My status bar on WMR was there this morning now it is gone.

My status bar on WMR was there this morning now it is gone. I was able to order a transcript this morning as well. Still no DD. Just checked again and the status bar on WMR is gone and i have this message "We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS." Any thoughts?

  • Please be clear, the IRS does not send any emails.. the email you speak of will come from Turbo Tax.
  • Wasn't talking about an email. Never mentioned an email. Thank you for the response though.
  • you actually did mention e-mail friend =).
WMR locks you out if you query too much.   It's only updated once a day, overnight.
  • Anything new? Still no status bar for me
  • Where do you find the wmr at like I don't know wat that mean.
  • Wmr= wheres my refund. Next day it was back with a dd
  • Thanks crz1387
  • Did you ever receive your refund? crz1387
  • so my bar dissapeared to, about 5 days ago and all it says now is still processing a date will be provided when its ready. has any had this message and does it mean my refund has been accepted just waiting on a date, or is the site screwy, it doesnt make much sense to me
  • Well just to let you know , I efiled thru TT on 1/17/2013 ,accepted on 1/24 ,Jan.30th had the orange bar for 2 days ,on 2/3/2013 orange bars disappeared and been saying recieved/processing ever since , NO dd date , NO emails from TT or IRS stating problems or being adited , and NO letters from IRS .Sure is a mess this year but people who has efiled 3 wks after I did are getting theres as IT appears that some of us who efiled early in JAN are being held up for some reason , has any one found out anything concerning early efilers with TT ?
  • My status bar disappeared 5 days ago also, and the message I'm getting is that my refund is being processed and a refund date will be given when one is available. Mine was accepted on Feb. 2 and today is Feb. 25. I think it has something to do with Turbotax, because I looked at my return and in the personal section it says 1 child lived with me and 1 dependent not listed above, when in fact both children lived with me.
I also am experiencing the same info..I filed on 2/16..was accepted within minutes. On the MWR it read processing with the orange status bar. This morning there was no status bar and the refund amount was gone. I called the holds department (its less of a wait time and they are a lot nicer). She said there were no holds and that they date listed on her system gave a date of March 17th..which is more than the 21 days..I am on hold now with the next rep she transferred me to see why it is longer than 21 days and why the MWR change took place
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