Why did the New York State Audit me?

  • Correct NY state said they needed to further review my return even though i already received my fed return $ Any idea why a review and then they said it could take up to 6 weeks ridiculous!
Are you sure it is an audit, and not just a review?  What did they tell you?
  • When i look it says that they are further reviewing the return, and any correspondence i receive i should reply immediately.
  • @Latintee421; I am receiving the exact same message. It's not an audit, rather, the computer system did not manually accept the return for the final stage of processing, and the return must be manually reviewed; the reviewer will review the return for any errors prior to sending the return to the final stage.
  • Just to be sure, are [any] of you receiving this message from the State of New York Tax Department?: We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible.
  • I spoke with someone online from Turbotax she checked there system and said that the New York State received my return as of yesterday, and that ti wait another 48 hrs. For there system to update the status.
  • @Latintee421; Your original answer stated that the State Where's my Refund system said "if you receive any correspondence, please respond immediately;" is this true?
  • Yes that's what the status was on there website.
  • @Latintee421; Is that the status today?
  • I have to go check.
  • Yes it's still the same status, saying they have received the return but it needs further review and may take up to 60 days.
  • I have the same exact problem with my NYS return..Not a happy camper needless to say.
  • Did you get the 60 day message on the first day that the state accepted your return or did you have the 4 to 6 week message and then it changed to the 60 day?
  • @Taxhater16; I had the 4-6 week message, and now the 60 day message.
  • I think you will be one of the lucky ones.  From the postings this weekend the people that had the 4 to 6 week message changed to the 60 day message and then a couple of hours later or the following day the message changed to the final stages of processing.

    The people that have the 60 day message like mine  from the first day are the ones that I think will have an audit or to send proof.  There doesn't appear to be too many people on this site posting the 60 day message from day one.  Please post if it changes for you later today or  tomorrow.
  • @Taxhater16; I will be sure to let you know. I work in the Federal building for the State of New York, and will ask someone from the Taxation Department tomorrow (about your situation).
  • Thank you.

    Further info if it will help.  I don't have EIC or child care.  I don't owe back taxes either.  My return amount is 1332 so I don't think it's that big.  The only thing I could think of that they might want me too prove is that I claim my niece and her 2 kids.  I have been claiming them on my NY State return for 8 years and never had a problem.  I totally support them.
  • No the 60 day posting wasn't the first posting, they posted that this week but the status still hasn't changed so i'm just going to wait for them to send me a letter statingwhat i need to show or send them.
  • The status hasn't changed......so i guess i will be receiving a letter soon.
  • @Latintee421; My status has not changed either. What date were you accepted?
  • @taxmaster mine changed about noon today to final stage of processing...it first started with the 4-6 weeks then 60 days on saturday...now final stage..
  • @Part.Timers; I know, I saw your previous comment on another thread. Since I work upstairs from the Taxation & Finance Department, I asked a processor who stated that they haven't even started processing and sending out returns, so the computers are stalling the returns with those messages. What day were you accepted?
  • I started with the 4-6 week message, changed to 60 day on Sunday with same message today, called today and was told no worries just keep checking
  • @Kellie.rust; Exactly. It is just a stall message.
  • They accepted me on February 4th....but turbo tax said in there system they didn't receive it until friday February 8th, and you when was you accepted?
  • I was getting nervous but feel a lot better now after seeing your post too! ;), even after speaking with a rep
  • @Latintee421; I was accepted on January 31st; @Kellie.Rust; I know. I just don't understand why their department works extremely slow.
  • i was accepted feb 3rd..i started with 60 day..called the state she informed me that i was randomly selected for further review..i may or may not receive a letter..and today i am still getting 60 day message..
  • Same for me.  I started with the 60 day message and still have it.  The message was on the state refund site on 2/4 even though I received the accepted email from TT on 2/5.

    I called and didn't get any other info except for the message being read to me..
  • @Tattoo1900 & @Taxhater16; I was informed today by a supervisor that it is a stalling message; if we were being audited, it would tell us that we were selected for a mandatory audit, and to reference a number. The supervisor also said the messages update overnight, and we should check every day.
  • I was accepted 2/4...filed jan 30th
  • Well i been checking every day and my status hasn't changed.....
  • Mine has been staying the same too, hopefully soon we will see some kind of positive change
  • @Kelie it's so ridiculous how the NY State does there returns, they are so slow with processing people's returns....
  • Have any of you checked today? Also, have any of you received your Federal Refund (not State) ? If so, what does the status say on the IRS Where's my Refund page?
  • @taxmaster yes i been checking  every day and my status still hasn't changed.....i received my federal already......but for some reason the state is auditing me......so i wish they would send a letter already....
  • my ny tax return status finally updated from the 2-6 week message to a direct deposit for feb 22! so it took about 2 weeks from filing for a direct deposit date to be given.  yay!
  • yes i just checked and got a DD for feb 22nd...i got my federal refund since feb 7th..
  • My message says my state portion needs further review and this could take up to 90 days .... Should I call them ?
Don't bother asking TurboTax They refuse to answer.
  • When i asked turbo tax they did respond.....but all she did was look in there system and she said that she doesn't see anything in there system saying i was audited......why do you have the same status?
  • Can TurboTax see the info that the state has?  I thought the only info that TurboTax would have was whether a return was accepted by the  state.  How would TurboTax info about an audit?
  • They can tell if you will be audited, because remember when you do your taxes with Turbo tax they check for errors and they check to see if your risk of being audited is high or low
  • @Latintee421; Any updates? @Everyone; Any updates?
  • I just checked my refund status again because someone posted that their 60 day message changed about 45 minutes ago.  My 60 day message finally changed to "The final stages of processing.  Returns normally take two weeks to process but it could take up to four weeks."
  • About time some movement on the 60 day messages.  I'm going to check mine again.  I checked earlier this morning and I still had the 60 day message.
  • I checked and my message changed to final stages of processing.  Returns normally take 2 weeks to process but it can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Can anyone else verify their status as of today?
  • taxmaster - has your message changed today as well?
  • @Taxhater16; No.
  • Was your return accepted on 2/4?  It appears that everyone that is posting about their 60 day message changing today was accepted on 2/4 or 2/5.
  • No. I was accepted on January 31st.
  • Was the 60 day message the first message you received when your return was first accepted?
  • @taxhater16; No; first the 4-6 week message (for review), and now the 60 day message.
  • How long did you have the 4 to 6 week message before getting the 60 day message and how long do you have the 60 day message?
  • @Taxhater16; Until last Saturday.
  • @taxmaster - has anything changed for you?
  • @taxhater16; No, it has not changed.
  • That really stinks. MY message changed to the final stages and it could take 4 weeks.  It hasn't changed as of today when I checked.  Since it took 2 weeks to get rid of the 60 day message, I'm thinking maybe it will change again on 3/5 since it will be 2 weeks with the final stage message.  I'm just worried that they are going to adjust my refund since my niece's last name and the last name of her 2 kids isn't the same as mine.

    I have claimed my niece and her two sons for the past 10 years without a problem.  I totally support them.  The kids father isn't involved.  I don't claim child care or EIC.  A lot of people are saying that they have received adjusted refunds.

    I received my federal refund on 2/8.  I didn't have a problem with the IRS reviewing or anything.
  • @taxmaster - Has anything changed for you?  On Monday 3/4 I finally got a DD date of 3/11.  I hope that you post that you received a DD date also.  You're way over due for one.
  • @taxhater16 - No. I still have to 60 day correspondence message.
  • Someone just posted that they updated to the final stages today.  I had a DD date of 3/11 and got it today.
  • Well, my status is still the 60-day correspondence message; I have not received any correspondence. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  • That is ridiculous.  By now the 60 day message should have changed.  In a way it's good that you didn't change to an audit message and if you were going to be audited I think you would now by now.

    My return was accepted on 2/4 with the 60 day message.
    I had the 60 day message from 2/4 to 2/19.
    On 2/19 the 60 day message finally changed to final stages up to 4 weeks.
    I had the final stage message from 2/19 to 3/4.
    On 3/4 the final stage message changed to DD date of 3/11.
    I received my refund on Saturday 3/9.

    I hope your 60 day message changes soon.  Did you have EIC or Dependent Care credits that would take them longer to process?
  • My taxes were accepted on 2/5 until 2/22 I had the 60 day message then that night on 2/22 it changed to the final stages blah blah unti today 3/12 I have been selected for an audit :( idk why nothing changed from last yr to this year just made more n I have had my Feds back since 2/15
  • My return doesn't say anything about an audit, just "under review" - 60 day message.
  • I finally got a dd date for 4/1...good luck everyone
  • I finally got a DD for 4/4...took forever but at least it's over! I hope!
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