its been over two weeks and my status is still pending

i went on the IRS web site and it has no record of my filing. whats wrong?
  • I filed mine on 1/ is still this a bad thing? should i worry?
  • I filled on 02/04/13 in mines is still pending?
  • what is going on?  I filed over 2 weeks ago and no word from the IRS.  Why?  What is going on!!!!
  • I want answers!!! ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS!!!!
  • I file early why so long, need money to pay bills
  • I filed more than two weeks ago why is it still pending? Where is the live chat y'all promised?
  • I filed three Weeks ago still no refund its still pending why is this
  • I feel ya this is crap!!
  • I have asked several questions and none have been answered. This is the last time I use them.
  • It has been over 48 hours and my status is still pending
  • The IRS told me on the phone last Thursday that my return was accepted
  • I filed my state return on feb. 3rd and it's still pending. but my fed refund was rec'd weeks ago
  • The IRS is slacking
  • ctfu
I just finished with the chat line.  According to the TT rep, the IRS was not prepared and will not accept returns that include most forms dealing with deductions until sometime in March.  Furthermore she acknowledged that TT was aware of this and sent an e-mail to everyone after they filed.  I never recevied and still have not received any e-mails.  So for all of us who filed, according to TT all our returns are in their server and HAVE NOT been sent to the IRS and will not until March.  I asked why a notification was not given as soon as we started filing and she could not answer that.  I hope the State will be willing to wait on what I owe them.
  • This is BS... both from TT and from the government.  Not only did the government get my money interest free all year... now they have to get a few more months?  I need this for bills!  Comment above is right on - if I owed it would have been done a while ago.
  • My husband and I OWE NJ over $1000.00 and it's been "pending" since Feb. 1. Both Federal and NY State was accepted within 24 hours and our refunds were direct deposited 5 days later. Not that I'm in any rush to give the government any more of my hard earned money... but waiting for two weeks for the return to be accepted is ridiculous.  If I were waiting on a refund, I'd be livid by now! If we miss the filing deadline because of this and have to pay a penalty, TurboTax better pick up the tab!
  • that is not true my bf filed at the end of Jan and had both his state and Fed refund within 2 weeks My fed had to wait until the 14th of feb because of my educational credit it now says accepted I also have to file in MO and IA my MO says accepted and I should have my money by the 20th but IA still says pending I don't think anyone has any real answers none of it makes any sense
  • I am not sure who is telling the truth.  If Turbo Tax knew there were issues and deceived us by failing to disclose information then seems to me that a class action law suit has potential.  According to the Turbo Tax rep if you filed with one of the forms listed, including the education credit, then an e-mail was sent.  I did not get an email only that the return would be accepted in 48 hours and still does after 2 weeks.
  • Some have asked that the IRS just acknowledge receiving the returns, I agree.  The problem is Turbo Tax is not sending returns to the IRS.  The Turbo Tax rep told me they are storing the returns in their server and are no sending any returns that included forms in question.
  • This is ridiculous. I have waited so long as well. I'm wondering why my sister with the exact tax info as me has been accepted and refunded ?? While my return hasn't even been sent over !!!! I filed jan 30 th and it has said PENDING !!!!!!!! For almost 3 weeks. Did I do something wrong !! Will it ever accept !!! I'm a scheduale c with child tax credit in earned income credit and educational credit ... But still 3 weeks !!!?????!!!!!??????? And not even one word from the IRS ?!!!!!! I see that people are also in my shoes. And I know TT is saying it takes time and by mid march !! But wait a second !!! If this is correct. Why are identical returns being processed and accepted within the standard 48 hours !!!???
  • This is what we get from a smaller government. They let many people go and those who stay have much more to do, and the republicans still asking for more cuts. How will the society survive with a government without employees?
    They must be thinking about getting a CEO who will get millions as bonuses for outsourcing our jobs.
  • The IRS hired thousands this year, did not help.  Not wanting to really blame either party, but Harry Reid was demanding an end of the mortgage interest deduction and that happens to be one of the forms the IRS claims is holding up the process.
  • I think that I know your primary source of information. Fox News should be called facts maker.
    Provide me a link to the information that says that Henry Reid seeks to end the mortgage deduction.
  • I have same problem. Filed feb 3 but have education credit so I knew it would be feb 14 but still pending? It's feb 18. How do I talk to someone at turbo tax?
  • check the newspapers Houston Chronicle...he claimed only the wealthy use the deduction and it will give us 90 billion.  Was not Fox news.
  • I hear u can call the IRS at the 1800 number and push 328 live rep comes on. !! But they don't help
  • Facts accommodation is what you are doing to support your position.
    Reid was referring to second houses or vacation houses. Those that only the rich can afford. The CEO's owns them by dozens. They deny insurance coverage for those who have paid them for protection. They pay low series to their employees; plus they inflate the prices of the products that we consume; and buy politician to bend the laws to shore up their sumptuous living standard.
    The saddest thing about it is that they call themselves Christians.
  • It's hard to believe that Turbo Tax isn't sending in any returns that contain deductions until March. If this is true they should offer refunds for not stating that up front. I filed mine the first week or February and am still pending. I've always like TT in the past, this year I'm disappointed.
  • I filed mine the first week in Feb as well.  We have an over 4,000 return coming back to pay off bills as well. This is ridiculous.....
  • This is the best explanation I have found so far.  The forms have to be updated before they are accepted.  And the blame is on...
    The delay is a result of Congress not having approved tax law changes under the American Taxpayer Relief Act until January 2. That caused the IRS to push back the opening of tax filing system to January 30 and required changes to certain subsidiary tax forms along with its return-processing system.
  • The ones still waiting for updates:
    Unfortunately, we have one form in this list.
same boat same creek and you guessed it no (F)n paddle
Ours shows as not ever being filed either. It keeps telling me I am inputting the info wrong.
  • Yea that's what I get
  • This is what I got as an answer today, however I don't think I claimed any of the credits mentioned. The TT rep also said it's due to the "fiscal cliff". Maybe there's no cash to pay anyone, sigh.

    2013-02-05 14:08:44.878 Passive Activity Loss Limitations
    Late Legislation
    Your federal return is delayed. The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them - like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they're ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours - no matter who prepares them.

    Next step: Keep watching your email. We'll send you another message when your return has either been accepted or rejected by the IRS.

    Credits that are being held off till early March:

    - Alcohol used as fuel credit
    - Biodiesel fuels credit
    - Credit for small employer pension plan startup costs
    - Credit for employer-provided child care facilities and services
    - Disabled access credit
    - Electric vehicle credit
    - Employer taxes on certain employee tips credit
    - Empowerment zone employment credit
    - Enhanced oil recovery credit
    - General credits from electing large partnerships
    - Increasing research activities credit
    - Indian employment credit
    - Investment credit
    - Low-income housing credit
    - Low sulfur diesel fuel production credit
    - New York Liberty Zone business employee credit
    - Nonconventional source fuel credit
    - Orphan drug credit
    - Qualified electric vehicle credit
    - Renewable electricity production credit
    - Welfare-to-work credit
    - Work opportunity credit
  • Yea, we didn't claim any of those...
Both my state taxes for Ohio and Connecticut have been completed, One paid, and the other already deposited the refund in my bank.  THE FEDERAL RETURN is mysteriously holding us all up, including mine, which has been three weeks now.  I've been a devoted TurboTax user for several years, this is the first year I've ever had my federal return withheld for this long.  Sound fishy to anyone else?  Come on!  We faithfully pay our taxes, if the States are capable of returning our refunds promptly, what is the excuse of our government?
    Your federal return is lined up for processing
    The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them - like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they're ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours - no matter who prepares them. 

    Next step: Keep watching your email 
    We'll send you another message when your return has either been accepted or rejected by the IRS.
      • It is now Feb 13 and it's been over 2 weeks and is still pending
      • my federal tax return has been pending since the 7th, yet my state was accepted on the 7th... any idea how I can expedite this process?
      • I am having the same problem. I filed at the end of last month and it has been two weeks. What is going on?
      • Filed NJ, NY and Federal on the same day (2/1). Got refunds for NY and FED last week...but NJ still in Pending status?! And I OWE money! It's been 17 days now and no number to call to inquire.
      • why is it taking so long to process and send to the IRS? I just filed with standard deductions???if I would have paid would it be processed?
      • I don't think you are paying attention to anything we write?
      • My husband and I filed on Feb 1st and our status for federal is still pending..we received our State the other day..someone mentioned to me that the Federal refunds will not be sent out until March...has anyone also heard this? I am just curious.
      • Yes, I got that message on my federal return from Turbotax, but have not received any thing from the Feds.  I also got my State return already.  I just don't understand why they won't acknowledge receipt, even if they are delaying refunds on certain taxes until March.
      • They have certain days that they will start accepting returns. If you filed anything with an education credit, it would be in line to be processed on the 15th. If you have mortgage interest deductions, that is still waiting to be be accepted, date TBD. So you'll just have to be patient... and that sucks.
      • I also have heard this and mine has been done for two weeks and still is pending also
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