how long does it take to get your refund after the irs approves your refund

  • 21 days,,, so is that business days or calendar days!  this makes a huge difference
  • I just spoke with irs rep she explained that they are swamped lol expect delays ...... check with them next week ......
  • Today, after having my status say "approved" since February 1st, I just now got info stating deposit date for March 4th.  21 days... OR LONGER.  I'm in Washington State with one dependent.
  • I have been wondering if I will get any info once my status bar goes from review to approved? Will I get an email or text when they decide to direct deposit? This is the latest I have ever waited for my return....but on the other hand I will have the money eventually and still need the same things =) Trying to be patient haha
  • i've been waiting since february 6th still havent got mine anyone know what the irs number is thats not an automated service and can talk to a real rep?
  • I had to fix my federal and state returns five times, finally I got so mad that I went back through the reviews and found out that form 8862 had never been attached by the Turbo tax program.  Turbo Tax is playing games with our taxes is form goes along with the EIC credit.  I will never use Turbo Tax again.  I usually use HR Block and after this mess I'm going back to them.  I paid TurboTax over a hundred dollars to do my own taxes and still couldn't even attach a simple form. What a rip off.
  • I am curious as to what it was you had to fix mutiple times, what it a variety of items or one specific issue? the reason I ask - I filed my IRS & STATE returns the morning of January 31st within a couple of hours (same day) I recieved notification both IRS and STATE had accepted my returns and to expect my refunds via DD within 2-3 weeks ....well I recieved my refund from the IRS the following week on Tuesday afternoon about 3pmPT...since then I have heard nothing from  the STATE regarding when I will recieve my refund  otgher than its "still processing" and to please allow 12 weeks from the date filed (1/31) to recieve my return. well....I decided to call the ftb to see what was going on with my state refund...the agent that i was working with confirmed that they had recieved my returns on 1/31 via efile and that yes they are still processing my return at this time, she said couldn't see any speficic reason why theres been a delay...she put my on hold a couple of minutes, when she came back on the line and said that the they are waiting to hear back from my employer regarding verification/confirmation of my 2012 yearly wages that I was reporting on my taxes...which I found strange and odd...that has never happened to me before....I expressed to the agent that if they looked at my taxes during the last 5 years (with this same employer) and compare it with my 2012 earned income/wages has really not changed all thay much....which the agent agreed with mre the end she said I am just going to have to wait a little longer and will hopefully be done soon. I am going to call back tomorrow and speak to a different agent and see what person tells me....this all seems so ODD to me.
  • I agree with you I will never use them again,in my state they are on the news ppl have reported similar problems so my state is asking ppl who have dealt with them to contact the better business beareu
  • My file was accepted on 2/1/2013 and still shows no action is taken, on 2/26/2013, this is already paid money to the irs and we get no interest on it
  • Just checked the IRS site...last week it stated it was approved and the refund issue date was February 26.  Checked it today and now it says my return has been received and is being processed.  What is going on??????
  • The website looked different today when I went to 'Where's My Refund'.  The status bar was gone and some of the wording was different.  Same info-accepted but still processing. I filed on Feb. 14th and was really hoping the 21 day window was going to be accurate.
  • my changed yesterday from received to aproved and will be send on March 1
  • You might owe money you should call the 1800 number to see if you owe any money to any agency
  • what is the 800 number i cannot find it anywhere.
I filed my on 2/3/13 and I have still not recieved my refund. 
  • Same here we thought we would already have are refund by now.
  • Same here
  • I filed mine on feb 1 turbotax said i was accepted about a week later did not receive an email...and every time i try to check says no information. Also i already received my state refund last week.
  • I filed on Jan. 28th, it was accepted the 29th and i keep being told i would receive it within 21 days.  21 days was up on Feb. 19th and still nothing.  I am relieved that i am not the only one this is happening too though.
  • I filed mine on 1/ 31 and I still havent gotten my refund and now on the site it went to just processing and when they have a date they will tell me? They could at least let us know what is going on?
  • Mine got received by irs according to turbotax on 2/14/2013, but irs said they didn't get it until 18th. My parents filed theirs on the 11th and got a return on the 19th.. I have EITC and Education credits. Any of you the same?? wondering if that is what is keeping it up. I got one state return, and it's been almost a month and haven't gotten other state.
  • I have education credits also, mine got received on 2/3/2013. 21 days were up on 2/24/2013 and then yesterday turbotax says I should receive it by 2/25/2013, and then this morning it says I should of received by now, but IRS website says their still processing it. I think each year the process for getting your refund back gets worse. They hurry up and take your money but take their time on giving it back.
  • Mine says the samething filed on the 4th of feb. and 21 days later nothing it would be nice if for once u could count on something other than the government screwing you over and over.....
  • Wow! I guess I should have read all these post before I used turbo tax. It seems no one is happy due to the fact turbo tax isn't being honest. Good luck to you all
  • i filed on jan 28 .. mine got accepted like three days later and I recieved my federal the next week. i still have not recieved state and it says it was dispursed .. i called the irs and sat on hold for 20 min and was told this has been a common problem this year and I have to re-do my state! yay government!
  • I have education credits as well, was accepted the 14th of Feb and still says processing. I think the credits is what is holding us up.  Seems people I know who had regular returns got them within 10 days no problem.
  • I think it is the credits as well. II filed mine on the 15th because they did not even start processing Education Credits until February 14th. I still have not received my federal either!
  • I filed on January 28th and had both State and Federal Refunds deposited to my Bank of America account within 8 days - i was surprised it was so fast.....
  • I used turbo tax and yea because of the education credits it's taking longer Wich sucks so I wasn't able to process it until 2/14 so now if you have direct deposit u should receive your refund before march.
  • Every one who had a school credit on there is was not sent to the irs until feb 14. Then they have to accept then approve the amount. I filed on Feb 1st though...they accepted it I think yesterday or the day before and said I should receive my deposit on the 27th
  • I filed my son's on the 15th and he received his yesterday the 24th.  Not sure how long it will take for the state one.
  • Filed on 30 and was accepted and still no refund
  • i filed on the 20th they accepted it on the 25th i finally got a dd date of 2/26. Already got my state back like a week ago so hopefully you will get a dd date soon>
  • I filed mine on the 11th, checked refund status said it would be mailed on the 26th but I just checked status again and now it doesn't give me a date just states that my return is still being processed?!?!
  • TurboTax was Great for ME!! Got my Fed back in 8 days.....couldnt get no better than that!! Now wheres my state?? Be patient guys, your money is on the way.....
  • I also have an education credit also i filed 14 was accepted in less than a week and now the irs says it will be deposited in my bank today
  • If you have education credits, it takes forever.  They told us at school to file without the education credit and then file the education credit in an amended return via paper.  Then at least you would get some of your money back in a timely fashion.
  • My tax return is still in the processing part but i don't have an education credit.  I do however have tax write offs for fostering and my church tything.  Could that be what is taking so long?
  • well lets hope so because March 1 is on Friday and Im in the same boat you are.
  • I filed my on 1/24/2013, turbotax said they got government to accept early, then I got another e-mail saying my taxes would not be accepted until 2/14 because of my education credits. When I check IRS site it still says processing. This is so upsetting because got my state back in a week and so use to getting Fed. taxes within two weeks:(
  • i paid this money to turbo tax and i still have not gotten my taxes either. my co worker did hers through someone else and she got her money on Friday 22, 13. i think turbo tax is ful of s... just taken peoples money. next year my money will go somewhere else.
  • You do realize that the IRS pays you back your return, right? Turbo Tax just makes the paperwork easier and files it for you. Checking your status on the IRS web site (Where's My Refund?) will give you more accurate information. Anyway, I've been waiting a long time too. I heard that some of the issue was that after returns with student credits were accepted, they were still being put on the back burner as new ones came in. I'm not sure how true any of it is anymore. At the end of the 21 day window, I'm going to get in touch with the IRS. I really need this money, but complaining won't do much if no one has even looked at my forms. Good luck to everyone else!
  • I have filed with turbo tax for the last 3 years and I have always gotten my refund in no more than 8 days....  This year is crazy not sure what I will do next year......  I filed on 1/28 I was just accepted on 2/14 but still no refund....
  • I filed mine and it was excepted by the IRS 2/14/13 and I had education credits. I have NOT yet received my refund, I just keep getting the same message,,which is basically no help at all!  BUMMER  I don't understand why the education credits matter,,, it didn't last year!
  • Good morning - I have used this site for a few years as well, and haven't run into this long wait.  I was accepted 2/11, and have been "processing" ever since!! This is frustrating.
  • Filed and accepted on 1/31. No education credits. Just a simple return with dependents. WMR has said processing since then, still no refund. NOT HAPPY!! ugh
  • Mine was accepted on the 24th... ...still no refund...
  • did you sign up for the NetSpeed DD?  If so, can you let us know if you in fact get your deposit?  thanks.
  • My accept date was 2/14 and IRS said I should be getting my deposit on 2/27...I hope they send my refund to Turbo to do the direct deposit....ANYONE HAVING PROBLEMS with NetSpend?
  • I have Education credits too, also accepted by the IRS on the 14th and still no refund!! It is very frustrating, none of the education mattered last year I dont understand why it does this year. Plus its all electronic how hard can it be!!!
  • I agree turbo tax screwed all of us. My federal has been pending 3 weeks!
  • I filed my taxes on jan, 30. It was accepted the first and is still pending approval. I have no educational credit. I've already gotten my state tax back. Very frustrating. I don't think it's Turbotax fault. It's the IRS
  • i filed taxes 1/24, was accepted 1/26. This morning I finally got a DD of 2/27. Hang in there megan_814. I almost had a heart attack last week when TT sent out I O U messages.
  • they did not take in the forms for school credits until feb 14 2013 it should be 21 days after that. I filed on the 2nd too and they told me between feb 25-march 7th for any refunds to process. But this is crazy anyway you look at it. next year it will change again. I think they are trying to stop all the people that owe student loans, to keep them from slipping through the cracks.
  • I filed mine 1/14/2013 and said I got accepted early, but then that they wouldn't even look at it until the 14th of February, and where's my refund still can't seem to give me any information....I at least want some kind of information, but it doesn't even say that it's still being processed. Grrrrr....
  • Thats what happen to me I file on 4 of Feb it didnt get accpeted until feb 14 because of the education credit. Now I havent recipe any information. I been waiting everyday. In when u call the irs it say wait 24 to 72 hrs thats crazy..
  • I filed mine and got it accepted by the IRS on the 14th of feb and just checked and it said that I should have my refund deposited on the 27th. I have education credits as well. It all just seems like its the luck of the draw with the IRS. Every year it seems to get worse. Turbo tax has nothing to do with the IRS and its issues. Turbo tax just makes filing easier. Don't blame them for any delays you have.
  • I have been reading a lot of comments for the last couple of weeks, don't believe everything you hear, I have been preparing taxes for over 30yrs and although over the years there have been many tax law changes, but nothing as messed up as this yr. Like many of you I to have been waiting, I filed on Jan 18th b4 I knew about the delays I advised my clients if needed to file w/o the held up forms, and then amend later, those who did not file with forms like 8863 received both state and federal within 7 to 9 days. The IRS is  not processing the returns in order, as some of my clients have dds for the 27th and they were the clients I filed after many of the earlier returns.Congress/IRS did not let us know until Jan 28th that these forms would be held up, and I feel should not have been allowed to imposed that change this year. My advise if you would like to hear it, is to wait and then write congress so this will not happen again...If you are anything like me my refund would have been gone by now!!!! gives me something to look forward to LOL...
  • i have been using turbo tax for9yrs and i have never had a problem. I filed on jan. 23rd before this new form business was announced but irs stated they excepted it on Jan. 26th. I still havent received my refund and it doesnt make since. I believe they are putting alot of us on the back burner or maybe they dont understand the education forms themselves.
  • I Turbo Tax filed last night and this evening the refund amount dropped 2,800 from what Turbo Tax filed for me (overnight) and I can't get an answer why
  • The problem isn't Turbo Tax it's the IRS or actually the Federal Gov.  They did not finalize new tax laws until very late in 2012/early 2013 so tax forms were not available nor were new tax rules (especially for EIC and education/student credits).  I've used Turbo Tax for the past 10+ years and have never had an issue with them.  The average ... average time this year to wait is 21 business days.  That's not weekends and not holidays.  If you have EIC or student credits you could wait longer since they didn't start technically accepting those applications until sometime after Feb 15th - at least that was my understanding.  If your refund amount dropped you most likely did something wrong since Turbo Tax uses the info you put in and goes through a review before it's E Filed.  Perhaps you need to go back and do a quick run through to see if you either put something on the wrong line or you read it wrong.  I've actually have made errors that Turbo Tax has found.
  • Mine has the exact date where it should be sent to my bank. Did you use direct deposit?
  • yes i did. Sbtg states they received and sent today (2/26) so I'm curious if I will get today or tomorrow
  • My friend has education credits and EIC also and she got her state and federal all on 2/24 and Mine is still saying processing with the orange bar until today the bar is gone. and it says still processing. I think the waiting game is the worst. I don't get the government knows that there is a lot of college students now, since older people like me went back. the refund happens every year, I think if they want to stay ahead get the policies and rules in new tax information ready before hand. And what gets me is they say don't file your State until Federal is Accepted. Heck I just got state.
  • you know thats means that your going to get a dd by tomorrow because when my changed like yours that what happened.
  • my return was accepted on Feb.14 and my status said i would recieve my refund today 2/27. I have not recieved anything. I called my bank and they have not recieved it either.  Seems like everyone I know has their refund but me. I tried calling the IRS but all i get is a automated service that tells me nothing.
  • when i get a direct deposit from any where i dont get it right away because my back it is not from here. for example, my back it is 3 hours defferent from where i live, so when i get a dd it will show next day. that might be the situation with your back. but i also know that in some cases the bank would hold the rufund for a few days. but i know for fact that the government  dd are diposit two days before the day that they tell you. i work for a college and my dd is set up to be dd on the 15 of each month, but i always get it couple of days before. so i think that the problem with yours it is your bank.
  • I efiled on feb 8. Got a message that is was received on Feb 14. I have education credits. Mine was deposited in my bank on Feb 25th. Whew! Just got word that my state return has been accepted, so am waiting on that to be deposited
  • Woohoo!! Good for you, what great news and I am sure a relief. :)
  • He everyone, finally i got my refund today at 3 am. it was available right away. i'm so happy. i hope that everyone would get them soon.
i recieved my IRS refund within 5 days after e-filing via DD
  • did you have a school credit on your filling forms
  • i file my taxes on feb 21 how long does it takes
  • 21 days is about average but could be longer.  A few people have received then fairly quick but most are waiting.  If you have student credits or EIC you will probably wait longer.  IRS has a backlog since the gov didn't finish up with tax law changes until late in 2012 early 2013.  Thank the Congress for the delays!
  • I filed feb 20 and nothing ? Turbo tax say before march 13 so it's a waiting game I wish it was sooner !
  • I filed on 1/25/13 with Turbo Tax. I have been using them for several years now and this was the first year that I had any delay. I do have the education credits, along with my husband. The delays this year were because of the IRS, not because of TT. Read the communications that are posted on IRS.GOV and you will see that the delays affected everyone! TT is a great company and program and I will continue to use them. Although I filed on 1/25/13, my forms were not sent till 2/14/13 because the IRS was not accepting them until that date. My forms were accepted by the IRS the same day and I received a DD date of 2/27/13 on 2/20/13. I woke up today and my money was in my account. People need to stop complaining and start living a life where they don't need to rely on their returns to make a living.
  • Um I was not cutting down turbo tax if that is what you think ? I am glad you got your return .. Also I am not relaying on my tax return for a living I work ! But I do need this return this year my husband has cancer and insurance doesn't cover everything so please before you take a comment the wrong way think about it !
I filed my retun on 2/13 and got e-mail confirmation on 2/14. I was checking Where is my refund and it does not recognise my application. I am wondering where is my application. Can any body help me.
  • So is this a Turbo tax problem or the governments problem? If its turbo tax I want to re-file somewhere else. I filed on 2-16, said it was excepted the next day and its still not showing up on the governments website. I also have student credits. Help??
  • my federal is still pending according to turbo tax....state was approved on 2/8/13 ; and still no refund. what's up with that? is is turbo tax or the irs??????
  • Turbo Tax...I had to call IRS frequently to get the "real" answer on what was going on.  Turbo Tax said NOTHING since I filed.
  • you have to make sure u are putting in the right filing status and right amount, because I did the same thing. I found it because I thought i was single but it turned out i was head of household. go figure. try that out change your filing status just to see if that works on the irs wheres my refund page.
  • Its not turbo tax its the government
  • Not Turbo it's the government.  H&R and other preparers are having the same issue.
  • I filed on the 29th of Jan accepted on feb 14 and got letter from IRS yesterday saying my return is being reviewed could be 60 days now
  • My return was accepted on January 31 and It stll says processing
  • you and I are on the same journey my friend - My return was efiled & accepted on January 31st and "I" am still processing...
Turbo tax has nothing to do with your refund taking so long.!!! It would be the same thing if you went anywhere else. Everyone that has the school credit should know that it was going to take a little longer this year, it even said it when you filed. I did mine on Feb says its still processing. Yes it's frustrating but I know that it's not because of turbo tax!!
    i file my taxes on feb.21 how long it takes
    • Himhizminz  - i filed mine too on the 21st and I received a paper in the mail 2-28 my state will be to me on the 4th of March.  IRS have not heard nothing.  Turbo made it seem that I would get update weekly 1 accepted nothing else.
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