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Anyone with form 8863 get their refund yet?

I filed 1/21/13.. Accepted by IRS 1/26/13... Wmr says accepted still processing... Yesterday wmr said "wait 24 hours from when IRS accepts your return for an update"... Now it's back to processing status and only first bar is highlighted.
  • same here i was sent  a message on 01/26/ saying excepted  reaceived another saying excepted by irs a wk or two later still no return used the 88693 form also
  • My sister law does taxes and she she sd they will start releasing some with the 8863 form also a friend went to file theirs with another company and declined with them but sd the told him they had lefted the 8863 form to be schedule probaly those the filed eary will start getting before the 14
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  • im dreaming away :) lol
  • I filed my January 18th and they were accepted on January 25th so I am still waiting for my check. I know people without the education credit that got their money back in less than a week after filing.
  • Praying tomorrow we get some good news :)
  • I talked to an IRS agent today and he said that a lot of it depends on where your tax return went, the KC facility or the one in Cali. It shouldn't matter by more than a day or two, but the one in KC is moving faster with the process. But I was told that I should see a direct deposit date by Friday, and mine is assumed to have gone to the one in cali even though I live in Ohio. So most all the 8863ers will have our money by Wed or Fri of next week.
  • Even if you are still pending??
  • That I don't know, I'm not a CPA, nor an IRS worker. I was just repeating what I was told today. I didn't delve into anything about pending statuses. I would assume that if it hasn't been approved it would be difficult to process though.
  • I want my $
  • I know that's right. I should have done my research and filed the educational credit seperately, then I would be driving and not taking the bus....
  • I just received notification that my federal return w/ form 8863 was accepted!
  • I received my notice of acceptance at 6am. I signed up for the text message and thats what time TT notified me. Now more waiting!!
  • I filed with 8863 on Jan. 30th and i got my text message and i check the irs web page and i see the orange bar! yeah!!!!
  • @ ogbarak  which date di u file?
  • Those who received their acceptance notification, when did u file? I filed on the 5th of February and im still waiting.
  • I filed on January 28th.
  • Valeriecardoza I filed mine on Janiuary 10 8am. Just got my email today and checked the WMR website and got the first orange bar!!!! There was nothing there yesterday.
  • i just saw the same thing, how long will it take to get a refund?
  • @ marthaponce1971 I filed on Jan 30th 2013 and i got my accaptance today 02/13/2013 @ 1:00 p.m.
  • I filed on 1/21, received an accepted by IRS on 1/26 and nothing since.
  • today my message changed from standard 21 day mesage to "your return is being procesed a date will be provided when available"
  • WMR website says the same thing for me but I constantly am contacting both irs and TT agents  (They  prolly hate me) but was told that since I was accepted and got an email that said I was accepted with no problems that I should still be getting my return within 21 days of the date it was ACCEPTED not starting on the 30th when they started processing them. SO I have my fingers crossed that I will see my DD by or on 2/16/13. However, the countdown could be possible that it started one processing started which I think is totally unfair since us 8863ers got accepted WAY earlier than when we were notified that there would be an issue. We should get a stimulus credit for having to wait because its messing with our bills n crap.
  • im mean 2/14/2013 i recieved a text and the wmr state my taxes was accepted
  • I filed with form 8863, too.  My return was accepted 1-25.  Now on Feb 15th I get this status from the Where's my refund website:

    "Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available."              

    Another person I know who filed with form 8863 on the 30th already received their DD date!!!!  I haven't called IRS yet, but TT chat lady told me " be patient, the people whose returns were accepted before Jan 30 are the returns who are taking longer to process"  WHY?  She couldn't answer. Anyone else who filed before Jan 30 get their Direct Deposit date?
  • Educational credits are on more than just the form 8863... no one with 8863 has gotten a DD date or a refund yet.

    In fact, our 21 day timers, all started over yesterday..
  • my status message on wmr says "your refund is being processed a date will be provided when available" and i no longer have the orange bars.
  • mine is the same, been that way since 2-11
    NO bars
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
  • My 21 day mark was up on 2/16/13. Just so that everyone knows, per the IRS and Turbo, early filers who will experience a delay in receiving their refunds are those who were accepted before 1/26/12. Those who were accepted on or after 1/26 will not experience any delay and will receive their refund within the 21 day period. I found this information on a turbo tax blog and another website.
  • What the heck does having it accepted before the 26th have to do with anything?  That is rather confusing....
  • The IRS says that returns with form 8863 that were filed before 1/26 were used in the test group to test the new system. While testing those returns, that's when they discovered there was a problem with the system. The returns that were received after the discovery will not be held up. The returns that were a part of the test batch need to be resequenced or some other bullshit. That's why IRS is saying 21 days after 2/14, that date is for the people who were in the test batch and resequenced. I believe resequence is them mixing up the early filers with the new filers so as to not overload the system, from as best as I can tell from reading the blogs! IRS is just telling everyone that bullshit "all 8863 filers are delayed" so that they can underpromise and overdeliver. Many are not delayed and they are getting refunds, who the hell has time to go around blogging lies? Who wants to read all these messages and find one to post bogus information? You and I are here because we share a commonality, we are both waiting for our tax refunds. If there is someone like that on this message board; perhaps you can do some research for all of us here to help us find out when we're getting our effin money?
  • I filed the 8863 and was accepted on Jan 24th. I just checked the WMR and I have DD for Feb 22nd.
  • @ techgurl, get a grip.  Internet trolling is not a new thing, I was merely asking what it had to do with anything.  I know I was part of the test batch..   a simple reply of that would have been sufficient.
  • Just checked mine, both the hotline & WMR has the same info.

    Filed 1/17
    accepted 1/24
    ordered transcript 1/16
    got a DDD for 1/22
  • Filed 1/17
    Accept 1/24
    TranscripT  1/16
    Ddd  1/22
  • huh u mean 2/22
  • you know, i thought when you asked your question that it had a nasty undertone, but I was unsure. Now I'm certain of it. I wasn't sure what your question was (it was ambiguos), so I wanted to be detailed in my response. I don't ever want to be one of those people who go around the internet blasting information that's false or has no supporting facts. I don't know what you already know, but if you ask me a question, I will provide a full detailed answer to the best of my knowledge. I know my  money is coming anyday now, so I won't be coming back to this site unless you leave me another smart ass comment. Take care of those four kids and good luck to you.
  • well besides all the arguing, I put mine thru on Jan 30th, mine was accepted on Feb 14th, and on WMR its been saying step 1: still being processed, for 3 days now. Does anyone know when I can expect a refund?
  • it will probably be a while but no one knows people that were accepted in january still have yet to get refunds
  • So ppl with form 8863 are getting ddd then?
  • I submitted on Feb 5th, Accepted Feb 15, Still processing. My state taxes are still pending (we have always gotten them 1st before). The whole 21 day thing was set up so people wouldn't be so dependent on a specific dd date to pay bills, make big purchases, etc. This is why the IRS did away with the cycle chart.
    What I find laughable on that is the government is always pushing us to spend money to boost the economy. Isn't all this delaying and not depending on refunds to spend counterproductive? I personally would like to pay my daughter's tuition with mine, but I am not expecting it to actually be deposited until March just so I am not stressing after reading these boards.
  • Yes, i was accepted 1/25, had the message saying that a refund date will be available when possible for 1 week and i checked this morning and had a dd date of 2/22. Just hang in there, they are processing us early filers with form 8863.
  • Does wmr open tonight @ 7pm
  • i was accepted on January 25 2013 and it says that i should receive my taxes by the 19th of February  i have heard nothing but " its being processed" its said that for 3 1/2 weeks .. whats really going on? no emails , no communication......
  • So you dont have the new WMR status with no bar....  "still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available" ??
  • I just checked my WMR and now it shows no record i was accepted on 1/25 with the 8863.  it has said the still being processed a refund date will be provided up and until today when it switched to unable to locate how did you file screen ugh i am so flipping irritated!
  • again the 21 days begun on the 14th of feb
  • Thats what they told me today. I'm so pissed right now.
  • Why does that make you pissed?   I just want an accurate answer.. if it is truly 21 days from the 14th then so be it, AS LONG as, I, as AN EARLY FILER know I am in que to be processed along with all the other eFiled returns.
  • I just called the IRS spoke to a nice woman. Accepted 1-26 and WMR gives me the still processing no bar message. She couldnt even find my return in the system, and said the last one she sees is 2011. Ughhhhhhhhh!!!!
  • I am happy for you way to go
  • well since I see some who were accepted 1/25 with DD dates, hopefully I will see a date tomorrow :)
  • don't worry, It changes to that status if you check to many times in one day or if their system is shut down. Same thing happened to me. I filed 1/18 and wasn't accepted until 2/14.
  • Mine too
  • I'm pissed because they keep giving different people different answers and its not fair to have to wait an additional 21 days.
  • mvccstudent1979----- I filed 1/10 and was accepted on 1/25 but I have to wait for that educational credit thing. Mine is saying the same thing yours is... I don't have the orangish bars, I just have still being processed and a date will be given to me when they know.. Driving me nuts.
  • Mie still says that as well its been saying that for a coupe of days now
  • I filed on the 1/21 and got accepted on 1/25 and I have spoke with the 3 different irs people this morning and got 3 different bs answers. One person told me I should receive my ddd within 21 of the 1/30, then she transferred me to a personal tax rep and he looked into my return and told me that due to form 8863 the irs isnt going to process any of those until the 2/21 and that this information was posted for us to see and I told him that was a lie because on the irs website under news it specifically said on 2/14 that they will begin processing returns with the education credit. So I politely hung up on him and called back and was told that its 21 days from 2/14. All I know is that this is ridiculous, all we want is answers and a correct one not a run around. Some one should be held accountable at the irs for supplying us with some sort of insight on what is going on. If the situation was vice versa Im sure they would feel the same way we do
  • I filed the 10th got accepted on the 25th I call today to 800-829-0582 ext 362 and this was a nice lady but I think she had no clue when I asked had any returns that had the 8863  form were sent to error department she stated no that they were all being processed on the 14th, I have heard so many things as well if it wasn't for the fact I was just trying to get my fafsa completed for school I wouldn't worry, I really think they just say anything just to get you off the phone, if anyone hear of anything new please update maybe someone else calling will get different answer
  • Me too.... filed 01/16 excepted on 01/24 have education credits and still says processing.  really can't take all this waiting anymore!
  • @FourKidsToFeed thanks for the super helpful info, you are so smart!
  • You are funny, and you are right about that @FourKidsToFeed, he sure is a swell person!
  • Ok So I called them back and this time I was not transferred to another agent, the lady looked me up and said that I have a code and it's Code "System Problem". "Unworkable Suspense" Found here >>

    Didn't get a chance to read it all but basically I have been in Error Resolutions for 16 days! and yes I can get a tax advocate but in the end it will still take as long as YES 21 MORE DAYS FROM THE 14TH TO FIX. It was nothing we did  but because TT sent the return through early after saying they were going to hold them, and it's not just them she said a lot of tax preparers even independent preparers sent returns in early, She said in no way does the IRS ever pick up returns on a server, all returns are sent to them. PERIOD. So yes TT did send it through too early and never should have.

    She said what the other agent said that we were lost and now found sitting on someone's desk (Mine is at Joe Shit the Rag man's desk in Austin, TX) waiting to be pulled and fixed.

     Joe must be really overwhelmed or he takes a lot of breaks during the day to avoid dealing with my return. She said I do not need to provide any information and Additional Action is being taken.

    So I should have a return by 3/8 at the latest. So wonderful to hear. I could send in my disconnect electric bill but I think I will just woman up and pay my bill by other means and not get them involved at this point I do not think it will speed things up if anything it will probably piss Joe off and cause me to be put to the back of the file and Lord knows he probably already has so much work to do.

    Lastly she told me that the IRS updates the system once a week and that's why it shuts down Saturday and the update is posted to the system on Monday. Of course she could be saying that so we will stop flooding the irs web site crashing it, Lord knows they aren't using our tax dollars to prevent a domain crash.

    Joe could get off his ass any minute and process my return so I could get it today who knows but for now there is nothing I can do but NEVER EVER FILE EARLY and never ever use turbo tax.

    So that's it. I'm an avid Law of Attraction follower and it has done amazing things for me,the one thing they always tell you is that when you focus on and talk about what you do not want then you get just that. For weeks I have been negative, sometimes rude, and I have taken my anger out on others. I don't plan on doing that anymore. I could stay around here for another 4 weeks but talking about not getting my return is not going to get my return. I am going to focus on what I am going to do with the money and pretend it's already there and I don't need to touch the money and soon my return will come. Sooner than March for sure. I wish everyone luck and I hope that everyone gets an update soon! God Bless and try to stay positive!
  • This is the best post i read all day, good luck and I am too trying to stay as optimistic as I can.
  • So I am curious, do we need to call so our returns can be identified, or are they all being worked on?   I appreciate your post, as I have many of yours.   I just wish the IRS or TT or both would just communicate with us, so we wouldnt be calling frantically wondering WTH is going on .
  • @colinfaddis, I work to support my children, while their father sits, and collect welfare for the two children he has with his girlfriend, while not paying any of his $228 a month child support, for the last 3 years.   So thank you very much for showing us all your mature and grown up side.  My refund, is my refund.  Lets try to be adult and  civil about it.
  • @ Colinfaddis..Lol I was thinking the same thing..these sarcastic people should keep their stupid comments to themselves.  I feel like we are all humans and just because others choose to manage their money differently and depend on taxes, that's them.  Heck I know better, I can make it until I get mine but its my money and I'm PISSED TOO!!!
  • i fell the same way as you both do. maybe the people are being so rude is because they all ready have their monies lol
  • Good news, I got my return!
  • That is really uncalled for @colinfaddis.
  • I received the "return accepted" text on 1/26 also. I know the IRS site says we should receive our refunds 21 days from the ACCEPTANCE date, NOT from the 2/14 educational credit date, so I think they should have to honor that. My wmr status also says "your return is being processed", and has since 2/15. At this point, I figure I'll get it when I get it and, no matter how many things I could really use that money for right now, there's no use in pitching a fit. It won't do any good, and it will just irritate me even more. I wish everyone luck and hope that we all get our refunds soon. BTW - I assumed we were all adults on here, making the cursing and namecallng childish and unnecessary. Please remember, we're all in the same boat here and kindness and compassion never hurt anyone.
  • @taraboo1970...I think the entire message adds in "9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds in 21 days or less last year and we expect that this year will be the same...."  then it goes on to mention "except in certain circumstances"  :)  It stinks, no matter what....but they've (the IRS) been pretty clear that they only began processing our 8863s on the technically, that is when our 21 days started...sadly.
  • Thank you for saying that I never seen such
  • I thought I would share my experience for today with all of you. I spoke to someone at IRS today and she told me that of course she couldnt give me any info. She did slip up and tell me I could call when its been 21 days if I dont have my refund, and that it has only been 16 for me. I was accepted 1-26, and have form 8863. They started processing these sooner then the 14th. If her number is right, mine started Feb 5th. I still have no DDD, and not one in sight. Its almost pointless to call cause they wont tell anyone anything till that 21 day. This is so aggravating, and I am to the point where I just dont care anymore.
  • @colinfaddis,  I am laughing so hard right now, as you talk as you think you know me.  I am a guy.. I took on these four kids as my own. Saved them from the hell hole they were in, along with their mother. That makes me a real man, in many peoples eyes.  I work, but you seem to think I am some welfare backwoods slob, but you really dont know who you are talking to... So whatever, I am glad belittling people makes you feel better about your own situtation.

    Now back to our regualarly scheduled updates...
  • I too am so fed up.. I filed 1/18 Accepted 1/25  My twenty day mark is today.. and nada.... i am tired of getting up in the morning, and I literally log in on my PC, go to WMR, then TT, then for the heck of it I go to the iPhone2go app on my phone and the iphone app for TT.. sigh.. I am done!
  • Good news, I got my return! Thanks for all your help @FourKidsToFeed I really hope you can afford some food for your kids soon! I feel really bad for people like @jesseparsh who are still waiting for their return so they can get more bad tattoos. Happy tax season everyone!
  • Wow really?
  • collin seems to be a very angry person. I feel sorry for him.
  • really? how are you both going back and forth on a form when neither one of you know each other from a can of paint. grow up and stop acting like you are in high school. please act your ages.
FINALLY spoke to someone and got some actual info on my refund!!! I was accepted on the 24th but delayed due to education credit... So I called and called and called and finally got through just to wait on hold for over 20 minutes. But then I spoke to a really nice lady who told me some much needed info.

She said that NO ONE who was accepted early was actually processed early, so those of us who thought we would get our DD early because we were part of the test batch were very wrong. She said that EVERYONE who's return was ACCEPTED on or before 1/30 should have a DD date of 2/20 or earlier.

I told her that I was part of the group that had their returns held for processing until the 14th because of the education credit, and she told me that they go based on the date of ACCEPTANCE, so everyone's date of acceptance will be AT LEAST the 30th. NO EARLIER.

SO she said they have up to 21 days to release the refunds from the day of ACCEPTANCE, and everyone who was ACCEPTED on or BEFORE 1/30 is considered accepted on the 30th and has an estimated DD date of 2/20. She said the best thing to do is to just add 21 days to the date your return was accepted and that is your projected DD date. She said it could always come sooner, but that should be the latest it would get there.

She also said that the WMR site is so overwhelmed with everyone checking it multiple times a day, and calling constantly, that it has actually crashed a few times. She told me the site gets updated ONCE A DAY overnight (between 3am-6am EST) so as long as you check it AFTER 6am EST you will have the most updated info and there is NO NEED to continue to check it. It will only be updated that ONE TIME per day.

She also told me they are doing DD every day and that the DD happen at 2pm EST and at midnight EST. She said those are the ONLY 2 times that DD go out.

That's all I know for now. I will admit that I'm really getting agitated thought because I just checked WMR for the first time today and it STILL has the same darn message that it's had since the 14th!!!! I sure would LOVE to at least see a date at this point. I have serious doubts that my DD will be there in 2 days when I can't even seem to get a date. *sigh*
Refund Status Results

Your tax return is still being processed.

A refund date will be provided when available.
  • She was wrong, my deposit date is the 22nd and I was accepted on the 25th. These call center workers mean well at times but they don't seem to know more than most anyone else. Though I would say that most people on here will see a refund sooner than later, but the 20th at the latest is not the case.
  • Thanks for the information My2babies. Hopefully she is giving us accurate information. I really could use my refund. Its a waiting game with the IRS holding all the cards. Lets pray and keep our fingers crossed for our money this week!
  • If you filed early with 8863 and were accepted early.. you got put in error resolution due to in house error from  being unable to process the form.  We are all still sitting there, trying to squeeze out each day into the LARGE stream of incoming returns... it may be a bit longer than you think.. but it is coming..
  • no that is not true about filing early with an 8863 form. I spoke w/ 3 people yesterday and mine is in the final stages. Its all ready been accepted however w/ the 8863 form its taking longer. Not everyone was put into error resolution.
Hey Everyone... I spoke with a lady this morning at the IRS and she told me that their system only updates once a week and since they only started process 8863 on Thursday then to check back on Thursday since that would be 7 days since processing began. Hope this helps. Will update Friday hopefully with a happy face
  • These groups keep getting closed. I would like to know who is doing that? I posted earlier and someone ask me a question which I can't answer now because they closed the 8863 support group message board.
  • yea i as wondering why they are closed as well. i'm hoping for some good news by the end of the week.
  • no they update everyday. i filed several peoples taxes some of them got updates on saturday, tuesday, wednesday, and sunday so that is a lie
  • I guess when I end up owing the irs. I will tell them the check is in the error department and it should be 21 days from sometime that they will receive it...... Then, I will see how many days I can keep my money until they start getting pissed. Then they will call me and I will tell them it is in the error department on someone's desk but it is being processed. Then, when they call back again I will put them on hold for 20 to 30 minutes and then tell them a completely different story.... Hey, I can dream can't I? Cause I am sitting here with no money and really loving the run around. No seriously, I love to be taken advantage of... Really... Lol.... Hope we have good news soon guys. We are in it together.
  • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Too funny @kstockwell5
  • lol @305beauty
  • Lol!! I hear ya!
  • Just A little information that might get me cyberwacked but I believe it needs to be said.  First off could you imagine how many returns they have to process.  I filed through tax act for myself they held my return and it stated it was being held till the 14th of february due to form 8863.  I also filed for a friend using turbo tax he was processed early on the 28th and his state tax got rejected and all it was was the date of january 28th on the state form that turbo tax put as date recieved and processed, and the state of nebraska had it in their systems evidently that the irs wasn't processing returns till the 30th so the date had to be changed on the state filing, and I will tell you this, it took 1 week for rejection after he recieved his federal return deposit already that he had to change that date and he still is waiting for his nebraska refund as it just showed processed and in the system. He received his refund on the 4th of february from the IRS a full day earlier than the deposit date of the 5th of february that was given when it was approved.  My brother filed on the 13th of february and got rejected then sent it right back got approved no form 8863.  He is still waiting on deposit date, I told him I hope he dont get it till after mine even though we both got officially accepted the same day the 14th due to his error and my form 8863.  I was shocked how fast the irs processed my friends return using turbo tax, but I see you all that are having problems with misinformation.  TAX ACT stated since the day I filed the my return the 28th of january that It wouldn't be filed until the irs started accepting the form 8863 which was estimated to be on or around the 14th of February.  Thanks TAX ACT,
     Lastly turbo tax, the faster they go the more they f**& up, isn't that true in about everything unless your in the daytona 500.  Well you still can really mess up in the 500 but thats besides the point.  Anyways I guess this is an advertisement for TAX ACT, I TY for the correct information, I haven't been anxious yet, oh and btw it also stated that because of what form and why I got the delay in processing, my friends taxes I filed througth turbo tax never said that so when it came to the depreciation amounts of his business assests, It made only one big difference.  When I got him earned income for him and his 2 kids and wife, because I had done my taxes with tax act prior to his the same evening, i knew there was a delay in the depreciation till the 10th and 8863 education credits until the 14th so I opted to enter the info and it madee no difference in the refund amount, so I opted out of using depreciation on his assets, and voila he recieved his refund 7 days after filing as I said a day prior to the actual direct deposit date, and he opted to have his fees taken out of his taxes by turbo tax and he didnt get approved for a netspend card through turbo tax he actually went and signed up for one and got the direct deposit form the same time I was filing them and waiting for an account to send them to.  
    SO it was kinda funny and I guess we just got lucky because I could have easily of just left the depreciation amounts there and they would have made no difference on his refund amount but due to Tax Act and its slower more thorough process, I was educated immediately what not to do so that I wouldn't get delayed on the Turbo Tax filing.  Want to blame anyone, blame the misinformation given by turbo tax, I dislike the IRS and its ways sometime, but man I couldn't imagine having to process all those returns....   Thats why we all come back to these sites because once we get our returns we are happy.   You will all get it just be patient, and next time read the prior years issues when deciding on a tax preparation site, it may lead you down another path to a faster refund...  Thanks TAX ACT!   oh and btw  I haven't gotten my refund either, but as tax act stated february 14th, I was accepted even though I filed on the 28th of january.  I just was informed and knew of the delay and haven't called the IRS once. Gl to you all and may your returns last a few days... lol!
    Don't blame the Fiscal Cliff, blame the IRS and Turbo Tax, well I blame AOL, just because I can't stand that they don't send me anymore cd's for free internet.  
    Funny thing is about it all I got my friend to borrow me interest free my tax return money, interest free out of his return, so he's now waiting on my return to return his return!!! LMAO!
  • The only thing about blaming anyone...because some of us just have to agree to that it's all irrelevant anyway.  Even if none of these returns had been accepted by the IRS "early", the problem would still exist.  The form was ready on the 10th of JAN, that is according to the IRS and when TT let me finish my return and submit it.  The error was in the IRS system programming, so even if they had accepted our returns beginning on JAN30, like they announced they would do, all it really means is that we probably would still be waiting on the "fix by" by date, or if not, that it would have been later than it was in any case.  As it is, it took from the 28th of JAN--when the IRS announced their programming error--until FEB 14 to reprogram their systems to be able to process the form (keep in mind some forms still aren't ready to be processed!) you could just tack on a couple of days....say it started on the 30th like we all expected....well, then my best guess of the "fix by" by date would have been anywhere from the16th at the earliest--which I doubt because of the weekend and holiday hours/reduced staffing--to the 19th, which is more likely, just in my opinion.  
    As for TT communicating, I had communication from them when the IRS discovered the problem--then I signed up for the IRS alerts, so I was getting info straight from the source, and I received an email from TT when the "fix by" date was announced, and another email sometime saying something about "returns like mine" blah, I'm not sure why other people weren't getting the info and some of us were.  Could be spam folders, could be incorrect email addresses, could be TT not clicking "send" to whatever group of people for whatever dumb reason, I don't know.  I don't think anyone is lying when they say they haven't received emails....But it's not like the information is's all on the IRS site, I just think not as detailed as people would probably like. :/  
    As far as people calling, I don't know why they torture themselves, but the answering centers aren't the ones processing the returns...the employees there seem to be mean to people, probably due to taxpayers bugging them every 5 minutes, but still...maybe some customer service training should be given! :)
  • I'm going to retract that last statement and amend it to SOME of the employees seem to be mean....some have been very nice and helpful, according to many posters.  :)
  • could you imagine being one of those representatives??? same questions same answers all day...  also what about when they get put into a profile that they dont know whasts going on some are more trained than others, all we can do is hope that we get sent to the best rep that the irs has available.   I would hope they all are good at their job, but I would imagine that robots would be better at the information aspect of it??  It would be like activating a microsoft product LMAO  there is always going to be discrepancies and I think it all depends on what side of the bed we wake up on.  I doubt any of you even mention the irs after you get your return and 75% of you come back to turbo tax that are here having issues with preset dates to when certain people would get certain deductions and just so happens that the people seeking higher education and that plan on using it for its tax benefits or deductions, are I guess were and are SOL but no worries they will all be taken care of within 21 days from the date they are processed now unless you are a completely unlucky individual and get problem or worse even a audit.  Gl and I see what your saying Wemet but I have one question?>?>   Where?
  • alas turbo tax should be the one that answers why they stated that it was accepted and put the 21 day statuses in our logon screen.  THERES NOTHING LEFT FOR YOU TO DO! your done! LOL....  anyways thats cool I think turbo tax did it to get more customers, because of the delays m,any people get confused to who to blame turbo tax blames the irs the irs says its the way it has been since day one, all i know is tax act told me straight up and I almost went to turbo tax like my friend requested me to do for him, but I just figured they have to be good and I had my info there for past 3 years since I have filed with them that many times. Boo to turbo tax if in fact that is the reason they didnt disclose this info, I believe even if you didnt pay a bunch extra I think turbo tax atleast should refund customers who had a bad experience due to the negligence of turbo tax to disclose the proper information reguarding any tax delays that were applicable.  Not until after you hit file on your forms, did the system tell you they arent processing returns till january 30th.   I guess we all just expect turbo tax and others to inform us because they are the professionals right??
  • and the irs definately should thank turbo tax and others for the added stress of the wmr and call centers...  and no i dont work for the irs, i dont hate turbo tax, and my mom doesn't own tax act.
    im just stating facts, and fact is the irs had the info up there turbo tax failed to heed the yellow light and must have blown completely through a red light??  I wonder if we can penalize the IRS for taking to long to process our returns, and even more turbo tax??  I mean the IRS can do it for underpayment or late especially for a business..
    hahahahahahahahahahaha....those dumb automated messages!!  
    You know, I agree, that would be really messed up if TT withheld info AFTER they found out about the problem.
    Here is the link to the "summarized" January "Quick Alerts"...
    There are a lot of links within this document to other documents with further information.  
    If you have any knowledge of programming can go here:
    where you can sift through the mumbo jumbo of their testing systems and what not... LOL
    And then here is where you can sign up for the different alerts which give tons of info too:
    GL to you too! :)  I think we should be able to penalize them!  They do not hesitate to take our money (as interest free loans!).  :)  J/K...sort of!
  • Ok, so here is the conversation I just had with a TurboTax rep. She told me that any filers with form 8863 started processing on the 14th and at this point we should start seeing changes in our statuses by the end of the week. She said things should start proceeding pretty quickly after you get the status of "approved"(if you e-filed with direct deposit). Once you get the status of approved, you should get your refund within a few days from receiving that status. It is the same as when you filed in previous years and it only took about a week to get your money, which is true because last year it was less than 7 days from being accepted to getting my refund. But she did say because of the delay it could take a few days more. So I said even though I was told by an IRS agent that my projected date is March 7, I should see my deposit before that and she agreed. She said the 21 days they are telling people is standard procedure so that if for some reason, it takes longer than a week, they are covered. She said that the refunds have to be issued by day 21 of acceptance(which is the 14th in our case), so that is why they are saying 21 days. So if what she tells me is accurate, we should start seeing status changes by the end of the week, and DD by next week. God I hope she is right!!!!! I did tell her that it is still poor communication on their part and the IRS, they should be honest with people, that if they were then we would not be freaking out so much. She agreed :)

    On a side note, the IRS is full of it when they say the WMR tool is updated once a day, that hasn't been updated since Febuary 15.
  • TT doesnt know whats  going on, you just got fed a line of crap.  once they transmit your return, they have nothing more to do with it.  If you filed early with 8863 and were accepted early.. you got put in error resolution due to in house error from  being unable to process the form.  We are all still sitting there, trying to squeeze out each day into the LARGE stream of incoming returns... it may be a bit longer than you think.. but it is coming..
  • Oh and that date ....thats for the webpage, not the WMR tool..
  • I was accepted in the 14th cause I had a educational credit. I just got off the phone with a rep at the IRS and she told me that my reund is going to be deposited in the 25th.. She said that is the date most educational credit refunds who were accepted on 02/14 can expect UNLESS they owe a governmental agency. Hope this helps
  • FourKidsToFeed..... everyone is getting different things said to them, so stop acting as if your the IRS and are telling the truth. I called and spoke with 3 DIFFERENT people from the IRS and mine NEVER went into Error Resolution. I even asked if everyone else did and they said ONLY certain people.
  • Four STFU already
I have a 8863 filed 1/12/13 accepted the 24th and it says processing but I never received an email from turbo tax saying they where holding my taxes till the 14th
  • Me neither
  • See here, this is why!! TT caused this whole delay sending our returns in early!
  • I didn't receive this neither.
  • Turbo Tax did no such thing.  The IRS allowed the filing companies to send through some returns as a "test" to the IRS systems.  That is when the IRS found that they had these major form problems.  It has/had nothing to do with Turbo Tax.  You can find all of this information at the IRS website.
  • I just got off the phone with IRS agent Mrs. Kent #2838262. For those of us who were accepted early, we were to be a in a trial run to test the system. Had there not been an issue with form 8863, we would have been first to receive refunds. However, those of us with form 8863, obviously were not able to be processed. She stated there are NO, I repeat, NO DD dates for any 8863'ers yet, nor has ANYONE received their refund if form 8863 is included. Further, she said that we simply have to do nothing but continue waiting it out. I have battled against TT in the past for legitiment issues.  Early acceptance is not one of them. If we received an email/text of early acceptance it is because the IRS did indeed accept our returns and they have been verified and are correct. Processing simply means just that....processing. So, those of us who are waiting, only have a few more days to wait, as they are trying to expedite the DD when they do start processing.

    I hope this information is helpful. I waited on hold for 33 minutes, for a 2 minute conversation. This is the shortest wait I have had.
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • hi laniduran when you were on the phone did the agent mention if the ones accepted early would be processd first?
  • She did not say, but the IRS does not operate FIFO, they are usually LIFO when it comes to stuff like this.
  • great news thanks!
  • I know longer show orange bars on wmr It just say still processing and a refund date will be given soon does anyone else have that message.
  • Yes, most of us are getting this message. I think it's generated once you hit a certain point in the 21 day time frame.
  • i have had the "new" status for 3 days now, so im starting to think it is just that..another status and not an actual update
    ... slowly losing hope
  • I second that rak.. :(
  • No update to the IRS website in 2 days
  • .
  • I also filed the 24th accepted the 26th  on turbotax it only says i should get my refund between now and the 19th, but i knw thats not going to happen because form 8863 was delayed, so on wmr it says recieved and processing but i think on the 14th for us early filers that were accepted will process on the 14, my sis had hers proceasing for a week and when they gave her a dd she had a date for 3 days later.
  • Ya it's so stupid you guys are claiming you got your refund already. there is no way possible that you filed on the 29th with form 8863 because the IRS blocked all returns sent with form 8863 as of Jen 28th. So that's a complete lie. Also the fact you filed after the hold was in place and plenty of others filed before you and still havent received theirs yet, is also a complete BS. These people are just trying to get your hopes up. Just to be clear, if you have already gotten your refund, then you DID NOT have form 8863 in your return. Just because you filed education credits does not mean that you had the 8863 form in your taxes. 8863 is strictly for those claiming the American Opportunity tax break and Higher Learning credit. Normal education credits were able to be filed as of Jan 30th. So for the people that did already get your return, you probably didnt qualify for either of those 2 education credits that require you to file a 8863 and thus you were processed normally, as for the rest of us with 8863, we are still waiting til tomorrow, and as I stated, I e-filed on the 24th of Jan with direct deposit, already received my state, but federal is STILL to this minute, pending.
  • i filed in nc on jan 30th and i continue to see wmr we have no record of your refund
  • i filed 1/29 the IRS recieved  the same night and its never been accepted i also have the form 8863 but this is crazy
  • i just got my acceptance email now to wait another 21 days
  • For all you 1/26 8863ers, I no longer have the 21 day message. I just called and i now have the "tax return still being processed; dd date will be provided when avail. I cannot get on wmr or the app.  Moving along like molasses!
  • Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation: Tax Topic 152,Refund Information Please Note: For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.   THIS IS THE MESSAGE I GET ON WMR
  • It will happen, I'm fairly confident those of us who filed early (I filed on the 18th accepted on the 25th) will get our refunds by the 22nd.
  • I hope so
  • OMG I just checked wmr and the irs changed my expected refund amount. They lowered it by $3.  What is going on????
  • Wow they really want everything to the penny I guess....
  • Lol, if u anything they will take it, even if its a penny, the Ira is like that, if they owe u a penny u will get a check for a
  • Owe*
  • Lol sheesh!  I'd love a check for a penny at this point lol
  • I just talked to a beast at the irs and she told me its 21days from the 14th.. She also stated that it s the tax preparer fault for not explaining this. Now im fin to try to find out is this beast told a lie . I need my money
  • Turbo Tax did state that refunds were usually given out within 21 days from being processed blah blah blah. So they did explain this, you just didn't understand it. And besides, that 21 days is just a general statement they tell everybody, I can't think of many circumstances where someone will have to wait 21 days to get their refund. Everyone that I personally know that didn't have any delayed forms got theirs within a week.
  • @Nikka33, I also just spoke to the IRS, and they also told me the same thing. That our 21 day count starts yesterday. For those of us with the "your return is being processed, a ddd date will be provided when available" means that we are in the error processing department as a result of form 8863.
  • Im just telling u what was said to me by the irs. By the way i do understand that all this is bull.. U people always trying to get attitudes because people post what they are told just to keep yall informed.
  • And turbo tax did not i was accepted on the 26th. what about u 02/07/2013
  • U right they do say that. I just was sharing what the irs told me wich was a bunch id bs
  • I also filed my return early on 1/10/13 and I got the early acceptance on 1/25/13. I too have the form 8863 for education credits. I just got off the phone with an agent at the IRS about when I should be expecting my refund. He told me they do update the system every 24 hours even on the weekend because the processing of refunds is mostly automated. He did however tell me that they recommend that people wait up to 3 weeks from the date the IRS says they can process your refund to check to see why you haven't received your refund. That means for us 8863 filers we should be expecting our refunds within the next 3 weeks. The IRS process refunds on a first come first served basis so the early filers should expect to see their refunds sooner then those who have recently filed. Hope this helps those of you, like me, still waiting...
  • Ikr im pissed off about this everytime u talk to the irs its like talking to a two yearold. They will tell u anything but not the truth
  • I called my tax consultant and irs yesterday. The IRS just started processing 8863 forms Feb 14th. They said it takes 24 to 48 hrs to get accepted. Once accepted, she said it will take 21 days until I can receive my refund. looking at first week of March till I see my money. So frustrating!
  • It really depends on when you first filed your taxes and were accepted. They are just telling people it can take up to 3 weeks from the Feb 14th start of processing forms 8863, it doesn't mean it will take that long. If you haven't received your refund after the 3 weeks from Feb. 14th then you can call them back. Most people typically get their returns within 10 to 14 days after they're accepted. They just use the 3 weeks as a rule of thumb so people won't keep bothering them.

    The funny thing about taxes is, they're so quick to take your money but very slow to return it. ;-)
  • Yeah, nobody can put any validity to that 21 days thing, it's just a way to keep people off their backs and make people happy when they get it "early", it's called managing expectations.
  • Dang does jesseparsh work for the IRS or turbotax. All we get is automated answers which really make no difference!
Its my money and I need it (((NOW))), accepted on the 24, usually have my refund in the first batch uuuuugh 2013 is starting out all wrong thank you IRS
  • Wish it was like JG Wentworth! Lol
  • Back in '97 I was married and we were young and stupid enough to use that JG wentworth company. My wife had a settlement from when a greyhound bus driver hit and killed her father and it was spread out over a decade or more. We both wanted that money quickly so she ended up getting a lump sum of like 30K out of over 80 if my memory serves. What a waste for her, for me not so bad since I got to help spend it :-)
  • Checked the WMR first thing this morning and it now says I have a dd date of Feb. 22, 2013 and I had the form 8863 and was accepted on 1/24/2013
  • @mkwilliams2091 did u have a message b4 a ddd will be provided when one becomes available or something like that?
  • Maybe I will have mine soon then. I was accepted on the 26th
  • yeah me 2 I was accepted the 25th
  • yes I got that message for a while till this morning.
  • I was not able to order an account/return transcript until Feb. 15th.
  • What is the phone number to the its.
  • Irs
  • Still have the same message, no ddd, still cant order my transcript and found out my dd is not going to be accepted because the Walmart money card has a 10000 dollar limit on deposits and tt says its to late to change it because the irs is already processing it. Now I have 4-6 more weeks after the irs receives the funds back. SMFH this is a nightmare someone please wake me up. Sad, frustrated, mad, and just sick of this
  • Go to and change the DD account info....or call them.
  • That will only work IF you elected to have the TT fees taken out of your refund, otherwise, that will not work.
  • thank u im going to try that
I too was an early filer and is getting the same message "received and a refund date will be made when available". I called the IRS Friday and spoke with a nice representative who informed me that they are processing form 8863 quickly and with her sense of humor she said that they where also working Saturday and Monday(which is a holiday) and that I could check back in a week for an update. I too am trying to be patient (I really don't have a choice). Hopefully we all should be getting some great news this week. Please keep me posted so that I may have some hope of having my refund soon.
  • thanks for the reply . I will indeed keep u posted as soon as I hear anything favorable or whatever and will u please keep me posted as to your results. thanks
  • William I sure will.
  • thanks and i hope that you get your refund before the week is out
  • hopefully we all get our refunds by end of week :)
  • I'd say the chances are good for you to get it by Friday. If not Friday then I heard they are giving out refunds Mon-Fri instead of the normal Wed and Fri. That should mean early next week at the latest for most people. I feel lucky that I'm one of the few people who had the 8863 form with a refund date scheduled already.
  • If you filed early with 8863 and were accepted early.. you got put in error resolution due to in house error from  being unable to process the form.  We are all still sitting there, trying to squeeze out each day into the LARGE stream of incoming returns... it may be a bit longer than you think.. but it is coming..
  • NOT everyone got put into error resolution. I spoke with 3 people yesterday and each said I wasn't put in error resolution. My refund was accepted with the 8863 education credits.
Spoke with the IRS yesterday and she said that it could be 21 days from the 14th (which i already knew) then i asked her if the returns were filed in the date that they were filed and she said that "every refund is different and they dont work like that"...I filed 1/15, accepted on 1/24 but had an 8863 so god only knows at this piont. WMR still says that my returns are being processed!! I cant stand this waiting game BS!
  • If you filed early with 8863 and were accepted early.. you got put in error resolution due to in house error from  being unable to process the form.  We are all still sitting there, trying to squeeze out each day into the LARGE stream of incoming returns... it may be a bit longer than you think.. but it is coming..
They are suppose to start on the 8863 forms on 2/14!
  • Yes their new update is 2/14. I filed 1/10, accepted 1/25 then disappointed when I learned about the delay. My friends who didn't file 8863 get their refunds this week. I hope ours all process ASAP starting Thursday.
  • From my understanding, the 2/14 date is for those who weren't accepted early.  If your return was accepted early (with your 8863) then you will get your return before the 2/14 date.  That is what a Turbo Tax chat agent has told me.
  • How is that?!
  • It's strange. WMR recognizes my return as accepted, both online and over the phone but when I call the agent has nothing on file for me yet. I'm still sitting on the first orange bar. Would be nice as an early filer to get mine this week but I don't even have a dd date yet
  • You know I get so tired of people misleading information on others. NOBODIES returns with 8863 can even be put thru the system until feb 14th. just because your e-file says it was accepted, doesn't mean it actually was. The system couldn't even process your 8863 because it was broken. It will be fixed by feb 14th in which all returns with 8863 can start being ran through the system. Why do you think all these people who say their return with 8863 was accepted etc but still waiting almost a month now for their return. The people who were accepted were the ones who filed before the announcement was made about the delay thus they got accepted but were not actually processed or anything of that nature. Stop making people hope for early acceptance when all of us 8863'ers are waiting for the SAME date feb 14th!!!!!!!!

    If myself e-filed on the 24th which was before the announcement on the 28th. Still pending, still not processed or anything. The only thing it does say is " the agency has accepted but not acknowledged your filing." Nobodies forms can be processed until the system has been updated with the new information for the 8863 to be correctly calculated and processed.
  • Well you are misinformed actually Hennet because I filed on the 29th, accepted on the 30th and got my refund today, the 10th. With 8863....
  • Really?! Not to be nosey but do you have proof?
  • So many people "claim" to have gotten a refund but I don't believe them. I was accepted on the 24th and still processing
  • Same that is why I asked for proof lol
  • Lol. I wish it was true at least there would be hope
  • When were you accepted
  • thats hard to believe b/c i filed the 24th accepted on the 26th and wmr is still showing processing.
  • Tal26 I really really hope that is the case, us early filers have been sitting so long they need to get to us asap! This is not fair, on the 13th I will have been waiting 21 freaking days! I was also told by an irs agent that they will start processing Monday. That was before I read the 14th deal.
  • I was accepted on the 24th , i hope they will do the dd early for us that were accepted early, but i seriously doubt it. Has anyone else noticed EVERY IRS rep has a different story and version of what will happen and when it will happen
  • allstarmom0202 is a complete BS'er. Since when do banks or the IRS process direct deposits on the weekend? It's sunday banks are closed, if anything was deposited it wouldn't post until the next business day, come on guys, really????? The IRS clearly states, that NO returns with 8863 could be processed on the day it was announced Jan 28th, then they announced they will be able to START processing them on Feb 14th. Wonder why she hasn't shown any proof? She has none, like i said, its the weekend, banks are not open, neither is the IRS, funds don't post on the weekend until the next business DUH>

    And her reply makes no sense, why would she have gotten her return when she filed on the 29th, and I filed on the 24th....... with direct deposit as well. She filed her AFTER the delay was announced and as of the 28th of Jan no returns with 8863 were even being sent to the IRS, all tax preparers were told to store them until the day they announced they could be filed.
  • has anyone seen this message? Refund Status Results  

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available
  • no
  • its on my WMR and on the 1800 number ... lovely another new message
  • Yes sometimes that comes up when you have entered the system too many times.
  • no i have enterd the system too many times before and have never got this message. this one is new
  • We filed on Jan 11th, received a conformation email of acceptance, as well as a text message on the 24th. Dear ****** *****,

    Your Federal Return Has Been Accepted!
    What this means:
     Congratulations! TurboTax was able to have your return accepted early by the IRS. You're finished with your taxes.

    Even though you've been accepted early, please note that the IRS does not begin processing refunds until January 30.
    This was before the processing delay for form 8863. In the meantime, I have not had enough time to wait on hold with the IRS. Either my battery dies or I have simply run out of time and have other things to do. I am well aware of their announcement to begin processing on the 14th. I DO NOT beleive any of the liars who claim to have received their refund, on a Sunday, from the IRS.

    But my question is, for those of us who filed and were accepted previously, do we need to refile? I had tried but it says we cannot because a return already exists on the system. The WMR tool says processing.

    I just want a strait up, non BS answer, because I see people saying they have to refile and that "secretly" all of the previously accepted returns have been declined...
  • The IRS has accepted your federal return.

    Accepted on January 24
  • I havent heard that one yet , about the secert denials. I do know that every songle IRS rep gives a different story about the situation
  • The people that refiled were the ones that were not accepted yet. I'm hoping Monday they will start giving out the DD for the early filers. I too was accepted 1/24 and have spoken to the IRS. Once accepted you are in the system period. You can't refile once they have accepted it. I received that same email. The guy told me starting Monday through this week they will be processing the 8863 filers. I think it will start Monday for the early filers because I can't see them processing everyone starting the 14th. And anyone who did file early or not and has that form and says they received a dd I call b.s. Show proof. Some people just like to frazzle everyone else with their lies.
  • Some people just like to frazzle everyone else with their lies.
    Isnt that the truth!
  • I also heard that people are getting their refunds while WMR shows processing. Again, I know we cannot be processed yet.. I am just trying to figure out, do I need to schedule  a 3 hour window to sit down and call the IRS, or are we fine to keep waiting it out?
  • The longest I ever held was 20 minutes. They won't tell you anything anyway they will just say they start processing on the 14th.
  • Are you calling that 1040 number? I get an endless hold. :-(
  • Yes mine started saying it today
  • Your what starting saying what today?
  • I could not log into the wmr site but was able to get info by phone.
  • I filed on January 10th and I can't stand the wait. I also have the 8863 form! Waiting in limbo. Mine has been "in line" with turbo tax and it says they will send it to irs on the date theirs is accepting them. As of the email I received from turbo tax saturday it states they will send my return in on Feb. 14, that sucks I was hoping for earlier!
  • Martha are you in the irs wmr? If so your return has already been sent. I filed on the 17th and they sent mine through and I was accepted by the irs on 1/24. I
  • I highly doubt that allstarmom has received her refund because the banks arent open on weekends to process direct deposits.... Im trying to be patient since Feb 20 is right around the corner :)
  • This is what I see on turbo tax:Your E-file Status
    Federal Return:  Pending
    Your refund: $X,XXX   

    I know I saw in the turbo tax website that sometimes when I sign in it says pending but turbo tax will send it to the irs when irs will start accepting my kind of returns. Which means turbo tax still  “has” my return but will be sending it to the irs on Feb. 14 so turbo tax still has it since I filed on January 10 at 8am.

    This is the message I just received on saturday:

    This is the message I received on Saturday:
    Important Update About Your Federal Tax Return
    Good news! The IRS will start to process returns like yours soon.
    We will send your return to the IRS on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. This is the date they will begin processing returns like yours that contain Education Credits, Form 8863.

    Next step:
    We'll send you a message as soon your return(s) are accepted or rejected by the IRS.

    So no use checking the WMR website as the IRS doesn't even have my return and it has been in pending for more than a month.
  • I also received this same message, and my taxes were accepted on the 25th. I orginally filed on January 20th at 2:06 p.m.
  • Are you serious? What would you like my social security number and bank account? Lol. Yeah I'm a bs-er. I just thought I would give some people some hope because mine actually came before it said it would. I was told the 14th. Why would you be angry that I'm telling you I got mine and some of yours might be coming early too? I filed on the 29th and was accepted right away. Then I got the email stating that returns like mine would not be processed until "mid-February". I have checked every day since then. I didn't check Saturday morning but did on Sunday morning and my money was in there. Really makes no difference if you want to call me a liar or not. My money is in my account, I filed with the 8863 form. Sorry you don't want to believe me.
  • @ allstarmom0202 Thanks for the info cause my co-worker told me the same she got hers Saturday 2/09 so I hope mines come soon I have form 8863 attached to mines as welll.
  • apologies.. Im glad that your refund came sooner than expected :) praying I will get mine before the weekend. Had a good talk with a very nice IRS agent on the phone today.
  • My sister just got hers today too...She filed the 23rd. I hope you all get yours soon too!
  • I get it that no two returns are the exact same, but I had filed on the 1/10.  I have an Early Acceptance 1/25.  Please excuse my jealousy :P haha
  • I definitely understand being frustrated! Mine was held for 6 weeks last year because they didn't recognize my married name on my bank account and had to mail me a paper check (I'm not even newly married at all, so my name on my return and my name on my account are the same). In my opinion they are so disorganized that there really isn't much rhyme or reason to how they do things...
  • I spoke with an IRS rep today, he was sweet and very nice. Explained to me that although my refund states accepted on 1/26, processing didnt begin until 1/30. I have EIC and 8863 forms, asked him about the 21 day grace period and how that would affect my expected date for refund. He said some 8863 filers taxes are being processed and it all depends on the types of forms you filed. The 21 day grace period will not be affected and even if my refund doesnt get touched until 2/14, i should still receive it no later than 2/22.... for all filers the 21 days is from 1/30 or your date of acceptance. Hope this helps shed some light. He was very nice and helpful. :) praying that I am one of those that will be done early. I filed on 1/21, received email from TT  that IRS accepted on 1/26...then on 1/30 received email from TT about 8863 delay, but my taxes were already in the hands of IRS and that they have accepted it.
  • This is what my wmr status says...
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    There is no bar anymore and no mention of the 21 day wait!
  • Mine updated to that yesterday, hoping for some good news soon!
  • Allstarmom that's great news. Gives us other early filers hope. Did anyone else's WMR status change from the generic 21 days to a refund date will be provided when available? Because that's what I woke up to this morning. Just wondering if that small change means a refund date will be given soon
  • dam mine has not even changed still 21 day message it seems like people that were accepted the 24th and 25th has gotten that message i was accepted the 26th so hopefully soon.
  • Mine changed to that same message this morning. No more bar. What does this mean?

    Your Personal
    Tax Data
    Social Security Number

    or IRS Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number:
    Tax Period Ending:
    December 31, 2012
    Your Expected
    Refund Amount:
    Refund Status Results
    Print. Take the survey.

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    I've never seen this before and today is the first time I have checked it.
  • Looks like us 26ers should update tomorrow
  • i hope i am also a 26er
  • I filed and was accepted 1/26- was in processing status until this morning (2/14). Now WMR is saying "A refund date will be provided when available." I still cant figure out if this is moving forward in the process, or if the IRS stuck their heads farther up their behinds!!
  • Me aswell, i filed the 24th acceapted the 26th just before 12am tonight it said processing and now it says a refund date will be provided when availble. I think it starts to say that once it gets closer to 21days, on turbo tac it says to get a refund between now and the 19th. But i dnt know what to think anymore.
  • yes, that is what mine says
  • I was accepted 1/26 as well and I have the exact same message. I am noticing a pattern from reading the blogs on and other turbo tax blogs. It seems that when refunds are done processing and before the deposits/checks are sent, this message appears on wmr. Irs deposits all week long, even on sat. and sun. So whoever is saying that banks are not open, yadda, yadda, yadda, they obviously don't know what an ACH deposit means. Automated Clearing House, this is an automated process, banks don't need to be open to receive the deposit, only to post it-and that's only for some banks. Major banks like BOA and Wells Fargo, Chase, post whenever the deposit is received. When your deposit posts to your account is up to your bank, but funds can be received at anytime due to the method of delivery (ACH).
  • Finally, someone that understands the current century of technology as it is...  Thank You!
  • I filed on 1/18 and was accepted on 1/25. My state was accepted on 1/31 and I received my state on 2/5/12. My federal has been processing for a while. According to TT  I'm suppose to receive my federal by 2/19. IDK hopefully I will I really need that money.
  • I already received my state. I filed and was accepted 1/26   - I have form 8863 with no dd date yet. Still processing this morning. I am so mad.... I don't know why some are getting there's and I am not
  • nobody with 8863 has theres yet, they just processed them on the 14th, give it 1-3 weeks from then...i'm thinking the last week of february we will have them
  • yes some people has alot of people got ddd sunday morning for the 22nd
  • Yea I didn't get mine yet either mine still says refund processing and I was accepted on the 25th of Jan its Bullshit
  • We filed on Jan 10th, accepted Jan 24th. We don't have a DDD either. I agree it's bullshit because people accepted after us are getting DD dates.
  • unfortunately if we don't see a ddd by now, we most likely have to wait till the last week of feb for our refunds
  • I am happy with that as long as we KNOW it is accurate information that we ARE being processed.  I dont care, as long as we know for sure what is going on, and that we are not going to wait months for it.
  • I care, I filed on 1/15 and was accepted 1/24 I should be one of the first ppl to receive at the very lease a dd even if the date is the end of the month. They need to say something other than still processing for well over 3 weeks
  • I totally agree getkristylove27n
  • What state do you live in
  • Still waiting in Texas. Accepted 1/24 , no dd, no transcripts #frustrated
  • Me too exactly same deal.
  • I filed 1/10 with an acceptance date of 1/25 but then had to wait for the educational thing to open and now it's saying the same thing yours is will know a DD when they have one or whatever.
  • @allstarmom0202 good for you, we still think you are full of shit
  • I just got off the phone with the 4th irs person today. And he made the most sense out of them all. He stated that even though we were accepted early(i was accepted on 1/25) that they didnt begin any processing until the 30th. So if there wasn't an issue with the 8863 form we would have received our refunds within 21 days from 1/30/13, which would be by 2/21/12. But sense we had the form 8863 that may have delayed our process and may take a few extra days longer. He stated that WMR should update after the 21st for those of us who filed for 8863 and have been waiting on and update since that would be our 21 days to process the return. Depending on when you were accepted depends on your 21 days. He also stated that there really is no first come first serve its whenever your return gets worked. And he thinks the main reason no one has received updates on WMR is because they didnt start processing 8863 until the 14th and since most people had filed before the 30th updating a bunch at once is easier that one at a time, which I dont think its fair but what can i do about it. he just told me to check on the 21st and if no change give them a call back. Hope this help settle some doubt
  • Taneesiah, they didn't start processing ANY returns with the 8863 form until the 14th. Forget that 21 day thing, it was a mere ploy to under-promise and over-perform, typical business strategy. Typical refunds are issued within a week after processing is complete, since they started processing these specific returns on the 14th then they are going to be slowly but surely issuing deposit dates for all involved. And it's really sad that you've called the IRS four times today, what a waste of time for yourself and the call center at the IRS. Get a grip over yourself and calm down--your money will be in your hand sooner than later.
Filed 2/10/13 Got my acceptance text toady! Checked e-mail then turbotax yep accepted
  • Talked to IRS rep. Said my return was accepted on the 25th of Jan. but since it has 8863 it will be procesed on 2/14. She checked on the status and it has already been processed so I am just waiting on a DD date. Which will most likely be Friday the 22nd. I hope so anyways!!!! FINALLY!!!
  • congrats, hope so too
  • didnt happen. nor did it happen today.....
Hey guys. Filed 1/10 accepted 1/25 got ddd at 12:15 am after my wmr was down all last night
  • I don't understand why others are getting a DDD before me that filed after I did. This is seriously getting ridiculous. I filed over a month ago! I'm so frustrated with the IRS.
  • Anyone with the 8883, it doesnt matter when u did your taxes because as of Feb 14th that's when the forms started to be processed. So starting Feb 14th and on thats when you start counting your days. Anyone on this forum not talking about the education credits is on wrong forum. Please dont go about giving false hope when u have no delay in your taxes. If you got yours back, well congrats.
  • I filed on 12-27-12 and was accepted jan 24th. still processing! wtf man! dates have just keep changing
  • If you filed early with 8863 and were accepted early.. you got put in error resolution due to in house error from  being unable to process the form.  We are all still sitting there, trying to squeeze out each day into the LARGE stream of incoming returns... it may be a bit longer than you think.. but it is coming..
  • We're not ALL sitting there. I am part of this group and I have my dd set for this Friday. I don't think most people are in any sort of error department at all, I think it's just taking a long time to get this done.
Does anyone else have a problem accessing WMR? It keeps telling me that the information i provided cannot be found, this is the first day it has done this
  • Mines was doing that Thursday and Friday and when I checked today I had a DDD of 2/22.
  • Not gonna get my hopes up but it does make me feel a little better to know that ppl are getting DDDs :) I just need this money soo bad right now i wanna cry!
  • I know how you feel. I dont know what we will do here if it does not come soon.
  • I just got off the phone with the IRS.  I too filed the 8863 form, and was accepted in that early batch on 1/25.  She said that there was s system error, and to expect my return in 4-6 weeks :(  I asked her is that from the time they started processesing them, or from now (not that it makes that much of a difference) and she said she didn't know.
  • I bet you could call back and get a totally different answer, as that is the first I have heard this.

    I just wish we could get solid accurate information.   I guess it comes when it comes or it dont...   I dont know what else to do at this point.
  • what that is the first time i heard anything about 4 to 6 weeks. i think it is really pointless to call the irs anymore they seem to not know shit. i believe the 25 and 26ers are going to see ddd this week. i have done some research on refund date provided when available and alot of people that had that had this message between 5 to 10 days. tomorrow i am going to call them because 21 days is up tomorrow they said to count from the 30th even though i was accepted on the 26th.
  • I agree.  I am not trying to grasp at straws here either, but I have not heard anything about a 4-6 week wait.  I have no problem with it, IF it was true, but I am seeing more and more at the 1040 number they are just call center drones...    they will say anything to get you off the phone... I had my 2 times of them a week or so ago..   I will also be calling either tomorrow or Wednesday as tomorrow my 21 days is up... I will play stupid at first and explain that my days are up.. and see where I get.
  • The internet is such a dangerous place, it breeds hysteria and spreads misinformation. It is also a microcosm of everything negative since most happy people don't go into these forums. And that 21 day thing has been taken too literal. It was simply a time frame set up so they can underpromise and over perform. It's a way of managing expectations. Most of us will see a return this Friday, others probably early next week.
  • @jesseparsh, are you an early accepted 8863'er ?

    The 21 day thing was to replace the refund chart as people banked on that chart... and they set up the 21 day thing as they were sure they could over deliver on it.. but doe not seem to be the case.  There are a high amount of filers here for such a small problem.

    I hope you are right, and I can see a DD date VERY soon...  I have had issues with an ex claiming dependents in the past, had to mail my return in and had it by now.. that is what makes this even more frustrating..   filed eFile early and seems to have screwed myself... next year will not be doing it that way again..
  • im calling to see if i can get any answers and see if they will tell me anything about our status saying dd provided when available
  • Let us know what you find out.
  • Fourkids, yeah, I filed on the 18th and was accepted on the 25th. And I do have the 8863 form on my tax return. And I realize what the 21 day window was supposed to do, but it has backfired since people love to worry. There was not a great deal of information put out by the IRS and that's their fault, but if you keep up with current events you might have heard about the "fiscal cliff" issue. While I know the fiscal cliff was as real as Y2K for the most part, I do realize that the delay in coming to an agreement until Jan 2nd made the IRS scramble to get everything ready.

    The education credit wasn't a sure fire bet to pass for this year. The IRS had to get together software to process a few of the credits that they weren't sure about until the 2nd of Jan. The software had to be created and tested and now they are starting to roll on it but people seem to forget that there are tens of millions of returns, this isn't the local coffee shop making a few lattes.

    Not sure about your problems in the past, I've never had an issue claiming my son or my education credit. Last year I filed on Jan 22nd and got my refund on Jan 30th. That's the same as years past, this is a special circumstance since the repubs are freaking out trying to block anything Obama does or wants. You'll get your refund, and like I've said before on here, it will more than likely be on the 22nd.
  • jesseparsh, I do hope you are right.. cause the 22nd would be much better than what it keeps looking like to be.

    I understand the whole delay and all... but  with a WMR status not consistent with the information the IRS put out, and no explanation of it, makes one wonder what is going on.  Especially when I have called twice now, and both times the agents seem clueless what is going on, and add insult to injury as all they did was look me up on WMR ...   I have never had a problem getting in contact and speaking about my returns in the past, so I am not sure why or when this whole secret society type responses came about... as they  act like they cant speak to us on our own returns.

    So do you speak from information, or experience with the IRS.. I am just curious what makes you so sure about your statement. ;)
  • I speak from no experience at all. I think that this whole thing is a huge mess for everyone involved, including the IRS. Instead of them saying that it's a big mess they lie and buy time until they get things worked out slowly but surely. I'm a big basketball fan so I'll put it this way, if someone is dribbling til the shot clock is running down, then pass it with 2 seconds left on the clock and make the other player take a bad shot and they end up airing it, they are just as much the victim as anyone else. :)

    The IRS were handed this mess when the republicans in congress couldn't stop fighting for their rich friends until the final hour. I hope I'm right too about the refunds. I'm speculating based on past and current experience, but I tend to be right quite often :)
  • Thank you for the honesty.    This all does suck.. but we will get there, one way or another..... just sure feels like I entered the interstate on a riding mower though... ;)
  • I just spoke with someone at the IRS who refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor after she told me that I am on day 20 from being accepted and to call back next monday. WTF. I never mentioned to her that I had form 8863 and neither did she when I asked what was the hold up. She said she doesn't know what the hold up was. She verified my name, address, ssn, dob, my child's name, her dob, and my filing status yet she had no idea what was going on. That there were no errors or flags on my return.  I didn't want to hear the generic response by telling her I had the 8863 and if she really wanted to know she could have looked it up. I am going to file a complaint on her although she started if off nice she began. To yell at me once I demanded to speak with a supervisor since she didn't have any answers. Sorry you guys I really hoped that I had some good news to share.
  • In short you got the generic "I dont know call back in a week"  Too bad they werent held to standards for their timeliness, huh ?  :)
  • lol, well they do have millions of tax returns to process, so just be patient, I know it sucks, most will probally have it this upcoming week or the next
  • Oh yeah it does suck! I was accepted on the 24th and she admitted it. I just want a true honest answer of when I can except it. THAT'S ALL! Guess this is what I get for going to college and trying to better myself....
  • i hear ya
  • lol @Fourkidstofeed, It;s the IRS, they can do what they want
  • well, we as Americans seem to lay down and accept this treatment.  I dont feel it is right, as mailed returns were faster than this. Last two years I had to mail ours in, and still had my check in hand, 4 weeks from mailing.

    I dont care one way or the other, as long as we could know FOR SURE what is happening with our returns. If its 21 days from the 14th, then so be it, but so much conflicting information has been given, even from IRS reps, its getting ridiculously out of hand.
  • I just need my money, this is all a huge mess and for once it would be nice....well it would just be nice.  I'm sure no-one want's to read my ranting!
  • It doesn't matter what you need YOUR money for, it's YOUR money! We all just want to a consistent answer as to when we can expect it. Whether or not you need it to pay bills or blow it.. It's our money and we have the right to some answers! I'm usually pretty quite on these forums but I'm starting to get really ticked by the lack of communication from TT, IRS and the government. If you ask me it's all theirs fault.
  • Agreed!
  • If what I heard is true, that they used the early filers as "test batches" that is wrong. They didn't even notify the filer to let them know what was going on or to give them a choice on waiting to file or to use the return as a test batch. No one can get a straight answer from the IRS or Turbotax. Actually, TT has their phones disabled!!!! All we want is some honest answers. It is our money that was held by "Uncle Sam" and he still took half of it!!!! I overpaid by almost $6,000, but only getting over $4,000 back and that is with education credits. Some of the comments I have seen on these message boards that all of us are waiting for a hand-out needs to educate themselves on how the system works. This is not a hand-out, this is money we all earned that the government decides to take out of our paychecks then give us a refund at the end of the year if we overpay. And, the sad part about that is you do not get all of your money back that you overpaid!!! Even worse, we as Americans continue to let our government strong arm us in these situations!!!
  • Mine has been doing this all day and last night too but it does it about once a week so i dont think it has anything to do with getting your date! I am so flipping P*ssed about the whole thing.  I filed but have the education credit and i have never seen anything but in processing a ddd will be added once it is avalible.  sat on hold for over an hour just to have the rude b**ch tell me that it was too soon and to call back 21 days from the 14th! I am over all this i just want my money like most everyone else.  I work at a bank i see everyone getting their dd refunds and i would love to have mine too.
  • I feel you all im a 8863er. i filed early and still no check
  • i wouldnt have a problem waiting if i had a clear date as to when to recieve it.  I hate being stressed out wondering if they are going to actually send my money or not.
  • this is bullshit someone that i know filed on the 15th and yesterday got a ddd of the 22nd
  • i have friends that filed 2 weeks ago and they already have and spent their refund
  • It's not an across the board thing, I filed early with an education credit and claiming a dependent. I filed on the 18th, accepted on the 25th, and received my DD yesterday for the 22nd. I think they're just processing returns at random trying to get the 10s of millions of returns processed in some sort of timely manner. They can't please everyone. And all the confusion is probably from a lack of interdepartment communication. Most of them are probably just as confused as everyone else, they just won't admit it.
  • I am so glad for you that u got your taxes with form 8863 attached it gives me hope
  • i agree auntwee. its the not knowing part..
has anyone who filed form 8863 gotten a refund or date yet ?
what doesyour tax return is still beig processed. a refund date will be provided when available
    Anyone able to order a transcript yet?
    • Not yet. Filed on the 22nd and accepted on the 26th. Hoping in the morning for a different message than the one I've had for the past 3 days. I just want a DDD!!
    • ive seen people who have but nope not me and i was accepted 1/24
    • I have not been able to order a transcript yet! here is how mine went;
      Received by TurboTax | 01/27/13
       Your return has been received. You can expect to receive an email acknowledgment within 24-48 hours, indicating whether or not your e-file was accepted.( received message on the 28th)
      Sent to Tax Authority | 01/28 (this DATE changed to 2/14 on the 14th) hence TT resending E-file to IRS.
       The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing. it stated this till the 14th.
      Accepted | 02/14/13 09:08:41 AM
       The filing has been successfully acknowledged by the agency.

      I am still in proccessing showing only the first bar filled and info to the right! I was not in the "test batch"!
      TT shows March 6th (21 days) as a potential receipt date for refund......
      IRS WMR Refund Status Results  
       We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
      You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.
      I waited last year guess, I am waiting yet again. THe company I work for is in the process of layoffs, so this refund potentialy means more than just a shopping for me! We all have our reasons for wanting our money sooner rather than later.
      Good luck to all in this waiting game!
    • whats it mean if we can order a transcript
    • DD is possibly on the way
    • im calling the irs now im beyond pissed im going to keep calling until i get some answer
    • just spoke to the irs and they looked up my account and said she did see activity on my account and that mine was out of the errors department and is being processed as we speak she said any day i could have a ddd or it could take up until the 21 days she said they didnt need any information from me and they was no errors.
    • so if you could have a DD why would it take up to 21 days?
    • The 21 day thing is just a generic time frame they give. Once it is processed it won't be longer than a week before you get the refund.
    • she said i will have a ddd anywhere from any day up to 21 days. it could take up to 21 days to completely process my return. but it wont take that long i have had the status a refund date will be provided when available for a week now and i could see a ddd this week but they are to tell everyone up to 21 days
    • what is the phone number everyone is calling. I called a 800 number but it says super busy call back wednesday or Thursday and gives me to an automated thing. I want a live person.
    • @patrick33 1-800-829-1040 don't push ANY buttons and you will get a live person
    • I just got off the phone with the IRS and the lady I spoke with  said that WMR has more accurate information than she can give me!!! I said how is that when I have had the same message for over a week now. After much demanding she looked up my account and "put me on hold" but not really. I heard EVERYTHING. They don't know what's going on!! The super said I don't know what to tell you to tell her. Then the agent said well we got an email to tell everyone to call back tomorrow. The super said yeah even though today is her 21st day tell her tomorrow is her 21st day! SMDH. So when she took me off of hold I said y'all don't know what the hell is going on do you? She said I don't have any information for you. Wow! I said we'll can you at least tell me if I'm out of the errors resolution dept? And she said that I was not in errors anymore. Who knows if I am or not but at this point what do I have to lose.....beside hope in the system. I said though I really need my refund I also need my transcript for FA, she put me on hold for real this time and came back with nothing. She was very apologetic but was not very helpful. I give up...... My refund and transcripts will just get here when they get here.
    • Wow that's amazing and the truth of the matter is all we want is a true statement about whats going on, and it seem to me they don't have a clue as you have stated, i bet if any of them have a 8863 form in their taxes its already back.
    • Im calling now... we'll see what they say
    • I just called 1-866-897-3315 and spoke to an IRS rep Dave, very nice and patient. he advised me that i have no errors and that b/c they didnt start processing the form 8863 until the 14th, and that it will take anywhere from 2-3 for me to receive my refund.  It sucks, but I have no choice but to wait.
    • 7-10 min. wait time.
    • I just got off the phone with a rep for IRS (I called 1-800-829-0582 x 362 and pushed 0 until I got a live person) and this is what I was told. The acceptance date for those that filed education credits is the 14th of Febuary, no earlier. The projected date to have the refund DD is 21 days from the 14th of Febuary. So, I asked her to please check my refund status which she did, and she said I am being processed and will see my refund no later than March 7th, which is 21 days from Feb. 14th. She said my refund was def. accepted on the 14th and that there were no issues or problems. She said the reason it is not showing anything new on WMR is because so many people are checking it multiple times a day, causing the system to crash. She reassured me that I will see my money no later than March 7th, but most likely sooner than that as they are pushing them through as fast as they can. She said that those of us who filed electronically with direct deposit will see their refunds quicker. She said to just be patient and only check the WMR one time a day!!! So, that being said, the advice I would give is 1) only check WMR one time a day, first thing in the morning. 2) Try to be patient as it looks like everyone with with education credits will receive their money no later than March 7th because all of us should of been accepted on Febuary 14th. I think this lady was correct with the information she gave me because it does make sense. I will post on here when I get my DD!!!! Everyone try to relax and we will be getting our money soon :)
    • I am sitting on hold with them now. 4 to 7 min wait is what I got. My recep. accepted 1-26, delayed like everyone else, still no ddd, and I get the generic message of refund date when one is available. Called yesterday to be told my return wasnt even there, then called back and was told it was. I am calling now to see what bullshit I get as far as whats going on. I am livid. Yesterday all they seem to care about is that we were federal employess, and I was like no just military. THis is maddening and so frustrating.
    • The lady I just spoke with was very nice. TT and all those other tax preparers were supposed to of held off until 1/30 but they didn't which is making it so confusing for people like us. All those with educational credits were pushed aside until the 2/14 when they started processing them. Many people had their 21 days pushed back however mine was a day or 2. Once you go in the processing stage it's 21 days from then. She told me Im all set and that I should check again in a day or 2 and things will change. She said because I was one of the early ones those get done quicker with educational credits I'll see a change sooner than later. She was very helpful...Although I want my money now and need it now, thank god I still have my state coming this week to hold me over until my Federal comes. It's amazing how they make us wait to receive our money but they can't wait to receive theirs.
    • I guess all we can do is wait and when that day comes if no answer just pray for a resolution, if anyone do by chance get an update on DD please post have great day all, I cant believe I been fighting for my country for 24 years in the Army and it seems that the fight with the IRS is the worst
    • So I am glad I called. My return has been sitting in error resolution for 14 days. No information as to why, or how long it will sit there. She said that no letter has been sent to me, so its probably something they can correct locally. So I guess I just sit for as longas the IRS takes their sweet ass time.
    • SO I called again cause I hate getting answers that make no sense. The man I got this time said there is a code system that your return goes through. Its processing codes he explained. He said it starts at one and goes to five. He said my return was on a 4. That gives me some hope.  Thought I would let you all know what I got.