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Someone claimed my child on their taxes

Someone claimed my child on their taxes and I dont know what to do.
  • You will have to mail in your taxes this year and notify the IRS. They will do a manual review of both returns and you will both be asked to provide proof ie. school records, doctors bills and such.
  • Can we go ahead and provide this information along with our mailed in returns? We'd like to get this taken care of as soon as possible...
The IRS will not tell you who claimed your dependent.  If you believe that you have the right to claim a dependent claimed by someone else, then you must print and mail your return.
  • The IRS will process your return and pay your refund if you are entitled to one.
  • Later, it will contact you and the other taxpayer to determine who is entitled to claim the dependent. (The IRS is not allowed to tell you the identity of the other filer.)
  • The taxpayer who incorrectly claimed the dependent will be assessed any additional taxes and penalties, and required to file an amended return.
  • And how long this process take?How long to get my refund?
  • From past experience...a couple of months
  • Am claiming 2 child,can i efile with one and then amended? What is faster and convenient?
  • Am claiming 2 child,can i efile with one and then amended? What is faster and convenient?
  • If the other child's ssn is able to be filed I guess you could do it that way. But I think it's in your best interest to file both now and get it resolved. Someone has your child's ssn. That's not good!! Could it be the child's other parent or a relative??
  • I file with my wife. I dont know how they got her info.
  • Fraud in our country is really bad. Make sure you always burn or shred personal documents. Do not email personal information. Close out bank browsers if using online banking. Store ssn cards birth certificates and other personal documents in a fireproof safe. But even when taking extra precaution there are just some people that will be able to hack into your stuff and steal your information. But it's better to get this resolved now so your child won't have issues with their ssn in the future. There are people out there stealing kids info and opening charge accounts and other stuff in their names and leaving them with a trail of bad debt before a child is even 18.
  • Thanks 4 ur advice :)
  • Your very welcome :)
  • I had the same issue this year.... My x claimed both of my children.... I mailed my return in 3 weeks ago and as of monday it has been processed.... I REALLY hope It gets approved because this has out me behind on everything!! The best part is the "x" Didn't even GET a PENNY because he owes so much in child support!!! I am so worried I NEEDED this 2 months ago:(

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