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Once my federal/state return has been accepted, how long does it take for the amount to get direct deposited into my bank account?

  • Laurenelyse
    ?less than a minute ago
    You're welcome. You can check the Turbo Tax website,too.  As soon as you sign back in  your return information for Federal ( and State if you filed for both) will show  the status. It should say, PENDING, ACCEPTED, OR REJECTED.
  • My taxes were e filed and set up for direct deposit. They were filed and accepted on February 8th and they still have not been approved or sent to my bank account. I don't know what else to do but sit and wait.
  • mine was files on the 5 th an accepted likea couple hrs later an i still dont have mine...i am haven my direct deposit to an still nothing..so we r n the same boat..
  • I did mines on the 8th too and still nothing not even a update on the IRS website.
  • I filed mine Jan.29th and it was accepted on Feb.14th due to education credits and it's supposed to be deposited within 21 days. It said by the 5th of March or before.
  • I filed with H & R last year and they came back within a week and it was so nice to actually be able to speak with someone who could give me an answer based on my personal tax return and not just a broad general response.
  • at army15 mine is about the same with education credits filed 1/26/13, how do you know by March 5th where does it say that?
  • I got a separate email from turbo tax. It's a tracker and it states by March 5th. It also shows when my taxes where accepted. It looks like a calendar.
  • mine looked like a calendar too, it said by March 6th.   but IRS says it's just been received, does turbo tax really know it's been accepted?
  • My taxes was accepted on Jan. 25th and I still did not get it.  It said Ihould have it between the 9th a/nd the 19th.  It is the 20th and I still read the same thing, " your taxes are being process, we will send you a date you will recieve it.  When it that
  • i also did mine and they accepted it jan 25 and it said i would get it on feb 19th havent got it and it still says processing but they accepted it
  • same here!!!!
  • My return was accepted on the same day I filed, Feb 8th and I logged on to where s my refund today and it has finally been approved. They also provided me with a date for when they will be sending the money to my bank.
You will receive an email once your returns have been accepted. Then you will receive another email about your direct deposit.  The time frame depends on what day it was accepted. Once accepted it usually takes 10-14 days for Direct Deposit.  Example- if your return was accepted on Monday or Tuesday,it should be deposited on Friday of the following week. As long as there were no problems.  State returns,once accepted, usually are deposited in 7 days. I hope this helps.
  • Thank you very much
  • You're welcome. You can check the Turbo Tax website,too.  As soon as you sign back in  your return information for Federal ( and State if you filed for both) will show  the status. It should say, PENDING, ACCEPTED, OR REJECTED.
  • Yes, but if there are any problems when and how are they going to let me know ?
  • Well according to Turbo tax, the email I received from them, my federal return was accepted on 2/14/13.  But when I log into "where's my refund" it says it has been "received", there are three sections that will highlight.  "refund received, refund accepted, refund sent".  My is still at "refund received" so how do I know that turbo tax is right when they emailed me saying it was accepted and when I log in to turbo tax it says my federal was accepted.
If u filed for taxes and are getting refund on a efile card does both state and federal go on the card?
  • Sorry. I'm unsure about the cards. I would repost your question as people are receiving returns now. Someone should be able to answer your question. Good Luck!
  • yes both should go on the card...
  • unless you opted for a check to be mailed
when I log in to turbo tax it tells me it has been accepted but when I to go "where's my refund" it say's it has been "received".  It doesn't have the "accepted" highlighted yet so how do I know it's actually been accepted? 
  • I am in the same boat I think I will start using H & R Block next time get more answers there
  • my state was rejected saying that certain information needed to match, if a certain box was checked.  I waited 45 minutes to chat with a turbo tax representative to find out that it was a "glitch" in the turbo tax program and it was nothing I did.  They are suppose to refund all of my fees once my return has been deposited and they take the fees out.  THE WONDERFUL PART :( I can't make the corrections on the state taxes until 2/25/13 when they receive the update for the program......THANKS TURBO TAX!!!
  • are you serious...I will not use this site ever again
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