Whats is going on with Turbo tax and the refunds this year?

  • my returns were approved on feb 2 and has been processing ever since. Im supppose to recieve my money in 21 days which is feb 23 and today is the 22 yet it is still mprocessing on irs website wtf
  • did you have form 8863
  • education credits
  • I called the IRS and they told me no info as of yet and I was able to order my transcripts last week.
  • I filed on jan 30  still processing... I think TurboTax has not paid their fees or we need a refund
  • That's also 30days?!? Have you tried calling?
  • i filed on 2-8-13.  got my federal back but not the state.  tried 'where my refund' but it tells me i have to wait 72 hours...it's been 2 weeks.
  • i haven't got my federal but i got my state
  • how did you get your refund back already when you filed 6 days after me i dont get it ...everyone got there money back but me i dont understand whats taking so long this year...i have 2 dependents im claiming head of household
  • I don't think turbo tax have paid their fees either
  • Thought Turbo Tax was legit. I'd rather pay a couple of hundred dollars to other tax agencies than to go through this [Removed Profanity] . Never again.
  • i filed one 2-1-13 and got acepted on the same day.. i got my state not my federal.. its been 21 days today.... i get on the irs.gov and its telling me my things are incorrect.... i now have to wait 24hrs... what is going on?!? please help
  • i don't know what's going on
  • don't throw away your money there are plenty of agencies you can go threw like TT without paying out the nose. and have great service
  • I filed Jan 10th to get in front of the line. Got accepter Jan 25th...... Now Feb 22 and no refund. Also WMR says they are still processing it. I called the IRS and they said that there was some kind of error on the IRS part and my refund would be delayed 4-6 weeks past Feb 19th. Meaning I wont see it until late March/ Early April.    I only filed a 1040 with only one dependants. No extra forms , no education things etc.... VERY simple refund.
    Im extremely disappointed
  • it seems like the larger the refund, the longer the wait.....
  • Same here. I've been in processing ever since Jan 24th & no return yet. I wish they would at least provide a date of dispense.
  • I think everyone who is having probs and not getting their refunds in a timely fashion should be reimbursed turbo tax fees!!!
  • today does make 21 days since the IRS began excepting refunds. I would love to call my bank and hear that the money is there. Everyday I keep saying maybe today, maybe tomorrow, probably Friday....
    They can't not give it us so no choice but to wait
  • what number do you call to speak to someone. All I get is an automated
  • I got accepted 1/30/13 today is day  22. Only received part of my refund a very small part and the rest is on hold saying that I will get a letter in the mail. I still haven't received either yet and I didn't file anything special either.  regular 1040 with 2 dependents. I am pissed. I had problems with TT last year and stupid me I go and file again with them again  this year. The TT site says I will get my refund before feb. 20th  So much for that. The IRs site says they need more info. I did everything the same as every other year.  This is very very frustrating. The number I was given to call and not get automated is 1-866-897-3315.  I get a person every time. Sometimes you wait, sometimes you don't. Good luck.
  • im definately in a state of confussion, i filled jan 30. and asked for a paper check returned, and it says still processing as of today (2/22/13) on where's my refund tool on the irs.gov website
  • Yeah, same here!!! Bunch a BS!!!
  • well i filed on January 24th accepted on Feb 1st and still nothing..... i filed a 1040 but i got an education credit, now when i called the irs and spoke to an actual living human being they said they didnt start processing education credits until feb 14th which means i should hypothetically receive my refund 21 days after the 14th of feb which puts my taxes coming back at around the 7th of march....... idk if this helped anyone but education credits are a bitch this year.....
  • i also just read that if your able to order your transcripts that right after your able to order them (withing 48 hrs) your dd date will appear i just ordered mine so fingers crossed :)
  • I knew i wasn't the only one.. i filed on the 18th of jan, got accepted on the 25th and feb is almost over with, and still no refund
  • I just called IRS and DD of 2/27 however, turbotax holds the money for two weeks
  • Jut got off chat line with turbotax they hv no right to hold onto the money that long I will not use them next year
  • I have filed a simple 1040 on the 27th of January. It got accepted one day later on the 28th. I then recieved an email from turbo tax saying my refund will be here between the 9th and 19th of february. I have been checking everyday and nothing. The irs website says "still being processed". After Turbo emailed me saying my return was accepted. My refund was only a couple hundred dollars as I did not work most of the year. Im getting married march and I am using that money to purchase my wedding dress. Its the 22nd and still nothing! I cant help but to worry. I am stressing out !
  • i got a email saying i owe turbo-tax 31$ cause my refund was adjusted to 0$ i am suppose to get 2227$ back the irs web site said " still being processed" and when i called the irs said they are not finished with my reurn so i think something funny is going on. my return was accepted on jan 25. but i had the educational credit so i know it held it up a little. i keep gettig off the wall emails.
  • I did the same thing file on the 2nd feb. and when check it it said that mine was still prossesing to.
  • Me too.   It says that I owe turbo tax 56 bucks by 3/23 because IRS adjusted my refund...but on the IRS website it says still processing...I'm confused and this seems to be a bit sketchy
  • @joivannalparker why would TT hold your money for 2 weeks?
  • I just got the same email! I rely on this money.
  • Now I owe TT 60.49 by 3/22 when my refund was suppose to be over 6000.00!!!
  • Just a guess, but thinking due to it being past the 21 days, may be some glitch that sends out these emails?
  • How do we figure this out?  We are all relying on this money.....this is complete bs I hate you TT
  • I've been on hold with TT for 35 min!!
  • Got the same email.  I called the IRS after holding an hour I spoke to a real person who looked up the information and said I was getting the correct amount back, and my direct deposit was set for 2/27 and now have been holding for 30 minutes with Turbo Tax to make sure that they are not going to take this out twice.  Will not use Turbo Tax again.
  • your the man! thanks for the info, if it proves to be valid!
  • That's b.s.! I ordered my transcripts last Friday and not dd yet. This sucks so bad
  • This is all seriously upsetting! I feel awful knowing that some of you are all struggling with your families and its fucked up that we cant get our money in a decent amount of time or are getting charged fees for ridiculous reasons. Its bad enough we have to go through these hard times and they are doing this to us! Especially those of you with families and trying to provide for your children. I honestly hope all goes well with you and bless you and your families! (:
  • You can blame congress for pushing through tax changes at the absolute last possible minute. And TT doesn't issue refunds - the IRS does. IRS issues refunds to the tax payer, not the tax preparer/processor. The only way TT is involved in disbursing funds is if you are taking a rapid refund loan.
  • Sounds like this is some new wonderful trend /sarcasm. I filed on Jan 19, I was supposed to get me refund by 21, needless to say I haven't. The IRS knows nothing, turbo tax knows nothing. This is the most frustrating situation ever.
  • i submitted my return on the 30th of january i had an educational credit and i was approved on the 14th of feb, a friend had hers submitted by an actual tax professional on the 15th and on the IRS website she has been approved and will be getting her refund on monday she also has educational credit. so what gives with turbo tax mine was submitted before her so why have i not also been approved?
  • taxes accepted feb 3., educational tax credits and what not, over 5000 expected back and also got an email from turbotax saying i owed 40 bucks for the audit support and basically that my refund was held. On the phone with the IRS waiting to talk to someone.
  • The IRS rep. that I talked to said that the "Where's my refund" app is overloaded!  However, at least they answered the phone I was on hold over an hour to talk to turbo tax and never talked to anyone.  I just want to make sure that they don't take the fee out of the return and out again on the 22nd of March.  I think the email was just a form email because our returns have taken longer than usual.  However, stating in the email that the IRS has notified them that my return was less than the fee is plain wrong and that they tried to take it out of my account is worse.  I declined overdraft protection so it was not taken out and I didn't incur NSF fees, but for those who did they should give them the overdraft fees, and ESPECIALLY reword the email.
  • @fenris... there is no such thing a a Rapid Refund Loan anymore...  AND TT doesnt do that anyways...
  • I filed early to get it out of the way. I was notified that my federal was accepted early on Jan 25th but would not begin processing until the 30th. I was cool with that. My state was accepted on the 31st. Cool beans.. so I would chk from time to time to see the status on tt and irs.gov. Turbo tax posted a refund date on Feb 20th. Then I received an email stating that the processing on my federal rtn would be delayed because I was claiming an education credit that wouldn't allow my rtn to be completely processed until Feb 14th. So here we are on the 23rd at 12am and I received an email from TT stating I owe them 56 dollars because the irs offset my refund and it wasn't enough to cover my fees for them.. I went into a panic and checked irs. Websit for refund status and it I said my refund was approved for the amount I was expecting and I will be deposited on the 26th.. I even called the federal tax offset program
  • To check and see if I owed the government and I don't.. I don't know what is going on with TT but I will be contacting them as soon as I think I will get a live person. This is ridiculous. I have been a faithful user of tt for over five years.. I am contemplating not using them again for next year I don't like crap like this
  • I got the same thing and totally freaked out, feeling a little better now after reading that this is happening with other people. When I go to "where's my refund?" it says they don't have any information......what the heck is going on?
  • I just wake up to the same email telling me that i owe $111 because they didnt get there money from irs. well they will have to wait for their money too. when i get mine they will get theirs. i fill on jan 20th and it was accept on the 24th and i still  haven't got mine due to the irs education credit. but i wont be using tax turbo any more.
  • I used the free version of TT so can't speak to the fees being drafted. However, my return with education credits was accepted 2/14 and I just got the notification that the refund will be processed on 2/27. So things are starting to move at least. Also - the "Where's My Refund" page is slow to update. My info didn't update until today.
  • I received another email from TT this weekend, stating that the previous email was sent to me in error!  Please disregard the email that was sent previously......I printed them for reference just in case.  I spent a total of 3 hours holding on TT with no one answering the call.   Frustrating at best. I will not use TT next year.
  • I got the same email too so i guess everyone should start to relax  and my refund is now showing in the irs
  • I called state and they said turbo tax filed as an extension not as processing the return.
The IRS did not begin processing returns until Jan. 30. The IRS will no longer promise when you will get your refund. Some states would not accept returns until the federal return was accepted.
  • My state was accepted but i have still have no more info on when it will be deposited into my account.  And how come this wasn't explained before i did my taxes on your website? I don't think its fair to pay the price it cost to get the funds earlier, if that is not going to occur.
  • I totally agree. Why pay more if its not going to happen I feel I should be reimbursed
  • It was also not posted that if you were claiming education credits your return was not going to be processed until mid-late February. Turbo tax is getting a lot of money this year for nothing IMO because people could have used the same type of service on the IRS web-site for free. After using Turbo Tax for over 10 years this will be my last!!
  • TurboTax did not know and the IRS did not know that their systems could not process the education credit until after they started trying to process returns.
  • That is not true according to information sent out to "ALL" tax type services the IRS notified them about this and only TT did not notify it's customers. Check your facts before you call someone a liar
  • I agree!!!
  • I agree!!!
  • Hey I said nothing about you being a liar...or even used those words...I actually agree with you totally!!
  • There is nothing in my statement that is not factual nor anything that called anyone a liar. The IRS announced on Jan. 8 that returns would be accepted starting Jan. 30. The education credit was included in  forms that could be processed on Jan. 30 in the Jan. 8 announcement. It wasn't until later in January after the IRS starting processing test returns that they learned there were systems problems with form 8863 for education credits. This was after TurboTax had started accepting returns for submission on Jan. 30 that included the education credit based on the Jan. 8 announcement by the IRS.
  • I did not have an education credit .  Mine accepted on February 4 and still says processing.  No DD date yet.  Just a simple return.  Turbo Tax says go in 2-25-13 no date from IRS.  Upset about the amount I paid to Turbo Tax also.  Will not use them again.
  • I understand what is going on, however I will not be using TT next year either. I still have to process my daughter's tax return and I certainly will not use this service either. We either should get a full refund or at least a discount for the inconvenience.

    But at the end of the day this is business so I am sure that won't be happening other than to let people know what has happened and not to bother with this service from here on out.
  • I think this is a hassle also. I paid also for the audit help just in case and you would think Turbo Tax would be a little more in depth with what's going on with our taxes. You would think they would have all the information their customers need as well as additional help options to ease their customers minds.
  • I agree with all of you I have no understanding why they raised rates anyway to give us less service I've been customer of TT for 6yrs now this is the first ntime they have been off point. questionable on my return next year
  • I agree
  • God knows I could use this money right now and put off so many things expecting our return. :( feelin a little depressed as collectors are contacting me...I just want to pay some overdue bills, get some things lined up for my kids this spring. Patience is a virtue, ugh!!
  • I agree. I wont be using TT again.  I haven't been keep up to date on anything the TT site says I should have received my refund and i haven't. LIke the TT says I should have received it the 13th.  Yeah still no refund. I don't know what I paid extra for since they have their info wrong.  I had issues last year with them and I was dumb enough to use TT again. Never again
  • INCORRECT my taxes were approved jan 25 n DD in my acct 1/31/2013... Some people have gotten their taxes back earlier then believed... IRS tested the new system n people that did taxes by midnight on the 17th of Jan had a chance of getting them back starting Jan 30... If your going to give answers to people's questions " SUPERUSER" get your facts all the way CORRECT .. People are trying to find out actual answers not suggestions of the truth
  • All of y'all act like TT is the IRS... Lol... Turbo tax was paid to prepare n transmit your return... If the IRS is not ready to release funds and wont give u the PAYEE any info how is TT suppose to get the info inless contacted by the IRS if some paid for audit protection so how in the world does the blame go to TT... They did as agreed n will continue to use in the future
  • Friday nite trolls... dont feed em
  • I would contact the BBB for their central office location. If they attempt to draft without your permission file fraud against it. Your bank should cover you and give you your money back while they investigate.
  • They cant do that. Call TT As soon as possible. Then call the IRS. This is not ok  especially if your refund is enough to cover that 66 dollars.  TT cant just access your account to withdraw funds with out your permission. They can wait for there money just like you are waiting for your refund.
  • Non automated phone numbers for both IRS and tt
  • just got an email from turbo tax saying i owe them 77 dollars and they couldnt take it out of my refund b/c the irs adjusted it! same issue with the education credit delays also. im supposed to get 5050 back and there is no way my taxes would b taken by the irs for any reason. who else received this email?
  • Same here, I was just notified of this and now I'm getting even more frustrated.... I filed on the 26 of January and the education credit was not being processed until feb 14th and I still can't get any info on my refund. Now I'm 60 short on my bills.... Ugh!
  • I feel ya there. I have just enough left in my checking to cover 2 more months of rent and electric bills
i will not be using turbo tax again i don't know when my money coming my return has no date and turbo tax giving late info. I have no date of my deposit just processing where's my refund
  • I have help people file in Ohio and kentucky from the end of january to present the simplest returns only took 7days but now the returns are taking about 14days the irs indicates 21days but this is what I've been noticing.
  • My Tax refund was accepted on Jan 28th and I still have not gotten it and automated thingy through IRSa says same thing no info available!! What is going on???
  • Filed my Federal & State on 01/27/2013. My Federal was behind due to the education credit. Believe it or not, Federal accepted my taxes on 02/14/2013. They are now saying that I should get my Federal return on 02/25/2013, not bad considering I had the education credit on it. I have used TurboTax for years, but going to change. My Federal refund amount is not the same that TurboTax said, it's $1,541.00 shorter? Last year, my state was $1074.00 shorter than TurboTax said. I wonder how short my state will be this time? It took close to 6 months to get my TurboTax refund from them for preparing my taxes and they were wrong. It was a headache to even get that refund!!!!!!
  • I had to end up paying state 459 instead of 126 refund because TT miscalculated nc tax issues? Last yr my federal was500 less due to not pulling prior years returns....I got accepted 2/14 still processing,state I got a revised form in mail showing TT wrong info....saying I know owe,but on TT it still says accepted will get refund on 2/25smh
the netspend bank gave me this irs number 1-800-829-1954  maybe this will help someone,irs send sent to bank,it said if i dont get nothing in 4 days call them back,so looks like i have to wait''im not going with tt again,i have not recieved no e-mails or nothing''''im pissed'''''''''
  • my refund was accepted on Jan 24th. Due to it having education credits the IRS told me it will be 21 days from Feb 14th
Does anyone know how to sign up for the net spend card?
  • go to their website unless u sign up right when u file
I am currently going on one hour on hold with Turbo Tax.  I filed on the 21st on January.  IRS accepted it on Jan 29th.  Got an email about the education credit...which is fine, IRS is processing still as of yesterday.  Today I checked and it says I'll be getting my refund sent on Tuesday but Turbo Tax send s me an email telling me that my refund isn't enough to cover the filing fees?  WTF!!??!??!  I have filed with Turbo Tax for over 6 years and never had a single problem.  I am to the point of rage.
    Turbo smacks is really starting to piss me the fuck off!!! There are some people out there that actually need the money!! 
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