Has anyone that was accepted on the 26th or before got their refund or a DD date?

I was accepted the 26th and have been sitting in processing ever since. Even if they started on the 30th that's 12 days sitting in processing.  I can't order transcripts, my return was very simple 1 w-2, no kids, no 8663 education stuff. Seems everyone that filed a long time after me is getting returns or at least a DD. I haven't received a e-mail or anything in the mail saying it was pulled for a closer look. It;s like I'm in limbo, any thoughts or anyone in the same boat? Please only respond if your in the same situation.
    not yet i got accepted on the 25 but i till processing

    • from what im reading on here the best thing to do is check wmr, call the hotline and also, call ur card.... thats what im doing... (everyday) lol!    some people stated wmr is still saying processing but their money already got dd..... this is so frustrating!!
    • Hi, do you happen to know the hotline number, Thanks
    • i did my return on the 18th accepted on the 25th 1 w2 in  two of my kids that i filed with every year with no problams at all....check to day in still processing... im fustrated because i did my friend a week after me in she got hers last week on the 4th her had her daughter on there in she had 2 w2s....i called in i get the 21 day blah blah blah blah bs
      im HOOOT....... no letter no code no nothing..
    • 1-800-829-1954
    • I too filed on the 26..accepted a couple days later..still no money..everyone else has gotten theirs but me :(
    I filed the 18th accepted the 25th still on 1 bar. No letters saying im in review, very simple return. I keep getting the same responses wait until the 21 days. but come on now are you telling me that i will get my refund on the 21st day? this is day 16 plus they usualy tell you 5 days in advance thay your refund is coming but i got nothing. not to mention Turbo tax says I was accepted on the 25th but the IRS agen says I wasnt accepted until the 29th so things arnt adding up. I know people whole file the first and are enjoying their refund now. Im not jealous I just want some info! at least tell me im in review
      i'm in the same boat. i'm going to be calling them tomorrow to see wht is going on...acceptedon the 25th. i need my money on the 15th. i've sooooo many bills and i been expecting...frustrating that everyone around me is getting theirs and they filed within a week & got it instantly...another thing, is it because of the education thing? i did receive an email i should receive by mid february but technically that's this week. i pray someone has an answer
      • the email i got regarding the edu thing says that they(TurboTax) will be submitting my return on the 14th(even though i transmitted on 1/28/13) and ive been in pending every since. and ofcourse ill have to wait another 48 hours to see if it was accepted then im assuming it could be up to 21 days after that. Ive been filling almost the same exact return minus the edu thing for 12 years and never had to wait this long. Thank God i wasnt depending on this money to pay bills or else i would be in trouble for sure
      • yeah the only thing is it said that mines was accepted and that i should receive my return mid february. i just pra that it comes too. but yeah it's very interesting witht hese new tax laws
      Filed and accepted on 1/30. Still processing, although i claimed eic and ctc.  No edu.  Still cant order transcripts.  

      Called irs friday, they did look into my account. Said it was still processing and i would recievemy refund within 21 days. Looks like its a waiting game from here....
      • I was accepted on the 25th and finally yesterday 2/9 I got a DD date of 2/13..
      • I was accepted on the 27th. said it was sent to my bank on the 4th but never showed. now i checked it again and it says processing. anyone know about that?
      i filed on 1/29, accepted on 2/1 and still states processing for me as well...
        no im still pending, my state was accepted on the 4th. I was wondering if anyone in Oklahoma got there state refund back yet
          Depending on what your taxes entailed, you may be delayed due to NEW tax laws not going into effect until 1/30. This means that what you thought you were getting back may not be accurate. You might be getting more back. It has been recommended that you recalculate your taxes.
          • how can i recalculate my taxes if they are already submitted?
          • If you have access to the TaxCaster app through iTunes you can do it that way or you can do your taxes again using TurboTax.
          • When I went back and did my taxes again, it says I should actually get MORE back.....I would be happy if I could just get an approval for what was already accepted.  Wow, that was interesting.
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