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so there seems to be a lot of people being reviewed this year.  i found out i am yesterday. can we have a show of hands as to how many of us are getting this done this year???  
  • Amen to that TMI72. This is very wrong. The only thing we have left to hope for is that we will get all our money back. I hope it comes next month and not in may and october
  • And to think I decided to file early and amend for the 8863 because I thought I would have my money before those guys even got accepted.
    And @ sexywife, screw NEXT month, I hope we still get it THIS month. It wouldn;t even be so bad if I could understand why and what was going on. If the IRS would just say, "look people, we are totally inept, please double the 21 days for your expected refund."  I could live with some kind of acknowledgement from them. But calling them for info is a joke andthey are clearly just pretending its business as usual at Uncle Sams house but we all know that something is SERIOUSLY wrong. Just admit it IRS! Admitting you have a problem is the first step.= )
  • mine said under review for about two weeks and now its sayin that its gonna be deposited i would just keep cking it cause the first thing it said when i checked after it was accepted i filed the  jan 24 accepted the 4th of feb it said under review for 4 to 6 weeks i just cked on a dailey basis then one day said it was in its final stages of processing then two days ago it gave me the dd day of the 22nd  just keep checking
  • @ctproblem thanks for your update . I hope we can get a turnaround quick too. My mwr is still saying processing. No under review message.
  • yea i went threw that processing state for a few days not too long i think that there just a bit messed up i have never had to wait so long to get my state back usually i get fed and state back to back
  • I just spoke with another IRS rep & she stated that they were reviewing my info probably due to the amount. I spoke with a rep yesterday & she told me it was being held & the WMR site should update by Friday. Fingers & toes are crossed
  • Oh & I filed & was accepted on 2/7
  • I went to the IRS branch where i live at, and the lady wouldnt even look in her system to tell me what in that flyin pig F*** was going on! sooo, I think ima do what "sexywifey86" did. call the IRS, and tell them I got some letter (that i never actually recieved) and say "now im showing error code 9001". This has got to be fail proof right? I might be able to get an answer also! Maybe i shouldnt have documented the amount of money i earned when i was on the corner with a cup and bell, begging for some change. Dont laugh, $5 a day adds up pretty quickly! (ok just kidding, im sorry that was a bad joke, i didnt actually do that) but sh** im thinking about begging for money until it equals my tax return!
  • Lol @blake I would give it a try. It wont hurt. Irs is being stupid this yr. They are so quick to give you that 21 day line. Even tho it sucks being undee review at least I kno whats goin on with my refund
  • Update!!  was able to call today and check bcause it was 21 days.  they didn't get my tax return til Feb 1st unlike the 30th TT told me.  and i am NOT IN REVIEW after all.  i never got a letter etc.  no codes anything.  she said my account will update on monday.  i talked to advanced accounts dept.
  • how did u reach the advanced accounts dept?
  • a guy from the ID theft line transferred me there.
  • thanks!
  • I was accpet the 25th WMR just saying processing wait until unavailable date. This message been up for week am half now. I call the IRS they telling me I'm under review but I never receive a notice I order transcripts over a week ago never got them neither Idk what to think r do
  • I'm in the same boat... Was told by an agent that a 4464c notice was sent out but never received it! wmr says still being processed.
  • I also call the hold department they didn't know why I was under review she said she didn't even see a letter been sent out to me. She also said that not receiving a letter is a good thing just keep checking WMR
  • its sad when you think you are getting money within a time frame and never get anything. mine has been saying being processed forever. i mean if there is something wrong a nice letter would be great so i will no if i need to correct something ... all i can say is wow
  • I got a review letter, my mom, my cousin, and my 2 best friends. SMH. My mom said we got the same letter last yr and received our refund. I don't remember it being as detailed as the one I received this yr. 21 days has passed...and WMR just says processing and a date will be provided when available . Nothing about being under review. I was also able to order my returns transcript if that even means anything.
  • found out today im under review
  • The world is under review lol. I think we will get it March 1st.
  • Got my letter two days ago...
  • anybody receive their refund from the sbbt bank before the dd?
  • here's a link i think will help with your question britori2003
  • it will let you know if your refund is on its way and where it's at
  • absolutely incredible!!!!  you are awesome!!!! it works, please share with the comm.    you rock!#
  • lol your very welcome anything i can do to just wish the IRS would try to be as helpful as most the community does....
  • Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 27, 2013.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by March 4, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.
  • Have you ever receive a letter r they just told you about the review
  • @tmi72 how are you certain that the tax refund will be sent on 2/27? Are you speaking to anyone in particular?

    After speaking with an IRS rep they said anyone who recieved the 4464c letter or in my case was told they were under review, has up to 60 days to receive their refund. 60 days from 1/31.
  • @steve  i talked to a lady on wed last week.  she said i was not being reviewed after all and expect an update on my account by monday.  NO LETTER, NO CODES!!  was able to order transcripts on friday morning and this was on wmr saturday morning.  i have my orange bars back also after not having them for 3 weeks and wmr it said Feb 27th.  Update:  and i just called the hotline and it said the same thing.  scheduled to be sent Feb. 27th.
  • awesome news!!!
  • i got my refund deposited on sunday evening.  3 days early. i have a netspend premier card and they deposit it immediately.  good luck everyone.
  • ok i just received my state refund today and last week i received part of my fed refund. wmr still say im under review i havent received no letter yet. has anyone who has received part of there refund got the rest yet?
  • 22nd day called in and was told id be receiving a letter on 3/6 stating my return would be held for further review (scrutiny). The only thing I did different was add another one of my children as a dependant making it 3 dependants. Main reason I claimed my other kid is someone had him on their taxes last year with out my permission. I filed on the 4th and excepted on the 4th. Thinking maybe I should call the irs holds dept and see whats going on...
  • TMI72 thats GOOD for you! what is the number for the advanced accts dept? I wanna see if I am in the same boat???
  • Holy IRS Batman !!! I just got a letter from the future !!!
  • ^^^lmao^^^ don't think your special though! = )
  • Just called the IRS and spoke to a really nice guy. He asked about my college (which they didn't last time) and said that my tax refund is going through a thorough review. They are reviewing it right now and he said give it until April 1 but it could be sooner. He said that like three times "it could be sooner." Oh and this time he couldn't tell me why, just that it was random, they took my phone number, and they sent out a letter on Jan 30, which I still haven't received. Glad that he was so nice, but I am at the end of my rope.
  • Same here. Letter is dated 3/4. Today is only the 2nd
  • same here told me march 4 i got it on the 26 or feb confussed did it say co50
  • so you all being review because of the education credit..
  • idk.....
  • Tmi72. Are u a victim of identity theft of last year
  • ^ did you get a letter about  identity theft
  • UPDATE!!!!! Filed January 30th: I received a CPO5 letter from the IRS a few weeks ago and it stated that I was being under review and that it could take until April 11th to receive my refund. I called 3 times and could not get an answer as to why I was being under review and they told me to just keep checking WMR and to call back in 45 days if I still had not  received me refund. Well this afternoon I checked WMR and FINALLY had a refund date of March 7th so dont worry people there is light at the end of the tunnel and PATIENCE is key because it is coming!
  • Well hopefully a lot of us are up soon. I filed 1/28 Accepted 1/30, hopefully I am right behind you. Same CP05 Letter which I have never received.
  • Shawnamay that is great news!! That gives hope that all is not forgotten or lost!!! I filed 1/25 accepted 1/27 so fingers are being crossed lol. But you are one of the few I heard of who received a dd so that means they must be doing something over there, and is a really great sign!!!! Congrats!!
  • FYI, that is the second person I have read that had a hold who finally has a DDD!!!!! wooohooo...looks like things are looking up!
  • I also have a refund date March 7th , and I was under review had the CPO5 letter too.
  • Why did they audited you because your eic credit?
  • I also have a ddd of March 7th...I was accepted on January 24th and received the CP05 letter around February 8th that was dated for Feb 25th advising to allow until April 11th....
  • I been under review but haven't gotten a letter did get part of my refund just not the eic credit for two dependants what does that mean?
Did any of you ,by chance, get rejected by the IRS before you were actually accepted? I did and the rep I talked to yesterday says that is cause for an automatic review because some of the fradulent filers will submit several times trying to get the information right. I had messed up a SSN (twice,oops!) but not fradulent by any means. And if this is the case of why I am in review, it shouldn't take them too long to figure out that its indeed my kid. But we will see.

Also, don't remember if I posted this here but I saw on the FB page and on that for us folds in review, the IRS has 30 days to either give us our refund or request more information. Conflicting stories on whether that time starts from day of acceptance or date of letter. But knowing the IRS, it will be the latest possible date they can claim.
  • @Kayla Did you find the thread I opened? It says (forum for updates rsc2727) Hoping everyone can find it so we can update eachother and all that good stuff. :)
  • I finally got my letter yesterday the letter is dated 2/18 and i have 30 days from that to send in the info they requested which is a bunch of stupid shit.birth certificates marriage records school papers showing address dr bills and paper to also show common address.receipts for clothing bought for qualifying children with cancelled checks.utility bills rent receipts/mortgage papers anything and everything to prove head of household and to prove the children u claim are living with u and u are paying 4 them.
  • OMG, how horrible.  this is getting a bit ridiculous.  if your info is the same every damn year, same kids, same eic etc.  why are they doing this??
  • From what im hearing if you are in review and yu filed early and havnt recieved a letter and wmr say still processing refund date will provided topic 152 refund info then your refund is not gonna be a long wait least thats what they told me when i called hope its true cus this sum BS
  • @spookenfor. i havent received my letter yet but im filing my 1 & 3 yr olds some of that stuff they asking u for i kno i dnt have cause im not married and the kids not in school what are some of the other things they ask for
  • Medical records.
  • currently in the same boat.. filed and got accepted early...rep said i was under review... never received a letter... wmr says still being processed.. provided with topic 152! no 8863 form!
  • What's up with this topic 152 they tell us to refer to all that is is telling you about the appeal process
  • my is topic 152 but it says refund info basically direct deposit
  • lol!  my new stat on mwr...."we have not revd your taxes, please wait at least 24 hours before checking again"  my next stat will probably forecast the weather.    lol,
  • some times that means yu cheacked it to many times in one day
  • I don't have a topic just saying processing wait until unavailable date
  • yup!!   just got off the phone with irs.  refund to be released on or before the 26th.    i encourage all of you that havent called irs to call.
  • Was u under review as well r you had an 8863 form
  • would i like a direct number forirs?
  • I will like to know was you under review r did you have the form 8863.
  • according to irs, they thought i made an error.  but i hadnt so they released my return back into the main system. i rec'd the review mesg one day as well as that 8863.  when i spoke to the lady she said she didnt know why i got that mesg becuz they had my dd info.
  • Accepted 2/7, & this morning it stated my refund will be deposited by 2/25.
  • te41 did u get a letter saying you were under review?
  • Yeah but because id theft indicators they got to mail me my check for three years
  • Mine basically says the same thing....
I am. And I filed and was accepted Jan. 30! ITS MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW! Have to keep smiling
  • i filed and was accepted on the 30th too.
  • i called last friday and was told that my return was under review and was scheduled to get a letter that wouldnt be mailed out until march 1 2013
  • Filed 1/28, under review!
  • did they say when your letter would be arriving
  • he took my phone number down and said they would call if they needed anything.  and if i do get a letter, to call then and provide what they need at that time.  he was not certain of a letter being sent to me.  mine is because of identity theft in 2011.  i got my taxes for that year with no problems.  but this year, no such luck.
  • ya i was told i would be getting a letter that was postmarked for march 1st
  • 3-5 Days
  • OK get this, I went in wmr and it had a deposit date to my bank on 2/08/2013. well I never got it so I call my bank they do not have any tax return for me. so I checked wmr and this time it indicated my return is processing. I dont know whats going on???????????
  • oh wow.  that is horrible.  what the heck??
  • Again today wmr is showing processing and no deposit. I should have printed the dd notice so I could have show my bank , Im thinking for some reason they sent it back. I do have the right acct. and routing number. I bank with wells fargo in texas. Cmon Im a student Ineed my
  • found out yesterday refund was under a review
  • How did you find out
  • called 1800 829 1040 after seeing the still processing msg for 21 days
  • Got my cp05 letter yesterday, indicating it is under review.  The odd thing is that the letter has a date of 02/25/13 and also has a note, right above the review statment of, "Important information about the Combat Zone Tax Deferment", very odd being that I am not or ever was active duty.  

    I did call yesterday and spoke to a rep and she indicated that she could not find any reason as to why it is currently under review.  She did indicate that this year the IRS is sensitive to EIC creidts.
  • I myself recieved the same latter with the same dates...I did have eic and nothing else...irs told my up to 45 days to get refund
  • also my transcript is of no hold  so what is up
  • So I just got off the phone with a nice rep that finally looked up my account. Keep in mind this is my 3 time calling today and I had to lie and say I got a  dd and then now im showing error code 9001. Thanks @itsanab for that. Turns out my account was deemed "unpostable" as of Feb 11. I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks from that date for my refund. She couldnt see why its being held up. No letter has been issue. 2 years in a row of dealing with review process.. not cool
  • what does "unpostable" mean??  man, the irs is really fucking up this year.
  • Unpostable I guess means something In my return was flagged so im under review till they can figure out wat it is. If they cant solve the problem on their end they wont need anything from me but if not then I will be mailed the a  letter requesting further sux. So many people are being review this yr.
  • What did they say? I'm having the same problem.
  • @cutie27 they didnt tell me yet why I was being reviewed. I filed the 31st and it got flagged on the 11th.They told me i should expect my return 6 to 8 wks from the 11th. As of saturday they haven't issued a letter. Im assuming im being review for identity theif issue my husband had in 2009 again
  • I spoke with someone from the IRS this morning. She stated for education credits it is 21 days from 2/15/13. this is the first date they started accepting them. she states I should see my refund 3/7/13 or before.
Has anyone ever got a letter about this message or have they just got their money?
    UPDATE!!!!! Filed January 30th: I received a CPO5 letter from the IRS a few weeks ago and it stated that I was being under review and that it could take until April 11th to receive my refund. I called 3 times and could not get an answer as to why I was being under review and they told me to just keep checking WMR and to call back in 45 days if I still had not  received me refund. Well this afternoon I checked WMR and FINALLY had a refund date of March 7th so dont worry people there is light at the end of the tunnel and PATIENCE is key because it is coming!
    • I filed Jan 22nd was accepted Jan 30th got aoc from form 8863 so I was actually accepted on Feb 14th I did my moms same day she got a ddd of Feb 26th little brother did his Jan 28th he got accepted 30th & 14th got a ddd of the 27th I was told I would be getting a cp05 letter in 2 weeks then another person said 30days I don't know anymore I guess I have to wait
    • I was able to order my account and return transcripts on the 21st and 23rd still no ddd
    • I did my taxes on jan,19th, accepted jan,25th, ordered both transcrips ,and on feb,5th got the CPO5  letter under review, the IRS said it would be April 11th befor i would get my refund,but yesterday i looked on the wmr website ,and i finally have a refund date for March 7th,never did get my trascripts.
    • Did u have any special credits
    • Seems like people with cp05 are getting ddd's but not 4464c people. I wonder what the diff is.
    • filed feb 2 accepted same day.  on the 20th day i called irs...told me i was under review...the letter was generated on the 16th... actually the same day i ordered transcripts...received the letter and transcripts within days of each other...letter is dated for 3-04-2013
    • I had EIC and 1 dependant, thats CPO5 letter was dated feb,25th ,but i got it about 3 weeks befor.
    • Jesseca ive been tryin to figure out the same thing. i efiled and got accepted on feb 12th recieved a 4464c letter feb 19th sayin i was under review but no action is needed. i was able to order transcripts march 1st then march 2nd wmr updated to a refund date will be provided when available. i JUST got off the phone with the irs and she couldnt even tell me anything except the same thing the letter said because she didnt see anything else on my acct. smh i filed 1 child as head of household. idk whats goin on.
    • For anyone that got a cp05 letter how long did it take for you to get one in the mail?
    • Mine came in the mail right around my 21 days from being accepted.
    • But it was dated for the 25th of.Feb. even though I received it around the 19th.
    • Ok thanks for the info that means I should get mine the 6th or 7th since my 21 days is up March 6th
    • Mine just came and I filed on 1/30... Dated for march 4th...wth?
    • That why I don't want to look at WMR. lol. Just my bank account.
    I filed 1/28, accepted 1/30. My girlfriend filed about 2 days letter. She got her 4883c letter Monday and has already called IRS & been told 4-6 weeks....I talked to someone on day 21 & was talk I'm under review and will be getting a letter....ok, it's been a month....where is my letter....would be nice to have a slight clue as to what issue is and what I need to do to resolve it!
    • i filed 2/3 and was accepted same day it says im under review still havent recieved a letter neither and when i called and talked to irs rep she couldnt tell me any thing and said i should get the letter by march 4th really that would be a month
    • If you get your letter for review there will be a date on it (I got my letter the 16th, and the date on it was the 25th) then you have to wait 30-60 days after that date. My letter said they should finish my review by April 11th.
    I got this info off of It may be of use to some of us, just depending on your situation.

    To All Tax Filers!
    According to the IRS and article above dated Feb 25 we all shall start seeing updates within a few days!!!! Everyone that has filed EITC and/or 8863 ALL returns were on hold until 2/25 ! All EITC holds have now been lifted! EVERYONE that filed these forms were in the errors department. Any letters that were genrated were sent automatically when the IRS system detects an error. Due to these circumstances we have only been processing for 3 days!!!
    TECHNICALLY we did not start processing until Feb 25 which should finally start giving everyone DDD’s within a few days!!!
    According to the IRS 8863 returns were began processing FEB 14, however According to this article dated feb 20th 8863 due to problems EDUCATION forms STILL were not updated as of the 20th!! ANY returns containing the EITC in addition to 8863 were held until the 25th!! I understand MANY filers received dd w/8863 ONLY, within the last week! This due to the fact they did not have EITC. According to the IRS dated Feb 8th ALL EITC returns were being held due to FRAUD! Again these holds have been now LIFTED!
    Here is a Timline to explain:

    1/22 — IRS delays filing until 1/30
    1/30– Tax Filing officially begins
    1/31– IRS delays 8863 Education Credits will be processed 2/14
    2/8 — IRS states most EITC will be held due to Fraud
    2/14– IRS begins processing 8863 Education
    2/20– IRS says 8863 still being delayed due to errors
    2/20- ?– 8863 forms fixed
    2/25 — IRS states ALL EITC Holds have been lifted
    2/26–present — ALL EITC returns begin normal proccessing

    • So let me understand my favorite friend. I filed 1/28 Accepted 1/30, Filed Single, 2 Dependents, Child Tax Credit and EIC, these will be released????
    • I wonder does this apply if you received the 4464c letter. I'm under review but have no clue why.
    • I just found out today that im still in the errors department because of 8863 and 8867
    • Everybody was in the errors department until the 25th if they had earned income credit filed before the 7th.
    • Thats me, accepted 1/24. Im still there tho. they havent pulled me yet
    • I seriously hope this is correct because I am going to lose my new apartment and get kicked out of this one next week. Please, please, please be true.
    • I have none of does and I'm still processing (WMR: No orange bars can't order return transcript just account transcripts) I was accepted 1/31.
    • @darryl. hellifiknow! I'm hoping. I might be able to answer that question if anyone would tell us why exactly we are in review in the first place. If you claimed the 8863 or EITC, there is a good chance this pertains to you. I did claim EITC and haven't done my 8863 yet so I SURE THE HELL AM HOPING this is for us rejects that have been waiting a month or more. !!
    • @el6620 HAve you called the IRS and asked them what the heck is going on? Did you ever get notification that it was "accepted"?
    • @ everyone else.... I REALLY am hoping for all of us that this is true. I got if off from a gentleman that works for H & R Block. Apparently they spoke to the IRS on behalf of their MANY irate customers and was given this information. It makes sense and as far as I can tell, the ONLY indication I've seen thus far of the IRS admitting any kind of serious delays this year. I got the 4464 on Feb 11th and have just been sitting and waiting since then. I've made a few calls to the IRS but to no avail. And if any of you have read that post on the "script" they are supposed to stick to, well u know they stick to that really damn well. Remember, they have a big push on them to get A LOT of the refunds out by March 7th so hopefully that means the bulk of us will be seeing our DDD's posted this week, And please update us if you have any change.
    • @ei6620 me too. i filed 1/30 and i too have 1 orange bar and states processing!
    • Im hoping so.
    • and just to add, a great deal of these "fraud holds" were on taxes that were filed before Feb 7th and yes, those have been lifted and basically we [should be] on about day 3 of the 21 days of processing.
    • i've called two and three times a day, all i get is wait the full 21 days which is march 6th!
    • I called today and still got the Review Processing bull. The letter was sent on the 4th, haven't got it yet and they said its dated 2/25. Kinda makes a little since I really don't know anymore.
    • It just seems like all of us in "review" have a lot in common. Maybe not exactly everything but most of us were early filers, have EITC and/or 8863, have child tax credits and are expecting larger than average refunds. It just doesn't make sense that we would all be tagged for review. And I, for one, have a HUGE issue with having called the IRS 3 times and not one rep has given me a reason for why I am under review. They have referred to the letter, they have given canned answers and have been very vague. So I am back to my original thought of its just been a ploy to give themselves more time. I think this whole Me F system has screwed up more than they are leading us to believe. And why would you choose the height of tax season to Beta test your software? None of it is logical and if they would just give us some more information, do a press release or even a small blurb on, that would alleviate some of the sheer panic that is going around. Luckily my family is not depending on this money to pay the mortgage or past due bills or anything. We are using it to get ahead of the game, but soooo many people are being hung out to dry. Its sad! And I can't even imagine they kind of stress and hopelessness that a lot of folks are feeling right now. The IRS needs to get their sh*t together and get their story straight. You just can't mess with people like this.
    • I would have to totally agree with you like I have since day 1.
    • This all is a crazy mess! Well, I am hoping we can finally get some answers, thanks @kayla, I filed 1/25, accepted 1/27 with EITC as well as 8863, I'll keep u guys updated.
    • I figured out that a EITC form was sent with my return BLANK I do not qualify for EIC  that form should of never been summited   I have been going crazy wondering what the hell could be wrong I had a simple 1040EZ  I have no kids or education credits to claim   I also was told a letter was sent to me on 2/6 and to call back after 60days , I have no clue if it was postdated or not I also have no clue to what kind of letter,  because they will not tell me when I call.  I was told by the holds department  I have no holds  , I have no offsets and to call the regular hotline number for updates  I have no state taxes  all I do have is withholding and it is a large amount  close to 10k   I will be changing our withholding,  I will NEVER file early again.
    • I forgot to add  ... I ordered my return transcripts on 1/21 and still no  DD
    • Holy crap. You have that big of a refun with no kids? Well I'm not the IRS but that would be a HUGE red flag to me. I think just the sheer amount of your refund is why you are being held up. They probably want to make sure that you are really entitled to that money. I've never heard of one that big without at least some kind of dependents or credits or something. It's probably not that common with them, either, so they want to make sure. I hope I'm not making it sound like I think you are a fraud or something, lol.  Im sure the letter they are referring to is the same 4464c/CP05 that we all got. And I just find it so hard to believe that we are all under review for legitimate reasons. I think they are just stalling because they are way overwhelmed, under-staffed and have no $. I hope this news brings refunds and DDD for all of us who have been waiting so long.
    • So I did decide to call this morning after reading all I read this month. And Apparently nothing has changed and I am still under review. Go figure.
    • Don't lose hope. Things WILL change because they have to. It's just a matter of when. Did they give you any other info like why you are in review? What does that mean? How long will it take? Or was it just, "well sir, I can't see that information so just refer to your letter....blah blah blah" ?  The IRS = THEIRS = THEIR money, not ours.
    • ^^^coinsidence? I think not.
    • I'm in the same boat here! I just called and they said they are checking if my calculations are correct. It's in the error department which I don't understand because I reported the same income every year for the past 10 years with no Independence. I make over 990k year has software firm executive with a W-2 and some what a complicated return. I should of went to a accountant which I didn't since he past away.
    • Still same you are in review we issued CP05 on 2/25. I told her I was issued one on 2/4 never received it. She was like Didn't we just receive your return on 2/4... I'm like you should know that right????? So I told her the dates, and she said we just issued this letter. I asked her how I would know before I called you if someone else didn't already tell me. I really don't care anymore.
    • Since it seems like they want US to keep them up to date on our files, I say we all call in and say, ya we have a DDD for March 5th and see if that works, lol
    • Kayla did u order transcripts
    • same here darryalwhite    I was told one was sent and what day 2/6 and that was it    my refund was less last year and the year before as I took extended vacations  and had less pay ...however i have always gotten a large refund  they go by what you make  and take, take, take and we had the same job for well over 20 years so there should be no red flags .. just the norm    there are no state taxes in Florida ..I really count on this money every year at this time  they eat us alive in taxes all year so we can get a refund  I will be changing my withholding as soon as  I see the accountant.
    • and I got my transcripts today in the mail and they appear to be filled out completely.  I can not find no secret codes or anything-that states I have not got it or when I will get my refund.
    • lol  Kayla  I thought the same thing  for a while " I read on other forums about refunds around 10k "it must be the amount and because I filed early and was accepted 1/28    @ darrylalwhite    on the last line of your transcript where it says ....form 8888 total refund per computer  mine has a 0    I know that is the payment form, is the only line I do not understand why it would have a 0 ?
    • Hmm I am not sure, i am going to have to look into that when I get home.
    • hey Darryl...... in.regards to the info I posted earlier about holds being lifted, I think IT IS true for *most* of us. A lot of people that filed through HRB have logged into their accounts and have seen the processing date change from (1/30-2/7) to yesterday (2/28) meaning that their hold was indeed lifted and now they are back in regular processing (although starting over)  and should have their DD's soon. Unfortunatley I didn't file through HRB so I don't have access to that info for myself but I assume it applies to a great deal of us. Although I would love to have it sooner, even 21 days from now would be better than what I know right now....which is NOTHING! But it does make me feel better that I am seeing evidence of progress with even us lowly 4464ers. I am soooo hoping for a change in WMR tomorrow or Monday. We got chinese food tonight and we put our change on the Buddha statue (a penny for every 1k of our refund) so hopefully Buddah gives us some good luck!
    • I sure hope so Kayla     keeping our fingers crossed
    • Me too, I think Kayla has been my relief through all of this.
    • PLUS, i saw a couple of "review" folks on other threads got their DDD today.
      Not me, but thats somethin!
    • me either. i think it may change thou cuz early this am i was not able to order transcripts but today was able to get my accunt transcripts but not my return transcripts and when i check the wmr it cant find mines,,,,, so i gonna wait til laster this eveningv or tommarrow before i check again
    • Account transcripts don't mean anything, the return one does, but I ordered my return transcript on 2/8 & still no dd date 22 days later...ugh
    • @caleb, I saw this info on another site this morning. I havent rec'd mine yet so I cant check mine but you may want to see how this lines up with your return transcript...

      If you look at your account transcript for the 570 code, that is when you got froze, below that should be a 971 code which will have a date next to it. Count 2 cycles from that date and that is when you will be released. Add 7 more days and around that time you should see an update and/or DD
    • and ps, since 2/8 was almost a month ago, you might need to order a new one to get the 971 code updated.
    • @ kayla i dont see any those codes on my account transcript. What are they listed under?
    also received notice that I am" under review".   I believe it is apparent at this point that the government is stalling our refunds because they simply don't have the funds to pay them.  First of all, we couldn't even file until 1-30 and now everyone is getting reviewed, unless you owe them money, then it seems to process quite nicely.  Along with the astronomic late fees and penalties.  Sure would be nice if they had to pay us late fees and penalties for using our money all year long and then processing and "reviewing" at their convenience.
    • under a 45 day review
    • i received a letter 4883c identity theft for verification!! after waiting 23 days!! i now get the letter!!! i filed 1/31 and have been in processing since, i plan on calling on Monday but i read here that the hold time can be hours!! i am livid!! and so tired of this.
    • i can certainly understand your frustration.  but ive only been on hold for 20 mins max.  and ive called three diff times.  heres the number i called.  800 829 0582.  ext 462.     hope this helps.  we all just want our refunds.
    Under review here! ....Supposedly.
    Sats: Filed 1/31, accepted same day
    HOH, EIC, 2 dependents (new this year)
    no 1099, no edu credit, no schedule c
    Refund $8k

    I'm putting all that so hopefully we can see a corrolation between all of us in "review"

    Also, I've tried to order transcripts 10-12 times but always said it was unavailable.

    I got the letter 4464c on the 11th. Basically says we will contact you within 60 days if we need more information. ie: don't call us, we'll call you.

    WMR, IRS2GO, hotline all say we have received your return and it is being processed, 21 days, blah blah blah.

    Gosh I really *hope* this was just a computer glitch or something stupid.
    • i have 2 dependants.  same as last 5 years.  same w-2 as last year.  same daycare, same employer.  etc.  refund amount over 5k.  i have not gotten a letter.  the guy said i may not get one.  took my phone number and said they would call if needed info.
    • I just saw something interesting on the IRS website, for those of us tha have received a letter (4464c). I've looked at this 3 or 4 times trying to understand it/why/where the **** my refund is.

      Anyway, down at the bottom it shows an example of the CP05 letter that some of us got. If you look closely at the example, it looks a lot different from the one that I received (and yours is prob the same as mine) For one, mine certainly doesn't say "We are holding your refund until we are finished reviewing your tax return."  And in the notes it says yours make look different because each letter is tailored to the individual. There is nothing "tailored" about my letter. It says my, name and SSN at the top, but from there down, its the same as everyone elses.

      I'm just trying to prove the thought that this very well may have been a glitch that gave us all these letters. I may be grasping at straws, but with so much horrible speculation going on I'm just going crazy over here.
    • when did you file and when did you receive your letter/  i have not gotten one yet.  filed the 30th and accepted the 30th.
    • I got mine last week was dated 2/1
    • I was accepted 25th and just found out 2 days ago we are under review I'm upset because wmr should have informed me I had to find out by calling and speaking to a live agent who then told me its under review and thati should receive a letter via mail in 2 wks she couldn't tell me what the letter was for but she said she is guessing its under review bc the system was showing that we would be getting a letter but she said it wouldn't tell her what the letter is regarding....could be months before we see anything
    • accepted 1/28 WMR said still processing till 2/3 then went into being reviewed still have not gotten a letter and didn't call yet since its not in my name just my fiances and im sure they wont talk to me.
    • just got my review letter today dated to be mailed out 02/25
    • whats dated to be mailed out 2/25 the letter and it came early or something else
    • I've already received my DD of my federal refund on 2/8.   The problem I am having is with my state return.  My state is under review.  I got the following message on the NY State refund site.  "We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete.  If you receive correspondence from us you should respond as soon as possible."
    • what number do u call to find out if ur under review?
    • yea i guess it was scheduled to be mailed out the 02/25 but i recieved it early filed 01/10 accepted 01/28 now being reviwed  wmr website still says processing but yea i got the dreaded letter saying im being reviewed
    • it says theywill be done reviewing my return by 04/11! like two months away! sucks!
    • Anyone have the phone number to call to find out if ur being reviewed or not???I'm sure I am filed 1/23,accepted 1/26 been saying it has been received and is being processed ever since!!!!FRUSTRATED...
    • i got a letter yesterday only saying 45 days for the not understand simple return,,,first time in 30years
    • the irs lady told me the same thing tmi that a letter has not been mailed out and i might not get a letter and took down my phone number my return was accepted on 25th
    • same here.
    • Got my letter yesterday. says review has untill 4/11/13 do be done. so wrong and the irs told be it wont take that long so i figure 4/10/13 lol. i hope we all get our returns soon. this is crazy , and the way they are going about this is dumb.. Happy Waiting!!!!
    • Does anyone have the number to the holds dept i called customer service and the rep said she cant tell me anything more than i know about my cp05 letter but im reading post where ppl are able to get a rep to take a look at their return and tell them whats going on
    • the refund holds # is 866-897-3315
    • @spookenfor i just called that number u put up the rep told me that in her system im not under review. i gave her all my info she ask for. is there another number i can call
    • thats the holds dept i taked to them today and they said another dept is holding my refund the examination department their number is 866-970-0177 and the other number wmr says to call is 800-829-0582 ext 327 listed but i can't even get thru that number at all says the call volume is too high call back later.go figure right everyone trying to figure out where their refund is
    • so mine has been on hold for about four or five days now. but suddenly yesterday they put a couple hundred dollars in my account. I'm expecting around 7 grand. I don't really understand what is going on. Still haven't gotten my notice in the mail.
    • @ryan are you sure that wasnt your state return that was deposited in your account?
    • To be honest i have no idea. Looking at my return it matches no possible amounts that could have been at the irs's discretion. The number makes no sense. And being partially paid makes no sense either. So far as i know i paid no state taxes so i wouldn't be eligible for that.

      I scoured the net for the last 3 hours and have not yet come across a similar circumstance.
    • @ Ryan j I have seen people post that the Irs released 250.00 dollars to there account while they were under review.
    • How much money did they put in? I've seen people on here say the same thing and that they do it just to verify your account before direct deposit.
    • Same here... The IRS rep said the 4464c letter was sent out to me, but I never received it! This is a big mess that has to do with congress and nothing to do with us the taxpayers.... This form must buy them more time.
    • I received a partial deposit on 2/13 but WMR says take action and I'm under review ill receive a letter within 30 days. I've been seeing that message since 2/9 and I still haven't seen a letter. I claimed hoh and same 2 dependents for eic that I've been claiming last 3 years.
    • I also have the same MSG for NYS. I also had it last yr. i eventually had to fax in my w-2s. I got my refund about 6 months late!!! But I think it's something with my employer because it happened to many others in our office.
    • Thanks for the numbers. my rtn was accepted on 1/27 and has been processing since then.  I got a letter from the Irs "4883C" and called them and was basicly told I was randomly selected for identity verification.  Was told I would receive refund in 4-6 weeks but probably sooner. Still waiting! This really sucks.
    • Did they give you an number too call for the identity verification
    • If they know you are definately entitled to at least 250.00 bucks, then they should know if you are entitled to ALL of it! Ridiculous!
    • i just found out you can contact what they call tax payers advocate and they will contact the irs to speed up your refund
    • tax payers advocate uses bully methods to speed up your process ... quote unquote ... ther the IRS'S worst nightmare
    • and the IRS has by law 30 days to eaither issue your refund or ask for more info....... so im on here scowering the net finding everything i can about the IRS and the laws.....know your rights !!!...... they will feed you enough bs to keep you from calling back thats why these delays are 60 day and 45 day delays to buy time dont fall for it ....... remember .... the wheel that sqeaks the most  gets the oil..... a well deserved call everyday will not hurt and its not gonna make your return any later...
    • i totally agree, this sqeaky wheel, called 2/20, on 2/21  i was able to order my return transcript,  called 2/21   got my DD date!!!  now all refund links, tt, irs main, irs2go   all have the same info.       

      i was a squeaky wheel who received my well deserved oil!!!
    • way to go britori2003 i hope to hear more of ppl's outcome with huge satisfaction .. me im still sqeakin right along lol
    • way to go britori2003 glad to see the squeaky wheel trick still works hope to hear of more ppl's success with dealing with the ever so unfaithful IRS
    • militarymilitia thanks a bunch!!! thru my brief research and exp im finding that the tt community knows more about whats happening this year than IRS.    still smh.....i hope u get good news soon.  :)
    • i just got off the phone with irs & i was told i was in review randomly & it could take up to 60days...hopefully i will get my refund when expected as the refund tracker said BEFORE MARCH 6!!!! LETS HOPE FOR THE BEST
    • I recieved a letter on the 19th (4464c) but today i am able to order my transcript. is that good news??
    • I ordered transcripts on 2/21  and just got them in the mail today   and everything was listed on them    still no  DD
    • I was told that I was accepted 1/ reaccepted 1/28 another 21 days from that  UGHHH
    • Sorry 2/28
    • Is letter 4464c and cpo5 the same letter??
    • filed 1/29, accepted 1/30, finaly got cp05 letter nothing blah, blah, blah, wtf?? And to make it even better my girlfriend for a 4883c so neither of us have gotten ours yet!!
    • Hey guys alittle update on my refund. I file jan 31. Was in processing limbo for weeks.kept getting your refund is being processed. A dd date wil be given when available.Called Feb 16 told I was under review for identity theft. Called tax advocate Thursday Feb 21 to open a claim for hardship.  They called back Tuesday.I fax my paperwork Wed. Thursday night I was able to order my return transcript. Called the irs this morning I was given a dd date of March 6. Also able to order account transcript today too.Wmr stills says processing but does not have a dd date will be available. Hopefully this date is true. Just want it all over with
    • Thats great! I've been wondering about you as I haven't seen you post lately. I don't really have a hardship so I dont think the tax advocate will help me. Although if this keeps up, I might be singing a different song. Congrats!!
    • I hope you get your refund on time! I hope mines comes soon too.
    • @sexywifey86 thats so great for you!! i also received that ID theft letter and was verified on the 22nd still waiting, but i tell you, your case just proves that they are dragging their feet processing many of these returns and just letting them sit somewhere....unless they are pushed along by some other means. you see that they are able to process these returns quicker but they will not verify them or review them in a much more efficient manner.
    • Thank you. Im trying not to get excited until I actually see the money. @kayla lol something got to many problems this yr. Who isnt randomly chosen for review smh. @aliV1 I really do believe you are right. I dont kno if anything would have happen if I didn't do anything.  I might have been waiting till may like I did last year. Good luck on all your returns.  I will update if and when I see the mula lol
    • Glad something is working for you @Sexywifey86. Haven't seen you around lately.
    • Hey darrylal. So wmr is finally showing my dd date for march 6. I have topic 203 refund may be offset. Damn. One headache after another lol. I hope they dont take my money this year. Last year the  offsets were on there too but I got all my money back. 2 yrs in a row tho. Can I be so lucky?
    • idk. i did my moma taxes as well and she got by last year this year the took 4,000 she owe in taxes....
    • im still not able to order transcripts, ima try again tommarrow.
    • Oh man I hope I get something back. My offsets combined is more than my refund.I was hoping they took it last year. I guess i just I have to wait it out.Hopefully you get a dd soon.
    • Sexywifey were u under review??
    • They told me I was under review when I called on feb 16. I never recieved a letter or informed on wmr. I had to file a hardship with tax advocate. Until today wmr was saying I was being processed. I was under review last year too
    • What about your transcripts? Did u try ordering? I recieved letter 4464c and it said i was under review but didnt need to do anything and if i didnt recieve my refund within 60 days then to call them. but last night i was able to order my return transcript for the first hoping thats good news...
    • I think it is good news. I was able to order my return transcripts thursday andmy account transcript Friday. This morning my wmr change with a dd date. I recieve that letter last year. I got my refund in late may.
    • Oh wow i hope mine doesnt take that long. But im glad u got a dd and i hope u get your money. thanks for your feedback girl.
    • Yeah I don't know, I really don't have a hardship. BUT I think I could make one up lol.
    • my son has not got a letter on anything he  was accept 1/25 ( early) delayed 2/14. was able to order transcripts ( both) on 2/20 and still no dd.
    • Same here.
    • @boodaa how long did it take from when you filed for you to get the letter?
    got my refund yesterday.   a day early.  major kudos to military militia!  he shared the sbbt link and it was on.point.   good luck to everyone else.
    • OH YOU ARE ONE LUCKY PERSON!!! hopefully they will resolve this soon for the rest of us.
    • thanks.  this tax.year is the worst ever.  its painstakingly clear that Irs simply was not ready to roll out a new system especially following the fiscal cliff drama!!    i will keep my fingers crossed for everyone.
    • i filed jan 30th accepted feb 14th still showing in wmr processing wait 21 days. I called several times, i was first told that i  had and identity problem and my return was in the error department, i would have to re filed and put in a ipin, i called turbo tax that toldme to wait cuz once the irs accept it it cant be touch untill they reject it. i call again 3 more times and 3 more times i was told that my taxes had no errors and being processed, but it would take the full 21 days. i called today and was told i had no errors and to wait the 21 days, I call a TA Ms. dabeny and she, looked at my return and stated mines was under review, i told her that im behind on my bills and about to lose my home, she told me i would get a call back by monday.
    • And you haven't received a letter or been given any idea what you are under review for? What a crock!
    • nope. but i called back this evening and the agent said i was not under any reveiw, my return was still being process and it's going to take the full 21 days.
    • where did you call?? what's the number will they help I have been given the same run around one day im fine the other im under review still awaiting a letter I have yet to receive
    • i was in the error deparment but im out now.
    I was to flagged!!!!!!!! I have been pending since 2/13 called last week and according to them they never received my tax info, spoke to another person and they said everything was fine, spoke to a third person saying I was due to receive a letter but the reason unknown to what kind of letter this was. 

    I waited these past weeks and called again because I am unable to track my refund online same message comes up, The person I spoke to said I was picked random for identity theft review and I was mailed a letter on 2/27/13 which I have not received when I asked what code he was unable to tell me. 

    I don't care how long this takes but this scares me!!!! None of my info has changed I filed a simple return only my dependent and no education credits. But hey its random right.?!! Seems that random is very popular. I went crazy trying to find out if I owe anything that might offset and I don't!!! Now its just a waiting game for that darn letter only if I knew what they want I would call them first thing monday morning. 

    And for those that posted about ordering the Refund transcript and getting a DD right away is right but according to the irs person he stated that a transcript doesn't generate until two to three weeks after it has been approved.

    Now leaves me wondering is this a scheme to make people wait until they get more funds to release those funds pending??? 

    This is the government we are talking about cover and cover more and more lies!!!!!!!!

    BTW does any one have the code for the identity theft letter so I can read up on it to what I might need because I don't want to wait till I get it I'm calling monday morning 
    • Which message you are referring too.
    • i have seen were ppl are being asked to complete and id theft affidavit! Complete and submit this form if you are an actual or potential victim of identity theft and would like the IRS to mark your account to identify any questionable activity.
      Check only one of the following two boxes if they apply to your specific situation. (Optional for all filers)
      I am submitting this form in response to a mailed notice or letter from the IRS.
      I am completing this form on behalf of another person, such as a deceased spouse or other deceased relative. You should provide information for the actual or potential victim in Sections A, B, & D.
      Note to all filers: Failure to provide required information on BOTH sides of this form AND clear and legible documentation will delay processing.
      Section A – Reason For Filing This Form (Required for all filers)
      Check only ONE of the following two boxes. You MUST provide the requested description or explanation in the lined area below.
      I am a victim of identity theft AND it is affecting my federal tax records.
      You should check this box if, for example, your attempt to file electronically was rejected because someone had already filed using your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or if you received a notice or correspondence from the IRS indicating someone was otherwise using your number. Provide a short explanation of the problem and how you were made aware of it.
      I have experienced an event involving my personal information that may at some future time affect my federal tax records. You should check this box if you are the victim of non-federal tax related identity theft, such as the misuse of your personal identity information to obtain credit. You should also check this box if no identity theft violation has occurred, but you have experienced an event that could result in identity theft, such as a lost/stolen purse or wallet, home robbery, etc. Briefly describe the identity theft violation(s) and/or the event(s) of concern. Include the date(s) of the incident(s).
    • I called today also and they said that they sent me a letter on JAN 30, the day they first started accepting tax returns. First time I called, they said I was randomly picked for identity theft and to wait 45 days. Today the guy told me what date the letter was sent, to give them 60 days for a through review and he said that they were currently working on it, and everything should be finished by April 1, but it could be sooner. Was also able to order return transcripts on 2/17 and still nothing.
    • on the irs where's my refund it can't find none of my info now
    •   the  link to do it on line
    • Thank you so much for all the info!!!

      They also told me I had to wait 14 days for the letter, and after everything clears its an additional 4 to 6 weeks from the time it clears up hope this is not true and they start counting since the first date on file!!!!!!!!!!
    • i tried verifying my id online and its not allowing me to?????
    • there are two types of identity theft letters one is the 4883c letter that instructs you to call in and get verified the other is a 5071c and that is the letter that allows you to verify who you are online. I received the 4883c and called to verify that i am who i am and that NO i have not had my identity stolen...its as if they are just phucking with us!!!!! after getting verified they tell you its another 4-6 weeks to get a response either your refund or more review.....this is unbelievable.
    • I couldn't verify online so I guess I have to wait for the letter but has anyone had there holds lifted?? That's been under review??
    • i called irs today and was told i would be receiving a letter in a few weeks. i filed on 1/23 and was accepted on 1/30 i have been processing for weeks now with no nothing! so i looked at mt tax return to see what could be the problem and saw that i put one of my children's birthday in wrong1 can this be the reason for the letter just wondering and if so is there anyway i can varify this without getting the letter.
    I also received a letter from my state and I called and was told they needed to verify my withholdings...will this also delay my federal since it was just accepted on 02/14 due to education credits????
    • No your state will process indecent if irs.
    • After all this waiting and not knowing i ordered my transcripts last friday and got them today...SO its says at the top of the letter any minus sign shown below signifies a credit amount and first line account balance -7397.00. so yay there its still the same amount i thought it'd be ,then i skim down about halfway and it says processing date 2/18/2013 so maybe thats when a refund will be processed.There are also dates for other things at bottom.
      exam of tax return 2/1/2013 $0.00
      notices issued 2/18 $0.00
      refund freeze 2/18/2013 $0.00
      earned income credit 4/15/2013 -$5346.00
      credit to your account 4/15/2013 -$2502.00
      w-2 or 1099 withholding 4/15/2013 -$703.00
      tax return filed 2/18/2013 $1154.00
    • @spookenfor it looks like you won't receive a return until April by the dates you mention: credit to your account 4/15! Hope that's not true because that's a bunch of BS
    • I saw over on I got that once u get your transcript, there is an 8 digit code that can help you decipher when you will receive your refund or at least a DDD. For instance if the code says 20130604, 2013 is the year, 06 would be the week from filing and 04 would be the cycle date. So someone with the code 20130604 would expect their refund on or around March 13th if they filed on the 30th. I'm not sure how accurate this is or even if I'm doing it exactly right but if you want to know more, its on the main board at you might have to go back a couple pages to see the post.
    • It is a bunch of bs.i finally got my letter on Saturday and i have to turn in stuff to prove i get the eic and hoh filing i have to send in birth certificates school records doc records and anything else to prove that the kids lived at the same address as me the whole year.and other stupid stuff like recipets for clothing purchased for them and things like that plus rent receipts or mortgage papers utility bills and send it back within 30 days of the letters date 2/18 and then give that atleast 30 days to review it and if its satisfactory they will then issue the i say about 2 months b4 i see my refund.
    • So mine says 20130505 This would me the 5th week from filing and the fifth day right? So March 1st lol???
    • Well I was supposed to get $7753 back for EIC, etc. I got my transcripts in the mail today (still no ddd or refund and it shows that my refund was adjusted to 1862.00 so refund minus the eic. I was told that i would receive a letter as well. Just couldnt tell me when, etc. wth?! I filed 1/25, accepted 1/27. I called the irs and was just told to wait until i got a letter and follow it. They could not tell me when i would get it or what it says. I dont get it. It appears to me that all of the early filers that had EIC on them got pulled for review. what bs!
    • Exactly Darryl. Hopefully its accurate information and you do, indeed get your refund on or around then.
    • Cool Thanks Kayla. SO if this is correct then they put people under review to hold them past the 21 days. Because 3-1 would surely be past that date.
    • My 21 days are up tomorrow or the 25th depending on who u ask, lol. My email says my taxes were accepted 1/31 but  IRS agent says 2/4. Either way, doubt they will be here before 21 days....
    • damn man me too
    filed 2/5 and accepted within 10 minutes..waiting on dd and today checked wmr under review will receive letter...Nothing has changed in past 5 years..
    • That's a quick turnaround penny. I filed the 31st with no updates but the refund being processed . Dd given when available.  Im prettt sure im under reviewtoo but cant get straight answers from anywhere. No letter yet. Hate the waiting game
    i filled on FEB 5 was accepted the same day been processing for 3 weeks now.! now i get a letter stating that im under review 4464c ?! what the duece
      Filed and accepted with deposit date of feb 15th didn't get money date disappeared and now just says processing. Is this possibly because I'm under review.?
      • Ur sa
      • I got a dd date of 2/20 and then mines disappeared also. I called the IRS two days in a row and I think I gave the lady the DD date the first date, and when I called Today I did not give her a correct DD date but she said to me didnt she didnt you call yesterday and was told it would be deposited on 2/20 so far no money in my account so I am crossing my fingers.
      • Check the bank that it goes to. It first goes to the bank (forgot the name) that turbo tax uses & then it takes about 24-48 hours for it to hit your account.
      • Sbbt
      • whats the name of the bank affiliated with tt? they transmit on the weekend
      • Sbbt is there bank I'm sure not if they transmit on weekend
      • thanks
      • Sradair, did you ever get your redund? Because i got a ddd for the 26 on yeaterday and now today it says its processing
      • Was u under review as well
      • Laur31, no i never got a review message. On the 21 i was able to order my transcript for the first time and oN tHe 22 got a ddd for the 26 today on wmr it say that we received  your return and it is being processed. So i dont know what is going on
      • Latonyia yes I got it on the 20th so you should be good to go.
      • Thank you!
      • Thanks I filled on the 25th never got a review letter but that's what the IRS reps r saying idk what's going  on
      has any of you under review received your transcripts? I'm under review too but my transcripts came in the mail today.. Not sure what that means or if it means anything at alll
      • I received my transcripts 2/19. I thought this might have meant we were over the hurdle, I was able to order my sons transcripts but have not received his yet, I just figured he ight be under review.
      • Accepted 2/7: finally this morning I was able to order my return transcript! Now let's see if they give me a DD date by tomorrow
      • i hope the same goes for me!!!  spoke to irs this am, there appears to be an error with the mesg i recd   "being revd".....  its not... just still being processed!   a lot of cimputer glitches!
      • i filed on 1/28 ordered my transcripts 2/6 received a week later with the processing date of 2/18. Thought this was a good sign because i received both transcripts. I received a letter in the mail yesterday dated 2/25 and that im under review for my income, credits claimed and a schedule C. (tho i didnt claim a schedule C). It did also state for me not to take any action at this time. I dont care to wait but i really wish i had a dd. Good luck to everyone.
      • Finally got my DD date of 2/25! Fingers & toes are crossed hoping the WMR is right.
      • te41, were you in review at all? If you don't mind, could you post your stats? Ie: filing date, review? , hoh? eic? congrats on the ddd!!
      • hi, according to wmr website yes.  lol.  according to three diff irs staff including a supv, i wasnt.  there were no flags on my account.   im, hoh, eic, and disb.   student int, early ret wd, home int.     refund over 6k.       filed online feb 5, got accepted feb 10., on or 19, recd  "under review".   and i req. direct dep.
            i hope this helps.
      • Thank you! Well thats great! I'm glad to see that someone who was in "review" is getting some info. And just further proves that there are a lot of us that have been told we were in 'review' who probably really aren't.
      • Today I received part of my refund. I didn't get the money for eic & hoh yet. Wmr status still say take action and that my refund is being reviewed. And I never got a dd so now I'm waiting in a letter or the rest of my refund. Oh and I had talked to a rep from irs earlier this week and she told me I wasn't under review but wmr say I am.
      • even more interesting.....IRS doesnt appear to have integrated all of its computer systems.  WMR launch shouldve been put on hold.  clearly there is something missing.....  Congress is to blame for this crap!!!  They act like princesses and princes.    i think their salaries should be DOCKED for average days of processing.
      • i filed mines and im still under review and still cant order transcripts i got a 4464c for call irs they didnt find any thing wrong with my refund. idk what the heck is going on...
      • I think it was to many returns coming n at once so they just start pulling returns cuz it's like 70% who got reviews,letters etc
      • Sorry for not responding -kayla-bo-bayla: I filed head of household, dependents, student loans, but I'm not eligible for eic. I was told by an IRS rep the 1st time I called that they were holding my refund & the system should update by the end of this week with an update. Then the 2nd IRS rep stated I was under review possible due to my refund amount! I honestly think that this new system that they have is screwing our refunds up & delaying them. I will keep everyone posted on any changes or when I get my deposit! Hoping for this weekend. Oh & I also read people's posting stating that they received their refund however the WMR still states their refunds are being processed.
      • Forgot to add that I filed 2/7 & supposedly accepted the same date! Refund is over 10,000
      • Thats good information though. You are one of the first that I have seen in "review" (if that even means anything) that has at least rec'd a DDD. Our refund is just over 8k and really I think the amount does have a lot to do with it. It seems like evryone I've talked to (except 1) that is in review has a refund over 8k. I filed 1/31, accepted 20 min later but IRS has said they didn't rec'v till 2/4 which is fine. I am thinking positive for next week, I just have a feeling that by the 25th a lot of us will be much happier!
      • They told me id theft from 2010  but im still processing
      • I don't think the amount matters. Mines is close to 5k and I've heard from other people who are under review for more and less amounts. I think it really just boils down to Turbotax sending our forms in too early and the IRS trying to make sure we didn't try to file based off of our last check stub instead of a W2.
      • kayla bo bayla   .... i too had errors on my tax return due to a dependent on my tax return and now under reveiw  my email is please give me updates to how you get any info you get and how obtain it please an ill do the same ide use the turbo tax community if it was available to me on a regular
      • so i still can not get any info omn my transcripts and just heard amended returns and returns that bounced due to errors are the very last to even be looked at
      • Just saw your post militarymilitia. I will keep you updated. Nothing new as of now. Called them yesterday and the guy just said, 'yah you're in review. If we need any info, we will notify you." Great. Thanks guy!
      I got my letter yesterday...lucky me:( I filed on the 25th, was accepted the 27th and I have education credits.
      • I ordered my transcripts today, 2/23, everything went smoothly with that. Hopefully that means I'm off the hook and they're sending my refund sometime soon. In any case, I'll get my transcripts in 5-10 days, so I'll find out what's going on either way.
      • I was able to order my transcripts weeks ago and already got them in the mail. I just received the letter last week saying Im under review and still no refund so unfortunately being able to order transcripts means absolutely nothing. =(
      • I got accepted on the 25th WMR say still processing blah blah. Order transcript two weeks ago and never recieve them call the IRS they said I'm under review also two weeks ago never receive a letter Idk what's going on
      • Hi Laura, i can feel your frustration and empathize with you.  were you able to order your 2012 "return" and or "account"
      • Yes I was able too order both but never receive them
      • Ok I think I have a theory as to when we can expect our $$$ if anyone has rcvd their dd & has a copy of return transcript, Do me a favor look at cycle date posted & tell me the 8 digits lets out my theory to the test
      • I believe mine is like March 1st or 8th. 20130505
      • I received my 4464c letter dated Feb..4. I filed and was accepted on Jan. 28. Told by tax advocate last Thursday I was under review. I received my transcript today and it has 20130705, so what would my possible dd be?? Wmr last checked had tax topic 152.
      • Ok so it's the 7th week from date filed & 05 stands for Thursday
      • Yeah 05 is Thursday 5 is the week so you're bout rite if I looked up an article on irs under cycle definition and saw this info
      • It's just a shame if they would just break it down to ppl they would have wayyyy less calls & put the ppl at ease all we want is answers!!
      • I totally agree. Thanks for the help. I'll be sure to update. They hate their job bout as much as they hate our calls, if not more. Our ease is the last of their worries. Lol.
      • No prob, just hoping I'm right!! Good luck to us all ;)
      • Again this is just my theory from the article I read, but 07 is week from date u accepted & 05 is Thursday  u can go on irs & search cycle definition read it & tell me what u get from it but it breaks it down (yyyywwdd) 8 digit found on transcript year,week,day
      • I searched it but got way to many other things.
      • me too
      • Just post the link here.
      • @ arrbbooker so its the 7th week from you were accepted or the 7th week of the year?
      • Week it was accepted I believe
      • I read it but I don't get it, seems like the dates were getting have passed if you go by the cycle info that link has
      • I am a smart guy very techy and understand most of that bull, but I understood nothing that article said. Most of it sounded like it made no sense. Make me thing further more that the IRS are Idiots lol.
      • @dozierprincess i had the same letter dated the same as yours accepted 1/28 same as you and have 20130705.. idk what 20130705 is.
      • okay i see what 20130705 means, thanks
      • mine is 20130704    *if* the calculations are right mine is set to be released 1 day before yours coffee  March 20th    I was accepted on 2/28
      • oh i sure hope so..
      • My cycle date is 20130504 what date is mine?
      • Believe the 7th. But I think it also reflects the date in which you filed. Not the physical date but week and day of the year you were accepted.
      • @kapameticky     looks like March 6th      OO please come back and let us know
      • Ohh I for sure will! I haven't called them for a couple weeks now, because the last time I called I didn't get any answer at all from them about the CP05 review letter. I was able to order my transcripts though, and that was the cycle date posted on them.. so we will see. Fingers crossed. @darrylawhite   I filed on the 25th of Jan, and was accepted on the 28th.
      • Update: I just received my transcripts, cycle date 20130505. Hopefully I'll have another post Friday...we'll see (fingers crossed)
      Is the 30-60 day time frame from the time you filed or from the date of review letter or what?
      • very good question
      • I received a letter around February 8th and it was dated for February 25th.  It said that my taxes were being reviewed to confirm income, deductions, etc.  It said that I should either receive my refund or receive correspondence from IRS by April 11, 2013.  It also said that I did not need to send in anything.  So this means that it is 45 days from the date on the letter which if you noticed was dated in the future.  I filed on 01/11 and was accepted on 01/24.
      • That's a CP05 letter?
      • Per the rep that I spoke with, the 30-60 days starts from the date on the letter. 60 days for me will be April 8th. Plus last night I noticed an error on my return and no one will tell me if thats what the hold up is. I need to file an amendment but I don't want to screw this up even more!
      • the letter i supposedly received was dated 2/6 I do not know what kind of letter  however I was quoted the 30 to 60 day spill
      • Understanding Your CP05 Notice

        We’re reviewing your tax return to verify the following:
         •Your income
        •The withholding you reported on your income and social security benefits
        •The tax credits you claimed
        •The household help you claimed
        •Your business income
        We’re holding your refund pending the results of our review.

        What you need to do

        You don’t need to take any action at this time. We may contact third parties to verify the information you reported on your return. If you haven’t received your refund or been contacted by us within 45 days from the date of this notice, you can call us at the number provided on your notice.

        You may want to
         •Review this notice with your tax preparer.
        •If you are experiencing economic harm, believe an IRS system or procedure isn’t working as it should, or are seeking help in resolving tax problems that have not been resolved through normal channels, you may be eligible for Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) assistance. You can reach them at 1-877-777-4778 or TTY/TTD 1-800-829-4059.

        Answers to Common Questions

        Why was my return being reviewed?
         While most returns are accepted as filed, some are selected for examination. The IRS examines some federal tax returns to determine if income, expenses, and credits are being reported accurately. The IRS selects returns for examination using various methods which include random sampling, computerized screening, and comparison of information received by the IRS such as Forms W-2 and 1099. Having your return selected for examination does not suggest that you made an error or were dishonest.

        What if I did not file a tax return claiming the items you are questioning and someone else is using my name and social security number?
         Send us a completed and signed Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit. You can download this form online at You can also refer to the IRS Identity Theft resource page for more information.

        Tips for next year

        Review all of your income and withholding documents for completeness and review your return to make sure you are eligible to claim all income, credits and business income that you reported.

        Understanding your notice

        Your notice may look different from the sample because the information contained in your notice is tailored to your situation.

        Notice CP05, Page 1

        Notice CP05, Page 2

        Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 07-Jan-2013

        Printable samples of this notice (PDF)

        Tax publications you may find useful
         •Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer
        •Publication 3498-A, The Examination Process
        •Publication 17, Your Federal Tax Return
        •Find a copy of any necessary tax forms and instructions

        How to get help
         •Call the 1-800 number listed on the top right corner of your notice.
        •Authorize someone (e.g., accountant) to contact the IRS on your behalf using Form 2848.
        •See if you qualify for help from a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.

        Resolve an Issue
         Appealing a Tax Dispute
         Responding to a Notice
         Taxpayer Advocate Service
         Disaster Relief

        Learn About IRS
         Compliance & Enforcement
         Tax Stats, Facts & Figures Information
         Contact Your Local IRS Office
         Contact Us
         More ...

        Work at IRS
         Job Postings
         Equal Employment Opportunity
         Contracting Opportunities

        Get Important Info
         Tax Fraud & Abuse
         Privacy Policy
         Reporting Phishing
         Identity Theft
         No FEAR Act
         Freedom of Information Act
      • I recieved letter 4464c but it says the same thing??... i was able to order a return transcript yesterday
      • I ordered mine last Sunday. Still No ddd.
      How many of you have received a 4883C?
      • i did and called them yesterday they said 6-8weeks for my refund
      • I called today & they said 4-6 weeks, other people were told 2-4 weeks. Wtw?
      • was told I will be getting it but yet to receive it bummer more waiting
      Why does SBTPG keep saying no records found? Any one with this same issue?I had my fees taken out for my federal refund and now for two weeks, it keep saying no records found! For WMR I get no orange bars along with message "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available"

      I am under review or so I was told I was can't be sure with the irs I called twice first rep told me that I should have gotten a cp05 letter and that I  would get it in 2 weeks called 10 mins later 2nd rep didn't mention anything about a cp05 letter kept me on hold for 30 while she looked into my account and came back with quote I guess you will get a letter in 30 days she wasn't sure my whole refund is from the 8863 AOC nobody can tell you anything I need my money now I filed Jan 22nd so did my mom my little brother filed Jan 28th they both had 8863 credits got their refunds on the 26th and 27th of Feb I'm still at:

      Refund Status Results

      Your tax return is still being processed.

      A refund date will be provided when available.


      • The IRS is experiencing heavy traffic on the “Where's My Refund?” feature of the IRS website and IRSgo phone app, resulting in limited availability during busier periods. Please note the following
        •Nine out of 10 taxpayers typically receive refunds in less than 21 days when they use e-file with direct deposit.
        •You don't need to check “Where's My Refund?” more than once a day as IRS systems are only updated once a day, usually overnight.
        •To avoid system delays, the best time to check on refunds is evening and weekends.
        •There is no need to call the IRS about your refund; the telephone service has the same information that is available on “Where’s My Refund?”.
        •More info at's-My-Refund-Tool
      • I just got my return transcripts in the mail got my account transcript  2 weeks ago it says Code 150 Tax Return Filed 3/11/2013 Code 766 Credit to your Account 4/15/2013 $ 1,000 Code 570 Additional accounts action pending 3/12/2013 does anyone know what this means? I filed January 22nd was accepted February 14th because of form 8863 and I still don't have a ddd
      • Oh look we have an IRS Robot in our Thread. Please remove yourself!
      • not me just posting what get when i check sbbt.....
      Anyone have the reference number 1242 on wmr? I filed 2/1 and haven't received any letter. I called the irs they said I will be receiving a letter within 2 weeks its already been a week and I have yet to receive a letter. I had eic but same depedents as last 3 years. I would imagine that if they needed proof of my depedents I would have received that letter by now.
      • yes i do i filed 2/3 and accepted the same day hasnt received a letter and still getting reference code 1242 so upset i just need my money
      • i called the irs, i recieved the same letter stating that i was in review & i called & they stated that if i dont receive another letter in a week or so, that i shoul get my refund still before March 7. I have yet to receive it....I spoke to the rep he says its a good thing if you dont recieve a 2nd letter requesting information you should be getting yo refund on time, but u never know about the IRS, i have heard so many different things, i just need my money deposited between now & March 7th, da hard earned money that i worked hard for
      • This year has definitely taught me to not count on tax refund money for anything because they can pretty much do whatever they want with it. Have either of you received any part of your federal refund
      • i hvent gotten anything....processing
      • I went to the forum on  and there are a couple of CP05 under review filers who have gotten DD days today. One of them filed 3 days before and got the review letter 2 days before I got mine, so I'm hoping I get a DD soon. Haven't recieved a second letter. Everybody hang in there!
      • I haven't even gotten a letter yet my status still says im being reviewed so still not sure what that means
      • I haven't got any kind of letter that I was told I would receive and my wmr still says processing the whole 21 day blabber but no codes. I hope it's not true and I get my dd this week coming up I filed on the 13th but the irs said I didn't start processing till the 18th and I have been told so many different things its crazy one day I'm under review and the next I'm not so confused I was flagged for identity fraud or theft what ever its called
      • call irs 2 days ago about  what is going on, she said should have  gotten a cp05 letter all ready have not recieve one yet.  this is what the irs site is saying.

        This table lists your personal tax information.

        Your Personal
        Tax Data
        Social Security Number

        or IRS Individual Taxpayer
        Identification Number:
        Filing Status:
        Tax Period Ending:
        December 31, 2012
        Your Expected
        Refund Amount:
        Refund Status Results
        Print. Take the survey.

        as you all can tell i am not getting that much of refund.. and my refund amount  just came back after being gone for 2 weeks..  i filed 1/18 accept 1/24 early, delayed 2/14 education credit. order transcripts 2/20. got them in mail on 2/28
        call irs on 3/4 said i should had a cp05 still todau no dd or recieve the letter..
        and no code on the irs status above..  so confuse..
      did u ask if you were under a review...the majority of us here have gotten either a cp05 letter or a letter about identity theft....
      • She basically read what the letter said. she couldnt see anything else on my account but the fact that the letter was mailed out. i dont see whats the difference between cpo5 and 4464c...they basically say the same thing.
      • They told me I was under review,and i got the letter ,but they couldnt tell me why.just that ill recieve my refund by April 11th,now i get it March 7th.
      • estle what did u have to do to get ur refund
      • I agree my bars disappeared last  Monday.  I received the letter 4464c dated feb 22.  I called today and irs stated i have a  hold on my account....have to wait 60  days...smfh...
      • I agree my bars disappeared last  Monday.  I received the letter 4464c dated feb 22.  I called today and irs stated i have a  hold on my account....have to wait 60  days...smfh...
      • nothing but wait ,i called irs and turbo tax ,they just said wait and keep checking WMR.
      • I got my refund date 2 weeks after i got the CPO5 letter ,
      • two weeks after the letter was dated or two weeks after u received it?
      • 2 weeks after i recieved it ,it was on feb, 22nd.
      • Just got off the phone with identity theft hotline they are saying people with out there identity theft pin will take 4-6week's. And those with one wont she also said my return was accepted on 2/22 but tt told me the 20 thank God I have my identity pin 18009084490 to those who just found out u were a victim s this year best number to call
      • where did you get a pin from and what  letter did you recieve
      • I got the pin from a letter that was sent to me before tax season I was a victim of identity theft last year it took me 10months to get my refund last year I didn't receive a letter this year I called because I lost my orange bar and got the same message
      • the irs says im in review how long does this take
      I got email from Turbo Tax for " 1st Notice - Account Debit Pending for TurboTax Fees?"

      Email- sent

      Why, I'm getting this message? My refund of course covers the fee's? Any one else got this e-mail?

      Important Notice: Request for Payment 
      Balance Due: $67.65
      Due Date: 3/29/2013
      Order #: *******


      When you filed your 2012 tax return, you chose to use the Refund Processing Service. This service allowed you to pay for the TurboTax services (listed below) by deducting these fees from your expected federal tax refund, instead of using a credit card.

      However, our records indicate that your refund, after adjustment, was insufficient to pay the amount of these fees. Although we have no way of knowing, the IRS may have adjusted your refund to satisfy existing debts including child support, back taxes, student loans and state taxes, among other reasons. Because you were not able to take advantage of the Refund Processing Service, you will not be charged the Refund Processing Service fee. Your remaining fees for TurboTax services sum to a balance of $67.65 due to Intuit by 3/29/2013.

      For your convenience, there are three easy ways to pay for your TurboTax fees and services:

      1. Do Nothing. When you signed up for the Refund Processing Service, you provided us with your bank account information and consented to allowing Intuit (through its processor) to debit your bank account in the event the final refund was not sufficient to cover the fees for TurboTax products and services (listed below). Therefore, if you elect not to pay online or by phone by 3/26/2013, we will automatically debit your bank account ending in 7939 in the amount of $67.65 on 3/29/2013.
      2. Pay Online using your credit card @
      3. Call 1-888-808-1723 to pay by phone using your credit card (Sunday through Saturday, 5:00 am – 9:00 pm PST)

      Your Order Number: ********ShippedDescriptionAmount1TURBOTAX ONLINE DELUXE TY2012 PREP$29.991TURBOTAX ONLINE STATE CT TY2012 PREP$36.99 Sales Tax$0.67 Shipping/Handling$0.00 TOTAL$67.65


      Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have questions about this balance due, or how to pay, please contact us at 1-888-808-1723.

      Thank You,


      Bob Meighan 
      Vice President, TurboTax

      This message was sent to inform you of a critical matter. Please note that if you have chosen not to receive marketing messages from Intuit, that choice applies only to promotional materials. You will continue to receive critical notifications that are legally required or could affect your service or software.

      This message was sent to the following address: *******

      If you receive an e-mail message that appears to come from Intuit but that you suspect is a phishing e-mail, please forward it immediately to Please visit for additional security information.

      Please DO NOT REPLY to this e-mail. If you have any questions or comments, you may visit to contact a representative.

      © 2013 Intuit Inc. All rights reserved. Intuit, the Intuit logo, TurboTax, the TurboTax checkmark design and Quicken, among others, are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other parties logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

      Intuit Inc., Customer Communications, 2800 E. Commerce Center Place, Tucson, AZ 85706


      • Turbo tax usually sends this out after so much time has pass. I got this last year while I was under review.  They assume we didnt get a refund or something happen so they wanted to get paid. I think it was after a month maybe month and a half. They took it out of my checking account
      • Oh okay. It been 33 day already. With status on WMR no orange bars, just a message Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available
      • You should be good. A lot of people thought their refund was offset or reduced cause of this. I thought this too last year lol but then again I had an offset so I figure they were right. Hope u get answers soon
      • I got the same message today. I called the 1-800 and they were not very helpful. They said that the bank is now not going to deduct fees from our check once they get it. So we are responsible for the amount due now, not when we get our refund. They said they will be taking it from my checking account, because we gave them access when we gave our bank info. What I don't understand is I seen on TurboTax that if the refund was declined for any reason they would not charge fees, how can they charge me now when I haven't got an answer if it was approved or denied. They know I haven't recieved my refund and they are at no help to figuring out why. This is the first time I have ever used TurboTax and will be the last. I filed my taxes on the 23 accepted on the 28 of Jan. and no one from TurboTax or the IRS can tell me why I was put in review. Everyone that I personally know has recieved their refund (none of them used TurboTax) and they all filed after me. I would like to know if anyone who was accepted on the 28 of Jan has recieved any information on their taxes.
      • I called they said since i'm over the 30 day market it's a automatic message that there system sends. If my refund comes before the 29th then I'll get charge processing fee. If not, they will deduct 67.65 from my checking account and when the fund arrive,they won't charge me for the processing fee by then. I don't owe nothing actually. I did call the IRS and verified. I also know this for fact I do not owe since i'm always up to date. I'm expecting refund over 10k
      • I woke up this morning to a DDD of 3/8. I filed 1/28 and received a CP05.
      Was told by a live person who today. It takes 30-40 days from the date of your letter to get a return I was accepted on 28th of January and now I won't get anything back till April.
      • I think we all knew that >.>
      • Hey guys just updating. So I finally got my money. March 6 dd. Sbbt recieve it the 5th and as of midnight pst it is in my usaa account. Timeline.  Filed 31. Processing until the 16. Told I was under review. Filed a hardship on the 21st. Advocate called on 26. Fax paperwork on the 27th. Wmr updated on sat with dd for march 6. Best of luck guys
      • Did u recieve a letter saying u were under review??
      • Never got a letter. Wmr also never said I was being reviewed
      Mine said processing and now it has this...what does it mean?

      We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then
      • mines still say processing?????? i called and mines was in error department. i call back and i was told to give it the full 21 days
      • Yea I moved
      • that has to be why because i moved also and im under review
      • Idk!! Their just finding anything I flag people and not pay anyone I still haven't receive the second letter that they need more information I turn in everything this is bs!!!
      Refund Status Results

      We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.

      Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.

      Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

        Similar questions other people found helpful: