Account transcript but not Return Transcript

I filed on the 29th and accepted on the 30th, still no DD -  but  this morning I was able to order my account transcript, but not return transcript.

Does this mean anything?

Thanks in advance!
  • Once you can order your return transcript it means they are done processing your taxes and you should the DD in about 24-48 hrs. I was sitting there getting a "still processing" message with no orange bar for a couple days before I looked into it. I was able to order a return transcript yesterday and this morning I finally got my DD. I got accepted on 1/31
  • That's what I thought. Whats interesting is that I wasn't able to order any transcripts until this morning, which is only the Account Transcript, not return. Would that mean that they started processing it? Thank you!
  • These delays are crazy. I filed my fiances right after i filed mine and he got his refund back on 2/8. A lady from the IRS said that these agents pick up your return and may finish it but not update it. So it can sit around for days until they "feel like it"
  • Same here..only could get my account yesterday wasn't able to get anything before that. Filed 1/31 accepted same day. And still nothing.
  • Id keep checking once a day to get the refund transcript. Believe me i was getting upset.
  • I f/a on 1/30, never able to order any transcripts until yesterday morning 2/8, but only the account transcript. WMR and 800 says still processing, 21 day blah, blah and I called yesterday(I actually need my transcripts) still processing no errors/issues.. Then given the 21 day mess, they have that they received it 1/30. I then asked well when did they start processing it and the lady laughed..I said ok, I get it, they just started processing it.. Ridiculous!
  • Right..this is ridiculous, My co-worker filed  after me at JH and got her money yesterday...been using TT for 3years and Never had any issues before...Not sure what's really going on this year. #needmymoney
  • Last year I was literally in processing hell, didn't get my refund until May and I filed in Jan. I am never filing early again!
  • I just tried and able to get acct transcript but not a return. Never tried the account transcript until this post so I filed 1/31 and accepted 1034a no updates since
  • Maybe that's a start.
  • Hmm.. I guess this is yet another trend.. I sure hope I see something next week.. Just give me dd date!
  • Right, knowing something will help at this would think the IRS would have gotten much better at this by now, its not like this is there very first tax season.
  • I finally was able to order the return transcript. Is this for sure that a DD is coming? Is this good:

    We have accepted your request for a 2012 Return Transcript . Please allow 5-10 days to receive it. The transcript will be sent to the address we have on file for you.

    If you need more than one copy of your transcript you are allowed to make copies for your personal records.
  • Same here Phantom, was finally able to order my return trans this morning, hopeing to see a dd tomorrow..
  • Update us when you can. I will do the same.. Been checking so frequently. I don't know why I am so caught up on checking but I just have big plans!
  • just curious if anyone that could get transcripts begining of week or last week got a DD date yet
  • Here's my status F/a 1/30, able to order acct trans on 2/8, always had 1 bar on WMR, on 2/15 able to order return trans, I called IRS on 2/8-told still processing, etc.., called again on 2/15- IRS rep said DDD of 2/21, on 2/16 WMR updated to 2 bars, w/DDD 2/21. Recd my $ in my bank 2/20. On 2/22-WMR has all 3 bars.
    I filed HOH, 2 dep, no EIC, refund over $10k.

    I did my brother's, f/a 2/6, 2/15 able to order both trans on 2/15, on 2/16 he recd a DDD of 2/21, had an offset and he recd his $ on 2/20. WMR gave him 2 bars & reflected the offset. He filed HOH, 4 dep, EIC, refund over $9k, but recd $7k due to offset.
  • GOt a DD date for the 4th!! So happy i may do the dance of joy! now just woried this sequester is gonna somehow gum up the works, but cant blame the irs if that happens, just mitch mc connel and john boehner and their cronies :(
  • What does it mean if I can't even request my Account Transcripts?  I was accepted on 02/14.
I ordered my 2012 return transcripts on 2/15/2013 and 10 days later I called the IRS and my return because it had been 22 days and I am under and was told it could take up to 45 days, so there not done processing my return yet.
So it is not always true, your going to get a DD date soon after
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