why is it taking so long to process my refund

I filled on january 30 why hasn't the IRS accepted my federal refund?
  • i would like more details about my return on why im not getting any response from turbo tax or the irs on if my return has even been received by the irs or not. if not id like my money back and go elsewhere to file.
  • The irs sent out all refunds with single no dependents if you have dependents those refunds will not be processed til Feb 22nd..and the it takes another 2wks for a refund to be sent out.
  • Where the H$ll did you get that information ???   

    That is not true at all... stop spreading misinformation.
  • Not true. I have 1 kid. My return was accepted Jan27th. Refund D.D in my acct on Feb2th. Used FreeTaxUSA to do return.
  • I filed - chapter c , 1 child  - small biz - accepted feb 3- all set up for direct deposit - as of today the 17th - it is pending but not accepted status - I have also been doing focused meditation 5 minutes a day for IRS to let go and issue refudn ! LOLZ -- come on turbo tax - does everone link how you have to click 5 links outside of turbo to get a result from uncle sam? - It should called "non Turbo" TAX-- HA HA - Diesel powed TAX -- like that
  • Have read some blog posts about new fraud software in the IRS slowing certian types of refunds down like us schedule C people -- Laugh or cry its your choice -- I have heard next year also you can by  the new twin turbo tax - comes w/ 6 speed (advanced users only) - LOLZ
  • Not true at all
  • I file on the 18th of febuary and im still pending. Do anyone know if it was a problem or if im under review would WMR have notified me by now??
  • I filed and was excepted on the 15th of Feb no flags software a go all good!!! called IRS said I'm missing info and will get letter in 2 weeks????????????? Claimed college American opportunity credit have seen other places this may be the hold up??? Any info?
  • Im single, no dependants and I still have recieved anything!! Where's my refund still says its been accepted and is being processed!! I filed on the 24th of January and was accepted on the 27th @ yvonsanc44
  • Thanks to Obamacare it has slowed everything down if you have or do not have health care they are setting up state penalties to deduct for no insurance and credits for having insurance and finding more affordable insurance for you or family if you have any
All im seeing is pending its been over a week Saturday and its still pending which makes no sense, some have said it has something to do with the new push back to file date but I filed on the 31st so there should be no reason to pay for a rapid refund when its not very rapid at all this year, normally within 14 days I have my refunds, this yr im still pending and heard some returns will not get refunds till march?????
  • I filed on Jan. 26 and they still have no record of my return. I am getting worried.
  • well this makes no sense I know and seen posts of people already getting theirs back but 1 week later im still pending and the IRS said wait another week and then call back and they cannot answer me until my taxes show acknowledged ???? It goes from pending to accepted or rejected and its not doing anything other. WHY AM I OR ANYONE ELSE PAYING FOR THIS TO WAIT WE SHOULD GET A REFUND OF THE FEE TO FILE BECAUSE OF THE DELAY... ITS BS
  • I agree, I filed on 1/29 and my federal taxes are still pending!  No answers why??
  • im not seeing any more answers here just more comlpaints... how do we know the irs even git our efile?
  • I too filed on 1/29....just got my dd date this morning for 2/13. Check WMR, the IRS2go app, call the hotline at 800-829-1954. Turbotax estimated I'd receive my refund between 2/9 and 2/19.  4d2ride, hopefully you'll gets dd by mon or tues morning. It is completely frustrating waiting and not knowing.
  • I hope so!  Thanks Curiouser2!  This sucks, turbotax could do a much better job of keeping us informed!!
  • Do you have any Education/School Credits or anything that you claimed? If so, it does say (at the end when you submitted your claim) that their is a nationwide delay on those returns which is on your federal return. I personally have education credits on mine and it said they would process it early march but i got an email over the weekend that they will be processing it earlier, on February 14th.
  • the IRS has 21 days to accept or reject a return after you efile therefore anyone who hasnt recieved any notices from them they havent even began processing yours
  • The irs sent out all refunds with single no dependents if you have dependents those refunds will not be processed til Feb 22nd..and the it takes another 2wks for a refund to be sent out.
  • well I have not gotten my refund and I have no kids or dependents  I was accepted 1/28  same job 20+years
  • Check on the IRS.gov. where's my refund cause on Feb 13 we sent out a batch. Depending on your bank it can show up on your account by the 18th
  • lol I have checked WMR every day 2x a day since WMR opened on the 30th and on the 30th I was listed as processing   I am curious  when you refer to *we sent out a batch*    who  is we ?  do you work at the IRS ?  thank you in advance
  • I also have no offsets , or any delayed forms   I filed a 1040EZ and paid TT 29.99   I also no longer get a refund tracker percentage on  TT
  • still nothing
  • If you have school credits for yourself or family that will slow it down, but this past year and this new year is being slowed down from Obama care to see if you should be credited or penalized for not having insurance... But your right we should not have to pay all this money if we cant file its a rail loan and we should get a credit back for not getting a rail loan when they are rapid refunds when the state and federal government delays us money should be credited by Turbo Tax and other agencies when we cannot get the rapid refund especially with school tax credits if you already filed they already know what to expect so they should allow the rapid or rail loan refund to go through...PERIOD
  • You are posting on an old, unrelated thread. If you have a tax question, please start a new thread. And what is a rail loan?  The IRS is delayed because of the October government shutdown.
I filed mine on 01/22 and it has been accepted. I received an email stating that since I filed and used the American Opportunity Tax Credit, there is going to be a delay and the IRS will review it when they "are ready." This is total BS and I need my money! They are quick to take it from me but not to give me back what is mine...
  • when we've used Turbo Tax in the past it typically took 5 business days....why so long now?
  • @gina.greenwood dats realy crazy because ive been accepted on both fed n state but damn irs is taking long on processing it
  • I filed mine a week before some people, even though it was stated that the IRS would not accept refunds until Jan 30th, mine was accepted on Jan 27th, and am still waiting, same with my state, funny thing is, a friend of mine filed both on the 1st of Feb, has student loans and home taxes and so on, pretty much the same as mine, and he got both of his already, both mine were accepted before his...very frustrating...would love to have my money!!!
  • I filed mine on Jan 22nd and it was accepted Jan 30th I am getting a American Opportunity Tax Credit which I found out won't be processed until Feb 14th now its Feb 16th and I'm still getting the same message

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.
    the 3 bars at the top that said Return Received Return Approved Return Sent aren't even at the top anymore I'm getting worried
  • Why hasnt turbo tax put out some kind of statement about this problem?   I bet they just dont want to hurt their sales,I am now seeing  news reports of WMR site being flooded, IRS is asking people not to visit it more than once per day  HA HA
  • Its not Turbotax fault its the irs they update their systems and didn't test it now it backfired on them
  • Filed on January 24th.....still nothing!!  Had an IRS guy admit on the phone they are holding millions of returns for the interest.  This country is going under big time!!!!
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