Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. has anyone who has recieved this gotten their return?

WMR changed my status last night from being processed to this - Has anyone received theirs yet? and if they have how long from this to DD?

Your tax return is still being processed.

A refund date will be provided when available.

    I just received this message today as well
    filed 01/29
    accepted 01/30
    with turbo Tax...

    hoping for a DD tomorrow?
    • Have you recieved an update?  I am wondering if we recieved this message because we are close to passing the 21 day window?
    • Ok, I don't know if everyone case is this same, but for me it meant this: I received this message Wed, Thurs of last week. Friday, I was able to order my return transcript. Saturday, I had a refund deposit date. Yes, what everyone saying is true. If you don't have fees taken out of your refund you will get it early. My bank has had mine since yesterday. My direct deposit date is for the 14th. I called the bank just a few minutes ago and they said my refund will be posted by 9am tomorrow. So, good luck!!
    • My status says that now. I hope this means good news. I am one of many with an early acceptance on 1/24, but I have form 8863, so my return was placed on hold. I hope this means my return has been taken out of limbo.
    • MzLadiie - I am also and early accept with the date of 01/24 and I have the 8863 so maybe this is a positive thing and we are moving forward in the process.  Lets work together and keep each other informed!  Good Luck!
    • Mine says that now too. It states your refund is being processed and a refund date will be given when its available. It started showing this last night but I still can't order transcripts...
    • @skreis, Good luck to you as well! There may be a light at the end of our tunnel!
    • Where and how do you get transcripts?
    I was accepted on the 29th.  WMR changed for me as well this morning.  It is giving me the same message as you.  Hopefully, this is a good change.
    • I guess we will have to keep our fingers crossed that this nightmare tax season is coming to a close for us.  I was an early accept for the 8863 Form.  First year that I claimed this and I dont think that I will next year.  Good luck to everyone and lets keep each other updated!
    • Yes, looks like they are working on the early filers.
    I filed 1/30..wmr said processing and expect refund with in 21 days. Then on 2/6 the message changed to processing and a refund date will be given when available. That same day I was able to order transcripts. I thought that was a good sign but as of today nothing has changed, I still dont have a DD date. Im scared to call and be told theres a problem, but it looks like thats what I will have to do....anyone no the number?
    • 1800-829-1954
    • where and how do you order a transcript?
    Each person's return is different. This may help:
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