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My Prepaid Card Rejected my Return.. What happens now?

I didn't realize that my American Express Prepaid Card does not accept Government Deposits so on 2/5, I got an email from American Express stating they rejected the DD. So my question is, what happens now? When I go to WMR, it says  it was being DD on 2/5, check on 2/10 with your bank to see if its been received. Well, obviously Amex rejected it so of course it's not going to go through. Is there a phone number or someone I can contact to get a new status tracking on it or can I give them the correct information for DD or Do you know how long it'll be before i receive a check?I'm so lost and am needing the money really bad! Hopefully someone can help?!?!
  • Hey Amanda I'm in the same situation you are wondering when am I going to get my money as well! I also used my dd for American Express not knowing they don't accept government checks! I'm beyond pissed right now! Tried calling the irs and keeps sending me to check my status when I'm trying to talk to a rep! I also received the email about the funds being rejected! Hope this paper check doesn't take that long!
  • Even though  "where's my refund" states it was DD on the 12th I still haven't received it of course, from it being rejected! It's tells me to call them after the 17th if I still haven't received it! Someone help pleaseee
  • What happened have you gotten your return
  • No I haven't gotten my return yet! "Where's my refund " is now in processesing as of yesterday which tells me I'm going to be receiving a paper check shortly.
  • i know it been a while sense this was posted. just wondering if u recieve ur check. how long did it take. im in the same boat as u where. mine was reject 2/27.i call the irs up and tried to give them a new card but they said once rejected they had to  mail them out. when i ask her how long she a bout 6 weeks just wondering if it took u that long.. thanks
  • Has anyone received their check yet I am experiencing the same thing that you are going through?
A few years ago, my husband put wrong numbers in and our bank rejected it. It took about 4 days for it to return to the irs who than sent out a check which took around 7 days. I would call the irs Monday and ask them, so much had changed it may be different now. Good luck
  • Sorry just seen this was state.
  • It's not State taxes. But thanks for the info. ;) WMR says processing now but no other info..
  • Did you call them or just wait it out for them to send you a paper check?
You will receive a paper check. Unless your address is different. It will not foward to your new address.
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