Has anyone got there mn refund yet?

    I got mine direct deposit this morning they finaly accepted it this Monday the 4th but it is also $204.00 short
    • That's cool, do you owe for any speeding tickets or anything like that?  Anyways that's good to hear, I am guessing that I should expect mine on either Friday or Monday. I don't know why the MN WMR says no info when HR block says MN has accepted it.  It just sucks because I spent my entire fed return on bills already and was expecting my state to be here by now. Why can't the government ever just run smoothly???
    No. I filed on Jan 14 and still don't have nothing. Not even an expected date for my refund.
    • I just talked to DOR on the phone and they told me that just because it was accepted does NOT mean it was processed.  Apparently if you filed before the Jan. 30th delay it may actually take you LONGER to get processed than if you waited til the 30th or after due to a glitch between the IRS and state DOR. Also, the simpler return you filed the faster it is processed, and the date given by the state WMR is a "worst case scenario" and it will almost always be deposited BEFORE the date given. Hope any of this helps.
    • My return was finally completed as of this morning. It was accepted on 2/6 and I called the DOR about my concerns yesterday and they said expect a deposit within 7-14 days after it was accepted. I hope he didn't mean completed... The WMR site was updated today and reads this:

      Processing of your 2012 Income Tax return has been completed.

      You have selected your refund be electronically deposited into your bank account.  Please check with your bank for deposit information.  We do not send deposit notification.

      We anticipate your refund to be issued by 02-25-2013.

      Like I said before, I was told that the date is an absolute last possible deposit date. How long has anyone else received their deposit after COMPLETION of their returns? I am making a guess it will be deposited around mid to late next week (~2/19). I will update as soon as anything changes.
    I have not received my refund yet, but as of this morning the WMR message changed to

    "Processing of your 2012 Income Tax return has been completed.

    You have selected your refund be electronically deposited into your bank account.  Please check with your bank for deposit information.  We do not send deposit notification.

    We anticipate your refund to be issued by 02-20-2013."

    So it looks like they are going to be sending them out soon.

    • what day did you file them if i may ask? Mine is still telling me when i look at the where's my refund that no information is available. I did receive me federal the other day which you think thats the one that would take longer.
    • I was accepted on the 31st, the next day I was able to check WMR and it stated that it would be processed by 3/9, that changed today to the above message.   I have read other posts that returns that were filed and were accepted before the 31st have a delay because of an glitch in the MN system, but I have not confirmed that.

      Hope this helps.
    • I filled on 1//30 and received my refund on 2/5. The WMR stated 2/6 it wouold be deposited but I got it a day early. This is the fastest that I ever received a refund. It usually would take 2-3 weeks.
    • I filed the 30th of January, received my Fed refund on 2/4.  I keep calling the HR block Emerald card about my state status and until today it was "waiting to be accepted" and today 2/7 it finally reads "Your return has been accepted by the state of MN" and I'm wondering how long it takes to get state deposit, because last year I got my state about 4 or 5 days after filing and my Fed came about 8 days after filing. Why so different this year?
    • BTW I check the MN WMR website and it says there is no information on my refund... Kinda sketched out.
    • Yeah it tells me the same thing i was accepted the 30th of January, and tells me no information found. Last year I got my state like 4 days after my federal and i received my federal the other day. Also the automated system is telling me the same thing. err
    • My MN refund was accepted Feb 8th and still nothing....anyone else????
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