Status bar disappeared, now it just says your return is still being processed

And a refund date will be provided when available. What does this mean??? Anyone else get this and then get a dd date?
  • I was accepted on fed 14 with a refund date of before march 7 ...had an orange bar for about 4 days and then it went back to only saying its being processed....SO annoying!! I check everyday on wheres my refund and it says the same exact response,
  • I get the same thing too. As a matter of fact I got a letter from them the other day when they started to process it saying that they had received my income tax return and are in the process of conducting a thorough review of my return information.  That this review is part of an ongoin program the IRS conducts to ensure the accuracy of my return information. bla bla bla, you get the idea I'm not typing it all out.

    some of the things different about my return this year is that I have purchases a house, That i have installed solar panels, that I have had insulation work done, that I have had a gas water heater on demand installed. I don't know. Maybe when you claim these many things they go through them or the fact that I'm filing from a different address than before. If I knew this was going to happen I would have left the home improvements off as they really didn't save a negligible amount of money.

    any similarities here, them we may know what the delay is about.
Mine says the same thing. My bar disappeared sometime over the weekend and mine still shows the exact same things your does. I do NOT like this new system. Easier my ass! LOL...anyone have any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • yes a date will appear soon my sisters just provided a deposit date and hers said the same thing
Mine changed from the generic message sometime last week. Checked WMR yesterday morning have a DD of 2/21. Be patient it's coming. I was never pulled for review, I know that because I called. I think it's just what pops up on the system when they're done and about to give you a DD. Good luck.
  • I got a referenced code 9001 & they seem to cant provide any information ?? I'm confused
  • Same here, accepted 2/6. Rep sd nothing was wrong just gettin close to tht 21 day mark . I had education credits which was holdin mine up but it still has to be processed by the 27th. shld get a dd date this week
  • Did you get a reference code too 9001
  • No just tht still processing, dd date is not available yet
  • no reference code ever showed on mine.
  • My grandfather got the same letter and that was only because he had the code 9001 and he had a idverify where he had to answer some questions to verify that it was him to submit it and begin processing it through. Another thing is you might be getting audited. Or there might be some kind review in the making with your return
  • The 9001 code is a delay process I recieved it & spoke to the IRS everything is find just being delayed just because they said your return was accepted it probably didn't hit the system until  a few days later.... My return was accepted on 2/14 & the IRS agent said they are just seeing it in the system today 2/18
  • @cereal_killer. did you get your deposit?
I am having the same problem. Says refund is still processing and a due date will be given when availble. =(
  • Im having the same problem , im worried now.
  • from the 28th till yesterday morn ive had one orange bar, then yesterday i was finally able to order my return transcript after that i checked WMR and it now has still processing & a refund date will be provided when available.
  • I actually talked to an is rep earlier today, turns out that message means that there reviewing your return.. he exact words where that the computer wouldn't accept my return for unknown reason so they had to look at it closer witch would take up to 9 weeks..
  • 1/22 and excepted 1/26 all of us are in review so that would not be true because the rep  I talked to today said the the reason for the change is were getting to the close of the 21 mark
  • Maybe your right. In my case, I filed 2/6 .. although I hope the rep I talked to would be wrong, because I hate waiting
  • Mine changed yesterday morning too,  after been stuck on the generic 21 day message since  WMR opened on the 30th.  I filed on 1/18  accepted and acknowledged on 1/28     1040EZ
  • mine been like for a week now and still no DD or i still cannot order trans.. ugh!!!
  • This is what we see in our claim history.  We filed on Jan. 21st,

    Sent to Tax Authority | 01/26/13 07:14:14 AM
    The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.
    Received by TurboTax | 01/28/13 01:51:20 PM
    Your return has been received. You can expect to receive an email acknowledgment within 24-48 hours, indicating whether or not your e-file was accepted.

    I am so tired of seeing this 24-48 hours crap.  How many of those 24-48 hour things are they talking about.  Called and was on hold for a full 55 minutes, with a message every ONE minute that said, "Your estimated wait time is ONE minute." Heard that 55 times.

    And where does everyone see this "BAR' on their statuses?  Shouldn't I have seen that at some time?  

    We are losing our home on March 1 because we have not been able to provide back rent, which was coming in tax return.  Promised payment on Feb. 8 according to first message.  Still nothing and the TT lady told me that it was in cue and that they had to get to the ones filed BEFORE the 30th of January one day at a time.  LADY!  We filed on Jan. 21.  I helped others file with TurboTax and they've ALREADY received theirs. I will NEVER EVER EVER use TT again and I will write a series of press releases encouraging others to leave them as well.
  • mine is the same way except the 21st day for me was the20th and i still have no refund or a date of deposit this is rediclous
  • @cherie. Did you try calling the tax advocate? A lot of times they can help expedite the process if you are suffering a hardship. Try giving them a call. You can look up the number on the IRS websit. Sorry I don't have it off hand. I hope everything works out for you.
  • I filed mine on 2/4 and up until yesterday I had the status bar that just said processing. Now its saying the same message (taxes still being process date will appear when available) today is the 21st day I don’t have any educational credits why is it taking so long?
yes a date will appear my sister just said the same thing and now her date appeared
  • @ natashahunt354 how long after did she get a date. mine was saying this for a week now
  • Do you all have education credits?
  • no edu. credits, simple return.
  • no edu  simple 1040EZ
  • I have education credits on mine. My return was accepted on 1/24, but they didn't start processing education credits until the 14th. I'm still waiting on a DD date. I know it's been over 21 days for me, so I don't know what's going on. I'm hoping it will be soon.
  • I stole this next post below from a chat room       I forgot who originally wrote  and sorry for stealing it to share ... however  I hope it is true
  • also heard saw this on another forum: This is what I was told by an IRS agent… the new system sucks that they’re having to do put only a certain amount of tax returns through each day because if they flood the system it shuts down. so they’re limited how many they can do each day and it’s just where you’re at in line and when you get through. When you get the message of your tax return is still being processed a DD will be given when possible it’s sitting there done in a queue waiting to be put through to get a date. This is the closest thing i have been told to making sense. Cuz it pretty much explains it….no rhyme or reason.
  • I hope your right monica.... accecpted 2/1 just changed to A refund date will be provided when available....... :(
  • same here got that message since 2/15 friday after i ordered my return transcript.. NO DD yet
  • mines said the same thing but i got a dd date on sat for 2/21.
  • still nothing for me  accepted 1/28       congrats  mary
  • how long did yours say it mary mine been since friday
  • since the 12th
  • Congrats Mary. Keep us posted if you actually get it tomorrow.
  • still no DD!!!!
  • still no delivery date either
  • still no delivery date for me either and i cannot order transcripts.. this is b.s.
  • still no dd
  • no DD either
  • I ordered transcripts sunday filed 2/1 still same message a dd will be given when available since monday:(
  • what in the world is going on. I have only seen 1 person in this whole blog get a direct deposit date..
  • i still have no date yet  and its almost a week now tomorrow is a week   this is a bunch of shit  being processed for a month
  • The irs said that you are suppose to have your refund 21 days from the date you filed. Have you called them?
  • Today is 22 days for me STILL NOTHING>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :(
  • I've called and called but I never get a real person.  What am I doing wrong and what number do I call for this?
  • 800 829 1040 press 1 for english. then press 0 twice. that will transfer to the first person you have to lie and say that your refund info is not showing on the website or through the hotline and you need to speak to a live rep. then you will be on hold about 15-20 min then tell that person the same thing and they will pull your info up ..
Minr says the same message. Still processing. I finally contacted a tax advocate who just called back and told me I have a DDD of 2/26. So hopefully that is true. I was one of the early acceptance ones with education credits.  I will keep you guys updated if I actually get it Tuesday.
  • @stacie.. Are you able to order a return transcript online?
  • @t179 no i am not able to order a transcript as of this morning
  • how do i contact a tax advocate
  • I googled IRS tax advocates and it will give you the numbers of the advocates in your area
  • thank you stacie_warner
  • @t179 I was able to order a transcript as of 2 minutes ago
  • how do you order transcript
  • mine is ordered so does this mean anything???
    i figured it out ..
  • @trybltrouble. Just go to the IRS website. The link to order a transcript is in the middle on the main page. Make sure u try for the 2012 RETURN transcript. That is the one that, if u can order it, is supposed to mean that your refund is ready.
  • I ordered it ten days ago. have it and still no dd.
  • o wow  what is going on with these people they not working on stuff or half assing it then leave it to sit  there 21 days are up this isnt making any sense
  • i was able to order my return transcript 7 days ago didnt get it in the mail yet and no DD either,
  • Just to update you guys when I check WMR I now have a ddd of 2/27
  • I also have a DD of 2/27 and I had education credits.
  • I still have nothing and was accepted on 1/31. Have called several times and agents say it is just processing, not in review and no errors.
  • for you guys with due date how long was your saying being processed and date will be giving when available/?
  • @trybltroubleMine has said it was processing and a date would be available since the 15th.I think only people who filed and accepted early got that message. My fiancee also filed with education credits. His was not accepted till the 14th. He never got that message but also has a dd of 2/27
  • Courtney, me and my wife were told the same thing. We did have the edu credit up until yesterday morning the wmr site said processing ddd when available. checked yesterday it said it wsa approved with a dd date of the 26. when we got on this morning it si still saying process date when available so i am not sure. I was also able to order a transcript this morning. we filed the 22 of jan and it was accepted the 24 of jan so its been a long time. I know u can look up the bank info that the irs sends it to but i am not sure what that site is and i cant find it now
  • Where do you go to order these transcripts and what do they tell you ??? I was accepted the 28th of Jan. and still nothing.
  • @shortfry. You order trsnscripts off the IRS website. It's in the middle of the main page @ The thought is IF you can order your RETURN transcript (not account), that means they are finished processing you and you should receive a DDD in a few days. I've seen it go both ways though so its really up in the air as to if ordering transcripts really means anything.
  • I ordered my transcripts last night and received my DD this morning.
  • If you filed edu credits and didnt use form 8917 Tuition & Fees some people did get there money. but if you used the form 8917 the irs is saying they arent processing those returns anymore until 3/1. thats my hold up
  • I was accepted 1/31. I'm getting a message saying "Your tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation: Tax Topic 152, Refund Information". No orange and no DD yet!
  • Just an update for people whose status bar disappeared. The refunds are coming. Mine was deposited into my account today.
  • At least there hope!
  • @stacie -were you given a date for your dd or did it just show up in your account
  • I was given a date of 2/27 on Sat.
  • Thanks Stacie, my status bar disappear this morning and my 21 days is tomorrow but I call the IRS and they told me nothing was wrong just have to wait until its processed. File and accepted 2/7 no edu credit or other forms that were on hold, just a simple ez and still no dd :(
  • Thats the same thing I am being told... It has NEVER took me this long. Last year I had the education credit and had my return back within a week!! This is just crazy.
  • I had the same message ( your return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.)  But I didn't have the tax topic at the bottom. But I went there today and it was there... anyone knowny.
Why does SBTPG keep saying no records found? Any one with this same issue?I had my fees taken out for my federal refund and now for two weeks, it keep saying no records found! For WMR I get no orange bars along with message "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available"
  • .
  • who did you file through? Was it turbotax or somewhere else? Not every tax prep company uses SBTPG. But if you know FOR SURE that it is supposed to be done throught them, give them a call. They are very helpful, unlike the IRS.
  • I filed with turbotax my accountant past away recently.At the time I didn't pay upfront because I was robbed in my house and they have stolen my wallet, CC,checks books etc. It's my first time with turbo tax and I have a income currently little over 990k a year with w-2. I'm expecting a big return this year. I filed almost the same return every year for the past 10 year depending on donation etc. I did call the IRS and they said it's in the error department. I was accepted 1/31.
  • I meant call SBTPG and ask them why your account info isnt coming up for you. It should at least let you log in to where it says "Bank has not yet recieved your refund." and then it gives you a break down of all your fees. Here is their info....

    Online Taxpayer Clients

    24-Hour Automated Customer Support:

    24-Hour Fax Support:

    E-Mail Support:
    Email Us

    Live Taxpayer Support:
  • Okay, thanks for the information. I will called them now.
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