WMR bars gone... says refund date will be given when avaliable

Anyone know what this means? i was accepted on Jan 25th, my status said " we have received your tax return and it is being processed, you should get your refund within 21 days" with 1 bar on the wmr site, but this morning it changed to "your tax return is still being processed, a refund date will be given when avaliable" and the bars are gone.
i have form 8863.
    Filed: Jan 18
    Accepted : Jan 25
    Filing Status: Head of Household w/ Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit, AND form 8863

    logged in this morning and saw this :

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Cannot order a Transcript Either , Also lost the Orange status bar.

    • same here ;-/
    • from my "google research" It seems as though some people are getting this message right before they receive their refund. I haven't called the IRS just patiently waiting , hope this change of screen message is a good sign !
    • I am getting the same message as well the IRS is updating their systems between 12am-4am CST with the 8863 form so we should have some sort of update possibly tomorrow morning! We've been patient enough hopefully we all with have a Direct Deposit Date soon. Best of luck everyone!
    • where did you hear they were updating for form 8863 tonight? I hope so they do:)
    • Attention: Software Developers, Transmitters and States
      The Modernized e-File Production system will be unavailable from 1:00 am - 5:00 am, Eastern on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. To ensure that MeF performance is optimized, the IRS will be performing some additional maintenance as a preventative measure in anticipation of increased daily volume beginning Thursday, February 14th. The Assurance Testing System (ATS) environment will not be impacted. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

      I signed up for alerts a while back from the IRS Website!
    • i really think sum will have ddd tomorrow or early am like it changed this morning gotta move the ones first dont see them stacking returns thats why they stop accepting them just my mind going
    • Mine was accepted on the 24th and switched to the your return is still being processed message yesterday.  Hopefully everyone will know more before the end of this week.  It has to mean the returns are moving now right? Instead of being held up.  I'm hoping anyways :)  I'm trying to stay awake and wait for WMR to update.
    • I think it updates in the wee hrs
    • I know :( the smart thing would probably be to go to sleep and check it in the am, but I'm not good at waiting lol. :)
    • Me too
    • Me too
    • i am waiting too lol.. wish everyone luck.. updat if u get DD. iwill ..
    • Ok
    • Today is the 3rd day I have had this on WMR. I still have no dd date. Can't order transcripts.
    • Your tax return is still being processed.

      A refund date will be provided when available.

      Mines saying this so does that means I'm under review as well I haven't receive a letter??
    • Mines saying the same thing.  It probably changed automatically because its so close to the 21 days.  I hate waiting I wish TT wouldn't have sent my return in early.  I could've filed with another company avoided the headache and filed an amended return later.  I guess this is my payback for filing so early.. Definitely wont do this next year.  Hope everyone gets an update soon. :)
    • Nothing new today.
    • Anybody got anything new?  Apparently clearing out the ones that were accepted early didn't dawn on the IRS unfortunately.  Called yesterday and all they said was even though it was accepted early and the 21 days are up its now 21 days from the 14th :( also a few friends that were filed and pending also got accepted yesterday. So still waiting.
    • Still wait n to and that freakn irs rep told me 21 days is the 20th im pissed
    • same here, nothng new... still the same "your return is still processing, a refund date will be provided when avaliable"message. filed Jan 15, got accepted early on Jan 25. filed with form 8863.
    • Truthfully I don't think the IRS or TT are all that bright when it comes to this stuff.  I decided that yesterday.  Sometimes I think they either don't know themselves and just BS enough to satisfy people.  So who knows.  This sucks :(
    • @ jakenmichelle im close to walkin away and just let it play out at this point ive been lied to by irs cursed out by ppl on tt forum and so done with the whole thing fuck tt fuck the irs fuck congress and fuck the identity theives for causing theses problems and the tax payers double payn the cost goodluck everybody
    • @ aprilove313. agreed, this completely sucks though, I need to just get off this forum and find another way to get the money I need to pay a bill that I put off until the end of Feb( i just knew for sure I would have my refnd by then) looks like I may not! I just get even more frustrated seeing everyone here gettiing no update seither. :-/
    • i dont think i can take another horror story another fake ddd  another anything dealing with this tax crap i have never in my 20 years of filing tax returns have i heard such bs and seen ppl go threw this much usually u can call the irs a couple days after they receive ur return and they can tell u any  and everything about ur situation so its terrible that we have to be treated like rapist to receive info the world is fallin apart they  know ppl r  in a recession and need this money they r open monday and im goin down to our local irs and get sum information this has gone to freakn far and i will have the media to meet me there my fellow tt users im fed up with being treated as if i did sumthing wrong with the same exact return for the last 12 yrs im not gonna stand for it thank you for tryn to protect my refund irs but u need a better system in place im  done stick a fork in it !!!!!!!!
    • isnt that the truth! i just want to know at this point after 15 days and 2 weeks in processing if its even being really done. i have no hold code on WMR just says the usual generic 21 day processing thing, but 2 weeks!! of processing isnt normal when i see others getting the refund in ABOUT 10-12 DAYS  , i scared at this point that after waiting so long its lost somewhere and i will need to re-submit and wait all over again!!  i did call and he couldn't tell anything except wait 21 days before calling back...
    • AliV1 you can always call and say wmr is showing that they havent recieved your return and then tell them when you efiled and they will belike oh hold on let me check and may be able to coax some ino out of people........ thats how I ound out there is nothing wrong with my retun just that its taking a long time since i early filed and got caught up in the fraud thing they did the first 2 week... next year ill just wait to file after the 1st week they open so my refunds on time. and i filed by husbands taxes on the 7th of feb and he got his refund so i feel ya on people filing after already having it :((
    • I'm getting the same reply as well, I have to wait until 3/19 to do a follow-up.
    • thanks for the info! hopefully everyone will get their refund's soon.
    • OK this is a year later.I'm having the same problem you guys did last yr. I would like to know how any of your outcomes where?
    • Me too. I've been processing since the 31st. Yesterday my bars vanished and a message of processing a DDD will be provided when available. I made a huge mistake of depending on my return to take care of urgent matters. Ill never spend money before I get it ever again :-(
    • My WMR said approved according to my Tax preparer, but when I checked it was only on one bar return received and processing 21 day the suddenly 21 day went to topic code 152 then bars dissapeared with just still processing message for some days and I couldnt order my 2013 transcripts just Idenity protection number so I called tax advocate told me I was a victum of identy theft and to fill out forms it can take up to 8 weeks to process my refund and to clear up the mess so this could mean furthor review dont wait just call not trying to scare no one but this is my experience smh,
    • My WMR said approve Tax preparer, but when I checked it was only on one bar return received and processing 21 day the suddenly 21 day went to topic code 152 then bars dissapeared qith just still processing message for some days and I could order my transcrip just Idenity protection number so I calledtax advocate told me I was a victum of identy thwft and to fill out forms it can take up to 8 weeks to process my money so this could nean furthor review dont wait just call not trying to scare no one but this is my experience smh,
    yes, mine states that too... filed on the 29th accepted on the 1st and status bars has not been seen since last thursday... still waiting as well
    • oh wow! no updates since Thurs? do you have form 8863?
    • no i didn't  have that form
    • I did have form 8863 and mine says the same thing as of this morning....I'm really hoping it means theyre working on it. lol.
    • Same here, filed the 10th and accepted the 24th.  Today the system changed from the first bar to still processing and a dd will provided when available.  I cannot order transcripts yet.  Did file 8863.
    • Same here, same message as of today and I am also an 8863'er. Nice to see movement, but it would be even better if they informed us what the next steps were so we had an idea of some sort. I did read on Yahoo answers, when I googled the copy text from WMR that some one had this same message on a Friday, then by Sunday they had a DDD for the 14th, but they did not have an 8863 form. Hope at least one of us 8863'ers gets a deposit date soon!
    • I hope this means they are actually issuing refunds to us 8863's.  We have been waiting for weeks.  Not sure if we will have a DDD soon.  Let's check back here and post if any DDD's issued within the next 2-5 days.
    • I have form 8863 as well and WMR has gone from the 1/3 status bar displaying "received" to "Your tax return is still being processed.  A refund date will be provided when available."  I called the IRS this morning @ 1-800-829-0582 ext. 362 and spoke with an agent who informed me that this message is a result of a problem with their system.  She also stated that I "...do not need to send in anything..." and I should receive my refund by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  I am skeptical and relieved at the same time.  Still waiting...By the way the agent was very nice, she verified my information and put me on a brief hold while she researched my return and came back saying I should get it soon.
    • I am in the same boat as all of you above got the generic message today that its still processing and a date will be provided when available. I work for a CPA Firm as a Recruiter and heard that they are trying to clear the back log of pending files with form 8863 that were accepted before 1/28 by 1/14 so they can then accept the wave of new millions of files that will be pushed through by agencies. Hope this stands correct and we all see a DD in 24-48 hrs. Best of luck everyone!
    • Best of luck to you as well, wkhan13!
    • Same here, filed the 10th and accepted the 24th.  Today the system changed from the first bar to still processing and a dd will provided when available.  I cannot order transcripts yet.  Did file 8863.
    • Thanks everyone! sending you all good luck- hopefull this week we will have DD!:)
    • Has anyone else tried to call and see what they say? I think I might on my lunch break if no one else has tried...just an idea :)
    • someone else had said that they called and was told that this message meant there was a problem with the system.
    • psalm451, just curious as to why were you given the x362 to call. im looking for updates as well. i have form 8863 and i was excepted by the IRS on 1/24/13.
    • @kkm0202 I picked the number from someone on the many, many forums I've visited over the last few days...and used it to try to avoid a long wait time.
    • LOL...thanks Psalm451. i am waiting patiently. Im also getting the new message. this is just frustrating
    • I have the same response from the IRS, but I believe the reason for my response was because my dependents social didn't match what IRS had on file.  Even though my mother has been my dependent over 3 years.  I hope they straighten this out soon.
    • mine is the same but i did get my transcript..did talk to irs they said all of these returns are being reviewed that is why u have the 21 days
    • wow sumthin different everytime havefun20015
    • I have The Same Problem, No 8863,, Called The 1040 Line This Morning,, They Said There Is No Problem With My Return... The Lady Told Me Not To Worry, They Are Taking Longer To Process Tax Returns Because Of New System Updates And Security Features...BTW I was accepted on Feb. 4... They Said I should receive it between the 15th and 25th... (1800) 829-1040
    • @ lele92 I filed the 3rd an the guy I talked to this morning said bout the samething the lady told you. There just checking to make sure the numbers add up....
    • @cogle406 checking what numbers did they say exactly?
    • He told me whatever the amount u put in. Plus what u in. They are just trying to stop tax fraud.
    • *plus what u paid in. sorry
    • @coglr406 plus what you paid in do you have any idea what that is?
    • Me too
    • The federal taxes u paid though out the yr
    • If didnt pay a lot in. U usually get it all back.
    • @cogle406 thanks
    I called the IRS. She said tonight at midnight is our 21 days and they can't pull anything till tomorrow. She recommended calling on Monday. She also said there is no big Wednesday update they update everyday even weekends. She said its really a case by case. She was very nice but it didn't get me any answers. I just have bills that need paid!!!!
    • So I called today anyway spoke to a man about it he pulled my taxes up and I was suspended because there was an issue with my info transmitting so now I have to wait and see if its something a person can fix or I will get a letter letting me no that I have to reprocess my return and the best part if I have to reprocess it I go back to waiting 21 days BS and they couldnt give me a time fram it would even be resolved at this point I check my info where I filed  everything was correct no sure what there computer coundn't read. So maybe my money will be here by Spring.
    • Yhat really sucks! My phone is off so I csnt even call. What number. Did u call to reach someone
    • And my 21 days was yesterday
    • On the phone now with the IRS..
      Will update when finished... Praying for an answer!!!
    • Well no new News!! Because of my 8863 they just started processing it can take 3 weeks, but may not take that long I asked serveral times so there is no error with my return and he said as far as he could see there is no issue. But I will have to wait 3 weeks.. So at least I have some kind of answer even though it is not much of one.
    • 8863 is what? Education credits?
    • Yes Education credit
    • I have the same thing on the "wheres my refund" status bar, I have been hearing something about them cracking down on identity theft so now there sending out letters telling you to call them, then they will ask youa series of questions about this years and last years taxes... I also heard it can push your return back 6-8 WEEKS. has anyone else heard this?

    last year when I had this problem I waited and waited for it to go ahead and go through or get a letter or something. Finally after waiting almost a month I went ahead and called them. I found out that I had accidently typed in my daughters ssn wrong and it was off by one number. I then talked to the rep explained what happened and she corrected it then and there. She then told me I'd have to wait again for another 6 weeks ... It didnt take that long but It was really inconvienant. So my advice is on the 21rst just go ahead and call in as soon as possible.


      I am no expert but based upon what I am reading in the community most people are getting their direct deposits within 10 days of acceptance but if you read the IRS website they say to anticipate 21 days from acceptance, unless it is being reviewed.   I think we should anticipate a refund within 21 days and if we get it sooner then great.  There is a glitch in the where's my refund website, I don't think people are getting accurate updates until the day before the deposit date.  I hope this helps.

      • hopefully, but I wish I knew what they were doing with the early accepted filers. Been accepted since Jan 25. I thought I would see a change/update by today and havent. If they started processing yesterday then you think they would take care of these early acepted ones that have been sitting and waiting fro over 20 days now.
      • I understand it is very frustrating.  I hope you get your refund soon!  :)
      • I was accepted 1/26/13 and still have no dd, my status just changed last night from '21 days' to 'processing, dd will be given when available' I'm finally calling to speak to a live rep.
      • I agree if I were you I would call and speak to a live representative; that's been a long time since you I have filed.
      • I filed on Jan 15, got accepted early on Jan 25, still no DD date. :-/   When I called the IRS rep, they said t olook for my refund by Feb 20th and to call back then if I didnt have it.
      • I'm sorry you are havnig to wait that long...that is beyond the 21 day timeframe.  hopefully you will get it by then!
      • @jakenmicheelle The 8863 form is your hold up, unfortunately IRS didn't even start accepting educational credits until 2/14/13 which means it can be 21 days from that date :/
      • well ive been witing as long as they have got accepted on the 26th and no updates lost my orange bar after 2 days and i didnt file the 8863.... so that isnt all thier is too it.. we really early filers kinda got stuck in processing land... and were not under review or we would have seen it on the website.. I saw it on  friends and that happened 4 days fter she was accepted
      • I would call the live irs hotline; a representative should be able to look up your information and give you a clear answer.  :)
      • I have already called and they didnt see anything wrong with my return but that it is taking a longer time to process all the backlogged ones. But they cant give out anything other then that until 21 days have passed which i was told on the 22nd, to which i replied well this maybe what wrong with the irs people do not know how to count.. LOL. but it is what it is Ill get it when I get it I just hope it does find me hungry and homeless
      • you are not alone..i filed 1/31 and still in processing limbo..everyday i check just once and nothing. I am so worried not because of any errors but i did need this refund to pay a few bills that will be due and now who knows it could be months more!! if i am a pulled one for review,,at this point i am almost surrendering to the fact that i will not get it in time. i also called just once and he gave me the usual 21 day wait protocol and said he couldnt say much more.
      • I just called last night and what they lady told me, whom was very nice, said that since it is an automated system it keeps getting bogged down with return and hasnt been able to keep up. She said though after she pulled up my account that as far as she can see there is nothing wrong, no flags or anything and that it should be there around the 20th and if not call them back.
      • I found out Im getting my dd 2/21. i filed for refund transcript with irs yesterday. found out my dd date today.
      • MMy return was accepted 2/8
      • Good for you!!!! Yeah I still cant get mine, but the lady on the phone gave me hope so well see :)
      • @ pstuart....Yes!!! I was finally able to order my transcripts today so I am praying for a DDD tomorrow!!!!! Good luck  to the rest of you!!!
      • Still no ddd for my getting the same message I lost hope
      • Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available"
      • Still getting the same message: "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available". Accepted on 1/25 so when will I get my date since others are getting theirs? OMG!
      • I was accepted on the 25th just a regular w2 with 3 dependent still no ddd Where’s My Refund (Where's My Refund (WMR)) keep saying Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available” I’ve had this message for a week now I order transcript never receive them as well
      • I was also accepted 1/28  simple return and  no  DD  getting same message
      • okay i have been sitting around waiting on a dd and still have not got one i have ck the wmr only once per day and still have not got anything been waiting for a while now and i filed on 1/13 and was accepted 1/25 u did file an 8863 and i do understand that it was just processed on 2/14 but my patience is gone now and i cant deal with this any longer i have no hope left in me i pray that everyone get their dd dates soon
      • I was accepted on 1/26 no edu credits and still no ddd. I got both transcripts in the mail already (ordered 2/11) so I don't think ordering them does anything to get a refund sooner. I'm going crazy waiting.
      • Mine accepted on 30th.rep didn't say anything about review.still no transcript no dd.out of ideas.wtf
      • I wonder if the system will even update or if anyone will see a change today being a federal holiday..
      • I seriously think the IRS is scraping to find the money to pay everyone at this point. I filed the 18th of January.. still processing.
      • I was accepted Jan 30 and today my message on WMR is your refund is still processing an a date will be provided when available

        Yesterday it said your refund has been received and is still processing you will received your refund within 22 days

        Wednesday will be my 21 days
      • Irs told me by the 20ith well thats in two days and no change guess they bout to change again and say 21 days started the 14th and we cant do jack about it I feel used up
      • You guys are getting the same message as me but I checked my State Website on my State refund status and it says I'll get it the 20th so I'm hoping my federal comes at the same time. I filed on 2/6 but my identity was stolen last year so I'm guessing that's why it's taking longer...I have no idea. Just need my money.
      • I transmitted my income tax return with errors on Feb, 4th.  My WMR changed on Saturday to a date of February 21.  I'm getting ready to check my bank to see if this is true or not.  Good luck to everyone.
      • @aprilove313- true. 21 days start for us on Feb 14th.  so sick of this!!
      Mine did that & I got my date a few days later. Accepted 1/24 with 8863 in the early batch. Nothing but "processing" until last week. Then it changed to "still processing". & then on Saturday I was given ddd of 2/22. Im sure yours is coming too!
      • I wish this was true for all of us. I have been waiting for over a month now and still no ddd! :(
      • Me too. .tt said I would. Receive. My refund by yesterday. Nothing on my card yet. Tt did send me an email. Yestetday syill saying thr 19th but wmr says syill processing
      Still nothing new today. At least they have to actually look me up today. I am over this. I just want answers and I really could use my money. This is the only time of year we have extra money to do things with my kids and I have bills I desperately need to catch up on. I'm so over this. Never waited more than 10 days in the past.
      • I filed on the 25th accepted on the 30th still have the same message as everyone else called yesterday of course told to call on Thurs and they would have anyswers. Today is day 22 so they should of had answers for me yesterday and they did look me upbut rep said he could only see the same thing as I could online BS . I did not file form 8863 same job last 8 yrs same daycare last 7 years no reason why this could of happend that I can figure out. They need to get there shit together I have stuff to take care of it has NEVER taken this long to get my refund. Did anyone else do there own taxes online.
      • Yes same for me. Revueved an emsil ftom tt yedterday saying I wad dtill within the refund winfow. But according. To my estimated. Date of the. 19th today. Makes day 22. Still nothing!

      They accepted my refund on 1/28... it is still being processed... my daughter filed last week same exact status... 1099 head of household... she got her refund today!  I called and got hung up on...well possibly disconnected... but I think he hung up... then try calling back and it wont put me through at all.  Keeps saying it didnt get my response to the prompts.  I think the irs just unfriended me!!!!!

      • I love it! The irs Unfriended you...this  is funny as hell. I have been kicked out of the irs website so many times I am thinking they are going to send a hit man after me. All I want is my refund to pay bills, I have been borrowing from Peter to pay Paul for a long time and this is no fun. My credit is at stake here and I am not a happy camper.
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