Okay, the posting is for everyone who has been patiently waiting on your refund to update. I was able to order a "RETURN" transcript last night around 10:00PM. When I checked my WMR status it was still saying,"processing." So I got a little nervous so I called the IRS number 1(800) 829-0852 and used EXT. 352. When I spoke to her she told me that you can't order a RETURN transcript unless it was completely done processing. She was able to tell me that my WMR will update tomorrow and I have a projected DD date of 2/13. So, from talking to an IRS rep that ordering a transcript can only be done if the return has completed processing. The normal update time is 24-48 hours, depending when they finished processing. So hopefully this helps people out to stay optimistic on their returns.
  • I just called that number, it doesn't exist!!!
  • What is the default message if you aren't able to order the transcript??
  • Filed on 2/20, accepted on 2/21, still processing.............
Thanks abook30 that is good to know we will get our soon hopefully
  • Thanks you should have cleared up about a thousand questions for some people once again thanks.......
  • No problem guys. Just trying to help. Also, education credits used on form 8863 will process starting Thursday 2/14.
  • thanks! @ abook30 , I was able to order a transcript for the first time on last night around 11pm. However as of tonight (10:38pm), WMR and the phone is showing still processing with 21 day refund. Hopefully it will update real soon:)
  • @ free_bird78, you should have an update on your refund deposit date by Monday morning. Check tomorrow morning as well.
  • I was just able to order my transcript thank u so much this helps alot :)
  • No sweat ashallen.
  • Thanks, this helps a lot. I was able to order one as well tonight/
  • update I have a dd for wednesday ! thank god
  • Ordered transcript on 2/2, received it yesterday and still no dd
  • Did u order a return transcript or an account transcript?
  • A return transcript.
  • i filed on 2/5, return was accepted within 5 minutes. Ordered  return transcript last night, and checked status this morning and says 2/13 for scheduled dd.
  • i was able to order my refund transcript today so hopefully i get a dd date tomorrow or monday
  • I ordered a transcript on friday dont know how soon before that that  it was ready but i still dont have a dd date and i was accepted on the 27th
  • Not too long afterwards....I ordered mine Thursday and got my DD date for Tuesday..
  • I ordered my transcripts friday night around 11pm, woke up this am with a deposit date of the 14th! Good luck to everyone!
  • i ordered my return transcripts on 2/4 (a week ago today) and WMR still says pending, no dd date
  • I was able to retrieve both Account & Return Transcripts after i was told i am in review and they need more info. So this does not help the people who are in review and able to receive them. Because what would that mean? How can it all be done if they need more information?
  • How did you find out your return is in review?
  • wmr & the wmr hotline # say same thing.
  • We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
  • Ouch!  But at least you know SOMETHING!  I'm still just getting the generic "21 day" message 7 days after ordering my return transcript... so I guess that doesnt explain my problem.
  • No it does not all i see are people getting excited after being able to order them and it is not the case. I know nothing because im waiting for it in the mail. Im sure we will have to prove claiming eic & ctc. Which is fine but how am i able to order transcripts if they need more information? Im not the only one in review able to order them and some ordered them days before finding out they are in review.
  • I've seen some reviews say they didn't have to send anything in so maybe that will be yours
  • Im hoping that is the case but im unsure. I let my boyfriend claim the kids for the first time this year and im thinking that is why. But still makes no sense too me why i can order transcripts if they need more proofs and information from us. Id love an answer.
  • i wonder what the IRS would say if we owed them money and they just had to wait to get paid whenever we got around to paying THEM!
  • Yeah no crap!!!
  • before you ordered you transcripts was your processing still on the orange bar or did it give you another message about your return is being processed you will recieve a dd when one is available
  • No it had moved from the orange bar to Im in review and then i ordered them.
  • I dont even have the screen with the bar i have the old fashion page
  • Are you on the right website? Where's my Refund?
  • Still no dd. Mine still says being processed. No offsets and no letter about being reviewed. Accepted on jan 28 ordered return transcript on feb 2 and received it in the mail on friday
  • What are offsets? & How do i find out if i have offsets?
  • 18003043107 u check ur social security number to see if there's debt. It if so they will hold ur refund
  • Does anyone know if the transcripts ordering is only updated once a day like WMR?
  • Specter i just called no debts were found.
  • Same here. Filed jointly and neither of us have offsets. I dnt understand whats going on. My sister filed a few days after and received her refund friday
  • Im under Review so i dont know.
  • I was accepted on the 7th and was able to order transcript this morning. But wmr still says processing. Return one.
  • Just for an update guys. Called my bank, refund is pending and will post tomorrow the 13th, just as IRS said it will. @aprilburkhalter, you WMR should update tonight. You should have a DD date in the morning.
  • @ABook30 what # did u call to check.
  • I have a prepaid card. The automated message told me it was pending. If you we're able to order the return transcript, you should get a WMR update by morning. If you want you can call he the above number in the beginning of the forum to see if the IRS rep has a DD date for you.
  • I'm still waiting on my DD from filing on 1/30. I did my refund transcript and It said that they received the request and I should have it in 5-10 days. Does that mean I should be getting a DD soon?
  • i sure hope so i was finally able to order my return transcript today.
  • I ordered mine last night and got a DD this morning for 2/21!!!!!
  • great for u but suks for me no DD yet
  • I was able to fianlly order mine yesterday morning(2/17) but Tt estimates that I should recieve it on or by 2/19. But no DD date from IRS yet, I guess because today is a holiday and theyre closed. I'm wondering if I shoudl go by the TT one or no?
  • @caigesmommy06 i too ordered return transcript on friday, then went from orange bar to still processing & a refund date will be provided when available, my 21 days are today!! still no DD
  • I ordered transcripts 2/15... still no DD for me either.
  • Those who got transcripts, did you notice a refund transaction date on account transcript or on the return transcript your received date?? I'm freaking out over mine. I'm under review and it says april 15, 13 for both my dates.
  • still waiting for my return transcript but i want a DD!!
  • @csmith Mine says the same as yours, but im trying to get more info on this cycle posted date.. Have you heard anything regarding it?
  • Jeffanie is that the one that is 20130605 or similar? ive heard on here that is a code for refund date. 2013 is tax year and 06 is the week from when you filed and 05 is the day of that week.. so if you filed on 1/31 you should get refund 6 weeks and 5 days out..around 03/13.. i dont personally know if thats true.  i know that i was processed the weekend of 2/8 bc thats when my orange bar disappeared and i was able to order transcripts monday the 11th..i think its the date you are processed because that would be the 6th week and 5th day of 2013.. but i really dunno for sure. i have a hold on my account for a small back balance due. irs rep said it would be posted to their account on 2/25 and i could expect my refund within 2-3 weeks after the 25th.  really hoping for mine next friday the 1st you know why yours is being held up?
  • Its confusing.. Mine is 20130605... I heard 2013 is the year. the 06 is for the 6th cycle week, and the 5 is for the 5th day in that week.... BUT, I seen an example where the personw as saying the 5th cycle week ended on Jan 2nd.. LMAO I DO NOT GET IT!! LMAO..... Ok, when I called the IRS, the guy told me mine was just sitting..... I dont knw where, but it was because in previous years my name was on top of the forms... I dont know... I dont pay attention to whos name go's first. I didnt know it made a difference, but I DO KNOW, I used TT last year and the names were in the same spot.. We didnt have any issues any other time filing till now...
  • Hope that made sense. LOL its all very confusing to me.
  • I was able to order transcripts the 6th or 7th of January and my orange bars went away also, on the 7th
  • i efiled on 1/18 accepted on 1/25 have the 8863 education credit. Was only getting the message on wmr about waiting 21 days for a ddd. HOWEVER was able to order a transcript today so I called because wmr didnt have one for me and the lady who was very nice said to me that although it does not show on the website I DO have a ddd for 2/27. FINALLY!!!! So apparently it is true that if you can order a return transcript that your refund is finalized and you can expect a ddd soon!!!! Im just glad to get a date!
  • @eduardoaguzman great for you, i ordered my transcript a week ago and still no DD
  • @coffee I ordered my transcript 2/15. Still no DDD and nothing on the WMR.  I called today and got the generic message of 2/27 which is 21 days!
  • But 2/27 is not 21 days for everyone not everyone started processing at the same time
  • @jdj3 same here i ordered my return transcript on 2/15 havent received that yet yesterday i called the irs offset number i have no debt with the irs. so your 21 days is up on 2/27? this suks
  • my 21 days was up on the 20th :(  and still nothing!!!
  • im 4 days past the 21 days message
  • Omg...are they telling u what's going on?2/27 will b 21 days...irIRS lady claim I should see deposit on that day... Makes we wonder
  • I wasn't able to get any information and I'm so frustrated.  They only said, there's not necessarily a problem with your return, but a problem with the processing in general.  Well, that tells me nothing! It's not even that I'm depending on the money-- it's all about the principle of it to me.  Just unacceptable. I filed and accepted on 1/24.  I'm on hold again for them... maybe I'll get a nice helpful one and may learn something this time?!  We'll see!!  My transcripts have a date of 2/25 and 4/15?! Not sure what that's about 2/25 is Monday, I can handle that!!
  • Hope u get them Monday... I didn't have anything special with mine other than adding my son that was born in October. Hope IRS realize they new and improved system SUCKS
  • thanks.  I spoke with a Mrs. Glover.  Nice lady.  She placed me on hold for an additional 5 minutes to review my file.  She said I have a DD of 2-27-13, now. Apparently they were just slow and the funds will be sent out. Whew.  I'll update next week, if it's not here.  However, I will say, that according to the date on my transcript 2/25/13-- that is 2 days before the date she mentioned, so maybe the date does mean something.
  • I should have my transcript by the weekend.. Hopefully it will say 25th too..thanks for the feedback. Seems easier to come to forum vs call..they can be so rude.
  • Just FYI-- My bars are back and I now have a DD.  It says 2/27/13 to my bank and estimated 3/4 for funds to be available.  I thought this might be a helpful update to all, since I've been accepted since 1/24/13!! There is hope!
  • i got ddd this morning for 2/27!! could not stop staring at the screen.. so freaking happy. when i called last week she said that even though i filed on the 31st they didn't recieve it into their system until the 4th and my 21 days started from there.. i was able to order transripts on the 11th. mine was held up for a small back balance they had to take from a previous year.
I ordered my transcript Friday afternoon no date yet. Still says processing, does that mean I'm under review
  • Does not mean your in review but you cant go by the Transcript Ordering because people in review can order transcripts. So dont panic unless you get the Message from Wmr.
  • This message since 1/31

    Refund statuss

    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
I e-filed on the 10th of Jan got accepted Jan 25th and have been processing forever because of the education credits. As of yesterday when I went into WMR it couldnt find me!!!!!!!!! BUT I was able to FINALLY order a transcript which before it wasnt available, well as of TODAY I finally have a DDD for Feb 26th!!! Refunds are coming soon!!!
I tried to order a transcript but it said my address doesn't match their records even though I entered it directly from my papers.
  • How did uou order your transcipt?

    @m.wright0615, the site could be down. Try calling the automated number.
  • @m.wright0615..Means said the same thing. So i call the IRS and ask me have i moved since last year and told him yes..then he asked me my old address and told me that was the address i had to use
  • did you call today mc_squad334?
  • I ordered my transcripts Friday night and got a did date of the 13th
  • I filed 1/20, accepted 1/25. Received a 4464c generic review letter from IRS dates 4/1. Had 8863 so waited hoping as I have heard all over the place that the review letter is a glitch and that many early filers got one. I was able to order transcripts this past Sunday (2/24) so I thought, sweet, dd shortly to follow. As of yesterday nothing had changed so I got impatient and called because I had heard that the wmr system wasn't updating. The guy I got told me that he was not going to be able to see anything different that I couldn't see and I don't think he even looked up my account because he said no letters had been sent out. I asked if its true about ordering transcripts and he said generally yes but since it wasn't showing him that my return was done processing, it would probably be blank when I receive it.
    Ugh! This is a nightmare!
  • Did u call 8008290582 ext 462?
  • Same number, not sure of the extension.
  • I used an extension someone in another post had used successfully.
  • Ok that number worked better than 8008291040
  • I think it just depends on who you get. Sounds like a lot of people just don't feel like looking anything up.
FYI: sometimes it takes longer than 48 hours to update. I ordered transcripts on Sunday 2/3 just got them in the mail yesterday and WMR barely updated my status TODAY! So be patient they just arent as fast at getting things updated as we all would like them to be!
  • Did u get ddd after you ordered return transcript.
  • Vanessa where's my refund updated for you today?
  • beyer_a from the page it says last updated on 02/11/13
  • yes it was updated this morning have a dd date for friday!
  • @vanessamillus when was irs accept ur return and how long after ordering transcript did it take. I just got of phone with irs and she said if return is being processed u cant order transcripts. My wmr still says processing. Can someone help.
  • yesterday WMR said it was still processing my return.  I ordered both my return and account transcripts on sunday 2/3 and was able to order them even though WMR said still processing. I just got them in the mail yesterday and as of 9:30  this morning WMR was updated so it took about 9 days to update and get a DD date
  • i was able to order my account and return transcripts what does that mean
  • Means nothing
  • okay
  • I speak from experience with my 2009 filing... Being able to order a transcript does not mean that you are not under review, many times they process these refunds and then issue a p-freeze right before releasing it. This year may be different, but from personal experience a transcript means nothing when it comes to fraud detection and review.
  • It does not because i was able to order mine after being put on review
  • oh ok
  • I ordered my transcripts after being put on review too.. I got the review letter the day after I ordered them 2/16, and just got my transcripts in the mail today. But im still under review.
  • I was able to order my transcripts, but mine was held up because of a unemployment payment back in 2010 or 2011.... THe transcripts... Id like to throw this out there, but I could be wrong on this... ANYway, on the return transcript I received there is a cycle posted date... Ive read a little on this, and may be misunderstanding it, but this is how mine turned out..... THe date is 20130605. 2013=year 06=6th cycle, and 05=5th day in the 6th cycle.... I read the 5th cycle was on February 2nd, so would make the 6th cycle Feb 9th.... I counted 5 days, took me to February 13th, and I received a DD date for February 27. Exactly 2 weeks... Idk, it may be a coinsidence... just thought id throw that out there... Id like to compare and see if others come up with something similar...
  • I have the same cycle date on mine Jeffanie..... did you actually get a dd from wmr or IRS yet? I have the generic refund still processing dd will be given when available. I have called its a few times but noone will tell me anything. getting a little frustrated lol
  • *irs not its
  • Yes, DD date for 2/27
  • well i guess i will wait and see- still no update on wmr for me just still says processing. when i did call the irs and get to talk to an agent the only thing they will tell me is that i am still processing, and to just wait. I filed 1/30 and accepted 2/1 mfj no ed credits 2 dependents
I ordered my transcripts and received them.  They have a print date of 2/9/13.  I filed and had an accepted return on January 24th and IRS received on January 30th.  I've still not received a DD date, and transcripts were sent on 2/9.  There is a processing date on the transcript of 2/25/13.  However, WMR still isn't updated and I still don't have a DD.  My 21 days are up tomorrow.....

  • someone on here was able to order her transcripts on 2/2 and never recieved a ddd.. got her transcripts and had a process date of 2/18 on them.. on 2/16 she recieved a ddd on wmr for 2/21, so i'm thinking that ddd is going to be around processing date.. i ordered mine on the 11th and i called and she said my process date is 2/25 as well.. so sounds like you and i were processed around the same time.. should get my transcripts in the mail today.. hoping ddd is coming soon, i filed and accepted on 1/31 but mine has been delayed due to a small back balance due..keep me posted!
  • i was accepted on the 28th, finally able to order return transcripts on 2/15 since then no orange bar and stuck on still processing will provide a refund date when available. NO DD.. jus checked this morning
  • Accepted onthe 26th and have been pending ever since.
    Ordered return transcripts last night..yey! Tried every dam hour and was finally able to around 11pm.
    But still nothing and have tax topic 152 since yest morning....BUT my amount iS still there and never went away anyone have any insight on this? I see others saying their amounts disappeared. Mine never did.
    I can't wait anymore!
  • Good to hear that. I e-filed on the 10th of Jan, accepted on the 25th and have been processing forever since I had the education credits. I was not able to order a transcript UNTIL TODAY!! So I did. Although WMR today shows nothing says I have entered the wrong information.
  • Bs I'm so f&$*#ing pissed I ordered mines 2/16 accepted 1/26 still no Damn dd
  • Same here terryfreeman... ordered transcript..2/15...still NOTHING!!!
  • were u able to order both
  • I just ordered the return transcript, since a return "suppose" to mean that your returns are finished being processed.
I filed on 2/23 and my return was accepted on 2/25. I was able to request both records *account/return,* today 3/5 around 10pm (I live in Texas,) I'm hoping I'll get an update later this week!
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