My return was accepted on Turbo Tax but IRS says still processing, why does it say "The IRS has accepted your federal return." if it really hasn't? Any idea if I would get a DD soon? Thanks !

  • anyone ?
  • mine says the same thing, i e-filed on 1/30/13 and its now 2/15/13 and still says its processing.
  • Mine is the same as brandy, I filed on 1/31 and it says it is still processing.  Just going to wait out the 21 days. I also have no DD like others either.
  • Because accepted is a totally different step than processing. Accepted only means your SS#(s) birth dates and names, and PIN or AGI used to efile matched up correctly in IRS system and they 'accepted' it to review/process. That's why it only takes minutes after e-filing to accept typically or get rejected for you to correct and resubmit. Processing means its in the massive load of returns waiting to be reviewed or 'processed' and if its correct and not rejected in that step it then moves to the next step where they get ready to process refunds...problem is the 'processing' part is taking them way longer than usual this year!!! :-/
  • Thanks Connie
  • I was accepted on 02/14/13 and it is now the 7th of March and I am still processing
  • I was accepted on 2/14/13 too with a projected date of March 7th but I checked with IRS today March 8th and it is still processing.  Will someone on this post let us know how long it actually took to get their refund?  thanks!
  • Turbotax said my return was electronically submitted to and accepted by the IRS on February 13, 2013.
    An Account Transcript from the IRS dated April 12, 2013 says "No tax return filed" but it does show the money I sent separately by US Mail as "Payment with return" on April 7, 2013.
    QUESTION==>  How can Turbotax say my return was transmitted while the IRS says that isn't so two months later?
  • Transmitted (sent) and accepted are two different things. If you received an e-mail from TT that your return was ACCEPTED, call the IRS and discuss with them.
  • I filed my taxes already with turbotax, but I am still getting emails saying the last day to do your taxes is April 15, 2014. Is this just a reminder or did something go wrong? I already received my tax refund.
Turbotax doesnt accept your tax return. they just send it electronically for you to the IRS. Accepted by IRS doesn't mean processed. It means your SS #'s and DOB's matched their info so they accepted it and then it still needs to be reviewed. If the review dept. finds no errors, they'll approve it. Then, there's a whole other dept. to send refunds to your bank or mail out checks. Then, your bank could take up to 5 days to actually deposit into your account. If you fined an edu. Credit(specifically American Opportunity) the IRS won't even begin processing until atleast mid-Feb. no matter if you filed Jan 19 or Jan. 29, IRS didnt even begin to look at your return to process until Jan.30.
    my taxes still said pending and i'll file online on the first
    • Turbo tax has accepted you too?
    • We are having the same problem... we get an email from Turbo Tax saying, "HEY! You can go ahead and file now!" This was around the 19th of January.  So we did.  And guess what? We get ANOTHER message stating that we can file now, but the IRS STILL isn't processing until January 30th.  Okay... fine, whatever.  But then we get an email from Turbo Tax telling us that the return has been accepted on the 24th.  Okay... great!  We check the IRS's been accepted... but not processed... for 13 days now... accepted, but still processing... I keep getting the generic, "most people received their refunds within 21 days of acceptance" and turbo tax says by the 19th of February.  I would be okay with that, if I could get SOMETHING.... ANYTHING.... confirming this.  I don't even know if there's a problem.  Just give me a DATE.. PLEASE!!
    • I keep seeing it's not only me, some people are in processing and end up getting their returns anyways, I hope to get mine soon, just do not know why they say ACCEPTED, then that makes me feel like I'll be getting it soon, but IRS is in processing, this has never happened before and I have used turbo tax the last 4 years.
    • Turbo tax doesn't accept you-the IRS only accepts what turbotax sends for you electronically IF your info matches what they have. If they accept it, it still needs to be processed and if numbers don't look right it can still be rejected. Then if that dept. approves it, it's marked approved and sent to another dept. to distribute funds to your bank.
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