why my refund saying thisYour tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available

  • Does this mean its being reviewed
Mine say  Your tax return is still being processed.A refund date will be provided when available, I spoke to a irs rep and she said "your refund is being reviewed as of I now I can not see a ddd, once your refund has been reviewed we ill have a ddd for you, but if errors are found we ill mail you a letter". I ask was I being audit and she replied no I ask her could she see any errors she said I could not see any errors but my return was being reviewed and I should allow 21 days and call back if I don't have a ddd. I can not order a transcript, I am so frustrated so to any one who is getting that funky message on where is my refund need to call a irs rep asap. Is it normal to have your return reviewed during it being processed..
  • Why oh why does anyone call these reps? You could call 20 times a day, and get 20 different answers.

    It has been said all over these forums, that this message is displayed usually a couple of days then a DD will show.
  • I filed 1/30. Mine started showing the" refund date will be provided when available" message on 2/6 and as of today  i still have no DD date.
  • Yes, seems several that filed on opening day are bogged down. I think they got backlogged with returns that day and they are sluggishly moving along.
  • you are right I spoke to three different reps but mine status has been showing for almost a week now they have me scared
  • I filed on feb 2, so it was after the early filing and I still have the message with no ddd. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • I sure hope thats what that means because I havent seen a change in mine either since that message
  • I checked my state and my state check is already written but my federal is still saying processing does this mean my federal is almost done since my state check is on the way
  • I don't think ordering transcripts has anything to do with anything! I was able to order transcripts and still got the letter saying that my return was being reviewed and that they would send me a letter asking for more information or my refund by April 15. This was on 2/21/13!  The most incredible thing was that the letter I recieved on 2/21/13  and it was dated March 4. W.T.F.!!!!
Mine was accepted on jan 24 an still no due date, still processing?
    What's going on with this??! Has anyone spoke to anyone or got a dd yet
    • Mine said that for a few days, then after that I was able to order my return transcripts and had a direct deposit date within 2 days of seeing that message.
    • when was that?
    • I saw the message for 2 days, Wed and Thursday. I ordered the transcripts late Friday night. Received a deposit date of the 14th on Saturday.
    • sorry i keep asking questions but did you have anything wrong with yours? a different amount mine was accepted 1/25 and i am still waiting.
    • I wish I knew something..mine was accepted on 1/25 also..I am still waiting too..
    • My return was accepted on the 25th as well, and now it states that they have no record of it. I also do not have the new bar graph showing the status of the return. TT status is still showing accepted by the IRS.
    • I dont have the bar graph either. Wish i knew somthing
    • same thing here!! just checked and no information.. im gonna cry.. i even called them and they wont help until after the 21 days WTH!! a week ago i did call and a NICE guy said that there was a small error and the irs will fix it and shoot it back out..well that was 2 weeks ago. i rather them just reject it so i can fix it and already have my refund.. my mom filed her taxs last fri and is getting her refund tommorw!
    • Well the internet WMR as of 730am still shows as it did late yesterday " You may have not entered your information correclty"  but yet the hotline says a different message now "you return is still being processed... a refund date will be provided when available"

      I had the first orange bar all this time on the WMR site, but now this.... I hope this means good news...  not sure what to think of it...

      I will resist the urge to call today, but if its still the same by Thursday, I will.   As I have been able to track it online all this time up til late yesterday.

      Anyone have any insight as to what this means?
    • @hastacy88..I didn't have anything wrong with my  taxes. I filed at 2/1...I must also tell you I didn't file with turbo tax this year. I filed with taxact. Seems like everyone is having some problems with turbo tax this year. My mother filed before me with TT and hasn't received any info yet either.
    Do you have to order transcripts to get a due date cause im seein the same message
    • How do you order transcripts?
    • I tried and it said they werent available.. Grrrrrrr!!!   So frustrating!!!!
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