Form 8863 - REFUND HELP !!!!!!!!!

I filed early this year and had an acceptance date of 1/25/13 . Up until yesterday i had the screen that said my refund was processing and I should recieve my refund within 21days but now im getting this message (PLEASE HELP)
Your tax return is still being processed.
A refund date will be provided when available.

Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

Please Note:

For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • ours is the same exact thing
  • You file form 8863, same date as you, no dd, system down this morning
  • same here cant order transcripts need for fafsa and student loans
  • so you got a dd today, that is nice mine was accepted on 1/24 and still no dd
  • mine was accepted on thhe 1/24 too no dd and no transcripts either :(
  • Me too. Filed on 1/16  accepted on 1/24 with 8863 no DDD.  Congrats to all who are getting a DDD.
  • Mine is saying the same thing!! The bar that  had the three steps and now that is gone? Is your bar gone to?
  • I filed 2/6 still have nothing. When I file for transcripts it tells me my information doesn't match but I've checked it 300x over and it does match. Anyone else have this issue
  • I had thhe bar for about 6 days and now its gone ... idk what's going on iam soo frustrated and confused !!
  • same here too, filed Jan 15, accepted early on Jan 25, form 8863. Have the same message as you now. No DD date, cant order transcripts either.
  • Education refunds were not being accepted till 2/15/13. Per the IRS.GOV website.
  • sorry 2/14/13
  • How do you get a transcript?
  • Google irs transcript request. Link should pop up
  • What does ordering a transcript do please tell me
  • @beyonce - it just asks the irs to send to a completed approved copy of your tax return and it is used for filing fafsa or other things that require official copies - if you can order a return transcript for this year it means your return has finished processing people are using it to see if their returns are done
  • I wish that people would come back on here to let us know when they have ddd - i am sure there are more people with dds but they seem to have disappeared over the last couple days.
  • Hi everyone the actual precessing for form 8863 started on  feb.14,2013
    anytime before your going to get an error sorry.
  • Thanks captain obvious
  • So if you can't order for this year it means its still proccessing
  • Usually, but not always. Hit or miss
  • I have to wonder if the people that are getting DD that were accepted on the 24,25,26 are being processed in a different location then the other ones of us that still seem stuck and not moving forward....  that is the only reason that I can think we are still in holding and not moving.  Or I have to wonder if we are claiming additional credits besides just the educational credits if that is making us proceed with a furher review.  TT really caused a huge mess for us this year.  I am going back to HR Block next year.
  • My was accpected on saturday at midnight and I am getting my refund on the 22 I CANTTTT WAAAIIITTT
  • its Monday and still same ol WMR   accepted 1-25    and still waiting..
  • I am calling irs this morning just to see. Accepted Jan 24th. I will be cordial
  • i filed the 24th an accepted the 26th but i had the 8863 form but it still has nothing. the accepted came from tt, an tt says ill have my money by the 19th  but the irs doesnt have crap
  • @skreis - i saw on another board on friday that all the 8863 forms were either sent to the dallas or kc processing centers to get them out of errors they said that they were almost done with KC and hoped to finish DAllas on monday - i think that i was in dallas bc my status changes a day or two after everyone elses but still waiting make sure you check your bank account as well - the  irs told me that it can be sent out and wmr might not be updated
  • i hope that is true because my status on saturday when i check the wmr and it gave that message that message.
  • Thank you for the information.  I am really stressing because I have until March1st to be able to file my daughters FAFSA form for her financial aid.  Her FA office said that I can file the FAFSA form but they will not accept it until I use the transfer tool or provide them with an IRS tax transcript.  TT has been horrible this year - this whole situation has caused me so much stress and worry. This is my first daughter going to school - she has earned straight A's and been a wonderful student and now I may lose financial aid for her because of TT and the IRS.  Shame what a Shame!
  • Same here no dd date and can't order transcripts I've been prayin and cryin for my money bcuz we all really need our money I got laid off my job I'm assuming bcuz the company didnt rec their taxes either and laid off 12 people. I wish the government could read these posts and see how bad they r hurtin the poor but hey they still wouldn't care bcuz they all got money and don't have to depend on tax money like the rest of us but there's a God that sit high and look low they better pray non of them ever lose their jobs, money or anything like that bcuz I don't think a rich person can handle shit like this they b ready to kill themselves and their family
  • I wonder .. I was accepted 2/14/2013 - I had the 8863 problem like others - When I go to WMR I have a box that says "Refund Accepted" "Refund Approved" and "Refund Sent" - the only thing on mine is the Refund Accepted... is that normal? They seem to be taking forever this year for some reason.
  • @karenginj  yes that's normal next in a few days the bar will go away and it will just say u will rec a dd date when it bcomes avail then u gone b waitin and waitin like us all just get ready 2 have a lot of patients
  • My return was accepted on 1/30/2013. Still no DD date. I was, however, able to order a transcript this morning. So, I wonder if it is still processing???
  • when i check WMR, it says there is no info, or that i must have gotten my info wrong. WTH does that mean????  It's like we never even filed.....grrrrr
  • I filed on the 8th and  my DD day is the 21st.. I hope that helps..
  • @Beyonce @christianbabe Regarding the transcript request, you can call the IRS and have them fax it to you instantly if you need it right away. I called and requested mine and was able to receive the transcript via fax while I was still on the phone with their representative. Best wishes to you both!
  • Did you have form 8863? I filed on 1/12 got an email saying it was accepted 1/25. Then got an email form TT alerting me of the hold up with the education credit. As of 2/14 my status bar went away and now it just says I will be provided a date when available. TT is still saying I will receive my refund by 2/19, but something says this is wrong.
  • yes, I know of 2 people that did their returns in Jan. and its still saying that nothing matches the records. 1 called the irs and they basically told her to wait!
  • @allen - how is that possible - i am still waiting and i was accepted on 1/26/2013 i need my money now! I will be evicted next week without it - i am so ticked off
  • they were not accepting the form 8863 till feb 14 so you will probably have to wait for 21 days from the 14th of feb
  • because they weren't accepting returns with form 8863 TILL FEB 14TH SO YOUR REFUND WILL BE AVAILBLE 21 DAYS FROM THE 14TH
  • I efiled with 8893 on 2/13 and was accepted on 2/14. WMR says:

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.
  • irs is not closed today - I called this am - they are working
  • @kevan i get that but why is someone who filed weeks after me getting their refund now - TT screwed up and sent the returns early had they not i could have filed without the ed credit which gave me only 172.00 and would have my money now I am packing up my house and getting ready for eviction which is more likely to come than my tax refund in the next week.
  • what is the deadline for direct deposit this week on the Feb 22nd? when do you typically have to have your returns accepted by? My was accepted on the 14th at 11:00 pm, but on the IRS site, it shows received, not accepted. But in my past experience I know it typically just gives you a refund date once it goes through and skip the whole accepted bar, But anyone actually know the cut off time for this Friday's deposit, if there is one.
  • Mine was accepted on the 15 and the bar was there saying accepted now its gone it says 152 then it said to call a number that they listed if I need help and to tell them reference number 9001 I dont know what that means and it also said something about not having any info on my return for 4 weeks
  • I just tried calling it said they are closed for the holiday what number did you call?
  • I am not sure what to do at this point. I have used tt for years never had issues like this. How do i get ahold of anyone from tt? I need some help bad I have a custody battle going on and need to retain a lawyer for march HELP
  • Okay.. So called irs and getting awesome rep and after talking with him. He combed and verified all info with me (my kids, ssn's, dob's, address, etc.) everything on my return, including the amounts of AGI, refund. He did verify I was actually received 1/24, not 1/25 he said. Verified several error codes on there and could not discover what they were. He was limited in knowledge of 8863 problems, said that appears why I am in error resolutions dept. he advised today is day 25 in there, have 10 more at maximum to get out.. He said my return was in Andover service center errors dept. he didn't know of exact timeframe, but told me, "your near the end, should be done very soon" Sry took so long, he literally wanted to read every line of my return and verify with me what I had based off of my paperwork to ensure accuracy. I did and no problems with that. So long story short, they are still in process of breaking us all out of irs jail, aka errors dept as he called it. Said should be very soon..and they have 10 days left to have me out of there
  • at least you got accepted mine still say pending . i filed jan 24th
  • turbotax should refund us all
  • I filed on 2/4/2013 and had the form 8863 inlcuded but I still have not been accepted. anybody else in the same boat as me?
  • I filed on the 8th also i go on wmr and the bar is still on refund accepted i have no dd date or nothing. really getting fustrated
  • Don't pack, have faith. God is always an on time God!
  • @christianbabe Dont pack, have faith! God is always an on time God!
  • you will need to make sure that you did not receive a notice from TurboTax stating your return was rejected. Then try the self help methods from the IRS. For example "Where's my refund", the App "IRS2Go" from your phone, or the refund hotline 800-829-1954. Also keep in mind today 2-18-2013 is a federal holiday.
  • ME TO
  • @kevinbolduc they are not closed. I called 1-800-829-1040 and got my answers. It may take a bit because of a high wait time.
  • OK... thought the phone lines are open most of us are off. they have a skelton crew that came in to get overtime.
  • @derekarduino what kind of answer did they give you?
  • no.. its not closed for the holiday
  • I never did say they were closed... I said keep in mind that today is a FEDERAL HOlIDAY. For most of us we took off they did allow people to come in and get 8 hours on the phone. They are not fully staffed and call times will be longer that usual. Here will be there standard responce.
    Caller: Where's My Refund?
    IRS: May I ask when you filed?
    Caller: Jan 15, 2013.
    IRS: Though you sent your return in on Jan 15. we did not start proccessing return until Jan 30.
    Caller: Oh...
    IRS: Normal processing time for an electronic return is 21 days, we are asking all tax payers to please allow 21 days for normal processing
  • I called the regular number this am
  • not closed, but only working on half staff because those are the people wanting overtime. the rest of them are at home.
  • "Has anyone witht the 8863 form received their DD date?"
  • I just checked tt site bcuz everyone on here keep sayin they have a dd date already I filed on 1/14 accepted 1/24 wmr still says I will get a dd date when it bcomes avail and still can't order my transcript. But when I just went into tt site it says I should rec my money as of 2/19 which is 2morrow so I definitely will keep u guys posted and my fingers crossed
  • @shayshayhall1 where on TT does it say that. Mine says accepted and thats it.
  • Mine says the same thing ... my DD date on TT says on or before the 19th of february and the irs site states will give dd as soon as one is available and I am not able to order a transcript ... today is a holiday so I am wondering if I won't see a dd date till tomorrow or if I will actually receive my refund in my account......
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  • I will be looking for your post too :), I am not pleased with this year's IRS performance.  I ordered my transcript, and my taxes were accepted the next day, hitting might close to the glorified under "21" mark, not pleased..
  • @sdt - that is completely uncalled for - why don't you use yours to buy some manners
  • Why would you say things like that is that where you came from and if not its probably because you couldn't make it it's for the strong not just smarts
  • Our return was accepted the 26th of Jan, however we still dont have a DDD. IRS says still processing, but TT has a date of Feb 19. I'm not sure when we will ever get it.
  • i was just told by an IRS lady that this form began processing the *15th* and to expect it 7-21 days from that date, not TT date or acceptance date. She also said if there were errors it would show on the WMR site.
  • missa5 I am in the exact same boat. Really hoping we will wake up tomorrow to some fat returns in our bank accounts but I think thats more just wishful thinking.
  • I was accepted on 26 jan as well and have yet to hear anything. TT shows refund before 19 feb but I highly doubt it because of this education credit bull. Just really frustrated right now. Wish I had legit answers.
  • They are closed, I tried calling a few min ago closed!
  • @jub they are open i just got chewed out and hung up on
  • what is wmr  site?
  • ok....I just got off the phone wih irs, had to hold over an hour, but spoke with a very nice agent that took about 45 minute with me on the phone.
    Was told that since my return has form 8863 AND was ACCEPTED prior to Jan 30th, that is WAS in errors dept. But, that it is being processed now, and the processing started on Feb 14th, I have to give 21 days from Feb 14th, BUT she said it was beong worked and that from what she has seen, the refunds should be issued out within 5 days if EFILED. she said because of a financial situation that I have causing me to need my refund by Feb 26th, she could put me in with a tax advocate, BUT that wouold take 7 days to have them contact me and that I should have my refund by then.
    She said the WMR bars have gone due to being sent to the errors dept, but I should see that update sometime tomorrow or Wed. since my return was being worked on. so, all of us early accepted form 8863 filers should at least see an update by the end of this week, maybe even have a refund. She said my return has been processing for 2 days now. They are not processing today she said.
  • Thanks jakenmichelle! Sounds like you got the only nice person at the IRS. Lol Hopefully they are getting all of us early filers out of the errors dept so we can have our refund soon.
  • so in other words, my return went from processing to errors - great just great
  • tax advocates will not do anything until the 21st day
  • correct, I also called the tax advocate myself and they said they could not help without documented proof of your hardship.  21 days from the 30th they could assign an advocate. ( even with form 8863) BUT... if you efiled and are already being processed, they cant do anything.
    @christianbabe- if you have form 8863, and was accepted early- you were a "test return" so it went to processing, hit the glitch because of form 8863, went to errors dept, waited until Feb 14th, and sould be back processing now, should see an update on WMR this week.
  • @jakenmichelle, you said the rep told you your status on WMR will update tomorrow or Wednesday because it's being worked on and then you said she didn't assign you to a tax advocate because you should have your refund by the time they contact you. If your refund isn't being worked by a tax advocate how come she said you should your status change on WMR?
  • my refund is being processed by the irs refunds dept, not a tax advocate, tax advocates help possibly speed up processing if you have a financial hardship.
    It would take up to 7 days to assign me to a tax advocate because of my hardship, but she stated by the time the advocate contact me, I should have my refund because it is laready being processed. She did not assign me to an advocate.
  • after 21 days, anyone can request a tax advocate if you can prove a hardship, but if our return is already being processed an advocate cannot help you. They can only help speed up processing if your return has not yet been sent for processing.
  • Great!! So it sounds like this applies to everyone who claimed education credits. Thank for the info!! It's sad that most of the IRS reps rude. You're lucky to get one of the nicer experienced ones. You can tell that some of the IRS reps were just hired to help during the peak season, yours sounded like she may have worked at the IRS for a while.
  • She was very nice, stayed on the phone with me for a long time, put me on hold several times while she reasearched.She answered all my questions.
    All education credits  filed under form 8863 were held up until Feb 14th. If you filed early and was ACCEPTED before Jan 28th, then your return most likely went to errors dept, and has sat there until they started processing form 8863 on Feb 14th.  
    SUCKS!!! But hopefully this week we will be out of this mess!
  • @ sdt81, I have been coming on this site for the past week, this is my first thing responding to ignorance because I love the lord and this keeps for from engaging in ignorance. I'm a single parent of three, I work full-time and I hold an AABA, BBA and an MBA with a specialization in health care management. My 19 year old son is in college and we do not qualify for assistant with tuition, so I depend upon things like my income tax to fill in financial gaps. Burdens are burdens regardless of what a person situation is, you must remember you have no right, power or morale compass to judge someone. Since you are so smart, what do my degree acronyms stand for?
  • I have a ddd of 2/22 i woke up yesterday 2/17 with the date i filed on 1/10 accepted 1/24 and i just made my own post on the home page look for my username mzcharrell
  • IRS are opened today. Spoke to someone today about my returns but like most are saying we have to wait 21 days from the 14th of February if you filed the 8863 form.
  • @honey = like post. A few more acronyms from me for sdt81...B.S., J.D. w/ license, and MPA. Three toddlers and spouse in school. Comments like @std81 show ignorance and are for trolling only.
  • At christy mines just says accepted also but I went tommy email back when tt said sent a email sayin u're refund has been accepted. Click on check current efile status, then it will send u to tt off to the right there's 2 boxes click on the 1st box and click on see when you'll get u're refund. Then click on the 1st blue line in the sentence that says sign into my turbo tax. Once u sign in click on track my refund and it will tell u when they think u should rec u're money. Hope that helps Christy let me no.
  • mvccstudent: WMR stands for Wheres my refund.  Go here:'s-My-Refund-It's-Quick,-Easy,-and-Secure.  

    It is the website from the IRS that you can check the status of your refund.
  • it says the same thing when i go to wmr. my bar is gone as well. has anyone found out why the bar is missing?
  • did you file form 8863?
    I was told today that when the wmr bars are missing it means tht your return was sent to errors dept.
  • turbotax is not the reason for the delay in acceptance. If you would have checked the IRS website, they were having problems with new software, that is the cause of the delay. It makes no difference how or where you file.
  • I filed on 1/18 got accepted on 1/24/13 and mine still says processing.
  • same messages
  • @honey1106 u said a mouth full that's just why sdt81 haven't responded back he's nothing but the adversary it's people like them that loose their teeth bcuz people like me would knock them rite out. A hole now go craw under a rock and u no what freakin loser
  • Its funny cause one said that the irs stated that when the bar is gone means that a persons tax refund has been sent to the errors deparmtment and I called last week and they told me that there was nothing wrong with mine no flags no issues and to wait the 21 days .... hhmmmm makes a person think a little bit
  • Oh and yes I had the bars and now I do not ....
  • You guys are great, I had to take a stand against cyber bullying...@ shayshay, he didn't respond did he? I pray for people like him, that's how we get into heaven's gates....
  • Turbo tax says accepted on the 26th for mine as well and I still do not have a refund date...getting a bit grumpy since I paid for all the bells and whistles of this program...wont be doing that again
  • i called this morning and they told me there was a system delay and to give them 30 more days... smh, they are stressing me because my return had been excepted on since the 25th of january
  • I was accepted on the 26 and turbo tax is not showing me anything.
  • If you filed form 8863, your return was not accepted until 2/14/13.
  • A lot of us were accepted early and got lost and now we are in the error department. It took them a while to find us. So yes we were accepted before 2-14
  • It's bothering me that my cousin went an filed week before last with the 8863 that couldn't be processed until 2/14 and her DDd Is 2/21 and friend went last week and her DDd is 2/20 I filed before the 1/22 and I'm getting nothing but processing or your info is incorrect I give up ????
  • Well I know now it updates at 10pm central time. I locked myself out so I could see when it changes and no change!
  • Did you get a ddd
  • Thank you so much jakenmichelle! That was super helpful! :)
  • I was locked out of wmr also at 8:30pm and now at 11:40 pm EST it is letting me back in, still no change!!!!!
  • I locked myself out at like 6pm. Finally let me back in at 10:30 but I didn't try at 10. No change, no transcripts. NADDA
  • this was very helpful.
  • If anyone would like to know, I just got an update from a very helpful IRS agent. I really didn't have to say much because she asked one question and was off to the races with information. This is what she told me....any returns with form 8863 that were filed early all went into a hold queue and now they have to work themselves back out and re-entered into the system. She went on to say that there is no systematic order for this process and the computer does all of the work. Since form 8863 was not accepted until the 14th of february, the process will take 21 days from that day. Alot of your names are new so this will probably be the first time you've seen my post so I'll also add that from the very beginning, I received an e-mail stating that it would take a while for this process to complete. I became hopeful a few days ago when some of the first group of people on this site began to get dd dates but now I've lost that momentary rush. For those of you who waited and filed on the 14th of this month, your wait may not be that long but for those of us that filed early, we will see a few changes here and there but she said that this will take time. I could find reasons to be mad at everybody right now but there's no use.There was no way for our tax preparers to know that this form would be delayed. The announcement did not come out until January 30, 2013. I have sat on this darn computer and watched all types of things get said. Some are useful, some are helpful, and some are harmful. Some are truthful and some are nothing but lies. There will be an update tonight and hopefully alot of us will be in that batch.
  • Helpful very
  • I called the reject hotline to make sure my return was straight...I filed on the 21th and accepted on the 25th, ed credits..... and pretty much got the same return is good and i have to wait 21 days from the 14th.
  • Thank you soooo much for this update lesaj42.  I'm in the batch of people who filed early and I am glad I came across your post because I was looking for the number to call these people.  This is very frustrating to say the least, but as you mentioned it solves nothing getting mad and raging on.  I just hope the information you were given is close to accurate and I will continue to do as you do and keep watch on WMR and on TT blogs. Hopefully we will all receive our refunds soon.  Crossing fingers for us all.
  • Google the phone number to accounts management dept... that's what i did and that lady gave me some very helpful info. Calling that other number and pressing ext 362 or 462  or whatever wont get you no where.
  • What did they say? Pls share... My mom is in hospice really need my money
  • lesaj42, what number did you call?  I have yet to get anywhere with any rep I get to. They wont even look me up, and the last one I spoke to told me to call back this Thursday.
  • Thank you lesaj42 for the info!!
  • GM to all it is 6:18 am est. was able to order my transcript this morning and I am a 8863..... Please try and order your transcript.....
  • No luck.

    A transcript is not available for the year you have requested. Please complete Form 4506-T or contact us at 800-829-1040.
  • How do you order transcripts
  • SO were you early accepted?
  • II still can't order my transcripts. Accepted 01/25 and dd will be given when avail. This is maddening.
  • Still can't order transcript. Still processing message and for first time tho, my amount is now missing in my status?!?!
  • That has also happened to be my amount is missing and i know have the 152 tax topic again.
  • People have been saying that few days after disappearing, ddd shows up. I hope they're right
  • I pray that's the truth because my refund amount is missing as well.
  • is wmr down for you guys or is it just me?
  • My retun was accepted on the 24th of January (i was lucky accepted early even with education credits so I was told by the IRS cust service rep)  There is such a back log because the system handling these credits was not up and running.  He also told me that the 21 days is from the day they finish processing the return not the day you were accepted.   He gave me a estimated dd date of 2nd week in March.
  • my refund amount is also missing from the same old wmr message today.
  • mine was this morning as well and now I can't even check. If you try calling the IRS they say due to high call volumes they can't take my call at this time.
  • I was accepted on the 24th as well - my WMR states the same message with Refund Topic 152 and my refund amount has disappeared.  I am not sure if this is good or not but the next few days should tell us
  • Someone spoke with an IRS rep who said if you see topic 152 and the amount is gone, its good bc that means they are finalizing your return!
  • today my status changed to having the topic 152 under it but my refund amount is still there.  Does that mean anything??
  • I dont know. It could be along the same lines. I am in the same boat.
  • @arhodes When did you file?
  • I had the following but my information was still to the right side of the screen (refund #, SS#, etc).  

        We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

        You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.
        Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.

        Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

            Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

        I called and talked to 2 people and they basically told me the same thing, however I liked the second person better.  I was told that my return was received and began processing on the 18th, however TT told me it was accepted and received by the IRS on the 14th.  The weird thing is that on the 14th I was able to pull up all of my info on the WMR and it showed received and processing by the IRS.  I am going to have to call TT about this.  When I asked both ladies about the tax topic 152 the first one said that she did not know what it was and that was it, however the second lady that I talked to was Ms Griffin said that it had not been bounced out of processing so far due to errors or anything.  She also told me that she was not sure why the topic was popping up, but it does not sound like it is something that I should be concerned about because it is still showing the refund info to the side.  One other thing that she did tell me was that because I was in the early stage of processing there is not much she could tell me other then that I have not been bounced out of processing thus far due to errors or anything, and that I should keep an eye on WMR.  Unlike the first lady Ms Griffin did not try to blow smoke up my a$$ with the education credit delay script that we are all very aware of.  

        I do also know that a couple of times when I tried to order transcripts and check WMR the page crashed.  I don't know if that is because the website was overloaded or if it because I was trying to do it from my kindle instead of my Mac book, however trying it from the kindle was never a problem before.  One last thing that I asked about is that if you have the ability to order both a return transcript and an account transcript you are fully processed and should see a deposit soon barring any other issues such as offsets.  If an offset is most likely to occur one would know about it or can easily find out about by calling 1-800-304-3107.  I did have to tell her what the WMR issue was and that I did not even know if they received my return because I did not get an email from TT and she asked me if I remember what day I filed and I told her no.  She then replied well we should look to make sure we even got the return.  A little white lie can go a long way if you are nice and get someone that actually wants to do his or her job.

        So basically I am in the same boat as the rest of you, I just want to get my refund so I can pay off my school balance so my school will send me my masters and a copy of my official transcripts that I finished in January.  One good thing for me is that I am only eligible for the lifetime learning credit and should not have to deal with the AOC problems just announced today.  I also checked my form and everything that is checked should be checked.  I am hoping for a DD of next week, but patience is not my greatest virtue right now.  I do feel a little better to know that the tax topic 152 thing is probably nothing to worry about and that I have begun to process.  Slowly we will most likely begin to see progress.

        PS I called the 1-800-829-0582 ext 462 and had less than a 7-minute wait on hold.
  • I filed on Jan. 25th.  I was pending until 2/14 though.  Someone at the IRS had to tell my return was rejected around 1/27th due to having education credits. TT never gave me any notification.  When I called them they did admit that they had my return and would retransmit.  It is weird because when I pull up my copy of my tax return from TT it says it was transmitted on 2/7.  I know I got accepted around 7am per TT refund tracker and efile history.. they didn't send the email about acceptance until 1030.  I have heard other people state it means that you are at the end of processing.  A lot of people that called have gotten ddd of 2/25.
  • Refund amount gone, flied 1/18, accepted 1/26, Topic 152.................hope this means something good (fingers crossed)
  • they were not accepting them till jan 30th so you may have to refile. I know other people that had to because they filed their return too early
  • Has wmr shut down on anyone?
  • it wont let me on and i have not been on three times either.  Maybe they are updating early??
  • Was just able to order transcripts! Still processing though. I updated at 10pm central time. filed 1/17 accepted 1/24 was stuck in Error resolution and got out today. Anyone know how long after you can order that the money comes?
  • ok so we filed on jan15 and asked for ourss taxes to be dd we have been checking back and it said we  where going to get a paper check is any one eles having this promblem our taxes was suppose to be dd on feb19 instead we got your check is being mailed out ... what the hell ! we are so mad with turbo tax !! is anyone elese getting the same info?
  • I just got off the phone after a 30 min hold and was told since there's education credits on there the 21 days starts from the 14th :( I mean if Congress had to go through what we're going through right now this wouldn't be happening at all.
  • @rockchick I think that is the generic message they are telling people. There are people reporting that they have already received a DDD.
  • Still no DD here, still unable to order transcripts. I have been told so many things. Guess my refund will be here sometime by spring. Got to sign off here and figure out what I am going to do to pay a big bill by Feb 27.
    So annoyed and dissapointed!!
  • same here filed 24th accepted 26th same message refund provided when available called irs yesterday said there should be a update by the end of the week today they wont tell me anything pissed off too
  • I got a blue 152 bar this morning and was able to order my transcript. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  • Well I called yesterday, and the lady I talked to told me they show mine as being received on 2/20... yesterday... so does that mean that is when it left the error resolution dept...? possibly?  and I was able to order a transcript this morning, so is that good, has someone who ordered their transcript got a DDD?
  • Usually you get your DD the day or 2 after you can order transcripts
  • I got that message to call a number with an extension off the iphone app... so I called it and the lady I spoke with was very nice .... she had to put me on hold a couple of times while she checked into my status of my refund and when she got back to me she stated that it would be sent february 26 next tuesday.... I couldn't beleive it .... I sure hope she is right with that date :)  I am one of the many who filed early back around January 15 and TT stated I was accepted on January 24th.... I was also one of the many who filed the educational credit from 8863..  the refunds are coming... shouldn't be much longer
  • I have spoken to two IRS reps this week that stated I was processing and I should have information shortly.  I finally broke down because I need my tax transcript and I called a tax advocate - she looked at my case and said that I am STILL sitting in the error que and that I have not moved.  She assigned me a case number and said that someone should contact me within 3 business days to provide me with an update.  I am so frustrated and discouraged.  I honestly think that I am going to change my W4 so next year I file and get back $5.00.  This is just crazy!  At this point I dont think I will EVER see a refund or a TRANSCRIPT!
  • I was part of the early accepts - accepted Jan 24th and have not moved since!
  • I just spoke to IRS. The rep I spoke with told me that any one who filed the 8863 will be delayed even further. Apparently there was another crash last week and now the IRS is looking at 21-45 days turn around from 14 February acceptance date. I filled 10 January and she stated that they are doing manual inputs and it is on a "first come, first served bases." So those people who did file early will be taking care of first. She also commented on the "rumors" and "misguided" information put on blogs. Don't trust everything you read, was her advise. Be patient and understand they ARE trying to do everything possible to get us our refunds. Whether or not her information is true, there is one thing that is certain. Patience will be a virtue we will all learn to acquire this tax season. Getting yourself worked up is pointless for it will not do anything but give us all un needed stress.
  • @deepr...makes sense (for everyone, though) considering this Quick alert I received about half an hour ago...

    "Subject:  Unscheduled Downtime - Modernized e-File (MeF) Production System

    The Modernized e-File system is experiencing delays in generating acknowledgements that requires the IRS to bring the production system down for a period of time. Effective at 7:00 pm, Eastern tonight, please refrain from accessing the MeF production system to transmit submissions, get acknowledgements, retrieve state submissions, send state acknowledgements or submit any other service requests. We will issue a QuickAlert when the MeF production system is operational again and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused."
  • Turbo Tax should of warned people of this huge delay. Turbo Tax kept their mouths shut and had people complete their taxes early so they'd get their money and have us thinking we'll get our return in 7 to 10 days.  Congress. the IRS, and Turbo Tax all tick me off!
  • I understand...I'm irritated too!!  I've used TT for over a decade, and I've always "filed early", only meaning that I completed my return as soon as the IRS had the forms ready and TT had their software ready.....and I have to say, the IRS has never had this many problems.  I wish there would have been a way to just reject us ones that got caught and stuck before they (the IRS) announced their problem, then we could of at least had the chance to refile without the form (or any of the affected forms)....I know I wouldn't have taken that route because I had to do an amended return once and it takes too long....but some people would have and I think folks wouldn't be so upset if they had at least had the choice instead of the IRS just putting us all in some lala-digi-land place until FEB14

    Here is the link to the newest "Quick Alert" info...I just got the email as I was typing this post....
  • Until today when i tried to order my transcripts it would just say my address did not match any records. Now it makes it to the page where i can choose an account or refund record and what year. when i select that it just goes to a page saying "Technical Difficulties", i hope this is just a page issue and my refund is finally being processed, Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Call the 1800 number.  It did the same thing to me and when I called I was finally able to use my current address and was able to order my return transcript :)
  • I was able to order my transcript this morning also so there's a light at the end of the tunnel!
  • OK guys! I have been following this thread religiously with the same problem! HAVE FAITH! I called 2/20 the IRS lady she just received them. WHAT?! next day I ordered my transcripts successfully. TODAY 2/22 I have a DDD of 2/26!!! SO hang tight people the money is coming!
  • Did anyone get some crazy email about how your fed return was adjusted down to the point where TT couldnt take the fees? It caused me to go into a damn panic at work and I called the IRS IMMEDIATELY and this awesome rep Ms Glover (ID#1866394) who had me read the email to her and when I did she immediately checked my return and asked the amount I expected when I told her she stated that there is 0 adjustments made to my return, no owing anyone and that I needed to contact TT and that my DDD was 2/27 with my 8836. This situation has now gotten beyond crazy with TT
  • SAME HERE! OMG!! I had a heart attack!!!! Called and found out that its all ok, its just a notice they sent out because the IRS didnt deposit our refunds when TT anticipated.( due to the delays)
    I have a DDD of 02/27 also with form 8863.
  • No because I probably would have committed murder, but I'm glad everything is ok :)
  • Hey all have some good news! I was an early filer a well with 8863, I had seen nothing until yesterday when I was able to order my transcript then this morning unlike and NO DD DATE!!!... BUT... I called the hotline and have a DD date of 2/27 so if u can order transcripts n see no DD date a day or 2 later on the website try calling I think the website is just overloaded or something so there is hope!
  • I was accepted 1/24, and had an 8863 but obviously, as everyone else, didn't actually sart processing until 2/14
  • Same thing.  Early filer with an 8863.  WMR still show's an error, does not even acknowledge they have my refund, but I called the hotline today and got a DDD of 2/27!
  • I filed my taxes 8 days ago through Turbo Tax. They said the IRS would accept or reject my return within 48 hours.  It still says "pending".  Thus, I finally called Turbo Tax today (Sunday 2/24). Website said the wait time was less thna 5 minutes. After waiting on hold for 45 MINUTES someone finally answered the phone.  I was told my delay now was not my my Educator Expenses (that Form began to accepted by the IRS since 2/14 is what I was told today by Turbo Tax).Turbo tax perspn "Brittany" said my return is now being delayed due to Form 5695 Residential Energy Credits.  The IRS will not begin accepting returns that have used Form 5695 until late Feb. to early March. MY COMMENT  IS WHEN TURBO TAX TELLS IT'S PAYING CUSTOMERS THEIR RETURN WILL BE ACCEPTED OR REJECTED BY THE IRS WITHIN 48 HOURS OF FILING TAXES THROUGH TURBO TAX AND THERE IS A DELAY WHY DOESN'T TURBO TAX SEND OUT AND EMAIL STATING THERE IS A DELAY AND WHY.  BRITTANY KNEW WHY MY RETURN WAS BEING DELAYED AFTER LOOKING AT MY ACCOUNT. YOU WOULD THINK TURBO TAX WOULD HAVE AN AUTOMATED EMAIL NOTIFICATION SYSTEM IN PLACE TO ADVISE PEOPLE OF DELAYS VS. HAVING PEOPLE WAITING AND WONDERING WHAT IS GOING ON AND THEN HAVING TO CONTACT TURBO TAX (AND WAIT ON HOLD  40 MINUTES  LONGER THAT THEY ORGINALLY WERE TOLD THEY HAD TO WAIT.  VERY DISAPPOINTING TURBO TAX. I have used Turbo Tax for probably 10 years.  This is the worst experience I've ever had.  If I was running Turbo Tax I would make it a priorty that all customers who have experienced a delay due to the IRS screw-ups/delays would be provided an automated email stating the following: 1. There is a delay in your return being accepted by the IRS. 2. This is the reason(s) why.  This is common sense and proper business practice to do that Turbo Tax management.  What if you were waiting on a package from UPS or Fed Ex and it was supposed to be delivered in 48 hours.and it was now over a week late with no explaination.  Wouldn't you want to know what the delay was and when the package was going to finally be delivered?
  • Rooster- I could not agree with you more!! I am so angry with TT. This last month has been a horrible experience. I understand the government is the main issue, however, I do not understand how come TT has not taken better care of their paying customers. The crap that has been happening through out this process has been so stressful. Seriously, Rooster, TT should totally be taking better care of us!
  • Well i filed early, and it's been way past 21 days and still nothing soo your nice lady is wrong...
I have been reading and have noticed that people will get this message and then tomorrow on the next system update there will be a direct deposit date. Hope this helps! Good Luck!
  • i hope so we shall see tomorrow
  • not true - i have had message for several days now
  • had this message since friday
  • same here, have had this message for a few days now.
  • 2/17 still no DD : (. do not know if they will be updating tonight sense no is working in the irs . so might see somethingTuesday..
  • I lost the bar last Sunday and was accepted on the 24th.  Still processing now!
  • I heard they were working today, the call center is open.
  • what number do you have?
  • I need to call I need some help an the number I called said there closed
  • 1-800-829-1040 & 1-877-777-4778
  • I am on phone with them now. 1800-829-1040
  • I am on hold with them also.
  • Omg!!! I have been on hold for 45 minutes with the IRS. I have had 2 ppl come on. One said what can I help you with? Can you look at my tax return and she put me back on hold. 20 minutes later another came on and asked if I owed any money. I said no and she put me ack on hold. That was 10 minutes ago!!! These people suck!
  • lol me to been on hold for 30 min so far
  • They are. Open being their normal rude selves not helpful at all
  • I just spoke with someone at the IRS who refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor after she told me that I am on day 20 from being accepted and to call back next monday. WTF. I never mentioned to her that I had form 8863 and neither did she when I asked what was the hold up. She said she doesn't know what the hold up was. She verified my name, address, ssn, dob, my child's name, her dob, and my filing status yet she had no idea what was going on. That there were no errors or flags on my return.  I didn't want to hear the generic response by telling her I had the 8863 and if she really wanted to know she could have looked it up. I am going to file a complaint on her although she started if off nice she began. To yell at me once I demanded to speak with a supervisor since she didn't have any answers. Sorry you guys I really hoped that I had some good news to share.
  • What was your reason for calling?
  • To see where my refund was
  • I didn't even get that far on the phone. The extremely RUDE woman I got refused to even look up my information. Flat out said if it wasn't 21 days then she wasn't going to look. I will never, ever fall for this file early crap again. Turbo Tax should refund everyone their money.
  • What number did you use? I tried calling the number that had an extension, and it said they were closed due to the holiday.
  • 1-800-829-1040
  • I don't think you guys are getting the bigger picture. This is not the Co we filed with fault. This is our government. Most of us filed before our Government wanted to disclose the delay. Those that filed after the 30th were informed of the delay. The anger and frustration needs to be at our government. President Obama and congress took forever to decide on the fiscal cliff. It was their responsibility to keep us informed. We have a horrible governmental system. Its incredibly corrupt and does not pay mind to any of the people. IRS processes our taxes not TT or HR Block or any other service.
  • Well good luck to everyone cause I filed my return with the IRS and was accepted and that was Feb 06, 2013. Now it's saying that I should get my refund deposited into my account by Feb 21, 2013. But it's also saying that my refund could be reduced due to owing either child support, owing another state or unemployment compensation that was received through fraud. Which I do not owe anything to anyone. So I'm looking to get my full refund.
  • I also checked the State Department of finance and they are saying that my state refund is being reviewed and i should get my state return within 60 to 90 days. WTF!!!! And if I get any correspondence from them, I should respond as soon as possible. WTF!!!! If it's not one thing is another! Now why would the Federal be accepted and I get my refund without any problems and then the State start acting up??? It's not my fault that the STATE don't have the money to pay out to all the tax payers! While working, the State took out all the necessary taxes with no problems and now when it's time to refund it back, they try to find some bs to hold the refunds up. WHAT NEXT!!!????
  • not president Obama - the Republicans i will never vote for another republican again - they are the ones who were holding us up to help their rich buddies - now my kids will be on the streets so that some rich person can have a few more dollars
  • It is a holiday, I am surprised you got through at all
  • lol... @christian
  • i could order my transcripts does that mean i will get my return soon??????still says no dd yet
  • Dpogirl yes that means money is coming
  • Dpogirl when did you file and when were you accepted? I still can't order a transcript, but I was accepted 2-14 (filed 2-8). I am going to try every day and keep seeing. Hopefully, I get it soon!
  • still nothing hailey filled the 31st jan accepted on feb 10th
  • it finally let me order a transcript yesterday is that good
  • I got a ddd today of 2/25.  I haven't ordered transcripts.  I had the topic 152 under my status though.
  • @arhodes13 did you attempt to order transcripts?
  • no I haven't.  my college usually lets me send in a copy of my 1040 that I sign when I had to verify my information.  I decided that if they wanted the official ones I would order it than.
  • Let me add on on as I have posted this once before in hopes that maybe it will give others hope:
    I got that message to call a number with an extension off the iphone app... so I called it and the lady I spoke with was very nice .... she had to put me on hold a couple of times while she checked into my status of my refund and when she got back to me she stated that it would be sent february 26 next tuesday.... I couldn't beleive it .... I sure hope she is right with that date :)  I am one of the many who filed early back around January 15 and TT stated I was accepted on January 24th.... I was also one of the many who filed the educational credit from 8863..  the refunds are coming... shouldn't be much longer
  • @Jbeesley can you order transcripts?
  • Great news!!!! Filed 1-10. Accepted 1-24. Delayed bcuz of 8863. This morning updated on WMR and 800#. DDD is 2/26!!! Called my bank (BB&T) and it is already at the bank as a pending deposit that will post on the 26th!!!! Ordered transcript on 2-21. Like everyone else I started getting the tax topic and deposit amt missing on Monday 2-18.
  • Yes u should have a Dd date in a day or 2, but don't freak out if Indiana on the website CALL the where's t refund line, I believe it is updated quicker! I had no DD date online but when I called they said 2/27 so it is a good sign!!!
  • I was an early filer with an 8863.  WMR still show's an error, does not even acknowledge they have my refund, but I called the hotline today and got a DDD of 2/27!
Ok so I filed 1/10, accepted 1/25 and IHave the 8863 form and I just got off the phone with the IRS after being on hold for almost 2hrs...I was told that although we filed early and they did not start processing untilt 1/30, most of our returns sat longer, like mines which sat until 2/7, but after checking my emails i remembered that i tried to take the education credit off and refile and it was rejected that day also!  I just became more on edge due to the fact I may be the reason why my refund has delayed.....but at the same time it was rejected due to them already having the first return and maybe that pushed it through...but in any event, I was told to call back Friday if there wasnt a change and that someone can go into my acount since the call center thats open doesnt have access to the Errors Departments' info.  We are mostly all in the errors department and are still being processing.  My 21 days ends on the 28th and i pray that was the last phone call into them about my return. PRAYERS GOING UP FOR EVEYONE!
  • I filed on January 10th (yes a month and a half ago) and it was accepted the next day.  Now I am getting the same message as everyone else, still being processed.  Sort of frustrating, my fiance filed weeks after I did and has already gotten her DD.  Of course she didn't use form 8863 - but still, annoying
  • Im having this same exact issue. I filed on Jan 27 accepted on 2/14. I did receive the message Topic 152. They removed the 21day processing message and now they are telling me to call and mention reference #9001. I did file the 8863. This is so aggravating.. Dont know wht to expect.
  • If you filed your return and claimed education credits the earliest date your return would have been accepted from the IRS is Feb 14., 2013. the acceptance you received from Jan 10th or 11th was from TurboTax, not the IRS.
  • No that's not correct, the IRS site even said it was accepted.  Again I filed much earlier than most people and so it's quite possible that they stopped accepting at some point after mine.  I even had the bars screen on the wheres my refund site that said it was accepted and processing.
  • I will say this to you again, I know first hand they did not accept any returns until JAN. 30, 2013.
  • I think they were accepted, just not processed
  • Does anyone know when the IRS updates the WMR site?
  • their website says usually overnight, I have found that it changes between 3-6am est.
  • I did several tax returns for friends and family in early mid January they were all accepted prior to the 25th and had their refunds on 1/31 and 2/1 but I am the only one that had the education credits :(
  • Is wmr working today 2/18/2013?
FINALLY spoke to someone and got some actual info on my refund!!! I was accepted on the 24th but delayed due to education credit... So I called and called and called and finally got through just to wait on hold for over 20 minutes. But then I spoke to a really nice lady who told me some much needed info.

She said that NO ONE who was accepted early was actually processed early, so those of us who thought we would get our DD early because we were part of the test batch were very wrong. She said that EVERYONE who's return was ACCEPTED on or before 1/30 should have a DD date of 2/20 or earlier.

I told her that I was part of the group that had their returns held for processing until the 14th because of the education credit, and she told me that they go based on the date of ACCEPTANCE, so everyone's date of acceptance will be AT LEAST the 30th. NO EARLIER.

SO she said they have up to 21 days to release the refunds from the day of ACCEPTANCE, and everyone who was ACCEPTED on or BEFORE 1/30 is considered accepted on the 30th and has an estimated DD date of 2/20. She said the best thing to do is to just add 21 days to the date your return was accepted and that is your projected DD date. She said it could always come sooner, but that should be the latest it would get there.

She also said that the WMR site is so overwhelmed with everyone checking it multiple times a day, and calling constantly, that it has actually crashed a few times. She told me the site gets updated ONCE A DAY overnight (between 3am-6am EST) so as long as you check it AFTER 6am EST you will have the most updated info and there is NO NEED to continue to check it. It will only be updated that ONE TIME per day.

She also told me they are doing DD every day and that the DD happen at 2pm EST and at midnight EST. She said those are the ONLY 2 times that DD go out.

That's all I know for now. I will admit that I'm really getting agitated thought because I just checked WMR for the first time today and it STILL has the same darn message that it's had since the 14th!!!! I sure would LOVE to at least see a date at this point. I have serious doubts that my DD will be there in 2 days when I can't even seem to get a date. *sigh*
Refund Status Results

Your tax return is still being processed.

A refund date will be provided when available.

  • I find this hard to believe also since that DD is just two days away. But I do hope and pray that's true. Thanks for sharing.
  • i do not think we will get dd for the 20th i think on the 20th will get a ddd
  • Tomorrow is 21 days from the 30th. lol So some huge miracle will happen tomorrow?
  • @my2babies Thanks for that info.  I was told the same thing and basically to call back after the 20th. Since it typically takes at least 4 days from getting a dd I doubt we'll see any results.  I'm hoping because right now my fafsa is in jeopardy because of this delay. I've kept so quiet when it comes to this issue but I'm at a boiling point that I'm very much thinking of taking this issue much further than the forums and phone calls
  • Of course it won't.  That's just a way to try to get us to stop asking questions.  I'd deal with it if we were kept informed somehow but we're just getting ignored or given the run around.  That's the frustrating part.  When the 20th comes I can't wait to hear the new excuse
  • They will then say you have to wait until 21 days from the 14th which is march 7th and to call back then.
  • when you get ACCEPTED on a wed. morning you should get your return the next week on fri aNy time after it takes up to two weeks unless there is something holding them
I find it very disappointing that we have to compare the stories we're being told and come up with a conclusion from all of it. This process has me so frustrated all the way from Congress and their inability to make decisions without constantly pushing them aside to the irs and their lack of an efficient IT dept to TT not following proper direction and not holding returns until rhe 30th all so they could make sure they get money.
    Still no change in my refund status. Still no DD date or actual refund. Still can't get any answers from anyone. I'm really scared now. If I don't get my refund BEFORE the 27th, we will be homeless. I have been patient, polite, and tried really hard to be understanding about the whole thing. But this is just to much now. Full blown panic has now officially set in.
    • I'm with u on that!
    • @My2Babies9806, have you tried getting in touch with your local tax advocate? It might be worth a try to explain to them what you have going on, but I would call NOW.....Hope that helps.....
    • This is the first I've heard of a tax advocate. I'm going to look into it. Thanks.
    Well on WMR it tells me they can't find my information.So I decided to call them and checked the ivr. It tells me my refund will be sent to my bank on 2/25 I filed on 1/30 and it was accepted on 2/14 because of form 8863
      I have been following this blog for a while and I must say it has been most HELPFUL! (this is my first post) A lot of my questions had been answered and has helped me to ease my mind. Hopefully I can do the same thing for somebody else. OKAY...I was an early filer, return accepted January 25th, stayed in processing status until---- February 15th then went to "we are still processing your return, a refund date will be provided when avail" ------around------ February 19th status chg to "we are still processing your return, a refund date will be provided when avail" but included Tax Topic 152...--------(in reading blogs, this means that your refund has been thru error dept and is ready to be filed)...on-------- February 20 I was able to order tax transcripts and also (for those financial aid students) use the irs link to process my fafsa app------- and on February 21st around 4:00 in the morning (yes I was a wmr stalker) I received a refund date of February 26th....IN THAT ORDER! If you are one of the early filers and your status is going thru similar steps, rest assured you will recieve your refund soon. Good's been a long, hard road but God is awesome!  In no way do I believe Turbo Tax is at fault for any of the delays; rather the IRS faced many processing issues and delays and changes due to the changes made by congress. I myself was upset and was in a financial bind but I continued to pray for speedy results. BE BLESSED!
      • education credits (form 8863) and one dependent
      I woke up this morning and I HAVE A DD DATE!!!!!!!

      Refund Status Results

      Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 26, 2013.

      If your refund is not credited to your account by March 3, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

      Thank you Lord!!!! I need it by the 27th and I'm set to get it the day before. God id good. Hang in there, everyone!!! The dates are coming!!!!
      • I am so happy to FINALLY have a DDD!!!! I filed 1/15, accepted (TT) 1/24, form 8863. I had the Tax topic 152 all day yesterday and I woke up to find out that my DDD date is 2/26! THANK YOU GOD!!! I pray everyone else gets their DDD SOON!!!
      • I'm so happy for you all. I was finally able to order transcripts today so I'm praying my dd shows soon. It's truly been a journey.
      • Accepted 1/25, able to order transcripts this morning, called irs because my refund amount had disappeared off of WMR, they gave me a DD date for 2/27
      The "Where's My Refund" system crashed last week due to too many people checking on their refunds. the website is now asking people to only check once every 24 hours to avoid server overload.  Since the 8863 forms were just updated and released on 2/14, I would expect that the earliest any of us will receive a DD would be early March.  They need to verify each return filed to make sure that all the information is there.

      Personally, I'm just crossing my fingers that Turbotax did ask for all the information needed so it doesn't get delayed further.  This was my first time claiming the educational credit and I'm not so sure I would claim it again. Well played, IRS. Well played. LOL

      • no there are some that have dds already and most returns are processed in about eight days we will have our refunds this week - not march
      • I'm waiting i know that ours is coming this week wit a DD DATE if not Monday or tue then one day this week finally a light at the end of the road
      • @shan when did you file, when were you accepted - i filed on the 22nd and was accepted on 1/26/2013 - i am seeing some 1/23 with dds so we should be soon
      • I filed on the 01/16 got rejected on 1/24 because I enter the wrong number for my son ssn and then fixed it on 1/24 resubmit it and was accepted on 01/26
      • I called and two agents told me nun about a review they will tell u in letter or send a direct message on the wmr site to let u know u are under review because you under review doesn't mean we are
      • @christianbabe, do you mnd me asking if your refund will be sent to SBBT first? The IRS told me also to look for my refund by Feb 20th, just wondering if that means it will be sent to SBBT then. Can't remember how long it takes for that bank to release funds.
      • @jakenmichelle - no i only filed my federal return and used the free edition - i have to wait to file my state returns until i get my federal refund to pay for fees - not that it will matter i owe both states anyway :(
      I have had that same "new" status for 3 days now and no DD for me.
      • I just got up and checked. Accepted 1/25 and had new message change yesterday. No dd update for me yet :-(
      • Still same bs date when avail message... I'm becoming beyond frustrated... Go on your shit irs
      • I have had that same message since yesterday too was hoping some type of change this morning guess we will have to see what tomorrow morning brings
      • Mine also went to this message yesterday.  I am still unable to order a tax return transcript. I filed on the 16 was accepted early on the 25th.  I do have form 8863.  I do owe the state some money, and they were notified on the 4th of February that they would be getting it.  My WMR says "your refund is still being processed, a DDD will be given when available".  Hopefully all this ends soon!
      • I believe after studying many of these types of post this message was gotten mostly by those people who filed form 8863, it appears that it is the IRS way of finally acknowledging those with form 8863, or other processing delay  forms, and it means that you can estimate  7-10 from the date your status first change from (received/ being processed) to - (still processing DD date when available) then you will see an actual DD date posted.
      • Because these form were not updated when you filed the IRS may have received your tax forms but could not accurately  process your forms until they were sure the forms were up to date, but because they Feb/14 is the date these form are supposed to be updated the IRS is just letting you know hey we haven't forgotten you, and we are still working to settle your refund. They may have actually gotten these form ready earlier than first stated as we all know the IRS likes to give estimated dates for things they are responsible for handling which is why some people who returns contained the forms may have already gotten their refunds. But the confusion and delay of the forms has cause a backlog in these type of forms therefore some people have been waiting longer.
      • I have had this status since 2/3, 2 days after we filed and still do as of today, no DD for us but was able to order refund transcript so hopefully means something is happening.
      • how do you order a transcript ?
      • Just google irs transcript and the link pops up
      • When i called to order a transcript it wouldnt let me order my most current tax year transcripts
      • I am so frustrated! I filed on Jan. 27th. I had a bar and now nothing. I just want my money. And like most of you, I need to file my fafsa so I need a transcript.  OMG!!! This year has been a nightmare!
      • I agree Mechele I dont even have that education form. I was accepted on 27th and still been processing with a bar for 2 weeks
      • I was told it could be 21 days from the 14th of FEB. and to be patient is what they told me and they also told me that the people who filed early would be the ones who would get there refunds first which I don't believe....
      • I'm getting fed up with both Federal and State! All tax payers need to start writing our congress and President to let them know what we are going through trying to get our refunds.
      • this is scaring the sh%^ out of me... HAS ANYONE received their refund yet???????????
      • If any one had a form 8863 the IRS did not even consider looking at your taxes until Feb 14. They clearly made this known that it does not matter if you or a professional establishment did your taxes they will not be looked at until Feb 14. After that it will be 24-48 hours before they accept/reject your taxes, if accepted up to 21 days to receive a direct deposit or 4-6 weeks in the mail.  Normally if you get the message Topic 152 or 125 what ever the number is means that you someone has requested to intercept your taxes for reason which you will receive after you have received your refund.  It would not have been a wise thing for anyone to think that they were going to get taxes back before the beginning of march if you had a form 8863.  Sorry guys but that is the way the cookie has crumbled!
      • Tax Topic 152 =
      • what does intercept mean? I am not exactly understanding what you are trying to say?
      • sounded to me like they were saying someone was trying to get part of your refund, like a lein, normally you are notified of this, i had a medical bill put a lein on my refund last year, they goot their $1300 right out of my refund, i knew they were doing this though.
      i filed early and then they were accepted on the 24th until today they were pending still now it keeps telling me i entered the info wrong :( ugh 
      • Same here flipper. Website was down for me but phone says dd date will be determined later
      • Locked out
      • Mine said accepted and processing, now it says cant find info. Maybe they are updating the dd dates?
      • that's what I'm getting as of midday today
      • Locked out
      • Hey guys just wanted to update. All night last night I couldn't check. As if 12:15 am I got a ddd. 1/10 filed, accepted 1/25 ddd of 2/22
      • No update for me. Same ol bs. No transcript, no ddd, filed 1/11, accepted 1/25
      • @lexeysmommy - how long did you have that message?
      • Since monday
      • Same here, called IRS Saturday, no holds, no flags, no letter, just 8863 delay
      • So if I filed on feb 5 it was accepeted feb 5. Does anyone know an esitamte of when I shud receive my money ?
      • if 8863 then the estimate is 21 days from the day of acceptance so around the 26th but could be up to the 6th of march
      • I called the IRS and was told the same thing - no hold - no flags just processing call back 21 days from the 14th?
      • Anyone wonder how they calculate the twenty-one days...the MWR doesn't post the accepted date when you log it stands to reason they can figure whatever date they want...the only accepted date you have comes from TT or which ever company you used.  The IRS doesn't continue to show what date when you would think with all the updates they could have added the actually date they recv and it would show up everytime you logged in...just food for thought...I am wishing everyone luck...we file 1/29 and accepted on 2/14 and of course still processing...nothing new there...
      • From what I can see there is no logical time frame when we will get our refunds. Some people who were accepted on the 14th have a dd date and some who were accepted prior to the 14th are still processing... Ugh....
      • Lol! What that said.
      I filed early and was accepted early, before 1/30.  My status has consistently been "processing" because of form 8863 delay.  I just checked the IRS website a few minutes ago and it said refund approved and will be sent to my bank on 2/22., finally!!!
      • Just got my DD too!
      • that is nice i checked about an hour ago and they said still processing and mine was accepted on 1/25
      • @beachtinker I was accepted on the 25th too. you should be getting yours tomorrow maybe!
      • when exactly were you approved/received?
      • @foxxy do you have a dd
      • I am becoming soooooo frustrated! Although I am happy to see some people are getting their money, it ispissing me off that I filed 1/10, accepted 1/24 and still NO DD AND NO TRANSCRIPTS! This is so crazy I juat want to cry and scream all at the same damn time! F************!lolol
      • Does the IRS process returns on Sunday?
      • their website says the best times to check are evenings and weekends.
      • Everything is computers so I would think yes it does process
      • I hear you telishalh! I am ready to start bawling!!  I was excepted 1/26, I am so frustrated that I can not get any answers? I have been patient long enough. I will never use turbotax ever again! I hate the anticipation!! Like everyone else I NEED MY REFUND like yesterday!! Geeeezzzzz--
      • I feel all of u, I also filed 1/14 accepted 1/24 bars went away and says a dd date will b avail when ready and still can't order a transcript like wtf really, now I'm wondering if I will b able to order 2morrow I'm just prayin we all c a dd date 2morrow bcuz it seems we all got accepted around the same damn time
      • I filed 1/24, accepted 1/26, (with Educational Credits), return accepted on wmr site until a couple days ago.. bar disappeared with notice of refund still processing refund date provided when available.. STILL WAITING
      • you may have to refile because they weren't accepting returns till 1/30
      I filed on 1/11 got accepted on 1/25 and have been waiting. I finally called the IRS and they said they have no record at all of my return and that i need to resubmit it. I finally got a hold of someone on Turbo Tax and they said the same thing. Even though my status on tt says accepted Turbo Tax has no record of my return being sent or accepted. If I were any of you in the same boat i would start calling. I also filed the education credit. That is why I waited so long to call because i knew they were not processing those until the 14th of February.
      • Wow!!! That sucks. i would be Piss off too.. so sorry to hear that.. Good luck
      • Been checking for days, accepted 01/25 with 8863 form, since 14 says processing, been checking all morning with no change and can not order transcript Just checked WMR 5 minutes ago and says
         We cannot provide any information about your refund. Be sure to:

        verify your filing date;
        check with your tax preparer or tax software provider; or
        verify you received your electronically filed acknowledgement e-mail.

        Okay, now
      • I'm seeing this happen a lot in the last few hours, maybe the system is crashing from so many inquires. Idk... hope it straitens back soon. I was just getting my hopes up that I might see a DDD soon, but now it doesn't even show in the system.
      • I'm getting the same msg now also
      • I filed on 2/4 with a 8863 form included, and i know they did not start accepting those returns until 2/14, but i have not even gotten my return accepted yet! Has this happened to anyone else? WMR on the irs website isnt even showing my information yet.
      • I filed on 2/8 with 8863 and still pending also! IRS still has no record for my return. Im in the same boat nate.
      • I would call TT about your returns.  They released a notice around the 14th that stated that they would send returns in the order they received.  That you could have pending status due the IRS being backlogged and taking the earlier filers first.  While they are backlogged for the most part it is a computer that will accept or reject your return.  As far as I know the IRS is saying that you will get accepted within 24 to 48 hours after your return was transmitted.  I would make sure that TT is still not holding onto your return.
      • Ok.... Update. Returns with form 8863 were in fact rejected and resubmitted for processing. Go figure. Only good news is it a "possibility " that DDD will start showing this week. IRS agent didn't say anything else. If you call ask to be sent to accounting dept
      • On hold now waiting for someone to pick up .....the number for  IRS Accounts Management is 1-800-829-0922. I was trying to get threw to talk to someone on the other number...But they said due to high volume of calls i would have to call Back ...then ...they hang up on you. So when i saw what you post..I looked up the IRS Accounts Management  phone number.
      • Hopefully they will tell u more info
      This is just so frustrating.  Had a long talk with TT tonight and not only do they say this is the irs' s fault but I wasn't accepted even though I have an email saying I was accepted on the 24th. It's like no matter where we turn we're not getting a straight answer but like I did before let us owe the irs money. Over 30 days we'd have 3 notices and they'd be working on garnishing our wages. This is ridiculous and it's pathetic that there's such a double standard when it comes to government entities.
      • It is the IRSs fault, although I know some people would have you believe otherwise.  You cannot possibly believe that it is TTs fault since it is happening to 8863ers from ALL filing companies--filers from those other companies have even posted on these TT forums and said as much.  That right there should be the biggest PROOF that it is not TTs fault. 's more....
        First of all, the IRS has officially and in writing taken the blame, and has been working around the clock to fix ALL of the delayed forms.  I'm talking about official statements, not conjecture from some call center employee.  
        Second, I've explained the electronics and software problems and inner workings of the programming errors (FROM THE IRS--no one else) on this forum over and over, as well as have several other people.  Yet, "some" other people persist in spreading false information along with personal conjecture/rumors as fact and getting people all up in arms about TT when it is not TTs fault that the IRS took our returns before THEY (the IRS) told TT they would.  Once we, the consumers, click submit, it's digital and all automatic from there--meaning there is not a person anywhere pushing buttons to send or accept returns, computers are doing it.  
        Finally, certainly no one intended any of this to occur, so why try to lay blame somewhere?  The IRS and filing companies did not know that these IRS programming errors existed until they (the IRS) began accepting and processing some of the already transmitted returns--already transmitted as soon as we, the consumers, clicked submit.  
        It is a real shame that this mess happened, but it's not anyone's fault...LEAST OF ALL any of the filing companies who get all of their information from the IRS in the first place. I'm just as irritated as anyone else, but blaming these entities, especially falsely and repeatedly blaming a specific filing company when the problem actually exists for all because it is an IRS software programming error, isn't going to do any good for any one.  

        I was "accepted" on the 24th of JAN and I still do not have a DDD.  I am not getting worried until 21 days after the 14th of FEB, the date the IRS has put in writing via an official statement is the date on which my return would begin processing.  I will post as soon as I get a DDD, like many others have and will.

        Good luck to all!
      • How is it not their fault?  Look at your acceptance email from the 24th.  It specifically says "great news!  Turbotax was able to get your return accepted early." Last time I checked the irs stated that form 8863 was going to be an issue which TT acknowledges. If the returns were held like they were supposed to our returns would've been rejected due to the form which means we would be able to either file elsewhere or take 8863 out. This was done deliberately to try and lock customers into paying TT. They assume responsibility in sending my return early when they shouldn't have.  Not to mention they have no record of me being accepted to begin with even though I have an email and their application that said otherwise   And I'll be very honest this has little to do with the money. Its in regards to my education so yes I will blame everyone responsible.  I paid for a service and was lied to and because of the greed now I'm stuck with little answers.
      • um...this is what it says, actually...

        "Your Federal Return Has Been Accepted!
        What this means:
        Congratulations! TurboTax was able to have your return accepted early by the IRS. You're finished with your taxes.
        Even though you've been accepted early, please note that the IRS does not begin processing refunds until January 30."

        Since we're going to talk semantics...."able to have" means they got permission to...IRS being the absolute only place they could get that permission....which means the IRS accepted the transmitted return.  Again, your return transmitted as soon as you hit submit.
        And let's talk about you see the message ALSO says "please note PROCESSING will begin on the 30th."  TT sends these messages based on info they--and all tax preparers--receive from the IRS.  Any way you slice it, it goes back to the IRS.

        I'm not telling you to stop blaming whomever it is you want to blame to feel better about it.....I'm just saying it's ridiculous to blame ANY of the filing companies when the issue is nation wide, happening to all taxpayers with these forms no matter who they filed with, and because the IRS has publicly taken responsibility.    

        While I do agree with you that it stinks that the people the IRS accepted early from ALL of the filing companies had their returns "suspended" instead of flat out rejected, as those after the IRS found THEIR error were, I wouldn't think that refiling without the 8863, then waiting weeks to amend and get the difference would be any faster than what is going on right now.  In fact, probably a lot longer for people to get all of the money their due by doing it that way.  But like you say, at least if that had happened people would have that choice.  However, I'm not sure there would be any way to have done that since it was an unknown programming error and had to be fixed, which took several days.   That still isn't TTs fault--it's the fault of the IRS who suspended the returns instead of rejecting them after they found their own programming error.  

        Even now, there are around 30 forms causing delays for taxpayers nationwide--not just TT taxpayers, all taxpayers who had any of those forms included in their returns.  The IRS is working on it as fast as they can, I'm believe.  Maybe it would be easier on everyone if they (the IRS) would just go ahead and reject, but then, maybe they are trying to save everyone, themselves included, time later on regarding amendments?
      • PS... @ mdhaynes67.....I was in no way trying to be condescending when I said you could blame anyone who you wanted to in order to feel better about it....I just meant that I know it is human nature to want answers and to be able to have someone be responsible for their mistakes.  So, please accept my sincere apology if you took that statement in a way which I did not intend.
      • wemet you're causing all kinds of trouble all over here. It is there fault I was told directly by the IRS it was there fault. Go start a thread somewhere else because your info is just completely useless here and you're not helping anyone!
      • Wow, really....says you, the "RUMOR starter".  
        I haven't caused any trouble by stating FACTS and linking to real articles with valid information contained within.  YOU, on the other hand, are the one starting arguments with everyone who is logical and thus tries to debate your false arguments.  YOU are the one causing all these people grief because of YOUR inaccurate information which is really just based on your opinion....people can read facts for themselves at  I've posted RELEVANT and truthful information.  YOU, however, keeping spreading your personal opinions, which you are entitled to, BTW, as fact--like copying and pasting 73 times in every thread on TT.....that is what is causing the problems here.  Can't you just pick one thread and stay there?  That way all of us logic minded people don't have to keep scrolling through your bile to find other logic minded people who have real answers and real questions.  
        So, why don't YOU go away?  You've said you hate TT and you blame them, so be gone.  You're the one lingering.
        Also, I'm not the only person on here who is logical and can read official statements for themselves and who tries to correct your falsities, and I think if we all left, you wouldn't have anyone to talk to....well, except for maybe like 10 people who choose not to find information for themselves.  Or is it that we should be censored while you get to continue spreading rumors?  
        Actually, why don't you and those 10 people go start an "I hate TT and blame them--even though every other filing company in the USA has experienced the same issue with the IRS accepting the returns WE TAXPAYERS filed before the start of tax season--regarding the suspending of our said returns including any of the now named delayed forms, even though the IRS has publicly taken responsibility for their programming errors and has stated it was them and NOT the filing companies who are to blame.....and I still hang around TT forums even though I hate them and I'm never using them again" thread and stay out of the reasonable conversations?  
        You seem like a very negative person...I hope it's just because you're stressing about your return and that you aren't like this in every day life because that kind of negativity is just not healthy.  You need to calm down and quit blaming everyone for your own problems.  
        Also, you should really stop being so combative to strangers on the Internet, just on principle.  
        I have said, repeatedly, that I wish there was some way the IRS could have sent these returns back to the filing companies as rejected (like the eventually started doing) before several days had passed by so that people could have had the choice to re-file without the form and then amend if they wanted to.  I think we find common ground on that point.  I think people are mad about not having the choice and subsequently not many answers, and rightfully so.  But, nothing can be done about it now, so why waste time on what ifs?
        Why don't you move on from the blame game?  It happened, it's over, nothing can be done about it, no one owes you a refund on filing fees, no lawyer would ever take your case, BBB would file your complaint away in the "who cares" file.  Instead, if you have to be here, why don't you be encouraging instead of hateful?  
        GUESS WHAT, other people are also entitled to have opinions and to post on public forums...I know, shocking news, isn't it?
      • Again the 1st 2 lines assumes responsibility of us being "accepted" early. "Able to have" in no way means received permission from.  That makes no sense. It takes the responsibility from someone else and puts it on myself.  You want us to be encouraging?  I have 10 days to have my financial aid paperwork submitted and that looks like it's not going to happen because I can't get a straight answer from anyone. I'm fairly certain you would say I shouldn't be depending on the money in anyway and guess what I'm not.  I could care less about it.  I need the paperwork, it's as simple as that.  If my form was held like it should've been I would've taken the necessary action to my fafsa done.  I guess its not TTs fault that they have no record of me being accepted on the 24th but I have an email from them that says otherwise.
      • Your tax returns copy should have the day accepted by the IRS.on the last form.  Download them and see what it says.  Mine say the 25th.
      • Next time write a shorter book that I might be able to sit through and actually read lol.
      • Thank you. I'll try and see
      • Wow, again book?  Have you even seen your own posts?  Well, in any case, I wish you very good luck in this mess and beyond! to comes from "ability"...for TT to have the ability to tell you your return was accepted, the IRS had to first notify them.....moving on since we will not agree on, I most certainly would never tell anyone they should depend or not depend on their IRS return, actually.  I don't know about anyone's life of circumstance and it's not my place to tell anyone how to manage their life, their money included.  
        As far as financial aid paperwork...if it's your FAFSA, there is an option to just click you haven't filed yet or that you have and it will ask you for certain line items from your return.  If not, maybe it's the "verification" paperwork your school is asking for......are you able to print off or view your return at all--not on the IRS site, but TT?  If so, you can turn that in or use that to complete your don't have to wait for your money to be deposited because the forms within your return are not going to change--if your return has been "accepted", that is.  

        Do you know that I looked back at the 3 different places you can look on TT to check your status...on the "e-file history" it says my return was received and acknowledged by the "tax authority" a little after 10PM EST on the 24th....but the other place-- "track my refund" --says the 25th.  So, which do I go by?  Well, okay, I know I go by FEB 14th....but does anyone know why TT gives two different dates?  Maybe they rounded to the next day since it was after 10PM?  Did anyone else notice this discrepancy within their actual e-file status compared to the "track my refund" part of TT?
      • is an answer I found for you...well, it's mostly to add on to and update what I said earlier since there are actually conditions (which you probably already know, but someone else reading this may not) ...if you didn't originally use the IRS Data Tool when filling out the is what it says:

        "If the FAFSA is selected for verification and the IRS Data Retrieval option was not used, students and parents must request a tax transcript from the IRS and submit to the Financial Aid Office. Personal copies of tax returns can no longer be used."

        But, if you're just filling your FAFSA out for this year, you could use the info from your return to do that even if you haven't received your DD.  Again, I'm not sure of your specific situation.  

        Additionally, if you are unable to order a return transcript online or via their app or phone is a link to the request form you have to mail in:
      well i went to the irs office today and the irs agent looked up my return and said it was in processing but she couldn't give me any other information.  I asked her if it was in errors dept -- no, in review - no, anything appear incorrect - no.  Then she proceeded to read the whole American Credit Form to me verbatim -- who qualifies, I affirmed that I met all criteria and asked if that was what was holding my refund up with the reference code I got - no.  I can't give you any information until 21 days from 14th of Feb.  You should not have filed on the 24th of Jan.  I told her I did not file my return the IRS pulled my return to run a test batch and now I am in limbo.  Yes we know you were pulled early but that is your fault for filing early.  Lord help me.  Then she got her manager who said they could not tell me anything else because of the 21 day rule, but they didn't see anything wrong, but could not tell me why I had a reference code and not standard 21 day processing.  Ever know when someone is lying to you, well I do know it and it still erks me that they cannot tell us straight up what is going on.  I was not rude and/or demanding.  I was strictly professional as I have been a tax preparer in the past for over ten years with a very large accountant firm in their tax dept. handling millionairs' returns.  I've never seen anything like this.  So I don't know what is going on with my personal return, but I suspect it is not good and it was a straight filed, fully documented return with 1098-T and simple ssa form.  Best of luck to all, I think I am wasting my time checking any further.  Guess I'll wait whatever time it takes until I get an explanation of what they need and why they are not really processing my return.  What really stinks is I can't order my FAFSA until it is finished processing and my cutoff date for my school is Feb. 21
      • People who even filed on the 14th are still processing. Irs play too damn much
      • Yeah I don't know why the IRS is holding our refund.  

        BTW I was being nosey and checking other tax software community/blogs, such as, H & R Block and TaxSlayer, and people there are experiencing the same issue with education credits, and not receiving a DDD; therefore, it is not turbo tax.  Turbotax is a really good application, and I have used them many of years.

        I filed one of my coworkers return the same day that I filed mine and she received her's last week, with no education credits.  

        I wonder if they are waiting to receive something from the school to verify if the tuition information is correct, I don't know my assumptions are probably a little far fetched, I'm just saying.  I will just continue checking IRS website daily once in the am, then after lunch just to make sure I wasn't checking to early and something posted later in the day.

        I will let you guys know if something changes for me in the am.  Good Nite.
      • My taxes were accepted by TT on 2/14, they say i should have my refund by 3/6 but the earliest i can get them is 2/24.
        IRS says they are still processing but i requested to receive a transcript and it was approved. I have heard people say that if you can order a transcript and get it approved that your taxes have been approved. Is this true?
      • Supposedly that means your return has finished processing. My husband was just able to order his transcripts. He was accepted on 2/14 with 8863 but his refund is tiny in comparison to mine. I was "accepted" on 1/24 and I have no new info. Grrrr
      • My taxes were accepted by TT on 01/24 and still just processing. I just don't know what is happening.
      • @stef83 I hope that's what it means cause I really need my money .
        @Ppapadim12 my boyfriends taxes where accepted on the 25th and he got his back the first wk of February , just wait patiently I'm sure your money is probably on the way
      • any updates today ?
      • filed 1/27 accepted 2/14 refund still processing with tax topic 152 now
      • filed 1/28, accepted 2/14, also still processing but with the tax 152 link now - that wasn't there yesterday.
      • Ok guys and GM got my DDD it's showing
      • I got my ddd of 2/25 as well
      • Congrats U two! I hope my is coming soon. At least you can rest easy knowing what date to expect it. When did you file and what message did you see before it changed if you don't mind sharing :) I have the your return is being processed a dd date will be avail....I lost my bars on 11th :(
      • I filed on jan 21st and was accepted jan 25th. I lost my bar on 14th when we early filers got into the errors dept. I got my blue topic 152 this morning at 330 pst. I ordered my transcript at 8am. Most buy not all get their dd the day after this happens.
      • Thanks.  I efiled on Jan. 25th but didn't get accepted until 2/14.  I had processing and you should get your refund within 21 days with one orange bar lit up.  Yesterday I had the tax topic 152 under it with my amount still showing.  Today my WMR had my ddd.
      • Arhodes13, your the one I have been watching on your changes! I appreciate all your posts and can sympathize with how frustrating this has been.
      • I was accepted on 1/24 just called the IRS and they gave me a DDD of 2/26!! WMR still says still processing refund date when available. I was able to order transcripts last night. Looks like they are working on us early filers!! Thank you Lord!!!
      • Kireland06: Thanks.  My husband and kids probably think I am on this site too much. LOL. These forums have had more information than I have been given from an IRS rep, TT rep, or Igotmyrefund. There has been a lot of support and it is nice to see.  I hope we all get our refunds soon! Now to move my husband's company along so that we can know where to move to.. hes up for a promotion.
      • My hubby and kids were complaining about me being on here to much as well!! I got my DD today! I broke down and called the IRS an they told me DD of 2/26 which is Tuesday!! I am so freakin happy, finally!!
      I filed january 10, accepted feb. 14 and I called today well about 15 minutes ago and stated that I was acceoted and now my status went back to pending which I was telling a lie just to get her to check my status. First she advised me that she would tranfer me to the autmated system to give me the accurate status and I told her that I didnt wait on hold to go to an autmated system and that if she could not help me I would like to be tranferred over to the error department where a live person could assist me with my problem. She then asked me for my name, address and who i had on my return and proivded me with my deposit date which will be on 2/25/2012....yaaay home all get the same answer
      • Wow, I pray all of us get dd's of the 25th.
      • It does seem that a lot have been told ddd of 2/25.  I hope that it is true for all of us.  I know today I couldn't get in earlier because it kept giving me technical issues.  When I was finally able to log in there was a general topic 152 under my status.
      • Today I have this status:

        Your tax return is still being processed.

        A refund date will be provided when available.

        Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
        Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
        Please Note:
        For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

        No amount listed anymore....Hope it means progress! Hope me and my son don't end up homeless waiting for progress.....I'm beyond frustrated!
      • Trachelle1974, I have had that for two days now. I pray for a dd soon.
        The IRS will begin processing returns with 8863 on February 14th.  There was a delay on returns with this form (the IRS posted this on 1/31).  You'll have your DD before March.
        • And you felt the need to post this why??? Do you think we did not already know this? That we were all on here talking about form 8863 just for the fun of it?
        • Please be nice because most of us are feeling frustrated.
        • Is WRM down?
        • Sorry wmr? Lol
        • Think so... I haven't checked all day so I know I'm not locked out and can't get in
        • okay okay people let's just stay positive about in the morning i pray that we all get the dd soon for 8863 i am one of those people that has filed early and got accepted early : filed on Jan 13th and got accepted on Jan 24th: we are all in the same waiting boat i am praying that in the next twelve hours we get the information we have been waiting for.
        • @Rev. C Thankyou  

          Everybody is dissuccing the 8863 form but yet everybody having different problems so chill with all the negativity if u dnt like the question people ask or the statement people give abt their experiences get off the forum. everybody here for the same reason. We all wanna know when we will get our money!
        • *discussing*
        • Yes, I and many many others had our returns change to this new message on the WMR site. However, our returns cannot move to the refund processing system from the eFile system, until tomorrow.  I suspect either Thursday or Friday we should see DD dates.
        • keeping my fingers crossed
        • Mack2212- I'm going through the same thing, accepted doesn't too much mean anything other than they have it, until it gets out the processing phase it is still in the air, I didn't get a email or anything about it being a delay on school credits, I had to read about it on here, hopefully everything works out for everyone and tomorrow I will get a email saying approved for my federal,a lot of people I know are going through this with TT, others that went elsewhere got their returns
        • I was accepted around 3:00pm today.  Email from TT said the earliest I would get my money is the 25th and the latest is March 7
        • that's ok. i actually called the IRS to talk to real person to get any help. What a joke. Was told if it wasn't 21 days processing then to pound salt.  Love it how i know people that filed after i did got their refunds back. It all a crock!!!!!!!!!!
        • i would not recommend calling today - they have new checks in their systems that do not allow agents to pull up information anymore unless you are out of the 21 day window which is not for anyone until the 20th.
        • excuse me I do taxes so I know all about taxes and how the irs is
        • Oh geeze.......@kevan
        • Great news!!!! Filed 1-10. Accepted 1-24. Delayed bcuz of 8863. This morning updated on WMR and 800#. DDD is 2/26!!! Called my bank (BB&T) and it is already at the bank as a pending deposit that will post on the 26th!!!!
        I had the same message all week filed on the29th with tt and the told me the IRS accepted on the 30 but when I called IRS wed the told me they received it on feb1 and I'm getting the same message
        I have the same message, accepted on 25th Jan,IRS agent told me i should have DD date friday or sat
        • She lied too me!!!!!!!!!! maybe Sunday? The government lying too me!!!!! noooooooooooo
        Same status of mine...ugghhh.. grrrr
          I am the same still no dd and i have the bar that is still in the being process phase? Does anyone know why this is and whats taking so long? Mine was accepted Jan.28th turbotax says by the 19th and that is 21 days from the 28th but im still in the first part of that bar on website....
          • It will be 21 days from the 30th not the 28th - the IRS says that because that is when they started processing - on the 20th you can call and they will have to tell you what is going on - until then they will be rude and try to get you off the phone as quickly as possible.
          I got my dd date today. It's 2/22. I filed 1/21, accepted 1/25. Wmr msg changed from generic 21 day refund msg to return still being processed refund date will be given when available on 2/11. Was able to order return transcripts on 2/16 which let me know that my return had completed processing.
          • congrats
          • And WITH 8863?   sorry have to ask, as been a few posting here that did not.
          • Yes with 8863.
          • those returns are currently being processed now that the forms and calculations have been updated.
          • i have the same issue and my message was changed and i still can not order transcript. i am not understanding how some people have this message and they can order transcripts but i cannot
            this is so messed up, the one year that i am really needing it i am having all of these problems.
          • I cannot order transcripts under my old address or my current address.  I have no clue what is going on anymore. UGH!
          • I'm in same boat with the transcripts says my information is inncorrect, does anyone have the number with the extension to talk to someone directly
          • @keisharay68 u not alone I'm in the same boat boo, I filed on 1/14 accepted 1/24 had the bar went away around 2/11 says will rec a dd date when avail and still can't order a transcript now I tried to order a transcript for my husband bcuz I did both of our taxes at the sometime but he don't have 8863 but childsupport is takin his taxes but I was able to order a transcript for him this shit is crazy I'm tellin u. I had to postpone my Vegas trip 2 times bcuz I don't want to go2 Vegas without money shit all I need is a grand lol. I'm laughin now but I'll b cryin in a minute Bol. I pray 4 us all
          • @ShayShayhall1 ...I had already paid for my Vegas trip when I filed my taxes in January, I leave tomorrow with my fiance and I'm going to be Broke ! I'm so pissed at this situation,turbo tax should have given us a option to refile without the education credits once they knew what was going on .
          • @mandy362u, I know I wouldn't have even thought about filing with the education credit if I knew it would have taken over a month just to get processed.
          • @nita, did u get your refund yet?
          • @cakesntae531 my ddd is for 2/22 and when I checked the sbbt website it shows that it's there. I'm expecting it to deposit to my ace elite card some time later this morning.
          • I got a ddd of 2/25.  So does SBBT always show the money early? Does anyone know when it would show up in a bank of america ??
          • @arhodes I'm sorry I haven't been following your progress. what did WMR say before you got your DDD? And how longdid you have that message? congrats toyou for getting a date! I've been acceptedsince 1/26 still nothing :-(
          • I had processing with one bar and you should have a refund within 21 days.  I efiled jan. 25th got accepted 2/14.  Yesterday it changed to having tax topic 152 under my status.  Today I had my direct deposit date.  I hope you and everyone else gets their refunds soon.  Good Luck!
          • @arhodes thanks for the update. I willcontinue to wait patiently!
          • You're welcome! Good Luck, and I hope you all get your refunds soon! :)
          • I got the blue topic 152 this morning and could order my transcript this morning, now it's just a day or 5 away. Lmao
          Filed: 1/17/2013 Accepted: 1/24/2013
          2/15/2013 it finally changed from we areStill waiting for your tax return to be processed. A refund date will be provided when available to - your tax return is being processed. 2/16/14 - your tax return will be direct deposited on Feb 21st.
          • And WITH 8863?   sorry have to ask, as been a few posting here that did not
          • I'm getting very hacked right now; I filed 1/19/13 accepted 1/25/13 and all I'm getting is your return is still being processed a refund date will be available shortly; All I claimed was the education credit and its taken this long to process it; Come on IRS get in gear
          • believe i understand Ricky i am so fustrated right now, i am happy to hear that  people are getting DD. because we all been threw so much in the last month.. but at the same time i am wondering is something wrong with me or what. hate to wait all this time then i get a letter sayaing u r under review or something..
          • i filed 1/19.. tt said accept 1/25 but irs said they getting it until 1/26
          • i tried to check my status again and then it asked me the day i filed and when i gave it it went from processing to the cant provide any info.then giving the 21 days bs again. This is really old.
          • Same thing. Is. Happening to me and my husband ... this is ridiculous .. no info on my return or wrong info and nothing I can do about it . Good luck to everyone ...
          • I heard from another Tax Forum that the IRS would be doing another update from 1am to 7am cause of all the returns that was processed saturday that couldn't be fit into the update from 3am to 6am but the person who posted that heard it was a rumor; I'll find out in the morning
          • my status changed on saturday from the orange bar in processing to refund still in processing a refund date will be available. i am not understanding this, i tried ordering transcript on saturday and i still can not get one..
          • @keisharay68 again I've seen this with everyone we all had the orange bar but then it changed to a refund date will b avail. I'm assuming that means its in line to b accepted but I've also seen where some people filed after me and have a dd date b4 me so I'm prayin I c a dd date 2morrow I will keep u posted in the am, I normally post and get on after 8:30 am
          its Monday and still same ol WMR   accepted 1-25    and still waiting..
          • me too! getting so tired of this!
          • Filed: 1/10/13; Accepted 1/25/13; WMR states "still processing will provide a DD day"....presently on hold with IRS; after holding for 45 minutes the representative didnt ask me for any of my personal  information and  transferred me to another department..been on hold now for 18 minutes....will provide info when i finally talk to someone.....presently pissed off.
          • Can't wait to hear what they say!!! I am so freaking irritated I can't stand this BS anymore!!
          • Same! Was on the phone for a total of 1:35 to be told my refund is processing. Told although I was accepted on 1/24 that due to my education credit my 21 day would begin from 2/14. Also told that bc it was a holiday that the wouldn't beging processing again until tomorrow. Who knows!
          • I was told the IRS is working today, so they should be processing. Also, if they started processing us on the 14th, we "should" be getting a dd date this week, I have always had my refund within 7-9 days of efiling, it just doesnt take 21 days to process. i know they have to say 21 days... but it has never taken that long. i am so sick of this waiting with no info or updates.
          • I cant get my transcripts.... I have the same message refund being processed. I have had it for over a week. Ugh.... Can anyone else order transcripts? I also read if you can order them your under review. I called the IRS last week and she said I had no no flags and wasnt under review.
          • I can't order transcripts either.
          • I cannot get my transcripts either and sat on the phone this morning for an hour waiting to talk to someone.  The man I spoke to was nice and did look up my information - he said that I am still processing and there are no error flags or anything that would delay processing.  He told me to wait 48 to 72 hours for something.  Someone else made the comment that it usually took them 7 days to process our tax returns from previous years and he is correct.  I will wait until the end of this week and hopefully something will happen by then or I will have to call back again!  I am also going to talk to TT about taking away the fees that they charged this year!
          • when were you accepted? I was on 1/30 Im extreamly frustrated. I take my kids on spring break every year and every year I use my money from my refund. We leave on 3/13...I rreally hope I have it.
          • @Skreis let me know what TT says and I will do the same. Ridiculous.
          • Anybody know what time WMR is updating
          • Midnight to 6am eastern
          • IF that's the case why did I lock myself out at 6pm central time and got back in at 10pm central time? If it only changes once a day then I won't know if I had any changes until tonight at 10pm.
          Mine was filed on the Feb 7th and it's still pending, anyone know why
            Filed on 1/16, accepted with form 8863 on 2/15; just like the IRS said.  DD date of 2/25. 
            • when did you get your dd date? I was accepted on the same day but Im still processing
            • You are the first person I have seen with similar dates to mine.  I was starting to really freak out that I wasn't going to see a DD date until April.
            • Mine was accepted the same day with no DD date still. Seeing that someone who filed around the same time finally got a date gives me hope that I may finally get an answer soon and get my money.
            • I was accepted 1-24.. still no transcripts or DD...  WMR no bars, "still processing, date when avail"
            • Accepted on the 24th also. Only thing that changed this morning is that tax topic 152 was added again and my refund amount is not longer there. I also try to order transcripts with my old and new address and it says doesn't match what they have on file. A day ago I could Atleast pull up info with the address they have on record.
            • That is the same thing that happened here....the 152 topic is was gone but now it's back
            • n.silver84 mine did the same thing over the weekend and when I tried again last night, it worked again with my previous address and said they were still unavailable.
            • Great news!!!! Filed 1-10. Accepted 1-24. Delayed bcuz of 8863. This morning updated on WMR and 800#. DDD is 2/26!!! Called my bank (BB&T) and it is already at the bank as a pending deposit that will post on the 26th!!!!
            • just checked have a DDD for 2/26. Beenaccepted since 1/26. the light at the end ofthe tunnel is here! good luck everyone!
            • i am frustrated, still showing processing.
            • woke up this morning to a ddd date  of 2/27. I was one of the ones that was accepted way back on  1/24. good luck all. thanks for the vent session
            Mine is doing the same thing as well Friday I called and all they said is I have to wait 21 days... Its been over 21 days I had filed on Jan 17 and it got accepted 24th. They were very persistent that IRS did not accept returns until the 30th. that for me to call back after the 21st. What like really they couldnt just pull open my account. to answer my question.  This is BS...Mine has been saying this since last Monday and hasnt changed. :(
              I just got off the phone with the irs they said those with the 8863 education credit our 21 days started on 2/14/13... which sucks
              • i just spoke to them too and said the same thing that i need to allow 21days from the 14th and 21days from when i actually filed. i asked her what it meant that my status saying refund date will be provided when available she said its meaning yours is processing and should update any day with a ddd. who knows ill give it to the end of the week and then call again
              • Yeah im really pissed off but i cant do nothing but wait so whatever i will deal i have been dealing this long but turbo tax needs to update their information they keep telling me my refund will come tomorrow
              • Why are you listening to turbo tax anyways? They are not the IRS, they are just a profit generated company trying to make a buck. Call the refund hotline or go to the to "where's my refund". Since you did say that you filed a 8863 with your return you will need to allow at least the normal 21 days from the 14th to process your return. Not to the ones complaining about the IRS holding up processing, all that anger needs to be aimed toward your congressman, senator and president. They are the reason for the delay, the IRS had to wait on their tax laws.
              • Amen! @jsaradpon
              Filed on Feb. 7th, return was accepted within a half-hour. I was informed by my co-worker (an accountant) that the IRS wouldn't begin looking at returns such as mine with tuition expenses until the 15th. Well, on the morning of the 16th, my refund was approved with a DDD of Feb. 21st. We'll see how that works out.
              I filed on the th 4th of February. I know they did not start accepting until the 14th, but the IRS website doesnt even show they have received my returns. Does anyone else have this problem?
              • Same here.  Filed onFebruary 4 and still reading a your return is pending comment.
              • @natellis00- be sure your are entering the exact information on WMR. A simple number in the wrong place in your ssn, the amount of your refund or what your filing status is will make the wmr not acknowledge your request, I have seen several people say they have always filed single but the TT switched them to head of household. So, you may want to be sure those 3 questions are answered perfectly.  Worth it to check it out...
              • I am continuing to receive this message on the Where is my refund are of the IRS website. I was able to see it was processing with a bar at the top and now nothing except this message. It is bad enough I filed on Jan 29th but because of education credits was not accepted until Feb 14th. I work part-time and am a student I NEED MY MONEY. God forbid I owed them!!  Getting very frustrated.  


                Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

                Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

                Please Note:

                For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
              • yes !! had it for  aweek now.. very fustrated right now an still no DD
              I filed and was accepted on Jan 24th. Have a 8863 so wasn't approved until Feb 16th. DD for Feb 22nd supposedly.
              • does wmr say your deposit day is the 22nd?
              • How to you find this information out? And when did you get a DD?
              • This is insane!!! I just don't understand how some people are receiving DDD and others are in limbo. IRS needs to be ashamed just crazy
              • @ jesslea30 what part of the country are u in? Eastcoast or westcoast? Because I'm hearing that has a lot to do with it
              • Seems like people with form 8863 are now starting to get ddd's just like you said clbpro. I was also accepted on the 24th. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd 8863er with a ddd. the other person posted an image of her WMR status and it looks legit. Im going to find her post so you guys can see.
              • Ok, this quote is from one of the people who claimed an education credit on form 8863 stating she received a ddd:

                "I filed on Jan 10th accepted on Jan 24th i filed hoh eitc ctc 2 dependents and 8863 american opportunity credit and from jan 30th til 2/10 i had message we received your return and it is being processed you should receive your refund within 21 days. On 2/11 message changed to your return is still being processed a refund date will be given when available. on saturday 2/16  i was NOT able to order transcripts and yesterday 2/17 i woke up to a DDD of 2/22. I did not try to order transcripts since saturday for i have my ddd and a copy of my return from when i filed. Hang on everyone"

                Here is a link to a screen shot of her WMR app:

                She started a thread on TT as well and there is another person on it said they got a ddd and I know of one other TT customer who claimed an education credit who said she got a ddd as well so it looks like they are indeed getting the returns out of error resolutions.
              • Thanks truth6. Hopefully we all will see our DDD by or before friday
              • Is it just me or is the wmr site on the fritz today?
              • Thanks thats my story ive been on here off and on since the 30th so my story is true and real. Its coming guys!
              • @ jessicacopeland7, i think it's tired of us... Lol. I can't get in either
              • I locked myself out so I could see when it updates. I swear before it was updating at 7pm but that can't be because I locked myself out at 6 and still can't get in.
              • @ rekitaingram it must have decided to take advantage of presidents day or should we call it wmr rest day.
              • @ Clbpro, I may have locked myself out, but I had the same issue yesterday afternoon but got it to come up after I checked enough times, so I went the old fashioned way and called the number says still processing so I guess that it a good thing.  However the phone is just not the same as looking it up online.
              • I locked myself out on purpose so I would know what time it updates.
              • @mzcharrell, yes it was you who I quoted. Congrats!!
              • Well I know now it updates at 10pm central time. I locked myself out so I could see when it changes and no change!
              • @ clbpro...i can now get in too but i bet it is going to update and be unavailable in about 20 min cst
              • Why do you say that? It's already updated and I had no change.
              • I always thought it updated between midnight and 3 am est...but really who knows anymore.
              • Well if that's the case then it may update more than once, but I locked myself out at 6pm and then was able to get back in at 10:30pm so it probably updates at 10pm, now if I have a change in the morning that means it updates more than once. If I see no change until 10pm tomorrow then yes it updates just once a day.
              • 10pm Central time
              • Maybe it is at different times because last night when i tried after midnight it said wmr was nit available...but who knows anymore
              • I give up on knowing what is really going on this year...ugh
              • Maybe I will check again after midnight via phone then once in the morning?
              • some people filed before January 30 and most of those people had to resubmit their tax return because irs had no record of it because they filed before the 30th
              I just got off the phone with the IRS after being on hold for an hour and a half for the 2nd time today as I forgot to ask about my transcript the first time. When I called this morning I was told everything was a ok with my return but didn't have any answers to what the hold up was.she was rude as hell but that's what she told me. When I called back this evening I was told I have been in the errors resolution dept for 16 days and was rejected but i didn't need to do anything, they just need more time!!!???? I asked is this due to the education credits? She said ....No but she doesn't know why maybe for my first time home owners credit I got 5 years ago but definitely not for 8863 but she isn't sure. Really? This has gotten horribly comical. I don't know what to believe anymore. Filed on 1/17, accepted on 1/24 and have not received any correspondence on being rejected. I was so caught off guard I forgot to ask about my transcript!!! Ughh Every time I call it makes me feel worse than I did before I called.
              Has anyone been told they were in errors resolution for this long?
              • We are all in error resolutions department. I am the same as you, Filed 1/17 and accepted 1/24. I hope something happens tomorrow or I'm going to go postal.
              Filed 1/15 accepted 1/24. Still nothing :( anyone get it when turbo tax site said?
              • Filed 1/15 accepted 1/25 with 8863 with TT . still nothing
              • Me too still nothing. Really pissed off
              • Everyone lets stay hopeful. I'm sure we will have a DDD by fruday
              • Correction: Friday
              • Wish there was a way the irs could text us when our refunds got approved instead of us checking everyday
              • I agree I have been in limbo also. I'm beyond stressed but our 21st day from jan 30th is tomorrow and from feb 14th is the 5th. They have put out any notices so let just cross our fingers that we will have some money by next week
              • Thos is so ridiculous. Im trying to be patient but failing :/
              • Same here frustrated, and makes me worry something is wrong. Some 8863 ers are getting ddd, but nothing here at all. Was accepted 1/25
              • That was my issue.  Didn't call anyone and let the situation try to fix itself but as every day goes by I'm more and more frustrated.  It's the whole concept of "we dont need to be kept in the loop" thats bothering me.
              okay after doing alot of research and calling around letme ease some ears with logical TRUTH.
              1. some people are getting dates thurs fri
              research answer:  Turbo and irs says status should update 48 to72 hours if not 24  on wmr
              Answer: since monday is a federal holiday that is just what it means just like post office , fed ex. postage is DELAYED POSTPONED they will resume tuesday WHY back piles of filers if you dont get a status of dd tuesday or wednesday chances are you refund is not this week .  WHY wedneday is a humped day which means wmr updates current news systems updates .

              2. dont lose hope WAIT WAIT WAIT GOOD NEWS
              research answer : a lovely turbo tax black lady rep sorted and deeply researched my MONIESSS. and she said for ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYONE THAT had a 8863 . please excuse the now and 19th status cause this hit them unexpectdly.

              so if no date dont lose faith because if not this week definetly NEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXT WEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • This is crazy we have been waitin so long for  a answer to something i guess we all have to be patient i still have a refund date will be giving when available COME ON NOW GIVE US SOMETHING
              • the window is march 7th 21 from 14 . if you efiled its half that so if not this week , next week. ok ima stop repeating broken ass record. money comin shit
              • I got that message to call a number with an extension off the iphone app... so I called it and the lady I spoke with was very nice .... she had to put me on hold a couple of times while she checked into my status of my refund and when she got back to me she stated that it would be sent february 26 next tuesday.... I couldn't beleive it .... I sure hope she is right with that date :)  I am one of the many who filed early back around January 15 and TT stated I was accepted on January 24th.... I was also one of the many who filed the educational credit from 8863..  the refunds are coming... shouldn't be much longer
              Did anyone get a ddd??
              • Hi and GM didn't get a DDD yet but FINALLY..... Was able to order my transcript this morning. Stay hopeful everyone
              • Still nothing. Called IRS and was on hold for 45 minutes. IRS rep says I have to count 21 days from the 14th-which is March 6th. She said she had no additional information other than the fact my return is still being processed. Somehow, I find that hard to believe, but oh well. It is what it is. BTW...I filed 1/15, accepted 1/24. No change...............................ugghh!!!!
              • Ok guys and GM got my DDD it's showing
              • What's your Date @rekitaingram?
              • I got a ddd of 2/25!!
              • Mine is 2/26!
              • Finally able to order return transcripts....thank u Jesus!!!!!
              • I was finally able to order transcripts today too!
              • Me too.  I broke down and called tho and I got a DDD for the 27th :)
              "To anyone who were early filers in the error dept that first had the bat, then it disappeared last week, then woke up to the tax topic 152 with your refund amount gone, I just called and was told I’m out of the error dept and am finally in normal processing. That’s why the refund amount is gone from the screen. It is progress and they are working on our refunds to make sure its correct and if it is the amount will pop back up with a date. Makes since cuz say you have an offset or incorrect claimings they will change your original deposit amount." IGOTMYREFUND.COM
              • i sure hope so....
              • Me too!!!!
              • Me also, cause this is beyond ridiculous
              • Yes this is true because I have the topic 152 with a refund amount that dissapered and I called them today and they said that my account was sent out of suspension status today\
              • What is the topic 152
              • topic 152 seems to be popping up under people's status on WMR.  My changed to having that today.  If you click on the link it just tells you about the different ways to get your money like direct deposit
              • So this morning i could not order my transcript but tonight i did. Is that a good sign??
              • a lot of have been finding out that if they ordered a transcript that it means your return has been processed.  Some have gotten ddd after it but others haven't.  Its strange this year.
              So I have a new update. I called the IRS and was told that even though the education credit returns were able to begin processing on the 14th, obviously not everyones did. Mine wasnt even put into the computer until yesterday the 20th. I was told it's 21 days from the date it's actually put into the computer, not the 14th. So I should have my refund no later than the 13th, but that presents a real problem for me since I need the money by the 27th. I told her that and she said for me to contact a tax advocate to see if I can get my money faster. I checked WMR today and this is what I see now:

              Refund Status Results

              Your tax return is still being processed.

              A refund date will be provided when available.
              Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

              SO I click the link and this is what I see:

              Topic 152 - Refund Information

              Taxpayers have three options for receiving their individual federal income tax refund:

              • direct deposit (electronic funds transfer) into a checking or savings account, including an individual retirement arrangement (IRA);
              • purchase of U.S. Series I Savings Bonds; or
              • paper check.

              If you choose to receive your refund by direct deposit, you can request that the refund be deposited in up to three separate accounts, such as checking, savings, or retirement accounts – just complete Form 8888 (PDF), Allocation of Refund (Including Savings Bond Purchases). However, if you file Form 8379 (PDF), Injured Spouse Allocation, you cannot have your refund direct-deposited into more than one account. Your refund should only be deposited directly into accounts that are in your own name, your spouse’s name or both if it’s a joint account. Please note that to receive your refund by direct deposit (whether into one account or more), the total refund amount must be $1.00 or more.

              If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. This time-frame does not include mail and IRS handling time for paper returns. Even though the IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days, it’s possible your tax return may require review and take longer.

              Use Where's My Refund? to get your personalized refund status. Just use IRS2Go, our free mobile app, from an iPhone or Android device, or go to Both are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can start checking on the status of your return within 24 hours after we have received your e-filed return or 4 weeks after you mail a paper return.

              Have your 2012 tax return handy so you can provide your social security number, your filing status and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund shown on your return.

              If you do not have Internet access, you may call the Refund Hotline at 800-829-1954. Where’s My Refund? includes information for the most recent return filed in the current year and does not include information about amended returns.

              Where’s My Refund? has a new look this year! The tool includes a tracker that displays progress through 3 stages: (1) Return Received, (2) Refund Approved and (3) Refund Sent. Where’s My Refund? will provide an actual personalized refund date as soon as the IRS processes your tax return and approves your refund. So in a change from previous filing seasons, taxpayers won’t get an estimated refund date right away.

              Where’s My Refund? provides the most accurate and complete information we have so there’s no need to call unless the tool tells you to. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day - usually at night.

              Processing may take longer under certain circumstances. Refunds from amended returns will generally be issued within 12 weeks. Injured spouse claims can take longer depending on the circumstances. Refer to Topic 203 for more information about injured spouse claims. Refund claims associated with an application for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number also take additional processing time. Refer to Topic 857 for more information about Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers.

              You can also refer to Topic 303 for a checklist of common errors when preparing your tax return and for additional items that may delay the processing of your return.

              If you receive a refund to which you are not entitled, or one for an amount that is more than you expected, do not cash the check until you receive a notice explaining the difference; then follow the instructions on the notice.

              On the other hand, if you receive a refund for a smaller amount than you expected, you may cash the check, and, if it is determined that you should have received more, you will later receive a check for the difference. You will also get a notice explaining the difference. Follow the instructions on the notice.

              The IRS will help you obtain a replacement for a refund check that we verify as lost or stolen.

              WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN????? Is this good, bad, or does it not mean anything important????? I'm really REALLY freaking out now!!!!!

              • I have the same message.  Yesterday I had the message that my refund was still being processed and a direct deposit date would be provided when available.  I was able to see my amount due along the side but since I have the "new" message I do not have an amount.  I'm praying it means we are making progress.
              • I can still see my amount, I just have this new message now that is worrying me.
              • ...I commented on your same post in the other forum you posted....but this is just telling you about the different ways the IRS can get your money to you and explains some special circumstances with links to more information.  No worries! :)
              • @My2Babies9806 I've had the same msg  for two days now with refund amount still showing.
              • It means your account is being reviewed and it will probably take an additional 4 weeks.
              • oh, it does not!  LOL  it's just information for you to read...and is supposed to appear at the bottom of everyone's status pages--that is, when the IRS system is not wacko....they have their processing system shut down to accept new efiles from now (well 7PM EST) until whenever (they didn't give a time it would be back up) so maybe they're trying to fix all the little bugs like this and get the ones who are already clogged in the system finished?
              • Where did you get that information from? I called the IRS the morning and no review was stated. According to the IRS my return is being processed. Some have received a DD with topic 152.
              • @ecross86 no it does not all it discusses is refund payment options...quit giving people the wrong idea.
              • lol
              • no, seriously. i called the IRS today and the branch manager of the kentucky processing office told me personally that anyone who hasn't received a DD date and had their money disappear from WMR were out of the errors department and under review because the information couldn't be verified against the schools reported statements. he said the people who weren't flagged got processed yesterday with a DD date of the 25th through the 7th, and any 8863 early filers or batched taxes who filed on 2/14 that haven't received a DD date is under a preemptive audit which can take 4-6 weeks to process. in other words, you might not be getting a DD but instead a letter from the IRS that your filing was rejected.
              • @ecross86 BS I get this same message every YEAR and still need up with my Refund
              • it's a new year. new fraud protection.
              • Lol.. Yeah ecross86.  I have had this message before and I called today and my returns are fine, just processing.  Smh.
              • Schools don' t always report in February and have until March 31st to send reports to  the IRS due to the fact that they sometimes need to make corrections for students.  To do this they need time for the forms to get to students, determine if corrections need to be made, and make needed corrections before batching off to the IRS.  If not they would be correcting and re-sending a unnecessary amount of times.  The schools also need extra time to prepare the forms they send to the IRS.  I as well called today and was told that it is normal for tax topic 152 to show up and the amount can disappear and mean nothing. Ms Tweedy took the time to look at my submitted 8863 to make sure all needed boxes were marked and she also checked for flags, error, holds, and outstanding debts verifying all was ok.  Under your theory every tax payer would be up for audit, which only happens 1-2 years after a return is filed.  There is no such thing as a presumptive.
              • Moral of the story.....if you got that info from an IRS REP @ecross86, I think it is safe to say that it may be just your return that has a problem, which hopefully they will get fixed right up for you....or that you got bad info from that REP. :/
              Tax Advocate info, in case anyone else needs it:


                I have gotten my dd 
                filed 1/11/13
                supposedly accepted 1/24/13
                dd 2/26/13

                was told by an agent wmr was down yesterday and she pull my stuff up for me. 
                • Yesterday I was able to order transcripts and got topic 152  and this morning woke up to a dd of th 26 th  filed on 1/21 and accepted 1/25 .. Thank you all for all the support thru this mess I really got a lot of answers here good luck to everyone :)
                • I finally was able to order my transcripts too!  I still dont have a dd date but hopefully its a good sign!
                • @idykad99 When were u able to order transcripts? I was finally able to order today so I pray I have a dd in the morning.
                • @drobinson0907 - I ordered them today finally.  Hopefully we will get one tomorrow!
                • Accepted 1/25, able to order transcripts this morning, called irs because my refund amount had disappeared off of WMR, they gave me a DD date for 2/27
                Filed 02/03 Accepted 02/14 dd 02/25 So it is working and Yes you need patience. Good Luck All!!!! 
                  What in the world is going on; I was able to order my transcript early thursday morning but I've yet to get a DDD; My sister was accepted on the 14th and got her DD this morning and she had 8863 also; I think the IRS is trying to looking at certain ones and holding them just cause a person hasn't filed since 2009
                  • @Rickyblaze have you called the hotline?  WMR as of today still show's pending however; when I called the hotline they gave me a DDD date of 2/27!  Was very happy.  Neither the WMR or the iphone app have a DDD.   They just state it's still pending.
                  • called the hotline at 8am this morning; it was still processing; just tried to call the hotline and its in update mode
                  • Juat wondering if anyone has gotten their refund when it said you would
                  • @trish that is a good question. I have a DDD for tommorow I will update then.
                  • Everyone that I know has gotten theirs the day it was supposed to be there
                  • To let everyone know I had a dd of 2/26 I went to the bank today to take care of some business and lo and behold I had my money in my account so I hope this give y'all some hope
                  • For those of you that have received your deposit, what does WMR say? I am scheduled for my deposit today but WMR does not show it was sent, and it is not in my bank account :( I can not believe this!!!!!
                  • Too correct my last post. My refund was deposited into my bank account at 7:00 am. Sorry I was freaking out for nothing!
                  • @Trish actually it did better than what was told because it came to my bank on a Saturday instead of Monday, so yes.
                  • I am a desperate mom who filed that 8863 form. I was told in mid Feb not to expect a refund until early March but it's now the 16th and nothing. FOR ALL YOU who need to upload irs info to FAFSA, I was able to successfully upload my info from IRS to FAFSA, so hopefully that helps you or it's a good sign for me.
                  IRS 2012 forms that 1040 filers can begin filing

                  Feb. 10, 2013:

                  • Form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization (Including Information on Listed Property)

                  Feb. 14, 2013:

                  • Form 8863 Education Credits
                  if wmr say that then your tax return is under review 
                  • Not really. All people on here who got dates overnight had same message
                  • @ediggs that is not true - many people have that message - my friend had that message for several days and got her refund - its just a message that it updates to until a dd can be arranged.
                  • call the i.r.s tomorrow morning and i bet they going to say it's under review. read the forums every one who got the message  Your tax return is still being processed.
                    A refund date will be provided when available.

                    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

                    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

                    Please Note:

                    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day. RETURNS ARE BEING HELD FOR FURTHER REVIEW ...
                  • I did call them on friday when my message changed and was told that no errors, no review, and that i should have my refund by wednesday -  check your facts!
                  • check my facts?? i only speak facts if they got the message  that mean they filed early and the return have a date on it before the 1/30 so the new system automatically  send it for review and if you dont believe me go back to tt and go over a system review of your return and tt going to give u a error and say the irs cant acceopt returns before the date of 1/30 so you grow up
                  • Review
                    Correct Your IRS Acceptance Date
                    You entered an invalid IRS acceptance date. Verify and make any necessary corrections here. Your acceptance date must be on or after "01/30/2013" through "10/21/2013".

                    Acceptance Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
                  • whatever i called them no review no errors - was told by the irs that they accepted my return on 1-26 not the 30th, so they were accepted prior to the 30th they just werent processed
                  • i most certainly do not have that message from tt i checked
                  • my friend got that message and 24 hours later she had her money in her bank and wmr updated a day after that--- she was not an early filer
                  • Edigs.. You do realize that every single person on here at one time had or had this message. They are not all being reviewed
                  • [edited by social moderator]
                  • wow
                  • @Sdt - why are you here ? unless you are poor, ghetto and trailer trash like the rest of us looking for your refund!
                  • speaking of proper english,man ceck out how u spoke,it is ok we know you was raised in a trailer
                  • [edited by social moderator]
                  • focus we all want our money no matter how much we have
                  • I didn't know 12 year olds could received a tax refund. I'm confused.
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