what does it mean when your nys refund status say that it was accepted and under further review? is this a generic message or am i being audited?

when I checked my new york state refund status, the message said that my return has been accepted but it needs futher review which can take up to 60 days.  if you receive correspondence from us, please respond as soon as possible.  is this a generic message that everyone gets once the return is accepted or does this mean i am being audited?
    I got the same message
    • I think perhaps it's just going to take more time for them to look at them. I will keep checking and let everyone know if there is a change.
    • I have the same message and it hasn't changed in any way.
    • how long ago did you get that message?
    • I have that message since 2/4.  I e-filed 1/31 and my federal was accepted  the same day.  I just got a DD of my federal today.  I received the acceptance email from TT about my state return on 2/5.  My state refund isn't that big - I guess my 1332 is going to make them really go broke.  I don't have EIC or child care.  

      I just don't understand why they aren't putting the messages the way the IRS does.  If you are being audited by the IRS you know it.  They put a code and a phone number for you to call.  With the state it seems to be a guessing game.  My message says my return was received and needs further review.  It could take up to 60 days to receive.  "IF" I receive correspondence to respond as soon as possible.  If I was being audited shouldn't it say "you will receive a letter in 7 to 10 days" or something like that.
    • taxhater.. mine is only $1000. I have an educational credit , but that should not have anything to do with the State. I guess we were just picked at random. Looking at your situation, I guess I have a while before I get a change in status. Let's hope for the best.
    • yes chances are it was random like mine when i called them..we just have to wait it out i guess..
    • my guess with so many people getting the same or similar messages are that by pitting it out there, that we are aware that it will take longer. They may just want to double check randomly and that they are letting us know ahead of time. I think if it was a full on audit, there would be more information available to us. There are just SO many people with the same response that it makes it hard to believe NYS would take the time and money to audit us all.
    • I agree!!
    • @asuzyq30  I agree it's just I hate being in suspense lol! This is the first time I ever received a message like this in all the years I have been filing so it kind of three me off guard. Was hoping thy someone out here had an answer that may have been thru it. Any other year it would say we have received your return and it is currently being processed, nothing about further reviews
    • NYS has a bunch of financial issues, I am fairly sure this is a tactic they are using to delay. Last year I know it was delayed for me as well. I can't remember but I think I may have had this same type of message. I'm gonna look back at my records for last year and see.
    • Yes if you could check, that would be very helpful!
    • that would be great Asuzyq
    • Ok, last year I got a similar message saying they were reviewing my return. I filed on 2/5 and the refund was in my account on 2/29. I think I'm a little more relaxed now :)
    • @asuzyq30  did you see mdang's message about filing their return on 2/2 and their return being in the final stages?
    • yes, but I still think that it's a general message we are all receiving. I will only worry if they send me a request for more information. Next year I'm taking deductions for my pain and stressing for this year :-Þ
    • @asuzyq.. .they would probably review you for that too lol
    • NYS has a hard time keeping up with all the refunds early in the year because most people that owe will wait until 4/15.
    • I will probably get reviewed again next year too
    • they should just have the people who owe money send me a check lol
    • I got the 4-6 week under review message not 60 day one. I think the 60 day one means you are getting reviewed more closely and the 4-6 week one is generic.
    • @cabreramandee my brother got the 4-6 week message and them it turned into the 60 day message so urs may change
    • @cabreramandee my brother got the 4-6 week message and them it turned into the 60 day message so urs may change
    • anyone that received the 4 to 6 week one is fine...that's not a prob...it's the 60 day review ones that are the issue
    • @tattoo1900 I disagree because my brother originally received the 4-6 week message and it changes to the 60 day message so it can change
    • well that maybe so..but in my case it has stayed 60 day issue..since feb3rd it hasn't changed
    • Yikes!  I was just guessing. Nys needs to get it together!  Heres to hoping its just buying them more time and they really arent using taxpayer money to review almost all of the returns
    • it sucks but it will be what it is i guess..nothing more we can do but hope for the best..
    • UPDATE. Just now my status on the nys website went from "under review takes up to 60 days" to " your refund has been processed and should take 2 to 4 weeks". Let's see how long it takes for a DD date now.
    • mine changed now its saying We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible.
    • What did it say before? Was it pending??
    • no it was say it needed further review that it could take up to 4-6 weeks for review
    • Mine did the same thing,4-6 weeks now its 60 day thing.
    • @Nikkitaxes When did they accept your nys return? So urs went from 60 day review to saying it has been processed but with non DD date?
    • They accepted my return yesterday (2/8). After being accepted I got the "under review, 60 days message". Then I checked back after midnight last night and it was updated to "2-4 weeks". I don't have a DD date yet. I'll let you know when I get one. @selena that 60 days could change. Check every morning and night.
    • @nikkitaxes yes that's what I have been doing but mines was accepted on the 3rd or 4th and it hasn't changed yet
    • Ok, yesterday I got the notice of the 60 days, today I looked and it says" We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks."
    • @asuzyq30 when did they accept urs? I just checked and mines still says the 60 day thing.
    • @asuzyq30 they accepted mines on like the 3rd or 4th
    • mine was accepted on 2/8, filed on 2/1. Changed status on 2/9. I really think this is all random
    • my nys return was accepted on 2/4 ( per TT email/txt) had the 4-6 weeks for review msg & then this AM i got the 60days msg. i'm just worried.
    • @ronnellstc that's how I feel bcuz I never received this message before but some our other turbo tax filers got the message and it changed over a couple of days. We are trying to figure out if this is just a generic message or
      If it actually means something.
    • If you ask me I think that it's just going to take time. I'm not sure if any of these messages are really anything to be concerned about. Sometimes if you call the state the recorded info is different than the message on WMR.
    • this is the message I got after the "60 days" message."..We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks"... I got the 60 day one first and then in the same day got the 2 week one.
    • yup mine finally changed to
    • When did your message change?  Did you have the 60 day message?
    • I just check on the status of my state n it changed from needing further review may take 60 days to ur return is in the final stages of processing may take up to any where from 2-4 weeks to finalize
    • When was the last time you checked your status before it changed?  I checked this morning and I still have the 60 day message since Monday 2/4.
    • My status changed the from one to the other the same day.
    • I checked it this morning it went from the message needing review could take 2-4 weeks to needing further reviewing could take up to 60days and then now in the final stages of processing
    • Iment 4-6 weeks
    • Since messages are changing today, I guess they're working on a Saturday too.  I wonder if they are processing the ones that have smaller refunds.  It doesn't appear to be in date order - first in and first out.
    • yes, it definitely doesn't seem like it is going in date order!  i checked a few times today and its the same message.  Hopefully by Monday it will be different
    • selena0219 - has your 60 day message changed in any way?  I still have it since 2/4.
    • taxhater16 - We're in the same boat. I've had the same exact message, also since 2/4 (the day my return was accepted by NYS). As of today, it still hasn't changed.
    • I just checked the NY State refund site and I still have the 60 day message.  No change whatsoever.  No correspondence.  No message on the online account.  That account stinks anyway.  I didn't even receive an email from them saying they accepted.
    • Ok  just called and was told that no letter was sent to me and that i should keep checking the site for updates
    I am getting the same message.  People are posting two different messages.  The one with the 60 day message and respond to the correspondence ASAP or the one that says 4 to 6 weeks.  I have a feeling now that the ones with the 60 day message are the ones that are going to go through an audit.

    My message hasn't changed in any way.  I haven't received any correspondence yet.  The only thing that really has me confused is that it says "IF" you receive correspondence.  If it was an audit wouldn't they know it already and just let us know?

    I've posted several diferent questions about it on this site and people aren't really responding.  I guess their messages aren't changing.
    • My message says" We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible." So you think I'm getting audited?
    • i had the same message as you..and i called they told me i was randomly chosen for further review..i wouldn't say audited but requires further checking i guess..
    • That figures. I waited 8 days in pending for them to tell me I was under further review LOL. How long ago did you get that message?
    • any of you have education stuff on your returns? My Federal is going to be delayed. NYS may just be using that just to give them more time to get the money together?
    • the 3rd of feb..i believe
    • Thx Tattoo. Asuzyq.. I think it is just taking more time this year. I think that they are being extra careful.
    • call them they will let you know...1-518-457-5181
    • I called and they said that since they just started accepting the returns they couldn't give me any info.
    • Also I have asked a number of other people if thy received the same message and they have received the same message or the one stating that it could take up to 4-6 weeks for review. I am starting to think this may be just a generic message everyone receives once the return has been accepted
    • boy we are getting different responses...mine has been in review status since the 3rd of feb though..so the lady i spoke with could tell me..
    • Yes, I agree. I guess we just have to wait it out and see.
    • But it seems like a lot of people that e-filed later are getting a DD date of 2/14 or 2/15.  It's crazy.
    • I know. It all seems so random, and I hate random. I like things to be in order in my life lol. I'll update everyone when I know more. I am going to check every day and night.
    • @tattoo1900 what did the lady on the phone tell you? When I called they said I just have to keep checking online. I heard other people say in previous years that they got this same message and them a week or two later it changed to say that their refund has been processed and was given a DD date.
    • will be really sad if I get my NYS refund before Federal. I think that would be a first!
    • Got my fed return DD today and i filed both on jan 31. In the past, I would get my state return around 2 weeks after I received my fed. Doesn't look like it will happen so fast this year. It's only $1900 but it's mine and I worked hard for it all year
    • I efiled my state return on 2nd of Feb and as of yesterday it said "its in the  final stages of processing"   my federal return says it will be dd on 2/11....  any other messages can mean an intercept of some sort or a further review of deductions etc...
    • @mdand36 wait wait wait, you e-filed your nys state return on 2/2 and your message says its in the final states of processing already? When did you see this message because its is only the 8th!
    • @mdang36 did you ever get a further review message before it went into final stages?
    • selena..the lady on the phone told me that we were randomly chosen for further review..if there were a problem we would receive a letter in a week to 10 days..
    • Mine changed from that 60 day message to We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.
    • @gabrielle did u ever get the 60 day message?
    • I think it's a random game. I bet within 2 weeks all of us here will have our state deposits.
    • My refund said at first we have received ur return 4 to 6 weeks than 5 days later I got the 60days now couple of days later I got ur return is complete and in 10 bussines day u will receive a correspond  and today makes day 4 no letter yet my friend still has the 60 days any body get this and then a date dd thanx
    • @evita5 - sounds like your taxes went to an offset of some sort.... I would call them...
    • @eviata5 My husband got the same message. His Fed return is being audited so we kinda expected nys to be audited as well. Me on the other hand I had the 4-6 week message from 2/1-2/8. Now i have the 60 day review message. I called and the Rep told me nothing.  Hopefully Monday there will be some better news.
    • I filed my returns on January 31. Fed was accepted on February 1, NYS was accepted on February 4. I have already received my Fed refund on February 8, but the NYS status has been sitting under further review since it was accepted. I'm also getting the 60 day message since day one. I called the NYS Department of Taxation and spoke with a rep, who informed me that some returns were randomly selected for further review. She also informed me that, according to the information in her system, no letter has been sent out to me and that this message is not a cause for concern. The waiting game continues. Maybe it's just me, but it seems that an awful lot of NYS returns were "randomly" selected for further review this year. There are threads all over the internet asking about this issue. My expected refund amount is less than $500, so it's not like I'm claiming a large amount. It's actually less than what I claimed in the past 2-3 years.
    I don't have an answer for your question. However, NYS Taxation and Finance does not audit returns randomly in my experience.  Plus, the criteria according to there website is the following : 
    • Failure to file a return
    • Failure to report income or sales
    • Excessive credits or exclusions claimed on a return
    • Incorrect or fraudulent refund claims or returns filed
    • Differences found when we compare a return to information we obtain from others such as the IRS, banks, employers, and other businesses
    • Results of prior audits. (However, a prior or a current audit isn't necessarily cause to be selected for audit again.)
    • Misuse of exemption certificates
    • Random Selection
      States randomly select income tax returns to review. The state will notify you of the review and give you an estimated time of when you can expect to receive your refund.

      Read more: Why Would My State Income Tax Be Reviewed? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_6888417_would-state-income-tax-reviewed_.html#ixzz2KYZhp66K
    • Any updates today ??
    • no, i stillhave the 60 day review message.  It seems that people with the 4-6 week review message has been changing to final stages of processing.  Maybe us 60 day review people are under random audit......
    • I had the 4-6 week message first since the day my returned was accepted .. Turned to 60 day message over the weekend .. This really sucks .. Nothing has changed from previous years so I don't know what the problem is
    • "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.".... That is the message I got after the 60 day message. I don't know what is going on. Everyone is getting random messages.
    • I got those 2 messages in the same day.. I got the 60 day one first.
    • My 2-4 week message turn to finish processing & will receive correspondence in business days! Anyone else have the same message ?
    • Wait a minute @sem29nv, yours told you that you would receive correspondence in 10 business days?
    • What exactly did your 2-4 week message say ?
    • Yes I had the 2-4 week message for final stage processing yesterday, now today I have my refund completed processing, & I will receive correspondence 10 business days
    • My 2-4 week message stated that my refund is in the final stages of processing, while most returns are completed in 2 weeks it may take 4 weeks
    • Mine went from the 60 day message to the 2-4 week processing message. This afternoon I was finally given a DD date by the state of NY. I submitted my taxes on the 31st of January.
    • sem29nv - did they put any type of code that you could refer to on the refund website or just a message that you would receive correspondence?
    • @taxhater16, the website just says correspondence on NYS tax & Finance. But on WMR it has tax code 152 that shoes the 3 differ ways to receive your refund
    • selena0219 - I still have the 60 day message.  No change as of tonight - 9 days with that stupid message.  I called again today and I got a woman who put me on hold while she checked my return.  I had asked her if I was being audited.  She said that my return was being processed and she couldn't tell me anything else, but she did say she didn't see a notation that I was being audited.  So at this point I just have to wait and see.  I just hope I don't have to wait the 60 days for them to send me correspondence if I have to prove something.
    • The website just says correspondence on NYS & Finance but on WMR it has tax code 152 that shows the 3 differ ways to receive a refund
    • Since WMR is showing you tax code 152 you should see a DD date the next time the WMR updates.  That is what happened to me and the next day I had a DD date.  I already received my fed refund.  I'm just waiting on the state with this 60 day message.
    • Ok thanks b/c I was getting worried but ur seems like everyone is receiving a similar message
    • Yes what does this mean did u get a date yet
    • @sem29nv
    • My state return has been in the final processing stage for a week now, it was accepted n the 4th
    • has anyone here used the 8863 form
    • Sounds like NY probably does not even have any money or they just want to hold on to it longer, I live in NJ and last year I did not get my state refund until July, they said because I applied for child tax credit, then they made me jump through hoops asking for copies of everyone in my Family ss card birth cert. the year before's tax transcript, then 2 months later they ask for more documents instead of asking for it the 1st time, they ask for my sons college transcript, then in July I get a letter stating it was not enough but they paid me my money anyway, sounds to me like the state did not have the money.
    • @evita5, no I didn't get a date yet
    • @taxhater16, my sis-n-law did her taxes a week after me on the 6th of Feb and she already has a DD date for her NY state on 2/21.  This is ridiculous because i still have that dreadful further review message.
    • My NYS was accepted on feb. 4th but still no ddd, it has been in the final processing stage since the 11th
    • i've had the 60 day review message since feb 9th with no change
    • I just checked & I was selected for audit! I called the rep & he said I will receive a letter in 2 weeks & it's abt my withholding a & deductions
    • @sem29nv did you ever have the 60 day message?  When was your NYS accepted?
    • Finally received a deposit date of 2/22....state accepted 2/5
    • I filed my nys refund on 1/29 & I was accepted on the 2/4! I had the 60 day message for a lol over a week & then on mon 2/11 it changed from 60 to 4-6 the following day it changed to 2-4 weeks. On wed, 2/13 I had the message my refund has finished processing & I will receive correspondence in 10 days abt my return! I checked this morning & I had the message saying I was selected to be audit! I called the IRS rep & he told me I will receive a letter in the mail & it's abt my withholdings & deductions but he couldn't give me no more information!  Once I send the documents they request, they will release my refund
    • @jkimblebiller, did you ever have the 60 day review message?
    • I had the 4-6 week notice then the 60 day notice.then final processing .. Now a deposit date
    • @jkimblebiller for how long did u have the 60 days notice for and when did it changed to final and DD date?
    • I also had the same as you, jkimblebiller... how long did it take to switch from 60days to a date. They got my  return on 2/5 then it said 4-6 then on 2/11 it said 60 days and haven't changed and I called and the guy said they are trying to delay the returns
    • Well my state has been audited after all of that 60 day review crap 10 business day mess so mad I never been audit before (;
    • @evita5, i never been audit before & I'm sooooo upset
    • When I contact the nys site it says that my status can not be given using this online system and to call the 518 number. Does anyone know what this means?? It Also said the site was under construction....I'm about sick of nys!!
    • Has anyone actually gotten a letter after seeing the message on website about getting correspondence in 10 days?
    • I'm waiting for my letter
    • @sem29nv -- did you see "audit" when you went to the website refund status page or are you just assuming?  Did you call NYS rep?
    • After I received the message stating to wait 10 days for correspondence, 2 days later the website said I was being audit & to call the 518#. I called and was told by the rep I'm being audit & I have to wait for the letter that should come in two weeks
    • sem29nv - Good luck.  This really stinks.  I guess pretty much everyone with that 60 day message will probably be audited.  It's just waiting for them to change to the audit message and send the correspondence.
    • evita5- did you have the 60 day message since your return was accepted?  How did you find out you were being audited?
    • @taxhater16 -- Not true.  EVERYBODY gets the 60 day message at some point.  It's generic.
    • @evtia5 Did your audit notice appear on website after 60 day notice or after ... "returned processed ... sending correspondence in 10 days..."  What did audit notice say exactly?
    • It doesn't appear to be generic if you get the 60 day message from the day your return is first accepted.
    • @boypoet no it was accepted and said 4 to 6 weeks to process and than it went 60 days and then 10 day Friday 2/15 there was a  updated and it said that I need to call 518 number and I did and it Said i was ramdley pick for audit mad about it hate new york state there broke asses I never been audit and i file the same thing every year .
    • I got the same message as well abt the 60 days.  My federal was approved and will be release on feb 21st.  I ow the state abt 1900 so am wondering if this is the reason for the delay
    • @aodle44 when was your federal approved? Just wondering about the timeline of my refund. Thanks.
    • my fed was sent on 2/11/2013 accepted on 2/13 approved 2/15
    • Has anyone who immediately received the 60 day message  actually had the status change to anything else?
    • Yes -- mine went from "last stages of processing.... 2-4 weeks, if no errors are found" or something like that.  Then, the next day that changed to "Your return is finished processing.  Corresponspondence about your return will be sent within 10 days."
    • boypoet - do you know if you're being audited, or are they requesting additional information?
    • I think we should wait until tomorrow today is a holiday
    • It appears that NY State is just adjusting refunds and then asking for further information proving the deductions after they adjust.  They should just ask for the info before sending a partial refund.  This is definitely a stall.  How long will it take to get the balance of a NY State refund once everyone sends in what is being requested.
    • A few years ago, NYS adjusted my refund by $20. I just accepted the refund as is. Not worth the headache over a paltry $20. Let them adjust it again, I'll do the same thing. My state refund is not large enough to warrant the PITA.
    • Agreed.... a lot better ... What is PITA?
    • PITA - Pain In The A--
    • HA!  Never heard that before.
    • When they adjusted the return, did you get a letter?
    • Also @WhyFurther -- I don't know what they want ... just that I'm getting a letter.  I'm calling tomorrow, though, if status doesn't change -- which it may, as I hear that some people have gotten 10 days a letter to you are being audited, call 518, etc., etc
    • tatoo1900 - has your message changed at all?  Did you receive any correspondence from the state?
    • my message is still the same..no changes at all..still the waiting game
    • My message hasn't changed at all either since 2/4.  I called and the woman read the message to me word for word like I couldn't read.  I guess we just have to wait until the 60 days are up to find out what they are going to do next.  Send a letter asking for more info which they could have requested already.
      NY State found a way to stall sending everyone their money.
    • well maybe we should look at the old saying no news is good news..
    • @boypoet - yes, I definitely got a letter when they adjusted it. This was back in 2006 or so, and I didn't know about the refund tracking website. If it displayed a "further review" message back then, I wouldn't know.
    • @tattoo1900 - in this case, no news is most certainly good news! With that being said, I hope that they don't take the full 60 days to respond to us.
    • Your story is identical to mines... I'm waiting for the letter as well :-/
    • A few minutes ago, my status changed from "60 days further review" to "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks." Here's to hoping that I'll get the DD notification and not an audit notice!
    • That is what  I am sweating out also.  I hope everyone who had the 60 day message that had a change to the 2 to 4 week message today make it to a DD date without any other changes such as the 10 day correspondence or an audit.
    • am still see the 60 day notice how long was ur 60 day notice on file @whyfurtherreview
    • I called today because of the "correspondence in 10 days" message on website and was informed that I'm not being audited and I may or may not receive a letter.. .which has be even more confused... has anyone had this experience?
    • That sounds like it's good news.  Sounds like your return will go through the normal processing.  Great news that you are not being audited.
    • @aodle44 - my return was accepted on 2/4, so it took 15 days from acceptance to status change.
    • @boypoet - good to hear that you're not being audited! It does sound like they may have adjusted your refund, though.
    • A lot of people that  are posting a change to their 60 day message today were accepted on 2/4 or 2/5.
    • whats the number to call
    • my state was accepted on 2/13
    • To speak to someone call 518 457-5181.
    • Selena0219 - have you received a change in your message today?
    • @taxhater16 - sure seems like returns submitted on those days got "randomly" selected.
    • Next year I am going to wait a little longer before I e-file, but that still doesn't guarantee not getting a 60 day message again.
    • I too called this morning and was told my state refund will be released by this Friday and if I dont see it within 14 days to contact them. Let's be hopeful....I also found out that if you filed a 1098T your tax release date isnt shown due to the readjustment of new law.. I will keep you all posted..:)
    • it's not just those dates, i filed mine on 2/8, accepted by nys on 2/11. still have the 60 day message and have had it from the start :0/
    • When was your state return accepted and what type off message did you get?
    • Feb 4th..message said that I couldn't use the online system to get my refund status so of course I panicked...but when I spoke with representative today she told me what I stated earlier...
    • Ok  just called and was told that no letter was sent to me and that i should keep checking the site for updates
    • Personally, I believe the state isbroke and doing whatever they can to hold people up. A few of my friends have been "randomly" audited too..
    • It looks like the state finally caught up to the returns accepted on 2/4 and were issued the 60 day message.
    • All of my wife's colleagues received the further review message as well, although she's not sure whether it was 60 days or 4-6 weeks. None of my colleagues have filed yet, so we'll see what happens with them.
    • One good thing is that everyone that changed today skipped the 4 to 6 week message and went straight to the 2 to 4 week message.  That's a little progress.
    • Anybody out there who has had the your return has been processed and in 10 days you'll get a letter as their status for more than a few days?  From what I see here, it seems to always change to audit.  Is this true?
    • It definitely looks that way.  Even though my 60 day message changed to 2 to 4 weeks who knows what NY State is going to do next.
    • My status finally change last night from the 60 day review.  We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.
    • my return was accepted on 2/13 and today is 2/28 so am hoping that I get a DD date soon.  That is 12 business days to pass through the phases, accepted, 60 day review, now final stage.  Monday March 4th would make 14 business days hopefully this is the two weeks.
    • @aodle44:

      Good to see that others with the 60 day message are seeing a status change to final stages. Although I've always received my NYS refunds a week or two after receiving my federal, this is my first experience with the further review nonsense.
    • @whyfutherreview, i feel you, i always received my state refund at least 1-2 weeks after my federal.  I had the 60 day message for about 3 weeks and it finally changed to final processing and could take up to 2-4 weeks.  I just hope it doesn't come back saying it was processed and i will receive corresopondence in the mail as I've heard other's complain about.  I don't know what kind of system they are on because I processed my sis n laws on the 8th and she had her DD on the 22nd.  She never even received a 60 day review or 4-6 week review message.  My colleague who does taxes for H&R block said that NYS state is broke and they are trying to process all the returns who have to pay first before they process all of the refunds.
    • for those of your who have received the final processing message, did any of you receive a DD date and if so, how long did it take before the date showed up.  Also, did anyone receive a notice about correspondence after the final processing update?  just curious.  at the rate this is going, I don't expect to see my refund until mid to end of march!!
    • As of a few minutes ago, I'm still in final stages of processing.
    • I have gone through all the notices filed 1/23, accepted 2/5, 4-6 week, 60 day for about 2 weeks then 5 days ago final stages. I actually am use to getting my state a day or two before my federal, this is the longest I have ever been processing.
    • I filed 1/31.  I received my federal refund on 2/8.  Since 2/4 I had the 60 day further review message for my NY State return.  On 2/19 it changed to the final stages - could take 4 weeks.  It hasn't changed to a DD date as of today.
    • So its abt 9 days minus weekends for u. Wow its been 2 days for me am still waiting a dd
    • Just updating the thread. Still in final stages as of 5 minutes ago.
    • Just updating.  Still in final stages as of an hour ago.  Waiting for tomorrow.  Hopefully all the final stagers will get DD dates.  I would like to read all the posts with my morning coffee.  Turbo Tax Community has been kind of quiet when it comes to NY State.  No one is posting good news, especially the people that were accepted on 2/4 or 2/5.  I kind of miss reading the postings every day.  Checking NY State refund site and reading posts on TT Community has become my past time after work.
    • Here is my update.  I am still in the final stages also however i owe the state back taxes hat i was paying through an agreement monthly.  When i check the state has wiped off the money i owe to them and now i don't have a balance.  But i still don' have a DD date for the balance owe to me.
    • Does state update on Tuesdays?
    • Don't feel so bad taxhater16 I'm in the same boat....No updates since i got the "final stages..." message, and accepted since 2/5. Hoping for better news tomorrow.
    • This is a partial explination of delays: http://www.mydollarplan.com/irs-tax-filing-delay/

      The longer the government holds your money, the better off they are. To you and I, one month of interest usually comes out to be a couple bucks. For the government and the masses that they are holding back right now, it's on the order of billions of dollars.
    • so i called NYS today and was told that there is still no dd date as yet.  Check back in 2 weeks really
    • I just checked my status and nearly fell out of my chair.

      "Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (MARCH 11, 2013). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received."

      Whew! No audit/adjustment, and a DD date! Start checking your statuses, guys!
    • Great news.  I couldn't believe it either.  I finally saw the DD date when I checked about 5 minutes ago.   I checked twice earlier and it was still final stages.
    • Congrats to everyone who got DD today!! Im still hoping something changes for me today but hey, maybe tomorrow.
    • @Miz Dre: Thank you! What day was your NYS return accepted?
    • what day was  urs accepted @whyfurther
    • did u get a dd @taxhater
    • My return was accepted 2/5. I then got the dready 60 day review message until 2/22. Now im waiting in the final stages
    • ok my return was accepted 2/13, and i had the 60 day review for sometime now, it change to final status last week so am still waiting
    • @aodle44:

      It was accepted on 2/4 and sat in "further review up to 60 days" until 2/19, when it finally changed to "final stages of processing".

      @Miz Dre:

      From the looks of it, you'll definitely be getting a DD notice sometime this week.
    • Fingers Crossed!! Lol
    • @aodle44 - DD date of March 11th.  I checked about an hour ago and couldn't believe my eyes.
    • Still final stages accepted 2/5.....Glad to hear people are getting DD dates.
    • @selena0219 - Did you ever get a DD date?
    • hopefully i will get a tax date next week since i was accepted on 2/13
    • it seems like from the date of acceptance u will see it the next month around that date
    FINALLY I have DD date of 3/15!!!

    Here's my story:

    Filed early but state not accepted until 2/5
    Got 60 message until 2/22
    Had Final stages message until 3/6 at 1:45pm (was still in final stages this morning)
    DD 3/15 no adjustments

    Good Luck everybody!

    PS. I filed 2 dep. EIC, Daycare, and HOH
    • ok so ur date change today
    • the state accepted me on 2/13 so i might get a dd date on 3/12
    • Aodle44: Yes it just changed an hour ago. All morning it was still n the final stages....Are u in the final stages now? if so for how long?
    • i have been in the final stages since last week
    • From what i have been reading and in my case you hopefully we'll see a change by Friday or early next week. Hopefully sooner than later :)
    • @selena0219 - Have you received an update yet?
    • This is so frustrating..  been with the 60 day message since Feb. 8th.. called and they said not to worry my account looks fine! I want my money NY!!!!
    • you are not alone. mine was accepted same day, feb 8th. have had 60 day msg since day 1... no change. i finally called yesterday and they just read the same message back and couldn't tell me anything else.
    • Actually mine was accepted on the 5th and it said 4-6weeks then on the 8th it changed. When I called the women told me it could be because I added a dependent ... which is my daughter but whatever I have two other daughters and I never had this problem!
    • They are scrutinizing every return.  A friend of mine has the 60 day message since 2/4 and it hasn't  changed since then.  She called and they read the message to her, but they did tell her that they have to verify all her information.
    • I think this is garbage my friend filed after me and got back both fed and state in days.
    • I owed them 1900 i saw that they cleared my tax bill but still the balance is not paid to me as yet.   i still have the final processing message since last week
    • I had a DD date of 3/11 and got it today.
    • @taxhater i thought u got it already
    • I got it  today.  I had a DD date of 3/11.

      I had the 60day message from 2/4 through 2/19.
      On 2/19 I got the final stage message.  I had the final stage message until 3/4.
      On 3/4  I got a DD date of 3/11/13 - which I received my refund today.
    • I received a DD date for 3/15 last wednesday ! Thank the lord
    • Congrats.  It's about time everyone gets a DD date.  This is ridiculous.
    • still no dd for tuesday will be a mth
    • @aodle44 - Did you get a message or correspondence that your refund was being adjusted?  They could DD your balance or they might just send you a check.
    • i haven't receive any correspondence the refund was adjusted and the state took what i owed them now i am still in final stages
    • When did they adjust your refund?
    • over a week now
    • When it comes to taking money  for back taxes they do it right away.  It's really not fair that your return was processed and now you have to sit and wait until they are ready to send the balance.  Have you called
    • i will call again tomorrow if i don't see a dd tomorrow
    • My  status FINALLY changed! It has said under review for up to 60 days from 2/8-3/11 to now saying it is in the final stage of processing.. I am hoping for this stage to move a lot quicker! How fast or slow did it change for the rest of you?
    • That's good to hear its been two weeks in the final stage for me.  i called today and was this week or next week for a deposit.  i really hope so
    • @rjmurray0106 - good for you! i am still waiting.... since same date 2/8. hope I get some change soon :(
    • Good luck hopefully you know something today :)
    • My status changed!!! wow.... filed on 01/ 21.12 got accepted 2/5 got 4-6 weeks message then on 2/8 got 60 day message till 3/11 today I called and I was told that it is in the final stage of processing. Checked it myself on the web and was shocked to see anything else then 60 days.... now what ? audit or DD date? ouff NY State!!!!!
    • Mines has been in final stages since 2/28 so It should be changing soon. Hopefully a dd date and not an audit...2 people on here went from final.stages to audit this morning so im hoping for some good news
    • I don't believe anyone is getting audited.  The way it looks is that the state randomly selects people for review.  Some of us are getting the 60 days message then the final stages then a DD date.
    • 2 people final stages message changed today to an audit....one lady said when she checked this morning she got a message saying that no info was available and that she should call a 518 #. When she called the number they told her that she was being audited and that a letter is gonna be sent out to her
    • Someone just commented and said that they to was being audited
    • Mine went from final processing to an audit this morning!!!  Does anybody know why so many got this audit message today.  Tried to call but got no answers.
    • Ok the state has a system outage it looks like something went wrong
    • Finally I got a dd date for april 1....thank god and good luck to everyone waiting
    • I finally got a DD date just now also.
    • Same thing for me also April 1st
    • ugh i still have no change, just checked. been waiting since 2/8     =(
    • I thought I would get a dd date for the following week but I'm grateful..I rather wait for a dd than a audit letter....
    • am gonna keepp checking my account bc that might just be the standard time to cover them incase its not there
    • Yes your right and I will do the same...
    • i file on january 17 and my state was accepted on march 1st and i have the 60 msg and i only have child care and job expenses teacher and this is the first time i go throught this i know this time i provide two different child care babysitter and daycare but i dont know whats taking so long Can someone please provide me with a number to speak to a representative to see if im audict or need to send some documents!
    • The number to call tells you the same thing as the website. The number is on the website. But it took a month and a half to be accepted? That's odd. Mine got accepted 5 days after they started accepting them. The more deductions you have the more of a chance you are going to have a problem.. that's why I only do my three kids.. and still had a problem with the 60 days. You just need to wait it out and that's what the lady told me when I called her. I sent mine in 1/18 was accepted 2/5 changed to the 60 day message 2/8 then changed to final processing 3/11.
    • Hi please help if you can. I filed on 1/31 it was accepted on 2/8 with a message saying it was recieved and required further review. That was the message until 3/11 now its says its in the final stages and can take 2-4wks. What does that mean exactly? Did you go through another stage (ie processin) after the "final stage". Im trying to get a general idea of when to accept it. Seems like every year it takes longer and longer. I have DD, claimed EIC, Daycare, School as well.....Thank you for any feedback you can offer
    • Now ur waiting for a date maybe two weeks or more
    • U might see a change around 4/11
    • @aodle44, thank you so much for responding. the 3/11 -final stage message seems to have effected a lot of people on here. Im praying that I get a DD with the next two weeks. God knows I need my return. Its very frustrating.....I wonder why they have people to answer the phone that are just going to read to you what the website message is....seems to me they need more tax processors and less phone reps. This has been a night mare :(
    • I took me a long time i finally got a dd yes and it states april 1st  trust me its fustrating
    • Since it's over 45 days they owe you interest.  It's ridiculous that you have to wait until 4/1 for your DD.  There doesn't seem to be any DD dates after 3/15 except for 4/1.  3/15 was the last DD date posted by anyone who had final stages that was updated.  I really thought that you would have gotten it sooner.  It stinks, but at least you have a DD date.
    • I know that's what i am saying because from 2/13 they accepted and I got a dd Date on 3/13.  That is a month  and a dd is 2 weeks after and 6 days.
    • I haven't seen anyone post on this site with a DD date of later than 3/15.  The DD dates went from 3/15 to 4/1.
    • Anyone get a dd date and not receive the deposit ?
    Anyone still waiting? Mine STILL has the 60 day message since 2/8, with no news, no correspondence, etc. What is going on??? NYS doesn't tell me anything when i call except read the message to me....
    • @ reneehaedrich this is so upsetting!!! I had the 60 days message  from 2/8 it changed on 3/11 to final stage. I filed on 1/20 was accepted on 2/5 , got  the 4 to 8 weeks and it switched to 60 days till 3/11. So I know how u feel. hopefully u get a change this week! good luck!
    • I filed 03/14, federal accepted the same day, nys accepted 03/15..i checked it the following day and it was in "under review could take up to 60 days" nonsense. I called NYS today..the 1st girl i talked to said "some people are getting 2-4 weeks, some are getting 60 day review, some are having no delay at all.. I'm really not sure why let me transfer you to someone else who might know". I got transferred to a man who said it's a generic message and all returns are taking 30-45 days. these people at the call centers can only see what we see as far as status and read it back word for word...ridiculous.
    • cynthiaedoukou - NY State has been taking about two weeks with each message.  I had the 60 day message from 2/4 through 2/19.  On 2/19 it changed to final stages and I had that message up to 3/4.  On 3/4 I got a DD of 3/11.
    • Not entirely true with the 2 week thing. I've had my 60 day message for 5 weeks now.
    • @taxhater thank you so much !!! you have been very good to all of us on this forum!!!!  I got a DD date for 4/3 and no adjustment!! I will miss this forum it has been a good month and half!!! I was so chocked when I got my update. Again good luck to those still waiting for a date!
    • I agree i was waiting for a long time also but not a month on the 60 day message.  I was accepted on 2/13,and was given 60 day notice for 2 weeks after that final processing for a week and a half and then direct deposit date on 3/13.  So my process took me a whole month. Am still waiting for my dd to be deposited but because I owed the state my process is taking longer because I had to clean up the liability with the state.  Because of lots of fraud the state is reviewing everything.  Today the state send me an email with a letter telling me about my offset.
    • Just received a status update this afternoon that my direct deposit will be 4/4. This is my story
      Filed my return 1/31/13 it was accepted on 2/8. I started checking around 2/20 and it stated that my return was selected for further review that could take up to 60days. I called on 3/5 when I still hadn't received anything in the mail and my status hadn't changed. The rep told me the same exact message and that if I should get anything in the mail to respond right away. On 3/11 my status changed to final stages of processing that would take 2-4wks. this morning when I checked I received the same status message. I forgot to close out of the screen and this afternoon when I went online figured before I closed out fo the screen to just check it one more time and it read --------Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (APRIL 04, 2013). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

      -All together from the date of acceptance to todays update was roughly 6wks.
      -Acceptance to DDD is a little under 9wks.
      I have EIC, school credits, head of house hold, unemployment and W2 info. hope this helps someone and thank you all for helping me!! Now lets just pray it actually gets deposited :)
    • just curious, has anyone that's having problems gotten a census survey to fill out? I received a census not long after i filed my taxes, and i haven't returned it yet so I'm wondering if they are waiting to receive this to match it against my income/dependents/etc.? just a shot in the dark.... and it shows like it's from the US Government census bureau, not NYS, but i think it's all a big conspiracy anyways lol
    • I got my deposit date today. Sent in my taxes 1/18 accepted 2/5. Then 2/8 it went to review for up to 60 days. Then 3/11 my status changed the final processing. Today 3/19 I got my deposit date of April 4th. But I have a feeling it will come the Friday before or on the 5th. They almost always send it out on a Friday unless your bank waits till release date which mine doesn't.  Last year I got a did date on a Thursday and it was there the Friday before. Fingers crossed! To the people who do not have a date yet they don't want you to be waiting more then 45 days because then they start paying interest. I got my date on the 44th day. not saying that for everyone.. just general assumption.
    • @rjmurray0106 thank you....that gives me some more hope. I feel bad being thankful that I am finally getting my DD when so many are still waiting. Looks like alot of us are in the same timeline cycle. Thank you again for your post!
      @reneehaedrich-the census info is for federal use & is confidential. Now states do have access to population info but its not on an individual basis...its agains the law...1.Federal Law - Title 13 of the U.S. Code protects the confidentiality of all your information. Violating this law is a crime with severe penalties. I think it was just a coincidence. Good luck
    • is it true that NYS has to pay interest after 45 days? where can i find out about this? mine is surely approaching 45 days this week...
    I filed my taxes on jan 30th and I recieved my federal on feb 14, 2013. My nys state was accepted on feb 4th and right from the start I got the needs further review could take up to 60 days. Like so many others I was freaking out but I never called I just waited. Last week I got the final stages of processing and when I checked today it said it had been processed with a dd date of April 4th. I have been following the post reading them so I thought I'd put this info out there for the next person. Good luck everyone and try to stay patient. I know it's hard come tax season


      • We got the same message as soon as it was accepted. I hope it's generic
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