Maryland -- State Tax Refunds Received?

Fed refund received, State is Pending. Anyone received yet?
    Filed Jan 24, accepted Feb 2, rec today Feb 8.. I hope this helps. 
    • I hope i get mine today.
    • Filed electronically by TT on April 26 (I knew I would not owe and would get a refund). Accepted the next day, April 27... STILL WAITING a MONTH later! Got my federal 3 days later! What is going on????? The Md Comptroller site is a crock and just keeps telling me it is being processed. Is this delay due to the sequester and cutbacks on IRS staff in Md?
    UPDATE: Still no Maryland Refund as of Saturday evening February 9th... It's been a full 9 days after MD accepted it now, pretty ridiculous. I'm using the NetSpend card instead of my bank this time - it actually made me receive my federal refund even faster. IRS said it would be deposited on the 6th and I had mine by the fifth.
    • No maryland state for me either. Its been 8 days since mine was accepted on turbo tax but still being processed on the website itself. I want to know what the hold up is.
    • It's been 9 days for me to did you get yours yet @ chestley25
    • yeah it takes like 2-3 weeks now for state refunds, supposedly they are doing more crackdowns on refund checks, seeing if theres any fraud going on and such
    • Yea I figured it was something like that
    • Mine was accepted on the 31st and now on Feb 25 no $$ yet in my account. It has never taken this long before.
    • Just got off the phone with them and of course they gave me some crock of crap about waiting for payments to come over. 3 weeks later????
    • Ok
    Mine was accepted Feb 2., still no refund, state website say still processing.  Taxes are so high in MD but they state has a huge spending problem....hope they actually have the money to pay our refunds!

      I e-filed my Maryland and Fed. returns on 2/9 and both were accepted pretty much right away. Efile transmission took place at 4:19pm (est) and my federal was accepted 12 minutes later @ 4:31pm. State was accepted at 6:22pm.                                                                                                                                   

      I've been using TT since 2006 and until last year, I always had my State refund within 3-5 days from the date of acceptance. Last year it took 2 weeks, I had my federal DD'ed before my state. This year when I did my taxes with TT my refund was almost $1,200 less than last year and the previous years. I had no changes whatsoever. So, before I e-filed I did some research and and little homework. I posted to the TT community and asked if anyone else was having the same problems as I. There were several and that was enough for me. A TT rep even posted that there may be a glitch in the system that should be fixed by mid February. A glitch with MY money!?


      I had already read enough posts to scare me away.

      My gut feeling told me to try another  tax program. I did (a well known one) and my refund is  just as it should be, and my State was DD'ed into my bank account early this morning.

        Literally just had my state refund deposited to my Netspend card after being accepted and pending since Feb 1st!  

        FYI- I owed MD about a $1K from a Direct school loan and they definitely got their money. Lol .....only a portion of my return was deposited.
        • Also note when I checked the MD where's my refund site earlier it never gave me a deposit date. The message on the site stated:

          "Either we have not received your return for processing yet or the refund amount entered does not match the value filed. Please note that acknowledging receipt of your return takes place when your return has processed and appears in our computer system............"
        • Just checked and got info that my state return was released  today 2/20 and money should be direct deposited into my account within 48 hours.  Had education credit, EIC, HOH.
        • Did it come the same day it was processed? Mines was accepted on the 1st and they said it should be processed in the next 24-48 hrs. I have netspend so will it come the same day its released or did it take a couple of days
        • No MD's site never said processed just stated the message I typed above. So it was quite a surprise.
        • It was deposited this morning at 9:54 am EST
        • Mine was deposited on feb 19.
        • When did yall file ive being waiting since accepted on 1/30
        • Got my federal return last week just waiting on my state
        • I filed on jan 31 and got accepted on feb 1
        • I wont get my fed until feb 25 because i had education deductions
        • Oh ok thanks well tt claimed my state was accepted on the 30th but it wasnt accepted until feb 6th but that still has being long enough lol
        • I called yesterday and the woman I spoke to said it was being reviewed for processing, then it'll be processed. She said to check back in 3-5 business days to see if it's been processed.
          Last year it only took seven days to receive my refund. This year it's taken a lot longer.
        • Yea when I talk to them that was the same run down they fed me told me it was being reviewed and should go to processing in 7 to 10 working days this is ridiculous lol its being three weeks for me as of today...
        • Looks like I may need to call the comptroller as well. I filed my return on the Feb 8th and it was accepted the 9th. Ever since I have been "processing". There could be some truth to the amount of the refund being an indicator as to how much scrutiny it will receive. I am expecting about $3K back and actually NEED that cash to refinance my house, scheduled for the end of this month. Getting a little pissed at this point.....
        • Everyone i talk to someone today they said mines is in the last stage if processing and that it will be processed in 24-48 hrs. I filed on the 28th was accepted on the 1st. Hopefully it is released tomorrow i have Netspend and they deposit the same day. They also said processing is taking longer because they are reviewing every single return for fraud. Babies be used,or people that owe them or student loans.
        • @aaron-7-10 working days more!?
          Last year it took 7 days from the day they accepted it. This is crazy. I know a woman who claimed someone elses kids, got over 2k back from MD, and got her refund in 6 days. This year is ridiculous.
        • @nikkis yea that'swhat they told me when I call him last week sorry the beginning of this week but I call today and they told me that it's processed and will be released tonight I should have it on my account by Monday or Tuesday so I believe that they are giving out miss informationalso I filed on January 30th 2013 and wasn't accepted until Febuary 6th so maybe you should try giving them a call because none of the web sites are updating and neither is the phone so I would give them a call if I was you....
        • Oh that's awesome for you, congrats!
          I'll have to call them Monday now since it's after 5.
          Post back when you receive your refund.
        • Ok I sure will thanks..
        • I called this morning they said it was transfered to my account today so im just waiting to see it pending my account now card is the worst please dont use them you get it faster with netspend .....
        • Cool! Has your status changed on MD's website?
        • Nope nothing has changed on the web site lol its still stuck on stupid I should have my money by 6a.m tomorrow that's what time my cardholders process dd threw but I will keep ya updated on how that go but how every I did find out that I got my full refund I was worried about that lol.
        • Hey I just checked it again and hears what it say now
          Your refund of $1,018.00 was approved on 2/25/2013. Your requested direct deposit was released to your account on the approved date. According to Federal Reserve Guidelines, the funds should be available within 48 hours. If you have not received your deposit or would like assistance, you can e-mail us at or call 410-260-7980 from Central Maryland or 1-800-MD TAXES from elsewhere. Assistance is available Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
        • That's great. Only took them forever!!! Hopefully by next week I'll see something. They owe almost $1400.
        • Hey, I have been reading your comments, and I am glad you finally received your md refund. I filed mine on feb 1st. I was accepted on
          the 7th and it says on the website that it is still processing since I got accepted. that was almost 20 days ago. The 410 260 7980 number just rings and rings. Do you by any chance have maryland tax info line so I can talk to a real person. Thanks!
        • My question was directed @ arrongriffin08, LOL!
        • The number I called is 4102607701 my state was accepted on feb6 even doe I filed it on January 30 so your right behind me you should be getting yours this week to when you call thenumber dont push or say anything and it will think you dont have a touch tone phone and connect you straight to an operater its best to call at exactly 8a.m to talk to someone
        • @aarongriffin08 Thank You I appreciate it!
        • No problem you shouldn't have long now have you got your federal yet...
        • Nope sure didn't! The IRS gave me a DD date for 2/27. MD still has not given me a DD date. I am so frustrated.
        • Well alls well that ends well I have receive my state return in my account today so thank god im done with this tax season good luck to everyone still waiting and to lmabrie32 I hope your on the phone calling this is the best time to get threw...
        • Thanks for all of your updates!!
        • Same here files on Feb.11.2013 state n fed accepted Feb.12.2013 fed refunded Feb.21.2013 and here on March07.2013 state says accepted and being processing...... I have no idea what's going but they better get it together and quick
        • Same here files on Feb.11.2013 state n fed accepted Feb.12.2013 fed refunded Feb.21.2013 and here on March07.2013 state says accepted and being processing...... I have no idea what's going but they better get it together and quick
        • Glad to see that we are not the only ones who are having a delay in the refund. We filed and our return was accepted on Feb. 11, 2013. The website says that it was accepted but to date we have not received anything. I just emailed and hope to get a response in a day or two. We have never had this issue with MD. We like others got our Federal return within 3 days after filing.
        • As of fri .mar.8.2013 not the status say not received smh the state of Maryland plays to many games idk what to do now
        I am having the same problem with my Maryland Tax return.  Accepted February 2nd, and nothing as of yet.  I go to Where's my refund and no information is on there to even find out.  I called and they have no information to update, the automated line.  UGH!!  I guess I will call in the morning to hopefully get an update.  Hopefully the hold/wait wont be too long.  It seems everyone is having tax return issues, this year, Good luck all and Happy returns :)
          My return was efiled and "accepted" on February 4th, entered in the system for processing on the 7th, and has been there ever since.  I spoke to someone at the comptroller's tax information line on Friday (22 feb) and was told that it could take up to 14 business days to process.  I called them back this morning, (the 12 business day mark), and was told that 14 days was an estimate, and it has been taking 3-4 weeks to process in some cases.  They recommended that I call back on Friday.  That will be 15 business days.  Nothing terribly complicated in my return, not sure what is taking so long, especially when others filed later and have already gotten their refunds (according to posts here anyway).
          • well I filed on the 14th cuz hr block sent them thru then, and still says processing, suppose to get my state this week though
          • still nothing, and mines too I received my federals on the 21. I called this morning, left a call back number to be returned in 6mins but they never called me back. I think their playing with taxes this year
          Okay so my Federal was deposited 1 day earlier than the IRS said it would be (I had it by the 5th instead of the 6th).

          Now my MD that was Accepted on Jan 31st, was finally processed as of TODAY, Feb 13th... Luckily I used NetSpend for both of my Tax Deposits, because I just received an email notification from NetSpend telling me my State return was Deposited tonight (same day it was sent out)!

          It was only a LITTLE short, because I actually forgot to pay the small amount I owed the state last year, they took it out of this years refund... I had no clue what the Offset was from I even called CCU and they had nothing on file that I owed. But as I said, all is well now, best of luck to everyone else!
          • I filed my Maryland taxes on 2/10/2013 it was accepted 2/11/2013 early morning and I received it direct deposit 2/15/2013. I think it is going by the size of the refund as well. I got back 500.00 My friend filed her taxes  on 2/11/2013 she got accepted the same day got her refund on 2/13/2013 she only was due to get back  3.00 but she said she wanted all her money lol. I have another friend filed the same day as me accepted the same day and is getting back about 2,000 and it still says processing. I believe it has something to do with the amount as well.
          • this is ridiculous I filed my state taxes on January 30th 2013 and I was accepted the same day for both federal and state I have received my federal taxes back on Feb you were right the 15thand I am currently waiting for my state which has been and processing for over 2 weeks going on 3 this is really ridiculous anyone else having the same issues
          • My state was accepted on the 6th. I'm still processing on MD's website.
            I did a friend's taxes, who got over 2k back from MD, on the 8th. She got her DD early this morning.
            I don't understand.
          I received my federal return 3 days ago. My Maryland return has been pending since it was accepted according to TurboTax on January 31st, it's been a full week now! It just keeps saying the same thing whenever I call in check online and that is, your refund has been received and is processing. It's never taken this long before!
          • My state says accepted as of Feb 1still no date as to when I will received it. My fed still pending tho.
          • Same here @chest .......I have the education credit tho
          • they started accepting form 8863 on the 14th, keep checking the irs website
          • Yeah finally got an email from TT and IRS site staying that I was accepted yesterday.
          • My was accepted on feb. 14 just waiting for it to approved
          • ya in the same boat chest
          • Okay just checking I received federal but no state
          • I received my federal the 19th and its was accepted the 11th. Md state was accepted the 12th but it says its being processed
          • same here... MD state is still being processed. they accepted it begining of February.  "Still being processed" is all I keep hearing/seeing.
          • When you call in over the phone, the recording says it will take only a few business days. Mine has been 2 almost 3 weeks so far.
          • mines also says still processing and mines was accepted feb 8 according to md state refund site
          • Glad I'm not alone. I was starting to think something was wrong with my return or something. eFile was accepted on the 6th. Still waiting. Wonder what's taking MD so long? Ugh. People have bills to pay.
          • My MD return was accepted on Feb 9....still processing as of March 1.
          • I just can't believe mine says processed, and refund scheduled but thats been a week or so ago...anyone elses say that? and how long was it till you received your refund?
          • Same here, I have been waiting since Feb 10th and still no refund. I know I have the school tax credit but come on now it doesn't take this long. It has been approved but still saying processing :( never have I had to wait SOOO long for a refund. If the Federal Gov can issue their refunds than there is no reason why the state can't!!!!! Hope it comes soon!!
          • Glad to see that we are not the only ones who are having a delay in the refund. We filed and our return was accepted on Feb. 11, 2013. The website says that it was accepted but to date we have not received anything. I just emailed and hope to get a response in a day or two. We have never had this issue with MD.
          I hope so too... But nothing yet.
          • Nothing yet for me either. I just keep getting your return was received and being processed. It usually doesn't take this long.
          • I filed jan 16 accepted jan 26 processed I got my fed feb 1 but my state still saying its been received and being processed!
          I filed with Maryland also. In the last few years I've received my federal return first. However, my returns have been more complex due to self employment income.

          I've noticed that Maryland has gotten real "money hungry" in the last couple of years....tightening down on any and all past due money...Things that I have seen them overlook in the past are being assessed and in some cases interest and / or penalties added. The newest incentive is to restrict you from renewing your professional license and / or drivers license and tags. Due to this "money hunt".... They are taking longer to release refunds, because they want to be sure that they can't justify keeping your money.

          I've called the comptroller's office in the past and asked them personally. Maybe that would help.
          • No luck receiving my maryland state refund yet. Anyone get theirs yet?
          • Nope, nothing here yet either... Did you have your refund sent to your bank account or a NetSpend card?
          • Im having my sent to my bank.
          My state was accepted on the 4th, it is now the 12th. Never has my state taken so long. I know it will get here, but to have the federal back before the state..well I guess there's always something to surprise you.
          • My Md State was accepted on the 5th and it still says "Processing" so I emailed them yesterday and they responded with (Still Processing, give it a little more time)!!!! I guess I have no choice right..
          • I talked to someone at  Maryland state refund office and they told me that there are alot of delays on refunds this year and I might not get my refund until next week some time.
          • @chestley25, I spoke to someone as well and was told the same thing.  He told me that I should know something by the middle of next week.  I sure hope so.
          • I hope it comes some time this week instead of next week. The whole tax seaaon is ai messed up this year.
          • Anyone get their maryland state refund yer that got accepted on feb.1?
          • @chestley25 still waiting as well and filed on feb 1. this is ridiculous
          • @winderneda this is really ridiculous. Have you heard when you are supposed to be expecting your refund yet?
          • @chestley25 nope! all it says is it's been accepted and still processing smh. They could at least give us a date
          • I wish they would give us a date. Mine just says accepted and still been processing.
          • I went through h&r block and 2 days after website said accepted it said adjusted and approved does adjusted mean I've been audit r did they just have to fix something
          • i would say they fixed something rather audited you....i'm still waiting btw for my fed and state lol
          • Nope just found out today adjusted does mean audited just called the Maryland comp and they just told me that I was audited for $582 which is for exactly 60% isn't that something else being 10 different people I was reading about had exactly 60% what's up with that
          We really should be paid this week. I mean waiting 72-96 hours AFTER it has been processed is what they say it takes. That is 3-4 days from Jan 31st. Not 3-4 weeks, at their leisure. Oh well I guess all we can do is wait, and keep each other updated and in the loop as to when we actually receive the money. The money that we worked hard to earn and is now just sitting in there earning free interest for the state!
          • Well it now says that my Refund HAS been approved!! As of today, 2/13/13. Now, it also says that there was an adjustment made and I should receive a letter within 2 weeks that will explain the adjustment to me and my money should be directly deposited within 48 hours!
          • a friend of mine receuved the same notice and her money was deposited this morning minus almost 60% of what her return amount was for.  she is waiting for her letter to understand why.  good luck
          • Where are you located and what date did you file I filed 1/30/13 with tt in Maryland. ?
          Have not received mine either, 2 of my friends received theirs this week
            II've just been approved but it says give it up to 48 hrs!!!! Ever since 2/1/13..
            My MD state tax return was accepted on the 6th, and I'm STILL waiting for the refund! I called them yesterday and the lady on the phone said it must have been overlooked, and said she'd have to send it down stairs for release? It's been nearly 3 weeks!
            • I got that same message today when I called from the person who answered the phone.  I filed on 2/4 and it was accepted on 2/7.  The message still says your taxes has been received and is processing.  That message has never changed.  The person I spoke with today said to call back on Friday because it has not been released.  She said she will request an update and when I emailed them I was simply told it has been received and to give it more time.  It is obvious they are not being truthful and my federal, which has always come later, was deposited last week.  This is crazy.  I will let you all know if I hear anything different.
            • Today they told my wife they had a "New System" that performed background checks and what not, checking for felonies and all this other jargon, neither of us have ever been arrested or anything, for some reason they are just delaying everything? Maybe they are trying to hold on to the money for some reason?
            • Update: I spoke to a person today who told me that my refund has been processed and should be released today.
            • still nothing, and mines too I received my federals on the 21. I called this morning, left a call back number to be returned in 6mins but they never called me back. I think their playing with taxes this year
            I don't understand why they told you that...What does having a record have to do with taxes unless it's money owe to the state from court, public defenders etc.
            • yeah only thing that comes to mind is child support, If you owe that then your screwed
            • I will call Friday if it's not deposited tomorrow.  That whole "waiting to be released" story is old, very old.  I was told to call at the end of the week and I received an email stating that they will request to have it released and to wait a few days.  Not sure who is telling the truth.
            • lol mine says that on the RI website.....your refund is hello been a week you said that and nothing
            • I called the hot line number today and it said approved and released on March 1st.  Expect 48 hours for deposit.  This is the first time I have received that message.  I also noticed that the website information has changed and it now states they update everyday at 10:30 am - that's a first.  They must be finally getting it together.  I will post when it is actually deposited.  Wishing everyone the best.
            • My deposit was made on Saturday.  Wishing everyone the best.
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