Has Anyone Recieved Their State Refund Yet?

  • My friend received his Federal, but he filed on Jan 25 (e-file) and received it on FEB 8th. I also e-Filed on the 1st of Feb and still have not seen anything. I hope he is right and that it will be here on the 15th (2 week turn around time)
  • I sent my e file on Feb 1 and its now Feb 12. Whats taking PA so long to send us our refunds?
  • Hey Wendy, we should be getting it by this Friday. Quick question for you, when you check irs.gov do you also get a message saying they have not received your taxes yet?
  • yes says the amount dont match up i used turbo tax and says it was accepted now what
  • just double checked says three to four weeks now wow
  • I received my state today and my Federal dd is tomorrow filed Jan 31st.
  • Where can I check  the status of my State refund,I have to pay into fed.?
  • Ok.i been.waiting on my state i got my federal last week but i still haven't recieve anything and mine's got accepted on the ,1st of feb
  • My Virginia State was filed on 1/20 and accepted on 1/30. My State refund arrived on 2/4/13.
Been 8 days since acceptance, nothing yet.
  • I received my state today...i filed on feb. 5....waiting on federal!!!
  • I received confirmation that my state was accepted on Feb 2nd and I still haven't received it yet.
  • Recieved my michigan state tax return 2/11/2013 it was excepted feb 1st
  • mine also smh
  • Mine accepted on 2/1 it took until 2/6 for the state of Ohio website to tell me ill have it in 7 days ill check tomorrow that's day 7
  • My Colorado one was accepted on Feb 7th, but the state website says it hasn't been processed and to check in 4-8 weeks
  • anyone in new york state get their state refund
  • My friend received his Federal, but he filed on Jan 25 (e-file) and received it on FEB 8th. I also e-Filed on the 1st of Feb and still have not seen anything. I hope he is right and that it will be here on the 15th (2 week turn around time)
  • Still waiting on NYS. "Final stages of processing..." but no DD date yet.
  • Me too
  • How long did your co state tax take? @salvera
No I have not. I called yesterday and again they are still processing. Told me to call back 8 to 12 weeks.
  • I called yesterday the said due to technical difficulties we have no info..call back at a later time..
what state?  Mine said processed wonder how long

    i filed my federal and state on jan.19 and it was accepted on jan.25. i have recieved my state on feb.6 and is still waiting on my federal its crazy how long it takes.

    • I received my federal on the 6... nothing yet on state
    • When did u file crysta
    • Jan 28
    • Ok now I'm worried, how did u file on the 19th and received a confirmation a week later, are u sure u didn't do a paper based turbotax refund instead of the efile? That just doesn't make sense.
    • I filed both my fed and state on Jan 27. State was accepted on Jan 31 but still no refund. I chose to get it on a card  and the card hasn't even arrived yet.  My fed return hasn't even been accepted yet.  TT says I am in line for them to send my fed return on Feb 14th!  What is going on??????
    • It can be true I filed my state jan 31 my state got accepted feb 5
    Yes - I received my Massachusetts refund today. Filed on 2/7/2013.
    I received my mass taxes on  feb 7th, I efiled, with dd, and had an accepted date of Jan 27th. Now my federal is a different story. I efiled with dd, and was accepted on jan 27th, and it says still processing on wheres my refund tool. This is making me insane, seeing just about everyone I know in mass is getting their federal days after there state. Also the state website said processing everyday and the day it was deposited it still said processing, then when the money cleared it changed on the site, which was odd. I hope the federal will be like that, just there and the webisite tool slacking. Lol!
      I received my state today-Feb 20th 2013 IL.  My federal is still in the process stage-strange?

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