Anyone's federal return been approved that used an education credit?

Has anyone who used an education credit been approved for their federal return? I filed mine on 1/27/13, and it's still pending. My state had to be refiled on 1/29/13 but was accepted on 2/1/13, however, I still haven't received my refund and it's supposed to be direct deposited.  Anyone experiencing the same type of time frames?

  • Was told yesterday by IRS that they would not be processing those until Week of 02/18....However that should not stop you from getting accepted.  I filed the education credit and I am still pending for both federal and state....this has to be an Intuit Issue....the IRS stated that they have not received my return yet, I need to file and amended return because my company messed up our W-2's...
  • My federal is still pending as well...I got accepted for my state on 2/1/13 and I checked the status today (2/6/13) and my funds will be DD on 2/8/13
  • I filed my on the 2nd of Feb. my state was accepted immediately, my federal is still pending it says, and I filed for the educational credit as well. I was wondering where you found the information about the IRS not processing these type of returns filed?
  • My state was approved but my federal is still pending @sweet1113 how did you see the expected date?
  • I filed on the 1/27 with educational credit and I am still waiting this is so frustrating been accepted BUT waiting for approval.  sheeeesh just want to scream.
  • where did you go to find the status on your state?
  • You have to go to your state taxation website and they should have a check my refund indicator there.
  • Go to Google and in the seach engine put your state and where's my refund (exa.)  Virginia where is my refund and the link should pop up
  • @Annawithkids  Here is the link about the forms that are being delays this year
  • thank you
  • I was accepted on 01/26 from IRS, got the state REFUNDED (or Direct Deposited on 02/01), however, still waiting for the federal refund. BTW, I had the Ed credit as well.
  • I also have a pending return, and yes due to the the fact that this credit is mostly used on frauduent returns they are holding these returns back for further review.  It sucks, but as long as you know you can take the credit we just have to hold out.
  • I have filed mine on 1/30 but still says pending and i also got the ed credit maybe thts y its taking too long?
  • No they are holding these cause its a new system and this form needs to be programmed into it
  • I filed on back in January, unsure of the exact date. And I'm with everyone of you, still waiting on federal. Well if we all quit paying taxes, I bet they process and refund us alot quicker than what they already do.
  • Thanks for the info
  • my friend said the same thing.. lol. what your saying is funny but this is def no laughing matter
  • The system hasn't changed.
  • Thank you sweet1113, I appreciate your help :)
  • sweet1113....thank you for your help!
  • 02/02/ state was accepted immediately but my federal is still pending
  • What state did you file in?
  • Whatever state you live in go to and enter your state name and then include return status.  Example: Maryland return status. From there on you will be guided.
  • Federal returns will be processed and accepted starting tomorrow with the irs.  They have updated their systems.  For more info you can go to and click on the link that explains this to you.
  • i personally recieved an email from turbo tax stating that all returns with the educational credit would not be looked at until the 14th.  I got my accepted today.
  • My return was accepted today and it should be 8-10 days before I get my return
  • I too used education credit and received notification that my Federal was approved on yesterday. Hope this helps.
The IRS has delayed processing tax returns with education credit form 8863 until mid February to fix IRS system problems.
  • I was just told they won't start processing education credits until Feb 20th..bummer! I was  accepted 1/24 and still processing no dd date
  • where were you told that?
  • i was told by a tax prepator yesterday that the IRS is processing returns that have been early filed and accepted, but showing pending on 2/15.
  • and you got your 1098T from college before you efiled?
  • yes
This is my first and last time using TT. Everyone I know who went else where already has there returns, including those who have education points. I usually go to a private tax preparer and they would have it ready in max 7 days but they didnt offer direct deposit. After hearing advertisments about how TurboTax is faster and in your account immediantly I decided to try them out. Complete lie. I filed on the 30th and as of now it wasnt even sent to the IRS yet.
  • You people are obviously uneducated or do not read the news. This is NOT Turbo Tax's fault! It is the IRS! They waited until the last minute to update their systems and still have not updated their systems for form 8863/ Amer. Opportunity and Lifelong Educ. Credits. If you are ONLY claiming the tuition expense/deductions on form 8917, then your return shouldn't be affected.
  • Well since your so educated i can let you know that i didnt not file a form 8893 i used a 1098-T. So from what i was told this shouldnt effect me. But yet tubo tax still is not able to give me any answers.
  • A 1098-T is what your school sends you to document your tuition expenses.  You can't file a 1098-T.  You would use the 1098-T to input education expenses.  TT would then figure out if you would get more by filing for a Tax credit or a deduction.  For most people the credit is worth more, so in reality you file the 8893 for the credit (probably without knowing it)
  • @jbayard442 Ok thank you for the information. I didn't know. Im suprised TT didnt tell me that while i was on the phone with them.
  • hi
I filed on 1/25, still pending :(
  • Likewise, I filed on 1/17 and still pending.
  • I filed on the 10th with education credits and got accepted on 30th. No dd date
  • Approved per TT and IRS rep, but still on first bar (received and processing, 21 day message) on WMR site. No dates yet on DD per IRS rep
  • I filed on the 25th still pending, my sis did the same thing on the 31st....both with ed credits.  She got accepted the 4th, and DD today :(
  • I wish mines were still pending I would go file else where i know ppl who filed wit hr got their refunds on the 1st
  • I filed mine with a 1098-T form on 2/1/2013 and it is still pending. :( I heard they weren't doing ours till mid month too!
  • linsar: your sister did have education credits on there and she already got her DD?
  • YUP and she filed a week after me!
  • Mine says still pending for both state and federal and its been a week. Hopefully something happens soon. Getting annoyed with the IRS.
  • linsar, did she file through TT?
  • Same here, filed on Jan 18th, and still pending both fed and state
  • Ugh my brother filed the education credit and got his refund today!!!  I was accepted 01/25 and still havent been approved
  • Same here Demetrius. Guess means getting closer now though
  • Yes TT we both did.
  • I'm still pending as of the 25th I heard that they will start processing tomorrow ;)
  • Same here. Filed on 1/30 and Federal is still pending. State got accepted but according to the NYS stie it's now under review?!!!
  • Many in NY including myself get same message.. And TT email and rep says I'm approved.. Appears be generic message
  • So looks like we might get them before the end of the month
  • i filed on the 30th and still pending. i have the education tax credit and it has been 7 days, although they say you will hear back in 48-72 hours.
  • i filed on feb. 2 and mines still pending.
  • I was going to try to file with someone else, but after hearing that someone had received their refund with an education credit and on turbo tax, I may just wait it out.
  • this is crazy I know people that went other places and have theirs back already. Is this just with TT did TT know this and did not inform us. I will not be using TT next year.
  • I was excepted in the 26th of January, but now when I check the irs website it has no record....I am wondering why all of a sudden my information is gone when it was there and pending yesterday.
  • I hope you're right.
  • cfieguth1260 - Same thing happened to me this morning its kind of wierd
  • Mine are still pending too! Both state and federal
  • I was accepted on the 25th and have been processing since then, now wmr has no info since last night on my refund . I did have the first bar ugh.
  • when yor taxes are accepted and then when you check again, there is no record, normally that means that your refund has been sent out.  At least that's what  happened to me last year, but this year this educational crap is getting on my nerves, I filed on the 29th, and my status is still pending.
  • The where's my refund site was broken about 40 minutes ago , check again
  • Did the U get that info from the irs??
  • This is the answer I'm getting from WMR: "We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS"

    We filed through TT on 2/2 and the American opportunity credit was on there. Any ideas?
  • i filed on 1/26 and was accepted on 1/27...still pending bc of the AOC credit as well. I was told by a tax prepator that the IRS is supposed to start processing us on 2/15, as long as the federal was accepted prior to that date. I also just heard tht they are supposed to start processing AOC returns tomorrow (02/07) so heres hoping....the ones for late feb/early march are those who have to file additional credits such as for home improvements, ira's..ect..
After about 5 tries I spoke with a really helpful IRS Agent a few hours back by the name of Candice Robertson. She informed me that anyone that has Form 8863 (education credits) and was accepted before 1/30 their returns will be looked at for approval starting from tomorrow and those that filed and were approved after 1/30 will be closer to the Mid Feb deadline of Feb 14th. I call again and spoke with a 2nd IRS agent Stephanie and she confirmed the first part about Form 8863 filers return will be possibly looked at by tomorrow but no gaurantees. They have been informed to give information about checking WMR only and by the way this is an outsourced call center and not directly related to the IRS at all so they have very limited information which is terrible.
  • I really hope that is the case, it's terrible to be accepted but having to wait in the "processing" limbo. I keep hearing some people that had form 8863 get DD dates and I keep hoping I'll be lucky and get one today, but nothing.
  • I really hope that's true. I was accepted 1/25 and filed with form 8863 but the WMR has just had the first bar ever since. Thanks for the info!
Wish we were informed of the delayed Ed credits before filing!
  • If you read the news you would've known. Yeah, I guess it would have been nice if Turbo Tax alerted people with claiming these, however it wouldn't of made a difference. This isn't something that Turbo Tax can control, it's the IRS.
  • @caprikorngrl : it's un necessary for you to call people uneducated or to say they can't read. My advice to you is if the questions ppl are asking is annoying you, JUST LOG OFF! people have the right to ask questions...this isn't fb or twitter hun...smh
  • I never said, "you people can't read." Obviously everyone on here can read or they would not of been able to complete their tax return! Maybe I should not of said, "uneducated." Perhaps unaware would be better; I forgot everything has to be politically correct and technical now-a-days or someone will cry. This is a community for Turbo Tax users; Turbo Tax has done nothing wrong, I am simply defending them.
I am soo disappointed in Turbo Tax. This was my first year using it and I wish I wouldn't have. My brother filed his taxes using TT with educational credits and it went through so I figured hey I'm going to try TT. My taxes are still pending. TT should have posted clearly on there website there was a delay in processing educational tax credits before people file not wait till your finished to tell you. I would have went to HR block if I would have know this bs. This is very bad business and I will not be using TT again, nor will I recommend it to anyone.
    • same here, state is already accepted but all i've gotten on the federal is pending...wth
    I filed the night of the 1/30 and I am still pending as well. I recieved an email that said do to the education credit there will be a delay. Dont be discouraged if you are having the same issue. If you try and change it, not only will your wait time be longer, but dropping your school info can decrease your return. I did my taxes the same way last year with the education credit and got my return in exactly 7 days. Hope this helps, we just have to wait it out about 2 more weeks.
    • oh, I filed with H&R online last year but I don't think its just tt, I think its everywhere but thats just my opinion
    I filed through TurboTax on 1/10/13. I sat at a pending status and was accepted by the IRS on 1/24/3. For the next week I was checking WMR and it was saying I entered my info wrong. Finally on 2/1 it finally updated to "return received". I have been in limbo ever since. I did use the Form 8863, BUT I never got any type of notification from IRS or TurboTax that my refund was going to be held like everyone else got. I never got a DD date, SBBT shows the fees but has not received my refund yet, and the hotlines all say the same thing, "we received your refund. Please allow up to 21 days to receive your refund." Again, I never got an email from TurboTax or IRS about MY refund being held. This sucks big time!
    • I think it is wrong that you did not get an Email from TT.  They really need to work on their notification system.  It could be that they assumed, because you were accepted early that your return would be processed without the delay.  There were quite a few that had educational credits that were able to get their money back without waiting for this delay the rest of us got lumped into.  I would gather that since you been put into holding with an accepted status you would be one of the first people that are processed whenever they fix their system.  There is an update tonight that hopefully fixes this issue.  The IRS is holding firm to the Feb. 15th date for most of us, but some have been given Feb. 7th as the date that they will start processing them.  You would think they would want to clear out the holding returns before opening up the process to the returns TT and other software companies held plus those that waited to file.    Those that waited or had their returns held by tax preparers probably won't see their money until March.  I think the rest of us stuck in the holding queue are supposed to start processing tomorrow with an estimated refund date of the 11th.  Of course, what is supposed to happen and what actually happens can very likely be two different things.  It is really frustrating though.
    • I would like to  thank you for taking the time to send me this email it was very helpful

    I just called the IRS. I was on hold less than 10 minutes. I spoke to a Mr. Watson. He explained to me:
    Absolutely no one that has Form 8863, regardless of method used, prepare software, or acceptance date, has received a refund, or even a direct deposit date. The IRS is still updating that particular form to reflect the last minute issues discovered. I explained to him that I was accepted on Jan. 24th, with the 8863. I also explained that I never received notification from the IRS or TurboTax that there was a hold on MY refund. He could not explain me not being notified, but he did explain that if I didn't have Form 8863 I would've received my refund by now. He also confirmed that the "21 days" starts the day you were accepted, NOT the 30th. They were not supposed to accept anyone before the 30th, but we all know there was a test batch. So in my case, my 21 days started after the 24th, therefore my "projected" refund date was to be Feb. 14th. But because of the delay that date is no longer valid for me. There is no exact date for "mid Feb". That is all the IRS reps were told. 
    Now I don't know if this was a well executed script he was reading just to get me off the phone. He sounded pretty confident and when I was explaining he was doing the "um-hum" as if he already heard the rumors of early refunds with the Form 8863. IDK why but talking to him made me feel better. It was his confidence.
    • Also, I think whats happening is there is such a long line for the Form 8863, they don't think they will have all of them processed until March. Think about it. Before this, we all filed at different times, and the IRS didn't have to process everyone all at once. It was sporadic Now, everyone is waiting in line all at the same time. Not to sound rude or arrogant, but I really believe the mid-Feb is for those already filed and accepted early but were stuck in limbo like me and the thousands of others. The later you filed the later it will be processed. They better hope so, because I personally filed 2 other people's returns and both had education credits. If they somehow process before me I WILL RAISE ALL KINDS OF HELL!!!!!
    • Of all the crap going around the Internet and what each irs rep said. One thing that remained consistent is that everyone that has been accepted and/or approved like you and I will be pushed through before it opens for the rest of the people not yet that far in.
    • agreed @sabrescup9286
    I filed on the 24th and my Federal and States were accepted on 1/26. No DD date or updates of when I will get the money yet for either so annoyed
      I have the education tax credit and was told that it could be as late as early March before they accept returns with education credit.
      • i filed on 1/26 and was accepted on 1/27...still pending bc of the AOC credit as well. I was told by a tax prepator that the IRS is supposed to start processing us on 2/15, as long as the federal was accepted prior to that date. I also just heard tht they are supposed to start processing AOC returns tomorrow (02/07) so heres hoping....the ones for late feb/early march are those who have to file additional credits such as for home improvements, ira's..ect..
      • there is an update 2/7 and it is possible that the education credits will be part of it. no one knows what changes are made by IRS until they notify on their website .  it doesnt matter when you filed, being accepted is when IRS has received your return, now give them time to look at it and process it. they are asking for 21 days
      yes I filed 1/31, my return is still Pending. I havent seen any other postings on the IRS website that they have started processing the returns with education credits.
      • Mine is still pending, I filed on the 30th and am in MD.  I did my state through Ifile & have received that!
      • Im in the same boat, filed 1/30 has been ina  pending status for 7 days.
      My co-worker that filed taxes with me through TT had her taxes Approved today with a DD of  2/14 I saw the verification myself and she did have form 8863 we both go to the same University. She filed on 1/10 accepted on 1/24. I however who filed along with her and also used for 8863 still have not been approved yet. I filed 1/17 taxes were accepted on 1/26 but no DD date :-( my WMR is not showing my info anymore it was showing up until last night now it says it can find my taxes. I didn't even try to login today so I have no clue what that means!
      • Same for me, filed 8863 and last night my info was showing up but today it is not! Anybody have any ideas on that?
      • I don't understand why Turbo Tax says your return will be accepted or rejected in 24 to 48 hours.  Mine has been pending for 7 days.
      • Because when operating correctly without issues, it is fast response
      • iciyxx- I am having the same issue. I was approved on 1/26 no info today if I call the hotline it's telling me its still proccesing but I should still get my refund within the 21 days. I am so confused and aggravated at this point. I read on a different board sometimes it will lock you out a day or two before it gives you your dd date. I am hoping that's the case for you and I.
      • Just means your locked out of WMR.. Used it too often
      • sabrescup9286 - I haven't used it since last night at 8:00pm cst it refreshes midnight everyday
      • Hmmm. I hadn't either from 9 last night til 6 am today and had same problem but phone still gives me 21 day message. When I use my wife's ssn with our return info, comes up with 21 day message...
      • I am having the same problem.
      • I tried this morning after not seeing my information yesterday and still there is no information as of yet.
      • I hope we all have answers sooner rather then later. I wish they would just give an exact date that taxes would be processed for those start have Form 8863 instead of just saying Mid-Feb. I mean how long does it take to update a few codes in the software?
      • On the WMR website if you log in more than 3 times daily then it will lock you out.  So you will have to wait until the next business day.  I got that info from the IRS representative.
      • Trust me it is not the codes, they are the same codes as they were last year.  They are double verifying our ability to claim the credit.  This with the EITC are the top used credits on fraudulent returns,  this is just a way to check our ability.  Its frustrating but, the Service wants to make sure they are not loosing Millions of dollars to fraudulent tax returns that they have been loosing for years.
      • I'm with you, I filed on 2/2 and still in the pending status!
      • educational credit wasnt processed until now mine was just accepted 2/14
      When you google the education credit you will see that they are not accepting it yet... What some have been doing is filing it without credit and go bk to tax office later to include because It says that it is waiting until Mid process
        Have our returns using Ed credits even been transmitted to the IRS & state ?
        • I believe so, but the IRS has not acknowledge it.
        • If your return was transmitted to the IRS you would have received an email from TT stating it was sent and that within 48 to 72 hours they will either accept or reject it.  I got that email when I filed on Jan. 25th and I am still pending.  I spoke to an IRS rep yesterday, and she confirmed I was in their holding queue.  If you got an email stating it was transmitting you are sitting in a holding queue at the IRS otherwise you are sitting with a bunch of returns TT has waiting for the ok from the IRS to send them
        I filed on 1/10, accepted on 1/25. 1/30 i check WMR it says accepted and i have the first bar. I DONT have any education credits, but they sent me an email saying I do later that night on 1/30 and my information was no longer in the WMR it said they didnt have any info about my return. so... 2/1 i check WMR again and its back to normal... says accepted and i have the first bar, had it since.
          I filed my federal and state on 1/28/13. My state was accepted 2/1/12. My federal is still in pending status. I received an email stating that the IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them...specifically, the education credit for me.  I was told that it doesnt matter who prepared them, that this is a nationwide hold. I guess those people whose are more simple without a bunch of credits or deductions, no kids, one w2...the easy ones, are in line first.  My state one I received an acceptance on and am still waiting for my direct deposit refund. My federal is still in pending. I do not know the date they plan on processing the ones with the certain credits and deductions that are on hold.  
            I filed on jan31st, and now it's not showing up on TT, has that happened to anyone else
              Mines is still pending.. Haven't received an accepted email from the IRS and when i go to where's my refund on the website i'm not found.. still waiting like i don't have things to do..
                I sent my return into TurboTax on February 3, waited the 48 hours like they said too, and it took until today for the IRS to finally accept my return all because of the education credits.
                  When I did mine sometime last week, it told me it wouldn't even send mine until today (02/14/2013) because the IRS wasn't processing the returns with the education credits yet. One of my friends who did not file through Intuit said he was told the same thing. Hopefully next week is the week.
                  • I filed mine on (1/29) with an education credit and it was accepted yesterday (2/14)
                  They started processing these credits yesterday mine was accepted yesterday.
                  • I filed on 2-2, still pending, anyone else?
                  • Mine was accepted on 1/30 but the IRS says its still 'processing.' I called them to see if they would be processed in order of receipt and they were nothing but rude and had no answer.
                  • I filed same day, and received acceptance yesterday evening.
                  • There is a difference between it being accepted, processed, and return on the way.
                  • Wow, sorry to hear that Brandon
                  It was an IRS problem and not a TurboTax problem. They are accepting returns with From 8863 now.
                  • But there is still no timeline for them to actually process those that were submitted weeks ago.
                  'Accepted' does not mean they have processed your return. Mine was accepted back on 1/30. They are still in the weeds about processing those with form 8863.
                    I have used TT for the last year!  I have used them every year since 2000.  The last 3 years it's always something!  I tried to avoid the high prices at local offices and the long waits but now I see why people go ahead and pay a few hundred dollars to skip all this hassel.  Next year I will be finding some place else to go!
                      I'm thinking those of you who have been "approved/accepted" are the ones that are only claiming the 8917 form for Tuition and Fees Deduction. The education credit that is being delayed is the 8863 form for American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits. If you go on you will see this information posted. I myself am claiming the 8863 form and my return is still pending; I filed around the 30th. The IRS is still saying the middle of the month for them to start processing these returns. It stinks, I know.
                      • I filed on Jan 28, my MN state was accepted on the 4th and I received my DD from the state today.  Feds says it's still pending.  I do have education credits.  Fingers crossed we get our $$ sooner!
                      • I was approved and I know for certain I have 8863 on form.. Approved 1/25.. Early process that discovered errors, that y no DD date thus far
                      • ouch that stung
                      • Everybody thank democrats!
                      • if it werent for democrats you woundnt have to worry because you wouldnt get any school credit or help with school for that matter!! if you dont want to wait for the government to accept then dont put education credit on there. to me it is worth the extra wait
                      • I agree with Kdircks I feel its worth the wait... Just think of it as money in the bank it will be here sooner or later
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