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I only want to use Turbo Tax to file my federal return. How do I do this.

I don't want to file my state return through Turbo Tax.  How to I print just the federal and file just the federal
To print or file the federal return and not get charged for the state return you need to completely delete the state return. 
To delete your online state return see this….

  • This is crap. We are to get the fed and state for the $59. price. Now your going to burn us $40. to file a state form that does not need to be filed.??????????????????//
TurboTax is a complete rip-off.  I spent several hours preparing my federal income tax return on the site so that I could file it with some other information.  After all that time, I find out that TurboTax won't let me even see teh return without paying them $39.  

I used H&R Block and: (1) was able to print out a copy of my federal return; and (2) they got me an extra $97 refund over what TurboTax calculated.   

Waste of my time. 
    Thanks but no Thanks
      just want fed tax