My Federal is still pending after 2 weeks. State returns came within 24 hours. What is the problem?

  • I filed on Jan 30th why am I still in pending status?
  • i think it might b because u have school credits or engery credits thats y mine is still pending till feb 14
  • If you have itemized deductions, the forms are not available yet.  It will stay pending until the IRS officially has the forms available to process your return. This is part of the new tax structure this year.
  • As of 10 minutes ago, I just got confirmation that my tax return was accepted by the IRS.
  • what day did you file?
  • I was thinking the same thing. ..I will never use TurboTax again!
  • me neither this is crazy
  • This is NOT a turbo tax problem go to and read.  If you have form 8863 on your taxes this year the IRS has not processed any of these returns yet.  They had a problem when they ran their test prior to 1-30-13 the day that started accepting returns.  They announced on 1-28-13 that these forms along with some other credits would be delayed until Mid February or first of March.  I received notice via email that IRS will accept my return on 2-14-13.  I filed on 1-29-13 with TT.  There notice states this is for any tax software of company or anyone who does taxes as it is an IRS issue that has held these returns.  The ones who got in on the testing were processed I have heard on the forums, but that was all.
  • Exactly KD, this is not a turbo tax problem.  All you have to do is visit the and it will exlplain everything.  I was notified the same as you that my return will be accepted some time either in mid February or the end.  I am still waiting patiently.
  • Its the IRS, don't blame turbotax
  • It's not turbo tax I used h&r block same problem it is the IRS!!!
Be Patient yall.  I'm in Alabama too and My Federal has been pending since Jan 24.  However I got a IRS notice yesterday that they will begin Processing Sunday February10.  So hold on.  Also my state return was rejected and I had to mail it in.  I mailed it in three days ago and I checked the site and checked "where's my refund" and it showed the State had received my mailed in return and has begun processing it.  So just hold out for another week on the Federal.  It is well worth the wait now because it is close.
  • Tony587 ....have you been able to receive any tax info for your case...... Its not telling me nothing but being process.,,, cant even get refund transcript
  • Go to and click on the "RESIDENTS" label and then click on "TAXES."  Scroll down and click on "Where's my Refund?"  And then enter your SSN and the expected amount from the State and it will show you whether they received it and when the comptroller has sent your money out.
  • Go to and click on the "RESIDENTS" label and then click on "TAXES."  Scroll down and click on "Where's my Refund?"  And then enter your SSN and the expected amount from the State and it will show you whether they received it and when the comptroller has sent your money out.
  • state being process
  • I am in Indiana and neither of mine have been processed yet. I filed on the 29th and I have not heard anything yet. This is getting ridiculous. I lost my job so I could use the money.
another form  thats  holding peoples taxes  up is the child tax credit... so ive been told  ive also been waiting  about 2 weeks for federal.. state  went threw  ... but federals pending
  • well i have education credit child tax credit mortgage interest does this mean im stuck waitin even longer..........i filed on feb 1st and it shows pending it has not even been accepted yet.........federal site "wheres my refund " says no information available i filed electronic thru turbo tax.
  • Your credits are holding you up as the Federal government is not yet prepared to accept this these type of taxes with credits.  Mines too is waiting to be processed.  Turbotax advised me that I'm in the queue for my Federal taxes to be efiled once they're (federal government) prepared to accept them.  I found out that the federal government will begin processing these type of taxes with credits on February 10, 2013.  I hope this helps as I am waiting too.
when did you file.. i'm from Alabama and I havn't received my federal either... I filed on the 27th and it was accepted on the 28th.. it is still being processed as of today .. the 9th................. with no DD ... and I can't order my refund transcript
  • depends on if there were specific forms like education credits etc that may be holding it up.  check to see if you used and special forms when you processed your taxes and research if these forms may hold up your tax refund.  I know my education credit 8863 for is holding up my federal return until mid February.
  • Form 8863 seems to have my 1040 hung up as well.  I filed over 3 weeks ago and still no word...
I agree its a bit ridiculous our states can process and get our refunds to us faster than the Federal can. 
  • TaxPro-
    I agree with you, Federal should be on the ball!  I realize there has been some changes this year, however that should have been anticipated by the federal government and acted upon in a timely manner prior to what it has been.  I usually have my refund in my bank account by the last week of January in previous years.  If we owed the Federal government, you can bet if we did not pay by April 15th they would certainly tack on interest.
simple return .... 1 dependent ... head of house ....... this is the first time I have ever did my taxes on line.. I usually go to a local tax place to have mine filed.
    I finally got accepted today after waiting since Jan 24.
      I finally got accepted today after waiting since Jan 24.
      still processing as of 2/11............ so mad this has been going on for 3 weeks now......... called this morning and cant receive refund transcript but was told nothing is wrong with my return no flags or no letter sent out and that I need to wait another week.  WHATS GOING ON?
      • Did u get your refund? I can't order my refund transcripts either? What does this mean?
      • it means that the IRS is still processing your refund....... I was stuck in the processing period up until this morning now my bars are gone and it says that a date will be available soon. I SURE HOPE SO.
      • Okay thanks, when did u file?
      • on the 28th
      • Oh okay, this is good to know! I filed mine on the 4th. I still have awhile. Thanks
      • Okay, mine says still processing but I was able to order my return transcript! The IRS rep said that transcripts are ready when the return is? Hopefully mine will be in my account in the morning!
      • I was too as of dis morning......... I should receive my refund by the 20th
      • Okay great
      • Good morning, did you get your refund?  Mine say tomorrow?
      • Im still waiting , no DD OR ANYTHING, I had to go through a tax advocate to have them to verify my federal withholding on Feb. 25 , they called my job on March 5th and the hold was dropped and released again , now they telling me I have to wait to full weeks from the 5th so I am thinking I will have my refund by the 19th or 20th.
      • been waiting all together since the 28th of Jan.
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