Are the dd dates on Wmr accurate? Have anyone got their refund the day the IRS said you will

    When did IRS accept your return? What is your dd? IRS accepted my return on 2/05/13 and I still don't have a dd...
    • i filed on the 5th got a dd date for the 14th.
    • I filed the 5th too.  It got accepted the same day.  I got my state refund last Friday when I had a dd for 2/20/13.
      My federal is still being processed.  I lkeep seeing people say they filed and was accepted the 31st and still didn't get a refund.  I don't mind waiting, but I just want to know is it coming for sure....
    • I filed mine on 1/30/2013.  it was accepted on 2/1/2013. I still have not got my refund back yet, I have tried to contact IRS, I can't find anything out, then I have also tried contacting and getting assistance with TurboTax and nothing. I can't get anyone to answer any of my questions. It is very frustrating, when I was suppose to get my refund on 2/10/13.
    • "Accepted" means accepted for processing. It does not mean approved. Refund dates can and do change when the IRS needs more time.
    • well I have been following mine on the IRS website since 2/4/2013 and still nothing, nothing has ever changed, still just says in-process
    • WTH.. that is not right. I know people that filed and got their refund with in 7 days and I know people like myself, that haven't heard or got anything back yet!
    • I agree that its crazy that some people get them back in a couple days and some wait forever and hear nothing back at all... its very annoying
    • My friend filed with TT on 2/5. Received her return 2/11! No 8863 tho. God will someone please help us!! I gave up on calling the IRS. I'm tired of waiting on hold for 45+ minutes to get screamed at!
    • this is crazy i got accepted on jan 26 i have the 8863 form but they can at least give me a dd date this sucks big time i need to pay bills
    • My friend didn't get her DD until the day before she received her return! She didn't have form 8863 though but did have an EIC. Idk anymore! I'm just tired of it. I feel like I worship these forums! LOL
    • i have eic and 8863 i guess they feel i dont need my money
    • @holmanfred I filed with the same things and 1 w2. If I don't receive my refund soon my utilites are gonna start getting shut off. Im soo scared!
    • The IRS just told me that they are going through all refunds thoroughly to prevent identity fraud or fraud of any kind.When I asked how long this could take to be approved and sent out,she basically told me it could take up to 3 more weeks depending on how fast The IRS acts on these its sounds like we're all waiting a while
    • I was just told 25 more days or April 15th for people who filed form 8863
    • I had form 8863, filed 1/21 and accepted 1/25.  Dd date updated today for 2/26.
    • I also had fom 8863, accepted 1/25.. got a DD date for 2/26... lets hope this sticks and it doesnt change
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