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My refund status says still processing will receive a DD as soon as they finish processing

"My refund status says still processing, and I will receive a DD as soon as they finish processing" What Do this mean did anyone received this message.
  • @Bridgettalbert I just called a got the same answer you did just do frustrating maybe tomorrow we will get the response we are looking for
  • Mine says the same thing as well!!!
  • MIne too. I thought I would have my refund at the latest today.
  • same here!
  • Still processing this morning as well
  • This is really starting to get old. We filed the 18th of January and still processing, says a DD will post when available. Checked this morning. NOTHING! Same notice. Nothing updated on my end except the headache.
  • Mines say the same thing..
  • I have the same thing.
  • How do you a transcripts
  • Mine too, excepted on 2/4/13
  • Also refund weren't processed till the 30th so that is where the 21 days start even if you filed before that
  • This is crazy, I called the IRS and I filed on the 18th of Jan and got an "accepted" from the IRS on the 25th, those fools said to me the 21 days started on the 30th because thats when they started processing returns....they are ridiculous and I have no dd yet either, it says the same generic that everyone else is getting, "it's still processing, and a refund date will be available as soon as possible" So 21 days will technically be the 27th for me, whatever IRS....
  • Mine says the same thing and has been saying it for 2 weeks now. I filed on the 1/31 and it was accepted that day. What's really going on!!!! Ughhh
  • I think we are all getting that message.. So which i would think it'll take them more then one day to start issuing dd dates.. It is very frustrating. I'm waiting to get my dd date I'm just curious if they'll make us wait more or the 21 days to then actually get our $$ that would suck since they have already made us wait this long!
  • For ppl with education credit who have the message: processing refund date will made soon as possible, I IRS ACCEPTED MY RETURN ON 1/25 my 21 days ends on the 19th of Feb just wondering if that's the date IRS is going to give me.   Sheeesh this is sad for ppl to jerked around like this. Would like to talk to someone who has the same problem. (
  • Actually that was a lie (false advertisement), I say that only because my fiance filed on the 18th of Jan, got accepted on the 24th of Jan and he got is refund on the 31st of Jan.
  • are the really processing with such a fast turnaround? & did ur fiance use turbo tax
  • @fblanc20 Did he file the higher education credits? That's the position the majority of us are in...the American Life Credit and the Hope Credit, if he didnt file those, thats why he has his refund.
  • there saying that for those of us with education credit the 21 days starts in the 14th when they started processing them i filed on jan 27th and still says processing
  • If you had a school credit on your taxes the IRS just started processing those refunds
  • Really?!?!
  • Why the 27th? Wouldn't it be 22nd? This is the most frustrating experience of my life!
  • so just plan on up to 21 days from yesterday it sucks!.......if anyone gets their date with school credits let us know so we know there making some sort of progress
  • I still have no dd date. I didn't have any education credits. I am fed up with not knowing if everything is ok and the IRS refusing to even look me up till Wednesday. My WMR has said this for almost a week. No letters in the mail and we have no offsets. Wtf.....
  • at this rate, the people without the EDU Credits are gonna get their refunds AFTER the ones that do have them.  something is so wrong about that.
  • I though I read that those of us with education credits wont get federal refunds until March??? I could be wrong though..
  • just  got this from another person response maybe this can explain what has happen.

    I have an update! All 8863 EARLY Acceptance Filers Before 1/28 PLEASE READ!

    1/17 I filed, 1/24 accepted due to TT early batch idiot thing to do. WMR date 4 days now we have received your return and it is being processed , will give you a dd when available. I'm in Texas so no State file just FED.

    Ok here's what I got, Called IRS LOCAL DALLAS ADVOCATES and they patched me through to an agent, not sure if it was regular IRS or Advocate IRS but he was extremely helpful.

    Those of us that filed and got batched through early before 1/28 were thrown into the ERROR RESOLUTION department on accident. (Because TT batched them through early) He said they have been working diligently to get those out of that department and processed. He said TT should have not batched us through early that's what caused this whole mess. We essentially got lost in the system and stuck in error control. It was a while before they realized we were even stuck in there! My whole point all along.

    The man was extremely nice even helped me and gave me the name of another tax preparer that the IRS approves to use next year. He gave me advice on my school, he said he went to the same school I did so I may have been speaking to the Dallas office.
    He also said that my return (As well as everyone else that TT have haphazardly patched through early) was in the last step of the error resolution department which is the Correction part of system. He said not to expect anything this week. But he thinks by Monday or Tuesday they will have all of them fixed and on the way for a DD. They will be open Monday as they have most every year.  

    The system is still working returns so it could be by Monday that we receive a DD. (they will be open Presidents day) He apologized for the wait and said he understood especially waiting for this to be done so I can file my FASFA for school. I said well if you could talk to the big guys up stairs and patch mine through I would appreciate it. I told him many of us have joined a support group in order to deal with this and we are all patiently waiting.

     He told me he does have some pull but not sure how that much but he will see what he can do. Very nice man, and at least I know now that nothing may not happen until at least Monday or Tuesday when they resolve the issue with us being stuck in error resolution. And maybe he will by the grace of GOD batch mine through. (And everyone else stuck with me))

     :) That would be so nice of him. :) So that's it folks. Everyone try to relax for the weekend and look for a change Monday or Tuesday. He did ask that we not check the WMR but once a day because it's clogging up the system and causing it to be delayed which is giving inaccurate information.

    At night is when it is updated. HE said always check then. I know this is true because my status changed at 7pm central time last time.
  • @rhodamoo1 that was the same thing told to me yesterday by the IRS agent. I am in Ohio and I called the IRS yesterday. He told me the early filers were suspended the next day after being accepted. This was a mistake. We were just released starting the 15th. So basically the ones that filed early were not filed early. Those that filed after the announcement were not filed at all; rather they were held until the early filers were cleared.
  • Same here I filed on 1/31 and was accepted.
  • I have educational credits with mine and my husbands so my 21 days started yesterday I filed mine on the 11th and had to wait til the 15th for them to accpect them!
  • Thank you Rhoda for that detailed explanation. It helps those of us that really do not want to call and will save the IRS another repetitive caller.
  • Anyone in the nation with form 8863, no matter who they filed with, had their return "suspended" (if it was before the IRS announcement) or flat out rejected (if it was after the announcement and before the filing companies had time to update their own software to not accept those forms at all) because of IRS PROGRAMMING errors and their system not being able to accept more than 30 forms properly.  People who filed "early" are the reasons why and how the IRS discovered they had the PROGRAMMING errors.  No matter what, ALL 8863ers--whichever filing company--had to wait until FEB14 to begin or begin completion of processing, by which time the IRS had fixed THEIR PROGRAMMING error for that form.  Good luck!  I have read that some people are receiving DDDs and other "indicators" at WMR and the IRS app.
  • Wow...thanks cause mine was accepted 1/26 and still no dd explains alot
  • How could you file on the 18th the IRS did not even start processing until the 30th of January and if you have certain forms like education credits they did not start processing until the 14th of Feb. so even if you filed that early nothing was done with your return until earliest the 30th unless you were a test case that had a normal return with no special circumstances then you may have gotten money already
  • did anyone get a notice in the mail also? Mine is saying the same thing
  • Haven't gotten a notice as of yet in the mail, I would think if I were should of gotten it by now, @chrisitne210: we were able to file early as we were a test batch, unfortunetly most of were unaware of the 8863 delay, which of course delayed our returns even more...some of who filed on the 17/18th got accepted the 24/25/26, are now seeing ddd for some.....mine still processing, and even though they didn't start the 8863 form til Feb 14 and 4452 Feb 10 kinda has it all delayed, I assume. Still waiting for a dd myself. Won't let me order transcripts yet, but on tt says should recieve by Feb19...I doubt that bc no update yet as of 1246pacific idk
  • My WMR page switched to that message 2 days ago.. before that I had the 21 day message and the orange status bar. The day after I ordered transcripts, I got a letter in the mail, an under review notice CP05. I had no education credits, and was accepted on the 28th.
  • I didn't get a notice in the mail but what did your notice say?
  • Idk what's going on with the site or irs but something has to give....this is long enough....sheathed we wait another 21 days from the 14th or not.....ridiculous...
  • But did it accept yet
  • Mine is a CP05 notice. It says we recieved your 2012 tax return and we are reviewing it to verify: Income reported, income tax withholding amounts you reported, claims for tax credits, ect. We'll hold your refund until we finish our review. You don't need to take any action at this time. On the back it says we may need to contact third parties to verify certain information on your return. Our review will be completed by April 11th, 2013, and afterwards you'll receive either your refund or another notice from us. I got picked for their "randomly selected" reviews.
  • has anyone else gotten this letter? I have not and am wondering whats going on
  • There are quite a few people who have gotten the same notice as I.. if you type in the word "review" in the search community box some posts come up. The one thing I noticed is that.. everyone including myself who has gotten a review letter have the same notice date at the top FEB 25th. Some people got theirs weeks ago, and I got mind yesterday, but they all have the same date. Some who haven't gotten the letter yet, on their WMR page says they are under review. When those people called the IRS, they told them to expect getting the notice in the mail in the next 30 days.
  • I have had the same issues, and have education credits.  So it's been saying processing for ever, today was a little different message, and just now it says it can't locate me!!
  • I filed on the 18th got accepted the 25th n DD on Feb 1ST
  • I have school credits and was accepted on Feb 14th and my refund is expected between now and the 6th of march
  • Did u have education credits8863@narleylife26??
  • I got a notice in the mail yesturday 2/16 and I had to call and confirm my Idenity in order for them to process my taxes and my was accepted on the 24th but no dd yet
  • My GF filed 1/28 and was accepted - she had no education credits just EIC, she got her DD on Feb 5th - Mine says still pending w/ed credits and my other GF shows hers still pending with no ed credits when she filed 1/30 and is only getting a $475 refund --smh--
  • Anyone who filed later with edu cred saying they are getting their refund or have recieved their refund is clearly lying...didn't start processing 8863 til Feb 14th....or 4452 Til Feb 10. @narlwy, sounds like u r going off the date from tt...because the irs wouldn't give a date like this...
  • I hear that @virgina.....this is becoming ridiculous! Get out there earn a freakin living and stop trying to scam over everyone...not trying to sound prejudice but a lot of overseas ppl are doing this...what happen to our rights....apparently as Americans we do not have them....somehow somewhere someone is trying to scam over something or someone.....get a clue, get a life, BE HONEST! Omg!
  • I filed early and was accepted early(before 1/30).  My status remained as "processing" because of form 8863 delay.  Just this morning I finally got the orange status bar back saying "refund approved" and refund will be sent to my bank 2/22.
  • Congrats @steph!  Hopefully mine will show Monday or tues...but my orange bar(s) disaapeared weeks ago....
  • @steph  so you had education credits and already have a DD date???  this is getting so freaking ridiculous.
  • @kpa - so wmr tells you if you are under review?
  • @steph when did you file?
  • Even if it still says processing?
  • if you can order a return transcript does that mean they are down processing cause wmr says still processing but was able to order both transcripts crazy
  • I hear ya...I have had that same message for over 2 weeks. I filed january 25th
  • you are absolutely right
  • about ordering? that they are done?
  • i filed jan 24th mine was accepted like feb 4th or 5th and it was giving me the message that it was under review can take up to 4 to 6 weeks up until yesterday am now my dd date says the 22nd my gf dd date was the 20th and she got hers dd yesterday have hope its coming i think that there just really messed up
  • @ctproblem327 so they do give you a message saying that you are under review
  • My WMR page said processing, and had the orange bar and the 21 day message. It had the name info from the 31st of Jan until the 15th of Feb. I ordered my return transcripts on the 14th. On the 16th my WMR page updated to the message : We have received your return, a refund date will be provided when avaliable.  Later that day I got my review letter in the mail. My WMR page still says processing though. I have been on other forums where people stated that their WMR page says they are under review, but haven't gotten the letter yet. When they called the IRS to check, they were told they would get their letter within 30 days, and thay they were under review. This really sucks, I had a simple return, no education credits. I only claimed eic, and extra child tax credits, have 3 dependants, filed HOH. Didn't have a problem last year when I filed, I got my refund back in 9 days last year. All those people who scammed the IRS last year, and commited fraud has made this tax year horrible for us honest individuals.
  • Wow i got the same review notice which is crap right after i ordered my transcripts
  • Yeah I really want to call and find out what the heck is going on, but that would only slow them down even more than what they already are. I have heard that they are flagging returns with bigger refunds to review them more closely this year, because of past events of fraud.
  • what is the status bar? where are you checking the status of your return? on irs website I still get processing and will receive a date when one is available?
  • @heatherstewart23..when did you file and do you have any credits, i dont have any credits and mine is saying that
  • I filed 1/26...accepted 1/27..I have Ed credits but no clue when ill get my dd
  • FYI...calling the call center doesn't stop the progress of return processing.  It's just a call center.  I haven't bothered them myself because I'm not trying to wait for an hour just to have some idiot who thinks they know things when in actuality they're only passing along rumors or what they *think* is going on be rude to me.  I know I'm not the one that would get lucky enough to have an informed employee pick up when I call.  Plus, I've kept up with the IRS news releases so I'm good.  Good luck everyone!
  • Mine was accepted on jan 25th and I'm still processing too.
  • On saturday I got My DD date,
     you all will be getting you're soon
  • @bridgettealbert, did you have a education credit?
I called the IRS last night and spoke to a gentlemen that was very helpful. I filed through TurboTax on Jan. 10th. I was accepted on Jan. 24th. When WMR was up I had the first orange status bar - return received - for the longest time. On Feb. 11th, it changed to "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. When I called he asked for my social, address, last year address, and birthday - none of the other agents ever asked for all that. He checked the status and told me my return was received today (Feb. 15th). I told him there must have been some mistake - I was accepted by the IRS almost a month ago. He checked further and saw that I was indeed accepted on the 24th of Jan. So he looked more and saw that on Jan. 25th my return was "suspended" until today (Feb. 15th). He tried to check the error code attached and it said something like "complex processing error" (I don't remember exactly what he said). I asked him was it something I did wrong? He said no - it was an internal error. I asked him was it because of the 8863 credits? He looked and realized it was. The IRS indeed accepted a few returns early to test the new system and detected that issue way before the 28th as we all originally thought; they didn't anounce the delay until the 28th. So if it wasn't for us filing early they would not have detected the issue until maybe a week into Feb. and the delay would been until early-late March. So basically my 21 days didnt start until Feb. 15th. So anyone on here or other blog sites claiming to have "slipped through the cracks" are lying. No one with 8863 credits on their return has received a refund. IDK if your sister told you they did; they didn't. It took the IRS 1 day to realize I had an issue on my return - not a week. 
  • Thanks for all tne info saves me a call i was accepted end of january as well with the school credits.  Frusterating but I aint gonna check my status agian for a week it still says same thing as yours but on a lighter note my sister status was that yesterday and she had a refund date this morning of the 21st but she didnt have education credits
  • Well I had NO EIC....just mortgage interest..........and mine is still in processing since Jan 24th............
  • i had no EIC  just mortgage interest as well i filed on 2/9 was accepted on 2/10 my estimated dd date was march 3 and just saturday my status bar on wmr changed from processing to approved and said my refund should be dd in my account on 2/20. i also installed the app on my phone and find it works alot better than the wmr tool on
  • Some of us who filed early still are seeing no results. Filed Jan 17 accepted Jan 24 wmr says: your refund is still processing and a refund date will be provided when available".  Same on irs2go.....this is nonsense. Had form 8863...some with same form starting to see ddd
  • according to a post on a different thread some of us who claimed education credits were thrown into error resolutions but we should expect to see an update on WMR this week.
Mine just changed to that. You have any update on yours?
  • Mine changed to that too. Hopefully we are finally moving in the right direction.
  • Ill update soon as hear or see any changes
  • Same here...not sure if I should be excited 21 days expire in 2 more days!
  • Thanks.... I will do the same.
  • Actually...since actual processing didn't begin till the expires on the 18th. Even early filers who were not part of the test batch still would have the 21 days beginning the 30th. Sorry
  • I put on other wall. Many people that have received this same message, shortly after received a DD date.. Don't know how true. But you can search these forums. Many people said above.
  • its not letting me check our status dont know if it is updating or not but once i put in my info it takes me to a new window to enter when i filed and what not and then it gives me the msg that i have to wait 21 days
  • Call hotline. Sounds like u got locked out. 800-829-1954
  • Mine has showed that message since Feb. 5th...accepted on Jan. 29, 2 weeks later still in the land of processing
  • I have notice a lot of early filers with form 8863 are seeing the new message.
  • Almost all of ones that I've been conversing with for 2 weeks.
  • i check it once a day so that cant be that i got logged out and i normally do at night time
  • @tink1975 thats the part that confuses me. I filed early and was accepted by the IRS on the 24th, with the credits. My WMR status has always showed return received, it just changed last night. Even the IRS agent I spoke to told me the 30 days starts when the IRS accepted your return, even if it was before the 30th.
  • My WMR says the same but the bar is now gone. This is frustrating.
  • My status changed to that message this morning as well. There's no bar...I think any change is a good thing at this point!
  • my messaged also changed this am to final stages of processing it was saying the review things up too 4 to 6 weeks now its saying less then 2 weeks i think there a bit behind on the updating process i filed jan 24th accepted feb 4
  • same thing here, ordered transcripts five days ago......maybe the DD will update soon!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't order transcripts, SBBT hasn't been processed or anything, I'm not understanding.
  • My return says it will be dd on the 13th
  • @susan..did you get that date from the WMR?
  • @magnew2004...the IrS agent I talked to last week told me 21 day from the 30th because returns that weren't processed in the test batch got put back into the que and basically started over. So those reps say whatever they want. I was also informed by a very nice IRS rep that most of the people that answer phones there receive minimal training and only a very few are given access to the actual returns or know anything about the filing process at all. So it's a crap shoot on which rep you'll get on e phone. The amount of contradicting info put out on these forums each day is enough to make my head spin lol.
  • wait n to see anyone with ddd that has edu credit
  • agreed @Tink1975
  • I honestly don't know. I do know that they said they are wrapping up all returns filed on or before the 31st of January and all those still left in limbo should have their refund by the 19th. Wednesday night is usually a big update night so I'd look for a change of status tomorrow night into early Thursday morning. Crossing fingers for you.
  • It wont take that long ppl r getting there refunds in 3 to 5 days they opened on the 30th ppl was getting refunds the next day ive been following these threads from day one
  • i filed ours on the 31st and they are saying we will be getting our federal  back by the 21st of Feb. we got our State today kinda weird i dont know anyways i check everyday as well and it keeps telling me there isnt any info on our ssn... and i cant get anyone on the phone to find out whats going on some one said if u call the irs there may be a delay because of me calling ... i dont know :(  does anyone know who i can call ??
  • thanks
  • I filed on the 7th, wmr still says it is processing,HOWEVER, my refund was deposited last night,so,GOOD LUCK everyone, I hope it works like this for the rest of ya'll!!!!
  • did you have 8863?
  • I had both mortgage interest AND education credits. Filed on 7th still says no information on wmr.  Hopefully turbo tax was right when telling me which numbers to put into what box. LOL
  • When was I negative??? I've been very supportive of everyone in this situation. Please tell me where on here I've been negative.
  • Mine has said this new saying for the past 2 days. I hope for a dd date soon. We got our state back yesterday and in the 9 years we have done our taxes, we have never got state before federal.
  • So all the times I've said crossing fingers for you, praying for you, good luck to you.....those were negative??? Are you sure it was me???
  • I wouldn't put too much into it Tink... I've seen your name all over these forums and haven't seen anything negative.... Especially seeing all the truly negative people who comment.
  • i thought about it and like i said i apologize for it all it just this bs is making me sick to my stomache and last year round this time i had my money already and i used tt
  • mine said that as of last week so i called monday.  i am in review.
  • I understand...emotions are running high right now. It'll come soon and all this BS will be a distant memory.
  • mine was excepted on jan 29. and im still prossing what is goin on? i think im gonna call the IRS.
  • i pray it does TINK i pray u and ur husband get to do something special i pray that we all get our money soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amen to that!!!!!
  • If you call just play stupid and say you got an error msg yesterday and theres is nothing today if not they will not even help you
  • I tried calling the hotline number for the irs and it keeps sending me to an automated line which tells me the same thing "when a dd date becomes available this system will be updated" or something like that. I dont know what this message means someone please help me
  • What is the IRS number where you can speak to an actual person? I am sick of this automated line
  • Tt know exactly whts goin on and so do the irs fraudulant taxes done on tt go to irs site look under news also youtube irs refund scams and identity theft is y they holdin up our money ppl made it even worse by submitting 2 returns its sad for us working ppl
  • 1-800-829-0582 then ext 362
  • Boy, who knew there were so many desperate people waiting to live on a refund from the government?
  • @waylon, there may be desperate people...that is not for you to decide and for me, i want what they have already taken simply returned to me.....i let them take some every month and in that way it's like an annual savings the same time, they owe me for that interest free loan i gave them and i'd like to have it back now, that's all. :)  (and, yes, i do realize that the education credit is a the same time, my college is a federal institution--maybe they felt bad about charging me so much?)  :)
  • still processing since the 31st the is some bs
  • i filed on the 2nd and got my dd this morning for the 15th  i have got my refund on the same dates for the past two years
  • Waylon, the only reason I would expect someone to be on this thread is if they getting an education credit or they know someone who is getting an education credit. If none of these apply to you maybe you should find better stuff to do with your time.
  • @mswoolfolk2010, did you gte a education credit? If so can you post some proof of a dd date?
  • Mine is saying accepted, but my 21 days ends soon. Why hasn't my status changed?
  • 21st is apparently when 21 days is up but I ve heard that its from when you got accepted sum say IRS didn't accept until 30 th. even then it says 9out of 10 refunds were out to the person in 21 days it could take longer.
  • You know what I've notice that everyone who claims they've rec'd a dd date such as susansample52 and kerryherrington when u ask any of them did they file 8863 no one responds no more people r worst then the IRS with these lies wtf. Stop giving people false info and high hopes bcuz we all or waitin for our damn money. Sorry I'm just sayin I check this website prayin and hoping someone have a dd date and then we have these people tellin freakin lies
  • I don't think that's cool just b honest and help each other out that's all I'm sayin
  • That's exactly what I'm sayin truth6 now u see what I'm talkin about look at the 2 names I put and u will see they have not responded either
  • I just assume they're all lying sob. It easier that way.. Lol
  • My due date is Feb 20 and I don't know if I filed form 8863.
  • Filed/accepted 1/31 received ddate today for the 15th no 8863 or other Ed credits.
  • Trolling is what it's called
  • nope i was not eglible for education credits but i know people who did and received a refund
  • Doubtful. They would be the only ones in the country. They didn't claim 8863 and get refund
  • some people slip through the cracks so dont get your hopes im just saying and i was responding to the general question to the update thing. i been in the same boat as everyone else waiting for the irs to update info but i dont let that disturb my day and just like i was telling someone else from yesterday to be cool and be patient and dont get so overwhelmed and you will get a dd date and right before i knew it i had a dd date when i woke up this ,morning  and like i said i get my refund around the same time every year so there was no need for me to be upset. im on here to help others and give them some relief, it clearly say on the irs site they not processing education tax returns until the 14th how much info do you need. you making yourself upset. we all know how the irs can be or anything that deal with the govt come on now ppl no need to be rude to others.
  • Not upset... Bad wording. I just meant I'd believe when see it. Sooo many that haven't, hard believe that 1 or 2 have.
  • Congrats to those who have, good luck to those waiting.
  • Tt know exactly whts goin on and so do the irs fraudulant taxes done on tt go to irs site look under news also youtube irs refund scams and identity theft is y they holdin up our money ppl made it even worse by submitting 2 returns its sad for us working ppl
  • And if u want to defend tt keep it to urself they knew our returns would be held up for two reasons the tryn to catch the fraudulent returns and forms not ready ive used tt for yrs but im done with them now customer service sucks reps suck
  • @aprillove313 are you serious ppl are really doing that, thats crazy smh y would tt let ppl file fraduent taxes
  • I don't think they were letting them lol...I think TT just had the highest number of fraudulent returns claimed. Honestly though it doesn't surprise me seeing as how TT is one of the oldest online filing preparers.
  • I filed on the 1st and i have 8863 form. So when they said it'll be mid Feb i quit worrying. But a honest question here. If the 8863 form is for federal, then why did it take 9 days for them to accept my State?  I still have not gotten a DD date for that.That is the part of this situation that has my mind boggled, but it is what it is.
  • i was mad azz hell when i read irs news page so i went and pulled up the news reports cnn did and i was like wow but i had already pressed the send button on mine and all my family members i did on here to
  • I filed a 1098-T form and was accepted Jan 31st but still have yet to get a DD date! I went to check it tonight and said to re-enter my info and still no bars to see if it was processed yet. This is driving me nuts!!!!
  • This is the message I'm getting when I check on mine...  You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.
  • Thanks for contacting TurboTax. Currently wait times are longer than we’d like. We might answer your question faster at where you’ll find helpful articles and answers to common questions. We look forward to chatting with you and will connect you with the next available agent.
    All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
    You are currently at position number 5 in the queue.
    An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.
    You have been connected to 05_Kareen B.
    05_Kareen B: Thank you for contacting Intuit TurboTax, my name is Kareen. I'll be happy to assist you today.?
    05_Kareen B: Hi Daniel! How are you doing today?
    DANIEL RUBIN: I wish to discuss the quality of TT service I received this year for the amount of $96.97
    DANIEL RUBIN: let me know when you are ready
    05_Kareen B: Hi Daniel, dont worry, I will do my best to clarify things for you today.
    05_Kareen B: If I may ask, what version of TurboTax are you using?
    05_Kareen B: Is it the desktop versionor the Online version?
    DANIEL RUBIN: online version
    DANIEL RUBIN: 1st issue: why was the chat hold time this year 45+ minutes?
    05_Kareen B: Sorry for that Daniel because we are current receiving higher volume of contacts compare last year.
    DANIEL RUBIN: 2nd issue: why did TT system not update with each changing status of my refund; it has stayed on "accepted" since day one
    05_Kareen B: with regards to that concern Daniel, it takes 24 to 48 hours for our system to process the refund and be invoiced in our system.
    DANIEL RUBIN: 5 days is more than 48 question
    DANIEL RUBIN: 3rd issue: why does TPG's E-Filing Services online dispersant date not correlate with their phone dispersant date; also holding for returns up to 24 hours after fees paid? TPG's E-Filing Services tells tax payers to contact their tax preparation software for answers to these questions I have asked.
    05_Kareen B: I wish I could help you with this concern, however, the Working On My Returns Department can better assist you with this concern. Since we are off shore agents, this concern is already beyond our scope. Will it be fine if I connect you over to them?
    DANIEL RUBIN: please elaborate on the term off-shore.
    DANIEL RUBIN: 5min
    05_Kareen B: Off shore means that we are not located in the USA.
    05_Kareen B: For your reference Daniel, kindly take note of this incident number: **************
    05_Kareen B: Also please take note of the direct number of the Working On My Returns department 888-777-3303.
    DANIEL RUBIN: so a company that processes American refunds outsources customer service to a non US agency?
    chat terminated
  • @kathyk717 I'm getting the same message but my state had been accepted since the 1st
  • I work in customer service and I can't stand when people call in with this type of bs. I will highlight the craziness of the conversation you had with Kareen. My hat goes off to her, if more customer service reps were like her customer service reps would not have to put up with so much crap.

    1."why was the chat hold time this year 45+ minutes?"
    -The hold time is long because it's filing season which means there is a high chance that a large number of people may be calling in (how many people file taxes again), the opening of tax season was delayed, and the IRS is having problems with their systems. I'm sure you knew why the hold time was so long so whats the point in calling in wasting more of your "precious time" with this crap.

    2."why did TT system not update with each changing status of my refund; it has stayed on "accepted" since day one"
     -If you have an education credit the IRS is not going to start processing until tomorrow so how can they update your status if there is nothing to update???

    3.-why does TPG's E-Filing Services online "dispersant" date not correlate with their phone "dispersant" date; also holding for returns up to 24 hours after fees paid? TPG's E-Filing Services tells tax payers to contact their tax preparation software for answers to these questions I have asked.
    -I didn't see this on their site but it's strange that TPG would tell you you call another company about their problems.

    4."so a company that processes American refunds outsources customer service to a non US agency?"
    -Was this a rhetorical question? I hope so because they guy just told you he does not work in America.
  • lol  Truth     ......  Where is the like button ?
  • It is saying with Education credit will begin accepting returns on the 14th. I hope this is true!!
  • lol@monicamarcum....i tell ya.....people these days......smfh
  • that cause he work from home as a independent contractor
  • #tink1975 - Don't worry about that person, they probably voted for the official who delayed all this stuff and they're probably for more government control.
  • @mcdonald1507, what government control  are you talking about???
  • this is true b/c i was able to check WMR after the 25th when i was accepted...
  • lol...I think he meant to say gun control {{{shrugs shoulders}}}
  • Day3 of this status. No bars either. So much for getting it tomorrow like I was hoping. I'm so upset over this.
  • @hhmm708 They will not begin until 8AM EST :)  Chin up!
  • recieved a message from tt this morning Irs has began to process returns with 8863 form. Hopefully it won't be much longer, they said give it 24 hours.  I waited this long I can wait one more day.
  • linfxy... Did TT e-mail you stating that?
  • I'm calling the IRS to find out whats going on! I filed Jan 31st and still nothing!
  • I filed on the Jan 31st was accepted on the 31st. I have not had the orange bar in a week and now I am showing return is being processed and a return date will be provided when available. I called the IRS and all I get is the wait a full 21 days and call back. I asked him if I had a hold or if I was under review and all he said was wait 21 days. I then asked how others that filed the education credit after me already got a DD date, he said again wait 21 days. I said can I please get a yes or no if I am under review or hold, he then said I am terminating this call and hung up on me. This is crazy.
  • @Kathy 717 yes, I recieved an email from TT this morning stating that.
  • Call 1-800-1040 , choose option for your preferred language and then press the # button 3 times, this will get you transferred to a live rep
  • U first have to pass the lie detector for them to transfer you to a rep. Lol
  • i too called but a different number an told them i recieved a letter stating something was wrong with my refund an they asked for my info and said yes your return was recieved on the 4th i saith the 4th i filed on the 29th and i got accepted on the 30th well there goin the whole 21days is what i was told but im upset beause they just recieved it on the 4th pushed everyones returns back to file the ones that came in after me to file well i guess instead of getting it before the 20th like tt estimated i think ill probably get it next week so much for my luck what a bad week iv had an all the same week of my bday i dont even wanna think about it but they take there money off top when they take taxes out our paychecks how bout they wait for there money
  • I also called. tt stated that irs accepted mine on feb 4th, when I called irs I told them that I wanted to verify that date, they transferred me to a rep in the accounts dept, which verified that I was accepted on feb 4th, as of today however I am still in processing(only the first bar lit on wmr), but I was finally able to order 2012 tax return transcripts this morning on 2/14/13, so I hope this is a positive sign! BTW I was also told by the irs rep that if you are able to order the transcripts that it means that your return has finished processing. I still have no update on WMR though! Hope this helps someone!
    Does anyone know how long it typically takes to get a dd date after being able to order return transcripts?
  • No. That way is hit or miss. Some people get paid with no update and can't order them
  • Still can't order transcripts and same message since Tuesday. No random IRS deposit into my bank. I can't believe this. I have not received any notices either and no holds. I am close to my 21 days and I seriously need my money owed to me by the end of the month. I didn't have anything in the delay.
  • That s**t is messed up. Makes you wonder what is really going on
  • Same here guys another disappointed morning.  This is just ridiculous. I am hoping we will see something tomorrow a lot of people got dd on Saturday last week.
  • i so stressing right now about ready to scream fill i have been waiting long enough was accept1/24 the irs said wait to the 19 feb  and call back...
    yea right so tired of waiting...
  • Ok update , I logged into wmr about an hour ago and I have been approved and given a dd date of 02/20
  • When we're you accepted and did you have 8663 form.
  • they are closed at night time... you should check again at 7am est when the website updates..
  • No change. Starting think the new message changed few days to means your in KC office, ones changed today in Dallas office.
  • i was accepted on the 25th, still processing and you will receive DD as soon as one is available. WTF. I am so stressed. I need my money now. I called monday, i am not under review. The lady said call back if you don"t hear anything by the 19th. What a bunch of insensitive, slow moving turtles. I am so mad at this hour.
  • This is what I am still getting. I filed on Feb 1 and did not have a 8663 form

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

        Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • I have the 8863 and mine has been saying processing for 2 weeks and counting with no release date and the people just state they can not give no more information than the system is telling you already. Bull crap
  • same Dustin been like 3 to 4 days now lost count.. ugh.. getting really stress now
  • I think we are all getting the same freaking message I am so sick of the this shit
  • If the IRS was a private business they would be put out of business a long time ago because they suck but since there is only one entity in the U.S that has the authority to give us our refunds the IRS can pretty much take it's sweet little time, mislead customers, and install software that doesn't work and then wait two weeks to fix it, and then give us attitudes if we call asking about our money I mean you would think that since they are tax payer funded they would appreciate us. This is how a monopoly operates and is exactly what the IRS is, no wonder why people say they will rather deal with the mafia! I'm pissed! The last time I called in the guy literally handed my ass to me, he was the rudest customer service rep i've ever talked to in my life. My return was accepted almost a month ago and I want my shit! I wonder if I had to pay taxes and I was a month late what would happen??
  • @dustinB  Same BS message for myself. I am so stressed. Every morning I look on this BS website, and there is no progress. I am so angry! I need a new car ASAP.
  • The day is not over yet!!
  • That's what it say to me when I checked wmr so hopefully we are getting somewhere
  • @slush when did you file and when were you accepted?
  • A co worker of mine filed on Jan 31 and got DD on Feb 6. He didn't even realize it until Feb 11 because he kept looking at the website. I finally told him to check his savings account and then it was there since the 6th. Maybe on Wed ill get it.
  • Ldybg I was accepted feb 4, I didn't have any education credits, I was finally able to order a 2012 tax return transcript on 02/14 at about 10:00 am, and was given tge dd date at about 5:00 am(est) via WMR
  • @babybunga7, I too had education credits and filed on 2/7/2013.  My status changed midday on 2/14/2013 to an "accepted" status on TurboTax so I went to "where's my refund" on and my bar was on the first of three stages indicating the government had received my taxes
  • Deposit Date
  • @mswoolfolk2010 you might want to double check with those friends of your who you claim received their refunds because the govt was not accepting returns with education credits until 02/14/2103
  • same here
  • @ms - i think that they are just telling people whatever they want - i talked to the irs on the 16th as well and was told that i should receive my refund by the 20th (21st day from the 30th) - and anyone who was accepted 1-30 or before even the education forms should have their refund this week.
  • Christianbabe..........Sounds good...but will believe it when I see it...I called the IRS and they wouldn't even talk to me until the 21 days are I don't see how you got that information.....I think there is to much speculation and rumored information on this website....
  • @heredia, very true ppl are claiming they got theirs already that filed 8863, makes no sense....3days after they started the form..not....
    @christianbabe.....I don't see how that makes sense that filers even before the education credit would get this week....being a earlier filer myself (Jan 17, accpt Jan 24) still see no update....the ones who has the education credit 8863 form, irs didn't start to process those until 14th..irs been saying a lot of different stories and I don't think they have a clue to be a fly on their wall for
  • @heredia just tell them that the website and phone number are down and they will look up for you. I have no reason to lie i am waiting for money like everyone else/
Like everyone else, just waiting anxiously to hear about the DD. It's been absolutely maddening... Of all of my friends, I'm the only one that used Turbo Tax this year, they all went to Tax Act. In addition to them all rubbing it in my face that they got to file for $15, they've all received their refunds. They all had the same credits I did (school credits) and all of them filed a week after I did.

My 21 days expires on Saturday... Tax Act is looking pretty nice now.
  • i filed my taxes jan 22 and were accepted roughly the 28th how do i see when my money is being proccessed or what not?
  • Scott..[edited]
  • I called that number and all I get is an automated line
  • Scott...on the homepage of TT you will see Federal return and the amount. Its about in the middle of the page. Click on the wheres my taxes and this will take you to the irs website. Enter your info there and click submit. The next page will tell you your status for your federal return.
I filed mine one the 30th. It was accepted on the 2nd. I got a DD of the 13th. When I checked  WMR as of this morning it says "Still Processing". But I also just now checked my bank account and it was there!
  • with 8863?
  • did you have the education credit form in your taxes
  • so the WMR is still processing.. where did you get teh DD of the 13th?
  • WMR has been showing the DD dates then switching back to processing once the refund has been sent.
  • LadiC I hope this is true! I was getting nervous when I received dd date of 2/15 yesterday 2/13 and then today it went back to processing with no bars.
I just spoke to a rep from the IRS and she told me that TT has not sent any returns to them that include the education credits as of yet but to wait 24 hours for an email from them stating if the return has been accepted or rejected. I file the 25th and she asked me when was I accepted and I told her I haven't been and she said "huh wait until 24 hours and contact us back". A TT rep told me yesterday and today that mines was sent to the IRS on the 25th and come to find out it hasn't been.
  • Happy for you mzcharrell!!
Mines is doing the same thing filed the 10th early accepted with a 8863 on 24th called and first they said it was in the errors department then they said next time it was processing...I'm so worried and I'm trying not to call or check everyday but it's nerve wrecking to say the least if anyone updates please post. My orange bar is gone just says still processing
    I filed on the fifth of February was recied and processed on the eight of February and it was direct deposited last night in my account
    • @susan did you have tha message stated in the title during any part of your time waiting.
    • i just used the tubo tax tracker i filed and was accepted feb 5th it says i can get my refund any time between the 15th and 26th:( so i hope i see my bar start to move, this is agravating.
    I got the same message and wondering what do that mean
      Do you owe any money to the IRS
      • no money owed to irs just have earned income credit on my return i filed on the 29th accepted on the 30th still prossesing
      • I filed Jan 23rd.. All accepted by Feb 3rd as far as Turbotax site.. IRS already taken my state due to back taxes owed to which I received notice in mail past Sat. On IRS site Federal still in processing stage with no new info. Have Earned Income & Education credits.. SOOOOO confusing this year!!
      • H&R block from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Crap what's the point of filing early?????
      • @ zit2 I don't think it's TT. I think is overall delays from the IRS because I did mines with a tax professional and I'm in the same boat smh
      • i called the irs after receiving this message on wmr and was told i am being reviewed.
      • Good luck..sounds like an audit!
      • My status of "Your refund is still being processed.  A refund date will be provided when available," has been on my update status for over a week. I was accepted on 1/26. I called over and over and finally I got a representative to look at my return and not just give me the "generic" answer. I filed taxes for four other people and they have all received their refund. I did theirs at the beginning of February. I knew something was wrong.  Anyway, she stated my refund was delayed because I have a math miscalculation(so much for the 100 percent accuracy with TT). Anyway, she stated that a letter with instructions will be sent to me. I havent received anything! I asked for them just to advise me what was in the letter and they dont have that information. I asked when my refund would be released, they couldnt answer that. Has anyone received an IRS math miscalculation letter? If so, does anyone know the code on the letter? Thats the department I need to call.
      • me too!
      • cgeddis, did you receive the letter yet?
      • Makes me wonder when the employees working for the irs if they have to wait this long as well...they probably get a speedy living situation is different this year for filing as it was last year and wonder if its bc of that why its still processing....filed 1/17 accepted 1/24. With 8863. Some today have seen a dd and filed a day after I did with 8863...but I get it when I get it....I don't deal with rude ppl that well so I am not calling the of luck to everyone
      • I just installed the Android app on my phone and my refund status is different from what is on the website!!! This is the info I got from the app:
        "Your refund status is:
        Reference Number:

        Your Tax Return is still being processed.

        A Return Date will be given when available"

        So according to the app my refund has been sent and or direct deposited!!!!:)

        So if you guys are using the website you may want to install the app because they are not giving the same info>

        HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!
      • No, your in same boat as everyone. The date shows up when you have deposit date..
      • Read below the amount. The still being processed part is your status
      • O well this was my first time using the mobile app and the info was different from what I was getting from the website because on the website all it says is "Your Tax Return is still being processed.A Return Date will be given when available"

        But the app said my status is sent/direct deposited so I thought that my refund had been sent because that what my status said......they need to get it together
      • Yes they do... We're coming soon.. Have to be
      • @Truth6~ what android app are you using.
      • IRS2Go
      • Truth6.......yea that is what I thought when I used the mobile ap......I think it means that your return was sent...they have it...and lists the amount of the refund...but NO reference number...I don't know what that means...........
      • So do you get the same message when you use the mobile app?
      • I use both, irs2go and wmr site itself and the same message appears, " your refund is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available" on both.
        On the app, it does give date and they recieved it, and same message, but where it says refund sent/recieved will have a date and a reference number on the bottom if u haven't recieved it by a certain date to call 1800#######...not sure full number bc I haven't seen a change....
      • Yes, it says:

        Sent/Direct Deposited:
        Amount: $1234
        Reference Number:

        Note that after the : there is nothing.  It means it hasn't been updated with a DDD or a reference number.  When there is information after the : then you will know your DDD and Reference Number.
      I know they say 21 days but are they counting weekend days too or just M-F ?  Accepted 01/30 still in processing land also...This is so exhausting worring about this everyday !
      • The IRS rep I spoke to said everyone with an accepted return on or before the 31st would receive there refund no later than the 19th.
      • The bad thing to is the 18th is a holiday :( This waiting sucks
      • Wow @ tink1975 that's a good thing, filed on 1-22-13 accepted on 1-26-13 so hopefully by the 19th keeping my fingers crossed
      • The IRS does huge updates on Wednesday night and Saturday night. Some updates fall in between but that seems to be the trend. So hopefully you'll have a DD date by tomorrow night at the latest :)
      • pray n for ddd early am im claiming a ddd for thursday or friday lord willing we shall have
      • im right with you aprillove313 im believing
      • although tink1975 i am getting my state deposited on the 13th thats weird state before federal
      • I AM PRAYING TOO @APRILOVE313 I AM CLAIMING IT ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS FOR ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
      • I filed on the 6th got accepted on the 6th and messages now says DD Feb15th.  Friend of mine did theirs the 2nd accepted sameday and got theirs by on the 8th but their dd said the 11th. So hoping mines comes in early also.  Wishing you all the very best. :0)
      • Did you have 8863 form?
      • I so hope this is true being in the land of processing since 31st this is crazy just tell me what day i will get it and i will be happy
      • thanks
      • e-filed 29th >accepted 30th > DD 12th > Santa Barbra bank holding till 14th (a whole day to get that interest from my $$ + fees)

        I have been a long time TT user but I am done. I subscribed to the IRS news feeds for tax software providers and saw behind the curtain of OZ; this explained a lot of delays.
        1. TT held returns which delayed refunds while most other tax preparers released docs; this is why companies like taxslayer & tax-act had more people with quick turn-arounds
        2. over 1 hour wait for a chat service "you are #512 in line....."
        3. programming script errors in their system
        * I advise everyone next year to subscribe to ALL IRS news feeds on their website before choosing a tax preparation services*
      • I did to and when I posted wht I read and seen on youtube ppl on the other form began to attack me im like really go read and [Removed Profanity] back sum ppl r so stupid yea [Removed Profanity]
      • Lets get this straight I never attacked you or anyone. What I had said was this is made to update people on statuses, not to give us your Id theft, etc. theory and nobody hives a [Removed Profanity] . They just want their money, therefore stop posting this [Removed Profanity] on every god damn post.
      • Dammmmmm!!! Lol!!!
      • u [Removed Profanity] @sabrescup9286 [Removed Profanity] it is true u stupid [Removed Profanity]that y yo [Removed Profanity]still dont have a ddd yet [Removed Profanity]get that letter in the mail and holla back [Removed Profanity]!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • first all [Removed Profanity], i never received any letter. and 2nd, when you or any other "news" broadcast gets some evidence, ill believe it. [Removed Profanity] [Removed Profanity]
      • Wow, can we remember that we are all adults here. Yes we are upset because we haven't had news, but there is no need to verbally abuse one another.
      • :O MY MOUTH IS ON THE FLOOOOOR!!!! Im not in all that but GOTTA say, I can not believe you just used the C word O:
      • I filed on the 24th and accepted 26th do you think it could be something to do with alphabetical order for those of us that filed before the 30th my last name begins with an s
      • Good question... My last name starts with a D.. No DD date yet and my orange bars are gone, just says something like, we have received, and processing.. It doesnt even say anything about 21 days on mine..
      • Haaa yo tha was funny as he haaa but relax guys i kno we need the money ! God does everything for a reason everyonee ganna have there taxes spend there taxes an b back broke while we ganna jus be out shoppin lol
      • Seriously??? The C word???
      • NICE!! c word the worst ever. you crossed the line for real. lol
      • I've heard that they do do it in alphabetic order but i don't know how true that is... My last name starts with a G .. I don't have that bar anymore just says it's being processed and dd date when available.
      • they are open monday is what everyone has been posting im playing the waiting game also so good luck
      No didn't receive a DD yet still waiting, fingers crossed
      • Have been waiting in the processing stage since 1/30....this is pure BS.........I have no EID............
      • I filed my boyfriend taxes with TT on the 15th of jan. it was excepted on the 25th he got his state back but not fed. he had the orange bar at first but now it says still processing will give dd date when available...I files mine on the 3rd of Feb. and when I checked today it said it will be dd on the name is joyce
      • joyce do u have a education credit 8863 ???? on ur return
      • No....just a simple return with one today we got a letter from the IRS stating....we're holding your refund until we finish reviewing your tax dont need to take any action at this time...We'll review your return, and may need to contact third parties to verify certain information on your return. Our review will be completed by April 11, 2013, and afterwards, you'll receive either a refund check or another notice from us.
      • @joycene u never called the irs ?
      omg mine said the same thing  wow
      • I was so frustrated cause TT made an error on my tax return by entering an 8582 form which I would have had to wait till almost the end of march to get a refund. They told me sorry for their mistake but there's nothing they can do. I also had the school credit form but I wasn't worried about that. I knew there was a delay on that one. So I called IRS and explained to them what happened and she told me just to file it with someone else. I wasn't accepted by them yet so if I filed with somebody else .my return with TT will just get regected. Well I e-filed with tax slayer and ten minutes later I got accepted. This was my first and last time I will ever file with TT.
      Same situation and mine was accepted January 25th, first time ever its taken me this long. Called IRS and they wont even try to communicate with me until after the 19th of Feb.
      • Candy, to get them to talk to you, all you have to say is that WMR is not pulling up any information and you didnt get an acceptance email. That will make them look at your return. That is how I finally got them to speak with me and it turns out there was an error on my return. A math miscalculation error. They said they sent me a letter but Im still waiting!
      • so glad to hear that..........I was told the same thing.............
      I am really starting to feel its TT.  My sister got her refund today and it is more than mines.  She used a Tax preparer which I think I should have.  I never had any problems with TT until now been using them since 2000.  If you look around its mostly people who used TT that have not gotten their refunds.  I was accepted on the 31st but call IRS and they said they received it on the 4th and my 21 days is up on the 25th bummer.  We gotta be patient yall.  That fiscal cliff altered our plans for sure.
      • It's not TT. It's the dumb IRS.
      • It is not TT or IRS..........blame it on the Republicans in the House that screwed with all of us..............
      • OMG...let's keep our politics to ourselves and not on a TAX forum.
      • I blame the house republicans too ..  I am an informed voter ... if  anyone is looking for some one to blame based on facts.  This is your guy >> John Boehner
      • really this is about politics now????
      I was accepted the 24th. Im still processing also. I was able to order a transcript yesterday but idk if that means anything special. Still no dd. I do have a small balance with irs but i was told by two reps it shouldn't hold up anything. But the most recent rep i spoke with last said ny account will be paid off 3/4. Does that mean i won't get my refund until.after that?
        I did have education credits.  I just wish it would give me a date already:(
          i had the sam thing happened to me got accepted on the 26th ,it's been showing your return is being processed a refund date will be provided when a letter in the mail on saturday that was dated 2/14 for to call irs an have prior years return available...and it was because i was randomly picked for identity theft..and i had to prove i was who i said i was...had new dependent and eic....
          • mortonj83   
            After u clearified ur self did they say anything else about how long or anything
          • they said if everything else was fine that i should receive my refund within 4-6 weeks from saturday
          • did it show an error code or anything to indicate??
          • nothing at all
          i talked to a tt rep last night because on the irs wmr it was saying still processing and will have a refund date when its available, and she looked to see if i was under review and she said i wasnt, she was it was a delay in some of the returns that was accepted before the 30th, but im still not able to order my transcript, so hopefully something will be done tomorrow,
          • I called the day before I could order a return transcript.  She said the same to me that it was "re indexed" and it could be as simple as becasue of being accepted before the 30th.  the next night i was able to order a return tx. I would think... that if I was going under review she would have seen it then...
          • Despite what you may be hearing, you will probably not be affected by the 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act when you file your taxes this year.

            According to the White House, 98% of Americans will not see an increase in their 2012 taxes.

            But even if you are one of the 2% of taxpayers affected by the fiscal cliff, rest assured that TurboTax accuracy is 100% guaranteed. We work closely with the IRS to ensure that TurboTax is accurate and up-to-date with the latest tax code.

            In addition, no taxpayers will be affected by the Health Care Reform Act this year. Those changes don’t kick in until tax year 2013.

            Nevertheless, if you have any questions about recent tax law changes, contact one of our experienced tax professionals. Only TurboTax lets you talk to CPAs, EAs and tax attorneys while you prepare your return, free.
          • i justed wanted to add this in case noone seen some of us may be wondering if anything is wrong with our return, but in fact the irs is being slow trying to get everything finished...slowly i may add......
            what i would like to know is this, if we owe tax and are late we have to pay intrest or a penalty for being late, so soes this mean if they are late paying us, we get intrest and additional $ for their penalty????? lol....HIGHLY DOUBTFUL, BUT still funny to add.....good luck to all no matter when you filed, however i do assume us earlier filers, should be getting dates soon......would make no sense for the later filers with the same 8863 form to get theirs first, doesnt make sense, but again we are talking about he government. I do not think after thinking about it it is 100% of prepares like tt or h&r or tax slayer, whichever, is their fault 100%....obviously has we all figured out the irs is having issues, and keeping us in limbo, just keep checking your wmr once a day, over night or first thing in am, or just keep checking with your bank.....banks are closed monday so keep that in mind as well.

            I am just trying to enlighten and give some more food for thought......sorry y'all
          • i meant not 100% their fault sorry for the typo
          • I got my return transcript in the mail saturday. and still havent got my dd yet. I called them last week and they told me i was not under review or have no offsets. This years taxes are wacked.
          were my refunds
            Mine had been processing for 14 days and this morning it finally says feb 21st.....but it says it will be mailed the 21st when I had it set up for DD and it says if I don't receive it by march 21st to I want it deposited in my acct and that's the way I set it up so why is it saying it's gonna be mailed????
              lisa, you should get it on feb 29
              • dont you mean on february 28th or march 1rst
              bridgettealbert....I have been getting that message since 1/30....don't know what this means but just checked my state..PA says it will be deposited on 2/19...which is 21 days for me....hopefully fed will follow...........
                I got hvae to click on the little box in lower left hand corner of their website to 'finish' the process