Injured spouse...

Has anyone e-filed an injured spouse form with their return on Turbo Tax? I usually go through H&R But I as sick of paying them 400$ to do a simple return since I have no education credits or any property or anything like that. So my wife did it and it was very easy and very user friendly. I am just wondering if the injured spouse form puts a delay on the refund. Now last year I got my $ deposited before I even sent out my Injured spouse form , (with H$R, they could not e-file my injured spouse form, I was forced to mail it..which in the past it has been lost in the mail so ALWAYS spend the couple bucks to send that stuff certified through post office!) So I am wondering if the student loan of my wife's is finally paid off..Like many people I am literally counting on my refund to pretty much save my life financially and keep a roof over our head.

  • I filed mine with the injured spouse form....major delays doing this!!! I filed on Jan 23rd accepted the 26th...official acceptance was 1/30....IRS just told me it will take 11 week for refund to complete processing because of this form!!!!! Aaarrrrggggg!!!!!
  • I believe "it will take 11 weeks" is a generic answer.  They really don't know, but they want you to at least wait that long before contacting them again.  Arrrrgggh is right!
  • Has anyones been able to order transcripts??
  • Yes I ordered mine several days after being accepted which was jan 31 ordering transcripts just means that the regular part of the return is processed but it still has to be sent to a human person to be done manually which is the part that takes the 11-14 weeks
  • Has your status changed at all on wmr?
  • Someone had mentioned they got theirs back in five weeks so I was reaearching about it a little.
  • No it is still processing I did see the post where they said they are receiving theirs on the 6th fingers crossed that we are next!
  • Yes fingers crossed! Mine did change for the status bar and the 21 day message to. We are still processing and you will receive a date once it is available.
  • that is so strange because the rep I spoke to told me 45 days- I hope she wasn'ty lying I have been counting down the days!
  • They all lie. And we pay them to do it
  • I was just on the phone with a representative from he IRS. My refund woulde been here today, as i was given a date of March 22, 2013. My husband was recently thrown in the rear with Childsupport, and I was told to file form 8379 (injured spouse), the rep said because i was the only one with income on the return, i would recieve it back. they say 11 weeks, but if the injured spouse is the only income around 4-6 weeks. good luck
  • did you receive your refund?
  • im so aggrivated im still waiting!! but im hoping i didnt make a mistake
  • I received my refund via check in the mail on March 18th. It was less than 45 days from the day they received it in the IS department. I mailed my IS form in seperately that's why I received a check instead of DD.
  • I filed the i/s along with my regular return and efiled it.  It was received on 2/5/13 and today I called to follow up as it's been 7 weeks and they said it "can" take up to 11 weeks to process.  But the also said it may be sooner or longer but to opt for at least the 11 weeks. It sucks but what are you going to do?
  • For whatever reason the people who mailed in their forms after filing have been receiving their returns sooner than people who efiled them with the return.  It's a little inconvenient because they send a check in both spouses' names (so you both have to go to the bank and cash/deposit) BUT we are getting them 1-2 weeks sooner.  I think I'll continue to send in the form after so that I can get my return sooner!
  • I have efiled an IS form the last two years with TurboTax. Last year somehow the IRS did not recieve the form despite it being included with the rest of the forms in my return when I printed them up. This year I have recieved my transcript but the IS form is not mentioned on the transcript at all. I am hoping TurboTax did not drop the ball again. My transcript lists my discbursement date as 4/15
  • I found out last Thursday that mine went to is on feb 10 and weren't even looked at after that until I got a ta.  There was a mysterious hole put in mine. Ta said it was a human error. I think it was the CSR that was yelling at me because I asked what the status was. And I was always told it was in process but it wasn't.
  • Im aggravated because Turbo Tax is aware that it takes 11 weeks for them to process this if you e-file, this has never changed...but the fact that they sent the forms almost THREE weeks after I filed my return, means I have to wait 3 more weeks on TOP of the date my return was accepted.  If I wouldve know that, I wouldve priority mailed it myself!  Now, I have been claiming IS for the last 5 years and I usually get my refund 6-8 weeks after the fact (my income was always the highest, or the only income since he had a hard time finding a job...) but the fact that I am being charged 108 out of my bank account before my refund gets here, this year is a bit off putting... I may not use Turbo Tax next year because of it.  A three week set back is a long time, especially NOW when I have just been laid off and need that money.  And they dont mind taking mine.  I am still trying to get a hold of someone there to negotiate the price that they are deducting from my account due to this.  My return was accepted on 3/2, the IRS said they didnt receive it until 3/6 and didnt get the IS form until 3/22 which is when the countdown starts.  Even tho I should see it 6-8 weeks because I was the only income, Im upset because when I need it the most, Turbo Tax dropped the ball.  They need to have a disclaimer on how long it could take THEM to send in paperwork and give you the option to send it yourself - but rest assured I know for next time!.  Piece of advise, send the IS form on your own after you file, even if you filed it on turbo tax - because at least you know its getting there with your return.  The god giving grace part is that the words "INJURED SPOUSE" is typed on the top right corner of the return, now if that wasnt there- you return wouldve been offset before they even got the claim paperwork and that would have been one heck of a mess.
  • can a  spouse on SS be a injured spouse we filed jointly and they kept our refund cause of HID student loan .I should be getting some back even though i did not pay in  taxes my ss check income  for the whole year is just a bit over 2,000 but since  we filed jointly is not part of the refund MINE
  • SS is unearned income.  You need earned income to qualify for a portion of the refund.  :(

    Are You an Injured Spouse?

    You may be an injured spouse if you file a joint tax return and all or part of your portion of the overpayment was, or is expected to be, applied (offset) to your spouse's legally enforceable past-due federal tax, state income tax, state unemployment compensation debts, child or spousal support, or a federal nontax debt, such as a student loan.
  • Ours is on its 13th week this week.  Still no answer, will call this week, it usually takes about 11 to 12 weeks, but with all that mess they are in , well the news reports something going on, so don't knowif this will hold it  up , I hope not, they usually are good about talking to you by phone and let you know if any problems, but usually 12 weeks. Hope this helps.
I have filed injured spouse with TT the last two years.  It took 8 weeks.  Before, when I had to mail in the form, it took 11 weeks because I opted for a direct deposit.  Years before, it took 14 weeks.  I guess I should be grateful that its faster, but sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed single.
  • Thats what ky husband says. Lol. Oh well. But yes we filed last year mailing in the form after filing our returns. It took 12 weeks. Filed with Turbo Tax this year. Hoping 8 weeks is the Max! I need a vaca!! :)
  • My*
  • Friends  there are some strange things this year. I am wondering, for those who are "delayed", and I know it's alot of red tape too,  but for those delayed are you registered republicans or demorats? I wonder if the general republican voters (they have the lists of our registrations) are being targeted too
  • I'm new to this whole 8379 form. I filed my taxes about 2 weeks ago and still waiting on my refund will the return take longer to receive then what turbo tax says? I'm just getting worried I will not receive my refund?
  • It can take up to eleven weeks to receive your refund.  This is because your return will have to be submitted to another department instead of going the usual route.
  • but there is a possibility it could be before the 11 weeks?
  • For this year (2013 Tax Year), I do not expect to get my refund until early May 2014. This would be about 11 weeks.  But, I have received my refund as early as 8 weeks when I lived in a non-community property state. The difference between a non-community property state and a community property state is that if only you earned income in a community property state, the IRS splits everything 50/50. In a non-community property state, what you earn is all yours.  Your spouse will have something because of the exemptions, but it will not be  a lot.
  • Does any one know about the codes on the transcripts? This is the first year I have had to do IS. I have been reading into the down side of MFJ with IS form. this is just a MESS. I have several codes on my transcripts but have no idea what any mean. I also do not see anything on my transcripts that says I filed a IS form. I'm really getting worried, Any info will help.
I filed injured spouse on jan. 28 and I just checked my refund status and it said that it will be in m bank on the 6th of this month!!! so  I only waited almost 5 weeks. Now that is great. Last year it took me untill the end of Apirl to get them.

I was just posting this to help people out by letting them know I got mine. So check yours!
  • Yea mine still says processing
  • That's great!  I filed 2/17, so I have some time to go.  Was there anything special about your return?  Are you living in a Community State (where  your spouse automatically qualifies for 50%)?  If so, I might have a chance of getting it earlier, too.  At least, that's what I'm hoping!  =)  Please repost if it indeed arrives on the 6th.  Thanks!
  • That's great news, because I had the same experience as you did last year but I filed the form after my returns, this year I did them together and filled of Feb 11th, so hopefully it will be there next week or soon after! Thanks for the hope :)
  • mythawem, no it is not a Community State here.
  • I filed 1/24 and accepted the 26th...mine still today says still processing with no date....ugh
  • hillbillyharness, that's good to know.  I lived in a Community State and it took 11 weeks, but when I moved to a non-Community State I got it in about 8 weeks (a pleasant surprise!).  I wonder if that makes a difference.
  • Did you get your refund hillbillyharness? I figure if you got yours then the 45 days that I was told would be correct.
  • It hasn't been 45 days from the 31st only 35 from when the IRS started processing returns
  • And to put into light. Last year i filed march 8 th with the injured spouse form and received the dd on march 28 th  20 days. I think they make up the time frame and put us at the bottom of the list
  • The 11 week statement is a generic answer the hateful IRS reps give so we won't call.  There is a great Facebook group I've found for person(s) filing injured spouse.  Just search Injured Spouse on FB and it will bring it up.  It is almost like a support group for us lol.  Anyway, I was accepted on January 26th, and have gotten no info from IRS except the 11 week spill....I was able to order my transcripts on February 7th and that is when it went to the IS department....There have been five or six people in that FB group that have recieved their injured spouse refund.  One girl got hers 21 days after acceptance!!!!  Good luck all!!!
  • thanks lilmiss- I just requested to be added to the FB group.
  • I never heard of a "transcript" even though I've filed for 8 years now.  lol  What is it and why would someone need it?  Thanks in advance!
  • The transcript is like a log of the process
  • Hey everyone I filed IS with return on 1/24 accepted 1/26 went to IS worker  department to process 2/18 I have been waiting for An update all this time...just randomly this morning checked turbotax to see if my return had been deposited from IRS...ive randomly been checking...and it was deposited this morning and in route to my bank account! Do not expect an update on where my refund IRS site chances r u won't get one....I know many many that still haven't and received returns last week cycle date on transcripts was 20130505....I believe I am one of last in group to get return disbursed... I think 20130605 cycles r has been taking approx 2-3 weeks for cycles to process and move on to next group....hang in there ur refunds r coming!!!!
  • Im still waiting.
  • Thanks for the cycle explanation! My cycle number is 0705!
  • how do you know what your cycle number is?
  • I found it on my account transcript.
  • If my cycle # ends in 0705.... what date I looking at for dd?
  • oh I don't have any transcript...heck I never heard of them and I'm 47 years old.
  • @catsmom, I never heard of a transcript until I started reading this thread, too!  I ordered one about a week ago, but have not gotten it, yet.  I wonder if we can view it online or we have to wait for it in the mail?
  • good golly I have no clue! LOL  I am so annoyed right now though, I called twice and was put on hold for 30 mins, then promptly disconnected...I called right back told the woman I got disconnected, she put me through again, within 5 mins I was disconnected again.
I filed as well for an e-file it can take anywhere from 8-11 weeks to process.  After they accept your return it has to be reviewed by a live person to go over all the deductions and see if you qualify to receive your refund.  I have heard of others receiving it as early as 4 weeks but it can take much longer.  I have been waiting for over two weeks and still nothing.  I do know the irs agent told me the regular part of the return was processed but it has to be sent to an agent that was a week ago and still pending.  Hopefully it won't be too long!
  • Thanks so much. Lets keep eachother posted!
  • Friends  there are some strange things this year. I am wondering, for those who are "delayed", and I know it's alot of red tape too,  but for those delayed are you registered republicans or demorats? I wonder if the general republican voters (they have the lists of our registrations) are being targeted too
  • It's been 14 weeks now for us and no record of it and no check for injured spouse and we live in AZ a community property state so it's alot easier to do
When I called and talked to a friends mom who was informing about the option to due te injuried spouse form she told that it must be mailed in.
  • No, I always do my in TT and efile.  If you just use the free TT version, then you actually have to look up the injured spouse form to complete it.
We filed injured spousr with turbo tax as well, very simple. Our returns were accepted but still processing. On the wheres my refund page is list a tax topic to look at for us that says processing could take up to 11 weeks. I sure hope it dont!!!
    It usually delays it for 6 weeks
    • just got off the phone with IRS, for the second time today,(first lady was an utter @$#$% from the start.) they really didnt have any info, just that typically its up to  8 weeks from the date accepted. for me thats Jan 31st , so im looking at april ish, if it goes to full time. she did say that there is nothing going out at this time on it. meaning its sitting on a shelf for the time being.
    • More than 6 weeks! I just got note that it is being deposited today to my account turbo tax already took fees and is forwarding it this morning.... took almost 8 full weeks to process mine!
    • Friends  there are some strange things this year. I am wondering, for those who are "delayed", and I know it's alot of red tape too,  but for those delayed are you registered republicans or demorats? I wonder if the general republican voters (they have the lists of our registrations) are being targeted too
    This was the first year that I filed Injured Spouse through TurboTax.  I was able to electronically file everything.  I too was tired of paying H&R Block to do something so simple.  Last year they told me it took up to 11 weeks to process, but that was when I mailed in from H&R.  My return was accepted on the 19th, lets see how long it takes.  I dont think they took the full 11 weeks last year.
    • H and r block and Jackson h customers r delayed by like 2 weeks due to those businesses failing to update their status programs/ filing programs on for you not to go back ever! To either! Do it their selfers r receiving refunds much faster this year over seen!!!!
    This is the 3rd year we have had to file Injured Spouse....I efiled this year & regret doing it. When you efile it along with federal return, they process your federal return normally which takes about 3 weeks total (that's why they say to expect it within 21 days of acceptance) then after that's done & not before, they send your return & Injured Spouse form over to the department that handles Injured Spouse claims. It has to be done manually by a live rep versus computer automated processing which is how they do regular federal returns. So then its another 8 weeks on top of the 3 to process Injured Spouse form. Mailing it in does seem to be quicker because while they are spending that 3 weeks processing your federal return, they are receiving & getting started on the 8 week process of doing the Injured Spouse form. I think I will mail it in from now on, but definitely certified mail! 
    • I have filed my injured spouse for the past 8 years and its always a hit-and-miss thing.  Sometimes I'll get it in 11 weeks, other times I'd get it in 8.  But, the last three years I've been getting it within 8 weeks.  I filed my injured spouse with TT this year, like I have done the last two years.  When I called the IRS rep to get the status of my refund, I was told that the return was accepted and received on 2/17.  On 2/28 the injured spouse department received the injured spouse form (so, I think this is what you were talking about in terms of the delay).  My return had to be adjusted after the rep could confirm with the Financial Management Services what was owed.  I should expect to receive a date of the refund by next Monday and the direct deposit by Friday.  No guarantees, and I'm really not holding my breath, but that would make about 8 weeks.

      I did notice that when I lived in a community state it could take the whole 11 weeks.  When I moved out of the community state, my refunds came faster.
    • Just so any one who cares wants to know:  Sunday morning I checked WMR and got this message:

      [Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on April 17, 2013.
      If your refund is not credited to your account by April 22, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.]

      If you notice in previous posts, my return was accepted on 2/17, so it would be 8 weeks for me to receive the money.
    • My tax refund was scheduled to be sent to my bank on April 17, 2013.  It was in my bank at 7:00am on April 17, 2013.  Yay!!!
    I filed injured spouse. My return was accepted on January 30th. I waited patiently for 11 weeks. I called in my 12th week only to find out that my file hadn't been touched since February 19th. The lady at the IRS said that the cases are supposed to be reassigned every 2ish days so that they dont get "lost" like mine. I am still waiting and in my 13th week. This is not a Turbo Tax error. It is an IRS error and definitely an inconvenience!
    • Damn incompetence!
    • Damn I need to call! This is week 10 for us! Ugh.
    • Yes!  I called them and after a few minutes of "it takes 11 weeks, blah, blah,"  I interrupted and said, "I hear the same thing every year so we can skip over all that (in the sweetest of tones.. lol).  I also know that you can tell me how far along in the process you've gotten."  That is usually when I am put on hold while he or she researches.
    • I am in this boat too. I e- filed january 29th and it said it was received feb 7. I've called like 6 times now. Today is 11 weeks.  They said they have to send in a request for it to be processed and if their is an issue they will call me BUT it can take 30 more days to complete this request. This is the 3rd year we have filed injured spouse and it has never taken this long even the first year when FMC took our whole return and had to give it back.
    • When they start telling you that it takes however-long-more... interrupt them and ask specifically about YOUR status.  That BS about how long it supposed to take never works because each time you wait and each time you call the dates miraculously change.
    • I also called today. After holding for 45 minutes. I spoke with a nice gentleman that told me basically the same thing. That 11 weeks for me will be Monday the 29th and that everything has been processed and approved so far. That is shows its still being processed. That I should have it by Monday or at least a deposit date. If not to call back! But he did say that injured spouse forms electronically submitted with a return always takes 11 weeks. We filed the past 2 years the same but submitted our form through mail after filing our returns. It took 6-8 weeks both years. Fingers crosses it actually there on Monday!
    • I did ask about mine and she looked it up and it is still being processed.Why I don't know, but it is just unbelievable to me that it is taking this long when it is the third year in a row we have filed with injured spouse and never had issues before. I heard something before about the irs having to pay interest if it goes over some allotted time frame to receive your refund, anyone know anything about this. It'd be nice if they would make this wait somewhat worth my while but then again they will find some way to screw us over on that too. We are so broke right now I am just hoping and praying someone gets their head out of their butt and processes it within the next day or so.
    • I will say one thing, next year if I have to file one it will be mailed in. This is insane.
    • Jacklin, that was basically what the gentleman told me... "you should see a deposit date by Monday."  I was impatient so I checked early Sunday.  LOL  It was posted.  Got my refund that Friday.  GOOD LUCK!  I hope its the same for you!
    • mjjimenez, my former preparer used to tell me that the IRS may pay interest if the refund is 45 days late beyond April 15th.  So they would have until the end of May or beginning of June, even if the return was sent in back in January.  Usually, you would need to make a claim and if they decide that the late refund was due to an error on their part or processing delays, they may issue interest.  The operative word here is may...

      Also, I had the same delays when I e-filed my injured spouse form AND when I mailed it in.  It just didn't matter.  I think its one of those hit & miss thingies. So frustrating!

    Just mail it in and wait patiently. It always comes when you need it most and least expect it. 

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