Error on 1099 r

I am asked to correct errors on 1099 R's.  I can find no errors, which appears to be a problem for others. How do I get an answer?
  • How can I get an answer?
  • On the left of the top menu bar, there is an icon labeled 'Forms', click that icon and the Filled out tax forms appear - on the list of forms (to the left) a RED EXCLAMATION POINT will flag the form(s) with error(s); click the form and the error field(s) will be highlighted.
  • My problem was that there was no error on the form. The error message was in error showing incorrect information. The tax form was correct.  Turbo Tax has a problem with their error check software.
  • I believe that is why everyone is so very #$@^& frustrated; not our error; their system error. so fix it!  we have been had; lack of quality... unless INTUIT Turbo explains our stupid;
Good Luck, I have tried by phone and after long wait they disconnected the call.  My problem is the box numbers on the error form do not match the numbers on the 1099R.  The have a programing problem and don't appear to be willing to admit to it or correct it.
  • I ran into the same problem as well this evening.  I went over the form a number of times, comparing the data to make sure I did not make any errors, which is always possible, but everything was matching the info on the 1099R form received from investment company.  May try the download option but am not holding out much hope.  Help!  Thanks for your time.
  • but intuit is a premier hi qual outfit? what do we do now? same problem... I agonized over the fact of trying to find even 1 error; systemic TURBOtax problem; we are all screwed;
  • Mine have been rejected twice.....It really is ticking me off.....
  • A solution for me will be to file w/o the Turbotax missing 1099R info; then filing an xtra 1040X, informing the IRS of the missing data; in any case... there is no influence on tax owed by me at this time, due to the 1099R; it was a tax free rollover; SHAME on Intuit, the world's greatest... ;
  • Fuck Turbo tax.....I have never been more frustrated...even when teaching with all the insane tests and evals....
  • turbo tax 1099-r dropdown for box 7 does not allow entry for Code H.  Is this a bug?
  • I received the error with Chrome. Swicthed to Internet Explorer and it was fixed
  • thank you so much for that; I switched to IEx and it worked as well, I think; I did fire INtuit Turbo Tax forever, for they have other  very serious and frustrating problems they cannot fix or have not fixed; they appear not WANTING to fix anything? like Foreign Tax; Uch... My hearbeat is back to normal! Last year I purchased TTx on line for ~$50.00 with broker discount; they charged me $121.00; even after protest and "we fixed it to the right price"; not 50 but final price 121; I dunno... is this honest and ethical? I think so highly of INTUIT; my error! and furthermore and finally... for anyone of us who speaks up there are thousands of  thousands who do not, and thousands of lurker readers;
  • I found that if you enter zero in any box of your 1099-r will give you a error instead leave them blank and all error will be gone, I have try it sereval times and it work each time, hope this help
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