I filed my taxes and they were accepted, I got the e-mail and everything, but when I go to the IRS site for my refund it says it can't find my information?

I'm pretty much just wondering what's goin on. As much as I like a "Expect it around the 20th" from TurboTax, the government not being able to tell me where it's at is pretty scary.
  • Me Too
  • I filed my taxes through Turbo Tax and the IRS supposedly received them on Feb 18th. I received my state return exactly one week later but now it is March 15th, still no federal refund and nobody knows anything?! I know I would expect a delay because I needed an IPPIN and I am receiving the euducation credit. But I know plently of people who needed an IPPIN and they received their taxes within 2 weeks AT THE MOST! Also if the issue for the education credit was "resolved" on February 14th and I filed on the 18th what's going on?! I need some answers ASAP because I have a school bill to pay and I can't register for the summer or fall semesters next week until it is paid. I don't know whether to be mad at the IRS or Turbo Tax but this is beyond frustrating.
  • Iv been waiting for 3 weeks and have yet to get anything and mine was barely anything as it was. yet the irs okayed it two weeks ago.... not liking this at all.
  • The last four years I had my refund before the IRS Site ever said it was finished Processing it.
  • My refund status says that my bank received my refund almost a week ago, but I requested to have my return on the Netspend premier Visa card, which I have yet to receive. Any clue why?
There is a glitch in the IRS wmr site & the mobile app...You can't go by what it says all the time.. the only 100% way is to keep checking your bank account for deposit...I HATE THE IRS RIGHT NOW!!! THEY SHOULD ALL BE FIRED!!!!!!!!
  • its been a long tax year. if its not one thing its another. my taxes are on hold for some unknown reason. my son taxes he got a dd for 2/25 and the card he had it going to rejected it and sent it back to irs. Now he has to wait for a check to come in mail. who knows how long he will be waiting its been 2 1/2 weeks all ready for him, and the state they say have no info on him or me its been 6 weeks sense we filed with them.. its been very very stressful and frustrating..
  • Hope things start to look up soon!
ME TOO. this is so frustrating.
  • Same here. I filed on 2/17 and as per turbotax my taxes were accepted.  The IRS website and automated voicemail tells me it cannot give me any information.  WTH!!
  • i filed feb 3rd and still nothing... i just checked again this morning.
  • Same here i filed on  feb 3 with school credit got accepted on the 14 i got to check on turbo tax it says it we dont have a tax return from me when i check the other day it said i should recieve my refund before march 8 wth is going on im super pissed off
  • i also have the school credit and it was accepted 14 then they said by march 6 now its by march 7 and still nothing on website-they need to do better
  • Well-atleast yours was accepted and not pending!
  • Just to let you know, if you check the irs wheres my refund site too many times in one day, they will kick you off and it will say information not found or whatever, happened to me a few times. Still waiting on my refund, checking the site, my bank, forums, constantly :(
  • same here. I did mine on Feb. 2end and the next day it got accepted. But IRS website says that they cant find that information. Eh they say it will take 21 days tomorrow will be a month. Eh, people count on their refunds the least they can do is let us know where our money is.
  • My taxes were accepted Jan. 14 and have not received anything yet. When do I expect my refund?
  • At least I'm not the only one having issues.  The website told me I have to wait at least 24 hours after getting the email.  It's been 5 days, which last I checked is greater than 24 hours.  After reading ya'll's problems though, I've got a very bad feeling about this.  >_<
  • I also got the student credit and my taxes are still not here. When I called today they told me the ones who applied for this credit before feb 14 then the taxes are saying there is an error. So now there trying to fix the problem.
  • Just got a letter in the mail today from irs got to call integrity verification wtf i called still on hold so far been waiting for a rep for 1 hour 30 minutes still no answer wth i want my money this is bull shit and im fed up i was just told the other day i had no errors or redflags nor letter sent out now all of the sudden i get one in the mail a bunch of bs and lies from the irs i dont believe one word they say out there mouth now
  • i filed on 2/2 and both returns were accepted but now turbotax is saing they want their moneyfor the filing fees although they are aware of the fact that irs has my return in limbo-land and keep getting a ckeck back notice. i have never had this much issues when dealing with taxes from irs..kudos to turbotax..boo to irs and speed of refunds.
  • call the number bsck and dial ext 123 its for identy theft protection they will ask u Q's bout this year n last years taxes to verify its u...stupid I kno but its happening alot
  • I was on hold with integrity verification for 3 hours and the first woman I got to talk to fumbled around on the phone and accidentally hung up on me. 3 and a half hours after that I was told that they were not sure if they had enough to verify me, Even though the return is going into the same bank account as last year. They said I could call back if I didn't hear anything in 6 weeks. Here it is 6 weeks later and they now tell me that they meant 8 weeks and not to call back for 2 more weeks. They still could not tell me if they ever got enough info to clear the transaction. Basically the only people I know that got any money back so far got less than 500 dollars. I think they are sitting on anything over that because of sequestration. I will never again vote for an incumbent no matter what their party. If we don't vote them out how will they learn who their bosses are?
Mine was accepted on 1/28 then I had to wait until 2/14 for the ed credit, But I messed up and went in and deleted it. so now i dont know what the hell is going on. I am worried we are about to lose our home and car.  We all need answers. Its scary knowing the government has all our refunds. and We are painting the floors broke. IF ANYONE KNOWS OR HAS INFO ON WHAT I SHOULD DO PLEASE REPLY
  • Sign Up For Cash Assistance To Help you Until you Get Your Tax Refund.. Not Sure What Else you Can Do At This Point..
  • Where do we sign up for that?

I see TurboTax is right on top of answering these questions.  So far the only answer I found to this issue was "wait and see."  Hope that helps! (sarcasm).

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