Error on Mississippi form 80-320 line 3 it ask for 2011 mississippi tax liability. It must be greater than 0. I used TT last year with a refund so my tax liability is 0? then why is it asking me to fill out a form on underpayments and intrest?

  • what do i enter if i had to pay state income tax?
  • what line would I get that from? and why did it not transfer?
  • Total tax (withholding plus the balance due)
  • It also says to click the line. But it won't allow you to click.
  • How would we find out how much our 2011 liability was? I filed with Turbo Tax for 2011, but when I started again this year with the basic free simple return, it deleted that information. Is this just a way for them to try to make us buy the deluxe next year? What is the information on this line needed for, and does it make a difference on our return if we don't know the correct number and enter an educated guess?
  • I see the first answer to this but still do not u nderstand.  I put my refund amount from last year in the blank but that still did not do anything?
  • I didn't even live or work in Mississippi in 2011 what am I suppose to enter. do I even have a 2011 liability
  • Alright guys, I estimated based on how much they said my liability was this year. I remember how much I made last year at least. So I ball-parked the difference from this year to last and entered it into the line and it let me continue. I'm not saying you should do this, or that I know for sure that it won't cause any delays, but I'm pretty sure that bit of information will only ever be relevant in any way if you owe money due to an underpayment.
  • if you had no tax liability in 2011 it wont let you enter zero and continue. I was online with Turbo tax help for 90 minutes last night until they dropped me off with no answer or resolution
  • I stayed on line about the same length of time (90 min) with no satisfaction. They do not know how to fix this problem. They offered me a download of Turbotax, but if they cannot get their website to work, I think TaxAct looks good right now.
  • It wont let me click for line 3 on  my 80-302,what gives?
  • I am having the same problem. It will not allow me to click the appropriate box...?
  • TurboTax cannot fix this problem. I used a "work-around" by putting a "1" in the box at the top of the form -not line 3 of the form- and  I put a "1" in the box below the form. That will  allow the state to accept your form. The state may have a question about this later, but maybe then they will tell us what to do to correct it. TURBOTAX doesn't know the answer.
  • Had same problem, no tax liability in Ms in 2011 and can't enter zero.  Customer service rep said to print and mail MS return because if I e-filed, it would probably be rejected.
  • Mine was accepted shortly after filing, so I would assume that means it's OK.
  • Did you have a number or zero? It will not let me enter zero, as I see others are having the same problem. It also will not let me delete this file, which it does not need to be filed if it is less than $200. I have done this 3 or 4 times now, as well as deleted my return probably the same amount. Very frustrating :-(
  • That's ridiculous....this form (80-320) isn't even a supposed to be filled out if you have less than $200. I tried to delete this form many, many times and it looked like it deleted, but then kept popping back up during my review. I've been a very faithful TT user now for probably 10 years. Last year it was something else that kept hanging me up...
  • Glad to hear others are having this issue.  I've been trying to figure it out as well, my amount should be 0.  But cannot select options available either.  How did you resolve?
  • I'm having the exact same problem.  I shouldn't have any 2011 MS tax liability, as I did not move here until May 2012.  Not sure how to proceed?
  • What goes on this line, is it the amount you are owed this year or what I was paid last year
  • I don't know how to answer this question.  I Had to pay tax last year.
  • bj6138850, if you had to pay tax last year then that is your tax liability (tax you owe).  If you received a return, there is no liability.
  • Brain.stroka

    your answers is wrong  - you need to research it and try agian
  • I received a 1099-G from the Department of Revenue, State of Mississippi.  Where do I insert this on my return?
  • I am having problems with my Mississippi tax return. Form 80-108. Total amount-3 must be entered. I have 5 errors on this form. Not sure what to do. Why did info not transfer from federal.
  • I would by glad to help  -contact me
  • My last year's MS w/holding covered taxes and left over a refund. So when TT asks if my return showed a tax liability last year, do I answer "yes" (because taxes were owed but fully paid in advance) or answer "no" (because on filing, I did not have to pay anything)? And why doesn't TT remember this info -- that's half the reason I use TT, so this info transfers automatically.
I to had no tax last year and had the same error.  I finally gave up and entered 1 and it took it
    use H&R Block online...It was TOTALLY FREE. unlike here were you have to pay for state if you can even get it done...
      It means your total 2011 tax.  Total tax less than withholding = refund.
      • What if I didn't file in 2011? What should I do?
      • What do you mean by total tax of 2011. This is the first year my husband and I are filing jointly... We got married last year! He had to pay state taxes last year and I received a refund. So what do I enter there?
      • So.. Enter ther amount of my 2011 return?
      Thanks, diplacido! That didn't give me an error and I resent the return.
      • This is my 2nd year using TT, and probably the last.  State was free last year, now is $37.  Not opposed to paying, but thats a big jump.  If their help with an audit is equal to help with prep.  we're screwed.
      • I moved to Mississippi in June of 2012 from Iowa. Why would I have tax liability in Mississippi? I can't bypass the zero either it jus rejects my refund...I'm so frusterated..what do I do?
      • kimnjaxon, diplacido said that he entered a "1" and that allowed the form to be sent. I did the same and it works. The most that would happen is that you would be charged $1, but at least TT will be able to send it and it won't be rejected. (TT did not ask for the $1)TurboTax does not have a fix for this problem. I spent several hours working on this problem with TT support to get it fixed and failed.
      • did you put a 1 in box on top of form and also a 1 in box 3
      • Mine is messed up too and they have no idea how to fix it.  It's all messed up this year
      I spoke with an agent today and they said it should be fixed on Tuesday February 23. I would recommend waiting until then and not filing by mail because that takes FOREVER.
      • It's Tuesday, February 26, and the problem still exists.
      • I just did what everybody else said. I put a 1 and it accepted it. I figure if they find it incorrect they will let me know. I was tired of fooling with it.
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