I was able to order my transcripts last Friday. I'm still prossessing, does anyone know how long it takes after you can order them to get a dd?

    Ordering a transcript does not speed up your DD .
    • I know alot of people are saying when you can order your transcripts that you are through prossessing.
    • Was it your return transcript? There is also account transcript. Did you order online or by phone? According to these boards it sometimes is a precursor to getting your dd date, but if you were able to last Friday that seems strange. Maybe check your bank account just to be sure....
    • I ordered both and online. My refund will be sent to sbbt for turbo tax to get theiir fees but it's saying they havent even recieved it yet. Then it will go to my card.
    • What does sbbt stand for ?
    • www.sbbtral.com- Its the bank that turbotax uses to process your e-file fees and disperse your funds to your personal bank account or card. You can check their website and it will tell you if the bank has received your refund from the IRS.
    • Thank you !!! I was able to look but still nothing.
    • I received my refund date this morning, 2/16/2013. I ordered my return  transcript 2/15/2013. So its seems to be 50/50 whether ordering your transcript actually means a refund date soon. It did work for me, and pray and hope it works for the rest of you as well.
    • I was able to order a tax transcript last night, and I got my DDD this morning. Accepted on Feb. 8th and my ddd is Feb. 21st. I don't think that ordering your transcript "causes" you to get your refund faster, but it is usually an indicator that your return has finished processing.
    • I was able to order my transcripts on 2/15 and was accepted on the 28 of Jan. and this morning I got DD 2/21. Hope this helps.
    • Same here, due date of the 21. file on the 31 of January.
    • What is this transcript thing? I'm lost
    • well it's offical. i'm not coming back to turbo tax again. i finally got my dd date  the amount that i'm getting is way off of what turbo tax was saying. i dont owe to fed or anything so i don't know what the hell is going on but i'm totally ticked off that the government want to take and steal from the freaking poor/homeless while the rich just live life and just sit there with lux.
    • I had an accepted date of the 28th. Finally was able to order my transcripts this morning but still says processing on refund status with no date??????
    • http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Order-a-Transcript
      go on there and request a RETURN TRANSCRIPT for tax year 2012. If it allows you to order one it is a good indicator that your refund is just about done processing and your refund date should be available soon on WMR. A ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT is not what you are looking for. You want to order the Return transcript. Good luck, I hope it works for you
    • harris 1

      when you are able to to get a transcript does that mean the irs has process your return
    • Filed and accepted 2/3, FINALLY got DD of 2/21! Woohoo!!
    • Thanks Will_ski21
    • To: harris 1, yes it does mean the IRS has processed your return. Now I was able to order a transcript on 2/15 and got a DD this morning for 2/21.
    • I filed 1/25, accepted 1/27. was able to order transcripts 2/10, my 21 days is today and no ddd. I went to WMR this morning, and now my return cant be found. Any advice?
    • I was also able too last night- but this am I got the we are processing - and no orange scale..  this am.. hopefully it updates w a DD tonight or sunday  thoughts?
    • To: opal1082. that happen to me this morning around 3am saying that I must have put in the wrong info, but I went back an hour later and my info had updated big time and I had been waiting a long time for this. I was approved, but my refund will be $1200 short than what TT told me and I DD for 2/21. hope this helps
    • I only did the account transcripts. I will try the return transcripts
    • this is what I am getting this am: Your tax return is still being processed.

      A refund date will be provided when available.
      Please Note:
      For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

      so is this a good sign?
    • Swimmer I am getting same thing. My return transcripts are not available so that sucks but my account transcripts were????
    • I was accepted on the 28th and since then I been in processing until 2/15, that's when I was able to order my transcripts and I got a DDD. I'm gonna be $1200 short, I don't even have it in me anymore to wait or keeping calling TT or IRS about anything as far as I'm concern they can have the$1200. I'm just happy to be DONE. Between being on here & the phone calls between TT and IRS has taken up all my time and I have no more to waste.
    • I was able to order my transcripts today and I have gotten a dd date for 1/21. I filed 2/1 and accepted on 2/4.
    • sorry I mean 2/21
    • good for you! I had ordered my return transcripts.. last night ..
    • but no dd yet
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