filed my state return in AZ on 2/3 and still states "pending" anyone else have this issue? starting to get a little worried.

  • Hey Folks, just got off the online chat (2/12) with TT.  They finally admitted to me there is a issue with AZ state e-fileing and they are looking into it, they said they will post something on there website (we will see about that) to advise us there is a problem and when they get it fixed...we will see...I printed out my conversation with TT (17_William R) so I will hang on it and see what will happen..hope this helps answering your questions but still does not solve are issues...ARE RETURNS STILL NOT ACCEPTED!!!! if ppl get more info please pass it on...thx
  • Thank you! so should we print the returns that were supposed to be e-filed and send them via regular mail?
  • thanks for the info, I was wondering WTF? I need my money people. But its good to know I'm not the only one .
  • PTSD already but it did not go on my card
  • Mine for Az is still pending too. For almost one week. TT already charged my account for the filing too.
  • Since it's a TT issue, shouldn't we be entitled to all or some of our AZ filing fee back? I've used TT for years and this is the first time I've had a problem like this!
  • How do we even get a hold of them to discuss this?
  • I've only been able to contact them through chat. However the person I spoke with didn't address any issue, just told me to give it another week (I'm on day 10 now).
  • I've had the same issue. Mines' been sitting there "pending" since Feb 5th. I tried chat too and they said just give it another week. I agree though, the fee should be refunded or at least credited some since its TT's issue and not our state

    Hang in there everybody!!! The number I called was 800-352-4090, just push 0 right away.
  • And yes mine is still showing as pending!
  • Thanks a lot! Appreciate it
  • Thanks for the info.  I'll try it tomorrow.  My AZ return is still showing "pending" like everyone else.
  • I had filed my AZ taxes on Feb. 4th today is the 15 and my state just hot accepted but federal is still pending.... How the heck is that possible?? If it is a TT problem maybe i should not be charged by TT. It is taking to long and it is very irritating!
  • My federal is still pending it is the 19th I wish TT would give me a phone number to call instead of having to write comments. The letter with my state being approved said that the IT'S is not accepting my type of tax form?? When they start accepting it they will re-send my e-file tax work. WTHeck! How did my state get accepted??

    I e-filed on the 3rd.
I filed on the 3rd as well and Federal was accepted within hours. State is still pending. Called AZDOR Wednesday and they have no record of my return. They blame it on a TT software error. So I'm still waiting!!
  • I filed on Jan 30th and my federal was accepted that night.  Did not get the email for Arizona being accepted until Feb 5th.  So give it some time, you know our state is slow at all they do lol
  • Yep too slow... Unless they're owed money!! Thanks for the info! Hopefully we'll here something soon....
  • Thanks for the response, Have never had a issue with state it always has been federal, I did what AMGo did I called the state and they have no recored of my return, they said (dont know if BS or not) but they have been getting a lot of calls from ppl that used turbo tax, they told me to call turbo tax and have them resend it. so I called them after being on hold for 45min, I get ahold of someone and they told be to just wait....nice customer I guess I have to wait...thanks for the responses makes me less panicky
  • just went to and did their where's my refund, which has came back with an error since filing even after the accepted email on the 5th, and it says I'm scheduled for a DD on the 13th :).  So good ol state of AZ blaming Turbo Tax when they were just slow with it.
  • I am having the same issue. I filed my AZ State return nearly 7 days ago and it is still pending. When I viewed my actual tax documents that were files by TT, I saw this blurb on the State return under "where's my refund" - looks like I need to be patient. Could take 21 days.
    "Before you call the Arizona Department of Revenue with questions
    Refund? | about your refund, give them 21 days processing time from the date
    | your return is accepted. If then you have not received your refund,
    | or the amount is not what you expected, contact the Arizona
    | Department of Revenue directly at 1-602-255-3381. From outside of
    | Arizona use 1-800-352-4090. You can also visit the Arizona Department
    | of Revenue web site at";
  • I filed on Jan 27th and Im still Pending!!
  • UPDATE: I JUST CALLED AZDOR  (AGAIN)... MY RETURN WAS ACCEPTED ON THE 6TH (EVEN THOUGH I CALLED ON THE 6TH AND THEY HAD NO RECORD OF MY RETURN) AND I SHOULD HAVE MY REFUND IN ABOUT 15 DAYS!!!! YAY!!!Hang in there everybody!!! The number I called was 800-352-4090, just push 0 right away.
  • what date did you file? that might give me an idea as to when I can start to look for mine finally
Glad to see it's not just me. I thought I had done something wrong on a form. I did come across this on the website today:

Arizona e-File Update

Arizona’s electronic filing system for individual income tax returns is dependent upon the IRS. 

The IRS implemented a new system for electronic filing which required Arizona to implement a new system.

Arizona implemented the new system on January 30, 2013, when the IRS opened the filing season.  Due to the fact that this is a new system, the Arizona Department of Revenue (DOR) is carefully monitoring the return data to ensure that the returns are properly received and processed correctly.  Additionally, DOR is ensuring all refunds are issued correctly.

DOR is working closely with all software vendors to ensure there are no processing issues.  This, however, may cause a slight delay in the processing of tax returns at the start of the e-filing process, but should not create any change in the way Arizona tax returns have been processed in past years.

After preliminary review, we have determined a problem exists when filing returns using an outdated version of software. Please be sure to download the most recent updates from your software vendor prior to submitting your return.

If you have submitted a return and received a rejection and the reason refers to “Schema Version X” as the reason for rejection, please contact your software vendor to resolve the issue.


So maybe that's what is taking so long.

  • I might be but it doesnt answer the question why TT wont say its a problem nor how they are going to fix it nor how long it will take
On the AZ DOR website I received this response "Refund Status: We are sorry we cannot provide any information about your refund."

So I called them at this number " Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm MST Monday through Friday Phone Numbers:
Individual and Corporate Income Tax: Taxpayer Information and Assistance: Phoenix (602) 255-3381

" I waited 20mins and the rep finally came online asked for my SSN placed me on hold for 3mins. When she cameback online she said my returns were received the day after I efiled and it will take up to 14-21 days for them to process.

I hope this helps you guys.
  • That's at least an answer! I'm gonna call them tomorrow and see if they have mine
  • Thank you.  At least there is something to go on now.  I will stop freaking out quite as much and will give them a call.
Just found this on the TT page....
 E-file status is "Pending" but the IRS or State has no record of your tax return

Updated: 1/08/2013 Article ID: SLN45426Your e-filed tax return is in "Pending" status and when you contact the IRS or your state tax authority, you are informed that they have no record of your return. What's going on?


After e-filing, your federal return may sit in "Pending" status 24-48 hours before its status changes. And if you e-filed before January 30, when the IRS starts processing the backlog of early-filed 2012 returns, your return will likely remain in "Pending" status through February 1 or even later.If you contact the IRS or try to look up your return or refund status on their site while your return is in "Pending" status, don't be alarmed if they tell you they have no record of your return. This is normal; once the IRS acknowledges your return, they will update your status to "Accepted" or "Rejected."Also, if you're looking up your federal tax refund status, wait at least 72 hours after your return has been accepted before going to the IRS Get Refund Status tool or contacting the IRS. Otherwise, you may be told – incorrectly – that you never filed a return.Note: The IRS Customer Service Centers will be expanding their business hours on April 15th to midnight (your local time) to answer any questions you might have.

State Returns

It's not unusual for state returns to sit in "Pending" status for up to 5 days, sometimes even longer during peak filing times (the current record is 19 days). In the meantime,periodically check its status and visit TurboTax Community to find out if other filers in your state are experiencing the same problem.Like the IRS, your state tax authority won't have a record of your return until your e-file status is updated to "Accepted" or "Rejected."
Thanks everyone for the answers.  At least I know I'm the only one.  But I wonder . . . Since it appears that many people are getting responses that something went wrong with TT, perhaps we should ask?
  • I have spoken with a TT rep. via chat. Was told my return was submitted and to give it another week. They didn't even acknowledge the software issue even though I asked!
I E-filed my federal and AZ tax return on Feb 3 on Tax Act, not TT.  My federal return was accepted almost immediately, but my state is still pending as of Feb 12 (today).  Not entirely sure it's a software glitch isolated to TT or even AZ.  Pretty sure it's a widespread thing; possibly because of the changes to credits?
    Thank you for the info. Mine says the same thing. I have already received my FED return but AZ says its still processing. Please let us know if anyone gets any news
    • I got my federal  refund today... State is STILL PENDING! :/
    Turbotax has been awful about addressing this issue that I am having as well, someone on the chat named Amber_D was very unhelpful, and rude, she closed the chat even before I could start really talking to her. She said to contact our state dept of revenue, and left the chat. 
      GREAT NEWS: TT emailed me this morning... MY AZ TAXES ARE FINALLY SHOWING ACCEPTED IN THE SYSTEM! Finally moving forward!
      • Mine too! It finally showed as accepted this morning!
      • mine too. FINALLY!!!.  called AZDOR  they said 15 days to refund.
      • My AZ return was finally accepted yesterday (e-filed 2/5). I'm waiting to see what if anyting TT is going to offer us for this debacle.  It seems rediculous to charge us for a service that is this screwed up!  Itmay be time for all of us to think about switching to H&R Block or some other on line program.
      Mine was accepted on.the 15th yet when i call to.check.the status it says my return has yet been processed now ill be on hold for 204 minutes
        Mine was accepted yesterday.
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