How can I access NC form D-400X-WS to amend 2012?

I am trying to amend federal and state 2012 return for additional W-2 received for salary adjustment of $55.22 received from former employer.  The program says that the state form needs an explanation of reason for amendment.  Cannot quick zoom to form to complete explanation.
    I waited on hold for 55 minutes to speak with technical support about this issue. The problem is NC has not released the Form D-400x-WS yet. Therefore you cannot use TurboTax to file an amended return. The service rep could not give a specific date but advised it wil likely be late February or early March before that form is available in the software. You can go ahead and amend the Federal and then amend the state when the software is updated. Hope this helps.
    • I was on hold for an hour yesterday and I told the rep. three times that I was getting an error that the form was not available but she kept me on the phone for over an hour downloading forms  to try and correct it.  I told her it was for my 2012 taxes but she was using 2011 in her mind.  The form is available with our State now but Turbo Tax can't get it in their system.  I don't understand why they are having such a delay making it available on their software.  I don't want to fill it out by hand - I want to be able to use the program they advertise to amend.  The Federal is amended so I guess I will mail it and keep checking back with Turbo Tax for the form.  I just wish the Rep. would've paid attention to me instead of googling questions and giving me answers that did not help me at all.  I could've googled myself but the problem was eventually realized by her that Turbo Tax didn't have the form.  They can't alert me when the form is available either.

    The old North Carolina amended form D400-XWS is gone for 2012 and a new Form D-400X was just made available a few weeks ago. We have been working on it since and it is currently scheduled to be available to customers on March 1st (probably in the evening).


    Thank you for your patience.

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