got a letter from irs saying that they are reviewing my return. What does this mean?

Anyone know from past experience? I got this letter the other day, it was dated for 2/1 the same day i ordered my ACCOUNT Transcript. Still can not order my return transcript. Stuck on "Processing" on WMR.. EIC, HOH, 1 Dep. No Education Credits.
  • Hey RSC, where did everyone go??? Im very lonely over here so I'm on hold with the IRS...he he he
I don't have any answers for you because I am in the same boat. I filed 1/31, accepted same day and WMR has said processing since then. Yesterday I got a letter saying they are reviewing my return and will contact me if they need more information. Some people have said that it may be a glitch in their new 'fraud detection' system. I really hope that is the case. I've also saw people who have said they had to prove something they listed on their return (dependents, income, etc) And it seems if you call the IRS, you can't get a straight answer from them either. Hopefully it is nothing bad and our refunds are on their way.
  • ps, a lot of people have suggested their may be some corrolation between ordering your transcripts and this letter. I was never able to order my transcripts though, although I tried many times. And if you were ordering your transcript in effore to speed up your DDD, it was the 2012 RETURN transcript that you should order, not the account one. Maybe you should try to order the other one and see what it says?
  • Any one receive refund or dd yet?
  • Nothing here....yet.
  • As of this am, I am still in exact same boat.. Processing.. Cant order return
    transcripts still either..
  • ON WMR it doesnt say they are reviewing my return either... But some people are saying that their WMR is saying that
  • Just says proccessing called and no errors got letter too
I just saw something interesting on the IRS website, for those of us tha have received a letter (4464c). I've looked at this 3 or 4 times trying to understand it/why/where the **** my refund is.

Anyway, down at the bottom it shows an example of the CP05 letter that some of us got. If you look closely at the example, it looks a lot different from the one that I received (and yours is prob the same as mine) For one, mine certainly doesn't say "We are holding your refund until we are finished reviewing your tax return."  And in the notes it says yours make look different because each letter is tailored to the individual. There is nothing "tailored" about my letter. It says my, name and SSN at the top, but from there down, its the same as everyone elses.

I'm just trying to prove the thought that this very well may have been a glitch that gave us all these letters. I may be grasping at straws, but with so much horrible speculation going on I'm just going crazy over here. What do you guys think?
  • Do take note though, even in the letter it states,  "Having your return selected for examination does not suggest that you made an error or were dishonest."
  • You know i really believe there has to be something triggering  these letters because while i am by no means any expert it appears that there are many many more filers this year on this board that received this letter, and my better judgment tells me that there is no way possible they can go over each and every return to verify the information claimed!! there just isnt enough time and manpower that would mean people getting their refunds well into the next year!! even if they had enough people to efficiently review the massive amount of filers that are getting these i think it could be just some glitch that they are now scrambling to rectify...i just dont know. But then again who knows...i have just gotten to the point where i expect a letter and am now not expecting any refund for at least 3-4months if this is true.
  • There is nothing in my letter that says that, TaxPro. I guess that means I AM dishonest. = )
  • Was only trying to help.  But do know, if may be just as simple as needing to verify information.
  • This happened to several of us "early filers" a few years ago. Since then I wait at least a few weeks after the IRS starts accepting returns to file mine. The bottom line is these reviews can take quiet awhile to resolve and you will never get a straight answer from the IRS because they are fraud reviews. If you are claiming EIC, they will want several documents to prove that the child lives with you and that you provide their support. I swear I faxed a book of info to them. You will not get this letter until mid March. If the delay is causing you financial hardship you can contact a taxpayer advocate to assist you and/or your local congressman. Even with all of this assistance, I still did not receive my refund until June. Be patient, if it is an accurate return you WIll get it but get help otherwise it can take a year or more. I only speak from experience as our group under review that year received the same letters, the same run around.
  • The IRS randomly reviews thousands of returns each year, mostly self-employment and EIC. For some reason the majority of these returns are flagged during the first 2 weeks of filing. I have been told it is because many  early filings are fraudulent. That explanation made sense when they used to accept returns in mid January, but I think this year is just a lot more flaggings in general. It happened to me a few years ago and since then I wait until mid Feb to file mine, but this year I think I'll wait until March. I have learned that there is nothing worse than waiting on a tax refund:( and by the way if they don't release it before the tax deadline, they will pay you interest.
  • @, i know u were. that was more tongue-in-cheek directed at the IRS. Didnt mean it to sound snippy.
  • Has anyone gotten an account transcript? I'm wondering about something I saw on mine. I got the notice and it said the review will be completed by april 11, 13. On the account transcript it has a transaction date for the eic and credit to account as april 15, 13. I'm wondering if this is when I will be issued my refund?
  • You dont want an account transcript... you need the RETURN transcript..   RETURN is for current filing..or whatever year you select.  What you are reading on the account transcript means nothing at this point.
  • i got both. What am i looking for on the return transcript as far as when my refund will be issued? or what exactly does it mean if i am able to get one?
  • I had just seen someone said order a transcript not which one so I ordered both of them.
  • It has received date of 4-15 on it also I just noticed.
  • I'm not sure what the "received date" means but the thought it, if you are able to order a return transcript, that means that your return has been processed and your refund is on its way. At least that seems to be the case for most people.
  • I ordered my transcript on 2-13 and still no dd and got the notice after so I don't get it!
  • Have you called the IRS to ask?
  • called no real answers but to wait... one rep said they are checking my EIC which I sent in 106 pages of proof last year and had to get an advocate for the last 3 years. Called another time and was told IRS was behind with so many early filers and my refund could be delayed up to a week from the 21 days , with the sysytem opening on the 30th the sytem had a lot of returns go through and are being worked week  by week in which the were actually recieved by IRS not transmitted
  • Has anyone recived mtheir money after receiving this letter , and dies it usaut take a 2-3 months .
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         Wondering if anyone receives their money after receiving a letter 4464C ,
When we called the irs about the letter they said it would take up to 6 weeks from the date on the letter which ours was Feb 25, and continued to tell us that even though the website says processing, they havent even gotten to ours yet so who knows when we will get it. He said that they are randomly pulled for review, theres an awful lot pulled I think for it to be random, and it would be nice if they would just be honest for once. They said they didnt need anything from us but who knows, probably get another letter.
  • Im in the same boat
  • me three
  • Me 4
  • Me also. (sorry, couldn't bring myself to say Me 5) Well Ryan, I think its just me, you and Darryl left from the old group. Jeffanie is probably out spending her cash right now. b8tch! J/k, shes lucky.
  • Not heard anything on my end either
  • I just check the irs website online and my dd 3.7.2013
  • yayyyy.... can u give us your stats? When did you file, what did u file (eic, hoh, 8863?) and when did u get the letter and which letter was it. Sorry for all the questions but it helps us folks that are quickly losing our minds!!
  • I filed on Jan 28. Got aaccepted later that day. I filed head of house, with one child . I recieved my letter on feb. 18, 2013.  I got the same letter as you kayla :( I hope everyone who received the same letter gets good news soon.
  • thank you gosh, i hope so too!
  • Kayla, I filed on the 19th of Jan, they said they accepted it the 28th, filed hoh, eic, child tax cred, got the letter the 19th of Feb, looked on the website today, still notta
  • I got the CPO5 letter
  • Oh and on my letter I received it the 19th but on the letter below the code it had February 24th, why so far off from when I received it, anyone else have this on their letter
  • A lot of folks have gotten post dated letters. I guess its the IRS's way of buying more time. Whatever, the sucks! But i HAVE seen a lot of review people getting DDD's in the last few days so I'm hoping we are up next. Seems like Wed and Sat always show the biggest change in WMR.
  • naaaaa still waiting no money yet letter from feb 4
  • Has anyone gotten their refund back yet after receiving this letter? This is unacceptable and unbelievable!!!!!!
  • @ mstaton08  my letter I never got but was told I got over the phone was dated 2/6
  • Well as most of u know I filed on Jan 19, got letter of review on Feb 19th, checked today n they said they would be sending my check on March 12th so they are sending them to us that got th cpo5 letter, hopes this gives u some sort of assurance
  • thats great news @brighteyes. Im glad to see a lot of the CP05 people getting their dates.
For those of you who can't order your transcripts yet, you can listen to your account over the phone. I haven't tried it yet myself but I will when I have a little more time.... (got this from another site)

# is 18008290922 press 1 for english then 1 for recieved notice then 5 to listen to info u have to make a six digit pin then pick which year u want to listen to if they ask u for a caller id #its 175654
No DD date, anyone know what to do?

    Anyone help!?!?!
      It is a Federal Return, not a state return. I am in Texas
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