got refund with netspend early

2/13/13 anyone get their money today
    SBBT...Automated Number 1-800-717-7228 also.
    • was your on the automated number sir.g
    • I hope we get it on netspend asap
    • No it wasn't on the auto, but check now it's there if you have 02.13 date
    • I just did too!  Check yours!
    I also have a DD of 02.13.2013 and as of 8:22 AM nothing is SBBT. I see we all have this date so it should fall shortly even WMR have not been updated yet so that should tell us something I guess.
    • i recieved mine late in the afternoon when i got off work around 4:30-5 on my netspend card. My direct deposit was for today. I hope that helps with a time frame.
    Mine just showed up on the SBBT like 5 min ago.  However it says it will be sent to my card tomorrow. So I don't think mine is coming before tomorrow. I just happy it is showing up.
    • great;-)
    • same but wish they would send them today lol.
    • I'm with you Cryin, fingers are crossed.
    • when i first checked sbbt this morning it also said tomorrow but i checked back not too long ago n it now states that they sent it to my check again later...u guys with card may receive them today
    • did your status change last night? did you have education credits? when were you accepted?
    • No I dind't have any education credits but I did have an offset! I got a deposit date over the weekend. I was actually accepted on Jan 26th.
    • ok please if it hits banks or netspend accounts and you can use the money please post so i can check my card lol.
    • I just checked mine again and it said that it has already been sent to my card so I will let you gus know if it hits my card.
    • thanks because its not on mine yet!
    • mine is at the bank too yyyaayyyy anytime now
    • Grrrrrrreat good for you Deroncjr. Mine is at SBBT, but as been forwarded to my bank now my bank as to post it.
    • anybody have account now card?
    • yea and in still waiting
    • me mesha1 and its not in my account even though my dd was for tomorrow but sbbt sent it to my account already? netspend seems to of gotten thiers already.
    • No...still waiting for sbbt to transfer to Netspend
    • i have netspend and have not gotten it yet!!
    • i have net spend too. Maybe it will be there later on today.
    • sandy poo did yours show up yet mine still hasnt either?
    • No, I just check as netspend as well. I am thinking this afternoon.
    • please let me know if you get it and i will do the same.
    • i have account now and minds just posted to my card
    • really netspend still waiting i hope it comes soon
    • been waiting since 1/30
    • anyone with netspend get their refund for 2/13 yet
    • Not yet...this last little step is really draaaaaaaging out!! I'm guessing between 1 and 130 eastern time today.
    • i hope so we have all been waiting long enough
    • Yeh my card account still shows nothing on it... also there is no trace number for me on sbbt so what does that mean.
    • Amber just got hers on her it's coming!
    • im still worried do they not send them all out at once and i cant find a trace number its blank but shows my deposit info and that i was sent so what exactly does that mean. I also have not gotten a email from them yet saying they sent it but on their website it shows it sent.
    • No worries cryin''ll post to your Netspend within the hour I bet!
    • my sister just got her money on her netspend card , im waithing on account now!
    • I also don't have a trace number?! Should I be worried or is a trace number not showing for anyone also?
    • Thanks Mesha... I keep texting "balance" to Netspend every 10 I am way too patient!!! Soon I'm sure though
    • anybody with account now.. got their money?
    • I don't have a trace number either and still waiting for it to post to netspend anyone received it on netspend yet
    • no my is ach and no deposit yet!
    • I think sbbt assigns a trace number AFTER they send it to your bank or card.... could be wrong though....and yes Kimberly people are starting to receive $$$ on their Netspend cards now
    • account now still waiting
    • my sister got hers and she still doesnt have a trace number
    • Mine has been sent no trace number I wish they would hurry up with mine been waiting since 1/30 do the Ppl that received theirs have a trace number
    • Oh ok. Thanks!
    • Here's what sbbt says about trace numbers.....
      A Trace Number is a unique fifteen digit number assigned to each ACH entry by the Originating Depositary Financial Institution (ODFI). You might need to obtain this trace number if something goes wrong with the deposit, so the paying institution, the bank and the ACH can determine what happened. If you have not received your Direct Deposit in your account after 4 business days from the date the bank sent it, and you have verified that your RTN and DAN are correct, a trace can be provided to you by visiting our website at When you log into your account, the site will take you to a personalized Account Status page. Please click the link after “For an itemized breakdown” paragraph. Scroll down to retrieve your Trace Number. Give this number to your Financial Institution or you may call Customer Service at 877- 908-7228 for assistance.
    • Oh ok well my information is right so I hope to receive it on netspend anytime now
    • i just checked my netspend. No deposit.
    • Same here nothing
    • Hi All - My money just posted to my Netspend card.  Check yours!!
    • Mine was excepted on the 7th anyone have an idea when I might recieve my money on my net spend card
    • At tsc04 good for u, so did don't go spending it all in one place!!!
    • Me too!!!! Yahoo...praise the Lord and pass the cash!
    • Krystalandderik...based on the 16 days from accepted to cash in hand I would get yours around fri the 22 or mon the 25...but I think they're moving quicker now. Good luck!
    rom my answer this morning I just checked SBBT and my full funds are in there.
      I filed on the 5th, and turbotax sent me an email telling me it was excepted and my taxes are done on the 5th as well. Since then, when Ever I go to the wmr sight it tells me I have to wait 24 hours before checking and when I try to order my transcripts it tells me I have the wrong address which I know can't be right. Not sure what to think or do at this point.  
      • I have a netspend card already that It is suppose to be deposited on.
      I have a date of 02.13.2013 and just checked they put the monies in SBBT between 9:00 AM and 9:40 AM today
      • Sir George..what time zone r u in/
      • Eastern it's now 9:58 am
      • Im an hour behind u? Thanx
      • Sure.
      • But sbbt has updated for all time zones... I'm in eastern...sbbt is on ca.... So it doesn't matter where you are...the fund updates have occurred....I could be wrong though
      • will you please post if it goes on your netspend card today. thanks
      • Mine from SBBT to my personal bank.
      • it is in ur account already?
      Actually mine was sent to SBBT this morning and forward to my personal bank between the hour of 9:00 and 9:40 AM. However, I can see it pending inside my credit union account and the amount but haven't been released yet. I'm thinking at midnight it will be release which the due date is 02.13.2013
      • Checked around noon said money was there and had been sent. Money just posted to my netspend card at 4:25 CST. IRS website direct deposit date of 2/13/13.
      • I also received mine on this morning and it is pending in my bank account to go through before 6am tomorrow. I am glad the waiting is over. My dd is also 2/13/13. These post are better than last weeks post I am excited for all of us.
      • Amen! The longer you wait...the better it feels when it's over,lol!
      • @Curiouser2 You are so right....
      Ive been posting on here my experience for a while. SBBT had my refund on the 12th around 9am and transferred to my bank same day (navy fed) but I found out this morning from SBBT Navy Fed rejected my deposit because my ex husband is still a signer on my account and is NOT listed on my tax return. This is BEYOND frustrating! SBBT now has my refund back and will transfer it to another account. All of my accounts have my ex husband as a signer and I cannot take him off due to our divorce settlement agreements. I went to and opened a new account.

      SOME PEOPLE on here said they were able to get a temporary card and have the funds transferred or something like that. HOW DO I DO THAT??? Ive been waiting too long for this refund. I cant wait another 7-10 days until the card arrives. Any ideas would be so helpful.

      thank you
      i am a tax preparer netspend is the worst pre pay card I have ever dealt with never again they have went to to extreme of not approving people for activation, to sending refund back to suspending accounts. I wish I knew how to shut them the hell down they are horrible. you have to call and get there trace number just to get your refund
        nooo did u
        • No still waiting sbtpg hasn't even received my funds from the irs so probsbly tomorrow or on wed I been waiting forever seems like
        • Omg this has been the longest 3 I don't think 2/13 is coming fast enough for me.....hopefully tomorrow,eventhough sbbt hasn't even received it
        • hey are they closed tomorrow I was told tomorrow is a holiday is that going to delay anything??
        • what is sbbt so i can try that
        • I hope not it is an hoilday but schools are til open so im pretty sure that sbbt will be
        • If u have netspend u should get paid tomorrow tho
        • It is a holiday but they dont honor it until monday.. How do you know we get somethin tomorrow??
        • when I check it they say they havent received my refund yet :(
        • I just tried to check my sbbt and it will not let me see states that no records are found with my ssn....I just checked it this morning now no anyone know what's going DD is for 2/13
        • same hear lol dont be sad were going to all get the within the next 48
        • ive notice that most of the times that it do that its updating so it wont give out any info or let you logg in thats just my guess dont quote me
        • I sure hope yea I don't think ill sleep good until Wed...I've waited to long to be able to get things my kids want and I really don't wanna dissapoint me too lol
        • hey i feel you ill check back with sbbt shortly and keep everyone posted
        • Amen to that! My kids didnt have a christmas due to many bills and electric rates keep going higher,but atleast they stayed warm w a roof over their heads. But I still feel I have to bring christmas alive late for my girls.
        • do u all have ur refund on ur card????
        • have sbbt received anyone funds yet??
        • No @deroncjr did you?
        • no refund yet but my dd is not until 2/13
        • Mine neither
        • BBut i thought Sbtpg get it a day early
        • so did i from last year they got it a day early so hoping there is still time since my dd is 2/13
        • Yes i hope so im a 02/13 also
        • NOOO Ijust knew I was gone see that the bank had it but I didnt salty
        • hey i just checked sbbt and it just update my money is there now check it again
        • Sbbt just updated with my funds at 9 15  est....keep checking folks... It's PAYDAY!!!!!
        • ALL -  I have a DD date of 02/13 and just checked SSBT website and they have my refund.  Check yours!  I have a netspend card that I have had for years so hopefully it will post today,  Good Luck to you all!!
        • too... Maybe within the hour on Netspend card....
        • Nothing on mine and a 2/13 does that mean im not getting it?
        • Cryin... Keep checking sbbt... It's updating sporadically with our funds now...nothing on Netspend yet....
        • Im worried everyone else did but me lol i got a dd for tomorrow and still not showing they have anything..
        • ok mine showed it luv you all
        • Hang in there...sbbt is SLOWLY updating...
        • Lol!!!cryin...your lil girl's gonna be happy too!
        • crying is to funny lol see you was getting all worried lol
        • now i just hope we get the dd today instead of tomorrow if anyone get there dd today keep  me posted
        • Lol yeh I am getting her an ipad!!! but now its just a waiting to see when we actually get the money lol.
        • My taxes were accepted on 02/08/2013 when should I expect my refund on my net spend card
        • Ahhh finally things are falling into place. Just waiting on my bank now. :D
        • @kstyal I was accepted on the 4th and got a dd for the 13th so probably four days from now.
        • So maybe sat or nxt mon
        • did you guys get this message?? i got this last night.
          Your Personal
          Tax Data
          Social Security Number

          or IRS Individual Taxpayer
          Identification Number:
          Filing Status:
          Married-Filing Joint Return
          Tax Period Ending:
          December 31, 2012
          Your Expected
          Refund Amount:
          Refund Status Results
          Your tax return is still being processed.

          A refund date will be provided when available.
          Please Note:
          For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
        • It was actually excepted on the 7th
        • mines is there as well EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        • @ der is it on yalls cards already?
        • no the bank has it which  means it can be on my card any time now
        • yeh it told me awhile ago it was sent to my bank but hmm its not showing up on my card!
        • mine either it says that it was sent today too so Im going to call in a min
        • keep us posted deroncjr
        • Mine says it was sent to my account now today but so far i called and they said they dont see anything yet.
        • i hope account now dont drag there feet we have waited long enough
        • ok its not just me thats good
        • aaron please let me know when yours shows up and i will do the same.
        • ok i got you as soon as i know something ill post it ....
        • mine says: Bank has forwarded all or part of your income tax refund from the IRS to your financial institution on 02/12/2013, per the IRS refund delivery date.

          As with all direct deposits, please allow at least 1-2 business days for your financial institution to post your refund in your account.
          i calle my bank and they dont have it and said it can take 24 to 48 hrs  i am keeping my fingers crossed
        • same me too!
        • me too
        • I too am waiting but I have a day or two more. I opted for the netspend card and have read 100's of bad reviews that ur card blocks after you activate and use it once and you then are asked to send in ss cards w2's and i.d. repeatedly. So worried about thwm being scammers and stealing my hrd earned money. I am hoping that you guys can lessen my worry or confirm their deceit in time for me to change my dd. Im definitely am not activating my card. So plz post if you get all your money on ya card use it and it not block.
        • i had a dd date 2/13 but sbbt got the fund from the irs today and sent it to my account this morning '
        • I already had my netspend I pray they dont do that I will have a fit..
        • der did you get your money yet? Mine is still not on my card?
        • I hope so to deroncjr. cause having a fit just wont get it. plz keep me updated as to how things goes. Im not trying to be negative just aware.
        • no not yet
        • If it shows a trace number does that mean funds should be there??
        • That's what I wanna know
        • Ditto!!
        • It depends on your bank. I bank with Navy Federal and my refund is in my account but won't be available to me until tomorrow. I also just recently got a trace number. Most likely we will all have it by midnight :)
        • Go Navy!!! It's so close to the finish line for this tax refund marathon...but these last few hours feel like rubbing salt in the wound....I can smell the cash it's so close, lol!
        • Great news that gives us hope.
        • OMG!!! Cant stand this waiting!! I was suppose to get my $$ as early as 2/8 but as late as 2/13....I'm starting to worry!!!
        • OYEAH Crystal !!!! Thanks for the heds-up I got mine too! Praise the Lord and pass the cash!
        • Yay! Congrats to you!!
        • Thanks Dani...what about you?
        • I have nothing yet on my account now?
        • I'm sorry  cryin...I thought you had Netspend for awhile there..,was trying to wake you up telepathically,lol!
          But account now, huh ? Maybe midnight...for sure by morning.
        • hey crying im still waiting with you
        • I dnt have mine either wtf??
        • I'm still waiting w/you guys..we should have our funds in the morning *fingers crossed* sleep tight :-)
        • Mine still arent on there??? its 208 central im sad :(
        • I got mine at 230 central time.. so there is hope. gnight all so i can be well rested for fun time tomorrow!
        • mines is on my card crying but it say its pending until the 14th this is blowing me
        • Got mine @ 3:10 am in my bank now it's time to get these monkey's off my back and pay a few bills...then the rest is mine....but have to put some in savings for emergencies.
        • Mine is still not on my card Aaron..I'm at a loss!
        • Mine isn't there either. Is it possible it will still come today?
        • I hope so , still waiting :(
        • I'm hoping aptolu
        • Since my refund date is today do yall know if it will still go on my card today ?
        • We are all hoping breean...we all had DD 2/ it's just a waiting game I guess..mine doesn't even say pending..
        • What do you mean says pending ?
        • As in its not even a pending deposit..called myriad card CS and they don't even show my refund being sent in still waiting..hopefully will post by tomorrow morning..
        • My bank isn't even seeing the deposit pending. What is going on with these people???.?
        • hey did yall check with the sbbt to see if they have it first
        • and some banks drag there feet also i use account now and my dd was for today when i first got up and checked it it was pending but said i would get it on the 14th then i checked back two hours later it was in my account i hope this helps
        • Sbbt had it yesterday around 9am. My bank is just dragging their feet which has NEVER happened to me before. Usually I can see the direct deposits pending and always I get my play deposited very early. I even gave them the trace # from SBBT and my bank (navy fed) couldn't find the deposit. I don't know what's going on but im very frustrated. Glad to see you got your $$ finally!!!
        • My bank is dragging their feet as well...never had this problem bank doesn't even show any pending deposit..I'm hoping it will be there tomorrow..I'm with you e.thompson I'm beyond frustrated
        • thanks yall i no its frustrating waiting but as long as you saw it on sbbt then your going to get it ...
        • For what it's worth...yesterday I was checking my account for the pending didn't show anything...2 minutes later I got a text alert of the deposit, so.... I have Netspend. Good luck guys!
        • Any of yall get your money on your card yet ? Mine is supose to deposit today but nothing ...
        • I did this morning @ 1:10 am, but I have an acct now card. On sbbt website it said it could take 24-48 hours to post depending on your bank. I hope you get it in the morning.Let us know!
        • Nope...still nothing :-(
        • It said mine was sent to my netspend card but still no money. I dont get itt.
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