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Has anyone got their review letters yet?

My fiance's refund status says this:
We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.

I saw on here that a bunch of other people are getting the same messge. I'm wondering if any of you have gotten your review letters yet?
  • I got a letter yesterday. Filed 1/31 accepted same day. My letter says they are conducting a thorough review of my return and they will contact me within 60 days if they need further info. WMR still says "processing". I'm really hoping I got this letter by accident or something.
  • I got the same letter and so did others... but how come every letter is the same and not different... I hope they start reviewing soon. I heard if you were getting a large amount that you would get a letter to make sure everything s right....but I don't know!!!
  • i was told will receive a notice also,11 days ago!! called by turbo rep. everything alright just wait, this is messed up, how irs is printing same statement on so many peoples !!!
  • What's the turbo tax number you called?
  • the number to turbo tax is (# removed). you will have to wait for rep.for very long time ,still on line!!!! when you call ask them what is this tax topic 151 on the wmr site and tell me what they tell you. thank you, god bless!!!
  • Thank you
  • I filed jan31st accepted and receved feb3rd. 7days later wmr bar disappeared says we receive dd win done processing. Tax topic 152.well ive spoke to 5 live representatives for tbe irs.5 diffrent scenarios. Well I was told last monday im under review youll receive a letter possibly. Today march 3rd was told thy havent even started to process mytax application. Oh yea I ordered my transcripts threw the mail feb 22.also was told today its impossible to order transcripts if im not even processed yet.im wait7ng  4  this letter from the irs.i was told also if I dont here nothing in 60 days to contact the irs again.thinking if we all stand up to the irs and g3t a petition strted to sue the irs for not being honest to us tax payers.they really are clueless like I said 5 different days of2weeks I called thm 5 different scenarios.there is no way all of us are under review thinking the irs is trying to fuck us out of our money to donate to a crooked  ass politician in my opinion
  • Did any of you order online transcripts codev971 means letter sent I was told I was mqiled z letter feb 24th still waiting for this letter ta said im under 60 day review march 24th on my transcripts my ddd reprocessing strts march 10th
Yes I received this letter. I am also under review they say it could take up to 60 days to get my return. I hope they hurry and approve it. You are not alone a lot of people got the review letter.
  • How long did it take to get your letter,I've been waiting for mine since last sunday i saw i was in review (02-03) and still nothing
  • I received mine a week after I filed. And my status say processing but the irs representative said give them up to 60 days but once there done reviewing they will send the refund so its just a waiting game for me for now
  • I filed on 1/28 accepted the same day,so i keep thinking ill get the letter any day now.I guess it dont matter much tho since im going to just be playing the waiting game anyway
  • I also filed on the 28 and got accepted on the 30 received my letter on the 5th and I'm still waiting no change was made to my status
  • my sister filed on Jan. 19 was accepted Jan. 28th, she got her letter today but its dated for Feb.18 for 30 days after Jan. 19. she is having an 1040 review or audit, so she needs to send in, income proof, dependent proof, as well, filing status, and EIc and child ta credit proof. 3 of them seem like the same docs are needed.
  • Did she get a letter saying she needed to send proof? Or its just being reviewed? Mines says being reviewed but no further action is needed.
  • Well this is what is listed under the notice online:

     We’re auditing your tax return and we need documentation to verify the Earned Income Credit (EIC) that you claimed. The Earned Income Credit and/or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) portion(s) of your refund is being held pending the results of the audit.

    What you need to do

        Read the notice and the enclosed forms carefully. They explain the information you must send to us.
        Provide copies of the documentation we request to verify the items that we are auditing.
        Complete the response form by indicating which items your supporting documentation addresses and return the form with the documents you are submitting.

    You may want to

        Review this notice with your tax preparer.
        Call us for assistance at the toll-free telephone number listed in the top right corner of your notice.
        Review the rules for claiming the Earned Income Credit and make sure that your child meets the four tests: the Relationship, Age, Residency and Joint Return tests, to qualify for the credit. Read more about the qualifying child rules.
        Find out if you can claim the Earned Income credit if you do not have a qualifying child. Find the rules for those without a qualifying child here.
  • here is the direct link or page found: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Understanding-Your-CP75-Notice
  • O wow I didn't get this letter I have another one saying there reviewing mines but I wonder if ill be receiving this one. How many letters did you guys receive so far?
  • I got my letter feb 1 . It says I'm under review not action needed , this is the only one I have gotten ! But today it let me order my 2012 tax transcript . What does that mean? Anyone !
  • No action needed! Sorry misspelled it .
  • O ok me too that's the only letter I received and well people say when your able to order your transcript it means the IRS is looking or has looked at your taxes so soon hopefully we get our refund I was able to order mines 2 nights ago.
  • This year has been Krazy with all the new tax laws , I hope something happens soon! Getting frustrated playing the waiting game
  • Well sitting here thinking ! My letter was dated feb 1 I got it in the mail feb 8 . But I called IRS feb 6 and spoke to someone and she told me nothing looked wrong with my tax return to give it another week or two and I should have my money ! What since that make
  • she got one letter, she has to mail or fax in docs. I will help her i get the docs together since she claimed my daughter, I have to send in my Birth certificate, my daughters and my sis's too. as well as a letter from her doc or school saying she lived at the same address for over six months. She also has to send in a form for schedule C questionnaire with docs. Lucky we have all this, just have to find her record book. she is a baby sitter, I had to pay her for my kid even though she is my sister but she provided for my other child herself. she does keep a lot of kids because the house is not that big. But she still might have to get a notarized letter or proof from me and the other parent.
  • I hear you on that I hope my status changes soon I'm still processing and says I should get my refund in 21 days
  • lashun316, how much time did they give your sister to turn in all of this information?
  • i received the same notice on wmr stating that im being reviewed and that i will receive a letter within 30 days, but today i just received partial payment of my refund. so now i just have to wait for the letter to see everything that i have to prove to receive my eic portion of my refund.
  • shaynna0201 did you have eic on your taxes?
  • They gave her 30 days from the date of the notice which is dated February 18th

  • Yes I did have eic on my taxes
  • i was told by the lady at the irs that i should not be alarmed by the letter because i to have eic and i havent had it in awhile
  • Is there a number besides the 18008291040 number?
  • For everyone who is under review for the EIC and wondering what they are going to have to do, I found an article that talks about it.
  • 1-866-897-3315 found this number its for refund holds
  • I have been under review since 2/9 and still no letter. WMR says under review.
  • Does it give you a code at all or have you talked to an IRS rep?
  • I got a letter but it states I didn't have to do anything. A friend of mines got one as well but they ended up sending her refund on monday and she filed on 1/26
  • I received a letter, so I called the IRS they said there was nothing wrong just wait the 21days, now they are saying that there is a hold on it and there is  no information that can be given out just wait the 60 days and then call if you have received the refund. HAS ANYONE WHO RECEIVED THIS LETTER GOTTEN THERE MONEY YET?
  • I also got a letter that mines was being reviewed and to wait 60 days. I didn't receive my refund nor does my status change.
  • i filed 1/29 accepted 1/30 i finally called yesterday 2/21 and was told it was on hold but they wouldt say why, they claimed they mailed me a letter but i havent gotten shit this is ridiculous ive had the same ifo for years.... has anyone gotten the letter then had their refund deposited ? how long after if so this is crazy i havent even gotten the letter yet they claimed they mailed it a week ago but i bet if i call back i get a different answer
  • You should def call back. A lot of people that filed early like us are calling in and able to get DD dates.I got a letter 2 weeks ago but it really didn't have any info on it and when I called in, the guy wanted ME to  tell HIM why I got the letter. I have faith my refund is coming next week.
  • @Kayla do you have the number?
  • @kayla i did call back right after my prior post and actually got a very nice helpful lady on the phone in the holds dept. she saidthat there was no reason for my refund to even be on hold all prior returns were in and she issued me a release hold ccode and released my refund. she said it could take up to two weeks to get my deposit but it shouldnt , i think it all depeds who you get on the phone and what you are being held for, mine really had no reason she said.
  • What's that number
  • I am so aggravated. I called the IRS and the representative didn't want to pull my account up due to me receiveing my letter 3 weeks ago and told me to wait 60 days the call them back but I called holdings department and my refund isn't there thank god but customer service reps could be nicer.
  • Sorry I'm checking in so late. @kanoemaui congrats on getting some good news. I really think all of us that are in "review" or have various hold issues will be getting our ddd on monday. And @ sade, that sounds like good news too. If u dont see a change
    Monday, I would call back again but if its not in the holds department, it should be on its way to you! = ) Positive thinking and fingers crossed for Monday.
  • Thank you :)
  • I hope your right kayla
  • I hope you are right @ Kayla.. I'm thinking positive too!!!!
  • Checked this morning and still no dd!! This is really getting nerve recking!
  • I am having the same problem too. I checked and the same thing everyday. How long does it take to review a tax return? this is getting old
  • Do you still have a status bar @baysahkoti?
  • I don't even have a status bar, since I called Friday, I have no status bar.
  • No I dont. It just say   

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.
  • Mines also says being processed and a date will be provided when available. I filed on the 28th of Jan and accept on the 30th and I still haven't got anything.
  • @ sade I filed on the 17th of Jan and got accepted on the 24th of Jan. I just dont know whats going on. This is Crazy
  • This is very crazy
  • my wmr say still processing and i recieved and under review letter
  • What are these review letters about?? I filed mine on 2/28/13...just went on WMR , & it says that my return is still being processed & I should receive my cash w/ in 21 days. Why is it taking so long to process???
  • Did you ever get your refund
  • I recieved a letter on Feb 5 and I filed on Jan 26 I still have not yet recieved my return.
  • i still have not gotten my refund and no word since the letter about a month ago saying they recieved everything and i should expect a response by 5/15
  • I received my letter on the 5th of February. My 60 days was up April 5. I called the irs and they told me that they had to fill out a referral and that they have 30 days to respond to that. I think this is really crazy. I only gotten one letter stating that I didn't have to do anything and I still don't have my refund.
  • I only recieved one letter and it has been over 60 days so I called the IRS and the lady I spoke to said that she hado send a note to department where my refund is and note that it has been over 60 days so she said I would either get contacted by the IRS or my refund will be disbursed in 21 days. This is crazy.
  • I have only received the one letter that was date February 25th. Im on day 50 so far and will be contacting my congressman later this week to help me with this!
  • @sade.leaming. The irs told me the same thing. She had to send them a referral to let them know it's been over 60 days. This mess is crazy!!! I wish they release my money already. I am in much need of it. @Teddybear82382 good luck to you and let me know if you get any results.
  • I feel you. I am in need.of it also. I hope they hurry up cause I haven't recieved any other letter so I'm just waiting again for the 21 days.
  • we are both waiting but she never told me 21 days she told me they have up to 30 days to respond to the referral
  • @spookenfor let us know if you get anything on the 15th I've been waiting as well since jan 31st sucks!!!
  • Im on the same boat but I have 2 letters.  Letter 2 states they are still reviewing.  Review will be complete 5/16 and you will receive refund or another notice from us.  Called the Irs and they told me I had to wait til the 17th and if no refund then they could send a referral and they have 30 days to respond to the referral.  Ok so what happens after 30 days.  I will be have been waiting 120 days at this point.  are they going to tell me to wait longer.  This is BS but i appreciate all comments above and it suck for all of us
I received part of my refund but I don't understand why they would send part of it since I'm under review. I feel they should just keep it until the review process is completed. I don't want to spend all this money and find out I have to pay it back when the review process is over.
  • We got part of ours too. They are withholding the EIC because we have to prove that we supported our kids all year.
  • did you wmr stated that they sent part of your refund?
  • No, I just checked our bank account one day and it was in there. It was just what they withheld from his check all year.
  • the WMR says that they may send part of my refund until the review is over so if the review process is over and things are in their favor I would have to give back that part of my refund that was given to me. Also I filed on 2/14/13 and was accepted on the same day. I see some comments people are saying that IRS is probably behind or having funding issues so that is why they are doing alot of reviews to by time. Hopefully this is why and that they will issue the rest of my refund soon. The bad part is I'm still waiting for my review letter and calling the IRS without the letter they have been giving me the run around saying to wait until I receive the letter.
  • Since I filled Feb. 7th, it said being processed you should receive your refund within 21 days of the date you filled. This morning my message changed to; Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available., has anyone's WMR message changed this morning?
  • Did your bars also disappear? Mine changed to that last weel. I think it does that when you are getting close to your 21 days. But a handful of people say that means you are in the final stages of processing and should be getting a DDD soon. One can only hope, right?
  • yes my bar did disappear and it says the same as yours. My friend had the same message but then it finally said that hers was deposited and she is still waiting on her money. It hasn't hit her account yet.
  • this is the second week mines have been saying that
  • I am so angry at the IRS this tax season!!! I have never seen anything like this before...my taxes were accepted on the 14th like everyone else's due to form 8863.....I had no problem with that...then it showed processing for maybe 4 or 5 day on wrm...after that I got a a message telling me taxes could not be found;call the Irs and mention reference code 9001...I did that and the first time I called I was told it was a glitch with the system.  I wasn't satisfied..I called back a few minutes later I was told I would be receiving a review letter...unbelievable!!!! I called back yesterday and was told my refund would be delayed a week...still not satisfied...I called again a few minutes ago and was told I would be receiving a review letter and I wouldn't need to do anything just wait 45 days. I am so confused and disgusted!!!  I don't know what to believe ...am I going to get my refund ever...I'm so thankful for this forum. I get to vent to people who understand my frustration
  • I understand you cause I have been waiting since Jan 27 and all I see on wmr is processing a date will be given when available. I am so upset I received a letter it says I have to wait 60 days
  • Well I received a NEW letter this weekend, stating pretty much the same thing as letter 4644c. Don't remember what the reference code is for the new one, but the date changed from a 60 day wait to April 25th, you should either have, partial, none of your refund or we will send you another notice. I look on WMR and I am getting a error message, as if I haven't filled at all. If anyone was hoping to pay any bills with this I am so sorry for anyone who is going through a hard ship over this BS!!!!!
  • I feel you on this.. A lot of people had gotten theres back and theres a lot that still waiting!!! Like me!!!
  • @cluis, have u contacted the tax advocate?
  • Check your status again people. I got a refund date today for March 11. the status bar is back
  • I still don't have one yet. did you have eic @ baysahkorti?
  • Yes, but they said I need notices , Eviction, disconnection notices. In order for them to assist me.
  • yes I did have eic and they sent me a letter that I was being reviewed. whe I checked today, the status bar was back and I had a refund date
  • why is that? I filed on the 28th of January. I guess they are just doing them in order. I had eic as well. Did you get a letter too?
  • That's great @baysahkorti!!! I hope I get one soon?
  • I'd love to go online and see a dd date, i sent in the papers they asked for a few weeks ago.I still haven't heard anything yet they said give them a MINIMUM of 30 days wtf to go thru all the papers...I filed 1/28 accepted 1/30 under review since 2/3 still waiting for refund
  • @baysahkorti did you receive a partial refund already? And did your letter ask for more info about your dependents?
  • Called today accepted 1/27 cpo5 dated 2/25 told dd date for 3/13 by,2 dependents,eic
  • Did you receive a partial refund?
  • no never got a partial
  • Does anyone know if u can order both transcripts its a good or bad thing?!? I'm lost!.
  • i ordered mines like 2/5 just was told today that i have dd date foe 3/13
  • for
  • I have recived a partial refund, NO letter explaining anything and I filed 2-2-13,   still No word on what is going on with MY case,  I called and they said Im under review and thats it,  the guy was a ASS..   I am waiting for a letter, havet got anything,  they wouldnt even tell me if I would, he said didnt the WMR tell you it was coing?  ya that was over a month ago  ugh
  • Yes most of them are asses. The IRS rep I spoke to was so rude. I'm still waiting. Only tonight I was able to order my return transcript hopefully that means something cause I'm tired of waiting
  • Me too.  I keep seeing everyone getting a letter, I wonder if I will magically wake up to some money, LOL   ergh       Does No news mean good news?   I would hate to have to send in a bunch of proof, I see some have to some dont,  heck thats what I asked the IRS guy,  but he was suck a jerk !!
  • i have been waiting for a letter myself the irs lady i spoke to said i should of all ready  recieve it over 2 weeks ago and still nothing. this so frustrating..
  • Geeeezz..  Thanks IRS.  You  have taught us all the meaning of patience and waiting,  it BS !!
  • Talked to the irs today they said I have to send in proof of dependents. I told them I never received a letter they said they sent it the 25th of Feb I have checked my mail every single day and I've received everything else just nothing from irs.
  • In the letter i got in February irs wanted me to submit information to prove eic head of household and something else. I submitted it and IRS received it feb 28th so word since then.I got a letter Saturday the 23rd dated the 25(gotta love how they post date shit) from them saying that they got all the papers i submitted on 2/28 and i "SHOULD" get a reply from them by 5/14...That just infuriates me i mean come on i have to wait till may to hear something about my refund when i filed in the end of January.With service like this its no wonder so many people hate the government....

    just thought id update u all
  • I hope that's not the case with me. I didn't get any letter after my first review letter. I am still waiting for my refund im so frustrated
  • I've only received one letter. I got my accounts transcript and it gave me cycle date of April 15th. I hope it comes then because I need my money.
  • @baysahkorti , what's your story, i suppose to receive cp 75 letter
  • @sade did you get any updates
  • Well I just filed April 15th and got the same under review notice from the IRS.  I also was supposed to receive EIC. According to all your post, it looks as if I won't be getting a refund until August.  DID ANYONE GET THEIR ENTIRE REFUND YET? This is crazy.
  • No the majority of us have been waiting since tax season began....but every case is different so you might see yours before August.
  • I got my letter dated Feb. 25. My review ended April 25. I called April 26 and they said to wait 2 weeks and I should have my DD or my my by then and if not to call them back and find out why I dont have it!
  • @Teddy,what Is your wmr saying and what did your letter say.Did you have to send anything in
  • I got the 4464c letter stating not to do anything unless they ask me for more information. My WMR says that my refund is being processed and a dd will be given when available.
  • If you have received a refund with the EiC part of the refund not refunded to you then your return is no longer under review. You are in examination for the EIC issue. at the minimum. You need to start gathering your documentation. You have to show your relationship to the dependent claimed, that the dependent lived in your household for more than six months during the tax year, and if you are claiming them due to disability that they were totally disabled during the tax year.
  • how are you .,i to was done with review part, was told i should get a date soon. this was wed 7 2013. have you got any of your money yet are a date when its going to come.
  • I've been done with my review part as well and was told that they had to do a referral and that can take up to 45 days. This mess is crazy!!!
  • how are you guys, still no date for me. i called back 4 times in one day lol. crazy i no .i called so many times wanted to make sure the info the reps was saying was true. god be hold . they where. this what i was told. i am done with review part. eve thing was good far as they could see . my amount was the same. they said not bout no referral. only its moving on to next stage . in that the system does the new date for them.its no way for her to push a switch in i have a date. so she said the end of this month i will have my date .45 days is bull. u may need to call 4 times.like me. cause 4 times i was told . once review is done you should be getting a date soon. fingers crossed. thanks for getting back at me u guys . hope my info helped u guys. keep me posted on new up dates in i will keep u guys up dated
  • this is crazy, i call today my 45 days was up May 2, 2013 and still nothing, they told me today they sent over a request for it to be release because my 45 days was up, but it can another 30 to 45 days for them to release it to .this is so bull. i have been more then patient with them only call 2 times sense January  when i filed, i gave them their time they needed now i want my money.
  • my refund got accepted feb 24th i got a review letter and it said no further action is needed and i would have my refund by may 5th then i get a second letter saying they needed more time to review and it said if i havnt got another letter by may 30th expect the refund to come. then i go on wmr and it says still processing dis is BS i dont know whats going on. has anybody got there money after they sent the review letters to you?
  • Today is June 4th. I filed Feb 15th. My review was up on April 25th and I still have not receive anything.  I have given up all hope of ever seeing my money :(
  • i have not recieve mine yet. its been almost 6 months for me..
  • Same here...I've almost given up hope of ever seeing my refund.
  • My husband and I decided that if it shows up it shows up and then we will use it then. Were not counting on the money anymore. We had to put my car into the shop and we were counting on our refund for that and now instead of just paying for it up front were making payments on it even though we cant afford it but we need the second car!
  • After waiting since the beginning of February,finally i will receive my refund tomorrow thanks to the taxpayer advocate. No i was not experiencing any kind of hardship. She told me i waited long enough. I talked with her June 7th. Good luck everyone.
My return was accepted on 01/26/2013 and called the IRS on 02/20/2013 and was told I was under review and it would take 45 days, I have NOT received a letter at all??
I don't know what is going on, I was told that it could take time to get information from my employer, is this true?
It has been a long time
  • I filed on 2/15 got a review letter that said 60 days on 2/25 and I still have not gotten my return. Every time I call I cant get any help what so ever!
  • i filed on 1/24/2013 got approve on 2/14.2013 got letter on 2/24 said needed no farther info , should have refund or letter with in 45 days. well the 45 days done pass and call like 3 times and no one knows whats going on and does  not understand why i have not reciev was told someone would call me and its been 10 days no call.. i do not know or understand whats going on anymore..
  • i also been very patient have not call them with in those those  45 days and my 45 days was up as off  may 2,2013, now iam going to bug the hell out of them, so fade up and stress out ..
  • I too have been told that it was under review and that it will take up to 45 days. They accepted my return feb 1st and still nothing. I havent received a letter in the mail either. I called the irs twice and they told me they couldnt tell me anything. Im soo stressd out and is tired of their BS! Idk what to do anymore!

I got the same letter on 3/13/14 and was to get my refund back on 3/16/14 I also have 3 other people I work with that used Turbo Tax and got the same letter just before they were to get there refund.

Turbo Tax even though I pay extra offer's no support on this matter you sit on hold for over 40 min to be told to call another number and get NO!!!!! SUPPORT. I will never use Turbo Tax again!!!

This is a shame they make you hold for so long and say there is nothing they can do about it they are not the IRS if there is nothing they can do why ask customers to pay extra for there support if they cant do a thing? GIVE ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS THERE MONEY BACK FOR ALL THE YEARS YOU CHARGED EXTRA AND TRULY CANT DO A THING.

Back to HR Block where this does not happen. I am sorry but me and 3 other people in the same work place getting the same letter and yet I see this all posted from people. Turbo Tax has an issue and needs to shut down and review why this is going on.

  • same to me but I talk to my tax preparation people told me that if you filed on jan 27- Feb 3 all of us got put on a review status!!!!! And that the IRS has no clue on what to say other then just wait until we fix or F*?#$ UP!!!! But my tax people told me that they already started to release the tax refunds for the review people... she said that people started to get there checks starting on April 16, 2014 ( WHAT A CONUSADINCE THAT THE IRS STARTS TO SEND THE CHECK OUT RIGHT AFTER TAX SEASON)....  She also said that she got like 2 returns the first day and then like 5 returns the next and like 10 the next so it is getting done but, my advice is just be patient we already waited this long its on its way at least some checks are already being released, so think of this when everybody got there tax returns and done and spent them we will just be getting ours and that's not easy for me to say because im expeting like 4110.00 that's a lot of money for me. So just keep your heads up and remember we are dealing with the IRS so just to be patient and it will come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

same to me but I talk to my tax preparation people told me that if you filed on jan 27- Feb 3 all of us got put on a review status!!!!! And that the IRS has no clue on what to say other then just wait until we fix or F*?#$ UP!!!! But my tax people told me that they already started to release the tax refunds for the review people... she said that people started to get there checks starting on April 16, 2014 ( WHAT A CONUSADINCE THAT THE IRS STARTS TO SEND THE CHECK OUT RIGHT AFTER TAX SEASON)....  She also said that she got like 2 returns the first day and then like 5 returns the next and like 10 the next so it is getting done but, my advice is just be patient we already waited this long its on its way at least some checks are already being released, so think of this when everybody got there tax returns and done and spent them we will just be getting ours and that's not easy for me to say because im expeting like 4110.00 that's a lot of money for me. So just keep your heads up and remember we are dealing with the IRS so just to be patient and it will come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I finally was able to look at my tax return tonight and noticed that lines 4a and 4b on the EIC form were not filled out. And it specifically says that failure to complete the form in its entirety may delay your refund. Line 4a is the question asking if your qualifying child is under the age of 17/full time student/ etc and then 4b is the one where they ask if your qualifying child is disabled. Now, I know that I answered these questions when I was preparing everything so this must be the software glitch I had read about.

    So upon learning this, we called the IRS and talked to a gentleman that was hardly any help. He said he could see that we were in review but couldn't see why and said it couldve been purely random. And he just kept referring to the letter saying we have to wait the 60 days but "who knows, you could have your refund in 2 weeks." And that they will contact us if they need any further info. We asked if we could talk to someone in the review department and he said no...they don't do that. So basically it was just more stall tactics.. Hurry up and wait. Don't call us, we'll call you.

    Great. But any of you that are still waiting and have EIC, you should really check out your return and make sure its filled out correctly.
    • @kayla, i checked mine and i dont have those boxes check other so im going to call today
    • I also called the IRS and explained that I received a letter also and the woman who I talked to was so rude. She told me wait 60 days.
    • I just checked mine after reading your post and mine arent check either.
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