's account when I checked the IRS site it said it was deposited on the 10th and to call the bank if it hadn't been received
    • Mine says same thing. Call the bank & insist your fifteen digit trace number where it went back to IRS. WMR will say that until funds are received back from bank. Work closely with your bank to make sure they do send funds back.
    • I am in a very similar situation. I inadvertently typed an extra digit in my account number. I was so upset when I realized that my account number was wrong I could hardly contain myself. Hopefully it does NOT take more than two weeks. Please keep us posted if anyone receives their refund.
    • So far it has been one week and still haven't heard anything . but I'll keep you posted
    • A week and a half gone since the bank rejected my refund :( Seems money is back at the IRS.. as the "where is my refund" site is back to 'processing' stage.. Sigh...... Hopefully a check will be sent soon. Will keep you guys posted.
    • Mine came in the mail without the website updating
    • Sheniah1991 u already have refund? How long did it take to get after rejection?
    • Not sure the IRS sent the deposit on the 10th and I received the check today. . on the check it says it was written on the 12th. I never got notified that it was rejected. Just keep checking your mail
    • Ok,ugh,I'll call tomorrow to see if a check has been mailed!
    • My account was closed. My refund was supposed to deposit on the 10th. I called the bank and they said it takes 3 business days to send it back. The irs said it takes 2 to 4 weeks to recieve a check. I believe it take less than that because after researching most people said they got a check a week after rejection.
    • Sheniah what was the datebu got the check. ? I know you said mailed out on the 12th but when did u get it?
    • I believe it was that Friday the 14th but I still did not receive my state. Just federal.
    • Ok thanks
    • Mines got rejected on the Feb 6 and still no paper check in the mail.
    • WMR says take action. There is a delay in processing your tax return and your expected refund date may have changed.
    this happened to me 5 yrs ago. after bank returns your money to irs.... IRS holds it for 30 days then reissuse it
    "via" reg. snail mail.   Sorry

    they wont even take your calls for 30 days
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